Countdown to Christmas…

The Moda Bake Shop is counting down the days until Christmas with a new 6″ block every day in December.

This was Block 1 ~ Peppermint Twist by Kristina Brinkerhoff of Center Street Quilts.

Block 2 ~ Christmas Cottage by Sterling LaBosky of Sterling Quilt Co.  Sterling couldn’t make just one house… cottage.

Jane Davidson – yes, that Jane Davidson… QuiltJane! – created a block.

Block 3 ~ Gift-Wrapped Star.

Jane shares ideas on how to use the block in a mini-quilt with nine blocks, or a gift bag using just a single block.  I don’t think making just one is going to be possible… the projects are that cute.

Christine Weld of The Quarter Inch shares Block 4 ~ Arkansas Snowflake.

One of the questions that is coming up is “what are the fabrics?”

The easy answer is that the backgrounds are all Bella Solid White – either 98 or 200, depending on the preference of the quilter making the block.

As for the rest…

Some of the fabrics are from upcoming groups and some are Moda Basics.  Starting with the red group at the top, from left to right, the fabrics are from the following collections…

Red Group No. 1:

Green Group:

Red Group No. 2:

Block 5 ~ Peppermint Swirl by Susan Vaughn for The Felted Pear.

For the rest of the blocks… The Moda Bake Shop.

Now… if you would like a chance to win a Fat Eighth bundle of these fabrics, just leave a comment by Midnight on Sunday.

In your comment, tell us who your best quilting buddy is.

If your name is the selected – by the random-number-generator – both of you will receive a bundle.  (The winner will be notified via e-mail.)

Happy Friday!

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440 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas…

  1. A friend from church is my quilting buddy. We don’t really get together to quilt as our schedules don’t permit but we share ideas and quilt-talk!

    1. My best quilting buddy lives four hours away! Whenever I go to see her, my featherweight accompanies me. We have spent many, many pleasant afternoons sewing, visiting, and quilting.

  2. My friend Aurora is my best quilting buddy. We have similar interests in quilting. These blocks are beautiful,. My daughter has Tod me, “No more Christmas quilts”. But clearly she has no idea what she is talking about. How can you not do just one, or tweny , more?.

  3. My best quilt buddy lives near the Pacific Ocean and we don’t get together nearly as much as we’d like, but when we do the fabric flies!

  4. My quilting buddy is long time friend Robin. She is the one who influenced me to try my hand at quilting. We get together as often as possible to sew together!!

  5. My best quilt buddy is my daughter Theresa. We love to get together and quilt, purchase fabric, and share ideas. One of our favorite activities is to chat on the phone and look at Pinterest ideas. We are separated by 1800 miles but it doesn’t seem so far in this age of cell phones and IPads.

  6. Miss LuLu Kitty is my quilting buddy! She is always there to help “press” my fabrics and pick out my thread…with her teeth!

  7. No local quilting buddies, but I guess you could say my best quilting buddies are Mary Fons, from whose Quilty videos on You Tube I learned about quilting, and Bonnie Hunter, whose blog and Instagram continue to teach me and give me a virtual community. This blog is also kind of like a quilting buddy – I learn all kinds of things from it, it’s fun to hear from, and it shares stuff with me. In particular, every quilt I make begins on the graph paper sheet provided in the fun and free tab. Thank you very much for that gift alone!
    Thanks for the holiday cheer. These blocks are a great idea.

  8. My quilt buddy would be my sister. Although I live in Illinois and she lives in CO, we try to get together at least once a year and sew at a retreat. I have to say that I’m the instigator here — I introduced her to quilting during one of her visits here in IL and she went back to CO and signed up for classes at her LQS!

  9. My best quilting buddy is Bea. We have a wonderful time at retreats, quilt bees, and whenever we can get together!

  10. My mother is my best quilting buddy! We live a few miles away and have the best time chatting about patterns, fabric and notions!

  11. My best buddy is my daughter. We’d love to get together more often to sew, but we always find time to talk about our projects, fabric choices, etc. and sometimes, we like the same thing and other times, we don’t, but it’s always helpful and a great balance – she has a good eye for fabrics and colors. Thanks for the chance to win lovely fabrics!

  12. My best quilting buddy is Marlene. She’s the first person I go to when I have a question or need help.

  13. My favorite Quilting buddy is my sister-in-law although we have never actually quilted together! She is in Colorado and I am in Texas but every time we talk or at family visits all we do is talk quilts and show each other pictures of our most recent masterpieces. ( I always have the TV on in my sewing room but that does not count as a buddy.) I’d love to be able to share some fabric with her! Thanks so much for the really cute blocks patterns!

  14. My best quilting buddy is my sister-in-law, Laurie. She lives in NC, and I live in Georgia. We try to meet up at different quilting events in the southeast because its always more fun to share!

  15. My best quilting buddy is my friend Ronnie. She and I sat near each other at our quilt guild meetings and we kept using similar fabrics and colors. We both love all the Moda Blockhead designers and since then have taken many classes and attended many retreats together. It is such a treat to have a friend to share our love of wool, scrappiness, and reproduction fabrics with!

  16. My best friend and quilting buddy is Susan. We live far apart but try and get together for our own private quilting retreat twice a year.

  17. I love to sew and quilt with my friend Sally. We are both in a small guild and we get to sew together at least once or twice a month.

  18. Best quilt buddy is Gail, she does not live close, but she invited me to local quilt guild many years ago.

  19. I don’t have a quilting buddy but do get my daughter’s thoughts on block placement. I also love to talk fabrics with my local quilt shop owner. She is a delight!

  20. My friend Sharon is my best quilting buddy. She is responsible for getting me addicted to quilting almost 25 years ago!

  21. My best quilting buddy is Ann Marie. We get together to quilt as often as we can. We encourage each other. Her favorite saying is “If you finish one quilt , you can start two more”!

  22. My quilting buddy is my daughter who lives 1000 miles from me. We e-mail early in the morning with our quilting plans for the day. It keeps us on track with these wonderful Moda blocks.

  23. Rose is my quilting buddy. We do not live in the same town but when we talk the conversation always turns to sewing machines, fabric, and all things quilting.

  24. My best quilting buddy is my sister Jody. She’s always there to end rage me and share ideas and inspiration

  25. I have no quilting buddy but my sister is such a great encourager and go to for ideas and opinions for what I am trying to do.

