When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie… That’s amore!

Valentine’s Day.  That’s next week.  National Pizza Day.  That’s today.  Synchronicity, right?

And I really like the way Dean Martin sings.  (Tippy tippy tay… it’s from That’s Amore.)

But first… Pizza!  Happy National Pizza Day!  But isn’t every day Pizza Day?  At least it should be.  If I was still living in Phoenix, I would be here – Pizzeria Bianco.

Or Pane Bianco, Chris Bianco’s sandwich shop and cafe.  Since this seems like a long way to go for pizza – even an exceptionally great pizza – I’ll just make something from this new cookbook.

Then I’ll sew something for Valentine’s Day.  There’s still time to make a cute pillow – and yes, I have a few to share.

This is Chelsi Stratton’s Heart Pillow – Chelsi of Sherri & Chelsi.  The fabrics are from The Front Porch.  (Shipping soon.)  Chelsi shared a tutorial on how to make this adorable pillow – Heart Pillow Tutorial.

Two years ago, I shared LOVE.

A couple of red prints from Fig Tree & Co. and a favorite background from Minick & Simpson.  Moda’s Spell it with Letters – L O V E.  (Each letter links to that pattern.)

This pillow was made using Canoe Ridge Creations’ – Megan Pitz – Mini Quilt Tutorial.  The fabrics are Minick & Simpson’s Miss Scarlet… but this would be lovely in Farmhouse Reds.  (In shops now.) Or Sweetwater’s Project Red.  Or Sandy Gervais’ Love You!

Because there were a few leftover quarter-triangle squares, we made a rectangular pillow instead of a mini.

Going back to Chelsi’s pillow… we loved the assortment of Front Porch fat quarters she put together so we copied it.

And we’re going to share.  Because it’s Valentine’s Day.  (And because we can’t send pizza.)

Leave a comment telling us if you’ll be having pizza today and if you have plans for Valentine’s Day.  By Midnight on Sunday – February 11th.

Here’s hoping you have a lovely weekend – Happy Friday!

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174 thoughts on “Tippy-tippy-tay…

  1. Fish today, pizza after church on Sunday evening, but it’s all good, especially if I could add that fabric to my collection!!!! YUMMMMMMYYY!!!!

  2. We just had pizza from Papa Murphy’s, bake it yourself so it is nice and hot..On Valentine’s Day I will purchase some yummy chocolate covered strawberries.. Thanks for sharing the heart pillows, so cute.

  3. Pizza today and no plans (other than work) for Valentine’s day. I share my love with my loved ones every day!

  4. Oh boy! Pizza! Any day! But Valentine’s Day is my 32nd anniversary! Tradition takes us to the same restaurant where we had our wedding dinner. In the meantime I’d love to make Chelsi’s heart pillow – especially with those same fabrics – they’re so sweet & full of our coming springtime.

  5. No pizza today, fresh fish my kids caught deep sea fishing. Yum-o. My son in law makes the best seviche. will spend valentines day with my besties. Thanks for the pillow projects. they are so cute.

  6. No pizza today (see my sad face!). Dr has other plans for my precarious heart today. But soon all will be better and I CAN have pizza again. Yipee Skipee

  7. Friday! Pizza Day! Mmm! Thank you for sharing the fabric to make Chelsi’s heart pillow! They’re so yummy!

  8. I was wondering what to make for dinner, homemade pizza it is! I plan on treating myself to something chocolate on Valentine’s Day, just don’t know what yet! Love all the inspiration.

  9. Pizza today sounds yummy! No plans for Valentine’s Day…my honey is out of town. My birthday is Sunday, so I’d love to win!

  10. We had pizza last night at a local place that has half price pints on Thursdays, plus live music. Guess we celebrated early! Love that assortment of fabric. ❤️❤️

  11. No pizza today but a hike planned in a local state park for Valentine’s Day. Beautiful fabrics and thanks for the chance to sew with them.

