A whole month…

Devoted to sewing.  Make that Sewing! It’s National Sewing Month – September 2017.

I’m sure President Ronald Reagan wasn’t thinking about Quilt Market when he declared September as National Sewing Month by official proclamation in 1982.  If he had been, he’d probably have designated both months, September and October.  Septober.  And April and May, of course.

What it means for those of us who love stitching in any form is there are all sorts of great things happening this month that celebrate some aspect of sewing.

September is also the perfect month to try something new – learning a new technique, trying a new product or experimenting with a type of project that has either interested you or terrified you.  (Like zippers… I have a two friends who won’t make bags because they have advanced cases of insertazipperaphobia.)

As usual, I have a list of quilts to make and things I want to learn to make.  (My sweet Mom wrote the book on making lists for everything, including lists of her lists.)

Like templates.  While I have used different kinds of templates in the past, I want to expand my horizons by making a new project using one of these.

This is one of Latifah Saafir’s Clammy templatesThe Clammy 6″ size.  I have always loved Latifah’s Glam Clam quilts, as “The Quilt Engineer”, she was the first to design and make a completely machine-pieced clamshell quilt in a larger size that was perfectly suited to more contemporary fabrics.

This is one of Latifah’s most famous Glam Clam quilts.  So yes, I want to make a Glam Clam quilt.  Soon.

If not a Glam Clam, then a quilt with complicated blocks made with templates.  You know… like one of these.

Jen Kingwell Designs.  Of course.  Aside from designing gorgeous fabrics, Jen designs and makes spectacular quilts using complicated blocks… or blocks that look more complicated than they are.  Whether hand-pieced or machine-pieced, using templates makes it easier to cut perfectly sized pieces to make perfect blocks.  (Or for a few of us, “as close as you’re going to get to perfect blocks”.)

I don’t know whether to start with Gem Star, Utah or Mrs. Bannister’s Star.  Or Glitter – I really like that one.  And there is Drops of Jupiter!  I will pick one before the end of the year, you can count on it.  And I will report back.

Do you use templates for any of your quilt projects?  Acrylic, cardboard or otherwise?

Because it’s National Sewing Month, I am going to be using thread.  Lots and lots of thread.  I’m excited to keep playing with these Aurifil 80wt. threads.  I’ve written about these threads before but I the more I use them, the more I like them, especially for machine-quilting smaller projects.  I have a sewing project I’d like to tackle and I’m giving some thought to trying this thread in the needle and the bobbin.  (Yes, I’ll let you know how that goes.)

I also have two quilting-stitching books on my reading list right now.

Modern Quilt Magic by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  I love Victoria’s books because all embrace her “let’s have fun” approach to quilting.  Fifteen Minutes of Play?  Even if you’re a traditional quilter, I think you’d love that book.

I won’t be giving anything away if I share that the “parlor tricks” are partial seam construction, blocks with partial seams, y-seams, free-form curves and Victoria’s signature “made fabric” – this time in “mini” form.  The projects are gorgeous – perfect for any style of fabric and easily incorporated into other designs and projects.

The other book is Modern Folk Embroidery by Nancy Nicholson.

I learned to do embroidery when I was eight or nine, and I’ve done it on-and-off over the years.  When I saw this Modern Folk Embroidery book, I got the itch to do more.  (I’m also waiting not-so-impatiently for Kathy Schmitz’ Stitches From The Harvest book to arrive in a week or so.)

So I will be sewing this weekend and planning my month.  What about you?

Leave a comment by Midnight on Sunday – September 3rd – answering one or all of the following:

  • What is a technique you’d like to learn?
  • Is there something sewing- or quilting-related that intimidates you?
  • Do you have any projects planned for National Sewing Month?

One winner will get a couple of books, some thread and a Fat Eighth bundle to play and experiment with.

A big “thank you” to everyone who has asked if we’re doing okay or worried about us.  Dallas is far enough north that we haven’t had any rain so we’re fine.  We are praying for the folks in Houston, South Texas and Louisiana, and doing everything we can to help.

Happy Friday!

Have a safe and wonderful long weekend!

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168 thoughts on “A whole month…

  1. Clamshells definitely terrify me! Way too many curved lines for my liking. I actually had a pattern once and was going to attempt it but ended up giving it to a friend who tore her hair out with it and it became a couple of cushion covers instead of a quilt.

  2. I would like to learn how to do y seams. They intimidate me. I have a growing list of things to sew this month. My daughter & her husband & my precious grandson live in Ireland and will not get here for Christmas so I need to get Christmas sewing for them early to ship.

