It takes two…

If the goal is to have fun, to laugh and to make colorful projects, you’ll want these two.

Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson.

This was Quilt Market – a Schoolhouse for the Moda All-Stars Mini Marvels book.  Everyone in the book had superpowers – these are the Super Tidy Cleaners!  Of course they were coming in costume!  If there is one thing Me & My Sister Designs knows how to do, it’s how to have fun.

They are sisters – they are positions one and three in a family of five girls.  Both made their first quilt in 1999, just months before opening The Quilter’s Koop, a shop they owned for three years.  Me & My Sister Designs was born in 2003 when they attended their first Quilt Market, and their first Moda collection debuted in Spring 2005.  It was titled Petal Pushers.

“Everyday color” is how they describe their palette; whimsical, bright and fun is how they describe their collections.

They’re also known for taking something that looks complicated and finding an easier way to make it.  Layer Cakes?  After creating dozens of quilts made with them for patterns, they finally wrote a book with a dozen terrific designs.

Fun Facts with Barb & Mary:

  • Their go-to color combination?  Barb – Turquoise and green.  Mary – Pink and green.
  • What do they both do before starting a new project?  Tidy up their sewing rooms.
  • If they’re not quilting, they are…?  Barb – reading.  Mary – knitting.
  • What do they watch on television or video while quilting?  Barb – reality TV, all of it!  Mary – Downton Abbey, etc.

Easy Layer Cake Quilts – Simple Quilts That Start With 10″ Squares.

More Fun Facts with Barb & Mary:

  • Both love making mini quilts!  When they do, Mary is likely to use scraps, Barb will go to her stash.  (She doesn’t like scraps.)
  • While they sew with different models of sewing machine, they both use Aurifil 50 wt. thread and 80/20 Universal needles.
  • If they’re making a project that requires more than one charm pack, both agree that they will use two of the same collection.  Always.
  • Best quilting advice they can share?  Barb – have fun, don’t worry about being perfect.  Mary – press seams open!

They had a great idea for a twist in Dresden quilts… or rather, Mary did.  And the Double-Wide Dresden Ruler was born.

The idea was to make Dresdens that were a little funkier, a little more modern, and a whole lot easier.

Then came the Double Wide Dresden Book – more than a dozen projects to make with their ruler.

Lest you think there is only one way to make a Dresden block…

From gift packages to butterflies, rectangular blocks to pieced Dresden wedges, Barb and Mary have thought of all sorts of ways to use their ruler.

And More Fun Facts with Barb & Mary:

  • What do they think about the pinked edges on charm squares?  Mary – I trim they all off, they drive me crazy!  Barb – I just make sure to measure and sew carefully… but mostly I leave them on.
  • What is one of their favorite splurges?  Barb – tote bags.  Mary – yarn.
  • What is their favorite quilting snack?  Barb – Hershey’s Nuggets, Milk Chocolate with Almonds and Toffee.  Mary – Haribo Gummi Bears.  Yes, they have to be the Haribo kind.
  • What is your favorite “works with everything” color?  Both agree – Lime Green.

Speaking of fabric, Me & My Sister have just debuted their next upcoming collection – Dot Dot Boo!

Twenty prints in Orange, Black and White – perfect for Halloween.

As cute as those cats are… that connect-the-dot print is awesome.

And yes, this will go with Lime Green.

For more adventures with Me & My Sister – Me & My Sister Blog.

Barb & Mary wanted to share some of their fun with you so we have a Double Wide Dresden Ruler and Book, and a Fat Eighth bundle of Confetti to give away.  Just leave a comment by Midnight on Thursday – January 18 – telling us if you have ever made a Dresden quilt – regular wide or double wide!

Happy Tuesday!  Go have some fun!

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500 thoughts on “It takes two…

  1. I got a quilt kit from a magazine a few years back that was patterned after the Dresden plate. I loved it and my daughter napped it on a trip home.

  2. I have never made a Dresden quilt. I have fond memories of sleeping under one as a child. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. I’ve never made a Dresden quilt. It’s on my list of things I want to do.
    Those fabrics are super cute!

  4. I have used Dresden blades to make turkey feathers on a Thanksgiving towel and flower petals on a mini pouch but not an entire Dresden plate quilt.

  5. I have a Dresden quilt pattern but it is still on the ‘to do’ list which is growing every month! I will never run out of projects, I fear, not out of material:)

  6. Not yet, but I love Dresden quilts and plan to make one. I like the double edge ruler they created and would like to try making a quilt using this ruler as well. Fun to find out more about these two sisters – I always thought they were twins. Love the Halloween fabric line they designed too! Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. One of my first projects was a Dresden table topper. (I was brave to do this first but I loved the pattern) It ended up 36″ round. It is beautiful and my daughter uses it on her kitchen table.

  8. Yes, I have made a few Dreden blocks now and love how they come together. I’m looking forward to making some of the delicious patterns in Barb and Mary’s new book with their double wide dresden ruler.

  9. I am currently making a desden plate quilt. I have machine embroidered the centers with a simple flower design. So far so good.

  10. I love these sisters and their fabric. Seriously! I have never made a Dresden quilt but is is absolutely on my “Oh Please Don’t Let Me Die Before I Get To Make This” list! Thanks for sharing this interview and for the chance to win!

  11. I haven’t made a Dresden quilt, or block for that matter! I would love to give it a try with these happy fabrics!

  12. I have not made a Dresden quilt but I have always loved them. I will definitely look into their ruler. I think I would try it if the construction was easier! Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. I’ve made a cushion and a Christmas tree skirt using Dresden plates – but I’d love to try thr double wide size for a quilt

  14. I’ve never made a Dresden quilt, but I have several that my grandmother made. I like the modern look of Barb and Mary’s double wide. Those gift packages are so pretty and fun.

  15. I have made two single Dresden quilts and i love them. I can’t wait to get this fabulous duo’s book and ruler to try double Dresdens.

  16. I love Dresden blocks. I made a quilt with Dresden fans and then embellished each block with decorative stitches.

  17. I have made a Dresden block for a sampler quilt, but not a whole quilt. I have several patterns for Dresden quilts so I would love to try this ruler out!

  18. The very first group quilt I ever made was a Dresden – all stitched by hand. I love Dresden plate patterns. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. I am pretty sure I have made a dresden block or two but not an entire quilt. I ,too, love bright colors. Your color palette is perfect! I also enjoy your sense of humor. Using your fabrics makes quilting a joy!

