Baking a Cake…

Do you have a favorite kind of cake?  Mine is Carrot Cake.  (I have a really, really good recipe for it too.) I’m also partial to Carrot Cupcakes.

Image and seriously good recipe for Carrot Cupcakes by Garrett McCord on Simply Recipes.

Are you with me?  I know… those cupcakes are very distracting.

So as much as we love edible cakes and cupcakes, I think you know we’re rather partial to a kind of cake at Moda.

Layer Cakes.  A lovely stack of 42 – 10″ x 10″ squares.  Designer collections. Bella Solids. Grunge.

While there are many wonderful Layer Cake quilt patterns, we’re still having fun with our Moda Cake Mixes.

The first four Cake Mixes were introduced at Fall Market last year.  It took a little while for the cake-tester to come out clean and the cake to be done – the first mixes shipped in January.  We wrote a few recipes and have added a few more to the recipe box… and more are coming soon.

We wrote up a Basic Cake Mix Instruction sheet.

And we made quilts for Cake Mix Recipes 1 through 4.

At least one of each Recipe.

Then in May, there were four new Cake Mixes… Recipes 5 through 8.

And more quilts.

A lot more quilts.

Just so you know, it took a village to bake all these cakes.  A huge Thank You to Mariza Rios, Alison Dale, Tammy Vonderschmitt, Chelair Etter, Melissa Corry, Sarah Huechteman and Judy Adams.

And Cupcakes.  Did I mention the Cupcakes?  They’re for another one of our favorite treats…

Charm Packs.  Forty-two lovely little 5″ x 5″ squares.

(No, there will not be papers for the Mini Charms.)

More quilts – this time they were small quilts.

So now that it’s time for Quilt Market… is there anything new in the oven?  Yes.  And no.  While there aren’t any new Cake Mix Recipes to introduce, there is a wonderful Cake Mix book from our friends at It’s Sew Emma.

The Cake Mix Quilt Book.  Volume One.

Eight recipes.  Two quilt designs for each recipe.  Sixteen quilts.  Sixteen really good quilts.  What I love about this book is that all of the quilts are shown in solid colors so it’s easy to imagine them in any collection and style of fabric.  There will be more coming with this terrific book after Quilt Market – let it suffice to say that a couple of people are going to find Cake in their mailbox before the end of the year.

With Market next week, it’s a sure bet that we’ve baked a few new cakes.  We’ve just changed up the flavor a bit… added a new seasoning to the mix.  There are at least six big quilts and several small Cupcake projects that we’ve made into pillows.  I’ll share pictures as soon as they’re back from quilting.  The only one that’s completely finished is one I quilted myself.

This measures 16″ x 26″ and it’s made with one charm pack of Jo Morton‘s New Hope collection and 21 sheets from Cupcake Recipe 2.  The blocks finish at 3″.  (New Hope will be in shops in January 2018.)

So have you made a Moda Cake Mix yet?

And what’s your favorite kind of cake – the edible kind?

Tell us the answer to those questions and you could win the stack of Cake Mix Recipe pads used for these pictures.  The timer goes off at Midnight on Wednesday, October 18.

Happy Tuesday!


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186 thoughts on “Baking a Cake…

  1. Already have my book. Anxious to try out a few designs. And, where is your fav carrot cake recipe? Quilters can always use a new delicious recipe to eat while quilting.

  2. I love this idea and have purchased one of these, but a little afraid to try it yet – I will soon. Pretty clever for sure! My favorite cake is chocolate, but I do love many other cakes too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Carrie, as usual you crack me up! Thanks for all you do. My favorite cake is my grandma’s recipe for Jewish Apple Cake. It has orange juice as the liquid and apples. Lots of apples! Funny my favorite sister just gave me a Cake Mix pack on Sunday. Guess I need to get on it, no? Thanks again for your post!

  4. Cake mixes are on my to do list. I love layer cakes and I am beginning to collect quite a few. And my favorite cake is birthday cake! If it’s your birthday I love your cake. Celebrating with my friends is the best part of all.

  5. I have not made a Moda cake mix yet…but would love to!! Maybe I’ll have a piece of chocolate cake with that!

  6. I am all about a spice cake with butter cream icing! 2nd runner up is a pumpkin log
    Question: the pictures of completed quilts are beautiful. But which cakes went with which quilt? I’d love to do an Ocean Waves. Which Cake Mix was used?

