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Happy Friday!  Today is about favorite finds.  New finds.  Old favorites.  All of those things.

Jo Morton’s “clippy trick”.  I just call it “that clipping thing”.  I learned this technique – trick – in a class taught by Jo years ago and it is one my favorite, most-used tricks

The “aha” moment for me was when Jo said that we clip seams when making garments, with sleeves and collars being the two most common places where clipping into the seam allowance isn’t so much an option as a necessity.  In the many years that I made garments, I never had fraying along a collar or sleeve edge where I had clipped.  So when Jo mentioned that, I started clipping and I haven’t looked back.  (Maybe it should have been a “duh” moment.)

Speaking of Jo, she has two beautiful new books that I want to share.

First, Jo’s Floral Album.  (You know how much I love appliqué.)

Jo made larger versions of these appliqué blocks many years ago and has long wanted to make them again in a smaller size.  So she scaled them to 14″ blocks and created this 9-block sampler that finishes at 57″ x 57″.  (The border fabric is a very old Moda print.)

Do you know about back-basting appliqué?  That’s Jo’s preferred method of appliqué.  Jo’s Floral Album includes step-by-step instructions on her technique, and there is a short video with Jo stitching and explaining the process.

Pretty cool, don’t you think?

If you’re on Instagram, a couple of accomplished stitchers are making this quilt – #josfloralalbum.

(Images borrowed from David and Head Moose Debbie.)

If appliqué isn’t your jam, then you might prefer Jo’s Little Favorites III.  It’s primarily pieced quilts – lovely small quilts made with small pieces.

Filled with sixteen vintage-style, antique-inspired small quilt projects ranging from easy – Hourglasses and Nine-Patches – to a bit more challenging.  As always, Jo’s quilts are about the scrappy mix of color and pattern.  Whether using a controlled color palette or something a little more varied, the quilts are perfect for overflowing scrap bins.  And every one of these quilts would be beautiful made in other styles of fabric – they’re not just for Reproductions.

Today is also about sharing some of my favorite “finds” of the last year.  Many of the non-quilting blogs I read do regular round-ups of their favorites – everything from recipes to articles, products to books.  I am going to keep to quilting tools I discovered this last year – or actually started using.  A few of these aren’t new, they’re just new to me.

I’ve used Roxanne’s Glue Baste-It for years, through a few clogged tips that weren’t supposed to clog.  The tips got better and I got better at un-clogging those that did.  When this new 2-Way Applicator bottle came out, I gave it a try and it has worked beautifully.  Part of my problem is that I will use it frequently, then not use the bottle for a couple of months so I was curious to see if these shorter tips would help.  They have!  The thin tip is for positioning appliqué or tiny pieces.  It also works for glue-basting while sewing.  The other tip is for a wider surface like sashing or wide bias – the tip is flat and the hole is still quite small.

The Clover Ball Point Awl was a surprise.  (It’s the pointy-thing with the dark blue handle next to the glue.)  I’d used regular awls for various garment sewing purposes over the years but had not found a quilting use for them.  A friend and accomplished quilter suggested trying this tool for positioning pieces while sewing – like a stiletto, for turning edges, for any time when I needed to work a hole into fabric without damaging it, and for stuffing.  Since I’ve been doing a bit of garment sewing and working with zippers a bit more – bags and pillows, I’ve found myself reaching for this tool.  It’s done the trick perfectly.

The Violet Craft Seam Roller.  I confess to having used a wallpaper tool for pressing seams in the past but for some reason, it wasn’t until I started seeing this tool that I remembered how good it could be.  Since I couldn’t find my old tool, I got one of these.  Whether I’m pressing to the side or open, I’ve been keeping this by my sewing machine when I have a couple of small pieces that need to be “pressed” before joining, and I don’t want to press it with heat just yet.  I’ve been playing with making string blocks and using this seam roller helps me make sure I don’t have a fold before adding the next string.

This is a new find – Lecien Cosmo’s tsu mu gi thread.  It’s a 100% extra-long staple Egyptian cotton 2-ply, 40 wt. mercerized thread that comes on a 5000 meter cone or 500m spool.  Having used fine 50wt. threads for many years, I heard the 40wt. and thought it would be like sewing with string, but it’s been a lovely surprise.  It’s perfectly suited for machine piecing and machine-quilting, and while the claim is that it’s lint-free… it’s cotton thread, there is some lint.  But it’s minimal.

