Important date…

As in “I’m late…”  Today is Friday and no, I don’t have a date.  Other than it’s Friday and I’m late with this blog post.

I’ve swiped this picture from Susan Ache… I am considering dropping everything to start making half-triangle squares so I can copy whatever it is that she’s making.

Happy Friday!

Thank you for the comments about the Which White… post.  We’ve got more posts like that planned – about washing quilts, pre-washing fabrics, wide backings and I don’t remember what else.  If you have anything you’d like to add to the list – just let me know.

In the meantime… I will get to a few other questions that have come up.  Clothespins.  You liked the mini clothespins… we’ve got four different sets.

These are the For Good Measure – Bright.  There are twenty-six positively adorable mini clothespins in each bag.

And if “classic” is more your style… For Good Measure Red & Blue.  The clothespins measure a bit less than 1/2″ wide and a skosh less than 2″ long.

But wait…

If you just want cute patterns… Make Your Mark Red & Blue.  And if Bright is your jam… of course Joy designed those too.

Make Your Mark Bright.

Two important things to tell you about these clothespins – first, they were designed by Joy Ansell, graphic designer extraordinaire.  From tins to suitcases, clothespins to “can’t tell you about it just yet” things, Joy creates a lot of Moda’s “Fun Stuff”.

Second, all four sets of these clothespins are in stores now.  Or they will be.  If your favorite quilt shop doesn’t carry them, ask!  They’re in stock and ready to ship – while they last.

Aurifil Thread – we wish them a very Happy 10th Anniversary!

We’ve been honored to work with them for many years, a friendship-relationship that they have been writing about on the Auribuzz blog. Here are those posts:

What’s particularly important is that there will be a post later today – Friday, September 29 – announcing a couple of the upcoming collections (Think Fall Market sneak peek…) and a wonderful contest.

Moda + Aurifil: Debuts & A Giveaway

While you’re there, absolutely check out their terrific posts about their threads –

One last thing… I received a question a few weeks ago about backgrounds, specifically “how do I decide whether to use a scrappy background or just one?”  I’m working on that answer – I need a few pictures to explain what I mean.  So I haven’t forgotten about it!

I mention it now because we always want to know what you want to hear about it.  Maybe not this coming month – you know, that Market thing looms.  But we’re working on our plans for the rest of the year and next year so if there’s something you’d like us to consider, leave a comment.

Have a wonderful weekend – I hope it’s a lovely Autumn where you are.

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11 thoughts on “Important date…

  1. Amazing post again! And we all wanna copy Susan can’t wait for her book to be released.
    I know that before a collection is released the designers get some fabrics swatches and then decide which prints and colors make it into a collection. I would love to see a picture of the fabrics that didn’t make it and perhaps the why (wrong color perhaps?).
    Have a wonderful weekend:-)

  2. I agree with Hildy – it would really be interesting to see which fabrics did not make it into a fabric line and why.

  3. Love those tiny lettered clothes pins! I could totally use them for my current project! I would love a post about the history of fabric! I suspect it would be more than one post as there is a long history!

  4. Love your posts, Carrie!! Gotta have the fun bright clothespins for my daughter’s Christmas stocking!! (She’s a quilter and loves all things Bonnie & Camille… these are similar to their colors!) Have a great weekend!! We’re headed to the Eagles / Doobie Bros concert in Seattle tomorrow night!

  5. Those clothespins are AWESOME!! I agree with Hildy too…would be fun to see the fabrics that don’t make it into a Collection & all. What happens to those left out pretties? Hmmmm…

    1. Hi Lori –

      I’ll add it to the list! For now, the fabrics that don’t make it into the collection are called “offs” and they are sometimes returned to the designers. 🙂

  6. Just an observation on wide backings. I bought some so I didn’t have to piece a back. That was nice but the fabric was heavier than regular quilting cotton. I hand quilted the queen size quilt and it quilted fine ( my stitches are not small). When I was done I put it on the bed and it is so heavy. I am wondering if all wide backings are heavy, and what other people’s experiences are with this.

    1. Hi Debbie –

      For many years, that has been the biggest criticism – and complaint – about wide-backings, how heavy and stiff the fabric was. You could definitely feel the difference – and it wasn’t always a pleasant difference. Personally, that’s one of the reasons I didn’t use wide-backings. But Moda has worked to improve the quality of the extra-wide backings, finding new mills capable of manufacturing fabrics with higher thread-counts and a nicer hand. The results are wide backings that are silky-soft and quite lovely – a few of which I’m waiting not-so-patiently to arrive. Since I don’t hand-quilt, I’m not sure if they’ll be an improvement for you but we’re going to be sending some of the new wide-backings to one of the Moda Designers who does hand-quilt so we’ll let you know what she thinks.

  7. Always look forward to Saturday morning posts. I am a newbie to quilting and any tips are appreciated. I would love to hear from all you “pros” out there about starching your fabric. To starch or not, what do you recommend, which side to starch on, etc. thanks again for all you do.

    1. Hi Skeeter –

      I’ll put this on the schedule. It might not be until December or January but we’ll talk about it.

      For now, I will tell you that it’s entirely personal preference. For many quilters, they don’t like the feel of the starched fabric, have allergy issues or don’t see that it’s made any difference in their piecing. Those of us that do starch, there are varying degrees to how much and why we liked starched fabric. So we’ll chat soon. 🙂

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