    1. I saw a tutorial on Y seams that was pretty simple. Before you stitch, make sure all of your points and intersections are lined up. If one edge is longer than the other I start with that one first. Sew to the Y point leaving needle down. Raise your presser foot and turn the unit to the direction you will be sewing next. With one hand hold the top piece firmly straight and with your other hand slide the bottom piece over till the edges line up. Lower your presser foot and sew. Works beautifully. Good luck

    2. Let me clarify and say line up the first seam. You wouldn’t be able to line them all up at once! I put a pin straight through the y point on both pieces then secure them with clover clips. I remove the straight pin before sewing.

  3. I’d love to be successful at machine piecing tiny, tiny pieces. I’m fine with hand piecing them, but my points/corners never match if I use a machine. I keep practicing, though.

  4. Plan on sewing some quilts for Christmas gifts. Invisible zippers are my next challenge.

    1. You tube has great tutorials. I just did my first invisible zipper on a friends dress. Talk about nervous! The hardest part was finding an invisible zipper foot for my old viking. I believe that I
      bought the last one east of the Mississippi.

  5. Working with curves and circles is definitely on my list . . . I need to work up the courage for that! Also, choosing thread weights and mixing them. Starting some scrappy blocks this month using a “taupe” palette.

  6. I’m planning on doing some catch up sewing on various BOMs and started projects this weekend. I have a “new” Singer 301 to put through the paces, so learning a new machine is also on the list. I have a quilt I started a couple weeks ago while visiting my mom that I would like to finish this month.

  7. I love new and challenging quilt blocks. I plan on making at least one of these, after I put together a deer quilt for a shut in friend. His wife was going to make it, but I know she won’t get around to it. So she had the fabric, and I’ll put it together. Being stranded at home because of the Houston floods, 38.5 inches of rain at my house, I did get two tops done for Christmas.

  8. Quilts with curves intimidate me. I haven’t made a single quilt with curved seams. This will be the month I try it. I’m going to use the Quick Curve Ruler to make a pumpkin quilt.

  9. I’d like to try curved piecing. But what really intimidates me is free motion quilting. Do I have any plans for this month? Ha ha ha ha ha! I have a list of fall projects and Christmas gifts a mile long!! And my daughter is getting married in 5 weeks, so I have a lot on my plate right now! But I love it!

  10. Curves are on my list. I really want to do a Drunkards Path. Doing a Clamshell would be a dream come true but I think it might have to be done English paperpiecing for me. Machine and hand quilting are on my list also. Needless to say I have a long list.

  11. I’m headed off on a weekend football trip and have foor small projects to get binding handsewn down. I have a baby quilt and a wedding quilt to finish this month since I have a wedding to attend in October and a new baby to go see! I hope to get to so every single day in September!

  12. I have a zipper phobia too (among other quilt challenges), but I hope to make a zippered pouch this month. I’m a list maker too and I have a long to-do list, but this month I am finishing up machine appliqued quilts for my grandsons. I put them away to work on other things and time to get them finished. Thanks for the change to win some lovely books!!

  13. Working with curves and set ins and yes making bags and I too don’t do zippers. Never ever tried. I would like to learn EPP. Also want to try 80wt thread. My new passion is wiolprojects so need to learn some different stitches than the same ole ones I always use. Wish crewel was still popular

  14. Finishing is my challenge! I really need to learn to do that!! And I have to put in word for Inklingo when contemplating some of the more challenging blocks. Linda Franz makes it so easy to do tiny pieces, curves, perfectly as the stitching and cutting lines are printed right on the fabric. Wonderful!!!

  15. Hmmm – intimidated? I don’t think so – but I procrastinate on curved piecing. Many of my ufos have stopped there. Thanks for the question. It’s food for thought.

  16. Clamshells definitely intimidate me! I have done a bit of curved piecing and it turned out ok but they were much gentler curves. I’ve got a jelly roll quilt project planned for jelly roll day!!

  17. I have always wanted to learn paper piecing. That intimidates me. This month I am working on charity quilts and gifts for the holidays.

  18. I am in agreement with several others – curves!!!!!! I’m new to quilting so I plan on keeping busy with Christmas quilts for the family.

  19. September will be my month to attack machine applique. I have a book and today I’ll make up some practice samples. I didn’t know it was National Sewing Month, but I am going to dive in with both feet and learn something brand new! That is my plan.

  20. Quilt plans for the first part of the month: finish the applique on a quilt top, finish the blocks and quilt a pretty piece for a group of sew sistas, need to make a baby quilt!, and then, my choice … actually, it’s always my choice! Love zippers, frightened by curved piecing. There’s the challenge.

