A Road Rally…

Not this kind!  (Though this does look like fun.)

[The really cool picture is from Driving Gift Experiences in the UK.]

This is a Road Rally celebrating Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks – Volume 16.

If you’ve been collecting-saving the issues, you’ve got 1600 blocks!

As with any kind of road rally, there are some fun-and-games along the way.  In this case, a souvenir hunt.  Be sure to check out the Quilty Pleasures Blog for more information, and chances to win something wonderful.

While we love every block in every issue, you know we have Moda-vorites.

Block #1550: Basket of Twigs by Ann Weber.  The prints are from Hometown Girl by Pat Sloan, and the background is from Zen Chic’s Modern Backgrounds Paper.

Block #1561: Eight Ball by Melissa Corry.  Bella Solids.  Black.  White.

Block #1589: Garden Mystery by Peg Spradlin.  The prints are from Garden House by Jan Patek.

Block #1599: Chevron Splash by Corey Yoder.  The prints are from Lulu Lane by Corey Yoder and the background is from Moda’s Essentially Yours.

Because we know you want to make all four of these blocks and at least 91 of the remaining 96, we’re going to share an issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 16.  And since you’ll need some fabric to make those blocks… a Layer Cake.  Or two.  Maybe a charm pack.  (We’ll find something.)

Just leave a comment by Midnight on Sunday – November 19 – telling us two things.

  1. How many sampler quilts have you made – if any?
  2. What kind of pie will you be having next week?

The important stuff.

Be sure visit our friends at Quilty Pleasures to see more blocks, and for more chances to win!

And don’t forget we’re still hopping with the All In a Row Again All-Stars:

Happy Friday!


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169 thoughts on “A Road Rally…

  1. I have made 4 sampler quilts and have several in the works (piles of blocks sompleted, needing to be put in some kind of setting!) I’ll be eating gluten free, dairy free pumpkin pie next week….hope it tastes good!

  2. I’ve made 3 sampler quilt tops and have 2 more that I am working on right now.. I’ll be eating pumpkin pie next week – at our house it isn’t Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie!

  3. I have completed three, and started six–most have the blocks done, but need to be set together. For Thanksgiving, it will be chocolate pecan pie and a pumpkin cheesecake. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I can think of 1 sampler quilt that I’ve made – a Christmas one in Kate Spain fabrics. We will have a variety of pies – pumpkin, chocolate and peach raspberry.

  5. I have never made a sampler quilt,but have only been quilting for 3 years. I need to start on, but it is hard to choose. No pie for me I am a cookie girl, oh unless it it key lime!!

  6. Oh this is so nice! I have made two samplers so far and love to make more! I love the idea of multiple blocks creating one quilt. Also, I think Ill have a coconut pie next week. Its my favorite and it adds some summer to this otherwise so boring grey days! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I have made one sampler quilt although I have always intended to make more, lol! And I will make pumpkin and apple pies next week.

  8. I have not made a sampler quilt thought I have tried some blocks- used them 4 pillows. Apple pie,with caramel, is om the menu.

  9. I have made one sampler quilt so far and have four more in work. I believe pumpkin pie will be served next week, but I am not on the planning committee. 🙂

  10. I have made 6 sampler quilts, though 3 of those were wallhanging or bedrunner size. Thanksgiving is all about the pumpkin for me. I will have pumpkin pie, and because my husband recently mentioned how much he enjoys pecan pie, I will make that as well.

  11. I have only made one, but have some patterns to do a few more. I love the blocks, such creativity!
    Pumpkin pie is on the menu along with home made vanilla ice cream.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. I have not completed a sampler quilt yet, but a couple are in the works. We’ll be having pumpkin pie, apple pie, and a cherry pie for Thanksgiving plus a chocolate cake so I have everyone’s favorites.

  13. I’ve never made a Sampler quilt. Next week I’ll me making pumpkin and mini pecan pies. Oh, and cheesecake bites too!

  14. I love sampler quilts! I think I have made 3 or 4 so far and have 3 more in various stages.

    Someone else is bringing the pie, so I am not quite sure what kind it will be. There usually is a pecan one and a pumpkin. Sometimes there is a cranberry apple but not always.Whatever we have will be goid!