  7. Cake Mixes are genius! I have two and will get cutting and sewing after our guild show. Just have to decide which of the beautiful patterns to make. Absolutely love your sense of humor and carrot cake.

  8. Love all the patterns for the cake mixes! I love charm packs and have looked at the cake mixes for those 🙂 My favorite cake is German Chocolate.

  9. Thank you for the cupcake mix books! For some reason, I tend to acquire many more packs of charm packs than layer cakes. Could be because they are less expensive, but could also be because they are just too darn cute, I cannot resist always buying them!

    Favorite cake…would have to say carrot cake, followed by red velvet. Both, of course, with mile-high cream cheese frosting!

  10. I haven’t made a Moda cake yet, but it sure looks like fun! My favorite kind of cake is chocolate. 🙂

  11. German Chocolate cake is my favorite! Chocolate, pecans & coconut. Great mixture just like your cake & cupcake possibilities!

  12. I have not tried a cake mix yet, but am very interested!! My favorite cake is tiramisu……yummo!!

  13. I have never made a Moda cake mix and would love to try! My favorite cake is chocolate with white mountain frosting – a birthday tradition in our family.

  14. I havent tried the Moda cake mixes yet…….. but look forward to winning them. I too love carrot cake…… please, please, pretty please post your recipe…… fingers crossed…… for both.

  15. Hmmmm, my favorite cake? That’s a hard one! Italian white, carrot, chocolate, hummingbird, wedding cake, I guess I love them all which is really hard because I’m a diabetic. :(. So I get my sweet pleasure from Moda cake mixes. I’m working on a churn dash quilt in patriotic colors and LOVE the precision w the cake mix papers! Truly a fun project! I think it would be a great project for new or young quilters!

  16. I am currently working on the “authentic” ocean waves using cake mix 4, but I’m using a different Sweetwater collection. And older one called Feed Company. I’m loving how it’s turning out. My favorite edible cake is carrot cake as well.

  17. Mmmmm……cake. I love a good almond cake. I love seeing the variety of quilts that can be made with the cake mix papers. Such a fun idea.

  18. I have not used any of the Moda cake mixes yet, but I am planning to! My brother is getting maried and my mother and I bought some lovely layer cakes to make it into a quilt. We’ll need the cake mixes for that to happen! Oh and my favorite edible cake? Its pretty boring: plain vanilla cake is the best, IMHO.

  19. I haven’t tried a Moda Cake Mix yet, but would like to eventually.
    My favorite edible cake might be devil’s food cake w/whipped cream cheese frosting!

  20. I don’t think I’ve ever met a cake I didn’t like. Using fabric cakes while eating CAKE cake, that’s my idea of a good day! I recently was able to look through this book, so many cute patterns!

  21. Just bought Cake Mix Recipe 3 & Cupcake Recipe 2. Now to decide which precuts to use! Call me boring, but I love a plain white cake with chocolate frosting. Love your pillow!

  22. I’ve already made a quilt using cake mix recipe 7! It is beautiful and I can’t wait to make more.

  23. I haven’t made a cake mix quilt yet but I just ordered 2 cupcake mix pads! Can’t wait til they get here! As far as the edible kind. I love carrot cake and caramel cake, but I’ve recently been on a gluten free diet so I haven’t had any in a long time!! Need to come up with gluten free recipes for those!

  24. My favorite cake is chocolate with chocolate whipped cream frosting. Everyone wants that for their birthday. My next quilt is with the Cake Mix Recipe 1 with Delightful December by Sandy Gervais for Moda. Can’t wait to get started.

  25. I have not used the cake mix yet but I do have many layer cakes waiting to be turned into beautiful quilts. Thanks for the chance to win.

  26. I don’t think I’ve ever met a slice of cake I didn’t like, but chocolate angel food is my favorite. I have a Cake Mix packet and have started a quilt, but have had too many deadline projects to get back to it.
    I adore that pillow!

  27. I Love any kind of Chocolate cake and carrot would be my runner up. I haven’t made a layer cake mix yet but would love to try one.