  21. Before joining TQS and finding out about quilt blogs I jumped into free motion quilting and was just fine with my beginner results, even on the wedding quilt for my son and daughter-in-law. Now though, the more I keep seeing all the beautiful patterns and possibilities I have to admit that I changed back to my walking foot. I guess a stitch regulator might help overcoming my fears…

  22. Just trying to cut and piece accurately intimidates me. I’ve started using a 5 lb. weight to hold down the top of my ruler (a la Donna Jordan) when I cut strips. It does help! Also, as I can afford it, I’m going to replace rulers and use all the same brand; it does make a difference. As for mastering the quarter in seam? I don’t have a good plan for that yet! Happy National Sewing Month.

  23. Anything that looks too difficult usually intimidates me, but have learned to break it down into smaller units. Just will be trying to complete a couple quilt tops that I’ve been working on in Sept. Not sure if I want to start on anything new right now.

  24. I am intimidated by curved piecing…I tried making an apple core block and it was a disaster!! I would love to be able to piece curves!!

  25. Something to learn – I do want to try a clam shell quilt. Intimidated — No way — it is only fabric. However, with a new technique I only make something small. Being in Houston means that I won’t be starting anything new this month — maybe by November (sigh).

  26. Why does the thought of doing curves scare us all? I can set in a sleeve on a garment in no time but curves on a quilt _ no way! I recently tackled English paper piecing. One hundred little stars done 124 left to go. Oh, and 4 new babies this month to make quilts for!
    To friends in Texas from a Sandy survivor – life will get better, but it takes time, lots of time. It is time to lean on friends shoulders, to accept help knowing all you can give in return is a smile and a “thanks”. Our prayers are with you. Patience and faith will get you through this!

  27. I didn’t even realize it was National Sewing Month until I started to read blogs this morning. I have been quilting many years and know what I like about quilting and what I don’t like. I would say that machine applique intimidates me because I do so much of the process of quilting by hand but my hands are getting old and arthritis has begun, eventually I might have to learn to do applique by machine – the project I am working on this month is the sewing room – we have been giving it a major redo and I sure would like to get it done this month so I can move all my stuff back into it

  28. Can I just say I LOVE that yellow machine? I would like to just look at it much less use it. I had a Brother many years ago and it was such a reliable work horse. September is going to have a lot of lists. Place mats, pillows, table toppers for Christmas gifts need to be finished. I only have one quilt for a Christmas present and the top is done. I’m so glad I started it in July. I would like to learn/work with curves. I also would like to try the 80 wt thread. Is it just for the bobbin? I only use Aurifil. The big project for September is to quilt 3 tops I have ready for Houston. I quilt all my own quilts but dread the basting- it’s a back breaker. I don’t purchase books so I would love some new ones! Thanks for a great post as usual! Have a great day.mary in Az

  29. Curves and templates – not my thing…..scary even. I like things to be “perfect” and I don’t think I could do curves. I have tried applique and there just seems to be too much bumps and straight points when I do a circle!!! I want to start an OMG quilt using up my scraps that I can’t throw away!

  30. I would like to learn and try big stitch quilting. It adds so much to the look of quilts. I’m intimidated by mitering borders. Have tried it, but they never look quite right, even after several tries at correcting my mistakes. And finally, I have so many projects waiting in the wings. But first up may be Fig Tree’s new Halloween quilt kit that just arrived in the mail…I’d better get on it if I want it finished this season!

  31. Where do I start? I know I’m not the only one with projects to finish all the while I am dreaming – and scheming – of so many new projects to start! Heaven is just being able to spend some time each day working on whatever is closest at hand – just a few stitches soothes my soul! I really want to try the 80 wt. Aurifil – I’m anxious to hear your thoughts about it.

  32. I am hesitate about sewing Curves. I like the idea of large clam shells. Maybe I will try it after I read your experience. Yes, I am doing a Halloween quilt starting very soon. it is a gift for my granddaughter and her birthday is in October so no messing around. Thanks for the chance to win. Have a great weekend.

  33. I want to learn how to do needle turn applique. I’m intimidated by partial seams, curves and zippers! I have five projects going on right now. More than enough for a month of sewing.

  34. I will be on a quilting retreat in a few weeks, so yes, I plan to get a lot of sewing done! I’d like to learn how to make a landscape quilt.

  35. I love the Clamshell quilts. My favorite is the one with the flowery fabrics and NY Beauty like arcs on top. My confession is that the ‘quilting’ part of making quilts intimidates me. I love the piecing and I love the challenge of teeny blocks but not the final quilting. I sure have a lot of tops piling up……

    Would love to find that 89 wt thread for my mini quilts- so pretty. Love Aurafil!

