All In A Row Again!

Rowing was so much fun the first time, who wanted to pass up another chance to Row!

All In a Row Again!  Twenty-three new rows to go with the twenty-four rows in All In a Row – now unofficially known as Vol. 1.

Did I mention that All In a Row Again also has ten super-cute “filler” rows – something to add a little “break” between the designer rows?

There are pieced rows and appliqué rows – there’s even embroidery from Kathy Schmitz!

To celebrate, the Moda All-Stars are having a Blog Row – a Blog Row Hop?  A Rowing Blog Hop?

One of those.  The All In a Row Again rowing-hopping will be on blogs and Instagram.

There will be prizes!

Daily prizes – from Martingale and from the All-Stars.

Here are the Moda All-Star Rowers:

Monday – 11.13:  Martingale & The Cutting Table

Tuesday – 11.14: Pat SloanJanet ClareCorey Yoder

Wednesday – 11.15: Laurie SimpsonStacy Iest Hsu

Thursday – 11.16: Anne SuttonAlma Allen of Blackbird Designs

Friday – 11.17: Lynne HagmeierBetsy Chutchian

Saturday – 11.18: Deb StrainKathy Schmitz

Sunday – 11.19: Sandy KlopSandy Gervais

Monday – 11.20: Brenda RiddleBarbara Groves of Me & My Sister Designs

Tuesday – 11.21: Karla Eisenach of SweetwaterCamille Roskelley of Bonnie & Camille

Wednesday – 11.22: Sherri McConnell of Sherri & ChelsiKate Spain

Friday – 11.24: Lissa Alexander ~ aka ModaLissaLisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings

The proceeds from All In a Row Again will be donated to Give Kids The World – where happiness inspires hope, providing children with life-threatening illnesses to share joyful memories with their families.

So here’s what you need to know for today…

Leave a comment by Midnight on Friday telling us if you have any “rowing” experience – the quilting kind.  Do you have the All In A Row Vol. 1 book?  Did you make any rows?  Did you make a quilt?

One randomly selected “rowing along-er” will win both books – All In a Row and All In a Row Again – and a Fat Eighth bundle of Confetti by Me & My Sister Designs.

That’s it for today – Happy Rowing!

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400 thoughts on “All In A Row Again!

  1. I have the book and love it. I have made six rows and they are all with Christmas Fabric. I started putting my rows together and stopped because I now need to make a couple of smaller filler rows. So much fun to row

    1. I don’t have either book but I love the idea of making a row quilt. Several of the rows shown here are very appealing. Can’t wait to start my own.

  2. The Quilt is wonderful! Quilting experience…some, rowing experience…none of the quilting kind so far, though I am a bit of a sculler on water. I would love to give this a try!

  3. I’m the worst of quilters…I have BAGS of rbr patterns, fabric, and notions all waiting to be made from different shops and even states. But I can’t help myself so I’m IN! 🙂

  4. I do not have the books, but I participated in the row by row experience that our local quilt shops organized. Each of the local quilt shops designed a row and all rows together form a great little quilt. I loved it! Hence, I would also love to have these books and create another row quilt. Should be much fun!

  5. I do not have either of the books yet, but I did make 7 Row Along Quilts a few years ago. One of my first quilt experiences. I loved that I could place each row over my cabinet and keep sewing. I didn’t realize how long and wide they had become, till it came time to sew all the rows together :)! Loved, loved the experience – and would love to make more again. These books look like treasures!

  6. Yes I have Volume 1 and I made a laptop quilt. I had a lot of fun with it adding lab puppies in the rows. The title of the quilt was Spring Fling and the Naughty Puppies. The last row showed them in the dog house, haha.

  7. I just got the All in a Row Again book. I love it, I am thinking I should have bought the first one too, such cute ideas. I have made some ‘row’ quilts before, but these are inspiring me to make some more!

  8. I have participated in our local quilt shops row by row for a few years now. I enjoyed every one of them!

  9. I do not have either book but need to get them! Have participated in row by row for 2 yrs now. I love row quilts. Thank you fir opportunity! Maybe I will get the books and have more rowing fun!

  10. I just finished “The Boys in the Boat” by Daniel James Brown. It was an excellent book about rowing. Reading about rowing is my only experience with it. It would be fun to row with a quilt.

  11. I don’t have either book yet, but I love the rows I am seeing. It would be so fun to personalize a quilt by choosing which rows and which order to use them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. the only rows I’ve done before were the Row by Row that’s done over the summer, these would be cute to add!

  13. I don’t have either book and the only rowing that I’ve done has been in a boat, but I would love to try the quilted rowing. Thank you for the generous give away!

  14. I do have the first volume but haven’t been able to make anything from it. I sure do enjoy looking through it and dreaming, though.

  15. I have the first book and made the row with the clothes hanging from the wash line. I hope to make more rows from the book and this new one. It is cold now in Southern Pennsylvania and that is my time to sew. Happy Holidays to everyone!!

