Jelly Rolls & UFOs…

Did you get Jelly Rolling on Saturday?  It turned out to be quite a party!

These were some of the ladies at Not Your Mama’s Quilt Store in McKinney, Texas.  That’s Miss Tatum in the upper-left – we think she’s adorable.

To everyone who went to their favorite quilt shop to sew, visit and/or shop – thank you!  To every shop who held a National Sew A Jelly Roll Day event – thank you!  And to everyone who sewed along with us – with friends, your guild, with beloved critters and family or by your-lovely-self – thank you.  We love you!

Now inquiring minds need to know… did you do it?  Did you rip the plastic off and quickly unroll a new, un-opened Jelly Roll?

Was it hard?  (It’s okay if you had to sit down for a moment… we really do understand.)

Did you start a new project?  Or pull out one you’d started at some point in the past?  (No judgements… starting dates are never required.  Ever.)

I wish I could say I did but this is as far as I got… I prepped strips.  As a steam-devotee, I have become a starch-sizing-devotee as well.

I dip the strips in a diluted starch-mixture – I add a bit more water than required – and then hang the strips to drip in a spare bathtub.  I press them flat when they’re dry.  I plan to use this to make Brigitte Heitland’s IKAT pattern – the free download on her website.  Maybe by next year.

Or by next month.  Okay, with Market looming that won’t happen.

But if you have a Jelly Roll WIP or UFO… what do you say about a National Sew A Jelly Roll Day UFO Contest?

To enter, post a picture to Instagram or Facebook with both of these hashtags – #projectjellyroll and #projectjellyrollUFO

There are two parts to enter –

  • First, post by Midnight, October 1st with your current status.  Start your post/comment with UFO Status.
  • Second, post your finished quilt top by Midnight, October 22nd.  Yes, quilt tops will suffice.  Start your post/comment with UFO Finish.
  • And… there’s one more option!  If you finished your quilt top this past weekend, finish it with quilting and binding to entry.  Start that post/comment with UFO Final!
    • And if you’re still a WIP and finish your quilt top, and get it quilted and bound by the 22nd, post a picture for an extra entry.

I know… there are a lot of steps but we really want you to finish your Jelly Roll quilt.  Why?  Because finishes are fun!  And so we can send you something new to sew – a new Jelly Roll.  (And probably another goodie or two… just saying.)

Two winners will be chosen at random from the pool of entries marked Finish and Final – two on Facebook and two on Instagram.

Are you in?

In the immortal words of Larry the Cable Guy… “Git ‘er done!”

Happy Thursday!

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14 thoughts on “Jelly Rolls & UFOs…

  1. When I read about jelly roll day in the summer, I thought I would work on a project. However our daughter and SIL were here from Phoenix. No sewing happened. I’ll get to the jelly roll(s) sometime, maybe next year!

  2. YES! This will force me to to put the finished blocks together instead of letting them lay somewhere…and then hang the top up with all the others to be done…..someday.

  3. I bravely opened not one, but TWO jelly rolls. They are a bit messy, but I cleaned up the edges with my lint brush and I’m ready to go on a rail fence, simple, but fun to make. When I sew my strips, I have a Swiffer mop and duster ready to clean up the lint.

  4. I was in Texas and did spend Saturday sewing but it was a charm square project… I did purchase a Bella solid blue mini jelly roll on Monday to add sashing to my charm project… does that count??!! I admit… jelly rolls scare me! No matter how hard I try and the tips n tricks I use.. they tend to go wonky on me if I sew long strips… ☹️ That said, I did buy a Kaffe jelly roll recently. We’ll see what I do with it…

  5. Fun post Carrie! Challenge accepted. I had Saturday’s Jelly Rolling planned, but signed up for a guild class at the last minute. I’m going to get started today! Doing Fractured Frames by Angela Walters (The Midnight Quilt Show) with Jen Kingwell’s either Gardenvale or Lollies. Allison C Bayer, Plano, Texas USA

  6. I was determined to downsize my stash, so I wanted to make quilts with the fastest assembly time. You guessed it – Jelly Roll Race! Not very imaginative, but highly effective. I started Saturday morning with 3 rolls of an Island Batik, making a king quilt for my own bed, then made 5 single-roll tops for grandkids and other young relatives. By Sunday night, I was bored (!!!), but pleased that my stash reduction project yielded so many Christmas gifts, assuming I can get them quilted……. Thanks for the giant nudge! I have no social media presence so my participation ends here, but good luck to all with the next step.

  7. Yes, I joined you on Saturday and no my quilt top is not finished yet. But all my blocks are sewn and I just need to sew them together. It was fun to finally use my Hello Darling jelly roll . I’ve used a pattern I’ve made up and I love how the blocks turned out. Now I have a great reason to finish it too. Have a wonderwul and sewing kind of weekend:-)

  8. I didn’t start since were in the middle of renovations – all the fabric and machines are safely put away to keep them clean. I was wondering if you would share how you make your starch. Thanks!

  9. I opened a jelly roll from my stash and started a pattern called ‘Fancy” I believe. Couldn’t find a bella solid locally so I will be cutting the background from moda solid. Good to be back in the sewing room..

  10. Yep, I opened a jelly roll and 2 layer cakes of Prairie Paisley II (a blast from the past!) from Minnick & Simpson. Am in the process of making 72 sawtooth star blocks for a queen sized quilt from them, so it’s going to take a while. Thanks for the inspiration to get back into quilting!

  11. my jelly rolls do not come wrapped so there was no plastic to rip off…….. glad that you get none of us need another UFO.

  12. Love all the project pics. Can you do a post about how you use starch/sizing when working with precuts? You said you use a mixture of water and starch but can we have more specifics please?

  13. Yes I sewed using jelly roll scraps, does that count. The blocks are all done just need to sew them together.

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