National Cupcake Day!

This just might be my favorite day of the year!

These are Mini Cupcakes from Trailercakes in Dallas.  They’re very, very good.

Since I know you’ll ask and it IS National Cupcake Day:

  • Chocolate with Pink Flowers – Laverne & Shirley.  Chocolate chocolate chip cake topped with white frosting.
  • Multi-color Sprinkles – Happy Days.  White cake with rainbow sprinkles, topped with white frosting and more rainbow sprinkles.
  • Carrot – 24 Carrot.  Carrot cake topped with cream cheese icing.
  • Chocolate with Yellow Flower – Oh My Ganache.  Chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache frosting.
  • Chocolate with Hershey’s bar – Slap Yo Mama Chocolate.  Chocolate chocolate chip cake topped with chocolate frosting.
  • The Lemon isn’t currently on the menu and I can’t remember the exact name of it.

As much as I love these cupcakes, they’re not my favorite.  These are – Moda Cupcake Mixes.

Introduced last Spring, we’re still having fun playing with them.  We’re not the only ones.

Terri of Sweet Treasures Quilt Shop made this lovely small quilt using Cupcake Mix No. 4 and one charm pack of Lella Boutique’s Farmer’s Daughter.

I shared these last Fall, pillows made with Cupcake Mixes No. 1 and No. 2.

The fabrics are Regency Blues by Christopher Wilson-Tate and New Hope by Jo Morton.

So in honor of Nationaal Cupcake Day, we’re going to share some sweets!

Just leave a comment before March 1st – by Midnight on Wednesday – and you’re entered to win this stack of charm packs and Cupcake Mixes!  There’s one of each Recipe.

Just think, you could enjoy this entire box of cupcakes and not gain a pound.

That’s my kind of cupcake!

(But I’m still going to have one of those other kind.)

Happy Monday – and Happy National Cupcake Day!

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456 thoughts on “National Cupcake Day!

  1. Love the quilt that Terri made from her Cupcake Mix! Beautiful – as are each of the above charm packs!

  2. I have been intrigued by the cake and cupcake mixes but haven’t yet pulled out the mixing bowls and tried them! . I would love to win this great package and give it a go! Thanks!

  3. Wow! Those cupcakes look awesome! I love your pillows. I made a quilt for daughter in October when they moved in a new house. Been looking for pillow pattern to match. This one is perfect! Great giveaway. Thanks for doing!!!

  4. I love cupcakes. Chocolate with peanut butter frosting please. But I also love Moda Cupcakes and the charm packs are lovely.

  5. Love the Cupcake Mix Recipes and very easy to follow. Much more fun and less calories!! Lol. Plus never ending colors and fabric patterns to choose from. I would love to give it a whirl to to create a unique cupcake project if I win.

  6. Those cupcakes look yummy and I love the names. The charm packs and cupcake mixes look yummy, too!

  7. What a perfect way to learn to piece – my niece is wanting to learn how to make a quilt, but she lives over a thousand miles away from me and is challenged for time because of job and family. So I have been trying to think of a way to help her get started long distance. These Cupcake Mix Recipes, combined with the smaller charms, will be just right, I think, to let her try out something new – attainable with enough to pique her interest and yet not overwhelm. Thanks for the idea!

  8. These are really cute, and not an ounce to gain!! I’ve just started teaching a 13 yr old to sew and she wants to learn to quilt. These would be great to get her started.

  9. Now these are the kind of cakes I love best. I’d love to win a set. Either way, I’ll be trying out the Mixes to make some stunning pillows.

  10. Have not tried Moda’s Cupcake Mixes yet, but would love the opportunity. My granddaughter and I have been baking cupcakes together since she was 18 months old. Now we are beginning to learn how to quilt and sew — she is 5 1/2 now. This would be a great project that would bring joy, fun and continuity into our relationship. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  11. Beautiful blog post this morning- both edible and non! Thanks for this give away. Haven’t tried the cupcakes yet and would love to.

  12. Oops I started early and had my carrot cake cupcake on saturday! In honour of cupcake day, might have to make the sacrifice and have one today as well

  13. OMG! I love the quilts they make and the colors are gorgeous. Cupcakes are the best!!! Especially if you don’t gain from them.