  15. I cannot remember how many sampler quilts I’ve made, but it’s a lot. I love to experiment with different blocks and unite them into a quilt. No pie for me next week, too much sugar, but maybe a tiny sliver of pumpkin.

  16. I have finished 6 and have another in the working stage. We are having pecan cheesecake and possibly sweet potato pie. Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. I’ve completed 3 and am working on Pat Sloan’s Solstice. Pecan Pie for me – just love it!! Happy Thanksgiving, Carrie and Moda crew!!

  18. I,’ve made 2 samplers and enjoyed the making of them (no boredom from repeat, repeat, repeat,,,,). I’m making a new recipe, pecan pie cake. Hope it tastes as good as it looks!

  19. I have made 1 sampler quilt and it was years ago. And pie? Pumpkin. The only kind to have for Thanksgiving.

  20. I have not made a sampler quilt yet and this book would definitely get me started. Oh! And apple pie, of course!

  21. I have completed five sampler quilts and have three to finish. I will have pecan pie on Thanksgiving.

  22. I have made 4 or 5 over the years. I have a few in my to do pile. No pie for Thanksgiving. My mom recently passed away and she always made the pies. I just couldn’t do it this year.

  23. So far I have made 4 sampler quilts and for Thanksgiving I will be making a Pumpkin Pie and Lemon Meringue Pie. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  24. I have started a sampler quilt with a local quilt shop every year from 1997 to 2010 except one year when there was sickness in the family. How many completed, well . . . . another story. I love the variety of the blocks and learning new techniques when completing each blocks. I have finished a few though, too many to keep track of. I love doing blocks of the month and those have resulted in my sampler quilts. My mom makes the best pies and luckily is teaching my daughter. Both pumpkin and cherry pies. Happy Thanksgiving!

  25. I have never made a sampler quilt. I’ve collected enough patterns and stash over the years but have not yet taken the plunge. We will be having a mincemeat pie (and a cheesecake) on Thanksgiving. Best Thanksgiving wishes to all!

  26. Ive made two sampler quilts – enjoyed both of them – won’t be having pie next week, I started weight watchers last week (what lousy timing, huh?) and will be using my points on the REAL meal. Hope people post pictures so I can live vicariously.

  27. I’ve made several sampler quilts and love them. Currently working on the Moda Blockheads (although I do need to catch up!). Will be Homemade Pecan Pie at my house!

  28. I have a lot of blocks to put together, which wil! be my first sampler. I will be having pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

  29. I have one completed sampler, several tops, and many blocks waiting to be set. I need to get busy! Apple, I think.

  30. I made one sampler quilt with shirting fabrics and will be eating pumpkin (with whip cream) pie next week.

  31. I’ve (mostly) finished one sampler quilt and have pumpkin pie and whipped cream with Thanksgiving dinner (already past here in Canada).

  32. ONe sampler quilt. My first quilt. pumpkin for sure beyond that I am still planning. Thank you for the chance to win!

  33. My first full size quilt was a sampler in 1983, recently I have made 3 more and two more in the works, I think! My husband says he is making an apple pie for Thanksgiving.

  34. My very first quilt was a sampler done entirely by hand and quiltas you go , taught by karen Buckley. Have made probably six morre since that one will be having pumpkin pie of course

  35. My very first quilt was a sampler quilt teaching a new quilting method for each block ( using templates no less). Fortunately for me I discovered rotary cutters and strip piecing and have completed several more sampler quilts. Pumpkin pie for sure, I have already worked up my pumpkin and have it ready to go. Thanks for the inspiration.

  36. I have made tons sampler quilts-they are my favorites (maybe I just get bored easily and can’t keep doing the same block over and over). I have been quilting a while so I know of at least 8, several of my first ones were hand pieced and hand quilted-not a quick way to do it but lots of fun! I am serving pumpkin pie, pumpkin log and chocolate cream pie (for the pumpkin haters).