  28. I love carrot cake and carrot cake cupcakes so I’m hoping you will share your recipe. I also love the pillow you made so will have to try the cupcake mixes! I did purchase the first 4 cake mixes but have been finishing several UFO’s but I’m almost ready to start my first cake mix quilt. Enjoyed the entire article! Have a wonderful market next week!

  29. Have played with the cupcake size. My son had the most fun making up different patterns. It was a good afternoon with him in my sewing room. I finally had to have him slow down so I could get pictures of the ones I liked the best. Just picked up a layer cake with no idea in mind, that cake mix could be the answer.

  30. I have never tried a cake mix, but would love to try one, just don’t know where to start. They look so fun

  31. I have Cake Mix Recipes 1-4 but have not made them yet. Now that fall is here and it’s getting colder outside it’s time to start doing lots of baking! I guess I’ll have to try them all to see which is my favorite. As far as edible cakes my favorite is my Grams Black Walnut Cake with Buttercream Icing. Brings me such happy memories.

  32. My favorite cake is German chocolate! I have a cake mix, but am a little intimidated by it. I think I need to jump right in after seeing the goodies above though.

  33. I guess I’m just a “plain Jane” when it comes to cake. My favorite is yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I just don’t think you can beat the classic flavor!

  34. Haven’t made a cake mix yet – now there are too many choices…..which one should I get? Any kind of chocolate cake is a favorite!

  35. Ive been eyeballing #4. Cake Mix #4. Wondering if I ‘need’ it. I love chocolate cake! And a good lemon cake…..

  36. Chocolate, no Banana, no Red Velvet, no Banana Split Cake, oh I can’t choose! Just like I want to make all the quilts, I want to eat ALL the cakes!!

  37. I haven’t made a cake mix yet, but I hope to, soon. I love chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. Yum!

  38. I haven’t made a Cake Mix quilt yet but do have all the ingredients I need to once I find the time. My favorite cake to eat is anything chocolate, cake and icing although carrot cake is a close second1

  39. My favorite cake is carrot cake. I have not had a chance to try the cake mix quilts yet. The quilts are beautiful.

  40. I have some sheets and it is on my list to try….but the to-do list is long! (There are much worse problems to have.) Also, I also LOVE carrot cake but without nuts. Thanks for the recipe. I will give it a try.

  41. I have a cake mix pad ready to use but have not decided which layer cake to use with it yet. My favorite cake is probably chocolate but carrot is a close second!

  42. I have Cake Mixes 1 and 4. I made blocks from Mix 1, but haven’t put them together yet, maybe that will be my New Year’s project. My favorite cake is also Carrot Cake, I think the cream cheese frosting has a lot to do with it, YUM.

  43. I am working on 2 different Cake Mix quilts and 1 Cupcake Quilt. One of them is the Cake Mix 3 that my LQS The Bedwarmer Quilt and Sew in Benton, AR is doing as a Block of the Month.
    My favorite edible cake is Coconut – my Mama made the best one of these when she was still alive.

  44. I love this idea! I am still in the collecting stage with the Cake Mixes and now want to collect the Cupcake Mixes– that pillow is a must! Please keep designing (baking) more– and yes, where’s the Carrot Cake recipe?!

  45. Cake mix #2 -I have room for a bit. My favorite cake and the group is chocolate. Why did Nite think of combine the two into a quilt? Good luck to want to know whether they are off to market or at home sewing up a storm!
    PS thank you guys at Moda for all you do for us including the blockbusters.

  46. I have ordered the book, and have 4 cupcake recipes. Can’t wait to start these. I just love cake. Any cake.

  47. I haven’t made my cake yet, but I’ve collected some lovely layer cakes and cupcakes. All I need is a little extra time. Besides, one can never have too many layer cakes, cupcakes, or candy! I love chocolate cake, though as a child my favorite was my mom’s German Chocolate Cake.

  48. Yes, I have made a few Cake Mix quilts and find them to be a bit addicting. LOL My favorite kind of cake is a toss up between anything chocolate and a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. YUM!

  49. No, haven’t made any quilts with a specific group of Moda layer cakes but I have used some in an applique project. I love so many kinds of cake I can’t pick a favorite.

  50. I am in one stage or another of Cake Mix #1, 3, 8 and Cupcake Mix # 1 & 4! Love them! So fun!

    My favorite cake is layers of chocolate cake with alternating layers of vanilla ice cream! Sprinkles on top always makes it festive!