  14. Mmmmm! Love cupcakes and Moda cake mixes! In honor of National Cupcake Day, I’ll have to indulge! Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  15. My, oh, my, do I have to chose between the cupcakes and the cupcake mix…. such a hard choice. Love those pillows, and they would make great house warming gifts for the newlyweds in my life.

  16. I would love to try your cupcakes…always great inspiration! Thank you for a wonderful opportunity ❤️

  17. I love cupcakes and I’m very curious about this type of cupcake. Looks like a lot of fun. Hope I win!❤️

  18. I love both kinds of cupcakes! Since I believe triangles add “sparkle” to quilts, and I love “sparkle”, I have already used some cupcakes. My favorite size is the finished at 1″. So cute, accurate, and “sparkley”!!!!!

  19. Yay for National Cupcake Day. I’ll take the lemon and the chocolate with Hershey bar please.
    Currently I’m using Cupcake Mix #1 and Mama’s Cottage to make the Moda Bake Shop table topper and having so much fun with it. It’s adorable. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to win. ❤️

  20. I’d love to try the cupcake mixes! The pillows are great. I have a couple charm packs that I have been saving for just this…

  21. I love these cupcake mixes and all the ideas! I hope to teach my granddaughter to sew with one of these. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. All of those ideas are so hot they are cool!! My fave would have to be chocolate anything must be why I am drawn to the darker side of the color palette.

  23. I would love one of each, please…both the cupcakes and the cupcake recipe cards. I love paper piecing and am looking for ideas for the charm packs I have. Thanks for drool worthy post this morning!

  24. I am new to quilting, and I would love to have some new Moda charm squares and the recipes to go along with them!

  25. Cupcakes without out gaining a pound what could b more perfect!!!
    Love love those pillows ❤️

  26. I love how convient these booklets are, I have a few for layer cakes. I cant wait to try a cupcke one. How exciting.

  27. The cat stole the dog’s charm pack mini quilt and I have been wanting to try cake mixes so this would be a fabulous way to make a new one..or two!

  28. Those star pillows in Regency Blues are awesome! Thanks for showing all those beauties!
    I like to make Jewel Box Christmas Tree Skirts and the Cupcake Mix 3 would be perfect for that.

  29. these patterns have caught my interest, but I haven’t seen them in my LQS to get a full idea of what they area about – charms, on the other hand, love them!

  30. What fun cupcakes! All of them look delicious and a wonderful quick project! The precuts look amazing, too!

  31. I love all cupcakes, and have no doubt that I will love Moda’s cupcakes, too. And I love, love charm packs – they’re my favorite (except maybe for the mini charms).

  32. I LOVE the Cupcake (and Layer Cake) mixes! I’ve made several of them! Brilliant idea btw! And, no counting calories with them either!!!

  33. I would love that lemon cupcake. But would really love to have a chance at that stack of cupcakes and charms! Thanks for sharing.

  34. The names of the cupcakes are awesome. Wish I lived way closer. They look scrumptious. I have never tried the cupcake mixes yet and would love ve to. What a generous give away

  35. My daughter is an excellent cupcake baker, and an occasional quilter. These little darlings might just make my chef into a everyday quilter!

  36. The quilt is beautiful. The other cupcakes are yummy looking – almost as good as the quilt! I would love to win the giveaway so I could try the ‘cupcake’ patterns:)

  37. Have never tried these cupcakes. From the numbers on my scale these are the ones I should be indulging in. Thank you.

  38. I enjoy making small quilts and pillows. The Cupcake Mixes look so fun. Thank you for a great blog!

  39. The quilt is so nice and fresh looking. I also really like the pillows. This is a great project size to complete. I would love the these cupcakes.

  40. I’m ready to start making small quilts and this looks like the best way to do it with Cupcake Mixes. Nothing better than Moda fabric. to work with. Nancy P.

  41. I’m with you, girl! Both kinds look yummy!! I’ve tried the cake and love it… Cupcakes even better!

  42. This was a beautiful blog! You generated an my interest in calorie free cupcakes and the pillows are “oh so lovely!” Fabric instead of calories! My new diet plan!!!!