  16. I have volume one and made one row. Love looking at the book and planning where I will go. Thank you for the opportunity to win the new book and fun fabrics!

  17. Never made a row by row before but just would love to start making one! I don’t have the booke but I’m
    sure I’m going to buy both of them! (Or I should be the lucky one this time to be a winner! ). The bundle of fabric is just beautiful!!!

  18. I have experience rowing a boat and collecting row-by-row patterns for the past two years. I love the colors of all of the quilts shown and especially the colors and cute owls row. Thank you for your wonderful give away.

  19. I don’t have these books but really enjoy making row quilts. Sounds like a great lineup for a fabulous quilt! Thanks for the giveaway and all the hard work which goes into a production like this!

  20. I’ve never made a row quilt, but I’ve got one on my bucket list (so many quilts, so little time).

  21. Have never made a row quilt but I have the new book on my wish list for Christmas. This would be a glorious early Christmas present!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. I do not have the Row by Row book, I do love the Martingale books and patterns. I have followed my local quilt shops and their rows. Such inspiration and fun seeing all of the creativity.

  23. I do not have the books but I’ve made several rows from quiltalongs on the web. They’ve mostly ended up as table runners.

  24. I have a bunch of row patterns that I want to make, but still haven’t found the time. These books really inspire me to get started on my first row quilt. Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. I have made one row quilt with a group of friends and it is one of my favorites! I would love to make another using your books.

  26. I have the first book, but haven’t made a row yet. I may start some of the rows as my after Christmas project this year. The new book is on my list!

  27. I do not have the books and making a row by row quilt is on my list of quilts to make. The quilts shown are great inspiration.

  28. Sofar I don’t have experience inquilt rowing, but I love to change this. The pattern look fun!
    So off to some dry water rowing!

  29. I don’t have the first book, but many years ago, I belonged to a on-line group and hosted a row-by-row quilt-along. All of the blocks were free patterns from the web at that time, and I made two tops. One was a lap size and the other a queen. Both still need to be quilted…maybe I should pull them out and get that done! 🙂

  30. I have Both books!! The first one I got most of the designers to sign!! I have plans to row but haven’t had a chance to start!

  31. I do not have any rowing experience, but that blue and white quilt with the darling embroidered bird is calling my name! I am going to give it a try!

  32. I do have the first book and I love to look through it and plan a future project. I hope to start one soon! I would love to add the second volume to my library to give me even more options!

  33. One of my most treasured quilts is a row quilt. Each row was made by a friend in the Sewcial Group. We all used the same background fabric but but picked our own designs and feature fabrics. We hand quilted our own rows. I was the lucky draw winner! It’s also my family’s favourite.

  34. I do not have the book, and have never made a quilt with rows of blocks. I need to try it, because these quilts are set beautifully. I love it when there is an animal of some kind thrown in with the traditional blocks.

  35. Years ago I made a row quilt. I don’t have either of these books,but I have been looking at them. Thanks for the chance to win them.

  36. I don’t have the books. I did make a row quilt about 20 years ago and about 10 years ago finally got it quilted and have it on our bed.

  37. I haven’t made a row quilt yet but I have made many quilts. I’m really interested in making a row quilt.

  38. I love row by row quilts it breaks up the boredom of the same block over and over… I don’t have any RxR books and would love to add them to my book collection

  39. I have made one Row by Row quilt that was organized by the quilt shop that is near me. I enjoyed doing it. I changed it a bit. Changed the birds up a bit or added some different trees or people to the houses. It is one of my favorite quilts and one that I actually completely finished on time.

  40. No rowing experience here either in water or quilting! And you can never be too many books or fabric, right?!

  41. Love the look and ideas of row quilts. Have not made one yet, but have been playing around with them on EQ7. Would love to win these great gifts and finally get rowing!

  42. I am new in quilting and I never try Row by Row before. Row by Row sound fun and exciting for a new quilter like me I am going to challenge myself to start one Row by Row this week and I don’t have any of the books mention it would be super exciting for new beginner to get a hold of them books … I could row and row the whole year :).

  43. I have Vol. 1, but not Vol. 2–yet! Love these books. Have not made a row but hope to some day. I, too, have done the RxR via driving from shop to shop. Much easier to do virtually ! Love the fabric bundle in the giveaway!

  44. I participated in the Row by row experience this year, but have not put the kits together. I do not have either of the books. I’m sure they would be helpful so that my first row quilt will be fantastic! 😉

  45. I don’t have either book, so I’ll have to look for them. I have made two Row By Row quilts (and have enough left to make a few more!). I would like to make one using wider rows.

  46. The second year of row by row, I traveled to quilt shops in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia collecting rows and license plate. They are still on my bucket list to stitch and quilt. I love this book and the filler designs. I like traditional quilt designs combined with unique designs. It might be the ticket to inspire me to complete quilts from all my kits.

  47. I haven’t done a row by row shop hop and I don’t have the books(but want to get at least one). Im late I know but I just got interested in doing a row by row quilt. They are really cute.