  20. I’ve not made a Dresden quilt yet, but the blue quilt above with the star shape inside looks interesting. I might have to try that, but of course, I’d need the ruler.

  21. I am a little scared of Dresden Plates – I have a ruler and have tried a 1/4 plate in the corner of place mats but struggled getting the 1/4 circle to look nice.

  22. I love these girls. I used to go into the Coop and shock them by buying $300 or$400 worth of material from one collection. They didn’t have any other customers who did that! They might not remember my name but I guarantee they will remember me as a customer. I’ve never made a dresden plate quilt but want to very badly. My. Grandchildren would love a halloween quilt!!!!!

  23. I’ve made single Dresden pillows – but not a whole quilt – yet! New Halloween line looks so fun!

  24. A Dresden plate quilt is on my to do list. I bought a Dresden ruler years ago. Does that count? Dot Dot Boo is absolutely adorable!!!

  25. I’d love to try the double wide Dresden since I’ve only made the regular ones so far. The Sisters'” colors are warming for the chill we have now.

  26. I have made a Dresden plate quilt and love it. Not perfect but I did it! Regular Dresden ruler not the wide one. I LOVE their new Halloween fabric!

  27. I have never made a Dresden Quilt, but sure loved the ideas in the blog post. Such beautiful fabric also.

  28. No I have never made a Dresden quilt. Would love to try their technique with the double wide ruler.

  29. I recently made several miniature Dresden plate pincushions. I love the look and am looking forward to making a quilt.

  30. Love, love, love their fabric. Confetti is perfect for a happy quilt. Everyone should have a happy quilt. Thanks for sharing their story. What fun they must have and quilting should be fun.

  31. Those Halloween fabrics are fabulous! I have not made a dresden quilt, but the projects with that new double wide ruler make me drool! But not on the fabric, of course. I used to shop at the Koop!

  32. I love Me and My Sister Designs sew happy! I haven’t “done a dresden” yet. I’ve been eyeing your ruler and book, maybe I will win!

  33. I’ve made Dresden blocks for a sampler quilt and a pillow,but I have not made a whole quilt. The double wide ones look fun and faster.

  34. My quilt club made a quilt of Dresden plate blocks. We had to make a miniature with two shades of pink and two shades of lavender in each block it was loads of fun and turned out beautiful! I made two blocks for the quilt and became hooked on the varieties of Dresden plates. I would love to make one for each of my four great-granddaughters. On my bucket list!

  35. I’ve never made a dresden quilt, however, on my very first sampler quilt in 1979, there is a dresden block. I’ve also made a dresden pillow top and a min-dresden pin cushion.

  36. Hand pieced 30 something blocks for a quilt for my then 13 year old daughter. That was in 1992. Last week, I bought the dashing sor it. Hopefully it will be finished this year!

    1. Oh my gosh!!! ‘can’t imagine doing all that handwork and stopping just as the finishing touch/sashing was “all”…..! Good luck sticking to your ” hope”! I hope you finish it proudly! : )

  37. yes, I have made a traditional Dresden plate quilt which I love! I am looking forward to trying the new ruler and book. Looks terrific!

  38. I have yet to make a Dresden quilt. It is on my ever expanding quilter’s bucket list. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  39. I have made a Dresden block for a pillow and for a table square, but not an entire quilt. The Dresden ruler looks like fun.

  40. I made some dresden blocks as part of a sampler. I like the look of the double wide, and love the gift box look.

  41. Not yet, but on my list. I made one block in my learning to quilt sampler. Love your new line for Halloween.

  42. I have been wanting to get your ruler and book for sometime. It looks like fun. Hopefully I can get one before long. Love watching your videos. You make it look like you are having sooo much fun ! Have a GREAT day !!!!!

  43. I have not yet made a Dresden plate. I have one my Mom made entirely by hand and it’s my fav. I want to make one to hang by its side.

  44. I have made a dresdan plate quilt and have more blocks ready to make into a table runner and placemats. I would love to try the double wide dresdan – cool design!

  45. Great interview. Haven’t made a Dresden Plate quilt. Love the Confetti collection and lime green is a favorite of mine as well.

  46. I have made a couple dresden quilts but, not double wide. I really enjoy Me and My Sister’s color palette. They are very distinctive and fun.

  47. I have always loved the colors these ladies have in their line of fabrics. The fun part of the collection is like icing on top.

  48. I’ve never made a Dresden quilt but are one of my favorites! The double wide Dresden ruler looks like a fun template to use. Me and My Sister have designed some really fun quilts with this ruler. I want to join in the fun and win!! 🙂

  49. I have not made a Dresden quilt but did while traveling buy one of their patterns with the hope to make it, although I haven’t gotten the double wide ruler as of yet. I have made my granddaughter a quilt from their fabrics and she absolutely loved the bright colors. I have to say it is one of my favorites also/

  50. I have not made a Dresden quilt or even a block, but would love to give it a try. Mmmmm – love lime green and black!

  51. I have made a Christmas Dresden in lime green and red, and have a table runner in 30’s fabric ready to quilt. This double dresden looks really interesting.

  52. Nope…never made a dresden, although I have the ruler. Just have too many other projects in my head to get around to using it, but I would love to try.

  53. I have made 3 dresden plate blocks, all for sampler quilts. But Barb and Mary’s double wide dresden looks fun.

  54. I love the looks of Dresden quilts, but never got to make one yet. It is on my wish list. I also just love your fabric lines. I have made several quilts, totes and pillow cases for grandchildren and others from your previous lines.

  55. I love Dresdens! Have not tried the Double Wide for fear that I will require another “Dresden Intervention!” But…what a lovely addiction!

  56. I love dresden’s. Yes, I have made a traditional dresden quilt, I used 30’s reproduction fabrics. I’d love to try the double wide dresden ruler.

  57. I made a Dresden BLOCK for a sampler quilt when I was learning waaay back in 1977! Never a whole quilt! Thank you for the chance to win!

  58. These double wide Dresdens are beautiful! I haven’t made a Dresden quilt for myself but have made a Dresden block for a friend in a quilt group. She had cut the pieces and we sewed them together and appliqued them onto background. I will definitely make one someday.