  26. My best quilting buddy is my friend Amy. Time just rolls by when we are stitching and chatting and laughing.

  27. My best quilting buddy is my best friend. She lives in Montana – I live in Nevada. We set up our iPads and FaceTime for hours while we quilt!

  28. Have so many quilting buddies that routinely retreat together throughout year. Guess my bestest one is Christie. Hard t have one quilt friend as quilters are so social

  29. My quilting buddy, Peg, and I have been quilting together fir almost 35 years — workshops, bus tours, and the best–advice giver!

  30. My quilt buddy is my oldest daughter. She and I love to pick out fabrics and send each other patterns and id as via Pinterest. She just got into sewing and wants to be able to quilt very well. It’s such a joy to have her so interested in it now. It’s our girl time and I love it ❤️

  31. I love your countdown to Christmas blocks! Thank you for always keeping me inspired. My quilting buddy is Peggy. We have taught quilting together in a senior citizen center as well as in our Church hall. We share tips, ideas and quilt projects, It’s wonderful to have a buddy!

  32. My best quilt buddy is Kay Brand….we are 500 miles apart now, but talk often and get together once a year to get some stitching done!! Merry Christmas

  33. Becky Lamb is my quilting buddy. She came to my house once when I was ready to put blocks in a bag and throw them over the bac fence.

  34. My quilting buddies are my daughters. Even though they are older and don’t live with me, we talk about quilting all the time.

  35. My best quilting buddy is my best friend, Hanna. She lives in the USA while I reside in Canada. We use WhatsApp, Skype, Gmail & Facebook to quilt together.

  36. My best quilting buddy…I have to say two…Yukon my 110 lb. collie and Nugget my 93 Lb. collie. are in “the quilt room” with me usually in the evening. Quilting with my collies is perfect happiness, great joy!

  37. My quilting buddy would be cindy Gordon. She’s as nutty and crazy as me. We are both quilt enablers always ready for the next new project

  38. Have several quilting buddies that sew, shop and share ideas together. My bestest who hit me started would be Traci.

  39. Angus is my quilt buddy. She does beautiful work. We go to quilt shows and quilt shops and have a wonderful time.

  40. My quilting buddy is my daughter. She helps me choose fabrics, quilt pattern, thread colour and quilting design.

  41. My best quilting buddy is Camille. She was most welcoming when I joined our quilt guild. When we are together we do a lot of laughing! Thanks for the chance to win.

  42. My best quilting buddy is my mom. We first took a quilting class together in 1976 and have been enjoying collecting fabrics and piecing together ever since. We recently purchased a quilting machine together!

  43. I made one block! This is really cute, and beautiful fabric, thanks. My best quilting buddy is Barb, she taught me to quilt, and I am teaching my niece to quilt.

  44. My quilting buddy is my mom. I like the modern fabrics and blocks where she likes to take vintage blocks and put them together.

  45. Love these fabrics and would love to win ! I have several quilting buddies but I choose Eileen to be my co-winner.

  46. I have two favorite quilting buddies. My Mom and my sister!!! We plan quilting days together at least once a month
    I get so much done sewing with them!! We are trying to talk my Dad into builing is a quilting cabin by the pond so we can have weekends to quilt but so far no cabin!! Lol!

  47. My best quilting buddy is Ann, we have different styles but both love going to quilt shops and retreats. Ann has a great eye for fabric combinations, she will love these as much as I do.

  48. Seriously, you want me to pick just one?? I have such a nice group of quilting friends. I am in several groups and love them all. But if I had to pick one it would be my bestie who I brought into this crazy world of quilting and she has just flourished like a wild flower, her name is Toni:)

  49. My best quilting buddies are my daughters…one lives 4 1/2 hours away…the other in France…on the rare occasions we can be together is WONDERFUL,

  50. My two sisters are my quiltING buddies most of the time but I have 7 sassy sister quilting buddies. I don’t know what I would do without them . The Lord has truly blessed me. Thank you for such beautiful fabric. Quilting is such a big part of our live and moda definitely makes it better.

  51. The fabric colors are beautiful and would love the chance to win this. My quilting friend Cheri lives out of state but she is my quilting buddy by phone and internet.

  52. My best quilting buddy is my daughter…so happy she will continue the quilting tradition in my family.

  53. Kim is my best quilting buddy and also a work buddy! We both bring show and tells into work, go to quilt shows together. We also share the same birthday! How fun!

  54. Audry is my quilting buddy. She is new to quilting and it is so fun to watch her excitement as she learns new skills.

  55. I’m loving this Christmas Countdown! My best quilting buddy is Netflix or a good audiobook, but when I quilt with Lynette, it’s always a riot! 🙂

  56. Phillippa is my quilting friend, we like to occasionally go to classes together and she is usually the recipient of hand made gifts from me. x

  57. I love red and green fabric! Thanks moda for making so much of my favorite colors! My quilting buddy is Lynn Eccleston, we quilt together every Saturday and love each other and quilting. We feel lucky to know each other and quilting brought us together!

  58. My best quilting buddy is my sister in WI. I am in TX. We talk every week about what we are working on and what is new coming out in the quilting world. Every year she flies down to Houston to join me for the Int’l Quilt Festival and we usually work on a quilt together in my sewing room. We have shared our love of quilting now for 12 years. And Moda is both of our favorites. I hope I win the bundle but I hope you can package them up for all of us to buy if we don’t win. Thanks for sharing the freebie block patterns. I may attempt this summer to make these in red white and blue.

  59. Sandy is my best quilting buddy. Even though we don’t live close by each other, we still talk quilting all the time, and she offers encouragement and ideas, and we still share fabric for one another projects.

  60. My best quilting buddy is Randi Sue. She’s always up for a quilting adventure trip and she actually finishes projects which inspires me to work on my own!

  61. My best quilting buddy is Cindy Kingston. We make a point to sew together monthly even though she is a busy grandma these days. We love using our Scrap Users System and would welcome the infusion of these lovely reds and greens. She’d get all the reds and I’d get all the greens!! That’s how we roll. Allison C Bayer Plano Texas USA

  62. My best quilt buddy is my precious husband. He cuts out most of my squares and helps me coordinate the colors.

  63. My husband. He used to do everything by hand but several years ago he had to limit his hand work due to RA (although he would cut fabric and press for me while I sewed). So I found a Singer Featherweight 1 1/2 years ago and he has learned how to use it. Now we work side by side and it’s great. He has also attempted some free motion quilting on our Sweet Sixteen! Most of the quilts we make are donated.

