Fall Quilt Market 2017 – Part 1

Fall International Quilt Market 2017 is in the books.  And it was a pretty book.

With the Astros, Dodgers, a few thousand quilters and Jennifer Lopez in town, Houston was a happening place!

The Moda Designer Booths in one quick shot.  A little blurry but it was fast, right? What?  You’d like a slightly more leisurely perusal of the designers’ digs for last weekend?  Okay, okay… you’ve twisted my arm.  Get the beverage and snack of your choice, sit back and start scrolling.  Some clicking will be involved.  No worries… we’ll wait.

Purebred II from Erin Michael – because two horses are always better than one.  These are Misty and Lucky… they’re leaving the barn in May 2018.

Evelyn’s Homestead by Betsy Chutchian – these quilts are Sunshine & ShadowRoundupBear Tracks.

The Front Porch by Sherri & Chelsi.  From left to right, the quilts are Flower Garden and Pink Lemonade.  The Front Porch will be in shops in February.

Lilac Ridge by Jan Patek.  This is Sampler Spree.

Linda’s Lilacs.  Lilac Ridge will be blooming in February.

Christmas arrived a little early this year with Vintage Holiday by Bonnie & Camille.  From left to right, the quilts are: Deck the HallsChristmas CheerPatchwork SkySugar PlumsWinterville.

This one little house has everyone hunting to find white paper houses to cover with fabric.  Camille.  That girl.

Robin PickensDear Mum.  Traditionally based prints create a wonderfully graphic modern quilt – this is Harlequin.  Dear Mum will be in shops in March.

Freya & Friends is a lovely collection of prints that coordinate with a printed Pillow Panel that makes a dollhouse, three little girls, their dog, a tea set, pillows and a quilt.  It’s perfect for storytime.  With the beautiful prints, make a child-size Artisan apron for playtime.  Freya is from Janet Clare and she’ll be in shops in March.

Debbie Maddy’s Yuki was inspired by winter – just look at those beautiful snowflakes!  The quilts are Spinning Stars and Fuji Stars.  These stars and snowflakes arrive in May.

Deb Strain is Homegrown.  Deb’s collections always include a panel which can be used for quilts, pillows, tablerunners and wallhangings.  On the left are a few of Coach House’s Homegrown Banners.  On the right is Homegrown Happiness, a Moda Project Sheet and Kit.

Ella & Ollie.  They’re not new designers, Ella is Elisabeth Figueroa.  Ollie is what Joanna Figueroa’s Mom called her beau, a young man she was dating.  Joanna’s Dad.  Joanna?  That’s Fig Tree & Co.   The quilts are Rosehips and Nine-Patch Waltz.

Fig Tree Quilt Dots?  Yes!  Coming soon… That’s a good thing because picking a couple of favorites is going to take awhile.

Sweetwater has created Harmony with shades of Blue, Gray and Yellow.  (They’ll be especially harmonious in March when the collection arrives in shops.)

They also have a gift for creating the best, cutest, most covetable little projects and accessories.  Every. Single. Time.

Laurie Simpson of Minick & Simpson was flying solo this time in a lovely red and cream corner.  Farmhouse Reds – it’s classic, modern, and gorgeous.  From left to right, the quilts are: Mrs. Rose’s BestBirds Hill LaneOn The Plus SideGood Morning.

Since Polly had to miss Market this year, Laurie brought her 30-plus year-old Kitty.  Kitty says Farmhouse Reds will be in shops in January.  (By the way, with that chapeau, is Kitty the original Cat in a Hat?)

Cats were a huge hit at Quilt Market…

Even with all these cats in her booth, Stacie Bloomfield for Gingiber is not a “crazy cat lady”.  She’s a super-cool, crazy about cats and Catnip artist!  The quilts are Rows of CatsCatnipHidden Kittens.  These cats will be purring in January.

Jardin de VersaillesFrench General.  (But you knew that.)  Featuring a 14″ x 20″ panel print of Marie Antoinette that makes a perfect quilt medallion or pillow, Jardin adds a bit of new color to French General’s signature palette.

This is Jardin de Versailles – the medallion quilt.  (It measures 84″ x 90″.)  Jardin de Versailles will be in shops in April.

Mama’s Cottage by April Rosenthal – fresh, bright and really pretty.  If these are your colors, get extra of everything!  The prints are versatile and wonderfully blendable so use the red and green for a holiday quilt.  The pink, yellow and orange would be perfect for a “fruit cocktail” quilt.  Mama’s Cottage ships in January.

Did I tell you there was a big United Notions booth?  It was long and narrow and quite perfect.

I really liked the row of Matchbox Quilts and boxes.  There was also cake… or rather, there were Cake Mixes.

I’m sure you’re seeing a few other things we’ll share next time.

So that’s it for today.  Almost.

The new Fall Market 2017 CatalogModa Piece No. 28 – is available online.

Happy Friday!



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16 thoughts on “Fall Quilt Market 2017 – Part 1

  1. Yes, thank you sooo much for sharing Carrie; always love seeing the beautiful Moda booths-so inspiring! I too haven’t been to a Quilt Market, but will make it one day!

  2. Thank you for all the pretty pictures! There are a few great collections that will be in stores nextyear (although my LQS told me that they didn’t order Vintage Holiday)

  3. Oh such beautiful fabrics! Betsy Chutchian’s line is begging to be in my sewing room. Love the colors! They are all so pretty. Thank you for giving us a peek.

  4. Three Cathys with a C in a row! ⬆️ Hi, fellow Cathys! Anyway, just wanted to say everything looks beautiful. Moda does it right. Always!

  5. Whew! I need a nap from all this eye candy! It was so nice to see it all in one post. Thanks Carrie, as usual you rock!

  6. Almost as much fun as being there, and not nearly as exhausting, from what I hear. Thanks much for the wrap-up. My wish list is expansive!

  7. I saw an alphabet quilt with little girls and boys in Janet Clare’s booth. Any idea about the pattern or if/when it will be available?

  8. Love the after-market posts that you do! I really enjoyed the link to the catalog as well. I need a wishlist and a money tree 😉

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