  12. Remember my father singing this song! Pizza day is everyday in our Italian family — love it. Family and friends on Valentines. No better way to celebrate. Thanks for the wonderful patterns and the generous give-aways. Happy Pizza Day and Valentine’s Day to you all.

  13. No pizza today but I’d like to make a quilt and pillow with the Miss Scarlet fabric. I love red and white and that looks like a great collection.

  14. I really want some pizza now. I’m going to load it down with all kinds of toppings. As far as Valentines Day plans, my valentines at the moment all have fur and tails. I’m going to treat them to a tuna fish party and I will be eating brownies.

  15. No pizza today, but Shepherds Pie, a family favourite. No plans for Valentine’s Day, after almost 53 years of marriage we celebrate our love every day. Love the heart pillows, thank you for sharing.

  16. Although we often have pizza on Friday night, tonight it is leftovers – no pizza. And no plans for valentines day – just looking forward to spending some time with my hubby

  17. No pizza until Sunday after church while the hubs watches the start on the NASCAR season on TV. After 57 years of being married we will have a quiet dinner together at home on Valentine’s Day. I think this collection is beautiful.

  18. Pizzeria Bianco is my favourite when in Phoenix too! It’s as good as the pizza in Italy! Since we can’t be there we will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special dinner ending in chocolate. Thanks for the sweet pillow ideas.

  19. I shared this with my daughter’s best friend, totally Italian. She told us once that the song “That’s Amore” came on in a restaurant where lots of family were eating and the whole table burst in song. She’s had some losses in her family recently and I know this will be bring tears of joy and happy memories to her.

    We’re in the midst of a snow storm, so if it’s pizza tonight it will be homemade. Valentines’ Day, home with hubby; no where I’d rather be.

  20. No pizza today, Friday is fish fry day. Our anniversary is Valentine’s Day, so there will be something going on, but after this many years, we don’t plan too far ahead and getting dinner reservations can be a pain.

  21. LOVE all of the pillows, they make me happy! No pizza today but when we have it, we like the black box one from Dominos. Steak is on the menu for Valentines Day except it will be on Fat Tuesday. Wednesday is the beginning of lent so no meat or chocolate! Thanks or all of the great articles you write and send out to us. Happy Friday and Happy Valentines Day!

  22. I love pizza, but cheese gives me migraines. I rarely have pizza now. For valentine’s we don’t usually go out since our anniversary is two days later. This year is our 39th anniversary! We have reservations at a great restaurant for the 16th. I keep meaning to make something beautiful for my table for valentines/anniversary month, but have never gotten around to it yet. One of these days 🙂

  23. Friday night is almost always pizza night at our house. I’d love a pizza oven in the back yard, because when the whole family gets together it’s amore! Love the fabrics and the pillows, too. Valentine’s Day will be just hubby and I. No plans except to exchange the same perfect cards we have had for years, each year adding a new love message to them.

  24. Friday is PIZZA day at our house, so yes, I will be having a delicious pizza! I’ll be spending St. Valentine’s Day with my daughter and her family.

  25. Going to a friend’s house for dinner tonight… I doubt pizza is on the menu but I’m definitely wanting some now!! Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!!
    As for Valentine’s Day my baby turns 21, so for the past 21 years Valentine’s Day has really been more about her birthday. She’s only embraced the delightful alignment of the two holidays in the past couple years. So I’ll be cooking her favorite meal and making her favorite chocolate cake!

  26. Anniversary is the 11th and with v day on the 14th, we celebrate together! Dinner at a new Italian restaurant tonight.

    But I will say, my granny and her family came over from Italy and there is no history of pizza in my family until the late 60s – better later than never!

  27. Great post, love the tube videos you added! Very clever of you. Yes, now I will add pizza to my menu today. Who doesn’t love pizza! ❤️❤️
    Love the front porch fabric, you put together a nice bundle. Someone is going to be very lucky to win this.
    Spending Valentine’s Day with my puppies ❤️❤️

  28. No pizza today for me. My son and daughter in law are taking me to a nice seafood restaurant here in Maine to celebrate my 80th birthday which happens to be Valentines Day. And yes my plans for that special day will be quilt my heart away. Thanks for your great posts.