  64. My friend and neighbor Barbara is my quilting buddy. It’s wonderful being able to share our creations.

  65. My quilting buddy is my daughter Catie. She challenges me to step outside my comfort zone. The student has definitely surpassed the teacher.

  66. Beautiful blocks and fabrics. I’d love a chance to win.

    My best sewing buddies are three dear friends. We all worked together and started a weekly sewing club. We gather each week at someone’s home, where the host prepares a yummy meal and then we sew and talk for hours. Together we have made two quilts for special friends. Individually we’ve made oodles of quilts and other crafty projects. I’m grateful for their friendship.

  67. Charlie, my 11 year old Springer Spaniel, is my best quilting buddy. He loves to sleep on his comforter while I sew.

  68. My best quilting buddy is my friend Kathy. For many years we have enjoyed quilting trips and retreats and challenged each other to try new methods. Lots of fun, lots of laughs and lots of love have been shared via our love of quilting. 🙂

  69. My best quilting buddy is my daughter. She has a natural artist’s eye for color balance for scrappy blocks. Lately I’ve noticed that the colors she selects from my stash are ones that go very well in her house!

  70. Carol is my dear friend and quilting buddy! Getting together to sew can be difficult, but we’re always sharing pictures of our creations with each other!

  71. My daughter Nicole is my quilting buddy. She is always full of great ideas and inspiration. When she comes home she raids my stash and I help with cutting and quilt math!

  72. My sister is my best quilting buddy! We love to be able to get together, help each other with projects, and get inspiration from each other.

  73. My best friend is my quilting buddy in Saskatchewan. We quilt together through the distance. Where there is a will, there is a way ❤️

  74. My best quilting buddy is a dear friend who introduced me to quilting over twenty years ago with a dresden plate quilt pattern.

  75. Pam is my best quilting buddy. We enjoy making mini quilts together, and share fabric, too. Then I get to quilt them for us. Sometimes Pam does all the piecing before I quilt them. It’s a fun partnership.

  76. Pretty! Hard to choose a best buddy, I have so many wonderful friends I see with. I feel so fortunate Judy, Sharon, Carolyn, Carol…!!!

  77. I️ have more than one quilting buddy. They are a group of 6 women who meet weekly to sew/quilt. I️ love these gals!!

  78. I have multiple quilting buddies. We meet twice a month to quilt, twice a month to go to guild meetings & whenever we want to go on quilty road trips! Fun!

  79. My best quilting buddy is my friend Sylvia Mittelstadt!!! We honor several quilting retreats each year!

  80. It’s hard to narrow it down to just one, but I know Becky was wanting some more greens for a Christmas tree project, so I’m going to pick her today.

  81. I have several, but today I would choose my friend Linda. Our tastes are so similar when it comes to quilting. We share advise and gift each other supplies. We just enjoy getting together and quilting.

  82. My Mom is my best quilting buddy!! We both just started quilting about 3 years ago, we do projects together and help each other sandwich out quilts…we also love to fabric shop together! She is an awesome, fun friend 🙂

  83. Beautiful fabrics. Love them. My husband is my quilting buddy. He enjoys hand quilting. I enjoy piecing more.

  84. My quilting buddy is Debbie Richards. She’s a great friend that also does all of my quilting on her long arm.

  85. I have several quilting buddies. Love getting together to sew as a group. Beautiful blocks! Can’t have enough Christmas.

  86. My sister, Roanne, is my quilting buddy. We share fabric, ideas, and suggestions. We live within walking distance of each other, so checking out what the other one is working on is easy peasy!

  87. Stunning fabrics! Thanks for this chance, Carrie. My best quilting buddy is Colleen because she is a wealth of quilting information and if I’m missing any sort of fabric or thread, I raid her abounding stash!

  88. My quilting buddy is Andrea Eades. We stitch the first Sat of each month together. She is a wonderful friend who is full of ideas and inspiration!

  89. Lovely blocks giving me even more inspiration! My best quilting buddy is Lorna… I have learned so much from her!

  90. I would love to win these fabrics. My best quilting buddies are Angie from my quilting bee, Alma who keeps me longarming her grandkids quilts and of course Bear (my doggie) who keeps me company in the sewing room

  91. My best quilting buddy, Lois passed away this past March. She was the Quilt Police for sure! But, I learned soooo much from her. I know she is hovering around me as I see still because I can feel her watching me and in my mind I can see “the look” if I mess up. She made me a much better quilter. Miss her terribly.

  92. Sweet! I have a frI end who has helped, encouraged me and this would be wonderful to give back to her.

  93. I’m thoroughly enjoying these blocks. My Quilting buddy is my aunt, without her I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

  94. My quilting buddy is Cathy Cheney. We met 29 years ago and became instant best friends. We took our first quilting class together in 2001 and have not slowed down since.

  95. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway. In our busy lives, we don’t sit down to sew together but we certainly discuss fabric ideas and patterns. Candie has been a true friend and confidant over the years.

  96. My best quilting buddy is Kim, we sew together once a week with the rest of our quilting/sewing buddies.

  97. I’m 1100 miles from where I last quilted with humans, and almost 2 hours from anything that could resemble a new quilting community, so I guess my best quilting buddy is my couch potato pup Amos. For serious quilting companionship, I look to Bonnie Hunter’s blog and Quilt Cam.

  98. My best quilting buddies are my 2 dachshund pups, that are with me whenever I am in my sewing space and they are always happy to personally try out the “feel” of any quilt, whether they have my permission or not!

  99. My quilting buddy is Kim Hushbeck. We work (play) together everyday in the shop. We value each other’s opinions and can laugh at each other’s mistakes without hurt feelings.

  100. My quilting buddy is my best friend April that lives 460 miles away. We are always sharing ideas, latest projects, photos, patterns and anything sewing/quilt related. We have both been wanting to make a Christmas quilt and these blocks would be perfect! Thanks for sharing them with the quilting community!