  48. I have not worked on any “rowing” yet, but would sure like to learn. Would love to have these books and fabric to start. They look as though they would surely make a cute “rowing” quilt.

  49. I have participated in row by row for a couple of years now. I would love to win the two books and the gorgeous fabric bundle to really get me going. I need that kind of inspiration!

  50. I don’t have the book but have done row quilts in the past and love them. I have participated in quilt shop row by row activities. the books are so inspirational.

  51. I have made several row quilts with my quilt group and just finished one for myself. I have the new book but don’t have Vol. 1. It’s on my wish list!

  52. The row concept is very creative and i like that you can pull different elements from the book and create pillows, table runners and other quilts. Another book for my quilt bucket list!

  53. I have the row book and love looking at it. I especially love the clothes line in red and white. I quilt and am recently retired, so I’m very excited!

  54. I have never done a row by row but how can I not buy this book when the proceeds go to such a great charity?

  55. Oh goodness, I do not have either of these books! This would be such a wonderful gift to win! For more reasons than I can count. Like 57 plus!

  56. I am drawn to row quilts and have collected some of the summer row by row blocks from local quilt shops. I have purchased the new book as a gift for a quilting friend. I love the barn quilt row.

  57. I don’t have the first book but checked it out of the library-it looked like so much fun. I especially love the camper from this second book.

  58. I do not have either book, but recently did a row by row in Virginia and love it. I would love to have these books so if I do not win I will ask for them for Christmas. Keep up the good work and thanks for this fun experience.

  59. No rowing experience yet, unless you count a collection on Pinterest! It’s definitely on my bucket list!

  60. I have not made a row quilt, but it looks like such a great idea. What a fun way to personalize a quilt for someone you love. I would really enjoy either book, I guess I’ve got to add to my Christmas list. =)

  61. I have both books and love the patterns. Haven’t made any of them yet, but looking forward to combining from both books.

  62. I don’t have any experience unless collecting the row by row’s counts……. I would love to have the book to create a row quilt. Fingers crossed.

  63. I have the first book and used ideas from it to make an Easter table topper and a summery wall hanging. Sadly the wall hanging is still a UFO…maybe next year it will make it to the wall?

  64. I did a row quilt decades ago while I was on QuiltXchange, a listserve group. Looking forward to trying another and hope I win!

  65. Yes, our guild had a Row Round Robin! I was a new quilter and it appealed to me because I figured I’d only have two long sides, instead of four, to rip out if I didn’t do my best. It is my favorite group quilt!!! Would love to win. Thank you for the opportunity! Allison C Bayer, Plano, Texas USA

  66. I made a row quilt with tutorials from Bee In My Bonnet. I do have All in a Row Vol I, but haven’t yet made any of the quilts inside. I really love the Vintage Trailer row with the mushrooms in Vol 2.

  67. I’ve only made a couple of quilts but I am very interested in row quilts. I like the variety of scrap and row quilts. It is my goal to make a row quilt. I will definitely look into your books!

  68. No, I have never made a row quilt, but they’re beautiful! I don’t have either of the books and thanks for this chance.

  69. I have All in A Row, Vol 1, but I haven’t started my quilt yet as I’m waiting for my house to be finished and I can start sewing again!

  70. My only experience with “Row” quilts is collecting the Row by Row Experience patterns and fabric plates from the shops I visited. Would love to try the rows in these books and the Confetti fabric line would take me out of my comfort one which is something else I want to do! To hanks for the chance to win them all!

  71. I have looked and looked at my friend’s book, but never dared – I don’t think I can resist any longer! Love the owls row!

  72. I have been wanting to get All in a Row, now I want both. I haven’t made any rows yet! Enjoy your day!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  73. After getting hooked on rowing through the Row by Row experience, I’ve mounted a curtain rod with clip rings to easily display and change through the seasons. Love to rotate my rows and see old favs return!

  74. I have done a few Row by Row from our local quilt shops. Love doing them because I like some hand quilting and the variety of them. Would love one of the books.

  75. I received the first “All in a Row” book as a gift and have loved looking through it, imagining the quilt I’ll make, but I haven’t started yet. Mostly I keep thinking what fun it would be to make a row quilt with a friend. If I won a second book, that would be a great start on a friend-to-friend project! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  76. I’ve not done a rbr yet but would love to try this one to get me started. Looks like such fun. Thank you for the chance of winning and trying something new.

  77. Hi, I don’t have the books but would love to have them. I have taken part in row by row quilts in my quilt group and a quilt guild or 2 . Love the surprise of what other quilters add to the quilt.

  78. I have never made an All in a Row quilt and this is the first time I have ever heard of these books. Would love to have one and make one of these beautiful quilts. Maybe this “hop” is just the incentive I need.

  79. I have no “rowing” experience, but I like the idea of doing blocks for just one row and then trying a new block. Sounds like fun to pick rows to go together in a quilt.

  80. I have the first book.. haven’t started.. LOVE the second book.. have done some row by row in the Quilty Fun book.. This is great!

