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December 26th.  Did Santa get your list?

Me either.  But I think I’ll ring in the New Year with Bernie – what I “generically” call my machines so it’s all good.

Today is Tuesday so… Returning or exchanging? Shopping? Napping? Cleaning up?  Enjoying a little quiet time?  Wishing the holiday didn’t pass so quickly?

All of the above?

A few weeks ago, I ran across an article I’d saved from the December 1996 issue of Glamour magazine.  The article is by Lisa Funderburg, a writer, editor and English professor at the University of Pennsylvannia.  I don’t know if she still makes quilts but she did in 1996, and she wrote this piece about joining her local quilting guild.  The lovely comments you left a few weeks ago about your best quilting buddies made it clear that quilting still connects generations, friends who live oceans apart and gender.


Have a wonderful day – here’s hoping you get to connect with a fellow quilter or two.

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21 thoughts on “Common threads…

  1. now if there was a guild like that around here I would join – I tried one twice and dropped out both times after a year or so – just wasn’t a fun place to be and a waste of my time

    1. Start one of your own, set your own “rules” (or tone), invite who you want to be with. You can start with 2 or 3 people & see how it goes/grows.

      1. That’s exactly what I did when I retired along with 2 other ladies that I met when out walking. We put notices up on all the mailboxes on our road and asked for quilters or sewers that were interested in learning. By the first meeting there were 12 of us. That was 12 years ago. We meet at each other’s homes every other Wed afternoon. We have all become the best of friends and are constantly learning from each other. It was the best thing that I ever did.

  2. I belong to several sewing groups and LOVE them. However, within the last few years I’ve stopped attending one because of the “politics” that reared its ugly head. NOT politics on a national scale but in-fighting among members … and our leader appeared to “fan” the flames of discontent. That has NOT stopped me from attending my other groups where I receive great inspiration and encouragement. If you can find a group do join … it will vastly feed your creative soul.

  3. What a beautiful article. Thank you for sharing. And “Tuesdays with Bernie” – sounds like a book title!

  4. When a member of the guild I say we get out it what we put into it. Like going to church services not every meeting is for you buy another who need to hear it.even then we can learn something
    we never new. So go and have Positive attitude with quilt making on your mind.
    Maybe challenge those who seem to talk politics a challenge. Make a quilt to tell your opinion by pictures and such. Enjoy your group as a whole and come back k next month you just might kiss a great technique or get story like this one is. Quilt hugs and keep stitching and attending

  5. I am suffering from sugar lol
    As a member
    We never know
    Have a positive
    You might miss a great
    To hear a story such as this one

  6. What a beautiful article and thoughts to start a new year. Every morning in her welcome to students, the principal at the school where I do crossing guard duty ends with…”and remember, the choice is yours, make it a good day or not”. This message helps me think every day. Happy new year and thank you for this blog every day

  7. Thank you for sharing this article! The guild I belong to is just like this one! Maybe a little more homogeneous but we don’t have lots of diversity in Arizona. Our 92 members come from all over. Many are winter visitors. We all share a love of fabric, creativity and a passion for sharing our talents with others.

  8. I so enjoyed your article! I have sewn and then quilted for many years. It is what makes me happy! I have a sign in my sewing room saying ‘Do one thing every day that makes you happy!’

  9. Thank you for sharing this article – I did tear up a bit. I belong to a group which meets monthly at our local sewing machine shop, it’s a great community. Quilting groups are heartwarming places, no matter the time of year. I hope everyone has a wonderful quilty new year. Best wishes from Adelaide, South Australia where it will be 41 degrees Celsius today.

  10. Sometimes as today the comments are as great to read as the original post as I sit here w/ mostly happy tears while shaking my head “Yes!” relating to all that is written. Carrie you know and present so well the world of quilting & I thank you!

  11. I really enjoyed the article. Even though I’m not a guild member I find the same support and diversity with my web connects. I absolutely love quilting. Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. Loved the article.Funny thing is I’ve found another craft or arts that has really touched my creative side. That is drawing..never would have believed I could draw well. Now I really enjoy sewing and have resent tried quilting…learning on my own and pondering joining a group. I think if the group was small enough, I’m rather a shy person, I just think I’d give it a go. Quilting and drawing. 2018 is nearing so what better time! Thanks for the article…it opened my eyes! !

  13. Enjoyed your article and I don’t belong to a sewing guild but I do teach quilting to some seniors at acenter. They come because they are alone at home and theses fisted ladies and gentlemen are so much fun to be around , so everyone who has 2-3 hrs try visiting a senior center in your area and enjoy life

  14. I belonged to a guild… once. I never understood the rules or process of membership and no one ever explained the bylaws etc. Great article. Thanks for sharing so much with us this year. Happy New Year!

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