  59. I made a regular wide Dresden quilt using all polka dots. It was fun!!! And I love Minick and Simpson and all their fun fabrics!

  60. I have only made one small wall hanging with a Dresden. But I think a double wide would double the fun. My sister and I love to quilt together and share ideas and fabric. And we are also the same and different!

  61. I purchase a Dresden ruler but haven’t progressed to actually make a quilt with it. The confetti line would be a fun place to start.

  62. Hmmm, I’ve always been intimidated by a Dresden Quilt. Looking at your quilts inspire me, but I’m still not sure I can actually make one!

  63. Coincidentally, I’m signed up to learn how to make a Dresden Plate table topper tomorrow at my guild!

  64. Many many years ago, one of my very first piecing projects was a Dresden pillow kit that I purchased when I was 20. Still have it!

  65. I haven’t made a full quilt with a Dresden but have made several blocks of them. One of my goals for this year is to make a Dresden quilt.

  66. yes helped make a Dresden plate opportunity quilt for our quilt guild. Each block was a different color palette. My color was yellow. It was so much fun to make and made $$$$ for our quild

  67. I love the dresden plate and made several as a center piece used under a tea pot filled with flowers for my mothers 80th Birthday party. The Double Wide Dresden opens up new possibilities.

  68. A Dresden has been on my list to make, but other quilts keep bumping it down☹! I have one that belonged to my husband’s aunt that I love, keep it on the foot of my guest bed.

  69. I a relatively new quilter and haven’t made any Dresden plate quilts. It’s on the list of things I want to learn.

  70. I have made Dresden Blocks for several BOM Sample Quilts. The last Dresden Block I made was for a Circle Mini Quilt challenge at my Local Quilt Shop (Pennington Quilt Shop) and my Mini Dresden flower Quilt won the Viewer Choice award. I love Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson’s Wide Dresden Quilt and their Gift Package Quilt. I am adding these quilts to my want to made list. Each week I look forward to reading Moda/Carrie Nelson’s blog on what is happening at Moda and what Moda’s designers are working on . Thank You!

  71. I, too, have never made a Dresden quilt, but have made a couple blocks for an exchange and sampler quilt. Love the way they used the wider ruler for the top of the packages.

  72. I made miniature Dresden blocks out of 1930’s feed sacks about 20 years ago. Love the Confetti collection!

  73. I’ve never made one and would love be to!! And I LOVE Me & My Sister fabric lines. Thank you for the great give away.

  74. I have made several table runners and pillows with dresdens. I love them. Also love your fabric and designs.

  75. The photo above is so damn cute! Would love the give away,PLEASE, I am in a slumb This would help. Please. You guys take care!

  76. I have not made a Dresden quilt before. But, I was given some samples of this fabric line and I used it to make a brick quilt for my toddler. This fabric line is SO fun and colorful.

  77. I have started a regular sized Dresden quilt but need to finish it. Dot Dot Boo is to die for!!! Love, love, love it!!!!

  78. My mom, and sisters and I have made a queen Dresden plate quilt for my brother when he got married. It was so beautiful!

  79. Nope, I have never made a Dresden quilt, but I’d love to make the present quilt. Gorgeous! Thanks for this chance!

  80. Have used the regular Dresden ruler before on projects, but not the double wide ruler.
    Barb and Mary’s fabric was the very first fabric I bought when I started quilting and sewing after I retired. Love their colors and designs.

  81. No Dresden block quilt but I did use a Dresden block on a pillow. Love the colors in all the Me and My Sister’s fabrics–great for baby quilts.

  82. I’ve made a dresden plate pillow….. does that count? I think it was regular sized…… so much fun.

  83. Well, the Dresden is on the “master to do list”, the plan is there but other project keep popping up. I just got my Easy Layer Cake book, sew there’s 3 quilts planned from that book, Ha Ha
    Pam from Canada

  84. I have made a Dresden Quilt. I’m sad to say it is still just a top but it was fun to do! Love the new Dot, Dot, Boo!

  85. After the last artifact foe I read about these sisters, I got their double wide Dresden ruler, their “beachball” quilt pattern, and fabric. It is the next in line to be made!

  86. I have dresden blocks made for a quilt and have a dresden block pillow completed.
    I have used a lot of Me and My sister fabric because I have grand-daughters who love it all.

  87. The Confetti fabric line is so cheerful and would love to make a Dresden quilt with the double wide ruler. I have not made a Dresden yet. Thank you for the chance to win.

  88. I have never made a Dresden Quilt. Your ruler and book look like it would be easy and fun. Your fabric is great. Nancy P.

  89. Does stained glass count?! I used the Dresden pattern to make a small panel in a basic stained glass class. A Dresden FABRIC quilt has always been on my wish list but it scared me, though with this cool ruler I’m sure I could do it 🙂

  90. I have never made a Dresden block quilt, it would be fun to try! I especially like the blue one shown above. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  91. Haven’t made a Dresden quilt yet!! Have a book with Dresden “recipes”, but so many projects, so little time…I really need to just move it to the top of the list!

  92. I have never made a Dresden plate quilt, but I have a top, originally partially pieced by my great grandmother. My mother finished piecing the top, but was not able to quilt it prior to her death. I am working on the courage to hand quilt that top sometime over the next year. My mother was a handquilter and it does not seem right to finish it by machine (or by check-ha).

  93. I have never made a Dresden quilt, but I love the one you posted with the blocks! It would be adorable in Christmas colors, too!

  94. I have never made a Dresden block or quilt. Yes, I have bought rulers and they are on the old “to do” list. We all have those. Your color combinations are so cheerful. Sitting in my home this morning surrounded by snow, they made me smile and think of spring.

  95. I help a friend finish one…always said I’d do one for myself…hasn’t happened yet, but it’s only been 30 years!

  96. I have never made a Dresden plate but would like to if there were an uncomplicated way to do it. Your ruler could be the answer. Love your fabric designs. So cheerful.

  97. I’ve made a regular Dresden table runner, does that count? The wide Dresden quilt is beautiful.

  98. I made a Dresden pillow once and said I’d make a quilt, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

  99. I have a Dresden Plate quilt kit all ready to go…. has always been one of my favorite blocks

  100. I have made a Dresden quilt….many, many years ago….would love to make another, updated version…
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  101. I have never made a dresden quilt before, I saw it at the houston quilt show and and it was beautiful. I’m always up for something new!

