Holiday Greetings…

I don’t know about you but one of my favorite things about this time of year is seeing brightly colored envelopes in my mailbox signaling the arrival of a Christmas or Holiday card.

The envelope for this card is white but I bought it anyway.  It looks very pretty on the bulletin board in my sewing room.

As it was for Thanksgiving, I wondered what kinds of cards the Moda designers sent.  Did they send cards?  So I asked.  Thank you to everyone who sent me a card… or a picture of their card.  (Though a few did send a card too.  Thank you!)

This is from Alma Allen of Blackbird Designs.  But you probably already guessed that – Alma has a gift for styling and photographs.

This colorful, whimsical card is one of four designs included in a pack Alma bought to support Operation Breakthrough in Kansas City, a program helping low-income families.  The cards are drawn and painted by kids in the program – this one was drawn by Akelah, age 8.  The cookies were made using one of Alma’s vintage cookie molds.

Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic.  And you already knew that too.  Cool.  Modern.  Unique.  Like Brigitte.  She loves this look… as you’ll see soon.

Are you surprised that Debbie Maddy’s card has gorgeous shades of blue and white?  It has the same wonderful, winter feel as her upcoming holiday collection, Yuki.

Betsy Chutchian shared two pictures, both of antique Christmas cards.

Betsy wrote that she and her husband, Steve, have sent Christmas cards for forty-one years.  When the number of cards they received got smaller and smaller, she asked if they should stop sending them too.  No!  So she gave him the task of addressing and signing the cards, thinking he’d soon tire of doing it.  Nope.  He enjoys it!

Both of these vintage cards were received by Betsy’s grandparents – dated 1909.  (Betsy sent these because she prefers them to what Steve picks.  Because he’s doing the work of sending the Christmas cards, he gets to choose their cards.  To which Betsy added “ugh” and “LOL”.)

Kathy Schmitz sent this wonderful card filled with family pictures taken throughout 2017.  These are my favorite kind of cards – all the smiling faces.  Kathy has a lovely husband of many years – another Steve! – and two handsome, wonderful sons.

Linzee McCray had a wonderful year – a daughter got married, she and her sweet husband, Paul, celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary with a special trip to Europe, she debuted her first collection with Moda fabrics and she learned she is going to be a first-time grandmother in 2018.

Wenche Wolff Hatling sent this all the way from Norway.  I love the red coat and hat… and those mittens!  (Rumor has it that Wenche just might be working on something new and Holiday-ish for next year… just saying.)  She wishes everyone a “Merry Merry Merry Holidays!”  And “Med vennlig hilsen”… with warm regards.  

Vanessa Christenson and her beautiful family.   We’re very excited that Vanessa – V & Co. –  will be in the Moda booth in Pasadena in February for QuiltCon, sharing her Ombre Confetti Metallics and Ombres.  As busy as these kids keep her, we’re betting she’s got something new and cool up her sleeve.

Deb Strain gets bonus points because she painted the artwork for her card – and printed the cards!  Deb and her husband Scott are excited that all of their kids will be home for Christmas so they’ll have a house full of kids and grandkids!

Vanessa GoertzenLella Boutique – sent this beautiful card, taken near her home in Utah.  Seeing how much Olive and Lorenzo have grown is why I love these family cards.

A whimsical, colorful card.  Of course this is from Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson of Me & My Sister Designs.  That’s Barb on the left and Mary on Santa’s lap – they’re in matching coats, hats and haircuts.  (The coats were purple and gray plaid – their love for purple started at an early age.)

Lisa and Nick Bongean’s card includes their “little man” Jace and Jeter.  Lisa loves being a grandma though really, neither she or Nick look old enough to be Mimi and Papa.  Here’s hoping that Lisa and Nick have a wonderful, relaxing and uneventful 2018!

Camille Roskelley of Bonnie & Camille and Thimbleblossoms sent her 2016 card and wrote “because this year isn’t going to happen.”  Life is that busy – her three “not so little men” are keeping her very busy.  (I also think she doesn’t want a reminder of how tall all three are getting – Aiden is almost as tall as Camille is!  And Nic just turned seven.  Seven!?  When did that happen?)

Happy Holidays from Kate & Birdie – aka Gloria Wall and her family.  Gloria painted the card and the inside of the envelope looks just like the beautiful plaid in Return to Winter’s Lane.  (Gloria was named one of the Ten Canadian Designers to Watch by House & Home Magazine.  How cool is that?)

Since Sandy Klop – aka American Jane – doesn’t send Christmas cards anymore, she sent a picture of her favorite vintage Christmas wrapping paper.  She found this at a flea market years ago and is still using it.  It’s awfully cute – just like Sandy.

(When I wrote the designers to ask about Christmas Cards, I teased that I would happily share a picture of their favorite – or even current – Christmas wrapping paper if they weren’t sending cards.)

Annie Brady sent a card and wrapping paper – all of which she designed.  Annie wrote that she didn’t usually sent cards but because she had samples this year after designing them, she’s going to send these out to family and friends.  (Don’t you think I need some of that red wrapping paper?)

Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs sent something special – vintage inspired gift tags.

Anne created these gift tags a few years ago and there are twelve designs.  She includes them in her newsletter every December and because she’s a sweetie, she’s sharing the PDF with you – Bunny Hill Christmas Gift Tags.