  81. My quilting group did a rowing challenge, was lots of fun and all such different ideas and colors. Would love to do something like that again


  83. Our quilt group The Blocksmiths had a Row by Row round robin a few years ago. It was a lot of fun and would love to make another one. It was fun having each row different as opposed to making the same block for a quilt. These books look wonderful!

  84. I do not have the first book yet. I did a round robin row by row with ladies I worked with at a local quilt shop. This was many years ago but still don’t have mine together. This will give me incentive to finish it.

  85. I do not have this book… nor have i done these rows… However, I’ve finished 2 summer ‘Row by Row’ quilts and really enjoy them… Think this will be a good way to get the row fix year round.

  86. I’ve bought the first book, adore it, sewed a quilt that is completely Finished!!! And one row that yet needs to be quilted for a hanging. Looking forward to getting my second version!

  87. I have enjoyed seeing all the amazing rows but have not joined in yet. This new row from Kathy Schmitz is definitely going to change all that though! Thank you for mentioning the added ‘filler’ rows. That’s a great idea!

  88. I bought the first book, worked my way through enough rows to make two finished quilts and even won a prize in the first row along. It was a no-brainer buying the second book and I can’t wait to see what everyone makes. I love the new designs and can’t wait to get started.

  89. These look like such fun quilts. My rowing experience is the row by row promoted by shops–this past summer it was on the go. Good fun! I love these books and Me and My Sister fabrics are so happy!

  90. I’ve started a few rows, but get distracted by something shiny before I can finish! And I’ve done some rowing in a canoe. The books are really cute, would love to own a copy. I’ve got so many row by row patterns from local quilt shops they’re taking over a bookcase!

  91. I have the first book and made some rows from Lori Holt’s row quilt. Best tip I read in another “row book” was to put down two strips of painters tape on a flat surface at the outside edges of your first row. Then use that to “measure your other rows against to see if they are the same. Would save lots of time from constantly re-measuring each row.

  92. I have the first book and the second is on my wish list. Didn’t make a row from the first book yet but will make one of Camille’s block for a sampler quilt.

  93. I have done a Row by Row several years ago. I did not make a quilt but used parts of the row for other projects. I would love both of the books! Me and My Sister have the BEST fabrics!

  94. I have the first book and love it! I made a Row by Row quilt and really enjoyed putting it together. 😀

  95. I have Volume 1 and have started making my first row quilt…so far I’ve completed “Wash Day” and “Twinkle” and am working on “He Loves Me.” It’s a nice slow-stitching project…I am able to do a bit at a time and still feel like I’ve accomplished something.

  96. I’ve made two Row by Row Experience quilts. One for 2016 and one for 2017. They were very big and would like to do something a little smaller, but absolutely love row by row quilts..

  97. I have never done a row quilt. I love the look, they remind me of the “good Ole days.” I’m excited to get started on one soon! Thank you Moda!!

  98. I have the first book and I have made one row from it for a runner. I made Winter Friends, but did wool applique in place of the embroidery.

  99. I made three and a half rows from the first book–wait–are we supposed to make whole quilts?! I did the bunnies first, Janet Claire’s technique to make them change shapes intrigued me and was why I had to own the first book. Maybe if I have the second book I can manage to finish one whole quilt? 🙂

  100. Yes, I did make a row quilt – mostly pieced but with an appliqued top border. Loved making it and am looking forward to making some rows from the new book to combine with several from the original book. Great giveaway!

  101. I have made a row quilt. Well, the top is complete and I have the backing fabric with it. I don’t have either book yet but they are on my list.

  102. I have made row quilts with a small group of friends as a “row robin”. They were extra fun to make and the results were brilliant. My favorites are a Christmas wall quilt and a chicken quilt. I don’t have the Row By Row books YET. Both are on my “to purchase” and “wish” list.

  103. I have 2015 row by row started as I went on a toad trip w one sister! I do not own the Moda Row by Row oks yet

  104. I’ve not made a row quilt yet, but I’d like to. I don’t have the row by row books, but the quilts in them are really pretty, I’d love to make them.

  105. I love the Tricolor row by Lisa Bongean. Red is my favorite and her row is outstanding. The newest Row by Row book is a beautiful and would be super great in my sewing room.

  106. I’ve no rowing experience (quilting or otherwise) in my repertoire – yet! Same with the ‘All in a Row’ books. I really liked the blocks/quilts from the first book and looks like it’ll be similar just by looking at the cover. The opportunity to win both books and a bundle from Me & My Sister – fantastic! Thank you.

  107. This book has me excited to make an All in a Row Quilt. I have never seen the 1st book, but I think I would be racing over to the Trees and Flowers section for my 1st row.

  108. Never purchased the volume one, but I must have this new one. I’m a lifelong sewer, learned on my mom’s Singer, but just a third year quilter. I’ve had lots of fun with the Blockheads QAL, so I’m really excited to try another Moda project.