  43. I used Cupcake #1 for a baby quilt and found it extremely easy to use. What a wonderful idea. I look forward to using them again. They are that wonderful.

  44. What a great concept. I always love seeing what others have done with charm squares. Definitelyy going to try out one of the cupcake mixes from Moda.

  45. Oh my I missed the memo on cupcake mixes!!!! I love the idea as lately I have been on the pillow wagon making pillows for my family this would be just great!!!

  46. I have been wanting to try these. The quilt made with number four is lovely! Thank you for the giveaway. Please pick me!

  47. I received a cupcake #2 from my Guild Secret Sister. Guess what I am taking to Show and Tell in March? The Miss Rosie mini quilt—not the chocolate cupcake. lol

  48. These would be a great project to do when my granddaughters visit this summer! They are 10 and 14 and have been sewing with me for several years.

  49. Love the cupcake recipes! They are easy to use, are so very accurate! and they make beautiful patterns! Would be a wonderful gift to win!

  50. Love the cupcakes, love the quilt & pillows, love the Cupcake Recipe Mixes. They are a great way to make a lovely quilt, big or small. Winning the fabrics and Mixes would be the icing on top.

  51. Would love some of those yummy cupcakes! Love all the pillows and the quilt made with them. Thanks for the great ideas!

  52. Absolutely love the cupcakes and especially those that are calorie free! Have not tried a cupcake mix yet but would love to especially with those gorgeous charm packs. Thanks for the opportunity.

  53. Love the names of those cupcakes! Would love to try Oh My Ganache and 24 Carrot with a cup of coffee! In fact, I could have coffee while sewing these Moda cupcakes! Thank you.

  54. Thank you for the PSA that it is National Cupcake Day. I will certainly have to celebrate. I am in awe of Cupcake Mix No.4 and Terri’s version using one of my favorite fabric lines. Oh the fun I too could have with that stack of charm squares. Thank you for sharing.

  55. I have yet to try any of the cake mix or cup cake mix recipes. I really like the idea of the cup cakes so I can complete the project in one day. I don’t always want to make a quilt. This would be perfect to try. Lots of yummy colors.

  56. I love all the chocolate ones! I also love the non-edible no calorie cupcake mixes. Beautiful projects can be made. Thanks, Rosie!

  57. My kind of cupcake, no calories. Now if I could just leave the chocolate while I quilt. I actually have some papers on my cutting table.

  58. I love cupcakes and would love to make some moda cupcakes…… and the good thing about them they won’t go to your hips.

  59. Cupcakes ARE good but I really like cookies…especially dunking kind.. .
    But perhaps I will like the fabric cupcakes….especially if I win!!!
    Thanks… Love to read your post…

  60. What a great diet plan you’r offering!!! But those from TrailerCakes look like I need to go there next time I’m home!!!

  61. Wow – I love the small quilt and all of the pillows – smaller projects are a nice break from larger quilts. Thanks Rosie!

  62. Love the pillows and could see them become big, beautiful quilts…. Happy National Cupcake Day! Since reading the post, gonna stop at the bakery, pick up some cupcakes to take to my circle today!!!!

  63. I love cupcakes and would love to try the Cupcakes Mixes….so many options and lots of fun! Thank you for the chance to win!

  64. I adore Moda charm packs and use them A LOT. Since I’ve never used a Moda cake mix, I’d love to win this generous give away. Thank you for the chance!!

  65. Love the cupcake mixes. They are such a great tool for using charm packs, of which I have way too many. Would love to see more pics of unique ways that the cupcake mixes have been used.

  66. Love to try the cupcake mixes & think my daughter would love them too as she is just starting to quilt and has discovered paper piecing for much better accuracy. Thanks for your blog love to read it.

  67. Back attacha, Happy Monday! I have been collecting Recipe Books when they are on sale at MSQC (sorry Fat Quarter Shop), but I would love to win more —–AND FABRIC!

  68. Just made my first Cupcake blocks yesterday! I’m now just as addicted to the fabric filled kind as I am to the Calorie filled kind! Thanks for the chance to win and feed my new addiction!