Dritz Ultra Fine Glass Head Pins.  When I learned that United Notions wasn’t going to carry my favorite Little House pins any longer, I panicked.  Then a friend recommended these and he was right, they’re terrific.  They’re very fine, strong and sharp.  There are other fine pins but some get a little too “bendy” for me – I like fine pins that still stay fairly rigid.  Each package has 150 pins that measure 1-3/8″ long – the same length as the Little House pins.  I also love the blue glass heads.

Have you ever seen something and thought “that’s clever and cute but I’m not sure I’d use that”?  I was wrong.  These Stash ‘n Store organizers-stands are the best next-to-my-sewing-machine thing I’ve ever had.  Because my tools stand up, they’re easier to grab.  At home, I have two small pairs of scissors, my ball-point awl, a very dusty, rarely-if-ever-used seam ripper ( :::snort::: ), a seam guide and a 1″ x 6″ ruler in mine.  I have only one complaint about these Stash ‘n Stores… I want one in Red.  (Please.)

My last “new” find is something old – 100% cotton hand-quilting thread.  Last month, Lindsay Mayland of American Patchwork & Quilting and the Happy Hour Stitches blog wrote about why hand-quilting thread was her go-to for binding.  She cited three reasons – it’s coated, it glides through the fabric and it’s strong.  That made such perfect sense that I even though I was in the middle of binding a quilt, I switched threads.  Color me convinced of two things – this is great thread to use for binding and Lindsay is a genius!

Because I only had an old spool of white thread, I had to get a few more spools.  Since I use neutral threads for 99% of my bindings, these are my choices.  Coats & Clark Dual Duty Plus Hand-Quilting Thread –  it has a “polished glacé finish that resists abrasion, and prevents tangling and knotting”.  It is a 25wt. thread and each spool has 325 yds.  There are twenty-eight colors.


I also snagged some of the Gutermann Cotton Hand Quilting Thread – a 40 wt. 3-ply 100% cotton mercerized thread “that is both fine and strong.  It has a glazed finish that helps prevent tangling and allows the thread to glide easily through the layers of fabric.”

So what is your favorite new find – the tool, notion or idea that you wish you’d always known about?

If you share… you just might find this in your mailbox.

One winner will receive a copy of Jo’s Little Favorites III and Jo’s Floral Album, a Layer Cake of Jo’s New Hope collection and a Layer Cake of Jo’s Shirtings.

The deadline is Midnight on Sunday, February 25.  Just leave a comment sharing your favorite recent “new find”.

Happy Friday!

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140 thoughts on “Favorites ~ Old & New

  1. I sew for a business and insert a lot of 1/4 in elastic in garments. I cannot live without a Dritz ballpoint bodkin for this task! Many people have never heard of bodkins but they are the perfect tool for inserting elastic. The ballpoint tip just glides right through the casing and since the tool is about 7 in long, it makes quick work of getting the job done. Try it!!!

  2. A smooth tracing wheel for applique is my most recent and precious ‘find’. A quilting teacher recently showed me how I can use the tracing wheel for beautiful crisp and sharp appliqued points. The wheel itself is super cheap but it has helped me tremedously!
    Thanks for the chance to win. I love tips!

  3. When my mom passed away a few years ago, I inherited her buttonhole scissors. I don’t do millions of buttonholes, but they’re the perfect tool for the job. If you’ve ever accidentally cut a buttonhole too big with a seam ripper, you’ll know why.

  4. Never thought about using hand quilting thread for binding. Genius!

    The one new-ish tool that I have found and can’t live without is my rotating cutting mat. I love using it when I am trimming block parts. It makes a huge difference!

  5. I have been using the 4 inch small rolling pin with handle from Pampered Chef for flattening my seams….great for Rice Krispie marshmallow squares and for Patchwork….dual purpose!

  6. I love having my thread snips hanging from a clip on the side of all of my machines. It’s my most frequently used item besides my frequently used clover seam ripper.

  7. I too recently got a Stash ‘n Store organizer stand and I love it. I have it packed with quite a few different things that are now so easy to grab. It really holds a lot and makes everything accessible. I love the tip for using hand quilting thread for bindings. It makes so much sense. I am going to go out and get some today. Thanks for the info!

  8. My favorite “old” tool is the Kwik Klip by Paula Jean Creations. It is great timesaver when pin basting a quilt. I agree with you on Jo’s clip trick. I use it all the time.