  102. I’m working on my first one right now, regular Dresden 🙂 I’m fairly new to quilting, so this is my first “non square” quilt, both excited and nervous!

  103. Always a fun read! I made one little dresden… really little. It was the pattern from the Featherweight site to make the dresden for the spool pin on those machines. Well….Cutting went well, sewing the tips went well (I thought) and then I started sewing the spokes. What the heck…after about sewing 6 together, I noticed they were not going in a tight little circle. Back to the directions and realized I had sewed the wrong tips. So took everything apart, pressed them again and re-sewed. Success. Ha. It certainly did dull my enthusiasm for trying to make a bigger one!

  104. I have never made a Dresden quilt, although it’s on my LIST! I have made Dresden table runners and a Dresden handbag! Love the template and intend on buying one whether I win this or not! (also on my “list”!)

  105. I have made a Dresden Quilt from 30’s fabric many years ago. I have always loved it. Would like to try the double Dresden ruler. Love the 2 Sisters fabrics. If i need a happy quilt, their fabric is my go to.

  106. I got as far as practicing with one Dresden block. It sat in my stash for a looooong time, and then I finally made a pot holder with it! I would love to give the Dresden another try, especially with a modern update.

  107. I have not made a full Dresden Plate quilt but I have made a quilt using quarter Dresden blocks with sashing between them. i would love to make the double Dresden!

  108. I have made a Dresden table topper as a gift. I absolutely LOVE their fabric collections! I cannot wait till I get the nook and ruler.

  109. I have never made a Dresden quilt or block. I would love to win the book, ruler and fabric so I can make a Dresden quilt!!

  110. I have not made a Dresden plate quilt, but I used the template to make a pageant gown skirt with vertical circular ruffles in each seam. My mother made a Dresden plate several years ago and my sister recently won it in the family Christmas raffle. I have two sisters and we sometimes have “sweatshop” days and help my Mom with quilting projects.

  111. I think the second or third quilt I ever made was a very traditional Dresden. I had no fear back then and was tickled that everything laid flat and fit together nicely. I’m more nervous now about making one – no idea why! I love these two and it would be such fun to win their bundle.

  112. I love Dresden’s, and all of their variations! Ive made many, but the one most special to me is the one I made for my niece. Sized to fit a full size cradle that my father built for her doll when she was three. We hoped that we would someday see them being used for her children, but she passed away in a car accident at 19. Would love a chance to try the Double Wide Dresden ruler, and play with some of barb and Mary’s fun fabrics!

  113. I’ve tried making Dresdens, but never get them to lie flat. I was gifted the Double Wide ruler (no book yet) and hope it will be less fussy to stitch! I always enjoy the sisters, their patterns and fabrics.

  114. Have never made a Dresden quilt–fear of the difficult! These ladies are known for making the difficult easy, though, so I’d be willing to try. LOVE their cheerful fabrics!

  115. I made 1/3 of the Dresden blocks for my guild’s raffle quilt a few years ago, so not a whole quilt of my own. I love bright colors, and these sisters are my favorite designers. I thought they were twins?!? Like them, my favorite “go-to” color is lime green.

  116. Yes I have made a queen size scrappy by machine but have also made fussy cut hand appliqued pillows and baby quilt. Dresden is one of my all time favs.

  117. I have never made a Dresden quilt, but after seeing this post am loving the different takes on it. Especially the gift package block. What a great Christmas wall hanging!

  118. You two are fun! I have made two Dresden plates using vintage plates that I found at estate sales incorporating current fabric. Very pleasing results.

  119. I’ve made several Dresden blocks for different sampler quilts but never a whole quilt of them. I also have some antique Dresden blocks from a great grandmother that I need to frame. Love your fabric and fun ideas!

  120. Long long ago I made one Dresden block in a sampler quilt.
    Now i would love to play with the Doublewide ruler and this adorable Halloween fabric.

  121. I have made a dresdan quilt with a regular wide ruler. I staggered the Dresden plates and called it Falling Plates. 🙂

  122. I have never made a dresden quilt, but it’s on my bucket list! I love every collection Me and My Sister have put out, the fun colors are so happy and uplifting! Please don’t ever stop!! Thank you for all you do to make quilting fun!

  123. What fun colors. Would be my first time using your fabric line. I have a baby quilt to make and would be too cute.
    I have worked with dresden plates but always willing to get a little modern
    Thanks for sharing

  124. Oh yes I made a dresden plate from a jelly roll, a pattern from American Jane. I don’t recommend it! LOL

  125. I haven’t made a dresden quilt- YET! A friend found a box of fabric at an estate sale for $1 and bought it for me. Inside I found cardboard templates and fabric and a bunch of hand sewn dresden plate circles. Still haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it all yet and I’m thinking I should probably practice on something else before I tackle this gift. I love the confetti colors as well as the halloween fabric!

  126. I have never made a complete Dresden quilt, just blocks but would sure like to try one of your! They are so beautiful!

  127. I haven’t attempted a Dresden quilt yet, but I want to! It would be awesome to do one with the Confetti cake.

  128. I have not made a dresden quilt, but I have made a very large Dresden pillow. And I’m working on the first month of the Dresden Neighborhood QAL!

  129. I have never made a Dresden quilt, but I grew up sleeping under an old hand-quilted fan quilt that was comprised of ¼ Dresden blocks, complete with rounded outer edges and a scalloped quilt border. I have the templates to make a Dresden. One of these days..

  130. I haven’t made a dresdan quilt but saw the quilt made with different size dresdans all in one block. Looked like a snowflake. I really would like to make one like it.Love the fabric collection names. So cute.

  131. I have not made a Dresden Quilt , but have plans to make one in fall colors. The Me and My Sister fabrics are so cheerful and happy.

  132. I have four sisters also. One of my sisters and I love to Quilt. I’ve made a couple of Dresden blocks but never a whole quilt of them.

  133. I’ve not made a Dresden quilt but after seeing the double wide ruler it’s going to happen! I love the look of the double wide blade! So many possibilities!

  134. I have made some Dresden plates using English piecing paper. I would love to make them with the template.

  135. My grandmother was a quilter and made beautiful Dresden plates. I’m working on Dresdens in different sizes for a quilt for my MiniMe (aka 7-year old daughter). They are so fun and easy to make. I was blown away by the Double Wide Dresdens when I saw Mary and Barb with Jenny showing the starburst inner circle. Amazing! That present table runner is definitely on my to-do list for MiniMe’s birthday parties.