  36. I could use some education on Y-seams and curved piecing. I’ve just started making my Christmas gifts and hope to finish up in September. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. This is how I learned an easy way to Y seam. Make sure your pieces are lined up well. I put a pin straight through the intersection then clover clip the sides to secure and remove the pin. If one seam is longer than the other I start on that side. Sew your seam and stop with the needle down at the intersection. Raise your presser foot with the needle still down and turn the unit to the next direction you will be sewing to. Hold the top piece firmly with one hand and with your other hand slide the bottom piece over till the edges line up. Lower your foot and sew. If your points are lined up correctly it will open up beautifully.

  37. I’m game to try anything once. But after taking a class in machine quilting, I’m more than happy to pay someone to do that!

  38. Curves and circles are something I want to tackle. I have very little experience with them, but hope to change that soon.

  39. September sewing is CHRISTMAS sewing! I have big plans every year, yes I do! My to-do list only grows longer! Lol

  40. I got Jen Kingwell’s Steam Punk pattern and templates. I need to try it sometime so this could be the push I need! Carrie I am loving the Cake and Cupcake Mixes! Keep them coming! Happy sewing everybody!

  41. I have wanted to do a drunkard’s path for the longest time, but that curved piecing has intimidated me. Sue Spargo’s embellishing is something I’d like to learn. And as for projects in September I have a lot of them all ready started, but…Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse quilts are “speaking” to me pretty loudly. I am going to choose one and get started this month. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration in the book and I love reading about the quilts’ backgrounds.

  42. Needle turn applique! I’ve been working on it with the few blocks so far in Moda blockheads by Jan Patek. They take me longer than the pieced blocks. I finally watched her video and my last block went much easier! Always a good idea to learn from the pros!

  43. I’ve not done clam shells so the template you showed did interest me! Hand applique still intimidates me. I keep trying and have not given up but have not mastered. For September I have a few Fall quilts that I want to get made. Always more room for fall quilts!!

  44. I’ve been procrastinating on learning free motion quilting. Seems I just don’t have time to play, so perhaps September has now declared itself the perfect month to do that! My list is long including a hand appliqued border to finish my current project. But at the very top of my list are some personalized pillowcases for a couple of special kids taking their first trip to Disney World.

  45. I have five new wool felt Christmas stockings to design and complete this year. Folk embroidery stitches would be fun to add to them.

  46. I’d love to learn how to needle turn appliqué. I plan on making Sultry…a jelly roll braid quilt. Thanks for this chance! Have a great weekend, Carrie.

  47. I have been trying new things all year. I tackled curved seams and did ok , obviously I need to practice more to get them perfect but one down more to come. I think the clam shells looks quite interesting! I have been doing some sew alongside on Instagram and starting a new project are definitately on my list, oh and the 16th I will be sewing along in the Jelly roll day!

  48. I have lots of projects to finish for National Sewing month! I am also going to teach some people in September machine embroidery for quilting.
    I have done curved piecing, but am a little intimidated by it and wish I wasn’t.

  49. I want to learn how to insert a zipper in a pillow back. I plan to finish my current project – a quilt top – this weekend and prep for my next one or two, possibly to include a portable EPP project.

  50. I have plans for a “spools 2” quilt by Thimble Blossoms in celebration of Jelly Roll Day. What intimidates me? Y seams, probably because I have never tried them.

  51. Embroidery intimidates me! I’ve used patterns for zippers and y-seams and applique and apparently lucked out (dumb luck perhaps?) choosing projects with great instructions, because I’m not a bit scared of those. It’s all about good instructions! But hand embroidery? Yikes!

  52. I do my own machine-quilting on my domestic machine and would LOVE to learn an easy way to do Baptist Fans, preferable with a walking foot. I think it’s such a classic way to finish a top and I think I need to put this in my quilting toolbox.

  53. I have comitted to crack open a jelly roll I have had for FOUR years and start sewing a project with it on Sept.16 !!! Thanks for the opportunity to win !

  54. I have a jelly roll waiting for the 16th.. Improving my machine quilting, some patterns are quite intimidating.

  55. Clamshells would be fun to learn. Right now I am continuing to work on getting my precision better so my blocks come out the correct size. Someday English Paper Piecing is on the list too. I am finishing up Six Degrees right now (Miss Rosie Quilt) and want to start on a Tone It Down (ModaLissa) and some Christmas Little Lollies (Fig Tree). Plus have several Renaissance costumes and granddaughter dresses on the to do list – as well as a trip to the quilt museum in Iowa. Busy month!

  56. I would love to learn how to use that clamshell template! It is too cool! Oh, and reverse applique is something that intimidates me.