  29. Unfortunately no pizza tonight, but I am having a dinner party for 8 on Valentine’s Day. Thought it would be fun to share the evening with other good friends.

  30. No pizza today, but maybe on Valentine’s Day, ‘cause that’s my grandson’s 3rd birthday and his favorite food is “nummy cheese pizza!” Plans for Valentine’s Day – a birthday party, of course!!

  31. We are having pizza on Valentine’s day with an expensive bottle of wine. I live in Phoenix and Spinnato’s pizza is also good and Th3 Parlor! Hard to choose which pizza place in this town!

  32. We had our favorite pizza 2 days ago, and are having Chicken Parm for dinner (close enough!). No special plans for V-day. Thanks for the memories of Dino!

  33. I didn’t know it was National Pizza Day, but I celebrated a day early! Lovely fabrics, and as always, a great post. No big plans for Valentines Day, most likely spending the day in my sewing room with a glass of red wine and some dark chocolate.

  34. My husband would eat pizza every day (just had it last night)! No big plans for Valentine’s Day, but I am making a special dessert for the family (cheesecake with cherry topping), yum!

  35. Growing up Friday was pizza night. My friends got together and made it! Probably filet with mushrooms for Valentine’s Day. Almost 80 degrees her….what winter? Send snow to the West!

  36. Since I just watched Moonstruck again the other day – now that song will really be stuck in my head. Last year I gave my girlfriends a fat quarter and two valentines mini charms in one of those cute Moda boxes I printed out, cut and folded into shape. I also designed two pattern options for using the mini charms to make table toppers. Basically either a 9×9 mini charm grid with 3″ finished sides from the FQ or a 16″ square surrounded by two rows of the mini charms squares. Both would finish at 24″ square.

  37. Yes! Pizza tonight! My husband will be gone working on Valentine’s Day so this will be our date night. ❤️
    Or just a great excuse to eat out!
    Love all of the beautiful pillows and fabrics.

  38. LOVE Dean, he is a very close second after Sinatra. Volare has been a favorite song of mine since I was a little kid and I do not know how that came about. Pizza you can keep.

  39. Pizza sounds yummy-on the menu for tonight. No plans for Valentine’s Day (just work) and maybe a little sewing!

  40. We eat pizza Friday night’s, here in our neighbourhood…it’s a tradition ! Love the heart and love pillows, and brings great memories listening to Dean martin!!

  41. Any day can be pizza day, so it is possible I will be having some today! As far as Valentine’s Day, we will probably just have a nice dinner at home. No major plans.

  42. No pizza today though I could eat it everyday. We have too much snow for me to venture out. Valentine’s Day when one is a widow is a day for memories & maybe an ice cream cone from our local ice cream shop – chocolate covered cherries flavor, a special offering for us singles. I love the heart pillows & think I might just have to make one to brighten up the dreary days of February.

  43. I would love to have pizza, but my hubby and I have been out to eat lunch the last two days, so probably not. My plan for the 14th is to go to quilt bee and enjoy the companionship of lovely ladies.

  44. Loved the musical video clips, Carrie!! Pizza is great any day and our best pizza comes from Tedesco’s in Sequim. Thanks for the links to the LOVE projects. I have lots of red scraps to choose from to make a pillow by Valentine’s Day. Thank you for the chance in the giveaway.

  45. I will have no trouble convincing my husband that we must have pizza today! Now, these are the holidays that I just love to celebrate!

  46. Pizza today sounds like a great idea! I was wondering what we should have for dinner.
    As for Valentine’s Day; we’ll be heading up to a mountain cabin that belongs to a friend. My contractor husband is doing a bathroom remodel. Me, well i’ll have to sit and stitch!

  47. Yes we’ll be having pizza tonight. No plans for Valentine’s Day, just staying home and will probably watch a movie. Beautiful fabrics!