    I also LOVE today’s post and how all this info is compiled into one place! It’s a keeper! Thanks Carrie!

  51. Nope, BUT I have a Cake Mix #4 pack sitting here waiting! I, too, LOVE carrot cake! always on my wish list for my birthday cake! Thx for the chance to win. I love the pillow!

  52. A Moda Cake Mix is on my to-do list! Such a great idea!
    I have many favorite cakes… (carrot cake, apple cake, and Black Forest chocolate cherry cake are high on the list!)… but, probably the most fun one is my family’s favorite for birthdays: ice cream cake!!
    Pat T.

  53. My favourite cakes are layer cakes for sure! Of course they’re even better when I’m eating a chocolate cake with them!

  54. I haven’t tried the Cake Mixes yet, but they are certainly on my radar! My favorite edible cake is carrot cake(skip the raisins) with cream cheese frosting – so good!!!

  55. I have not made a Moda Cake Mix – yet. But they look pretty intriguing. My favorite cake is chocolate followed closely by applesauce or possibly lemon. So hard to choose.

  56. Nope – I have picked up the layer cake patterns, then put them down. A little intimidating at this point. But now that I have seen your finished quilts, I need to try one. My favorite edible cake is a fresh apple cake.

  57. I haven’t made any cake mix quilts yet but am excited to try a cupcake quilt! If I had to choose a favorite cake it would be spice.

  58. I am eager to try the Moda Cake Mixes. I have a couple so far, but can’t start one until after Christmas. I love the concept. Favorite real cake is angel food cake, or pound cake. Especially a lemon blueberry pound cake or one with fresh berries and whipped cream. Yum!

  59. You made my day! I love the Layer Cake Recipe books and have a Fall Churn Dash sofa runner done with block 1 of Book 6. I have several blocks done from block 5 in Book 2. I wanted to include photos but was not able to do that. I just started these blocks a few months ago and love them. I can sit anytime and sew for a few minutes. Your books have improved the accuracy of my blocks. I didn’t know about the cupcakes or the book till now. I have so many charm packs it’s crazy so I hope I can get the cupcake books soon. I want to make some pillow covers with those. Thanks for all the great photos, ideas and fun. mary in Az. P. S. Carrot cake is my favorite too. Of course, any gluten free cake is my favorite. hee hee

  60. I have eaten numerous cakes and have liked them all! The Moda Cake Mixes are on my “to do” list! Thanks for the opportunity to win the fabric.

  61. Haven’t tried the Moda cake mixes yet, too many other irons in the fire. My favorite cake is chocolate with raspberry filling.

  62. I am finishing up Cake Mix #1 using a mix of two layer cakes. My Mom’s carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is the best! (Chocolate cake comes in second).

  63. I have purchase a cake mix, but haven’t tried it yet! Looking forward to the book with more recipes! Chocolate, anything chocolate for the win! Thank you!

  64. I want to make cupcakes! Just haven’t found the extra time or money yet. My favorite cupcake to eat is German chocolate! I too would like the recipe for the carrot cake cupcakes.

  65. I haven’t tried these yet but I am interested. I just used the Primitive Gathering papers recently and have found that I love how perfect everything is with paper. My favorite cake is Costco chocolate sheet cake with the yummy filling. Fortunately you can only get it for 50 people and so I never get it because even I can’t justify eating that much cake.

  66. I love lemon pound cake. I am so glad you came out with the recipe cards. They all look delicious!

  67. Favorite cake: Chocolate with vanilla buttercream icing. One of the few times chocolate beats lemon for me.
    I haven’t tried a cake mix and until reading this post didn’t really get what they were. But I loved that pillow and followed your links and now I get it! And I want to make that pillow with some French General. I can see how the papers would help with such tiny HST.

  68. Yes, I recently purchased Cake Mix Recipe #2, after seeing a friend using “the mix” at a retreat. No, I have not used it yet, too many other “irons in the fire” right now. My favorite cake is Confetti Angelfood that my mother always made for my birthday.

  69. I love Cake Mix recipes! And now Cupcakes, too?!?! Think I’ll celebrate by making an Old Fashioned Applesauce cake dusted with powdered sugar!