  101. My nest quilting buddy is ny husbands cousin. We try to get together twice a month with some other quilters to share ideas, fabric and each others company. Lots of giggles too.

  102. My best quilting quilting buddies are Linda and Jacque. We get together whenever we can for a quilting day. May be a whole day or a couple of hours. It’s good for the soul.

  103. I have a wonderful quilt group but my best quilting buddy is Barb Skinner. We love taking classes at the Sisters Quilters Affair together

  104. Yes Yes Yes where else would we be able to obtain all those pretty red and green fabrics! I am so partial to the Christmas time fabrics.

  105. My friend, Susan, whom I use to teach with is who I quilt with. We do other crafts together too. A couple years ago we did a BOTM quilt together. Each of us set our own goals for our quilts. It was fun to see how very different they ended up being.

  106. I would have to say Karlene is my best quilting bud! She is an expert quilter, my birthday twin and we both seem to love the same things. (Also, she lives around the corner). Happy Holidays. I can’t wait to do the Countdown to Christmas blocks!

  107. Beautiful! My dear sister is my best quilting buddy! We definitely share thoughts, time and opinions.

  108. Shirley from church is my quilting buddy. She runs an amazing prayer quilt ministry that has delivered over 100 quilts!

  109. I love these Moda Christmas blocksthey are really fun to make. One of my best quilty buddy is Sinta from PinkPincushion she’s such a great cheerleader!

  110. My best quilting buddy is my sweet daughter Sarah. We have such fun going to classes and learning together, and planning and shopping for our next project. We’d love to win these fabrics and make these blocks together.

  111. Until recently I didn’t have a quilting buddy but my 20 year daughter is starting to get into it and it’s so fun!

  112. My best Quilting buddy is Tina! We were in a Bee for many years until I moved away. She lives in the Houston area and every year she invites me to stay with her during the International Quilt Festival. We have so much fun catching up and going to the festival together. I look forward to moving back there so we can quilt together again.

  113. My quilting buddy is now deep into the ham radio culture and so I am seeking a new sewing buddy. I really miss the quarterly mini sewing retreats we used to have. Now I depend on my local quilt shop (SewItUp) for quilty peeps.

  114. I am blessed with multiple best quilting buddies- the newest addition to my crew is my older sister Mary who has taken to quilting like a duck to water!

  115. My best quilting buddy is my daughter, Sage. She’s a lovely introvert with a wickedly funny sense of humor and a compassionate heart the size of Texas…time spent with her is always fun!

  116. My sister-in-law Wendy is my best quilting buddy. We don’t live close to each other, so we Skype a couple of times a week to catch up and plan.

  117. I have a few quilting buddies, but I would have to say Cindy is my best quilting buddy. She is always encouraging me to take classes with her or go to retreats.

  118. My best quilting buddy is my husband…….we love to travel and he plans lots of quilt shop visits in our trips!!

  119. Julie and I are the ones tagged to do the raffle quilt for the past two years – We have had such fun putting these together, or finishing them and offering each one as a fund raiser for our church group.

  120. Mary is the best quilting buddy! We email, we talk, we send letters, we go to Paducah. She has
    taught me many quilting things and shared many life lessons. I am grateful for such a good
    -Jan Brown

  121. My best quilting buddy (so unfair to have to pick one) is Becky who spends the winter in FL while I am up in cold, snowy western NY. But when we are together we like to fabric shop as much as we quilt.

  122. My mom is my quilting buddy! I’m going over to her house soon to finish my first double slice layer cake quilt.

  123. My best quilting buddy is Jennifer; we met in an online group! We live close enough to schedule an occasional day of shopping and lunch, and have traveled to a quilting retreat together once. We also plan “sewing days” where we work on the same project, texting photos and updates! This would be a wonderful Christmas gift for both of us!

  124. My mom is my quilting buddy. She supports me with fabric and also an honest opinion. It is good when you can count on someone to praise when it is awesome and also give helpful advice for how to make something better.

  125. I have two quilt buddies, my husband he helps with math, and colors, and my good friend Paul (also my pastor), he also helps with color, and designs.

  126. My best quilting buddy is my daughter. Even though we live far apart, she in Illinois and me in Pennsylvania, we share our projects via texts and FaceTime. When we are together we usually visit some quilt shops.

  127. My best quilting buddy is my friend Helen. We love to talk projects and fabrics. Thank you for a chance to win these fabrics. I’m loving all the quilt blocks. Hugs

  128. My quilting buddy is Nancy who became my school friend in 1960. Although we live far apart we get together 1-2 times a year to quilt, create projects, and catch up on our lives. It’s a wonderful, happy time that I treasure with her.

  129. My friend GayAnn is my quilting buddy. I’m leading her ‘astray’ with getting her hooked on quilting and embroidery. Fortunately, she is enjoying the ‘corruption’ as much as I am.

  130. My best quilting buddy is Jeanette. Although we live in different states now, she has always been a wonderful quilting friend.

  131. Since moving across the country, I haven’t yet found any new quilting buddies. I do miss my “Henhouse” (sisters and mom) who get together every “Sewturday.” Kris Svoma, I’m pretty sure you would love this!

  132. My quilting buddy is my sister Shanna. We live in different states but talk weekly and visit quilt shops and sew on the few times we get together each year.

  133. My best quilting buddy is my daughter Hannah. We do lots of block of the months together and also have gone to a few retreats. So glad we can share a fun hobby together.

  134. My daughter is my best quilting buddy. We live 8 hours apart, but we share ideas and encouragement via email and text constantly.

  135. My best quilting buddy is Kristine Peterson. We became quilting friends in 1987, and have been quilting together ever since…even though we now live 1000 miles apart. Thank the Lord for e-mail and texting!


  136. My quilting buddy is Gail Overbeck. We spend a week a couple of times a year quilting with friends up in Lake Tahoe and have created many happy memories.

  137. Would love to win! My best quilting buddy is Dalle . She is 13 yrsolder than me. Full of spunk and we become Thelma and Louise on road trips!

  138. Julie, my most excellent sister-in-law is my best quilt buddy, cohort in fabric buying and all around just the best ! People mistake us for sisters! Love these blocks, THANKS!

  139. My best quilting buddy is my friend Debbie we have been at it for years classes, quilt shows, shopping and just help whenever you need it. We now live apart most of the year but we still make it work.