  48. Normally Friday is Pizza day, how did I miss this?! I have something else in the crock pot. But it is the weekend, so most likely there will be pizza in the next couple days! Love these pillows!

  49. YOu know we might just have pizza today…. but on Valentine’s day I do make a heart shaped pizza every year……. Love the projects…… never a bad time to spread a little love.

  50. We couldn’t wait and had our pizza yesterday! No plans for Valentine’s Day. 55 years together even though we celebrated Valentine’s Day only once or twice. Still, I love those heart pillows and mini quilts. They’ll go on the “some day” list. Right now, I want to get all the blocks sewn for Cake Mix #2!

  51. Our office is full of college age students so any excuse for pizza (and free food) is great for them. Several of us are getting together to order pizza for our office and we’ll share. I’m hoping to make something Valentine related and those pillows are just darling!

  52. No pizza today. Our area is pretty much shut down for the day because of snow. So I will have to be resourceful with what is on hand. However, I do get to look forward to a very special dinner out on Valentine’s Day this year after an afternoon at the theater. Our season tickets just happened to fall on February 14. Lucky me.

  53. Pizza tonight and Valentine Day will have a dinner at home with hubby and sis. I’m going to try making one of the heart pillows this weekend. Need a relaxing weekend.

  54. No wonder I was craving pizza this morning. (No clear explanation for yesterday morning…) Now that I know today is a National Holiday (capital letters required) I will most definitely be having pizza for dinner. Thank you for giving me the reason/permission/excuse.

  55. Pizza today – homemade I think. I think our Valentine’s Day plans will be eating out with our Home Group from church who are the nicest people we know. Thanks for the pillow inspiration. I think that quarter square heart pillow is in my future.

  56. Pizza? Hmm…Just might do that tonight. Going to a Wine and Chocolate Pairing at local Winery this weekend. Wine, Chocolate & Yummy fabric …………..That’s Amore!

  57. Maybe pizza today—-maybe! No plans for Valentine’s Day–just sewing all day long! Love those fabrics & the pillows are sew cute, too!

  58. No pizza today because my husband had pizza yesterday for lunch at work…then I made French Bread Pizzas for dinner! So he is pizza’d out. No plans for Valentine’s day for me, husband will be on a business trip so I’ll be snuggling with the kitties.

  59. My favorite place is Pizza Ranch but haven’t been for a while. I have my valentine small quilts up to keep me in the valentine mood.

  60. If I can get my granddaughter to join me, I think that I will make her favorite pizza this evening. I love your pillow suggestions.

  61. Probably no pizza today since I had it a couple of days ago. And my valentine has been gone over 5 years so no plans for celebrating. Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. We started early with pizza yesterday 🙂 Valentine’s Day we are headed out for a special breakfast.
    Happy Friday to you! enjoy your pizza!

  63. Love pizza but something else is on the dinner menu for tonight. Planning to be at a quilt retreat with lots of friends on Valentine’s day. Love the group of fabrics in the giveaway!

  64. We have pizza and movie night every Friday, so pizza IS on the menu for tonight. We are celebrating Valentine’s tomorrow, hopefully by going out for breakfast burritos at a new cafe near here. thanks for offering a giveaway!

  65. No pizza here today- maybe this weekend. I don’t have any Valentine’s Day plans other than eating
    lots of dark chocolate! Thanks for the fun post and giveaway!

  66. I wasn’t planning on today, but since it’s National Pizza Day, and someone was kind enough to plant the seed, which quickly grew into a craving…. I just might have to talk our friends into it! Meeting them for the afternoon/evening, so I guess the answer to your first question is – maybe! As for a valentines plans? I work with my husband and he considers it a “Hallmark Holiday” so no plans.

  67. If it wasn’t snowing, we could have pizza tonight. However, I do not have what I need to make pizza in the house and I am not going out in this blowing snow. As for Valentine’s day, I am having my hair cut and had planned to go out to lunch with my husband. However, on the heart theme, he is having an echocardiogram of his heart later that morning.

