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BBOB.  Book.  Betsy.  One Block.

Book.  Blockheads?  It looks like the answer to that is going to be “yes”!

Late late year, we were asked about turning the Blockheads into a book.  There were details to be worked out – what would be included, when did they need finished quilts, and so on.  That’s all been worked out and it looks like there will be a book by the end of this year.

Betsy.  One Block.  Since I know a few of you have finished your quilt tops and are desperately looking for something – anything! – to sew while waiting patiently for Blockheads 2 to start… how about a One Block Challenge?

This is the block from Blockhead Betsy Chutchian.  The Challenge is the idea of Betsy’s dear friend and fellow Patchwork Diva, Annette Plog.  Annette is an accomplished author – True Blue Quilts – who loves antique quilts, small blocks and projects like this one.  So she asked four of her favorite quilters to participate for a year of quilting.

Each of the four quilters – Betsy is the first and a little bird whispered that Laurie Simpson might also be involved – will choose a block and there will be a three-month challenge to make a quilt.

This is Betsy’s Block – the Double-T.  The pattern can be downloaded on Annette’s Petite Quilts blogOne Block Challenge 2018.

It was inspired by the first antique quilt Betsy bought almost twenty years ago.

There are two options to how we can sew along.

First – here’s a block pattern that can be used with your scraps and leftover pieces, a Layer Cake or stack of charm packs, whatever.  Make blocks, set them in straight or diagonal rows, with or without sashing or alternating squares… you get the idea.  Just for fun.  Something to sewalong with.

Or you can follow the rules to participate in the Challenge and maybe win a prize… possibly even something like this.

To be eligible for the prize, the Challenge requirements are pretty simple:

  • Use only the Double-T block in your quilt.  The block can be made in different sizes – from big to small.  But it must be a Double-T block.
  • Use only Betsy’s fabrics in your quilt – one collection or mix them all up.  But the fabrics must be from Betsy’s Moda Collections.
  • The quilt can be any size and any setting.
  • Quilted and bound?  Congratulations!  But not required.
  • The quilt must be posted to Instagram by March 31st – yes, you must be on Instagram to be eligible.  Betsy will choose three winners in April.

So if you’re looking for a new project, something to wile away the hours before Blockheads 2, Annette’s One Block Challenge might be a perfect fit.

Happy Wednesday!


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4 thoughts on “Blockheads ~ BBOB

  1. I still have nine more blocks to sew for my modablockheads quilt (but in my defense I’m making a ttal of 128 blocks, 64 blocks 6 big and 64 blocks 3″ small) but I hope to finish them all soon and then put them all together for my quilt top (which I need to quilt after that …). I hope to finish it all before Blockheads 2 starts.

  2. Oh fun. Challenge accepted. am I correct that it doesn’t need to be quilted and bound, so basically it’s a quilt top? I’m new, please forgive my remedial question. This gives me something to do besides buy fabric, look at quilt books, and sort my stash.

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