  140. My best quilt buddy is Carey. These blocks are must haves! Thank you to every creative genius who made each one!

  141. Whaaa! Before I got the end of the post and was reading through the designers, I thought “I wish I had a stash like that!” Thanks for the chance! My best quilting buddy is Cathy Ethier. Each of our sons has autism and we get together each week for a buddy visit for them …. and while they play, we quilt! It’s the perfect way to enjoy time together, take care of our boys and quilt to our heart’s content.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  142. Paula, who co-runs our church quilting ministry, is my quilting buddy. I know she would love to win some of that fabric, as would I!

  143. My daughter Chelsey is my quilting buddy. She lives 3 hours away from me but when she gets to come home, usually during holidays and spring break we try to make something together. Thank you for the opportunity to win the fabrics. Love them all.

  144. I have been teaching my friend Carol how to piece and she has just completed her very first quilt for a baby grandson. It is such a joy to share the pleasure of a quilting.

  145. Currently my quilting buddy lives thousands of miles away but will be together again next year when we move back home.

  146. My quilting buddy recently moved across the country, so we are not able to get together to sew anymore. But we text at least once a week sharing projects and plans for future projects.

  147. I don’t have a quilting buddy but, I do enjoy the encouragement from my quilting guild. They are a great source of inspiration.

  148. My best sewing buddy was my granddaughter, but I think I’ve lost her to more interesting teen activities. So for now, it has to be my Spunky Kitty. Love the Countdown blocks!

  149. My quilting buddy and I were both teachers and got together at least once a month on Friday night to have our own little ‘bee’ sewing time. I have since retired, but we still get together when we can for an evening sew or a ‘day retreat’ when she’s off. Fun times and we’d love to share these great fabrics for Christmas!

  150. My best friend, Kathy, is the funniest person I know. She is also my best quilting buddy, combing my two favorite things: sewing and laughter!

  151. My best quilting buddy is my youngest daughter. She’s a natural when it comes to sewing and quilting and is always so excited to join me in my studio on her half size Janome.

  152. I don’t have an local quilting buddy, but I have dear friends online that I quilt with, and we encourage each other. Jaye lives in North Carolina, and I live in Texas.

  153. My sister-in-law. We haven’t been able to sew together because of distance, but its great to have someone to “quilt talk” with.

  154. My best quilting buddy is my friend who used to help me at the store before I retired. We love to sit and hand sew together and have a good visit.

  155. My favorite quilt buddy is my daughter. She loves to supply gifts that feed my habit, and her eye for color make for great feedback. She has also started to quilt some on her own. She usually likes to come up with a project for me to do for her!

  156. I love these fabrics!!! My favorite quilting buddy is Shirley, she and I love taking about quilting and shopping for fabric of course!!!

  157. MERRY CHRISTMAS! My favorite quilt buddy is my Daughter ! She loves all fabrics,fibers etc.! Thanks for sharing a great giveaway!

  158. I don’t have a quilting buddy. Quilting and sewing are solitary endeavors for me. I do love the giving of my creations though.

  159. My best quilting buddy is Sandy. l taught her to quilt a few years ago. We have lots of fun with our projects!

  160. I don’t have one quilting buddy. I have several friends I enjoy quilting with. Tomoroow is our potluck to celebrate the holidays. I like these fabrics.

  161. Even though we’re separated my many miles–she’s in Tenn, and I’m in Ohio–Linda Henline can get me in the sewing mode faster than anyone

  162. Best quilting buddy would be my sister. We’re learning new quilt techniques all the time so this project gives us a chance to create various blocks in so many different ways.
    Thank you–Winning your offer of the Fat Eighth fabric bundles would be great!

  163. my quilting buddy is my best friend of over 40 years – Mary Grey currently living in AK but planning to move to my town next spring! Let the fun begin!

  164. Theresa Johnson would be my go to buddy! Even if its been a while we pick right up where we left off! A bonus is I get her mom Gloria too! Love it! Both very creative gals!

  165. My best quilting buddy would be Karen Weaver. Judy and the gang from the local quilt shop run a very close second!

  166. My best quilting buddy is Joe – lots of laughs and lots of learning. He’s always up for quilting or a quilting trip!

  167. Really a difficult answer — I have so many best quilting buddies, so I drew the name out of a hat and it is Barb 🙂

  168. My best buddy is my sister, Diane, who had always sewn garments until I moved back to our hometown 3 years ago. Now she shops my stash, tools, and patterns, and is the instigator for quilt shop sprees!

  169. My best quilting buddy is my mom. She was a “Grandma Moses” free spirited creator of original works of art but now she is slowly slipping away. She still loves fabric and she can still sew squares together. I treasure every moment with her.

  170. My best quilting buddy is my mini-group. We meet twice a month at each other’s houses and we also take field trips to quilt shows. They keep me inspired and sane.

  171. The blocks look great……. I especially like the pepermint one…..
    My best quilting buddy is my daughter…….she is 16 and has enjoyed sewing things with me for many many years now already having made several quilts……… What is wonderful though is the fact she just does what she wants…… Does not worry about rules and just goes with her ideas on her head……… She gets the idea then works out how to get it together……..

  172. My favorite quilting buddy is my sister Barbara Bermes. She always is Johnny on the spot to help when I get stuck!

  173. My best quilting buddy right now is my husband, Gene. He doesn’t quilt yet but gives me endless encouragement and now is starting to get interested in seeing. He found a vintage Singer to rebuild so he wouldn’t have to ask me to share my sewing machine. What a sweetie! I would love to see what he would make with his own quilting fabric!

  174. My best quilting buddy is a grade school classmate through high school friend Sue. We moved separately to California after college and marriage and now live a block away. I love the red and green fabrics.

  175. My quilting buddy is Carmyn M. She is a skilled quilter and keeps me reaching beyond my comfort zone. We have been quilting for many years.

  176. Sadly I do not have a quilting buddy… I surely wish I did…. I learned basics from my grandmother years ago and now “wing it” …. love the challenges

  177. My best quilting buddy is Connie. My love for quilting became a full-blown obsession a couple of years ago when she moved back to town and we reconnected. She has introduced me to so many quilting tips, tools, designers, websites, etc. Her sewing room is wonderful- I always feel like I’m in a quilt shop!