  69. Well, now you’ve gone and made me hungry…. Good thing I didn’t give up Cupcakes for Lent (the cake kind or the fabric kind!) LOL

  70. Loved Terri’s cupcake #4. Will have to see look again at the cupcake recipes in my LQS. Love yummy cupcakes too, also charm packs.

  71. I’ve been wanting to try some of the mixes. This would be a good way to jump into mixer bowl. I’d also like to try that chocolate chocolate cupcake!

  72. When I recently told my husband I bought a layer cake, he was ready for a slice! I’ve seen theses cake recipes around at quilt shows, but my LQS doesn’t carry them. How much fun to play with theses goodies!

  73. I am currently working on a layer cake but I have not tried the cupcakes…but of course, I would love to.
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win a calorie freecupcakes!

  74. It’s time for me to try some of these gorgeous cupcakes…in a delectable quilt! Put me down to win this! Love ❤️ it!

  75. I love the Moda’s Cupcakes Mixes and Moda’s Charm Packs, what a great prize to celebrate National Cupcake Day!

  76. I don’t know how I missed the cupcake mixes! This is a wonderful prize and I would love to win it! Happy National Cupcake Day!

  77. How fun! This looks like a great way to make small items using little pieces of fabric! It’s a little like enjoying a small piece of cake in a cupcake and not having the rest of the cake left to taunt me! Ha!

  78. Thanks for the introduction to National Cupcake Day. I’ll visit the local store “That takes the Cake” to buy one (or two) to celebrate/ However, the Cupcake Mix Recipe packs and Charm packs would be a delightful win.

  79. I love those stars done in Cupcake Mix #4. I have Farmers Daughter fabric and I think I’m going to try it.

  80. The nice thing about cupcakes is that all the family loves them and there is no imperative to share and everyone can choose a different flavor – or in this case everyone can choose a different Moda Cupcake Mix! Yummy!

  81. I too love Terri’s small quilt! Add a couple borders and I think it would be a darling baby quilt!!

    Lovely stack of goodness, Carrie! I have a couple of Cake mixes and one Cupcake mix waiting to try… now I need to run upstairs to see which Cupcake one I have!!

    Have a delightfully delicious day!

    Pris in snowy Idaho!

  82. Gosh, I saw these the other day at Annie’s Quilt Shoppe but I was in a hurry and didn’t pay that much attention. I’m going back today and get one. They really look like fun. I love Frivols and this kind of small project. I might have to visit the bakery, too!

  83. These are my favorite Cup Cakes too! And one of my many favorite customers, Terri of Sweet Treasures, really makes good use of them!! Thank you Terri!!

  84. It would truly be hard to pick only one calorie cupcake – they all look delicious! I love the pillows – those would be a lot of fun to make!!

  85. UMMMMM Cupcakes! I love both kinds! What an awesome package to win. I even know what I would do with them. The pad on my hope chest needs to be recovered and they would work beautifully.

  86. It’s amazing what can be done with cupcakes now. Have never tried this kind, but it looks good. Thank you!

  87. I would love to win this give away. I want to try the Moda cake mix patterns because, they look like an easy way to get a precise project.

  88. I love the idea of no calorie, fabric using cake mixes. I have seen so many great projects on the internet using the Moda Cake Mix recipes that I have been dying to try them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  89. Yumm! Love the quilts and pillows. And would absolutely love to get my hands on that stack. Think I’ll join your celebration in both fabric and frosting cupcakes.

  90. Oh wow! Look at those gorgeous charm packs!! What a generous giveaway 😀 Thanks for the chance to win – I haven’t yet tried the Cupcake Mixes but I’d sure love to.

  91. Oh thank goodness you’re passing out guilt-free cupcakes! Over the winter I tend to put on a few pounds so calorie-free cupcakes are welcome. Of course if you included a Slap Yo Mama cupcake, I’d savor every crumb!

  92. I have a couple of cupcake mixes waiting to be made! Since it’s National Cupcake Day today, I should make them today, but doubt it will happen. Good thing they don’t have an expiration date! Your cake and cupcake mixes were genius!

  93. Love charm packs, haven’t tried any of the mixes yet, but smaller projects are my new passion. Thanks for the opportunity to win, and for being one of my favorite blogs

  94. Just what I need to start of National Cupcake Day! Love the charm packs, and the samples made with them. I feel a “cupcake” kind of day coming on. Mix It UP!!