  68. I love the pillows. No pizza today as I am trying to reduce fat in my diet.No plans for the 14th, but my birthday is two days later so I will celebrate with chocolate then. Just finished a quilt and these fabrics would be great inspiration for a new project. ❤️

  69. Hopefully pizza tonight with my grown son who will be in town. This Valentine’s Day will be rather subdued…it’s also Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent.

  70. International Pizza Day! What a grand idea! I love pizza and this is a wonderful excuse to make it for supper. I am in Mesa and if I was closer to Pizzeria Bianco I would give them a try. Next trip there though I will be looking them up. Valentines Day..no plans yet but l love a surprise, so we shall see. Speaking of love…I love fabric too!
    P.s. Dean Martin has always been a favourite of mine. I really don’t care what he sings, it all sound wonderful to me!!!

  71. Homemade Chicken Soup for dinner – Maybe I can make a dessert pizza for tonight…plans begin to form! Scratch pizza for Sunday and grilled Steaks for Valentines Day! I see a mini LOVE and pieced heart wall hanging in my future!

  72. Thanks for sharing all the cute pillows. No plans for Valentine’s Day and since pizza and my 76-year-old stomach don’t get along, I’m sure we won’t have pizza . Can’t wait until Front Porch fabric ships — love it!

  73. We’ll be having Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza from Chicago tonight, because living in Cincinnati is no excuse to have less-than-perfect pizza. We’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day as we spend Wednesdays in general: playing trivia at a local watering hole with our extended family. So much fun and laughter and love. Who could want for more?

  74. Ha, had pizza today and didn’t even know it was pizza day! Remember the Volare song from my youth – my mother’s neighbor used to sing it all the time – I still remember the words, lol. Valentine’s Day will at home – probably grilled steaks. It’s a special day for sure, that’s the day my husband came home from having triple bypass surgery. Love the pillows!

  75. We usually have pizza at work on Friday, but we did tacos today instead! Love that fabric combination!

  76. Happy Pizza Day!!! (How did that come to be?). Valentines Day I will probably make Lisa Bongean’s Cherry Chip Cookies if I can find Cherry Chips at the grocery store. Pillows are cute, cute, cute. Thanks for the link to the pattern.

  77. I think my husband and I will go out for pizza on Valentine’s Day! How is that for killing two birds with one pie? (I enjoyed your post. I love Valentine’s Day décor; just never think about sewing it until March.)

  78. I did know it was pizza day. That’s cool. Probably no pizza today. My husband and I will be celebrating Valentine’s together. angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  79. No Pizza today but plans are for pepperoni pizza soon. No Valentine’s day fun planned but will go out to dinner later in the week.

  80. I grew up listening to these songs on LP’s on the HiFi. Brings back such sweet memories! I live in CT (read that a train ride to NYC, and right next door to New Haven – both pizza hot spots!) I had pizza yesterday. Twice. Yes I did. Took the kiddo’s I sit for out to their favorite pizza place for lunch and then had the left overs with my husband for dinner. Mmmm. My plans for Valentines Day involve my second favorite food – ice cream! Thanks for the post and the trip down memory lane.

  81. Thank you for the cute pillow ideas! I’ll be making those in pink and ivory! We are eating out for dinner on Valentine’s Day at Mitchell’s Fish Market. Seafood is our favorite special meal.

  82. I wasn’t planning on pizza until you started talking about it, but now that’s what I think I’ll make for dinner tonight. Love all of the heart pillows.

  83. My granddaughters, ages 5 and 7, are spending the night tonight. Pizza will be perfect – cheese for them and supreme for me and my husband. So far no ideas for Valentine’s Day, but hopefully we’ll come up with a fun plan.
    Love the valentine pillow ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  84. No pizza for me , boo hoo 🙁 . Not really any plans for Valentines Day either – unless it’s a surprise !
    But, I am ready – I just posted the Valentine runner I made out of The Good Life – the background fabric is THE BEST ! It’s funny you mentioned Dino. I had a crush on him when I was a kid – even tho he was 40 years older than me – weird, huh?