  109. I don’t have either book, and have never done a row quilt, but would love to participate in this one! Thanks for the opportunity to win the books (which look great!) and the wonderful bundle of fabrics from Me & My Sister. I’m not usually very lucky … :o( … but I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  110. I do have the first book but it got placed into my Someday Soon Pile. This book looks to be as wonderful as the first one. And those fabrics!! Yum!!

  111. I haven’t tried “rowing” yet but it looks like ;lots of in and a good way to break up the work into manageable chunks (rows). Those fabrics are so gorgeous I would have to start my first row right away!

  112. My only experience with row by row quilts is that I have purchased kits when there have been shop hops to Row Across Texas. I have never made any of the rows and don’t have enough for a quilt if I did. So I’d love to have your books; esp. the newest one with the filler rows to separate designer rows. I think that is genius!

  113. I have not made a row quilt but would really like to cannot wait to see the blog hop. Thank you tons for the inspiration 🙂

  114. I would like to test but so far I don’t have the books… Difficult to find them in France!!! Nevertheless, this is very inspiring and I think that could really be one of my next quilts!

  115. I do not have the Moda Row books but I do have rowing experience. I have participated in the nationwide row by row experience collecting rows from the various quilt shops. I haven’t won yet by being the first quilter in but I am always hopeful.

  116. I have made a type of row quilt except it was called a round robin quilt. Our blocks went around the previous blocks instead of in straight rows. Yes, I could really use these books to learn the row by row method!!

  117. I just bought the first Row by Row book and I love it!!! I have started my first row! Thanks for the opportunity to win the next book!

  118. My only SEWING “rowing” experience is getting patterns from various shops who make “rows” each year and assembling a few into a pattern … usually in conjunction with a shop hop. Some of them are quite clever and worth getting. I do NOT have the first book … I was fulfilling my last near year’s resolution of FINISHING projects before starting ones and I knew if I got the book that resolution would be gone with the wind. Hoping that I am entered in the drawing … this would definitely be interesting!

  119. I have done rows by local shops, but do not own the books. They look like they would be lots of fun to try out!

  120. I didn’t make any of the rows from Volume 1 (I have a copy) but I do intend to make a row quilt when my book arrives (already ordered and on its way). I’ll probably end up making more than one quilt since I have the feeling that making these rows may be like eating potato chips.

  121. I have not made a row quilt before. But I love this glimpse you have given in the pictures in this post. I could definitely find inspiration there.

  122. I’ve never made a row quilt and haven’t read any of the books featuring row quilts. It’s something I would love to do!

  123. I have never made a row quilt, but the examples and concept sounds exciting. I don’t own a copy of the book. I think I will be trying this in the very near future!

  124. I’ve made some row quilts also. I have several kitted up to make after the Christmas making is done.

  125. I have not made a row quilt yet. Your books look awesome to learn how to make them. Thank you for this offer to try and win!

  126. I have not made a row quilt, and do not have the books. Looks like fun. Thanks for the giveaway.

  127. A long time ago I worked on a row quilt, getting the different rows from different shophop shops. It was so much fun.

  128. I don’t have either book. I have made one row by row quilt. It was given to my daughter for Christmas a few years ago.

  129. I will be retiring next year and look forward to trying different styles of making quilts. These books would help me expand my options.

  130. I have both books. I towed along last year and loved it. I made a fall quilt quilt and hope to finish a winter one this year!

  131. I have been putting together a quilt using rows from the row by row experience. I would love to do more!

  132. I have the first book and have used parts of the designs in other quilts as well as making a table runner using one row I really enjoyed the designs in the first book and would love to see the new one.

  133. I made a row quilt 5 years ago for a very special lady in celebration of her declaration of ‘cancer free’. Each row represented something she felt ‘blessed’ with as she went thru her Chemo journey to stay up-beat. No I don’t have this book, but how fun to start another journey with a new row quilt.

  134. I don’t have the book, but I do have some rowing experience from a Blog Hop that happened a few months ago. I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  135. I’ve made a couple of rows but not assembled in a quilt. I’d love to have the book. It looks inspiring.

  136. After the publication of ‘vol 1’, I was inspired to make a row quilt and came up with my own row designs. I made matching quilts for 2 nieces — such a good feeling to gift something made with love!

  137. No rowing experience for me — other than the water-based kind. The rows pictured look like they’d be fun to make and the fabrics are so cheery!

  138. I am a quilt retreat right now (first time ever) & I’m working on my first quilt! It’s a baby quilt. I have no row experience but would love to learn!

  139. I do have the All In A Row, Vol 1, and have spent much time looking, reading, and just enjoying the book. I plan to make most every row in the book, some day.

  140. I have done three Row By Row quilts, and have enjoyed doing them. I would very much like to have both of these books.

  141. I haven’t rowed with Moda yet, but I would really like to. These books look great and I would like go make a row quilt.

  142. I love the first book- made 6 rows, but haven’t finished them into a wall hanging yet. Would love to get Rows Again! Perhaps that would inspire me to finish!!

