Mini Charm Quilts!

Whether you call them Candy or Mini Charm packs, we do love our little packages of 2.5″ squares.

Even better… we love little things made with these little squares.  Little projects?  You betcha!

So when ModaLissa asked eighteen of Moda’s designers if they liked making little things from Mini Charm packs, their answer was a resounding “Yes!  We’re in on whatever it is you’re planning!”

Et voila.

Mini-Charm Quilts from the Moda All Stars.  The royalties for the book will be donated to LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs – an organization that trains dogs to visit disaster locations, community events and care facilities around the country wearing “Please Pet Me” vests, offering comfort where words often fail.

To read more about the book, the designers, the projects and chances to win Mini Charm packs and books on Martingale’s Stitch This blog.

So eighteen designers but only seventeen projects?

Me & My Sister Designs – Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson.  Two designers – one cute little quilt titled Four Patch Chain.

Pinwheels All In A Row by Jo Morton.

There’s a journal cover and several pillows, a couple of table-runners and table-toppers, a wall quilt and I think I saw a pincushion.  Basically, there’s something for everyone.

Clockwise from upper-left:

Game Day by Kathy Schmitz.

Clockwise from upper-left:

Cross My Heart Pillow by Brenda Riddle.

Clockwise from upper-left:

See!  A pincushion.  By Laurie Simpson of Minick & Simpson.

Because I think you know we wouldn’t show you this book and all these adorable little projects without sharing something… we’ve got a copy of the book and these mini charm packs for two winners.

Just leave a comment by Midnight on Thursday – March 1 – telling us which project you’d make first!

If you’re on Facebook or Instagram, look for the hashtags – #minicharmquilts / #madewithmartingale / #showmethemoda – for designer giveaways and projects.

Happy Wednesday!

(We’re back next week with some Blockheads news.)

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791 thoughts on “Mini Charm Quilts!

  1. They’re all terrific so it’s hard to make that decision, but I’d probably start from the top, Four Patch Chain, and work down. It’s a cinch that I need the book.

  2. I love them all and have used mini charms for sashing and to make small things. Think I’d start with “Fireworks” as I’ve been thinking about circle appliques for a while.

  3. Who doesn’t like things in little packages? I’d love to add the projects from your new book to my ‘to do’ list. And what a great organization to support, as well. Thank you for the chance to win.

  4. I love Little Steps, Big Fun! I love to do miniature quilts. I am finding that these little project are making me a much better quilter. I really like the idea of beginning the project with the little charm packs.

  5. I would make the Cross My Heart Pillow pattern by Brenda Riddle! Those tiny x’s made into a heart shape just tugs at my heart. Love all the wonderful designs the designers came up with – so amazing!

  6. I would make the cross my heart pillow in many color ways. This book will help me know what to do with all my mini charms. And most I can get done is a day or two.

  7. It’d just have to be that pincushion – it’s so cute, and mine is looking somewhat worse for wear, but I do like the journal cover and the pinwheels and my granddaughter would love the quilt for her doll”…………

  8. Oooh, yes please! I think I would begin with the wonderful pincushion, so as to use it when I make the next project from the book….probably jo Morton’s!

  9. “Tulip Time” is talking to me. It would look sweet in my 92 year old mother’s apartment (if I could part with it, that is).

  10. Thank you, Moda, for donating to a wonderful cause. Four Patch Chain would be a good place to start but so would the Hop Scotch Table Runner. Will be on the lookout for the book!

  11. Cross My Heart pillow stole my heart! That would have to be first, but not the last by any means. So many cool projects!!

  12. I love the pinwheels all in a row and would probably pick that first, together with the pin cushion!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. I love anything Jo Martin I also love “tulip time” . The projects are wonderful and mini charms are simply the best.

  14. I’ve never used mini charm packs, but I have the perfect spot for Spare Time. So many great quilts in this book!

  15. Thanks for sharing these Mini projects. I’m adding to my mini collection. So far just admiring and growing the collection. I think the peppermint lane would be my project!

