Blockheads ~ Not done yet!

It’s been less than a week and I’m just not ready to be finished yet.  Maybe because I’m still not even close.  But Tammy finished her quilt!

Isn’t this beautiful?  Tammy chose a Fall color palette because (1) she’s from Indiana and misses the beautiful Fall colors, and (2) she’s always wanted a Fall-ish quilt.  This seemed like the perfect way to use her favorite Reproduction and traditional fabrics to make a seasonal quilt.  (That she will happily use and enjoy all year-round.)

Tammy’s quilt is also the perfect Blockheads quilt because it uses fabrics by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings, Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles, Jo Morton, Jan Patek and Betsy Chutchian.  There’s also a little Blackbird Designs, French General, Sandy Gervais and Howard Marcus mixed in.

It’s quilted too.

Beautifully.  By Angela McCorkle.

Some interesting facts about Tammy’s quilt:

  • This is the first Sampler quilt she’s made.  While Tammy taught them in her shop years ago, this is the first one she’s actually made.
  • Ditto for a Block of the Week – and a Block of the Month.  Taught them… never made one for herself.
  • Less than five fabrics are used more than once in the quilt – every background is different.
  • While she didn’t have a setting in mind when she started, this is a setting Tammy had seen and liked for sampler quilts so it was always in her mind as a likely choice.
  • With this setting in mind, most of the appliqué blocks were stitched so that they could be set on-point.

This is center block – it is also one of her favorite blocks.  The only thing she would have liked better about it is if the half-triangle squares were even smaller, twice as many.  (Tammy really loves tiny piecing.)

While she wasn’t able to keep up with all of Betsy’s mini blocks – there were two Quilt Markets during Blockheads – she still made quite a few.  And four were incorporated into Tammy’s finished Blockheads quilt as the forty-ninth block.

These two pictures also highlight a rule-breaker!  For many years, the prevailing wisdom was that White and Tan backgrounds should never – never – be used in the same quilt.  It simply wasn’t done!  But this quilt shows that it can be done… should be done… and has been done!  Beautifully.  (So there!)

Don’t you love how the dark triangle-surround changes the look of several blocks?

Are you inspired to hurry up and finish your quilt?

I made 104 flying geese over the weekend so I’m working on it!  If I’ve counted correctly, I only need 92 more.  And four more blocks.  That’s for the blue and cream quilt.  I’m not going to count Figgy blocks and parts yet.  Soon.

How are you progressing on your blocks and quilts?

If you’ve checked #modablockheads on Facebook and Instagram, you might have seen a few quilt tops popping up.  There have been a few in the Moda Blockheads Facebook Group – it’s not too late to join.

Or you can just join Tammy and finish your quilt.

Happy Wednesday!

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40 thoughts on “Blockheads ~ Not done yet!

  1. Tammy’s quilt is really beautiful! I still have to make some blocks (I need 64 and fall behind) but I set myself the goal to finish it someday this spring .

  2. Tammy, your setting is stunning. Who would have thought to combine on point blocks with square blocks (other than you, of course). I love it!

    1. It’s a great setting but Tammy said she got the idea from several finished Farmer’s Wife quilts she’s seen on Instagram and Pinterest.

    1. The quilt is approximately 71″ square. The blocks set on point finish at 8.5″ across and the straight set blocks have 1.25″ sashing/borders to make the 6″ blocks measure the same size. A 2″ finished inner border and 1″ piano key borders that finish at 4″ wide.

    1. Hi Lois – I don’t know that they have been written up in any kind of “finished form” but I’ll ask.

  3. What a great way to spend our first Wednesday without a new block! Tammy looks so happy in the photo with her beautiful quilt! Happy quilting, everyone!

  4. Absolutely beautiful. I have followed the quilt blocks as they have been published.. How wonderful it has turned out. Beautiful blend of colors.

  5. I am all caught up–but stumbling on how to finish. This is really wonderful-beautiful quilting!!

  6. This is my favorite quilt ever seen. Loved all the others, but this with fall colors. I want a king sized one. Really!
    As a beginner (really beginner, wbo did not take proper advantage of a quilt instructor wben i had her close by)
    I have to have this, but can’t ask my son’s mother n law to make it. What is a good resource? I’m more of a visual learner. You know watch one, then be supervised and assisted in doing it myself.

  7. I’m making my quilt as a Jubilee quilt for my daughter. She was 50 on March 3, 2017. I would like to give it to her quilted on March 3, 2018 but I think that date is going to slip some despite my good intentions. I haven’t come on a setting I like yet not to mention I haven’t finished all the blocks. I started getting behind when Christmas came upon me. Somehow my family likes my homemade quilts better than anything bought.

  8. It’s a beautiful quilt indeed! I do not make quilts like these because I cannot afford to have the amazing quilt designs stiched to finishe the quilt. So I just admire others. Well dont Tammy!

  9. OH my goodness Tammy… that is absolutely spectacular! I adore it!
    I might try to copy your idea because I love some of the blocks on point and some straight set.
    But first I have to finish the blocks!

  10. Wow this is so breath taking! Absolutely beautiful and I love your color choices Tammy your my inspiration!
    When I made the first block I struggled I’ve never till then had made a small pieced block but I was sure proud
    When I did. Thanks for sharing your talent! You r amazing at what you do!!!
    Thanks Moda for such a Wonderful free blocks! And congrats to all that had their hand in this ❤️.

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