  136. I have made a modern Dresden wall hanging, with skinny Dresden’s, I can see the possibilities with the wide Dresden, it would be fun to play with.

  137. I have made a Dresden quilt. I love them! I still have some Petal Pushers fabric in my stash.

  138. I have made several Dresden Plate type wall hangings, and a quilt with one in the center. Bought the book and plan on buying the double wide Dresden ruler

  139. Making a dresden quilt is definitely on my bucket list. I have quilted one for a customer and it was really fun to custom quilt!

  140. I’ve never made a Dresden block, but have really wanted to try it. Now that Barb & Mary have introduced their ruler, I’m definitely going to do it. I adore these ladies, I’ve made 2 of their quilt designs from their simple quilts book. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  141. I have not done a Dresden quilt, but I have done a couple of dresden blocks for a couple of sampler quilts. These were the regular widths, but I do like the looks of the double.

  142. I just heard about the double wide ruler at my bee meeting last night. I’d love to try and use the new tool in a new project!

  143. No, I haven’t made a Dresden quilt, but I didn’t make a Grandmother’s Fan quilt about 30 years ago. Somewhat similar? Love the new fabric line, Dot Dot Boo! Can’t wait to see that in stores!

  144. I’ve made a red/white Dresden quilt and several pillows using their fabric. Dresdens are easy to make…they just look intimidating!

  145. I haven’t made a Dresden quilt yet. Made some round pillows that used the template, but worried about the actual quilt

  146. I have always wanted to make a Dresden quilt, but have always felt a bit intimidated about the process. If Barb and Mary have designed this pattern and the helpful ruler, I know that finally creating my own Dresden quilt will be simple and fun!

  147. The first quilt I made 30 years ago was a Dresden Plate. It is well-worn, well-loved now. It’s time to do an update. Love your cheery fabrics and fun design! I’d love to have you two as sisters also.

  148. I have made a couple of regular Dresden quilts & would love to make the double Dresden. Looks like so many amazing projects in this book.

  149. You’ve got my attention now – i haven’t made a Dresden quilt, but your “take” on it is very appealing. I may have to try this!

  150. I’ve never made a dresden quilt… However, I just bought my first template ruler. It’s a future goal of mine.

  151. I made a dresden plate table topper that was a little on the funky side. I would love to make another one like it but can’t find the pattern I used!!

  152. I tried one block of a Dresden pattern when I was a real newbie! I did not like the colors I chose back then but have always wanted to try it again now that I have quilted for a few years! Thanks for the chance to win your new ruler! I love all your bright cheerful fabrics!!❤️

  153. I took a class on Dresden plates….it’s all still in my ufo pile! I’d love to see their method! I love their colors!

  154. I would love to make a Dresden quilt. I’ve made only one quilt top and many small quilting projects for gifts, in the few years that I’ve been quilting. I’ve been sewing since I was 8 years old, but quilting is relatively new to me. Would love to get a big project going.

  155. Making a dresden quilt is on my bucket list and you have just upped the ante to do one with your double wide design. Thanks for adding to the creative world of quilting!

  156. I have made a Dresden quilt, in fact, it is on my bed now. I met these two sisters at Road To CA last year and their energy is contagious. What beautiful fabric they design, collection after collection.

  157. I actually made a Dresden quilt wall hanging as a guild challenge the first year I was quilting. It came out pretty well considering I had no idea what I was doing or that some people think it’s complicated. I still have it.

  158. You bet I’ve made one! It is hanging in my living room as I type. double wide was not available then, so there is a full circle Dresden center and 4 halves out the outside of the inner border, creating Dresden corner! Youth are great! Thanks! Barbara

  159. Hi Barb! Hi Mary! I have made several Dresden quilts but have yet to use their new ruler. Love your fabric collections. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  160. I made a Dresden a few years ago that I donated to Project Linus, and I made so many fan blades that I can make another quilt! My Mom bought the Double Wide ruler and book, and we’ve been playing around with that, so now we have several ‘rings’ that need to be appliqued onto backgrounds. The Double Wide Dresden is fun, and I’d love to have my own copy of the book. I love everything that Barb & Mary do, and have made many quilts from their patterns!

  161. I have dabbled at the Dresden plate. I made coasters using a Dresden plate. I want to make a quilt but haven’t attempted it as of yet. Love these bright happy fabrics. Seems to match both of these ladies personalities!

  162. I love using lime green as a neutral! I love your happy fabrics, especially your Halloween collection!

  163. I have pieces cut to make the Little Lollies but Dresdens are certainly on my to do list this year. I love that their Double Wide Ruler finished off the inside edges too. I think some of that Dot Dot Boo will have to make it’s way to my house this year too!

  164. I haven’t made one and hadn’t intended to BUT the “package” quilt was so cute that I am hooked!

  165. I would love to try your ruler. You girls are so much fun and inspire me to create fun quilts. Thanks so much!

  166. I’d love to give this pattern and technique a try – looks like fun! And I always LOVE your bright and cheerful fabrics!

  167. I have never made a Dresden quilt, but I would like to try one. Maybe just 1 on a pillow top. Love the new fabric – Halloween is my favorite!

  168. I have always been too intimidated to try to make a Dresden quilt. I have been intrigued to try the new wide Dresden ruler but I have not bought the ruler yet (it’s on my to do list!)

  169. I’ve made a wall hanging using the double wide Dresden plate ruler. The Dresden became a flower. I’ll make a whole quilt when I collect enough fabrics for it. I have special plans for the center

  170. I have made a regular Dresden but am still trying to figure out how I want it quilted. I would love to see some ‘simple’ suggestions on how a beginner quilter could quilt this top out. Thanks!

  171. They are so doggone fun! Love those sisters. And nope, never made a Dresden. I’ve always wanted to but never got up the confidence to actually cut the first blade. Perhaps this is the year…

  172. I have never made a Dresden quilt. I’m a newbie (have made 4 quilts) and a little intimidated by the Dresden, but it is on my To Do list!

  173. I’ve never made the double wide version but have made a regular dresden. Would so love to win. Thank you.

  174. I have tried to make the blades for a Dresden block. I was never happy with how they looked. Even if I don’t win I will probably buy your ruler and book and give it another try.