  37. Made sampler pillows during my first quilting classes in early 1980’s. We made templates with graph paper, cardboard from cereal boxes and sandpaper. Since then I’ve done at least a dozen sampler style quilts. They are great teaching tools. Pie next week?? The hubby has given me permission to get a pumpkin pie from Costco this year. Previous years I’ve made pumpkin, pecan and apple pies. Family smaller this year – only cooking for 5.

  38. I have only made 1 sampler quilt. I don’t love them as much as other uniform quilt patterns. Maybe I’m too traditional?

  39. I have made three sampler quilts and have at least three more in the UFO piles somewhere.
    I can’t wait for a piece of pecan pie, my fall favorite.

  40. I’ve made 1 sampler kit…… I’m working on it now….and we will be having pumpkin pie…….Happy Turkey Day to you……fingers crossed.

  41. I have made four sampler quits, and am currently working on the Moda Blockheads one. And my cousins are the piemakers in the family. We’ll have pumpkin, squash, pecan, chocolate, cherry and apple. Mmmm…

  42. I have only made one sampler quilt. I am on pie duty next week and the order was for French Silk, sour cream raisin and pumpkin pies.

  43. I’ve made two sampler quilts and the blocks for a third. Got to get that UFO finished. I definitely hope to be eating some pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

  44. I have made 4 sampler quilts, and will make another someday, they are fun. We will have pumpkin pie next week at my brother in laws. Thanks

  45. I can count 8 and 3 more are works in progress. I enjoy doing Block of the Month mystery samplers. I volunteered to make the pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving, with an extra one to keep at home. Yummm.

  46. I’ve made a few sampler quilts don’t know exactly how many but I guess about a douzen. Don’t know which cake I’ll make next week perhaps start with some christmas cookies. And eat a slice of pumpkin pie for you on Thursday.

  47. I love sampler quilts – have finished 6 of them so far with 2 UFOs on deck. Looking forward to the new year to scout out the new BOMs for samplers. No pie for me next week; instead a very pie like torte called Pumpkin Crunch (it gets whipped cream on top too). YUMMY!

  48. I have made at least 5 sampler quilts. I will be having French Silk pie! About 20 years ago, I started ordering pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas and French Silk is always in the mix!

  49. I have finished 9 sampler quilts and am working on one now. Fun to see how they come together. Thanksgiving at our house and there will be pumpkin pie.. One grand daughter wants to bake cookies, it is nice when the grands want to be involved..

  50. I don’t have any finished samplers yet, but have at least two started. I plan to make a sour cream apple pie for Thanksgiving.

  51. I’ve never made a sampler quilt, although I do have a few random blocks hanging on my design board that I made because the blocks intrigued me. A pie?? There will be more than one kind, I feel it is my duty to sample them all…….pumpkin, sweet potato, cherry, apple…

  52. I have made about 10 sampler quilts including Dear Jane and the Civil war diary. I of course will be making a Pumkpin pie for Thanksgiving my very favorite . Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. I made a sampler table runner. We will be eating pumpkin pie. Thank you for the chance to win.

  54. I made the sister Sampler and am now making Dear Daughter quilt. I would actually like to make a non Sampler quilt some day. Thanks for sharing.

  55. I have made 6 or more sampler quilts! I will be making pumpkin pie next week, as it is my husband’s favorite!

  56. Sampler quilts are fun, I have made 6 or more. I like the challenge of several different blocks.
    Lemon pie would be nice for a change.
    Thanks for giveaway.

  57. Made at least 6, probably more, sampler quilts since 1985 when I started quilting. My first quilt was a sampler. Surprisingly, it is still holding together! Serving a double decker pecan cheesecake pie–recipe in this month’s Southern Living–yum! I will also have to make a traditional pecan for the purists in the family.

  58. I have made one big sampler quilt. I’m making a homemade home grown blackberry pie. Happy Thanksgiving…love your posts.