  16. I’m intrigued by Game Day! Not sure if I’d use it to play games though. I just love the pattern and the calming colors she used. I collect min8 charm packs, but so far I’ve only made one project with them. I NEED this book!

  17. I adore the little charms, and my first project would be Peperment Lane. I think it’s a wonderful gift to donate to the relief dogs.

  18. Do I really have to choose just one? I would probably start with Pinwheels All in a Row by Jo Morton. But the Cross My Heart Pillow and Spare Time are right up there! I teach many small quilts so my students learn the techniques without getting overwhelmed by a large quilt! Must have this book!

  19. Everything is darling, but I especially love the pillow by Brenda R. What a cute book full of lovely projects! Thanks for the chance to win! I loved checking out the organization (Lutheran church and disaster dogs) and it’s so very nice that royalties from the book will go to them and the hard work they do! If I don’t win this book, I’ll surely be buying it!

  20. Love all things Zen Chic so I’d try the pillow first. Wonky stars fit my style. Thanks for the possibilities.

  21. P.S. I forgot to mention, I have some of these little charm packs, but have been a little afraid to use them because I thought they’d be difficult to work with. Do you have any input with this (or perhaps, another reader)?

  22. Gosh I hate it when I have to pick one. I am fascinated by Jen Kingwell but intimidated. This project looks like a good “start here” quilt so I would do that one.

    Thank you for sharing about the book.

  23. Pinwheels all in a Row. Then the pincushion,the journal cover and Peppermint Lane. I will be very busy making these projects with minis! And the K-9 Comfort Dogs is a wonderful place for the royalties from this book. Thanks!

  24. Oh it would be so hard to choose! I think I might try the journal cover, just because tit is something I haven’t tried before. But then I love Jo Morton’s Pinwheels All in a Row, Betsy’s Bayside and Lisa’s Spare Time. What fun!

  25. I think I would make most of them. I love small quilts,they are cute and quick. I think I would start with Kathy Schmitz’s Game Day first. Thanks for the chance to win.

  26. I love them all, but I’m intrigued by the journal cover and think that would be fun to make. It looks like a great book with lots of ideas for the mini charm packs we have been “collecting”

  27. It would be a tie between Jo Morton’s Pinwheels and Lisa Bongean’s Spare Time. Why pick? I could start both of them at the same time!! What could be more fun than that!!

  28. I cannot choose between Tulip Time, Game day and Cross my heart. And I don’t think I will. But all the patterns are a splendid use of mini charms. Cannot wait to dig into mine.

  29. This is my year for small projects. Since spring is coming, I’d start with Pat Sloan’s Tulip Time.

  30. Spare Time and Peppermint Lane. As quilters, we all know that you should have several projects going at once!

  31. I’m in love with the Cross my Heart pillow! It might be a bit above my skill level, but I bet I would learn a lot making it.

  32. I would make Fireworks by Jen Kingeell. I need to learn how to do circles and this would be a great opportunity!

  33. Wow, so much goodness! I would make the Cross My Heart Pillow by Brenda Riddle. I can see this pattern used sooo many ways.

  34. Quite the toss up. My first project would either Fireworks, the beautiful pillow for my granddaughter or Rickrack Posie.

  35. Now that a hard choice, I think I would make the pincushion or pinwheels in a row mini quilt first. Then hurry to make more of the others!!!

  36. My seven year old granddaughter would love the doll, quilt and pillow. I love the table runner and pin cushion. What to choose? Hummmmm. Moda has chosen such a great cause to support, a win, win for all.

  37. Pinwheel All In A Row by Jo Morton has caught by eye, and will be the first I make. Quite a few will be on my project list.

  38. I would make the wonky pinwheel pillow. I might also do a variation of Jen Kingwell’s fireworks. Such beautiful fabrics and so little time!

  39. Gosh, they’re all so pretty, it’s hard to choose. I really like Pinwheels All In A Row by Jo Morton, so it that might be the first. I really like Rickrack Posies by Sandy Klop also, so it may be a toss up between those two for first project.