  175. I made a Christmas tree skirt using the regular Dresden ruler for my daughter. Her Christmas ornaments are teal, lime green, raspberry, and grape, so those are the colors of fabric I used. It turned out beautiful! She loves it!

  176. I have not made a Dresden, but would love to try it with the ruler. Love the Halloween collection and cannot wait to use it in one of my quilts.

  177. I have never made a Desden before, it is on my list and I know some day I will get to it. I would live to win, it make make some day happen a lot sooner. Thank you for the opportunity!

  178. Dresdens have always been my Kryptonite.
    One was given to a ladies retirement home because I knew one of them was smarter than me and would finish it. One became postage stamp 9 patch squares.
    For these cute patterns, I would be happy to give it another try. Maybe e really is the charm!

  179. I’ve had good intentions of making a Dresden quilt, but alas, have only made a block here and a block there. Thank heavens for some days.

  180. Love, love, love the fun variations!
    Dresden is one of my favorite patterns, but I have only ever had success but paper piecing and stitching by hand
    I am off to find the book

  181. I have only made a Dresden block. It was by hand and it was tedious!! I have the Double Wide Dresden ruler, but haven’t done anything with it, yet! I always buy at least 1 fat-eighth bundle of their fabrics and 1/2 yards of all of the purples in a collection! One day I will make a quilt of all of their purples just for me!!!

  182. I just love your fabric lines – whenever I see them whether in a store or in my stash, they make me smile!!!

    I have made a dresden block before, but never a whole quilt. It’s on my “to do” list.

  183. A Dresden plate mini quilt is next on my list of “ need to do this year” projects. Some new fabric to do this would be wonderful!

  184. I’ve never made a dresden quilt but have thought about doing so. Looks like this tool and book would be fun.

  185. I have only made a few small Dresden samples for practice. Now I have a pattern to make a full quilt. I love your fabrics, they will be perfect!

  186. I made a baby quilt for a granddaughter that used partial dresden blocks for the skirts on umbrella girls that were hand appliqued. I’ve hand quilted many dresden quilts with my church group.

  187. My very FIRST quilt project was a Dresden plate pillow top, hand pieced and hand quilted. What a labor of love that was…the the dog ate it!

  188. I have never made a Dresden Quilt. It is on my to do list of Quilts to make. Your Dresden Pattern looks interesting as well as your new fabric!!

  189. I made a Dresden pillow. That’s as far as I got. But I absolutely love the fabrics find me and my sister.

  190. I inherited 2 Dresden quilt tops – all cut out & pinned to newspaper. Out of guilt or family obligation or some misplaced sense of duty, I assembled one of them. I pictured my great-gran with her heavy old utility scissors dutifully cutting out yesterday’s news and arranging the paper pieces carefully so as not to waste an inch of the dress or shirt or pettycoat that she was recycling. I pictured her, cosy by the fire in dim light, thus explaining the sadly misshapen pieces I was fighting. I swore, *never again,” when it came to Dresden.
    I swore, “never again,” about Dresden.
    Now it’s time to eat my words. These are just too darling to resist!

  191. Love Dresdens! They are much easier than they look and are so satifying to create. Have made runners, toppers, pouches and mini-quilts from Dresdens. Guess it’s time to make a quilt! The double wide Dresden template that Barb & Mary created is awesome and I used it to make a mini quilt for a friend’s Christmas gift. Their fabrics are so cheerful and I love their videos!

  192. I’ve never made a Dresden plate quilt! Watched my mom work in ine years ago…it’s on my list of to do’s, but have been a bit intimidated. This sounds great!

  193. No I have never done a Dresden plate but they look so amazing and fun the way you do it I love to try now.

  194. No, I’ve never done a Dresden quilt, but for Christmas, I made a Dresden Christmas Tree! I loved making the Dresdens and found it more simple than I had thought! I decorated the Dresden tree with viintage buttons of bows and old-timey toys. Adorable.

  195. I’ve made one Dresden quilt, but it was a mini and so only had one Dresden on it. Actually, that’s a lie, it had three (small, medium and large) layered on top of one another, so technically it was a three-in-one Dresden. Still just a mini, though!

  196. I recently finished a Dresden quilt top. It’s being custom quilted as I am writing this post. I couldn’t be happier with quilt; the Dresdens are stunning, and were much easier to make than they look. I can’t wait for my quilt to be done and on my bed. I would love to try your chunkier version. I think I’m hooked on Dresdens 🙂

  197. My very first project was a Dresden Turkey! It was quite funny looking… Would love to try a quilt with a ruler…

  198. I haven’t started mine yet but I have the regular ruler and fabric! Have a great day!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  199. I have never made a dresden but it intrigues me and the thought of someone making it easier… sign me up!

  200. I started a Dresden years ago, but that was before I saw the new ruler and the wonderful tips to make it easier. I haven’t started the new double yet….but I have big plans. And hopefully, my sister will help me….she loves to quilt too!!

  201. I’ve made one regular Dresden block, part of a sampler quilt made many years ago. But not a Dresden quilt and definitely not a double-wide. That being said, I love everything you two fun ladies create so I’d be super excited to win this great giveaway. Thanks for sharing your happiness!

  202. I have not had the chance to use or make the Dresden quilt. I do like to try a new adventure so I welcome the opportunity to give it my best shot! Love seeing what clever and beautiful fabric and quilt designs lay ahead!!!

  203. I’ve made several Dresden blocks but never a whole quilt. Love how Dresdens are becoming funky & more fun to make!

  204. I made one Dresden quilt with traditional wide blocks many years ago. I am very intrigued with the double wide Dresdens and would love to make a quilt using them!

  205. I’ve never made a Dresden quilt…but I’d really like to know more about the “Asterisk” quilt pictured above (just below the cover pic from Easy Layer Cake Quilts. Now THAT is a fun quilt!!

  206. I love dresden plate quilts but I haven’t made one…yet. I have plans to make several. Famous last words!

  207. I have never made a Dresden plate quilt but it is on my long list of things to do. My mother in law made beautiful Dresden blocks with templates years ago. This ruler looks so much easier.

  208. I haven’t even made a single Dresden block. I love how they look. I have a Dresden ruler but obviously it is a new as it was the day I bought it years ago. This should be my year to try. Not just try, but learn and achieve. Yes, I can!

