It’s that time of year… at least it is for some of us.  Maybe not me… but some of us.  From planners and journals to making lists for WIPs-UFOs, things to clean-clear out, etc.  Do you do any of that?

(Google Images – Bullet Journals.)

I have been working on to-do lists for work and personal – and no, these are not to be confused with New Year’s resolutions, these are actual tasks that need to be done.  Kind of like grocery lists – “eat healthier” is a resolution, “buy carrots, cream cheese and crushed pineapple” is a to-do list.  (Carrot Cake?  Definitely not “eat healthier.”)

“Make more time to sew and stitch” is a resolution… “finish Blockheads quilt” is a to-do list thing.

These are a couple of the lists I’ve been working on…

Only eight WIPs?  I thought there were more too.

Quilts I want to make this year – I always need a list for that.  This is the only list that might be “resolution-like” as what I write down is often the bit unrealistic.  But I am going to make a new Christmas quilt this year!  And I will start it before December.

And I will use one of these new Holiday collections.

Top row – The North Pole by Stacy Iest HsuHearthside Holiday by Deb StrainOvernight Delivery by Sweetwater

Bottom Row – Winter Village by BasicGrey –  White Christmas Metallic by Zen ChicChristmas Figs by Fig Tree & Co.

Or Good Tidings.  SnoWintertideHolly Woods.  William Morris Metallic.

That’s after I finish Vintage Holiday and Swell Christmas quilts.

One of the things I want to improve this year is my embroidery.  I used to do more but I’ve “fallen out of practice” recently.  Luckily we’re going to start having regular “lunch hour” projects and embroidery is first-up.

Lunch Hour Embroidery from the folks at Martingale is where the idea came from.  The book is full of illustrations by Adrienne Smitke, all of which are easily transferred and stitched.  I also love Modern Folk Embroidery by Nancy Nicholson and Krause.  (Joyful Daily Stitching by Valerie Bothell and C&T is about to join this stack – it’s a complete guide to 500 embroidery-stitch combinations… it says so on the cover.)

Just so you know, these two books do not come with spiral-binding.  I had that done for a few dollars at the local office store.  It’s time and money well-spent.

The embroidery thread is Lecien’s Cosmo 6-strand Embroidery Floss.

I’ll be sure to let you know it all goes.

I’m also working on schedules and calendars for the year – what’s coming, where I might be going, are there new patterns coming, etc.

February is QuiltCon in Pasadena, California and Moda will be there.  The Modern Quilt Guild has a beautiful new “coffee table” style book – Modern Quilts.

Written and compiled by Riane Menardi, Alissa Haight Carlton and Heather Grant of The Modern Quilt Guild, the book shares a brief history of the emergence of today’s modern quilt and two-hundred modern quilts created in the past ten years.  It’s a terrific perspective on what defines a “modern quilt”.

But all this leads me to a couple of questions, starting with – what is it that you’d like to see on The Cutting Table this year?

My list is long, but it’s not complete.  Are there techniques you’d like to know more about?  Tools?  Notions?

Are there things you’d like to know about the designers?

So what do you want to add to my to-do list for 2018?

That’s it for today.  Can you believe the first week of 2018 is already over?

With as fast as this year is going already, I’d better get busy on those Christmas quilts!

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17 thoughts on “Listmania…

  1. How about more on EPP and hexies. Also review books and supplies on woolies.
    Love all that you write and especially your sense of humor!

  2. Love – this post! Oh, my goodness I now know that I will never ever get caught up with my to-do list! All those wonderful Christmas fabrics coming out! I have always wanted to do a Christmas quilt, but don’t want to do it in July, but that’s the time to do it. I want to do a quilt for each of those lovely fabrics! Of course, that won’t happen… I, also, enjoyed the lovely embroider books – interesting how embroidery and felt has made a come back too! FYI – not all the tabs worked, but I’ll look out for those fabrics. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree with Deanna, but would also add back basting applique. I’ve heard about it, but haven’t seen it. Thanks, Carrie!

  3. How about something on getting back to hand quilting. Or at least the newer big stitch method of hand quilting. I saw something where the quilting was done with “x’s” and had never seen or heard of that. Can you explore that for us? I’m very interested and perhaps others are also.

  4. Love this post! I have a few things I hope I’ll make this year and I wanna try to mix different materials like cotton with these wovens by Jen Kingwell or perhaps work leather or vinyl. I would love a blog post about different materials.

  5. I so missed having Christmas quilts in the house this year. That is on my list for this year. Always have a UFO or two to finish. AND a kit or three in the wings. Where to start? LOL!

  6. I love the growing selection of wovens and shot cottons, but have difficulty working with them – it’s like they’re 100% bias! If there are tips or suggested techniques for using them successfully, including mixing them with regular cottons, I would love to try them.

  7. Always on the look out for cool tools and notions. I would love to see techniques on collage quilting…seems to be getting more coverage out there. Using scraps…big time ;o) I know you have had books on these but any new ideas are always welcomed.

  8. I am not a list maker except for occasional grocery store lists. I especially don’t succeed when I’ve made lists of long term lists. I really do like a life of spontaneity. I spent so long in raising 4 children and in my 31 years of teaching school that I really like celebrating a partial life of whimsy. I do cherish my good habits. I did get some WIPs finished last year. There is one nagging at me, but I have no desire to finish it. Ho hum.

    Every word you print on your blog is wonderful! I have absolutely no advice for you!

  9. Oh, well.. I need to clean & organize my sewing room. I just need to get to it. My WIP list is long. I think I would enjoy learning how to make things like a Mariners block. Deb Strain’s Hearthside Holiday is one I would love to have & Modern Folk Embroidery has me intrigued. I always enjoy your blog & BH blocks have been great.

  10. Happy New Year Carrie! As usual you made me giggle and think and dream! I have so many WIPs that I can never die!! As for cutting table ideas, hand applique. I got a kit to “whip up” for my daughter, and now that I have all the pieces, I am daunted and overwhelmed.
    Thanks for keeping me positive and excited about quilting!

  11. I forgot to say we discovered Hygge last year!! That’s the way I want to live and create. <3

  12. I have the fabric for several Christmas quilts I want to make for my kids for next year’s Christmas gifts! Since we have snow on the ground, I thought I might start now! I need to finish daughter & son-in-love’s wedding quilt before their 2nd anniversary this summer! Haha! So many projects I want to do… so many to finish too! Sigh! I too am interested in big stitch quilting! If I ever finish my Gypsy Wife by Jen Kingwell, I want to hand quilt it with big stitch quilting! Happy Quilty New Year!!

  13. Carrie – as usual you inspire me! And make me laugh! I have a dream…to make a quilt on a treadle machine and hand quilt it *sigh* I have 3 quilts for nieces in college, some charity quilts to work up, one last baby quilt (they decided not to find out the baby’s sex so I need to wait on that one), some non-quilt projects like mold-able interfacing, finish my long ago started overnight bag, do something with all my EPP pieces…I am almost exhausted just thinking about it! I too would love to learn more about hand quilting and embroidery. I recently finished a wool penny rug for a Christmas gift and enjoyed every minute of it. Whatever you and Moda bring to the table will be fun and helpful, of that I am sure!

  14. Happy New Year Carrie! I don’t do the lovely planners, my lists look a lot like yours. Can we have a quick peek soon of some of your wips? I would like to see/hear more on big stitch. I have a couple of projects in mind but not sure if they are suitable. Thanks for asking

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