    I really love how the royalties are being donated to LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs. I’m sure they will be able to put the donations to good use. Right now it sounds like they’re needed all over the country sadly.

  40. The first quilt I would make is Jo Morton’s Pinwheels all in a row. Yum! Then it would be that heart pillow only I would make it a quilt. Then I would make the pin cushion because I adore pincushions. I actually want to make almost every one.

  41. hard to decide, probably the table runner, because i can use one, and the pin cushion , because, while i don’t need another, it’s just too cute…

  42. That’s a tough one. I would either do Jo Morton’s Pinwheels In A Row Or Brenda Riddle’s Cross My Heart Pillow. They would all be fun to make!

  43. I love every project shown here. This is a book worth having. Miniatures allow you to finish the project and make wonderful gifts. To win the Candy squares is a big bonus. I think I would start with the “cross stitch pillow”. It reminds me of a time when both my sister’s and mom and I took up cross stitching. Thanks for offering this.

  44. How does one choose which one to start with? Just begin at the first and do them all. I really think I might start with the pinwheels or the tulips. Oh, my, decisions, decisions, decisions.

  45. First would be Little Steps, Big Fun. And second would Four Patch Chain. Thanks for all the little quilts. After a few larger quilts, these will be easy to get finished.

  46. My first choice would be Tulip Time from Pat Sloan.
    I love your blog posts, Carrie. Always so interesting!
    Thank you Moda, for the giveaway.

  47. It is hard to choose what to make first! I would start by making the Game Day but use it as a wall hanging.

  48. Oh definitely Pat Sloan’s “Tulip Time”! It is the sweetest little quilt! it spoke to me the loudest.

  49. Peppermint Lane for sure- those darling little trees and the little house!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  50. So hard to decide as I like lots of them. Guess it would be Game Dat. But would try the Wonky Pinwheels And and and and. Lol

  51. What a wonderful book! It’s a hard decision, but I think I would make the little hour glass quilt first.

  52. Tulip Time by Pat Sloan. If I win I will start with the first one and do everyone in the book. Would love to win. Nancy P.

  53. Wonky pinwheels first. I love these collaborative books, and the proceeds going to charity. Great idea!

  54. Love all the mini quilts in the book! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this new book! I have little triangles that were cut off from a quilt of Valor that I sewed together I see new ideas for my scraps.

  55. I love little quilts and these are adorable! I’m having a hard time choosing, but I think I would start with
    •Hopscotch Table-Runner. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book and charm squares!

  56. I love all the projects and want to make them all which makes it so hard to choose. But I think I would start with Game Day and then the Journal Cover.

  57. I have a wonderful “collection” of mini charms, just can’t resist them. I’d have to do the darling pincushion first thing, I think–but I want to make ALL the projects in this book!

  58. Sandy Gervais table runner Hopscotch would be the 1st! Of six that look fun! This book is a great idea. And that you’re donating the fun is just fabelous. Thank you!

  59. I love all the little projects! But I have to admit the first one I would make is the Four Patch Chain by Me and My Sister! I would love to win the book and mini charms!

  60. I plan on making doll quilts for our 5 granddaughters so l would love to start with the doll quilt and pillow!

  61. I’m new to quilting, so I think the little Four Patch Chain quilt would be the place to start for me.

  62. I like Peppermint Lane and Game Day Love the color combinations each designer used as well. The little pieces don’t bother me now. Thanks to participating in the Blockheads quilt along for mastering that skill.

  63. Thank you for the opportunity to win the wonderful book and mini-charm packs. I would love to attempt the Cross My Heart Pillow, the adorable pin cushion, and the Peppermint Lane quilt! Who knew there were so many beautiful ideas for a mini charm pack?

  64. JO’s pinwheels are just adorable and I would love to make this and a whole lot of the other projects too!

  65. Jo Morton’s Pinwheels All In A Row would be the first item I would make. All are beautiful projects and fun fabric.

  66. This is the post I have been waiting for! I love, love, love mini-charms. And a book full of cute things to make with them is lagniappe. Can’t wait to make that sweet pincushion!