  178. My best quilting buddy is my sister…we live some distance apart but get together for weekends of sewing, sharing the tasks to get two projects done, and encourage each other and talk quilting on the phone at other times. Our mother was a very creative lady, and we love that we share our sewing. At other times my dear little cat Maisie helps me with my quilting, and spends heaps of time sleeping on the finished and unfinished quilts!

  179. My favorite quilting buddy is Lola Newman. We love to get together and work on our quilts. We would both Love to win the fabrics. Thanks!!

  180. My best quilting buddy lives in IN and I live in CA. We share our successes and failures across the e-mail miles. Shout out to Barbara D., the “busy B”.

  181. My best quilting buddy is my daughter Whitney. She started quilting before I did and convinced me I could do it. Of course she was right, and I’m thankful daily that she got me into this marvelous hobby (addiction?).

  182. My best buddy was my mom, she liked going to shows and shops with me. Now that she’s gone I don’t have just one – we travel in herds! My friends from several small groups provide encouragement…or, perhaps it’s better to say they are my enablers. Love the red and green selection.

  183. I love these blocks & color pathway!! I don’t have a quilting buddy but I know lots of folks that would love to have this fabric treasure!!

  184. Oh no, I have 4 best quilting buddies! Beth, Deb, Gigi and Leslie Jo! We call ourselves the WV Girls, though we live in Northern Virginia.

  185. My Best Quilting Buddy is my cousin, Kristen in South Dakota, far from me in Texas. Even though we only see each other once a year at our summer quilt retreat, we share ideas and projects onine. And we enter sewing contests together!

  186. My sister moved to town after being an Army wife and seeing the world. She is my best quilting buddy. I learn new things from her and she always shares her great quilting skills. I am so happy to be just two miles away from her!

  187. My best quilting buddy is my friend Marlene…we met at a retreat back in NY. My husband and I moved 2000 miles away to the desert southwest. But Marlene and I talk all the time and send each other quilting e-mails and little quilty packages all year long!

  188. My best quilting buddy is my long time friend Pam. We live on opposite sides of the country now, but we sew together while on the phone and when we visit each other’s home. We have similar tastes in patterns and fabric choices. Pam gives great advice. I wouldn’t be the quilter I am today without Pam’s help.

  189. My quilting buddy is Linda. I have known her for over 25 years, we have worked together on a couple jobs, and now retired. Our favorite haunts are Road to CA, M&L’s, Jenny’s and our local LQS’s. We even get a few quilts done!

  190. My best quilting buddy is my long arm quilter. We do not sew together since she is always busy with customers quilts but we do go to our local quilt shop for our BOM. And exchange patterns and ideas.

  191. My best quilting buddy is Beth. She prefers papercrafts right now, but she has taught me lots and is a great cheerleader!

  192. My best quilting buddy is Cathy, but she lives quite away from me. We do most of our quilting together by phone texting each other along the way. It’s so much fun when we occasionally get to spend a weekend working together! But quitting by phone is fun too.

  193. My quilting buddy is my friend Liz. We spend the mornings together with our toddlers, then quilt at naptime!

  194. My quilting buddy is my mom Virginia. We started quilting when my grandma passed away in 2004. This is how we remember her. She was a wonderful seamstress.

  195. My sister Katie is my quilting buddy. She introduced me to quilting when I was visiting her in PA. She comes to AZ and I travel to PA to quilt, laugh and purchase more fabric. Wished we lived closer.

  196. My best quilting buddy is Judi. I lead our church’s Charity Quilt group, and I am teaching her to quilt. She loves it and has already made 4 or 5 charity quilts, and 2 tablerunners for her house. Now she’s graduated to a bed sized quilt. Ohhh, she’s got the bug!

  197. I have several great buddies that I work with that are my quilting friends. I’m lucky to have them in my life

  198. I don’t have a quilting buddy, it makes it hard to get motivated some days. Reading this blog helps me a lot!
    Merry Xmas

  199. My DIL is my quilting buddy. We fabric shop together – mostly agree on fabrics – love to sew. Her ideas sometimes use unusual fabric colours, but always turn out beautiful. We have different talents that work well together. Thanks for this blog – we enjoy much !!!!

  200. I have two quilting buddies that I reconnected here in Georgia with. We 3 went to the same school and lived in the same neighborhood in Levittown, New York and graduated within a year of each other. We reconnected 30 years later because of a Facebook post at a quilt shop. Turns out we’re all quilters and live in the same area!

  201. I live in a very small town, unfortunately I don’t have a quilting buddy, the reds and greens are beautiful

  202. My best quilting buddy is Theresa, but she lives 10 hours way. we get together when we can, and talk on the phone while we sew.

  203. my best quilting buddy is Moishe. Tough to get together because of his working full time. Next would be to quilt by myself. I talk to myself and answer my own questions!!!!

  204. My quilting buddy, also my inspiration is my youngest daughter. I’ve been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, had a double mastectomy & under going treatment. Without her encouragement & help, I would not be sewing, due to fatigue & lost of interest.

  205. My friend Grace Leboeuf is my neighbor and dear friend. We often share what we need to help each other weather sewing, quilting, cooking or gardening.

  206. My quilting friend is my longtime friend Nancy. I used to be her daughters babysitter when I was in high school. That was 45 years ago!

  207. My favorite buddy to sew with is wonderful friend I worked with for several years. We always have a wonderful time!
    And I love these new blocks & great new fabrics!!

  208. My best quilting buddy is my friend Lynn Damewood. We cheer each other on long distance and get together every couple of years. She is in NC and I am in MO, so it is hard to get together. The internet and smart phones make it much easier!

  209. My best quilting buddy is my Granddaughter Lauren. I taught her to quilt so we could enjoy more time together. Now she will spend the day with me when she has a day off from her regular job and we are making memories as well as quilts. Happy times!

  210. My Quilting Buddy is Rose Thompson. We both belong to a small Quilting group in our Retirement
    Village. We enjoy making quilted items to sell at our Autumn Day Festival. All proceeds go to our charities.

  211. My quilting buddy is my Mum. We try to meet up once a week for a quilting session………it’s surprising how much gets done with all the chatting and idea exchanges.

