Blockheads ~ Block 34

This is an important week!  It’s week 34 for the Blockheads and it’s Quilt Market week.

Mi casa.  Su casa.  Jan Patek has a wonderful appliqué House for us today.

This is Tammy’s block – the fabrics are from Moda’s Weave collection, Deb Strain’s Homegrown (coming soon), Lella Boutique’s Farmer’s Daughter – check out that super-cute scalloped edge on the bottom of the roof, Betsy Chutchian’s Rachel Remembered, and something-Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings… debuting later this week at Market.  The background is from the Muslin Mates collection… with a twist.

Tammy used the wrong side of the fabric.  On purpose.  The color was exactly what she wanted, just with a slightly more subtle effect so the wrong side was perfect.  How clever is that?  It’s like getting two pieces of fabric in one!  (Which totally means it’s okay to buy twice as much, right?)

CLICK HERE for the link to Jan’s blog and link to Block 34 – House.

We’re off to Houston tomorrow morning – Thursday – to begin setting up the booth.  Schoolhouse is on Friday and Fall International Quilt Market 2017 opens on Saturday morning.

I am going to remake this block.  My iron died.  I burned my finger on the “emergency back-up”.  And because of that, I got a little cranky.  So I rushed this… and it’s why I didn’t finish the Blue Repro version.  But I will use the same fabrics because I do like the combination so… for my Fig Tree & Co. block, the fabrics are from the Farmhouse and Chestnut Street collections and the background is from the debuting on Saturday Regency Blues collection by Christopher Wilson-Tate.  

Question of the Week ~ With Quilt Market this week, what is the best part about going to Market?  What is the worst part about it – is there a “worst part” for you?

Best part – after months of work, it’s showtime.  It all comes together and… magic.  Even when things don’t work like you thought they would, it’s still nice to see it all finished.  Market also means seeing what else is “out there” – new fabrics, designers and products.  It is inspirational and no matter what, there is always something that stops you with a “wow… how cool is that?” moment.

Friends.  I didn’t even need to mention that one, right?  Market is a chance to catch up with wonderful people who share some of the same passions that we do – thread, fabric, stitching, making things, etc.

The worst part?  There’s not enough time to see everything and everyone!  Seriously.  I’ve always thought there should be a day where we can all get together in our stretchy pants, in a big lounge with brunch-lunch-massages to stitch and chat.  (So far, the lovely folks at Quilts Inc. haven’t returned my calls or e-mails about that.)

Just in case you missed it – CLICK HERE for the link to Jan’s blog and link to Block 34 – House.

Don’t forget that there is a Blockheads Archive with links to all of the published blocks and blog posts.

That’s it for today, October 25.  Be sure to visit Lisa, Lynne, Betsy and Jan to see their blocks and what other good things they might have made:

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If you’re not already a member, you can still join the Moda Blockheads Facebook group.  It’s a busy group with lots of tips, suggestions and support.

Happy Blockhead Wednesday!

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7 thoughts on “Blockheads ~ Block 34

  1. Love your block!
    The best about Market is seeing all the pictures the worst that I’m not there. I would love to be there one day.
    Have a wonderful time at Market and post a lot of pictures for us at home please:-)

  2. I love a house block. I like your blue repro one best, but then I like all things blue . The most amazing thing about Market to me is Market itself ( and the fact that I get to go). The abundance and variety that is the quilting industry, spread out in front of me, knocks me back on my heels every time I go. One can never really take it all in. Shucks, most mornings I have to pinch myself when I realize I get to run a quilt shop everyday. The quilting life is a wonderful life , a never ending banquet for the senses, and Quilt Market is like a grand, decadent dessert we can treat ourselves to after a job well done.

  3. The best part of quilt market is the shopping. The worst part was when I was a vendor and having to set up and tear down booth.

  4. I’m sad that I used to be able to see the Facebook group blocks even though I don’t have Facebook, but something has changed and now I have to be a “member”. Oh well… I’ll get busy sewing the fun house block and enjoy seeing the blocks posted on the designer websites.

  5. I’m so excited about Market and I don’t even get to go! The pictures of the gorgeous quilts, fabric, patterns, notions … overwhelm my senses. I can only imagine how it is to experience it all in person. Have a grand time, Carrie! Post lots of pictures!

  6. Have a great time Carrie!! We’ll look forward to your pictures!!! Praying for safe travel and for all to go smoothly for you and the Moda crew!! Happy Market!!

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