  70. Have sewn up a cupcake recipe and love the easy of sewing. No way to make a mistake and perfect pieces every time. Cake is my favorite breakfast treat. Tastes so much better in the morning with a cup of coffee than after dinner when I’m already full. My favorites are German chocolate and southern style coconut.

  71. I haven’t used a cake mix recipe for fabric yet. I’ve seen them here and there. My favorite cakes are almost any kind of chocolate cake, cheesecake, carrot, and a cake with pumpkin in it. Those Cupcake recipes look like fun as well.

  72. I love the Cake Mixes and Cupcakes too. My all time favorite cake is angel food cake with chocolate cake a close second.

  73. I have cake mix recipe 4 just waiting to be stirred up. Maybe I should mix up my favorite Almond Cake, brew a cup of coffee and get that layer cake started. 🙂

  74. On Recipe 5-8 under more recipes, is the Sweetwater Authentic pattern. I would like to make this pattern, so which recipe book should I order and what is the pattern called?

  75. Love carrot cake and chocolate cake. Have a cupcake pack and a layer cake pack and have ordered the book.

  76. I have several layer cakes, so maybe time for a cake mix. I like carrot cake, but my kids made me a cake-like creation called crack pie–fabulous!

  77. I have all the ingredients and the recipe, but since I am running for a County Office this year, I am just waiting for Election Day to be OVER! Win or lose, I will be qukpikting in November 8!

  78. Haven’t used my Cake Mix #2 yet but it’s on the To Do list. I also have the Cupcake Miix #2 but it’s a little further down the list. My favorite cake to eat is Chocolate, but really any cake, except one with coconut, is wonderful. Hope your last few days before Market are “a piece of cake”!

  79. I must eat gluten free–my really great diet program! It has saved me from lots and lots of pounds. I really am rather grateful for this problem because I had such a love for anything carb related. So I really don’t eat much cake. Only a bite or two. I refuse to purchase way overpriced gluten free cake mixes. Gluten free cakes are dry and/or fall apart. Life could be so much worse–I could be bedridden or blind or a hundred worse situations. So, I just tease myself about my huge hardship.

    I just got this fabulous book and cannot wait to make each quilt. Of course, when I bought your cute books, I wanted to make each one, too. But, I do need to buy the cake mixes for the quilts. It never ends–happily ever after is here right now!

  80. I just got the Cake Mix Book and have a couple of Cake Mix & Cupcake Mix Recipies. Still pondering the possibilities! So many to choose from – so much pretty fabric!! As for my favorite cake, hmmmmm. I loved a chocolate cherry cake with buttercream frosting that my mom used to make for my birthday – and I made it for my girls, too. Haven’t had it for years due to a chocolate allergy, but it was sure yummy!

  81. I haven’t tried a Cake Mix but looked at a Cupcake Mix at our local quilt show. Was tempted. For reals favorite cake: angel food.

  82. I love red velvet! Did I say I really. really. love it! I have a cake mix and all the ingredients. As soon as my oven is cleaned, I’m ready to bake some cakes.

  83. OH yes I have made 2 Cake Mixes and a cupcake quilt…also have taught the technique at the lqs and they love it too. So glad you will be posting more recipes…helps people visualize what they can do with these fun papers. My favorite cake is an icebox cake made with real whipped cream and Famous Wafers…yummm.

  84. I haven’t yet tried your delicious looking Cake and Cupcake recipes but would love to give them a try! My favorite edible cake is a family recipe that we call Killer Pound Cake 😀 Yum!!

  85. I haven’t made a cake mix project yet but I just got one to try. My favorite edible cake is also carrot cake.

  86. Are you kidding me? Favorite cake? It’s like picking your favorite kid, can’t do it. Cake and cupcake mix patterns are inspired. I’ve recently discovered the joy of pre-cuts, but haven’t tried the cake mix patterns, but are in the que. Thanks again, Carrie.

  87. I didn’t make one Cake Mix quilt yet but they look all really yummy. My favorite cakes (I can have more then one, right?) are chocolat cake, strawberry cake and apple cake. Oh and because it’s the seaon not to forgot pumpkin cake.

  88. I have bought a couple of Moda cake mixes but haven’t made them yet but am anxious to try. Wow so many choices for favorite cake! But perhaps a favorite cake recipe might have to be Emeril Lagasse’s recipe for Italian Cream Cake. It is so yummy, I might have to make one soon to celebrate fall! Thanks for such fun!