  67. Well I already purchased the book, and I’ve narrowed it down to Wonky Pinwheel Pillow or Fireworks for my first project.

  68. I would make pincushion. It’s wonderful. When I enter my sewing room, it would be the first thing I would see.

  69. I do love all things mini charm!! I am in a cushion mood lately, and love the wonky pinwheel cushion by Brigitte/Zen Chic! Thanks for the chance to win this fun book, and add to my mini charm stash!!!

  70. My first project would be Jo Morton’s Pinwheels All In A Row. So many cute projects in this book, and I love mini charms cuts.

  71. I love everything Lisa Bongean does so of course, I love Spare Time. I’d also like to make the Cross My Heart pillow. Thanks for all the wonderful posts, love reading them!

  72. My first project would be the Four Patch Chain – it would be a beautiful spring table topper. Then I would make Little Steps because I love Lynne Hagmeier’s technique of raw edge piecing.

  73. Either Peppermint Lane or Cross My Heart, I love them both. What a wonderful cause you are helping. I have done therapy dog visits to nursing homes and it is wonderful to see how much joy those visits bring.

  74. Wow! I love them all. It would be hard to choose which one to make first. I love the heart pillow, I always want to make everything Lisa designs at primitive gatherings, but I think the winner would be fireworks by Jen kingwell.

  75. Too many beautiful choices but I think the Cross My Heart pillow! What a beautiful book and so great the royalties are
    being donated to a great cause! Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. The Cross My Heart Pillow was it and then I saw the Peppermint Lane by Anne Sutton. I would love to make Peppermint Lane first. Thank you for the chance to win.

  77. Since I missed national cupcake day (I suppose I could make up for it) I would start with the pincushion. Close right? I have therapy dogs so I understand the comfort dogs and want to say thank you for your support.

  78. What darling quilts! I’d start with Cross My Heart and move on to a Hop-Scotch table runner and then all those little circles on Game Day. Just fun!

  79. The table runner first! Or maybe the four patch chain quilt. Pinwheels all in a row is great too. Just give me a book and some of those charms and It won’t matter what I make first because I’ll be able to get several projects done in no time!

  80. I would first make either the Hopscotch table runner or the Came day mini quilt! Love them all though

  81. I love that the royalties are being donated to comfort dogs! It’s a hard decision as to which project I would try first but I am leaning towards Merry Go Round and Spare Time. Great book!

  82. How adorable! That “Cross my Heart” pillow would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift for my mom! I think I’d start there, but I’m a sucker for quilt books, and that Moda mini charms one is calling my name!

  83. it is a hard choice but I think Charming Journal Cover by Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts as I have begun keeping a quilt journal and surely it deserves a quilted cover. Thanks for donating to such a good cause.

  84. I’d choose the Cross My Heart pillow. This looks like a very fun book and what you’re doing with the proceeds is way cool!

  85. Very hard to decide what I would do first, but I really like Four Patch Chain so I think that would be the first of many from this book. Thank you!

  86. Cross My Heart pillow and Spare Time are my two favorite to start with – if I have to pick now! Love this book and give-a-way!

  87. I only have about a million of these mini charm packs. I would start with the table runner and then work on the 4 patch by Me and my Sister. Looks like a great book with several usable projects. Can’t wait to see it.

  88. I would love to do the tulip and also Pet me please! Oh they are all so lovely. Nice book!
    Looks like you have the attention of everyone. 🙂

  89. It would be a toss up between the heart pillow or journal cover. I know a special young lady who has a birthday coming up that either one would be perfect for.

  90. Pinwheels in a row would be my first pick, but truly, I do like them all. However, IF I didn’t like any of them, I would buy the book just to support the comfort dogs project.

  91. Peppermint Lane would be my first project, but there are so many that would be fun to try. Thanks for such a great give away.

  92. OMG……… what a great book…… I want one……well I’d love to win…. I want to make the cross your heart pillow first…… How much fun will this be…..fingers crossed.