  85. No pizza for us. Our stitching group meets her on Valentines Day and we will have valentine cakes! Then Ash Wed service for my husband and I.

  86. Hmm! I haven’t even thought about what I’m doing on Valentine’s day yet. I for sure will go buy a box of chocolates to give to my husband who probably won’t eat them so I probably will. Oh darn. Thanks for the fun pillow parade!

  87. No plans for pizza today but we’re having lobster on Valentine’s Day. I love lobster!
    On second thought, maybe I will make pizza for supper.

  88. Love the fabric and. your pillows. Pizza was not on the menu until you mentioned it. I may make a change in plans. Valentines Day will be spent with the family. Take care.

  89. Saving my calories for prime rib dinner Valentine Day. Saving pennies for some luscious new fabrics.

  90. Pizza is the perfect food. Red is the perfect fabric! Love the heart pillow! WeightWatchers gave us a pizza recipe for 6 points a serving. Yum!

  91. No plans for pizza today or for Valentine’s Day either. Maybe I can talk hubby into crooning Dino to me instead of of his usual Frank Sinatra. Red is my favorite color for just about anything.

  92. Meatloaf tonight, pizza on Saturday, no plans for Valentine’s Day. Our anniversary is two weeks after that so we hold off on anything special till then. LOVE the Front Porch collection!!

  93. Hubby and I are on vacation in Florida so we had our Valentine’s dinner at a restaurant overlooking the beach. Maybe we’ll get pizza tomorrow.

  94. Spaghetti sauce cooking with mushrooms and sausage for tonight and leftovers will be pizza toppings on Sunday!

  95. I am in too warm too soon California so we had shrimp salad for dinner we will save pizza for Valentine’s Day. I really like that fabric collection but who ever is chosen will surely love it too

  96. Forgot stay – no plans for Valentine’s Day. Not into the holiday, except all the red and hearts are cute and really perk up the dead of winter. Have a nice one!

  97. Boo — no pizza for me and no special plans or meal for Valentine’s Day either. I have started a purification program that will run through the end of the month, so edible treats are pretty much out of the picture until March. I plan to sew, however, and that will distract me from the treats I am missing.

  98. I wish I could have pizza….I had a couple of teeth pulled recently and am eating mostly soft foods. 🙁

    1. Oh, an no plans for Valentine’s day for the same reason! We usually eat out, but are going to save it for when I am better

  99. Ron took me out today for lunch and Renyolda House to view Frederic Church exhibit. Nice to spend quite time with my husband. Went to Costco after and had a sample of very good pizza from Italy! Ron also took me to a local quilt shop and I bought fabric from Jo Mortin’s new collection (my Valentine’s gift)! Blockheads quilt on hold while I made a nephew a quilt of Valor. Valentines Day I prefer to cook at home, we went out last year with the crowds!

  100. No pizza tonight! Meeting my daughters for breakfast on Valentine’s Day, then out for dinner with the hubby later that evening….Assuming the snow will eventually stop!!

  101. Pizza the 10th. Taking my mom of 93 years to dinner for Valentine’s Day at our favorite restaurant. Each day spent with her is a gift .. And especially so with my dad’s passing in January 2012 after they had been married for 65 years. As we age, time becomes more precious with loved ones. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

  102. Pizza. My favorite food. None tonight. Valentine’s Day is my mom’s & my sister’s birthdays. We will be celebrating on the 17th with other family & friends. Hearts are a favorite in our family. Beautiful samples.

  103. We had homemade pizza for dinner after learning it was national pizza day. We will have a special dinner for Valentine’s Day at home. We avoid going out on holidays.

  104. No pizza tonight, left over pulled pork I made into carnetis tacos. Put probably sometime over the weekend. Thanks for such a cute giveaway!

  105. My husband makes pizza almost every week! This year for Valentine’s Day, I’m making cookies and cards for my kids to bring to school and for some family. I plan to leave each of them a little treat as well…they are my greatest loves after all.

