Goldfish crackers…

They’re little bites – fun, fast, easy and a bit addictive.

I also have some on my desk right now… as well as everything in this post.  So I’m sharing some of the little bites of some of the cool, necessary, new, interesting and “how did I not know about this?” things that have caught my attention this past week.

Cool.  Do you Zirkel?

I love magnetic pinbowls/trays/whatever for two reasons – I can drop/toss a pin in the general vicinity and it sticks.  Two, when I drop pins – regularly – finding them is more comfortably done with a magnet than a bare foot.

These Zirkels might be the strongest magnets around, but they also have an ingenious way of automatically arranging most of the pins with points in, pinheads out.  (There are always a few rebels in every bunch.) . But they’re good for more than pins!  If you use clips and mini clips for bindings, bags, zippers and any one of the hundred other possible uses, a Zirkel keeps them handy.  Clothespins – especially these For Good Measure mini Clothespins – are easily picked up and used.  (Tammy loves using these clothespins to keep block parts and same-size pieces organized when she’s power-cutting for a big project.)


Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors.  I confess to being skeptical when I see the word “perfect” but these are good… really good.  The fingerholes are slightly oversized and have a soft covering so they’re very comfortable to use.  They also have a micro-serrated edge so the fabric doesn’t slip while cutting.  (That’s why so many appliquérs love these scissors.) I also love the hard-plastic protective cover that comes with the scissors and fits securely.  The red pair are 3-3/4″ with a slightly curved blade, the aqua-handled pair are the 6″ Perfect Scissors.  Aqua.  Necessary and cool.


Do you use a Hera marker?  What is a Hera marker?  It’s a small hand tool that leaves a temporary crease when it is dragged across the surface of a piece of fabric. The edge isn’t sharp enough to cut through the fabric or create permanent impressions – it’s temporary.  That makes it great for marking quilting lines, any kind of measurement or placement line/mark.

Since I’ve been doing more machine-quilting in recent years, I’ve reached for it more frequently… until I dropped it and rolled my chair over it while trying to pick it up.  So I needed a replacement.  I found three!

New & Interesting.

Books!  We’ll be sharing more about all three of these books soon but in the meantime, you’ll want to keep an eye out for these.  They’re all headed to shops – might already be there.

Necessary?  Good to Know.

We know quite a few stitchers for whom this is a must-have for their sewing box – Thread Heaven Thread Conditioner & Protectant.  Sadly, this much-loved product has been discontinued.  If it’s your favorite – stock up.  Or consider a little Thread Magic instead.

Cool and New.

Do you use 108″ wide backings for your quilts?  I confess that I’ve not used them much but I. Love. These.  Buffalo Check Wide Backings – coming not-soon-enough!  That translates to next year… January.

Until then, I will have to make myself happy with the “how did I not know about this?”

Got Your Back.  A couple of the most popular pieces from Modern Backgrounds by Zen Chic and Compositions by BasicGrey have been manufactured as 108″ extra-wide quilt backings.  Have I mentioned before how silky soft and smooth these new-generation wide backings are?  They’re gorgeous – like luxuriously soft, high-thread-count sheets.  Only better.  (Because they’re quilts.)

These are two of my favorites – they’re only small sample pieces.  The yardage won’t arrive until next month.

That’s it for today.  I’m out of things to share and crackers!

Happy Friday!

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14 thoughts on “Goldfish crackers…

  1. I love love love gadgets and notions! Thanks for adding to my “oh I need this!” list. I’m going to have fun tracking all these lovely ideas down.

  2. Love seeing all the books/tools and info! Good info to know and now I’ll have to add some of these to my list. I love that embroidery book by Kathy Schmitz! Happy Friday and thanks – nice to look forward to Friday posts by the way (a good way to end the work week)!

  3. Love your writing style……reading your blog is like talking to to your best quilting friend!!!!!❤️

  4. Scissors look great. Sorry to hear that thread heaven is discontinued.
    But, what about those adorable alphabet clips in the photo?

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the buffalo checks wide backings. Always looking for great wide backings, especially flannels!

  6. Yes, I Zirkel — well, only recently, but I love it. Always fun to see the new stuff. Big fan of the hera marker too. Excited about the newest 108″ wide backs! Thank you for your honest and fun posts. Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas USA

  7. Ronna Readytosew loves your posts! It wouldn’t be a week without it. All the gotta have new finds just keep us on the track of searching. Thank you thank you for your keeping us up to date

  8. I love my Karen scissors❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ I have the larger size. They really really do work perfect

  9. I love my Hera marker for items like them I always get two, just in case, you know! Can’t wait for these wide backs I have only used wide backs a couple of times but these! Oh my! I know these will be making an appearance on my quilts in the future… I think I need to find some of these cute little clothe so pins . Thanks for keeping us in the know!

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