  57. Curved piecing is scary to me. Thanks so much for the giveaway. I’m looking forward to national sewing month and am starting the Dear Daughter quilt at my LQS block of the month.

  58. Glad to know you are safe and dry! I can’t wait to see what fabrics you choose for a clam/glamshell quilt. That would be fun to try. I am trying my hand at garments…. with double gauze. Definitely out of my box! I’d also like to give a small Hawaiian applique project a go. Have a happy sewing/labor day weekend!

  59. I’d like to learn hand applique. I’ve made a couple of attempts to learn needle turn and have decided it’s probably not for me but I think prepared applique may be more to my liking. Hand applique really intimidates me. I would also like to make a pineapple quilt. I have the Possibilities ruler and the Marti Michell templates and I think I will give the Marti Michell templates a try. I have a complicated Lone Star quilt with 80 plus fabrics planned for this month. It’s a birthday gift for my sister, although her birthday was in June!

  60. I’m going to try curved piecing and I’m working on a hexie quilt. That’s the great thing about quilting there is no end to the different things to do and try something is always there to spark imagination what if ????

  61. I am going to put machine quilting practice back on the front burner in September. I want to be more confident that I am not “wrecking” my quilt by quilting it myself.

  62. I don’t like y-seams, paper-piecing and curved sewing so much I do it when I need to but I avoid them whenever I can. I plan to finish the quilt for the minisandmore parade, a quilt for the 5 FQ contest and make a few more blocks for the ‘Gypsy Wife’ sampler.

  63. I have had a week long construction project that took three weeks to prep for and a month to complete (so much for a week) and I am now in the process of putting things back in order – sent my machine out for service – its back already but have not been able to do anything – no sewing, cutting, nor planning as I cannot access my fabric closet….I am in total withdrawal mode…hoping to get back at it by mid month. I discovered an odd set of templates – Fuchsia Fireworks – that I bought ages ago and have not used. the designer is Cara Gulati and it was sold by doodle press – it is dated 2004. Uses lots of curves – that is my goal for this winter, to master that pattern.

  64. Curved piecing intimidates the heck out of me. I finally learned Y-seams in an awesome class with Sherri McConnell but haven’t overcome the whole concept of curves.

  65. That’s my old Brother sewing machine! What a workhorse. I learned a lot of new techniques on that machine!

  66. Glad you are OK in Dallas! I can’t imagine what it is like in the Houston area. I am not so much terrified of templates and lots of tiny pieces, rather intimidated! I have been eying the clamshell ruler and Victoria’s new book!!! This weekend I am hopeful to finish my mini log cabin quilt – my favorite pattern in a mini quilt book, that you designed!

  67. I am still afraid to use thread while quilting that would”show” in case my quilting isn’t great. I tell myself to be more confident but just can’t do it..yet. I hope to play with design this Sept before I need to make a wedding Quilt for next May

  68. I would like to try making something other than a quilt — a bag (zipper or no) or a skirt would be nice. I am just too dumbfounded and intimidated to begin!

  69. I have fallen in love with the retro modernism in quiltng! Dont hate me, but I get tired of some of the more traditional patterns. My dreamwish is to design fabric! So that may be in the future of exploration.

  70. I think September is the perfect month to focus on working on/finishing the current pile of projects I have piled up!!

  71. I hope to do some garment sewing soon. I completed two foundation paper pieced quilts and another pieced quilt this year. I too would like to tackle the glam clam and explore appliqué.

  72. I am going to take some classes on sewing with Cuddle fabric, which should be an adventure. I am finishing a mystery BOM that my LQS store has going.

    Glad Dallas is ok.

  73. I want to learn to do free-motion machine quilting (the prospect of which I find intimidating/terrifying!) so I’m taking a class mid-month. I’m currently working on a two quilts, a wall-hanging, two bags, embroidering kitchen towels for my 83 year old mother and making several garments for my daughter and husband. They are all gifts for upcoming birthdays and a wedding…so I’ll definitely stay busy during National Sewing Month! And yes…I am a Type A personality…and no, I did not plan well this year! 😉

  74. I would love to try a clamshell quilt. Many hand applique techniques still intimidate me. I’m working on Lori Holt’s Speeling Bee quilt and Susan Marth’s BOM series this month.

  75. Y-seams and curves intimidate me, and I’d like to learn to sew them. I got some of that beautiful Berry Merry fabric and I’ll sew some Christmas tree skirts this month, mostly for gifts (one for myself)!

  76. Nothing really intimidates me…been sewing and quilting a long time. Would like to learn turnabout modern quilting techniques. Will be working on a baby quilt for niece.