  93. I would make the Howdy Doll quilt and pillow. That is so cute. I really love the heart pillow too.

  94. I can’t choose between Brenda Riddle’s Cross Your Heart pillow and Anne Sutton’s Peppermint Lane!

  95. I love them all❣️ But, I’d probably start with the table runner or the 4-Patch by Me & My Sister or…..all of them—eventually.

  96. I would start with the cheerful Four Patch Chain, and then move on to the Pinwheels On In A Row ! A delightful bunch of mini quilts!

  97. I’d love to make the Rick rack Posies with squares from American Jane. Would love to have this book!

  98. Peppermint Lane by Ann Sutton would definitely be first. And then the really cute pincushion by Minick and Simpson.

  99. Love making 4-patches from this size precut for many quilts, so I might go with the 4-patch chain quilt. So much work to not have to do to get 4-patch blocks. The finished product that went straight to my heart was Laurie’s pincushion.

  100. I will make Brenda Riddle’s heart pillow because I love the look and the challenge. Is it tiny piecing or machine applique? Can’t wait to find out!

  101. Corey Yoder was just at our Guild meeting yesterday – I am searching out her fabric and would definitely start with the journal cover and then – work my way through the book!

  102. I love the game day quilt and would want to make that first, but I have a lot to learn since I’ve never done circles before. What a lovely giveaway and beautiful ideas!

  103. There are quite a few I’d like to make! The first one would be Cross My Heart Pillow by Brenda Riddle. So sweet…great for my new house to be with my husband’s job move ;o)

  104. Got a mini charm pack for Christmas from quilting friend. Been looking for a project to use it on. Think I would do the tablerunner or the four patch.

  105. It would be a toss up between Little Steps, Big Fun! by Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles
    Charming Journal Cover by Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts.

  106. Sandy Klop is my hero. I would definitely make the Rickrack Posies first! Thanks for the inspiration and opportunity!

  107. Oh, so cute! I can’t decide if I would do the heart pillow, or Barb and Mary’s 4 patch first! Thank you for the inspiration, and the give-away.

  108. Ooooooooohh! Decisions Decisions!!! I would make Hopscotch Table Runner by Sandy Gervais first and soooo many others to follow! Thanks for the opportunity to win these yummy morsels!!!

  109. My first project would be Pinwheels all in a Row by Jo Morton. That quilt is just speaking to me. That would be just the first of many projects though. The organization that you are donating the royalties of this book to sounds like a wonderful cause. Thank you!

  110. Hopscotch Table-Runner – so many choices……but yes the Hopscotch Table-Runner would be the first

  111. Love Tulip Time and Game Day! Hard to choose which one first. Will have to look at my mini charms to see which would work with these two patterns.

  112. Love all of these, but I would definitely make the Four Patch Chain first….followed by all the rest!!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  113. This was a hard choice between The Cross My Heart Pillow by Brenda Riddle and Rickrack Posies by Sandy Klop. If I had the book, of course, I would make them all eventually. In the end Rickrack Posies was my pick.

  114. The cross my heart looks like an interesting project, but they all look like fun to make. The book would be great to have because the projects could be made for a quick gift. The journal cover would also be one of my first picks.

  115. Oh, I don’t know which one—I do really like the tulip time wall hanging. This book looks great. I’ve got 4 mini charm packs that have been sitting on a shelf for far too long.

  116. I would probably have to start with Jo Morton’s pinwheels. But this might also be one of those books you just start at the front and make them all!!!!!

  117. I’ve tried the layer cakes and the charm squares … time to try the “candy” mini-charms. These projects are all beautiful.

  118. would enjoy doing the pin wheels and the game day quilts but then I would do as many as I can should I win the book &/or the mini charm pack

  119. Really like so many of the quilts in this book, but I think Jo Morton’s would be the first one I’d make.

  120. Wow! Love them all but I am really drawn to Hopscotch table runner and Game Day. Wonderful organization to contribute to also.

  121. Love the book and all the ideas! Hard to choose one, but I think Peppermint Lane would my first and then on from there! Thank you!