  143. I bought the first book because I loved Melissa Corry’s autumn quilt and wanted to make something similar. It’s still on my “to-do” list. I did stitch a row by row quilt last year made with blocks stitched by members of my small quilt group.

  144. Wonderful looking book it will be excellent inspiration to make many projects and to mix and match with the 1st book. Hope I’m lucky. Anne

  145. Participated in Row by Row last year as a shop owner. Sold shop this year and collected all the rows I could between ND and CA. I do have the first book and plan on “rowing” all the ones I collected as soon as my new sewing room is set up in CA…yeah!

  146. I am working on a row quilt (Pat Sloan’s from APQ last year), but I do not have either All Stars Row book yet. They look like a lot of fun, as does the happy fabric!

  147. I don’t have the first book, but I love the quilts you have shown from the second book, especially the Owl Welcome Quilt! I would love to make that one and others!

  148. I don’t have the book, and I haven’t done any rows yet. I did check out a few at quilt shops on a trip across the country, and to Alaska. Would love to have the book, the fabrics, and to try some rows. I would probably do the building and the critters first.

  149. I have just recently seen the row books, and I love the idea of them. The Mix & Match element is so fun. The spring colorway is lovely.

  150. I don’t have either book, but I have made many Roy by Row quilts created by quilt shops in Wisconsin and Michigan. I love the concept and Row patterns often are my go to patterns.

  151. I have the first book, but I haven’t made any rows yet. I like the concept and it’s on my To Do List.

  152. I do not have either book yet. Bingo love the idea of row quilts. This second book has some wonderful rows and great ideas for putting them together.

  153. I’ve never rowed, but would love to try after reading this wonderful book that I hope to win. Thanks for the opportunity!

  154. I have volume 1 and volume 2 and still haven’t made a row. This year it is on my to do list for sure.

  155. I don’t have either book, but I am intrigued. I have done one row quilt. I think it would be fun to do another.

  156. I haven’t made a row quilt – yet, but I’d love to! The books and fabric look like so much fun! Thanks!

  157. I have made only one row quilt and it was with a group round robin. I do not have Row by Row. Would love to win.

  158. Years and years ago I made a pieced row quilt. I would love to make an updated row quilt. Love the blue and white row quilt you have pictured!

  159. I have never tried a row along but am very interested…lost of stash, lots of books and patterns, would love to give this a try.

  160. I do have some row experience. I made some rows from the first book and plan to finish them as table runners. Also I’ve done rows from shop hops. Thanks for the chance to win!

  161. I had seen row quilts that just “stacked” the rows but have seen the quilt pieced by Sarah Huechteman and her suggestions for spacers between have given me some ideas to try!

  162. I’m just getting back to quilting again – after a break of several years. I haven’t tried rowing yet – and I don’t have All in a Row, Vol 1, but I think that it looks like fun and that the variety will help me get back into the swing of things. Thank you for this awesome give-away!

  163. I have the first book and I love it, so I can’t wait to get this new Vol 2 book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  164. I don’t have either book, but they are definitely on my wish list. I do see a row by row quilt in my future. Thanks for the chance to win!

  165. I have never made a full row by row quilt top, but I have used the row theme to make several table runners. I have several patterns ready for a themed row by row quilt top on my to do list.

  166. I have neither book nor any row-building experience but I would love to be able to change my negative response to positive!

  167. One of my bees did a group row project years ago. I must have ten finsihed rows, but alas, no rows have been sewn toether into a top.
    So, no quilt. Yet!

  168. This would be a first row by row experience for me. I would start with a Classic Patchwork row, and then add an Owl row, as I have just bought the AccuQuilt die for it. After that…..will see what inspiration hits me next!

  169. Haven’t made my own row quilt, but I’ve done a few Row Robins with internet friends. Sometimes a design challenge to make a row for someone else’s quilt, but always fun to see what I get to work on and get my rows back to see what has been added!

  170. I love these books! I have the first one and am looking forward to owning the second…winning one would be fantastic!

  171. I have not made a row quilt yet, but want to soon. I loved volume 1 and can see volume 2 is just as inspirational.

  172. I have a full set of Row by Row kits from last year that I haven’t put together yet (sadly!), but no actual sewing time on a row quilt. Guess it’s time to start!

  173. I have the first book and have made several table runners from it! Next stop is to combine some rows for a quilt! Great idea for a fun way to build a quilt!

  174. My guild has done several “Row Exchanges”. It’s so much fun to ‘design’ a row – all that room!!!! Can’t wait to see this year’s designs. doni @ Oregon coast

  175. I do have volume one and I will be making it my 2018 project. I love both books. I love the idea of making them with Christmas fabrics.

  176. My attempts at rowing have resulted in a couple of table runners! Maybe my attention span is limited, or I run out of time for more rows. I do love the book though, it gives me lots of ideas. Where can I get more time?? LOL!

  177. I made one row as a wall hanging from the first volume. I have been organizing my scraps so this new book would a great way to use them!