  59. I think the question should be: how many sampler quilts have you finished??!! That would be ONE!!! Grin. I started my Underground RR quilt in around 2009 and finished it last year! But I have a red/black/white beauty (that was a class) that is pretty much ready to sew together. I have a freebie online class sampler black/white that I will never finish — will use the blocks as “orphans” for baby quilts. I have a Pat Sloan sew-along in lime greens & royal blues with a fun bird print that I will finish at some point because I love the colors & bird fabric! Oh… and Moda Blockheads… I have about 8 or 9 blocks done. I’ll do my favorites and finish it as a wall hanging for my sewing room. Yup! I love starting them… but “squirrel” I’m distracted and off to another project!! Love samplers tho! Probably my favorite to sew!

  60. I’ve completed two sampler quilts and most of two others as well. I like doing them because you don’t get bored piecing the same block over and over and over again. That’s why I think a medallion quilt may be next on my Quilting Bucket List. As for the pie for next week, it has to be pumpkin pie or my husband might consider that grounds for divorce! Hahaha! I’ll be putting it in a ginger snap crust for a little variation this year. I mean, really? How many years must I make the same pie for Thanksgiving?? Hahahaha! Thanks for the fun opportunity to win a prize!

  61. I think I made over ten samplerquilts, I love to make more for charity purposes. Last week I had made applepie and “pepernoten”cheesecake for my bithday,(mjummie) I guess there will be no more pie next week 😉 Thank for the give away, Conny

  62. Sampler block quilts are my favs, and I’ve made seven quilts and plan to make many, many more. Why not since every block is different and interesting! Pecan pie is my Thanksgiving pie specialty.

  63. I have made two sampler quilts. The first one was a hot mess but the second was much better. Still want to catch up on those Blockheads too. I am sure I will have pumpkin pie, unless there is a berry pie.

  64. At least two…another in pieces. I love them! I like trying new blocks. I would be so bored doing the same blocks over and over again. Our Thanksgiving will be very small so only one boring apple pie. Alas. But I need a pumpkin pie because how could it be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie? I cannot imagine how veggie like the Pilgrims pumpkin pie tasted without any sugar! And no whipping cream! It sounds almost scary.

  65. I have made 4 sampler quilts and have one in the works. I will be having pumpkin pie made from pumpkins from my garden.

  66. Can’t say I’ve ever made a sampler quilt and I don’t know when I will ever make one as I have too many other quilt patterns in my head and on my computer to accomplish. I started quilting too late in life so I don’t know if I have time left to make everything I want to…LOL! Pies? I don’t know but I’m bringing rolls and a salad.

  67. I’ve made many sampler quilts – a fun way to try different techniques. Pumpkin pies with whipped cream is on the menu!

  68. I have made at least half a dozen sampler quilts over the years. I love the challenge of making each new block. As for pie, I am a Canadian living in America. I hope I get my act together and make a pumpkin pie for US Thanksgiving next week. It is my husband’s favourite and I don’t often make him one.

  69. I can remember doing at least three – including one of the Moda samplers online.
    I’ll be making an apple pie using apples from one of our trees. 🙂 Plan on doing a pumpkin pie, too.
    Best pie ever!

  70. I have only made one sampler quilt, although I have plenty of stray blocks to start another!! As for the pies, next week is pumpkin pie and apple pie for sure!!

  71. I have made one. We are not having a traditional dinner this year, but I will be making pies today for us to eat for the weekend. Pecan and pumpkin. They will last about 2 days.

  72. I have never made a sampler quilt although I always stop and look at them.
    Pecan pie is the only way to go for thanksgiving!

  73. I have so many block of the month (samplers) that I signed up for in January. I had the best of intentions. I knew I could do “everything.” I haven’t even been able to keep up with the downloads or get the right blocks with the right folders I created to be so organized. So I don’t even have UFOs. Just lots of emails, saved images, tutorials, files, and they aren’t even in control.

    What do they say about Good Intentions…..??

  74. I have made 4 sampler quilts and have at least a couple more in the pipeline. I will probably have pumpkin pie next week.

  75. I have never made a sampler quilt. I would have to say that type of quilt is on the very bottom of my list of quilt patterns ~ and my list is quite long! I will be having Chocolate French Silk pie because I believe if it’s not chocolate, it’s not worth the calories!