  212. My quilting buddy is Jean. Jean is from Canada & we happen to spend the winters in the same park in Venice, Fl. During the summer, we try to get together to work on a quilting project.

  213. My quilting buddy is Paula and we met online. She encouraged me to do my first quilt along. We send fabrics to each other and swap patterns and share our progress in doing projects. I hope to go and visit her next year. I have sent her a quilt for Xmas, she will be so surprised!!!

  214. My quilting buddies, sisters Darlene, Melinda and Debbie. I’m passing on skills when we get together for weekend sewing.

  215. I don’t have a quilting buddy as such but Manisha and I discuss all quilting stuff long distance.

  216. My husband Kevin is my best quilting buddy. We go on road trips to quilt shops and he always goes in and finds me a quilting challenge to make. His selection of fabrics is perfect for our home. Each project has a story of the trip we took together. And he does all the driving!

  217. My best quilting buddy is my cat Domino. He is always at my side trying to help. He irons the fabric by laying on it and if he doesn’t like something that I’ve done, he knocks it on the floor.

  218. So much fun, a great way to do a project with a little help from all your friends.. getting the inspiration to be creative is the best!!!

  219. My best quilting buddy is my mother, we choose different fabrics and patterns but love to talk about quilts, share books and visit stores or exhibitions together. And when we visit eachother we always find some time to sew together.

  220. My quilting buddies are 6 wonderful ladies. That meet ever Tuesday to make lap robes and bibs for our local nursing home.we share our talents and passion for guilting​.while giving something back to our shut-ins.

  221. I don’t know any other person who quilts, but my cat always spends a lot of time “helping” me when I get my fabric and sewing supplies out. Thanks!

  222. My best quilting buddy is Miss Brenda. We started as a group of four, they welcomed me with open arms, every Saturday. One has been received into heaven, one has moved in with her daughter in Washington, so now it is just the 2 of us left. I treasure every time we are together!

  223. My best quilting buddy is my niece, Charlene. I taught her a few basics, gave her a quilting book, and she took off! Now, she loves quilting, and we always “sandwich” together.

  224. My best quilting buddy is my niece Erin. She & I have done classes together, made quilts in same pattern different fabrics, and just helped each other grow as quilters and friends. It’s always a joy to share what we’ve made and pass things on to others.

  225. I have lots of sewing buddies, how do I choose just one? I spent yesterday with one helping her with a mystery quilt. I love spending time with Chris!

  226. my best quilting buddy is my daughter Danielle, but she lives 300 miles away and is busy with my three granddaughters, twins who are 5 and their 3 year old sister and she works full time as a emergency room RN.

  227. My best quilting buddy is Debby, who lives a couple hours away. We met through a Facebook quilting group. She invited me to a quilt retreat and the rest is best friend history!

  228. My sissy is my best quilting buddy. She is also my roomie at all quilt retreats and she makes the best coffee after all those late night quilting.

  229. MY Sissy is MY best quilting buddy. She doesn’t snore at retreats, she loves my coffee, she makes great cookies, she always gives me cute presents AND we’re sisters by choice, not genetics.

  230. My best quilting buddy is my dog Phoebe. She is with me nearly all of the time when I am planning, cutting, sewing, and pressing. She also gets asked for her design advice but is not very helpful in that area. 🙂

  231. No one else I know quilts and we have no pets right now so I quilt alone. I do have some FB friends I’ve never met who quilt, though.

  232. My best one–oh I have so many to choose from! Today I say Nada, We spent many hrs together sewing when I lived in AK.

  233. My best quilting buddy is Sherry. We get together once a week, and we recently completed the Moda Shuffle using the Hyde Park line from last year, and we are currently working on Moda Blockheads using Eliza’s Indigo. We encourage each other so we can stay current on these and other projects we are working on. Love these Christmas blocks!!!

  234. My quilting buddy is Nancy Dabney. She is a beautiful lady inside and out and so inspirational. She has been quilting for more than 30 years and doesn’t hesitate to help me. She makes and donates her quilts to Children’s hospital and Quilts of Valor. She also enjoys every part of the quilting process. Thank you for a lovely giveaway.

  235. My quilting buddy is Shirley. We worked together for many years, but didn’t become quilting buddies till we retired.

  236. My mom is my best quilting buddy. We don’t get to guilt together often as we live 400 km apart but when we do get together we always spend most of our time in the sewing room.

  237. My friend, Shelly Polston, is my quilting buddy. We’ve been friends for 40 years & we both recently started quilting. Now we talk, text & share videos of quilting ideas most every day. It would be so great if we got to enjoy this beautiful fabric together!

  238. My mom is my best quilting buddy! She lives just two short blocks away and we see each other almost every day 😀

  239. My mom is my best quilting buddy these days. My sister and I grew up among quilt ladies, mom, both grandmothers and. Ountleas aunts and great aunts. My mom is the only one still living to quilt with and even though we are states apart we share our projects through pictures on messenger and through texts!!

  240. My quilting buddy is my daughter who lives in another state. Her beautiful quilts inspired me & she constantly encourages me as a beginner quilter! She is also self taught as a quilter!!!

  241. Have have so many wonderful quilting buddies!! Have to go with Karlene – we started quilting at the same time and get into mischief together!

  242. I just moved 3 months ago, away from my long time quilting buddies, but I have been blessed to meet a new buddy, Ashley. No accidents in life, we met for a reason and have formed a great bond through our quilting.

  243. My quilting buddy is Glorya. We don’t really get together much to quilt because of schedules but we do encourage each other a lot!

  244. My quilting buddy is my mom. She had to take a couple years off from quilting due to a hand injury and multiple surgeries, but she is starting to quilt again.

  245. I guess you would say my husband is my favorite quilting buddy. We both quilt, and both love paper piecing, and then he helps with the quilting on my domestic machine.

  246. Only one quilting buddy? I have several but really wish my daughter was local so we could be quilting buddies more often.

  247. My mother-in-law, Sue Nuss, would be my closest quilting buddy. She has quilted nearly her whole life, and rekindled my love of quilts. She shares her knowledge and books, and I share new gadgets and books.

  248. My quilting buddy is Kathy Hawkins. We sew together every week. My quilty friends are the best friends I’ve ever had

  249. My quilting buddy is my friend Jo Anne. When we lived in the same state, we made quilts together at my home, and ran around to local quilt shops and local and regional quilt shows. We’re two peas in a pod, and keep in touch regularly. She will visit in the Spring, and we have plans!