  178. I would love to try the row and feel most comfortable doing traditional patchwork. Applique is not my favorite but with bigger pieces, I’d give it a go!

  179. Beautiful designs! I have never done a row by row quilt, and don’t have the books, but these are inspiring! I will have to add this to my growing list of new designs to try.

  180. I have participated in row quilts with my guild, but not with the book. I am digging the cover quilt on the Row by Row Again cover!

  181. I do not own either book but would love to make a few of these tempting, well-designed rows! Thanks Moda designers.

  182. I did Lori Holt’s row-by-row from her book “Quilty Fun” when she was sharing it on her blog several years ago. It is my favorite!

  183. I have rowed many times in a canoe but not in a quilt. I only need to bind a baby quilt right now and I am through with “must do” quilting for a while. I am ready to row! These two examples are so cute! What fun!

  184. I am an inexperienced “rower”. Participated in a group row exchange once years before the first book was published (which I don’t have, BTW). Am excited about the new Vol. 2.

  185. I never made a All In the Row quilt . It’s high on my -TO-DO-List. It should be nice to win a copy of this nice book. I already start my sewingmachine

  186. I made a quilt from Vol 1! It turned out DARLING! I used Sherri and Chelsi’s Bright Sun fabric and it’s one of my most popular makes. I would so love to make another.

  187. Yes I made some row quilts. When the first book came out I made 4. One was strawberries,another was Seed packets and veggies, another was chickens, and one from the book. It was a great deal of fun. Looking forward to more.

    1. I do not have the book, and have no experience with the row by row. But I find myself in need of something new to try. Thank you

  188. My rowing experience is local, as in purchasing a kit from my local quilt shop (Nancy’s Calico Patch) and I’ve got it cut, just got to stitch it up. Volumne 1 of All in a Row will be next next book purchase as I recently saw it for sale there. Thank you for all the inspiration, and kindness. I do appreciate the opportunity to quilt for a child/children

  189. I have an e-book of the first volume. I made Wash Day as a wall hanging for my laundry room. I made Bunny Playdate into an Easter table runner. I had a few other rows printed out to make table runners, but never got to them yet.

  190. I have made row quilts from time to time. They are fun! I have the Volume 1 book and have made a row or two but not finished into a quilt yet.

  191. No, I do not have the book. Yet, I have done a couple of quilts made as Row Alongs and they were quite fun.

  192. My first quilt was a row by row that I made around 2002. That could be why I am instantly drawn to these books. I have some quilting plans from Volume 1, but no rows sewn yet.

  193. I have not made a row quilt but it is on my list to do. I love the camper row and can’t wait. The books are definitely in my wish list.

  194. I have made a row quilt and currently have it on the bed. I do not have either of the books, and as for the fabric, is there ever enough?

  195. Yes, I have the book and have been waiting for it’s sequel to come out! I love it and have made some cute rows. Thanks!

  196. I have made row quilts before but not from these books. I would love to win them! The hedgehog and owl rows are so cute!

  197. I do not have the book but i have done one row quilt, round robin style. My them was “anything to do with school”. The rows are amazing but I haven’t had time to put them together yet! I’d love to get ideas for flller rows from this book!

  198. No, I have not been doing any rowing. I have admired them, but have not jumped in the water, so to speak. After seeing these rows, I will definitely think about doing one.

  199. I have yet to experience quilt rowing and do not have a book on the subject. I have completed a couple of rows for another quilter. It was amazing to see her quilt come together. This is the perfect opportunity to start rowing.

  200. I haven’t tried a row quilt yet. I love the looks of them and do plan on making one hopefully in 2018

  201. What a wonderfully good prize!!!!! Yes, I have Vol 1 and made a quilt from all the rows…a quilt along with a friend of mine and we shared our rows via email/text. It was SO FUN. I’d love to win Vol 2!!

  202. I started a row quilt with a group of quilters. We each specified a theme for our quilt and then each quilter made a row for each of the other quilters following that theme. My theme was Christmas and I loved the rows made by the quilters in the group. The variety in the rows and the varying talents of the quilters make the quilt very special.

  203. At first I didn’t care for the Row quilts but now I can hardly wait to make one! The more I see the more I love them .

  204. I have made a couple of row quilts, but never one from these books. I love the creativity this allows, so I am excited. Fingers corsssed (oops, see, I can’t type. I mean crossed).

  205. I have not done the rows from these books, BUT…I completed a Row by Row in 2015–the first year ND participated, and then in 2016, I completed the Homes. These year I got enough Rows but only got 2 finished. I’m hoping to get them done before the new ” Sew Musical” start up!

  206. I have the first book and have made table runners. I have collected fabrics for a row quilt. I haven’t decided which rows I want to make, LOL. I love all of them. Haven’t purchased the second book yet, but I’m looking forward to having even more choices!

  207. Have not done a row quilt yet….but these look like a lot of fun…and I have fabric from the stash yelling “pick me pick me”….