  76. I’ve made 10-12 sampler quilts! Love making them. I’ll have Oatmeal Pie — similar to pecan pie but without the nuts, and with coconut & oats. Delicious!

  77. I have made too many to count; best guess is over 20. Love to make different blocks and create sashings to highlight them.

    Mincemeat pie with vanilla icecream

  78. I’ve made at least five sampler quilts. We’ll be having a pumpkin cheesecake with gingerbread crust next week. Yum!

  79. I’ve made 5 sampler quilts. Love them. I’ll be making 2 pumpkin pies and 2 chocolate, bourbon, pecan pie. (We’re leaving one of these pecan pies at home, so we don’t have to share…Yummm!)

  80. I have made at least 5 sampler quilts. I have some in the works. Really like sampler quilts. I will have pumpkin pie .

  81. I’ve made at least 5 and probably more! We are having apple and Pumpkin pies. We are traditionalists

  82. I’ve never made a sampler quilt! As for pie…no idea (I’m a Brit, we don’t have Thanksgiving, which is what I assume the pie question is about), but I’ve just taken a cauliflower cheese pie out of the freezer for tea tomorrow night! Hope you enjoy your pie, whatever the flavour!

  83. The first quilt I ever made was a sampler. I think I’ve made 5 more since then. I’m gluten intolerant, so I make pumpkin pie without the pie crust.

  84. I have made 2sampler quilts, one by Susan Smith, the other by Marg Lowe.
    I am in Australia, will be having bacon and egg pie for breakfast!

  85. No sampler quilts (just not my thing); PUMPKIN pie ( pretty sure more than one piece) — and don;t forget the whipped cream on top!

  86. I have made lots of sampler quilts–much more interesting to me. I am having pumpkin pies which I also prepare for the family.

  87. I’ve made one sampler quilt and it was my first quilt about 20 years ago. I still love it and it stays on my couch year-round. I’m having pumpkin pie next week. I’ve got two in the freezer that I made last night!

  88. i’ve started 2 sample quilts…………..all the blocks are done for one……………the other hhhmmm 1/2 done…………it is fun just making random blocks though and not having to repeat everything………..

    Pie – mulberry pie is a favourite here……….

  89. I have four sampler quilts in process, but none finished. I think my daughter is making pumpkin pie for next week. Thank you for all that you do for us!

  90. I’ve probably made 3 or 4 sampler quilts. Next week’s pie will be pumpkin (of course) and Chocolate Bavarian Pie (my favorite). This looks like a great magazine!

  91. I have a few sampler quilts on my want-to-make list, and have even chosen the fabric for some of them. But must finish up a few older projects before starting yet another new one. As for pie — Thanksgiving means pumpkin pie for me!

  92. I have made one sampler quilt, am in the process of working on another, and will be starting another after the first of the year. I will have homemade apple pie!

  93. I’ve made one sampler quilt, and it still needs to be quilted. We are having pumpkin and apple pies for Thanksgiving.

  94. I am working on my first sampler quilt, but it seems to be taking me forever! As for pie, I always make pumpkin (or there would be a mutiny here), but this year, in addition to pumpkin, I’m thinking of making a fudge pie–because I want to live dangerously!!

  95. I have made one sampler quilt for my aunt who will celebrate her 100th birthday this summer. We will make apple, cherry, pumpkin and possibly a coconut cream pie.

  96. I’ve made 4 sampler quilts that I can remember at the moment but there may be a couple more than that. I have several more planned. I’ll be making an apple pie this weekend but not for Thanksgiving. We had pumpkin cheesecake for dessert on our Thanksgiving in October. It was yummy!

  97. I’ve only made one sampler quilt, and want to do more. Pie nest week? Pumpkin, but I’d rather have mince. Does anyone know where to buy Nonesuch mincemeat in Mississippi?

  98. I’ve never made a sampler quilt, but would love to make one. I’ll be eating cheesecake next week!

  99. I don’t make sampler quilts…. have grown to like making two or three blocks and repeating them in a quilt to have a new patter. The pie will be pumpkin, apple and mincemeat.

  100. I’ve not made a sampler quilt yet; maybe I’ll start one after our apple crisp (not pie) next week. Thanks for this generous giveaway.

