Lisa loves minis…

Lisa Bongean.  Primitive Gatherings.  She loves mini quilts.

This is the collection of mini quilts that graces one of the walls in Lisa’s studio.  Seriously.  Could you sit in a room with this and get anything done?  Major. Distraction.  (Chris Pine could walk through the room and who would notice?) (Okay, maybe that ‘s a stretch… but you get the point.)

Since Lisa loves Mini quilts, and Lisa is Miss August in the 12 Contests contest… it’s all about minis.

Make a mini using at least 50% Primitive Gatherings for Moda fabrics and you’re in.

The design can be your own original creation or one from a purchased pattern.  Hand- or machine-pieced, appliquéd with cotton-wool-whatever, embellished, almost anything goes.

For all the details – Lisa Bongean’s 12 Contests Mini Contest.

Deadline for entries is September 30th.

One more quick thing to share – have you seen Lisa’s Wool & Needle V Flannels yet?

They’re showing to shops now and will be available in December.  They’re beautiful for pieced quilts and as a foundation for wool appliqué.  They also make a gorgeous backing for any quilt as they are incredibly soft – even softer after washing.

If you don’t want to wait until December, there are other Wool & Needle Flannel collections that might still be available – Wool & Needle IV and Wool & Needle III.  I write “might” because these never seem to last very long.  (They’re that lovely to sew with, and they really are that soft.)

That’s it for today – be sure to get all the details about Lisa’s Mini Contest and start planning your mini.  Then get busy making it!

Did I mention there will be prizes?

I hope a big yardstick like the one above Lisa’s minis is on the list.

Happy Tuesday!


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8 thoughts on “Lisa loves minis…

  1. Love this fabric – it looks wonderful! I’ll have to see about purchasing some of it and waiting to see all the talented people that will be making mini quits soon!

  2. Could you help me please. I want to learn to hand appliqué. None of the quilt shops in my locale give classes. Could you recommend the best way to get started. Thank you

    1. Hi Lynn – I know this will sound crazy but YouTube has some really good videos-tutorials on applique.

      I’m biased but I think Jan Patek’s tutorials for needle-turn applique are very, very good. You can find those here – Or go to YouTube and do a search for Jan Patek.

      There are also videos for machine-applique, wool applique and a few other varieties. Pearl Pereia – I’m sure I spelled that wrong – has some great videos and techniques for freezer-paper applique.

      I also love the books by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins – Piece O’Cake.

      If that doesn’t help, let me know and I’ll find more options. LOL

  3. What does she use to hang the Mimi quilts? I know they are mounted on yard sticks, but what kind of clips does she use?

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