  208. I do not have the book but I do have patterns from shop hops. Unfortunately i have not made any but that will be changing shortly.

  209. I haven’t made a row quilt but think it’s a fun way to do a lot of different “patches” in one quilt! They are so cute.

  210. Love the idea of 2 books with so many row patterns. I look forward to getting both books and trying some of these wonderful ideas. I’ve hopped for Row-X-Row and collected some kits to make over the winter. Can hardly wait to get these books.

  211. I have the first book and would love to have book 2. Made a couple of rows from book 1 to use as table runners.

  212. I have absolutely no experience with appliqué or row by row designs but I am going to try. It just looks like so much fun.

  213. My only row experience is collecting the row by rows over the past few years. Still have not made a quilt from any of them.

  214. Wow! Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win BOTH books! And that great fat eighth bundle of Confetti by Me And My Sister. It’s so pretty! These rows are fantastic! I’ve never made rows before, so this is amazing inspiration and motivation to try. 🙂

  215. I have not made any row quilt’s but would absolutely love to make one. Love the book and what a great giveaway.. Thanks for the chance!

  216. Love this quilt. I haven’t yet done any row quilts. I think this would be a good one to start with.

  217. I do not have either of the books . I have also never made one . After looking at them, they seem fun!!! Can not wait to make one now!!

  218. The yearly RowxRow projects entice me and I have a couple in a drawer. This is encouragement to to get them out and do them. What better way than to include them with some rows from one of the books.

  219. The summertime Row by Row experience was my first foray into quilt rowing (as well as raw edge applique…). I haven’t made it much past a bundle of rows, though. I need to tie (sew) them altogether into something cohesive.

  220. I had never sewn a row until my daughter and I made a row from one of the Row by Row patterns that we collected this summer. Now I have fallen in love with rows! I think they are just brilliant! I am planning a row quilt and having a blast finding rows and picking fabrics for them.

  221. I made a row from the row by row patterns collected in my state. Not enough for a quilt yet. These 2 books would help me finish a quilt. They have such beautiful rows in them. Thaks!

  222. I don’t have any experience of making Row by Row quilts but I love the idea of being able to build your own unique quilt

  223. I don’t have the row by row books, but we have been making rows all year at my local quilt guild. Everyone started with the row they wanted and each month we exchange and make a new row. Not explained well but it certainly has been fun. Thank you for the opportunity.

  224. I do not have the books but went from blog to blog the first time without saying anything.

    Our quilt group is thinking about a row quilt for next year but members would design their own row as the quilt moved round.

  225. I do not have any “rowing” experience with these books–I hadn’t heard of them until someone posted about this blog hop on one of my FB groups. I have, however, done row swaps (round robin type), but this looks fun! Thanks for a chance to win a book and dive right in (“dive,” “row”–get it? Yeah, corny, I know!).

  226. I don’t have any of the row books and have never done any row quilts. I would dearly love to do one, especially from the new book. I love all the rows. I’m just afraid I will get hooked on row quilts and not want to do any thing else. With so many different row one could make a lot of different quilts.

    V icky Bradford

  227. Have the book. Made an oversized queen which I absolutely love. I like row over sampler quilts because I like to make one than one block at a time. Can’t wait to try these new rows. Thanks

  228. I don’t have either book, unfortunately. Nor have I ever done a row by row style quilt, but I hope to!

  229. Yes, I have row experience! Don’t have either book or a website. Honestly I have so much to say on this topic that I am sending you a separate email for your perusal. Thanks!

  230. I have some rowing experience sewing along with a quilt along. I also own book #1, so this one would be great added to my limited library of books. So many talented designers!!!

  231. I have never done a row quilt but a group I am currently quilting with wants to do the new book as a quiltalong. I can’t wait! I love that it is skill building.

  232. I am very new and just have done blocks but would really like to expand and learn another skill to have in my arsenal!

  233. I do not have either book and have never made a row quilt but I would love to! There are so many cute designs!

  234. I too have never done a row quilt, but after seeing so many adorable ones, I’ve decided to give it a whirl! Since I have neither book, winning this gift would help me on my way! Thanks! : )

  235. I fell in love with the Row by Row event last summer and have a collection of patterns awaiting their turn in my project task! This book is awesome!!!

  236. I don’t have the first book but am buying this one for the wonderful creature rows. I have made rows from the row by row event that some quilt shops were sponsoring.

  237. These are beautiful books. I have been wanting to make the row by row for quite a while. I’m in love with the patterns.

  238. I would love to make rows out of “volume 2”. I don’t currently own either one. Never made a Row quilt or have gotten a chance to travel around on the Row shop hop…..yet. Love the camper trailers.

  239. Have no “rowing” experience but have the first book and a few kits/patterns from various shops that are on my “to do” list. Love the patterns and ideas! Thank you!

  240. I don’t have either book, but would like to try a row by row quilt. I have picked up a few row by row patterns from local shops, but have yet to make them. Hoping for more inspiration! Thank you!

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