  95. Cupcakes are the perfect dessert, especially when it is chocolate with chocolate frosting! These mixes would be perfect to get me back on track with sewing…..

  96. After your class at the Moose , I am loving cake mixes and layer cakes so now time to try Cupcakes . Would love to win!!!!

  97. I must admit to loving a childhood favorite – Hostess chocolate cupcakes with the fluffy while filling and white swirl on the chocolate icing. Of course, today there are cupcake stores!

    But your cupcakes are no-cal and create a quilt, pillow, tote bag, whatever you want. Very cool. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  98. I am playing with the #3 Cupcake mix now. Pieces are so easy to work with! Thanks for the chance to play some more.

  99. I would love to try these cupcakes. Since I am on a low fat diet this would work! Thank you for the inspiration.

  100. Since I couldn’t fit into my jeans yesterday, this is my kind of giveaway! What fun!!! I hope your day is filled with lots of sweets!

  101. Such sweet treats! I am always amazed at just how much you can make out of charm packs. Thanks for sharing all these goodies Carrie.

  102. I love both the cupcakes and the layer cakes. I am having a great time working with both. Probably bought way too many charm packs and layer cakes, but I know I will be having a great time putting them together. I have a red, white and blue cupcake going at the moment, and a pirate layer cake as well. Thanks,

  103. Oh, what a perfect baking idea!! I would love to experiment each delicious Moda cupcake mix with the charming square ingredients. Happy cupcake day!!

  104. What a great day! National Cupcake Day and the sun is shining! Plus, a chance to win fabric and Cupcake Mixes – Enjoy a calorie-free treat that lasts and you can share.

  105. I am sewing with a Cake Mix no. 6 right now. May try the minis next. I would like to know what size the Cupcake Blocks are. Thanks.

  106. I love love love your cupcake cake mixes! So easy to use, you don’t even have to think. Perfect for charm packs. They are perfect for making pillows. My new go-to gift! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  107. My cupcakes aren’t quite so cute, but they are quite tasty. The fabric and patterns are very pretty. Eating cupcajes and sewing would be lots of fun!

  108. Love your pillows. My next quilt is going to be made with Cake Mix Recipe 1. Happy National Cupcake Day!

  109. I gave up sugar last year so these are the only kind of cupcakes I can enjoy now! Thanks for the giveaway…and the cupcakes!

  110. I’d much rather have a Moda Cupcake recipe book and a packet of charms than rhe real thing any day! But a,whole stack!!! I think i’d faint with excitement!!!

  111. I love Regency Blues ever since you first introduced it during Blockheads and started using. And always Jo Morton ~ she’s a winner. The cupcake Recipes are ingenious and I’d love to share in one of these fun ideas. Thanks for making it happen!

  112. I would love to win the CupCake recipe and CharmPack package. I have used the CakeMix recipe before, but have yet to try the CupCakes.

  113. Oooh, calorie free cupcakes sound very appealing!! Moda always makes an existing product ‘yummier’ with its spin on it. Thanks for the opportunity to enter and win. Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas USA

  114. The cupcake mixes are my kind of cupcakes…no sugar, no calories, but goodness and creativity out of these kind ;o)

  115. I have a confession. I don’t like cupcakes, especially the specialty ones. I feel the icing and toppings cover a poor tasting cake. I am not a huge cake fan to begin with and cupcakes always seem dry. When I do eat them, I use the topping as a sandwich filling hack- you cut the bottom of the cupcake and put it on top.

  116. We have a wonderful bakery here called ‘Sweet Surrender’ — surrender all possibilities of dieting just walking by the place! Moda cupcake mixes & charm packs sure would be better for the diet, just saying…

  117. I made one small quilt that serves as a table topper. It was quick, easy and I love how perfect the piecing happens! Carrie, your cake mixes are the best! I made a queen sized quilt in yellow, blue, and white using Wildflowers layer cake and it’s my favorite quilt in the house. Each block is different, with white sashing and a big border.