  122. So many cute projects! I love that Hopscotch table runner by Sandy Gervais though – that would definitely be first on the list.

  123. I would dig in with Cross My Heart pillow. LOVE IT! (My next project would probably be that pincushion. Who doesn’t need another adorable pincushion?!)

  124. I love mini quilts! I would start with Peppermint Lane! Those houses & trees are adorable & I would do it now – months before Christmas!!!

  125. I would make Four Patch Chain by Me & My Sister first. The book is a really good idea. Such cute little quilts from those charm packs we all collect and don’t know what to do with.

  126. I would make the Cross My Heart pillow! My daughter moved to a new place and it would be awesome!

  127. Brenda’s Cross My Heart pillow would be the first project to tackle from this book! What a load of marvelous minis! You can’t just make one. Charming Journal Cover, Bayside and Rick Rack Posies would vie for next in the queue…

  128. I’d have to work on at least two simultaneously – Little Steps, Big Fun! and Spare Time. After that, I’d just start at the beginning of the book and make each one!

  129. I love Cross My Heart pillow…then on to the journal cover. So may projects, so little time. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  130. I love Moda Fabrics and love the mini charm packs. I would love to make Peppermint Lane first of all. But, would love to make all of them! I love Moda xoxoxo

  131. Super cute projects. I would start with Hopscotch. I’m sure that I would make more than one because they are all so sweet.

  132. So many great projects! I think the Cross My Heart Pillow might be my first choice. With many more to follow for sure!

  133. I would make Pinwheels all in a Row by Jo Morton for my best friend. It would look great on any of her tables in her country house. What a wonderful book and I just love mini-charms. I’ve made mug rugs and table toppers for family members and myself.

  134. The Hopscotch Runner caught my eye first, but any of the projects would be fun to make. I need more mini charms in my life.

  135. Love the Peppermint Lane quilt and also the cute pincushion!!! I cant pick just one, they are all wonderful!!

  136. Awesome projects. I’d make the pincushion first then more!! Have a great day!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  137. I love love, love, The Pinwheels All In A Row mini quilt. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for the chance to win.

  138. So many choices of darling designs. I think I’d start with the Hopscotch table runner and Jo Morton’s All in a Row. Thanks for the chance!

  139. Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for the chance to win. I would have to make the little pincushion first…then more projects, as they are all great! -Jean

  140. Oh wow!! Another gottahaveitbook!! I’d make Laurie’s pincushion first 😀 And Brenda’s pillow! And Brigitte’s Wonky Pinwheel pillow has caught my eye, too. All of the designs look fabulous – I’d try to make them all!!

  141. They are all fabulous. I would probably start with the doll blanket as it really shows off the colors from the mini charm pack. This book will definitely join my collection.

  142. Hopscotch table runner would be my first project but most of the patterns would be fun to do. Happy the royalties for the book will be going to a good cause.

  143. All of the projects are so cute, it’s very unfair to make us choose!! My first project would be the Cross My Heart pillow by Brenda Riddle. Then the pincushion. Then the Peppermint Lane wallhanging. Then……well, I must do ALL of them!

  144. Oh my! This is a tough choice because I love them all! I think the heart pillow would be my first project closely followed with the little Christmas quilt. Thanks for the preview and the chance!

  145. I would need to make the doll quilt for my sweet little granddaughter then follow it up with four patch chain. Then… many cute choices!

  146. Four Patch Chain, Peppermint Lane and then that one and that one and oh yes, that one. Can I make them all please?

  147. It’s so hard to decide but I would love to make the Cross My Heart pillow — and not just for Valentine’s Day.

  148. They are all great but I think I would start with the Howdy Doll quilt. I t looks like it would be a really quick afternoon sewing project.

  149. So hard to pick a favorite!! But I think I’d start with Tulip Time by Pat Sloan, because I want some bright mini quilts for my sewing room wall! I’m also drawn to the lovely one designed by American Jane, and the happy on-point Four Patch Chain by our fav sisters! Such a great idea! And I bet these patterns could easily convert to charm pack quilts if you wanted a bigger version! Fun book! Fun post! Happy Wednesday!