  101. I’m piecing a sampler now, and hand quilting another I finished last year. We’ll be having sugar-free pumpkin pie – actually very good, made with agave nectar.

  102. I’ve made two sampler quilts, and have three others in progress. As for the pie? I will be baking a Sour Cream Apple pie, and a peppermint cheesecake. (And making cinnamon ice cream for with the pie❤️)

  103. I made one sampler quilt (still waiting to be quilted) and probably 5 sets of sampler quilt blocks that need to be pieced together into a quilt. I’ll be eating pumpkin pie, my favorite!

  104. I’ve made more sampler quilts than I can remember–so many that I have vowed not to make another one. That lasted about a month, so I am currently working on another one. Pumpkin pie is mandatory!

  105. I’ve probably made at least 15 sampler quilts – my first quilting class way back in 1988 resulted in a 30 block sampler quilt! I plan on making pumpkin, cherry and maybe a pecan pie.

  106. I have yet to get my courage up to make one but I would love to give it a try. So hint,hint, LOL
    We are going to have pumpkin & cherry pie.

  107. Thank you for the giveaway! If Jan’s Garden Notes is included in that…WOW!
    I’ve made 2 samplers and I’m hoping for pumpkin pie in my near future

  108. I haven’t made a sampler quilt. Not sure what kind of pie because my daughter’s in charge of the dessert.

  109. I’ve made one sampler, my first quilt, kingsize. I hope Dixie only with pecans not English walnuts.

  110. I have completed one sampler quilt, and I have 2 sampler quilts waiting to be sewn together. I don’t know if I’ll be having pie next week. Might be ice cream for me. I’m kind of a rebel, and we’re doing our Thanksgiving meal later on, for logistical reasons.

  111. I have made 2 sampler quilts, and both of them were small, only 4 or 6 blocks. One was hand-pieced, and neither is finished! We will be having Dutch apple pie sometime next week, but since both of our kids have to work on Thanksgiving, we aren’t sure when we will celebrate.

  112. I’m old so I have made a lot of samplers over the years. It would be apple pie for me if I could eat it. I can smell it baking right now.

  113. My sampler quilts have all been BOM, BOW, etc. And, since this IS Texas, it has to be pecan pie, pumpkin pie (spilled all over the inside of my NEW oven), and banana pudding!

  114. I’ve made 5 sampler quilts and have enough blocks for another quilt or 2. We’re having mince and pumpkin, plus apple if I get ambitious. Thanks for the giveaway!

  115. 100 blocks is my all time favourite magazine and I have collected all the issues so far!
    I have made more than a dozen sampler quilts and they are so fun!
    I hope to eat pumpkin pie this week!

  116. I have made one sampler quilt but intend to make more! I lvoe the 100 blocks mag and this road rally! thank you! Pecan Pie for me next week!

  117. One sampler quilt top recently finished, one set of sampler blocks waiting for sashing, and one in progress with the Moda Blockheads. For me, always pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving!

  118. I am just completing my first sampler quilt. We’ll have French Silk, pumpkin, & apple pie, but I’ll just have ice cream thank you.

  119. I have made at least 10 sampler quilts. Many with Pat Sloan, Aurifil designer of the month. A Japanese fruit pie is my choice of pie, lots of yummy raisins. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  120. I’m working on the Moda Blockhead quilt. It’s the 1st sampler I’ve made. Anything chocolate or pecan will be the pies I’ll eat. Thanks.

  121. Assuming you mean sampler quilts that I have actually finished, one. And one is halfway through quilting. And since I’m in Canada we had our Thanksgiving already so not planning on any pie next weekend, however I won’t say No if one were placed in front of me.

  122. I’ve made 3 sampler quilts:
    one from Joann’s fabrics in green and white,
    one using paper piecing for each block, in pink and tan fabrics
    and a third one that was a birthday sampler quilt from an online group.

    and next week I’m making Mincemeat pie!

  123. I’ve started one (Farmer’s Wife) but my blocks are coming out different sized. Ugh! It will be apple pie at my house!

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