  9. I recently discovered Deb Tucker rulers. Because the finished unit is slightly oversized, it can be trimmed to exactly the proper size, a real boon for me!

  10. Since I retired and am sewing oodles of quilts, my favorite idea I’ve discovered is….letting go. After completing a quilt, I immediately take the leftover fabric and donate it to a local quilt guild. Reality is I will never make a scrap quilt. So bye bye scraps. And hello fabric stash (I built up quite a stash before I retired.) It’s been great fun spending hours sewing and completing many quilts.

  11. I love my Famore 6′ Large Ring Comfort Scissors. They are super sharp (you can easily cut a single check square out of gingham.) And the new version is serrated on the bottom blade for even more precise cutting.

  12. I just tried Coats and Clark jeans thread instead of perle cotton for doing wool applique, and I love it. Like the quilting threads you mentioned, it resists tangling, and I think it looks great against the not-quite-primitive wool applique I’m doing, since it comes in a rich cheddar-caramel color (among others).

  13. I’m going back to watch those videos, but, my very favorite tool when I am stitching small pieces, 1/2 square triangles, etc. is the fabric folding pen by clover! I started using it years ago for heirloom sewing and linens. It has a solution that you mix with water, “draw” a line on your stitching line and the fabric folds right back with a simple finger press. I just finished some log cabin blocks that were made with 1″ strips of fabric. perfect block size when I was done. edyta style.

  14. So I discovered Clover point protectors to stick on the end of my scissors because I am constantly losing my “real” covers. I think they are really for knitting needles BUT they certainly do work for all my little pairs of clipper scissors. A good find for me!

  15. I love my Karen Kay Buckley scissors. I have three sizes and love them all. My favorite is the small ones for handwork. The medium ones hang on a command hook on the front of my sewing machine. The large ones are on my cutting table. I love the soft oversized handles that don’t have a right or wrong side. Perfect for right or left handed people.

  16. My favorite thread, especially on my beloved minis, is YLI Soft Touch. It’s a 2 ply 60 wt and it just disappears into the fabric. It’s 100% cotton, practically lint free and all my machines love it!

  17. I love using the dual duty thread for hand piecing quilts – it doesn’t tangle and it’s very sturdy! It’s my favorite go to thread for any hand sewing! I love the storage organizer! I’m currently using a small basket that holds thread, scissors and other notions – I have to dig through it to find what I need. I’ve been wanting to purchase Jos new book – would love to win one! Thanks!

  18. Carrie, thank you for all the neat ideas especially hand quilting thread for binding. Going to give that a try. My favorite tool is the bloc-loc ruler for trimming HSTs. Its the one with a groove in the center and works just perfectly! No more wonky half-square triangles! Thank you for the opportunity … love Jo Morton’s fabrics and books!

  19. My favorite new thing is Flatter spray. It works great on flippy corners and flying geese. But it doesn’t make the fabric stiff. Just nice and flat. It smells good too.

    1. I also love the Flatter Spray. really relaxes deep creases/fold lines in fabric. Amazing!!! The other notion I love is my grey wool ironing mat. Really makes pressing so easy.

  20. My favorite finds that I use daily are my Quilter Select rulers with mat and a “grass” organizer for my cutting table. The ruler and mat used together virtually ends all slippage when cutting. The organizer is filled with all those little speciality rulers that tend to get lost under the fabric when you are needing them!

  21. My most recent find is Karen Kay Buckley’s wonderful medium size scissors. I love them for cutting out my wool appliqués! I also love the YLI Soft Touch thread, but I have a hard time finding it.

  22. I took the washers from an unused game of washers in my garage. I put two washers together and covered them in narrow ribbon. Perfect fabric weights on the cutting table.

  23. I cannot think of one personally but that roller really sparked my interest. I also have found THANGLES and TRIANGULATIONS make life easier and cannot wait to try a RECIPE from the bakeshop. Thanks for the opportunity!

  24. I received a Clover Roll and Press which is similar to your Violet Craft seam presser. This is great for small pieces! I also discovered recently spray baste which is perfect for the minis and small table toppers I like to make.

  25. My newest favorite find is the Stripology Squared ruler by Gundrun Erla of GE Designs. Also, have recently lost my seam ripper and have been using the tips of the smallest pair of Karen Kay Buckley’s scissors. Snips so fast that I may not replace Jack the Ripper! Using quilting thread for binding~~why didn’t I think of that???!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win such quiltyness!