  77. I never sew in my whole life until I came to Texas. Everything about sewing intimidate me badly. But I challenge myself to learn to sew and to quilt the first year I came to Texas. I am still learning to sew a straight lines … no kidding 🙂 Any technique with the measurement like 3/4 or 5/8 or like making a flying geese and especially paper piecing it is scary for me to try out. Sewing with zipper really intimidates me or bidding a quilt even a mini quilt… I have been wanting to make a zipper pouch for ever but always afraid to start a project that I can’t make it right or straight. As for this National Sewing Month, I am going to challenge myself with Take Flight quilt with Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt. This blog inspired me 🙂 Thank you.

  78. I would love to try the clamshell on the machine. I have done some the epp way before.
    Y-seams—-yikes they scare me.
    As far as National Sewing Month, I have 5 quilt tops ready to be hand quilted.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  79. Curves! UGH – they scare me and my patience runs out, lol. I have been wanting to try the Clammy template, but the thought of those curves makes me run. I would love to try curves. I’m finishing up twin granddaughters Christmas quilts. Then it will be Sew a Jelly Roll! Life is good when we have so many choices.

  80. I love the clamshell pattern but as others have posted they do intimidate me, however, it is on my bucket list of quilt patterns to make! My technique or challenge this month is working with my 17 year old daughter making her desired cosplay outfit! I am also finishing the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt in the king size….

  81. Clammy template sounds like one I’d like to try. Meanwhile my plans for September are to just keep working on my UFOs, of which there are many many many.

  82. OMG — Y seams! I’m a big girl now and have been sewing over 40 yrs but Y seams still strike terror in my heart

  83. I learned garment sewing before I learned quilting. Despite being able to sew an inset sleeve, I am still learning and struggling with curves. I just finished a Jen Kingwell pattern called Halo. I think I am ready to tackle clamshells!

  84. I would like to learn curved piecing, but am especially intimidated by y seams, and my plans are to start my Glitter quilt. I have cut it out, but it has two y seams per block!
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Tarnia.hodges at gmail dot com

  85. I also like the effect of clam shells and curved piecing so I would like to try my hand at that this year. Thanks for the chance and for always inspiring me!

  86. I plan on sewing pillow cases as we have a shelter in our area that will take all we can give them. I’d also like to learn to do some machine quilting.

  87. I would like to know how to embroider I just have never really learned. It is always seem so intimidating to me

  88. I’m totally intimidated by curves (not my own, but on fabric) lol. Ive accepted my growing curves!!! I’ve got a huge list of sewing projects to do in September, from my fusion quilt which I’d like to try some of your beautiful modern stitching on it, and a mystery quilt which confused me, plus some embroidery on bags, one for my lovely stepdaughter too. Blessings from Sharon Wright ♡ ♡ ♡

  89. I am fascinated by the Glam Clam quilt. I do wish there was more information on the method of construction. I have never done curves. The quilt reminds me of looking down onto many umbrellas or maybe trees depending on fabric you could use.

  90. I am going to start my first EPP quilt, work on our son and daughter’s beach quilt, napkins for our California girls, and a fifth baby quilt for the neighbors.

  91. Needle turn applique seems to intimidate me. It surprised me as I thought it looked easy but found that it was not and I still would like to conquer it.

  92. I bought a kit to make Laura Heine’s “Abilene” cow collage. This is totally new and intimidating, but Laura’s quilt wowed me at the Minnesota quilt show so I’m going to give it my best shot.

  93. Would love to learn machine paper piecing. Am intimidated by zippers and curved piecing. Would like to try a zippered bag. Have many UFOS to finish. Was already working on that. Will break out a jelly roll that has well aged for the 16th.

  94. I plan to finish my Grandson’s letter “T” quilt this month (National Sewing Month). Carrie, Thank you so much for creating the Cake Mix Recipes (paper piecing). I am having so much fun making the T blocks with Cake Mix Recipe # 2. I am also using some “glow in the dark” (white fabric) as the background fabric for a few of the “T” blocks, so when the light is off, my Grandson will see a few glowing “T” letters.

    1. Inspiring post. I would love to learn the y seams. My biggest issue is I like to do so many different art projects…I want to do it all.

  95. My plans for National Sewing Month include quilting several small quilts on my newly purchased sewing machine that I’ve had ready to go for months.

  96. First time I’m going to sew a men’s suit. I guess I picked the right month. I didn’t know September was sewing month.

  97. One thing that I have not tried is paper piecing. I find patterns I love but won’t buy them because they involve paper piecing. I really need to get over my fear and try it.

  98. I’m planning a few monogrammed Halloween treat bag projects for all the little kiddos in my life as well as some dinosaur costumes for my little boy’s birthday party. All fun stuff this month!