  89. I am partial to a red velvet cake and cupcake. And I am looking forward to using my cake mixes to make a red and white quilt. Just need to get out there and decide on which layer cakes to use.

  90. I have two cake mixes so far. Because I want to make them queen size I have bought two pads of each. I have collected all the fabric for one of them and I just need a couple more pieces for the other quilt. I can’t wait to get started! I love many kinds of Cake but I go to Weight Watchers so this kind of Cake making is better for now.

  91. Carrie, I’m with you on carrot cake! My next project is a Jacob’s Ladder quilt for my grandson Jake. Can you make Jacob’s Ladder with any of the cake or cupcake mixes? Thanks for the opportunity to win the stack of pads! Pick me! Pick me! lol

  92. Not made a cake mix yet. Would love to try one. My favorite “eat” cake is butter pecan with coconut pecan frosting

  93. I have not tried the Mods cake mix yet. It looks like fun and I’d love to try one some day. My favorite cake is chocolate!! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  94. I have made a quilt using cake mix 4 and Moda’s wildflowers 7. I started that quilt when you came to my hometown, Maysville, KY last spring. The quilt is now on my guest room bed! Oh, I love German chocolate cake. Can’t wait to try the cupcake mixes.

  95. No on making a cake quilt yet, but it’s on my cutting table to do first thing after finishing up the fire department quilts. My favorite cake? Anything from a top-notch bake shop! (I bake by check)

  96. Haven’t made a Moda Cake Mix yet but it’s on my bucket list. As for the edible kind – I’m with you on Carrot Cake but I’d like mine with cream cheese frosting please!

  97. Amazing! These patterns look so delicious! No I have never made anything with a layer cake, although I have a couple waiting for just the right pattern. I too love Carrot Cake but do not have a good recipe. Care to share yours??

  98. I’ve been eyeing the Moda cake mixes but haven’t tried any yet! Perhaps soon. My fave cake is Carrot Cake with delicious cream cheese frosting! Yummy!

  99. What exactly is a cake mix? what does it look like? how is it used? like foundation paper piecing? I. Don’t get to quilt shops much and have not seen then.
    My favourite cakes a rainbow sponge cane…. My nan used to make then for my birthday each year……. Three layers each a different flavour…

  100. I haven’t tried a cake mix yet but I know the Cake Mix Quilt Book will be on my must have list! I love all kinds of cake but my favorite is cheesecake (does that count)? PS I love your pillow.

  101. I love double chocolate with fudge frosting. A little taste goes a long way. Looking forward to trying a cake mix!

  102. I’m a novice quilter and have recently started doing the 365 Challenge so not had a chance to try a cake mix yet, but I want to! My favourite cake is banana & cherry loaf, sooo moist with all those bananas – and Minion friendly too

  103. No, haven’t made a Cake Mix, or Cupcake… But thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 🙂

    I LOOOVE Carrot Cake too..but have to say German Chocolate is my verrrry Favorite! YUM!

  104. Have not used the Moda Cake Mix yet, but would love to. My favorite cake is yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

  105. Haven’t tried a Cake Mix yet. Thanks for your second question – it made reading everyone’s responses a lot of fun. My favorite cake would be home made white with buttercream frosting and fresh coconut shavings on top. Now I’m in the gluten-free crowd, so I’ll just have to live vicariously. Or focus on fabric Cake Mixes – they’re gluten free!

  106. I love english cakes with cherries… The more, the better! For sure, I would find inspiration for those Layer cake usage!!!

  107. I agree with carrot cake. But any cake tickle by taste buds; including chocolate, pumpkin, spice, yellow, white, strawberry, ooh

  108. I haven’t made a Cake Mix yet, tho I have a few of the cake mixes. My fav real cake is carrot cake ( with nuts and raisins) with cream cheese icing. YUM.

  109. I’ve admired the Cake Mix Recipes, but haven’t bought any yet (way too many unfinished projects). I can’t pass up a coffee cake!

  110. I have not tried a cake mix yet. But you are definitely tempting me! My favorite cake is chocolate with chocolate frosting. Lots of both! 🙂 Lovely quilts! K-

  111. Haven’t yet tried a cake mix OR a cupcake mix. I said YET! My favorite real cake would have to be dark chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. Yum! Haven’t had any for years!!!