    LOVED your post today, Carrie!

  26. My favorite new find is a spray bottle! These are just the best, they spray a super fine, even mist and will spray at all angles, even upside down! People think I’m nuts to be so excited about a spray bottle…until they use them, then they are nuts about them too.

  27. My favorite new find is Lisa Bongean’s Binding Needles. They are practically perfect in every way!

  28. I can’t wait to get a few of those Stash and Store organizers! Also like the seam roller. I’m using the Hera tool right now.

  29. So many great comments and ideas! Best Press is not new, but using it on my fabrics has upped my piecing accuracy and I wish that I had been using it from day 1. Thanks for this chance.

  30. My newest find is an oldie. When I need a quick place to stick needles, I often use a bar of soap-I prefer Ivory cause it is flat) You only need to stick the needle in a little to keep it where you you an find it, but the soap makes the needle slippery and ti will go through your fabric much more easily. Ivory also is a good substitute for specialty thread conditioners. I often use it to draw my thread thru when sewing on buttons. If the aroma is too much for you, Kosher soap( the red and the blue are the same and the color does NOT show on your fabric) is a great option. BTW, the colors are for homes with Kosher kitchens to know which soap goes to wash milk and which to wash meat dishes.

  31. I wish I’d had the right style bobbin holders all this time. They are so fabulous! No more thread ends all over the place, or struggling with hard plastic boxes. Also, I love my magnetic Grabbit pin holders. I have 2 of them and love “tossing” pins at them! And my magnetic wand for picking up loose and dropped pins that are hidden around my machine and on the floor….. oh my, so much has changed in the past 60 years!

  32. I got an ergonomic seam ripper. I love it for the few times I have to use it. ( snort) will have to check out some of the things you mentioned.

  33. This isn’t store-bought, but I can’t live without my portable design wall. Neighbor made it out of insulation board and put aluminum U-channel strips on the edges for stability without weight. They just tuck behind a bedroom door and I pull them out when needed. I love all the windows in our home but there were no spare walls for a permanent design wall!

  34. My Karen Kay Buckley scissors are my new favorite. They grip the fabric, snip into valleys on appliqué with ease and are comfortable in my hands! Thank you for the tips! I’m definitely going to try the quilting thread for my bindings!

  35. My favorite new find is the Clover Hera marking tool…while I don’t us it for marking…more for turning my appliques using the interfacing method and pushing out the seams. I don’t use the pointy end, but the curve with the point end gently makes the corners and seams lay flat.

  36. I do a lot of English Paper piecing. My latest find is Kimono Silk thread from Superior. I was using Bottom Line and love that too, but the Kimono Silk is strong and melts into my work. Great post! Enjoy learning new things from others! I need to shop now!

  37. The stash ans store organizer has been the best find of the year for me, Amazing! Everything stands up and stays right next to me.

  38. My favorite new find has to be the Creative Grids Stripology Rulers. I can’t tell how nice the strips are and how fast I can cut them. They helped me cut over 500 hexagons in an hour for the paths around a grandmother’s flower garden quilt.

  39. Not totally new because I already have them for some months now but I love the warm_crochet scisos. Totally sharp and really cute.

  40. I recently went on a cruise and needed a pair of “four inch” scissors and found a pair of the Karen Buckley 4-inch ones with the green rubber handles. Can I say that I LOVE these little sharp, serrated edged thread clippers!!? After using them, I went a bought the larger ones too. Best scissors ever!

  41. My new favorite is Triangle Papers from Primitive Gatherings. I have been in a mini craze lately and the triangle papers really help so that I’m not sewing all those tiny pieces.

  42. My recent “new finds” are wonder clips love love love them, also Karen Kay Buckley scissors.
    I do use the glass head pins, I have found them to be some of the best. Thanks for sharing finds.

  43. My favorite “new” find is thread cones. I had heard of using the mega big thread cones and thought well they are just for longarms or midarms. I am so happy to use these now. I like not having to run out and buy more thread in the middle of a project.

  44. This isn’t new but found an old small shoe last (about 5 inches long) at an antique shop. A shoe last is the wood form that was used for making shoes or repairing the. I put a small piece of wool in the bottom of the hole on the top of the last. I use it to hold my small scissors, seam ripper and stillitto. I guess you could call it my stash and store organizer. I would be so, so happy to win your giveaway. I can’t think of any of Jo Mortons quilts I didn’t think I would like to make.