  99. Quilting with my basic sewing machine intimidates me. I want to try it, but I just can’t bring myself to really try it. I have watched some tutorials, but I just freeze up.

  100. I want to get started with English Paper Piecing. I have been seeing a lot of antique English quilts recently made using this technique and am ready to get started on one of my own.

  101. Partial seams scare me but I do want to learn to overcome this and learn to work on more difficult blocks.

  102. I need to finish a baby quilt for my second granddaughter coming in October! And I have one started for my first granddaughter. But the best thing is I will be helping their mother, my daughter, make her first sewing project, which is a child’s apron! Makes me happy to help her learn to sew 🙂

  103. What a fun treat to plan and do National Sewing Month. If I fall off the wagon I have another day to sew. This is much smarter having a perfect holiday to sew all month long ~ other than my birthday of course !!

  104. Clamshells and Hexies made by machine would be the love to learn patterns for me. Have wanted to make a clamshell since I started quilting in 1986. But — Not By Hand. And — to finish all my UFO’s. National Sewing Month. I need a National Sewing Year !! Thanks for a very enjoyable post every time, Carrie.
    My 3-yr-old grandson wants to help me ‘stitching’. He already knows how to machine applique with assistance from Grandma. The joy of him sitting on my lap ‘assisting’ is one of my favourite pictures.

  105. Yay for National Sewing month! Anytime I can play with fabric is a good time!!My goal is to make the next Simple Whatnots Club quilt for the club I have at my LQS. I really want to learn curved piecing as well as hand applique. Hand piecing is also something I plan on taking up again after many years.

  106. I would like to try a scalloped border. I am definitely going to join in on the national jelly roll day and make spools 2 by Thimbleblossoms. I have so many jelly rolls that I have never used so Portugal is the chosen one for the big day.

  107. I’d like to learn more about appliqué. I avoid zippers… and I dislike making the quilt sandwich (so I happily support my local longarmer!!)… and I’m afraid but determined to try longarm quilting — at least a few baby quilts. I gotta be able to do a few simple designs myself!! (Already took the rental class so I’m ready to go, as soon as I get a couple baby quilts finished. LOVE that it’s National Sewing Month! Woo hoo!! Jelly Rolls are scary. I never know what to do with them!! (Except the solid ones, that are great for sashing!!) Love April Carey’s idea to make Spools 2… maybe I’ll try that!! Grin.

  108. Those really pointy bits on the clams intimidates me–there are several antique quilt patterns that I’ve tried (like Flowering Snowball), but I just can’t manage those very pointy points. What I’d like to try is the Double Wedding Ring. Ever since I learned to quilt, I’ve wanted to make one and I’ve even bought a set of templates, but it remains on my bucket list.

  109. I would like to learn to do quilting. I am intimidated by the bindings and doing the hand work involved. I am planning on doing several projects this month. I am making doll and Barbie clothes for my grandchildren and best friend’s little girl for Christmas. I am also painting and crocheting as well. I have sewn since I was nine and I love it. I just wish the fabric wasn’t so expensive.

  110. Sewing curved pieces together is a scary thought! I used to be intimidated by set-in seams but found out they are not too bad. I plan on doing the Jelly Roll Day on Sept 16.

  111. I am anxious to learn how to quilt. Looking for a local quilt class. I have planned to make 8 mug mugs for my children and adult grandchildren.

  112. I’d like to be able to figure out how to do my half-square and quarter-square blocks to size. Even though I make them over sized and trim them down, they still come out wrong! Y seams scare me! This month I want to catch up on all of my BOMs!!! Thank you!

  113. I’d like to learn how to use templates… the Utah one looks VERY tempting! 🙂 What intimidates me is small, intricate piecing…like making a 12″ feather star block? lol! For National Sewing Month…I’m going to be starting (and hopefully finishing) an autumn quilt…that I hope to try free motion quilting on (for the first time)…

  114. Applique is probably the biggest challenge for me right now. As for projects this month, I am finishing up a project for Fat Quarter Shop. I need to make the quilt for our school’s annual Fall Festival auction. I would also like to finish at least one of my Halloween/Fall quilts and use it this year.

  115. I would love to learn to do the New York Beauty type quilts. I have some paper pieced parts for a variation called Rattlesnake by Karen Stone that I hope to start this month once I get caught up on some deadline sewing.

  116. I have always been intimidated by appliqué and I finally decided if I do a whole quilt top, it probably won’t be an issue any more. I will say, it’s getting easier.

