Block Heads – News!

Happy Block Heads Wednesday!  Yes, we have news on several things.

We also have beautiful Block Heads finishes popping up on Instagram and Facebook!  This one is by Becky Marzano.  I love the setting and the Flying Geese accent on the border.

Block Heads 2.  On Wednesday, May 2nd, we’ll share information about the size, the plan, yardage requirements and who will be joining the Block Heads.  Each of the six original Block Heads have invited someone to join the fun.

Then, the first block for Block Heads 2 will be shared on Wednesday, June 6th.  BH2 will run through March, 2019.  (Shhh… a little birdie shared that there might be a few blocks bigger than 6″ finished.)

This Block Heads quilt is by Karyl Smith.  I love the bright Zen Chic fabrics.

Block Heads 1.  The Block Heads book is scheduled for December, 2018.  There will be plenty more on that coming this Summer…including pictures of finished quilts!

But the most important thing to do now is to make sure you have all your blocks downloaded and saved because the blocks will be removed from the Moda Fabrics website and Block Heads Facebook Group Files on April 1st.

To get any missing Block Heads Blocks – Moda Block Heads Archive.

Block Heads a la Figgy by Debra Lynn Taylor.

So that’s the Block Heads news for today – Wednesday, March 28th!

If you haven’t visited lately, be sure to see what the other Block Heads have been up to.  A few are busy with Spring Market preparations, the others are just busy!  (They don’t call… they don’t write… lol)

I’ll bet it’s because they’ve been told to leave me alone until my quilt is finished.

I’m getting there.  I’m further along than this… but if these rows “live” on my living room floor any longer, I might need to vacuum it!

Happy Wednesday!

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36 thoughts on “Block Heads – News!

  1. I’m so happy to hear that Blockheads II is coming soon! I love to see the various designers take on each block and to watch the collection grow. Thanks for the update.

  2. Carrie thanks so much for keeping us informed. I love your BH quilt. Are those 14×14, when sewn together with a 1″ or is it a 1/2″ border?? So pretty.

  3. It is wonderful that you have been so responsive to people who aren’t even your bosses and don’t even pay you! That is really something wonderful. It’s going to be great, just as always.

  4. Congratulations Becky Marzano – her quilt is absolutely superb. Happy to hear BH 2 is coming soon. Have a Happy Easter.

  5. This is great newsBH2,can hardly wait……been doing Double T blocks with Betsy C. …the quilts you posted today are awesome …..thanx Carrie for wonderful Wednesdays! Regards,Patti

  6. Very excited for Blockheads 2!! Would be wonderful if the blocks were a different size as it would make each quilt unique. Either way you know we will be making them along with you. A great way to bring quilters together and inspire us …. now to start thinking colour palette lol #lovemoda

  7. Great to hear there will be a Blockheads 2 and that it’s not starting until June. Maybe I’ll be able to make blocks and keep up with this Blockheads group. Looking forward to the Blockheads book too. Liking all the different quilts resulting from the first go round. Love Becky Marzano’s version, both the colors and her layout. Just lovely.

  8. I really enjoyed following the Blockheads blocks and now am excited to see the tops that are being made up! I also really enjoyed Betsy’s Mini blocks each week and would want to include some or all those in a finished top. Will they be in the book too?

  9. I’m sooooo excited about Blockheads 2. I get my Blockheads 1 quilt back from the quilter this weekend and can’t wait to share it.

  10. Very happy to hear this as I missed out on the first Moda Block Heads. You guys are awesome for hosting this again and to all of the designers who are contributing!

  11. Your blockheads quilt is looking fabulous!!! Rah! Rah! Rah! Sis! Boom! Bah! Cheering you on to a finish!!!

  12. Yay!! So excited about BH2! And I love that each of the original designers are returning PLUS bringing a friend. As a beginner quilter, I knew nothing about fabric designers, lines, or manufacturers. But I learned a lot in BH1 about those things. I enjoyed reading the designers’ blogs and get the “feel” for their design style, plus glimpses into them as people. I if I am looking for a certain colorway/design style of fabric, I know which designer(s) are most likely to have what I am looking for. And I know the quality. And I LOVED how they introduced me to tools and tips to improve my cutting and sewing. I think the Itty Bitty Eights rulers, by Lisa Bongean from Primitive Gatherings, are my favorite. Though there are many more awesome ones that I can’t think of off the top of my head, but my quilting tools collection has grown! Eager to learn about and from even more designers in BH2!!!

  13. If they are 6 inches, I will not be doing them. I have been making 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch blocks for over a year. Ready to move on to something larger.

  14. I gotta get two days of uninterrupted sewing together and get my borders finished on my Blockhead I Quilt top before Blockhead 2 starts! Is it possible to have too many quilting projects going at once?

    1. if there is such a thing as too many projects on the go at once, i need to know the number as i have 15 on the go at the moment and will soon add Blockhead 2.

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