  118. I’m not going to lie…I love all types of cupcakes! One a inspiration for another! Have a fabulous day.

  119. I used a cupcake mix #1 to make an adorable baby quilt and I plan to make more cupcakes. They’re cute and accurate – what more could one ask for?

  120. I’m just beginning my quilting journey and rediscovering some old sewing skills. I’m becoming addicted to fabrics and that’s little charm packs are so much better than the calories from food cupcakes.

  121. What an awesome giveaway! I love the whole idea of the cupcakes and cake mix idea! Mixes up 2 of my favorite things! Thanks for the giveaway!

  122. Now you’ve got me hungry for both kinds of cupcakes! Especially when one of them is a Christmas Figs charm pack!!

  123. I’m just about finished stitching Cake Mix Recipe #1 and it has been so much fun, so I’m all in for tackling that stack of Cupcake Mix Recipes and charm packs! ktshively (at) (hotmail) dot (com)

  124. I’m not a fan of cake or cupcakes except I like the Moda kind with a little paper, a couple of charms and voila – prettiness. I tried them last fall for a Halloween wall hanging using #4 and it really helped me get past my fear of scrappy. I like to make more.

  125. What a wonderful prize. I love charm packs and would love to try the cupcake papers. I’ve used the large cake mix papers for the layer cakes and enjoy the versatility. Thanks for the opportunity to win ❤️❤️❤️

  126. I love sharing and these cupcake mixes and charm packs are perfect for that. Happy Cupcake Day to all!

  127. Those Trailercakes cupcakes look delicious but I am on my annual diet so the paper version of Cupcakes are a very welcome substitute. I love your pillows!

  128. Teri’s quilt is lovely –her color placement is great! The pillows make me happy too. I sure have charm packs to use. I need some cupcakes!

  129. I actually baked cupcakes this afternoon but did not know it cupcake day! Made white and will fill with strawberries and cream and deliver them.

    These cupcakes would be so much better for me!

  130. Cupcakes and no calories!! Easy, accurate and great results. And I love that you can make them with charm packs.

  131. I Love cupcakes!!! Don’t know what I like better: the eating kind or the sewing kind!!
    But having both would just be grand

  132. Great looking cupcakes and ingredients. I like not having to clean up the kitchen after “baking, too. Thank you for the opportunity to sample.

  133. hmm, can’t get those cupcake recipes here in Australia – would love to win those let alone the fabric charm pack – best wishes

  134. The real cupcakes look yummy but the quilts look even better. I love the different patterns as well as the fabrics. Thanks for making us hungry but letting us not gain any weight! 🙂 K-

  135. I love cupcakes! Would love to try Moda’s new Cupcake Mix patterns – those pillows are gorgeous!

  136. I don’t like cupcakes of the baked variety but this kind of cupcake mix recipe I would love to try out. Thanks for the chance to win and try

  137. I have a Rose meeting to go to tonight! I think I will take…Cupcakes! Love fabric and love cupcakes! The blue from Christopher is lovely!

  138. Non calorie cupcakes are my very favorite, as are charm packs! Would love to make that little star quilt, Yummy!

  139. I would love the stack of cupcakes because I love the method for making half squares (my husband’s wedding quilt was double t and this is the method I used and loved) My daughter would rather have the box of cupcakes LOL

  140. I love the cupcakes! I have been saving 5 inch squares for awhile and now I know what to make with them (and call them by their proper name)! Thanks

  141. What else do you have up your sleeve? Your creativity is amazing. So glad you joined the Moda team and started the modafabrics blog. Love the Cake patterns and these cupcakes are darling. Thanks

  142. I am excited to see the cupcakes as the charm squares are always so tempting it gives you easy options on what to do with them now.

  143. My “almost” great-grandgirl will be getting her very own cupcake quilt in early April if I get busy! Cake mixes are delicious and someone was a master chef when they got mixed up.

  144. Pillow with Jo Morton’s New Hope line is gorgeous! Have been meaning to try these recipes, they look very fun and so easy! Thank you!

  145. What’s not to love about a cupcake?! Whether it’s chocolate chip delight or my favorite fabric line sewn into an adorable quilt – I’m in all the way!

  146. I really need some stress relief. The cupcake mixes and charm packs are just the recipe I need right now.

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