  117. I am a first time quilter: my first quilt was for my granddaughter. I still have issues with my seams being straight so I have been going slow. It had been 20 years since I had used a sewing machine. I have been making templates out of cardboard. For instance, the last template I made was the Batman logo. I had some material and figured I could put the symbol on the solid color blocks! The other ones I made were for my grand daughters name. They turned out really well. I am interested in learning everything I can

  118. Y-seams and curves intimidate me. This month I’m hoping to finish a few Christmas quilts and catch up on some BOM blocks. 🙂

  119. I want to learn how to hand-piece a quilt, and a faster way to put together an EPP quilt. I am working on one aware d uu

  120. Oops… working on one now (1/2″ hexies) but it is taking so long I think there must be a better way!

  121. I would like to learn how to do Sashiko. Medallion quilts intimidate me or I should say Mariner compass quilts. I have 3 quilts started and plan to spend the long weekend sewing and sewing and pressing and pressing.

  122. This month I’m making a Lemoyne star quilt. Getting all those points to match and lay flat intimidates the heck out of me!

  123. I’m going to my first retreat this month. The project I’m bringing with me has lots of curve piecing – YIKES – a friend is going with me and she has offered to help.

  124. I would love to learn how to do hexagon sewing. Seeing the delicate threadwork and y seams are intimidating, but I would still love to try it one day.

  125. I always love reading your blog. What worries me the most is not techniques but..well..how do you keep the motivation going when you are making a large bed size quilt. I tend to get bored especially if it is the same 1-2 blocks over and over. Any good ideas? I’ve been quilting since the late 80’s. I would love a new technique or something to make the old ones easier. As for Sept. I am going to clean, etc. my machines. Other than sending them out…any quickie cleaning suggestions in between projects? As for never using templates made me smile, when I began that was what we used for everything and we made our own(wow, do I sound old or what saying that:) ).Thanks for all you share.

  126. My September goal is first to set up my sewing space! I recently moved and it’s still packed up. For actual projects, I want to finish my sons quilt before the weather cools off and then onto Christmas sewing…I’d like to make stockings and a tree skirt.

  127. Great questions. First I would like to learn more embroidery….I only know a couple of stitches and need some practice on small projects that would look nice hanging in my house. As far as a technique that intimidates me that would be appliqué….tried many different kinds and they all don’t really come out as well as I had hoped. Now projects planned for Sept….your funny…….currently I am working on a set of Christmas placemats, Halloween block of the month, tropical mini quilt for my mom and a charm square quilt for our family room. Will I be sewing, you bet the kiddos are in school.

  128. Oh dear! There are quite a few things I’d like to learn…and they ALL scare me: needle-turn appliqué, curved seams, Y seams, free motion quilting. I think I may be a Quilt Wimp! I just recently returned to quilting, so I think I’ll get a few projects under my belt before I attempt any of those. I’m almost done with a row quilt (I took a class to relearn my skills), then I’m going to finish the wedding quilt I started for a couple celebrating their FIFTH Anniversary (hanging my head in shame), and make a tree skirt for a dear friend. I’m so happy to be quilting again!

  129. Bags and purses are off limits for me – it’s not just the zipper, it’s all the other accoutrements I can’t handle. Ok, it’s the zipper too. Just give me quilts to make and I’m a happy girl. One of my September projects is an Amy Bradley alphabet quilt. The skill I want to develop is working with wool applique and SOMEDAY figure out how to make a quilt with all this silk I’ve collected.
    Great questions, Carrie – as usual!! You rock!!

  130. Applique definitely intimidates me! Some day, maybe, I’ll try it. I didn’t have plans for Jelly Roll day, but I came across my jelly roll of Sakura, and just might have to get something together.

  131. I have made two double wedding ring baby quilts and been UNHAPPY with both of them. I really can’t figure out how to do that center. I want to learn how to make it work.

  132. Templates and small blocks (5 inches and smaller) are what intimidates me. My goal for September is to finish a quilt I have been working on for a friend for 2 years. Then I want to do something fun for myself.

  133. This month I am making a pinwheel scrap quilt and I want to finish one UFO. My challenge is learning to be a better machine quilter.

  134. I’m working on odie mays quilt. Garment sewing intimidates me because I am hard to fit and I don’t know how to get a good fit

  135. I’d like to get better at machine and hand applique. Paper piecing intimidates me because I have to think backwards!! My september goal is to get my summer block of the week pieced! I’m making some headway already!

  136. My goal, is to master, no to strong of word, get better and not feel intimated my flying geese. I love them in quilts but I shy away from them. I want to practice and learn to enjoy them….yeah me!

  137. I would love to finish up a quilt for my nephews wedding for September and some BOM’s in the works.
    I also bought the Clammy-love the quilts-now to start.

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