  112. The cupcakes are so cute, but I’m a big fan of charm packs. Can’t believe I’ve not made any yet, but life’s been pretty crazy. I have however, had time for my favorite caloried version; pumpkin sheet cake with cream cheese frosting – a lot of it.

  113. I used cake mix #3 to make White Christmas and the top is almost done. It just needs the rows sewn together (and the basting, and quilting, and binding – oh my!). I did say almost. I used a cupcake mix #1 and Poetry to make a baby girl quilt for my gender unknown grandbaby. Fortunately I also made a baby boy quilt because grandbaby is a sweet little boy. His mom liked the girl quilt so much that she’s keeping it too. Definitely a success. My favourite cake is carrot cake with raisins but my kids aren’t overly fond of it so I don’t make it often. I’m looking forward to new cakemix ideas.

  114. My favorite cake is German chocolate, with coconut pecan frosting. As for Moda cake mixes, I haven’t used one yet, but am looking for a pattern for some layer cakes I have. I think number 3 will do nicely.

  115. so if you use more than one cake mix and layer cake you can make a really big quilt. Which I will be working on after I finish the Halloween costumes. I plan on hitting up my LQS on the first day of firearm deer season when they have their big sale 🙂 the sale starts at dawn 🙂 LOL

  116. I haven’t indulged in a Cake Mix yet, but had a lovely conversation with the ladies hawking them at Paducah this year. And my favorite edible one is a white cake with buttercream frosting. Guess I’m a vanilla kind of gal.

  117. I have Cake Mix book 6 but haven’t made made anything yet. Looking forward to this new method of quilt construction. A favorite cake is one my late father loved, applesauce spice cake with lots of nuts – always had it at Christmas.

  118. I haven’t tried the cake mixes yet but I love layer cakes, so I am sure a cake mix or two will be arriving soon at my house. As for my favorite edible cake? Ice cream cake!! Yummy!!

  119. I haven’t used the academies yet but looking forward to learning more. My favorite cake is a fudge cake my mom made for birthdays. K weatherford

  120. I have gifted the cupcake papers, but not used them yet. They look so fun and easy to use! When it comes to the edible, I’ll take carrot cake in the fall, white with a lemon filling in the spring, cheesecake for Christmas, and Chocolate any time! I do love my cake…

  121. I think my favourite is Carrot Cake with Orange Glaze, but I am willing to try your really good recipe, but I did not see it anywhere in that post?????
    I really need to try one of the Moda cake mixes as well. Great read and I am always amazed at what you can do with a charm pack!

  122. Yum, I love carrot cake too. Especially with plenty of raisins and walnuts, cream cheese frosting… I have not made any Cake Mix blocks but plan to purchase the book–so many quilts to love on preview.

  123. My favorite cake is gingerbread. I love this idea and would rather have the book instead of a sheet for each quilt idea.

  124. My favorite “eating Cake” is Red Velvet Cake- would love to try your cake mixes in the near future!!

  125. My favorite cake is from a boxed mix – cherry chip cake with vanilla icing. I can’t find it at any of the stores around here any more, though. It reminds me of summer.

    Haven’t tried the Moda cake mixes yet. I have seen them demo-ed at a LQS and they intrigue me!

  126. I’ve not sewn a cake mix yet, but I’m hoping to make the one with the ”T” blocks. Favorite edible cake is my mother’s fruit cake.

  127. The cake and cupcake mixes are genius! I have a cupcake mix patiently waiting to be used. Good thing these cake and cupcakes mixes and ingredients don’t have an expiration date!

  128. I have the ingredients all ready to go and look forward to getting started. My chocolate chip banana cake is my favorite.

  129. Have both a cake and cupcake mix in the works! Thanks for this clever idea! Also love German “streusel kuchen” with tea.

  130. I recently bought Cake Mix #6. I’m making a churn dash quilt from it. It’s a slow process, but I’m getting along with it and hope to finish it before Christmas…….2017! 😉 And by the way, what a brilliant idea you had with these Cake Mixes, Carrie! Of all the cakes that I’ve ever eaten, and there’s been quite a few, I’d have to say my all-time favorite is a plain, Betty Crocker vanilla cake with chocolate frosting! It’s what my mom used to make all the time when I was a kid, and to this day my taste buds go bonkers when I think about it!