  45. I received the Stash and Store in a monthly box recently and that’s my new favorite tool, I have every thing I need standing up in it next to my machine. Thanks for the chance to win, I love everything Jo Morton creates.

  46. Terial Magic has been my best new find. It really makes my seams lay flatter after pressing. Can’t wait for Jo’s new book to be released!!

  47. Thanks for the great tips! I keep my small thread clipping scissors on a lanyard around my neck. Stops the frustration of trying to find them under fabric, slid on the floor or off my sewing machine… I always know where they are!

  48. I like the bobbin holders that fit into your spool of thread. No need to search for the matching bobbin and spool of thread!

  49. I recently purchased the Karen Kay Buckley scissors in two sizes, small and medium. I am using them for wool appliqué and they are wonderful. Cuts right to the point and no slipping of the fabric. Love them!

  50. A zipper foot! I had no idea what it was, but now I use it to get close to the edge when I’m doing top-stitching, use it for my binding. I love it, and until recently it was a complete unknown to me, sitting dusty in my box of sewing machine doodads.

  51. I love my Gingher Scissors,curved tip snips from snipping threads, appliqué and even the largest ones slice through batting layers and fabric like a hot knife through butter. They’re incredibly sharp and stay that way a long time. I love the tips from everyone and have used Jo Morton’s clipping trick on my Blockhead blocks. And I love this blog… it’s always a great source for ideas and tips!

  52. My new little scissors from warm crochet that I received at Christmas from my daughter-in-law is my favorite new tool. They are so cute and sharp for snipping threads and they look fantastic in pictures!

  53. My cousin bought me a Violet Craft seam roller–I’ve been finger pressing for years–and I love it, especially for smaller piecing projects.

  54. My new favorite find is an Iris Scrapbook storage tote that is designed to hold the large scrapbook paper in clear plastic hanging folders. I use it to store all of my odd shaped templates and rulers, and template sets. (Double wedding ring sets in 24”,18”,15”,12”,9”, and 6” sizes- Glorified nine patch, kite rulers etc…) now they aren’t a jumbled scattered mess and all the pieces are together in the file along with any books or papers that pertain to the pattern.

  55. Not so new but I have to say the Karen Buckley small scissors. I use them every day! I have all four sizes. Perfect Circles, Perfect Stems and Perfect Ovals too, though I do not use them everyday.

  56. I’ve learned topstitch needles do a better job than quilting needles for machine quilting. A nicely-formed stitch and less thread breakage. Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. I bought a pack of Omnigrid GloLine transparent tape to outline measurements on my rulers to help square up my piecing.

  58. I love the same holder that you do. I love the same seam press you do. I am using the large vegetable tray from Costco to hold all the pieces of a quilt right now. The larger pieces all fit in the middle where the dip and part of the veggies did. The little white squares fit in two of the corners. The colored small squares are matched up and held together with little Clover binding clips in the other corners. I feel good that I have repurposed something rather than putting it in the recycle bin. It also holds all those pieces together so well. Nothing is falling to the wayside. I am so glad that I truly had an original idea for once!

  59. My latest discovery is a Pressed wool Felt sheet (1/2 inch thick) – got a 12×12 piece on Amazon and it is miraculous what happens when you press on it. Seams “sink” into it leaving your pieced seams perfectly flat — NO bump or lumps. There are versions available for quilter bu they cost SO much more and are really the same thing.
    This felt sheet is also the answer for pressing embroidery (right side down) — it irons the surrounding fabric perfectly without flattening the embroidery.
    Works beautifully and really saves time-

  60. My favorite find is . . . pool noodles! You can keep them long or cut them into shorter lengths. Wrap smaller applique projects around them. Pins stick right into them. They are cheap (go to dollar stores). Wrap your backing after you press it and then roll the quilt top on it and take it to the long-arm quilter. I put the noodle on the ironing board and roll the back/top right on to it as i press it – be sure and let it cool a bit and don’t hit it with the iron – I may now that from experience!

  61. Without a doubt, my favorite find is my Karen Kay Buckley scissors. I love them!!! Now that I have a pair (I have the medium size), I wonder how I ever cut without them, and I know that I will never (underline that in your mind) be without them again.
    Btw, Carrie, thanks for your list of favorites. I think they sound very helpful,and I’m sure I’ll be purchasing a few of them.