Thank you Anne!  And Alma, Brigitte, Betsy, Vanessa G., Kathy, Linzee, Barb and Mary, Camille, Wenche, Sandy, Vanessa C., Annie, Gloria, Debbie and Lisa.

And Jo Morton.  Jo sent a funny note that I related to completely.  That many of my friends related to as well.  “We” used to send out Christmas cards – we loved doing it.  Then life got busier and busier, and cards sometimes didn’t get mailed until January.  If at all.  So we gave that up.  Jo then wrote that she also didn’t have any wrapping paper to share, that gift bags and gift cards were what she used… if that.  For many of us, the family and friends on our gift lists do not need or want anything, many of us have TMS Syndrome – Too. Much. Stuff.

We love everything about Christmas and the Holidays, especially the part about spending time with people we care about.

Here’s hoping that you’re doing the same this holiday season.

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36 thoughts on “Holiday Greetings…

  1. Totally fell in love with the first picture of the red truck and the pair of dogs. Happy 2018 to you and many thanks for all the inspiration you give to all of us who love Moda.

  2. I sent that dog in the VW card a few years ago! I had the dog and the VW in my life.

    And Moda should get Akelah signed up now! I loved her snowman. Such a cute and colorful card.

  3. I send out cards still, but not as many as i used to. Next year I plan to be better organized (hah) and do them earlier. Yes, we all do so much for the holidays and cram lots of stuff in and it’s crazy, but I love it all too. Loved seeing all these wonderful cards in your post! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

  4. Love seeing all the cards and special wrapping that everyone does and thanks for posting….makes the season feel “Merry”…..

  5. Thank you for this really amazing post and the free gift tags! I wish you and all at the Moda family a Merry Christmas:-)

  6. Lovely post to read this morning. Thank you so much. So fun to see the inspiring things everyone is doing, and to know that others are like me…struggling to at least send cards to those who sent to me…but most will have to wait til next week to go!! Friends do not seem to mind. Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year!

  7. Thank you all mods designers for sharing. We no longer send out cards. They are not appreciated lie they once where, a shame really. I miss it. Wishing you all a safe happy surprised filled holiday and a super new year!

  8. Carrie, your post soothed my soul in the most wonderful way. I’ve had that crummy flu and it seems like Christmas has just been shoved aside. I smiled so much at all the sweet pictures and designs and the warmth that just dances off the page. Thank you!

  9. What a sweet post to enjoy with my coffee. I still do cards although we get fewer each year. I think of it as a gift to myself, a few minutes to think of each dear family and friends in this wonderful season. Happy Holidays Carrie and to all the Moda family.

  10. For years now I print a Winter scene photo of mine and hand produce our Christmas cards. Ps Carrie…your card is in the mail!

  11. Although I only send cards to friends who aren’t on FB I love Alma’s Snowman card! You see, my Aunt, Sister Corita along with Sister Berta started Operation Breakthrough oh so many years ago!!! So proud of them and their work which continues on~~~

  12. Oh Carrie what joy you bring to so many of us – thank you! I’m not really sure what it is about dogs driving cars/trucks that put me in such a happy mood but I now have a huge grin on my face and will print out pictures to hang up in a prominent place to remind me that Christmas is lots of love and blessings and just fun! Have a wonderful Christmas and many blessings for the new year.

  13. Thank you for the fun and reflective post, the cards, changes in traditions through the years. Well done. Merry Christmas to you and the Moda crew.

  14. P.S. We had a red truck for years in which we carried home our own tree, picked out and cut down at the tree farm, by our excited sons well in advance of the Christmas rush.

  15. I wish I could buy that old truck for my husband for Christmas! Alas, not enough funds. But he has me and all my fabric. What more does he need? ha ha! Thank you for yet another delightful post! Merry, Merry Christmas to you and everyone at Moda! How I thank all of you for making me life so very happy! I’m still sewing…

  16. Oh my heck. These are so cute. I agree, seeing families grow is wonderful. Thank you for this post. It made me smile and smile and smile.

  17. I agree with Jo about TMS! Thank you for a great post, Carrie and thank you to Anne for the gift tag PDF! These would make cute ornaments too. Merry Christmas to all!

  18. Thank you Carrie for all you lovely posts this year, I look forward to reading them every day/week. Thank you also to Anne from Bunny Hill for sharing her gorgeous old fashioned gift tags – very generous. Wishing all the Moda team a Happy & Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous, Successful & Quilty New Year. From Sunny, Warm South Australia.

  19. Thank you for sharing your cards with us. Know so many of the names as get e-mails throughout the year. I still do cards and write notes even though I am almost 80. The years go by so quickly.

  20. I enjoyed your images of the dogs driving the cars!! As a dog owner and lover they put a huge smile on my face.
    Thank you for all that you do and share with us. May your holidays be merry and your new year happy and healthy!!

  21. LOVE that first card (the red truck with the dogs … reminded me of Ms. Rosie). SO “you”. Also loved the LAST card … was that yours or did someone send it to you? I would LOVE to know where they got it … to me a card with dogs, trucks and/or cars and Christmas trees are the PERFECT card! Merry Christmas!!

  22. Absolutely LOVE the red truck and the Golden’s!! Also the black and white drawing with the dog driving the Christmas tree home on top of the Beetle!

  23. I love the last card with the puppy tree and car that was my first car in 1969…..Happy holiday

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