  209. I made my daughter one for a baby quilt 22 years ago, pretty small ones, but love your new wide ruler and patterns. I have been looking at them for awhile, and think they are really neat.

  210. I am in the process of pulling fabrics together to make a Dresden block quilt! Love the pattern and Barbara and Mary’s colors/designs never cease to make me smile….

  211. One Dresdan underway…however, teacher passed away from cancer and I don’t have the heart to work on it just now, but I will.

  212. The very first quilt I ever made (well, mini quilt) was a dresden. Can’t wait to play with the new double wide ruler and happy fabrics!

  213. I have never made a dresden block or any quilts. I is on my someday list and if I win it will be on my done list! Thank you for offering this gift!

  214. Omg! I have wanted the double wide dresden ruler since it first came out! You guys are my fav designer! I love love love the new confetti line! Ive never made a dresden block but its in my planner! Hope I get to add a double wide project…

  215. I have finished 4 dresden’s each has been a different technique whether it’s a chevron dresden or regular I have loved everyone on them. Dresden’s are a great joy to make. Just getting ready to make my first double dresden thank you for a great ruler.

  216. I am working on a Gift Wrap quilt using the Red Dot Green Dash fabric collection as we speak!

  217. I have never made a Dresden quilt but I would love to. The colors are so bright and beautiful the hardest part would be choosing the color scheme!

  218. So far, I’ve made just one regular Dresden block for a sampler quilt that was a class. I saw their double wide dresden ruler recently, and have considered getting it … such a great idea! Confetti is SEW fun!! Would love to win this giveaway! Thanks for the chance! Warmly, Pris in Idaho

  219. I’ve never made a Dresden plate quilt but I love the variations shown above. I LOVE the Confetti fabric line and can’t wait to get some to play with!

  220. I’m a new quilter, anxious to try and learn! So, I haven’t made a dresden quilt, nor any blocks. But, I absolutely love the bright and happy fabrics from Moda!! The confetti patterns are so cute! Hope to try one of these quilt ideas this year!

  221. I have made a dresden block and also once made a charity quilt from fabric given to me that had dresdens printed on it! Does cheater Dresden fabric count?!!

  222. I am a fairly new quilter and have not made a Dresden as yet. Watching you videos on a few sites and am super eager to start sewing one. Hopefully I will win this it’s my birthday today… thanks

  223. My very first quilt class–30 years ago–was a sampler quilt with a Dresden block. I would love to win the ruler and fabric prize so that I can make a Dresden quilt!

  224. I have not ever made a dresden just yet. I’m fairly new to the quilting world having only 1 finished quilt done and getting ready to sandwich my 2nd one this week. I do have 2 other quilt tops done just have to finish them as well. I recently bought the pineapple ruler so I’m hoping to use that soon and I have moda grunge cake pack (2 of them) and I’m hoping to make something fun with that soon as well. Dresden are gorgeous I hope to make one this year! .. .. you guys are awesome by the way! I’m a big fan!

  225. I have never made a dresden quilt it looks to hard but maybe I should give it a try. If I win I sure will . Lol

  226. I have made a regular Dresden table runner with 3 blocks. Also, a turkey’s feathers wall hanging. Looking forward to making a double Dresden!

  227. I have plans to make one with a pattern picked out and all the supplies gathered. Maybe I should start it soon!

  228. The closest I have come to making a Dresden plate is making a turkey block with his feathers being Dresden ‘feathers’. A few years ago there was a book about doing Modern Dresden which tempted me but I didn’t take the jump. Not working anymore so this might be a great time to jump.

  229. I am in the process of making the double wide Dresden. I have 3 large completed squares made.

  230. I cannot imagine these two growing up together! Their household must have been crazy 😉 I made ONE Dresden plate block when I took my first quilting class eons ago. Never tried it again.

  231. How well loved the old pattern Dresden plate is !! I have made 2 large ones and 2 wallhangings. Have one cut and sewn, just awaiting the block to back it with. Will probably make more in future. This Double Dresden intrigues me. Would love to win the ruler and book. Thanks Carrie for your fun blogs.

  232. I have made the Dresden plate and I love it! I’ve got a Christmas and a Fall wall hanging. One day a quilt is headed my way! Thank you for the give away.

  233. I have made 2 as gifts that were double sized and one mini as a table tunner . Would like to start one in30s fabrics this summer.

  234. I love Dresden blocks and have made several quilts with them. I love making them kaleidoscopic and would love to try it with the double wide Dresden!

  235. Loved going to a class with these girls when they came to Sydney a couple of years ago – a wonderful, fun day. I made a Dresden Plate cot quilt last year and I’ve made Camille’s “Piccadilly Circus” a couple of times.

  236. I used several Dresden plate blocks in a gingerbread house quilt, but not one that is all Dresden plates. But everyone loved the few in the gingerbread house quilt. I’d love to do another.

  237. I just finished a quilt made with Dresden plates from a friend’s grandmother. Thanks for the giveaway!

  238. I’ve made a few Dresden baby quilts and a queen sized Dresden wedding quilt for my sister and her husband. I would LOVE to make a double wide Dresden quilt in some funky colors.

  239. I started one but it had skinny plates with rounded tops (not pointy) and I made about 3 before I quit. But for the last year I’ve been collecting striped fabric to use for Dresdens… who knows? Maybe I’ll finish this one!

  240. I haven’t made one yet, but I have a pattern for a wall hanging that is an oversized/ super large version of a Dresden. Saw the YouTube demo of your double wide ruler and thought that looked fun too. A new twist in an oldie but goody.

  241. Does half a quilt count!? It’s in my WIP pile! Love the new ruler and would love to win! Can’t wait for the Halloween line!

  242. Have not made a Dresden quilt yet. Have made a few small Dresden blocks that were then framed in circular frames for gifts. Thanks for a chance at the giveaway.

  243. Yes! I’m making my second Dresden quilt now. I love them! I’m looking forward to doing the double wide one next!

  244. I’ve never made a Dresden quilt but I made a turkey once with Dresden feathers that fit a very large quilt hoop. My Mom and I took a class on it back in the 80’s! I’m looking forward to trying the double wide Dresden soon!! It’s on my to-do-list!

  245. I have made a Dresden quilt. I gifted it to a friend. I will make my own. I loved it so much it was hard to part with.