  150. I think I’d start with Rickrack Posies, as I can’t resist American Jane. Then, Peppermint Lane, because I need Christmas-y quilts. I’d like to do them all!

  151. All are wonderful but I’d pick Spare Time and Bayside as my first projects. They’re 2 of my favorite designers.

  152. I am in love with Brenda’s ‘Cross My Heart’ pillow <3 That will definitely be my first project… and then Corey's journal cover! <3

  153. Pinwheels all in a row. I also would love to make several of the projects. They are all awesome. Hope I can be the winner.

  154. Oh so easy to choose….I’m in love with the Cross My Heart pillow by Brenda Riddle and I already have her mini charms in hand.

  155. I love all of the projects; it’s difficult to choose a favorite. I do love the Cross My Heart Pillow. Those tiny crosses look intriguing. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  156. It’s a three-way tie and that’s for my FIRST project! It’s between Lynn’s, Jo’s and Betsy’s! Then I would work my way through everything else in the book 😉

  157. I would like to make the heart pillow first. Looks like a fun book. Pinwheel all in a row very neat too. All projects look like fun for some reason small so cute

  158. Which one first? Wow, that’s a tough one! I adore the Brenda Riddle pillow, so I guess that would be the FIRST one!

  159. four patch chain, pinwheels in a row and peppermint lane- depending on which charms I had….I like the free time one too. They are all nice. It is hard to decide…I need a tablerunner though

  160. I’ve been wanting a book with mini projects in it … these are great. Which to do first, probably the heart pillow. One thing about this book is they are all MINI projects so doing more than one is a cinch.

  161. Pinwheels in a row, or the Tulips to start with. I love them all! What a great book! The colors of the quilts are marvelous. My husband will need to get those two vehicles…and the tiny trees. So very cute! Thanks to all the creators!

  162. What beautiful projects and so cute! It is a hard decision but I would make the Wonky Pinwheel Pillow first and then the Tulip Time Quilt. It would also be fun to work each of these projects into a lap size quilt!

  163. I love the pincushion, and also Fireworks by Jen Kingswell. I do hope this book comes over to the UK, I love mini charms and often make baskets with them. x

  164. I love mini quilts! Pinwheels All In A Row by Jo Morton would be my first to do!This book has such fun projects!

  165. Jo Morton’s pinwheel would be my first but close behind would be that Cross my Heard pillow for new couch.

  166. I just love that Moda looks beyond the buck and reaches to help so many with the All Star Books. I do believe I would make the Me and My Sister Four Patch Chain first! Thanks Carrie

  167. Oh my goodness, they are all so wonderful. But I’m ready for spring so I’d go for the bright cheery quilt by Sandy Klop for American Jane.

  168. Jo Morton! No–Betsy Chutchain, but….maybe Kansas Troubles—can’t pick just one!! Would probably make all of them.

  169. Four patch chain. I love charm packs and mini charms. These patterns perfect for left over jelly roll pieces too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  170. I would start with the Jo Morton Pinwheels All in a Row mini quilt. It is perfect to try quilting large stitches in the columns with floss. I love mini charm packs and use them for making one inch hexagons for English paper piecing as well as piecing blocks.

  171. This is hard as they all are so Beautiful… I would have to choose the Howdy Doll Quilt and Pillow for my sweet Granddaughter …. Thank you for the chance to win x

  172. I just finished a pretty baby quilt using charm squares. I think Ikd like to try the Pinwheels All In A Row by Jo Morton next

  173. Ooh! So many good possibilities but which to do first? I think Lisa Bongean’s “Spare Time” would be first for me.

  174. Love all the patterns, and have plenty of Moda charm packs to pick from. She fell I know I won win, how can I order the book? 🙂

  175. 1st, the lovely pincushion because I’m beginning to make a collection of them and 2nd Spare Time by Lisa Bongean. So many lovelies.

  176. I really like Rickrack Posies and the colours are so cheery. I would make that first, but there are several more little quilts that I would also make. I can’t wait to start.