  62. I have recently discovered Clover Binding Clips. I knew they were out there and thought I didn’t need them. But then I found all the great things they can do! Hold your cut but not yet pieced parts together, hold a note of what’s what to your fabric, and more. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a lovely prize.

  63. The stash n store is great. Like you I saw out and wondered. A friend gave one to me for Christmas and it is great!

  64. My daughter gave me a pin cushion trash bag for Christmas. It sits on the table right next to my machine waiting for all the thread clippings and small butts of fabric scraps. It’s a big improvement over using a trashcan. And it’s so cute! Thanks for the Jo Morton video. Love her quilts and fabrics.

  65. Even though they’ve been around a while, I’ve discovered Dritz Fork pins. Dramatic improvement in getting the seams to actually meet in the center instead of being “close enough” or having to rip out. And the Stash n Store has helped me keep my machine area clutter free.

  66. My most recent new find is a frixion pen great little investment that completely disappears with the iron no more hard to get rid of marks on my new little jo Morton projects!

  67. I have never used the hand quilting thread for the binding, I will have to give it a try. I also need to find one of those steam rollers.

  68. One of my favorite tools is a really “old” one. The “baby” scissors we all were told to get for our babies. They were blunt so we didn’t stick the baby. Since today is our baby’s 57th birthday you know how “old” they are. Never used them on my babies, but they make great quilting scissors for the same reason they made good baby scissors. They are little, short and blunt.

  69. Whenever I click on the link to the blog, I get a warning about unsecured site and possible hacking. Are you aware of this?

  70. My favorite new find is a sewing machine apron that I received as a gift. It is a quilted piece of fabric that sits underneath my machine with pockets that hang over the edge of the table. In those pockets I store my go-to notions: seam ripper, 1″ x 6″ ruler, scissors, seam ripper (yes, two of them!), and thread nippers.

  71. I will need to look for the seam roller and the organizer. I like the clover pins that are sharp and ultra fine. Thanks for all the tips – especially the clipping one which I have to remember to do.

  72. Love the Clover clips for binding but I’ve found I love using them for clipping similar smaller pieces together as I begin piecing the main blocks. Thanks for all the hints+a beautiful giveaway!

  73. New bones for my puppies so I can have some quiet time, lol. Seriously a seam roller has really helped me. The organizer is on my wish list!

  74. My new favorite is Doug Leko’s Simple Folded Corners ruler. It saves you from drawing the diagonal line when making flippy corners. I figured out you can stack multiple layers and cut them all at once. Such a time saver! I’ve been making lots of flying geese with strips and squares. Fun, fun!

  75. My new favorite tool is Karen Kay Buckley blue handle scissors. I love to use these with cutting motifs for collages and applique pieces. I do agree with you on the glue, love the new bottle and wonder clips = no pricked finger tips. My faves on thread are Gutermann and Superior.

  76. I have the Martelli rotary cutter and I like it very much.New to me are Creative Grids rulers. I really like how readable they are and how they’re textured on the bottom for no slippage.

  77. My new favourite notion is the spray bottles that hair stylists use which I use for starch and water. I am definitely going to try binding with hand quilting thread!

  78. Thanks for the tip on binding with the hand quilting thread. I just finished sewing on a binding and the twisting thread nearly drove me crazy. I just ordered one of those thick wool mats for pressing. You are supposed to get a really flat block using those.

  79. A few years ago, I bought a Clover awl (I call it my poker). It helps hold fabric in place so as not
    to sew my fingers. They also made one with a small curved tip.

  80. I love my new turntable cutting mat. My cutting is more precise when I remember to use it and not move my fabric.

  81. My latest great find are samples of granite. The samples you look at to pick out new counter tops. I use them as weights to hold yardage on my cutting table, hold a block flat after pressing until it cools, weight to hold paper patterns in lieu of pinning.

  82. Would love to try those ultra fine glass head pins mentioned but having difficulty finding. Any suggestions?

  83. My favorite new tools are my magnetic pin dish and a telescoping magnetic wand for locating and picking up dropped needles and pins

  84. Clover binding clips have made my life so much easier. I can take my work with me without stabbing myself or anyone else!