  246. Yes I’ve made a dresden quilt, it was my very first quilt (but I don’t remember what happened to it!). It was dusty rose and blue, the popular colors of the day! So glad we’re past that now.

  247. I love the double wide ruler, and the look of the modern Dresden. I especially love the article about the sisters and wish there were many more about designers and quilters. Thanks!

  248. I have never made a Dresden Plate of any kind. How could this have happened after 20 years of quilting?

  249. I did a dresden plate square in a sampler quilt 27 years ago. none since then. Maybe it’s time to try again!!

  250. I’m currently working on a wall hanging that is a bicycle. The wheels are Dresden plates. It’s harder than it looks but it’s turning out wonderful.

  251. No, I have never made a Dresden quilt of any type. I am getting more curious about them with the newer addition of the double wide ruler and the modern Dresden.

  252. I took a quilt class on Dresdens, several yrs. ago. I got some of it cut out, but only a few blocks done. I love that pattern, and want to finish the quilt. Your give-a-way would go a long ways towards getting that quilt done! Hope I win! I enjoy your blog, and love that you are sisters. I’m lucky enough to have two wonderful sisters! HAPPY NEW YEAR! : ) Brenda King

  253. I’m in the process of making my first Dresden plate quilt with neckties. There are so many fun patterns that I may have to make several.

  254. It’s on my bucket list-I have the double wide dresden template and patterns. Just need to do it!

  255. I love the double wide dresden, especially the presents. Thank s for the chance to win. Karen

  256. I made a scrappy dresden, but I just made a cardboard home made ruler 🙁 ….. A real one would be lovely

  257. I have not made one yet. It’s on my to-do list. I love the fabrics and have tried several of your patterns. I also have to clean up my sewing room before I can quilt and make it messy again

  258. The only dresden I have made was a pillow in high school using a cardboard template. I know they are easier now and it’s on my list of things to make, along with a double wedding ring quilt.

  259. I’ve made a Christmas Dresden table runner…does that count?? It’s on my bucket list to do, as I love to mix fabrics and that seems like a really good way to do it!!

  260. I am working on Edyta Sitar’s Dresden Star pattern which I started in a class with her 3 or 4 years ago. I would love to try the Double Wide Dresden ruler, and it would be even better with some Me and My Sister fabrics!

  261. I’ve not made a Dresden quilt yet. I love Me & My Sisters fabric and would love to try the Double Wide Dresden ruler.

  262. No quilt yet just a block or two… thanks for the chance to win. Love the Me and My Sisters fabric and info about them.

  263. Love your fabric ,prints n colors.
    Afraid of Dresden pattern.
    Guess I should try your new ruler if it makes the job easier.

  264. I have used dresden in table runners and pillows…not a quilt yet! These gals are hilarious and I love their style. Thanks for a chance!

  265. I’ve never done a Dresden Plate, because they looked so difficult – but the Sisters made it look so easy! I definitely would like to sew one of their cheery quilts!

  266. I made a Dresden sunburst quilt at a quilting retreat last fall. Well… I made a quilt top anyway – I’ve yet to do the finishing work.

  267. Yes, I have made one Dresden Plate quilt. That was about 25 years or so ago. I think it’s about time for a new one.

  268. Does having one out count? For several years, I have looked at it several times, and someday I will get in the mood. I do like how large your pieces are. My pattern has tiny pieces.

  269. I think dresdens are wonderful and I am hoping to get out of my comfort zone and make one! These ladies fabrics are amazing, bright and cheery perfect forbfun quilts

  270. I really like the look of Dresden blocks but have never made a block or quilt. Recently I’ve noticed some patterns and they look interesting.

  271. I Have always loved The Dresden quilts from my childhood but I have never made one…they always scared me a little lol. Really enjoyed this post…the sister look like a a riot

  272. I haven’t made a Dresden quilt but I have made six Dresden blocks for the red and white quilt I am currently making. I loved doing it and want to make more! IF I ever finish all my UFOs I may just make Dresdens forever!

  273. I haven’t ever made a Dresden quilt. I think they’re beautiful but I feel overwhelmed at the prospects of making one.

  274. I’ve never made a Dresden quilt but saw your reworked Dresden blocks and really like those, the one in an oval shape and the bows on the presents. Ingenious! Will have to try. And always drawn to your fabrics, love the happy colors!!

  275. I have only made a pillow and one almost finished wall hanging. Had trouble with the plates and the circle.

  276. I have never made a Dresden quilt..but is on my “Gotta Make” list :/ Thank you for chance to win such a super cool Give-a-way!! (I loooove all your fabric Collections too..have used several!!)

  277. I made a Dresden plate lap quilt using precuts – hand sewn, appliquéd & hand quilted. Love, Love, love Me & My Sister fabrics! I made my granddaughter a quilt using brights with a multi colored dot backing – she loves it! She likes the pinks & purples! Would love to win this prize package!

  278. I have never made a quilt as of knitting, crochet, and needlework, but have not wanted to quilt till this past year, when a gift for my birthday was my first quilt. It is so beautiful, warm and cozy, it has given me incentive to start to make some especially for my grandchildren to treasure. Would love to try your marvelous color combinations as I really don’t know where to start.

  279. My very first quilt project was a Dresden heart pattern wall hanging. It was so fun and I was hooked. I just love all the bright colors that you use for your fabrics and I love that all of the lines blend together. That way I can use all of the scraps together to make another quilt!!

  280. Love Dresden blocks. I’ve made a large wall hanging using this traditional block. I recently bought Susan Marth’s “Dresden Quilt Workshop” book. I’m also seriously looking at Pat Sloan’s Aurifil Designer of the Month, Katja Marek’s, Dresden Dreaming block. So much FUN with Dresden blocks. Would love to try making yours! Love the cutaway!

  281. I’ve made Dresden blocks and helped my aunt make a lovely Dresden quilt with an appliqued floral border. I’m fascinated by the pattern possibilities and would love to make my own Dresden quilt.

  282. I’ve never made a Dresden block, but I really like the look of the double wide Dresden. I have used their fabric and the quilt and matching pillow are on my daughters bed! Love the bright, cheery colors of their fabric!

  283. I’d love to make a Dresden quilt. I remember falling in love with them when I first saw one on my Grandma’s bed, many, many years ago. Even now, when I see a Dresden quilt, I get a warm feeling and remember my Grandma’s love. One of these days, I will make one.

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