  131. My favorite cake is also carrot cake. Whenever we go to a restaurant,I order the carrot cake first and then my meal. I tell them it’s my vegetables.hehehe. However in reality. I order it first,so they don’t,t run out of it.

  132. I have made a Cake Mix quilt although it is not quilted yet, and I have plans to make more. My favorite cake is Devil’s Food cake with sour cream frosting. I’d better make that known around here before my birthday on Monday! 🙂

  133. I haven’t tried a Moda Cake Mix yet, but I have my eye on #2–I searched for it at our recent quilt show and couldn’t find that particular #. As for edible cakes, Angel Food is my favorite. My mom used to make it from scratch for my birthday, so it has a sentimental pull.

  134. I recently received a Cake Mix and have been waiting to try it out at our next quilting retreat! I have never used papers before when making a quilt so I am excited to see how they work. Favorite edible cake? Anything with chocolate is yummy but one of my dear friends makes this dark chocolate, chocolate chip cake with chocolate ganache icing. It is amazing!

  135. My favorite cake is an angel food cake but I also like a good spice cake – I would love to receive a Cake Mix

  136. I have layer cakes and charm packs. Now I just need a cake mix. I have watched your videos on the cake mixes. I look forward to trying one or more. They look fun and accurate, your signature style.
    Over 40 years ago a teaching colleague shared her family recipe for apple cake, moist and yummy but not too spicy. During February I add cherries and my family calls it George Washington apple cake.

  137. Carrot cake is a favorite. Also, pumpkin cake. Both with cream cheese frosting. YUM.
    I haven’t tried any of the Moda mixes yet.

    Happy baking/quilting.

  138. I have cakes at home both the quilting and the eating type. Chocolate is always the first thought.

  139. I haven’t made a Mode mix yet! I didn’t know about them, I’m so behind in my blog reading. My favorite cake of all time is a German Chocolate cake. My Mama or my Mom made me one every year for my birthday. It’s just such a magical cake and brings back such fond memories.

  140. oh dear! When I read you love carrot cake, I thought, “a kindred spirit!” Then I started reading the comments and remembered all the other cake flavor I love!! Carrot, Spice, German Chocolate…oh my!

  141. I haven’t used a cake mix yet; however, I have my eye on the new book from Fat Quarter Shop. (I have made several quilts from layer cakes—love them!) My favorite cake to eat is chocolate pudding cake with vanilla bean ice cream.

  142. Omg! I didn’t know these existed! Where have I been? I love them all, and the quilts are so great! I can’t wait to bake a cake of my own. It’s one of my favorite deserts, especially Black Forest with maybe some vanilla ice cream. Yum!

  143. Have not used a cake mix but would like to. My favorite cake is chocolate with either chocolate or cream cheese frosting.

  144. How did I miss the fact there are mixes for charm packs? I must get some of those as I have way too many charm packs in my stash. I’m all about my son’s cheesecake with raspberry sauce. But I would love to see your carrot cake recipe.

  145. I hope to make Cake Mix as soon as my counter is cleared off. Banana cake with cream cheese frosting -yummy!

  146. I have Cake Mix #3 just waiting for me to give it a try! We’re remodeling my sewing room so things are in a state of disarray, and some organization in the closet… love my clear plastic bins with white lids for sorting projects! But yes!! I plan to try a few Cake Mixes! I have several lovely layer cakes just waiting to be whipped up!! Favorite “to eat” cake would be Double Chocolate Cake with Fudge Frosting!! Yum!

  147. My favorite cake is cherry chip. I haven’t tried the cake mix but several ladies from my quilt club have and their quilts are lovely. I’ll would like to try it.

  148. Haven’t tried a Moda cake mix yet, but look forward to trying out one. My all time favorite cake is definitely chocolate!

  149. Blackout Cake…think moist rich chocolate cake layered with thick, rich chocolate pudding and sprinkled with chocolate cake crumbs! Yum! I do enjoy carrot cake too, so will most likely try the cupcake recipe you gave a link to. I’d love a chance to try these cake/cupcake recipes of the fabric kind! Thank you for the chance to win!

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