  85. Bobbins fit wonderfully in mini M&M tubes. Great way to transport several prewound bobbins to classes or retreats.

  86. My favorite new find are binder clips. I am using them instead of pins when hand sewing on a binding on a quilt. Works great and no more pin sticks!

  87. I’ve been EPP hexies lately and my new AHA moment came with the SewLine Glue Pen. I love how it holds my fabric to my paper pieces and releases fairly easily when I’m ready. I’ve also come to love the red binding clips for grouping my hexies together in the order I want to sew later.

  88. BYANNIE’S stiletto and pressing tool came in a Quilty box. It is my new favorite. The stiletto has a texture that is perfect for pinching the fabric just where you want it.

  89. Oh yes, us quilters love our notions and gadgets; they do make our lives easier. I recently got one of those square magnetic pin holders and have enjoyed flipping pins at it and watching them dance into position. Makes it so easy to grab a pin and to see bent pins. Adore Jo so would appreciate a win. Thanks!

  90. After a nine-month period of not sewing due to a move, I found the pins in my crushed-walnut-shell-filled pincushions were rusty! I’m back to using sand or wool (or a combination) to fill pincushions now. No more rusty, draggy pins for me.

  91. My new sewing item is Elmer’s white glue. It’s great for basting binding, piping, zippers, bag handles, anything I want to keep in place for sewing. Keep it in the seam allowance and off the stitching line.I use tiny dots and I press to dry the glue. I do wash items I use this on before using or gifting to remove the glue.

  92. My favorite thing is the little cutter thing on a block to use for cutting chain piecing pieces into individual parts. It makes it so easy and fast!

  93. I just ordered a pair Karen Kay Buckley medium scissors. I have the small pair and I love them! Also love Jo’s fabric and patterns! Thanks for the chance to win some of both!

  94. Trying to re-organize my stash and all related “stuff” has pulled me away from much quilting but I got a quick chance to use my new grey wool pressing mat and I may have found a new love! I was impressed so to speak! Thanks for all the other new tips/ideas – I can hardly wait to get back to the next UFO.

  95. I seem to be unable to machine sew without these little clippers….they have a curved scissors part and a springy action that offers some resistance when you use them to clip threads apart when chain piecing or just piecing and clipping threads away from your machine …I hope I’ve described them…everyone NEEDS these!

  96. I love my Joan Shay’s Appli-bond Petal Play needles. They have a 3 sided pointed tip and are excellent for applique work through bonded material and for wool applique (what I usually use them for).

  97. my new find is STARCH…. I know that is not new but with the many small pieces we have been working with the past year starch has helped make better blocks.

  98. At a recent quilt retreat my friends suggested Clover fork pins to help with matching up seams. I have really enjoyed the added success in using them!

  99. I’ve used the hand quilting thread for quite some time on my bindings & love it. it. I have a Tupperware orange peeler that I use if I am turning something & wan’t to be sure I don’t poke a hole & it works great for gliding fabric under my machine needle.

  100. After reading the comments I have many new things that I will need to try. Thank you all for sharing. My favorite new things are the Bloc-Loc ruler and a rotating cutting mat. I love Jo Morton’s designs and fabrics.

  101. Thanks for the great blog post! Looking forward to getting in sewing room today, I call it “sweat shop Sunday”. I am going to organize my notions and revisit some of those quilt show purchases from years past. Also getting out my Little Jo quilts from a group I was in a few years ago and hang them on my Great Wall Of quilts. Aloha Sunday everyone

  102. The Stash ‘n Store organizers-stand is indeed quite useful and doesn’t take up a lot of room. I also use my tailor’s awl frequently when guiding tiny pieces for my pieced quilting through the sewing machine.

  103. My new old thing is scissors. Just discovered Karen Kay Buckley small green scissors. They. Are. AMAZING! Sharp, precise point, don’t slip. I love them and am thinking of getting some of the other sizes.

  104. The Tula Pink 4” micro tip scissors! I received these in a Quilter’s Candy Box and they instantly became my favorites for snipping threads, separating chain stitched pieces and even, in a dangerous pinch, use them to unpick those “rare” mistakes.

  105. I love Edyta Star’s method of making basket blocks. I have been quilting for over 45 years and it never dawned on me to construct a basket block like she does.

  106. My latest new find is a pressing fleece. I love it. It holds your fabric while you press, passes more of the heat into the block and prevents that seam ridge from appearing on the front of your block.

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