  250. Those are as cute as can be!!! all the fabrics, and I’m going to make all of these blocks ASAP!!!

  251. I have two friends that I quilted with over years. As time has passed going on 20 years, both have moved away. It was fun to create together. One now lives in So. California and the other in Virginia for the time being, we all started out in Washington. It would be fun to have the same fabric and see what the other one does on their own and then compare.
    Thank you for sharing your patterns with me. I appreciate you creativity and insight.

  252. My quilting friend is Kathy, we love sharing our projects and quilts ideas we’re planning for our grandchildren!

  253. My mom is my favorite quilting buddy. We love 900 miles apart, but talk on the phone, e-mail pictures, join the same quilt-alongs, etc. Neither of us started quilting until after I’d moved out.

  254. I am blessed with a group of sewing buddies- Cathy, Karen, Carolyn, Lynn, Kelly, RoseAnn, and Cathy…we meet every Monday and we sew individual projects. They are so encouraging and helpful.

  255. I LOVE Moda fabric!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win. My quilting buddy is my friend Sandy.

  256. My quilting buddy is my friend Melanie. We learned how to quilt in a class together, and love to shop for fabrics. We used to live in the same town, but we moved to Phoenix last year, so only get to sew together on my trips home.

  257. My friend, Jane, got me into quilting – so now we’re quilting friends! 🙂 We keep each other stretching our skills (and our stashes!).

  258. My mentor and neighbor Nicky, who encouraged me and is always there to help when I need to baste a quilt!

  259. I have a quilting buddy Marge who moved from Montana to Maine. Now we keep in touch with FB and IG

  260. My sister is my quilting buddy. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win a beautiful merry
    Moda bundle!!!

  261. My best quilting buddy is my sister! We can go fabric shopping separately and find we both bought the same fabric!

  262. My mom, we’ve been sewing together for 44 years! I sewed my first outfit when I was 10! She’s quilted for some time but I didn’t start till about 8 years ago. I have so much to learn!!

  263. I have three quilting friends that I met at a quilting class almost three years ago, but there is one in particular who was the catalyst for keeping our little group going long after the quilting class was over. We still gather often, and stay in touch by email when we aren’t together.

  264. My best sewing buddy is my friend Joyce. She is also a travel buddy and we manage to find beautiful fabric for projects wherever we go .

  265. My sewing buddy is my daughter’s MIL. We are in different states but share ideas and encouragement thru texts and photos

  266. Chris is my long distance sewing buddy. We’ve made a row along quilt together and text each other our completed rows. Sooo fun!

  267. My best quilting buddy is Netflix! I enjoy the solitude of my quilt studio – playing with fabric and watching what is trending on Netflix. I can definitely stay there for hours. What a great bundle of red/green fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win.

  268. My 3 sisters and I get together whenever we can to quilt together, we even go on quilty vacations. But I guess I would say my little sister is my buddy.

  269. I am blessed with three quilting buddies and we meet every week. There is always sewing going on but lots of laughter and encouragement, too!, and something sweet to munch!

  270. My best quilting buddy has to be Mr.123quilt. He is there every step of way (whether he likes to be or not!) He is my go-to for design decisions. 🙂

  271. My best quilting buddy is also my BFF Mandy T. We go to quilt shows and fabric sales together, share our scraps and encourage each other in all of our quilting endeavours x

  272. My best quilting buddy is my dear friend, Dawn White. Together we have called ourselves Moda Mamas because it is inevitably the fabric we choose. We enable each other to add to our stashes way too often, LOL.

  273. What a great bundle and I’ve loved seeing each of the blocks come across my feed, my best quilting friend is my mom. I have really surprised her bring a quilter, because I hated to sew growing up!

  274. My best quilting buddy is Nancy. She really quilts and does a beautiful job. While I love to correct fabric with great quilts in mind.

  275. No true quilting buddy here – but the ladies at my favorite shop are always ready to help with ideas, fabrics and patterns.

  276. My long time kindred spirit friend, Deb. We lIve about 3 hours away from one another now but for over 30 years we have been friends. We have quilted together via texting, phone and email…:) Did Lori Holt’s row quilt several years ago “together”. We have attended the Mid-Atlantic quilt Show together for a fun packed “Girls Quilty Weekend” and shopped, attended classes, sewed, ate lots of chocolate …together !

  277. My DIL. She teaches at retreats and I go along to unsew, iron and watch in amazement as she reaches everyone and moves them gently along the quilting way. She helps me with color and block arrangement and my quilts turn out so much better for her help. And we get along better than I ever imagined. Love her.

  278. My quilting bestie is Jan Holder. She lives 2 hours from me, so she stays at my house when we get together, which is about once a month. She inspires me and I always seek her advice when creating my quilts. I always tell her, “You are so smart, and I just love smart people!”

  279. My favorite buddy is my sister. Has helped me do much. I wouldn’t be quilting if not for her. I owe her so much.

    Thanks- the fabrics are awesome!!

  280. My quilting buddy is Jill. I don’t know very many other quilters, but I love getting together with Jill to compare what we are working on. She gifted me a bunch of scraps and after sorting them, I am gifting them back to her to make a postage stamp quilt with. After all, it’s colours and fabrics that she already loves. I’ll just get started on the cutting and maybe put together a 9-patch for her.

  281. My friend Signe who lives 5 miles up road. Neither are perfectionists so get along well. We have 10 days quilting/sewing camping in Augustt and have got more friends interested.

  282. My favorite quilting buddy is my daughter, Shauna. After I had a stroke 5 years ago I couldn’t remember how to quilt or use my machine. My daughter (who didn’t sew at all) told me she would take classes with me and start from the beginning. We did and she was hooked on quilting the very first class!! We laughed our way through mistakes and love quilting together

  283. My quilting buddies would be the bloggers I’ve met this year. There is an international group that works on a quilt for Ovarian Cancer of Australia each year, and my new group that is hand quilting! These ladies have become some wonderful friends even though we have never met!

  284. My favorite quilting buddy is my neighbor Peggy. We go to quilt shows together and moan about how there isn’t enough time to sew.

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