  106. Going to make a healthy but tasty dinner for hubby and daughter. Not sure what he plans…I like surprises. I love specialty pizzas. Since I can’t find a real pizza parlor here, we just move, I will have to make sure the next one I have makes up for missing out today. Something to look forward to, right?

  107. No pizza here today, but my husband makes the BEST pizza ever. He cooks; I quilt! We thought today would be the perfect day for a big pot of chili. Love the darling pillows and fabrics!

  108. Pizza is my husband’s favorite food group, but we will b e grilling rib eyes from the local butcher for Valentines Day. That Love pillow would be a cute baby or wedding shower gift by customizing the fabrics for the event !

  109. My husband makes the most delicious pizza. It is always in demand if family know he is in the kitchen.
    A little chocolate for Valentine’s day at our house. Your projects are so sweet, and people friendly.

  110. Yes, we did have pizza yesterday. It was left over from Wed. but still delicious. The fabric would look good at my house. (tee-hee)

  111. No pizza until Saturday when DH gets back into town. For V’day we’ll head into our tiny town for dinner at our only “fine dining” establishment, where a beautiful bouquet will be waiting for me. He always has our only florist deliver it right to the restaurant. Every year I act surprised and the staff is tickled to be in on it. The fabrics are gorgeous! Thanks for the chance!

  112. No pizza today, had a 90th birthday party to go to and the refreshments were wonderful. Valentine’s Day is just another day at our house as my husband is a hopeless non-romantic person but I still love him!

  113. Pizza made with a recipe given to me from an Italian mamma. No Valentine plans, talk of romance always gets a laugh in our house. It’s a ‘rotic day’ – romance without the man.

  114. There wasn’t any pizza for me on Pizza Day and plans for Valentine’s Day is up in the air. Maybe we’ll go to Peel Wood-Fired Pizza or maybe try a new place for BBQ called A Fine Swine. Wherever we end up eating, I’ll be sure to get 1/2# of malt balls for guy. He loves them!

  115. No pizza on Friday but probably on Sunday after we attend a Mardi Gras parade! On Valentine’s Day we will be driving home after spending the weekend through Mardi Gras with our Daughter, Son-in-law and Grandson!

  116. I do love pizza but it doesn’t sit well in my tummy anymore… very sad.
    On Valentine’s day I treat myself to a bottle of wine and lots of sewing.
    The quality of my work deteriorates as the evening progresses! LOL

  117. Actually, I did have pizza that day, leftover, from the freezer, without realizing it was national pizza day. We have a dinner for two, in the freezer (really, we eat more than just freezer food . . .) from a local market that packages, special for Valentine’s day, two pieces of steak, twice baked potato, some shrimp, a two small lobster tail, and a dessert each, all ready to be cooked!

  118. No pizza this weekend and no plans for Valentine’s Day. We will celebrate two weekends from now when we are together again. Work travel isn’t fun this time of year.

  119. No pizza this weekend, small dinner for Valentine’s Day. Cute pillows and even nicer fabric!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  120. Well, since Valentines’s is also Ash Wednesday, I’ll be at church. No other plans. No pizza, either! I think I “deserve” the prize, huh?

  121. No pizza for us now. Haven’t decided on Valentines’s Day except I will fix him Cranberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake and brownies.

  122. I love Pizziaria Bianco!! Unfortunately it’s a little too far from home so we went to Buddy Z’s which is really yummy. It is right next to a dispensary which I think is very ironic.

  123. Had pizza today, Sunday, but after reading your post–seemed like a good apres-snow shoveling treat. Will try to use a Groupon for the local Hungarian restaurant on Valentine’s, but may have to use it on a non-holiday. There’s always the candlelight dinner at White Castle, but whatever we do, it will also be with ashes.

  124. no, no pizza today, because we didn’t know it was national pizza day till after dinner! But we did have a really good lasagna: does that count? 🙂 Hugs, H

  125. We did have pizza … ALL from scratch … and it was delicious!! Nothing better on a cold Sunday evening in Northern Michigan!!

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