A Piece of Cake…

It’s Monday.  There’s a solar eclipse today.  Two good reasons for a lovely piece of layer cake!

[Fudgy Chocolate Layer Cake image and recipe from Food & Wine.]

And this kind of Layer Cake – the Moda kind.

Especially when you have a book like this one – A Piece of Cake by Peta Peace.

Today is our day on the A Piece of Cake blog hop so let me get right to it.  (The list of the other participants is at the bottom.)

If you read this blog at all, you know I love Layer Cakes – the fabric kind.  They are my favorite pre-cut because the 10″ x 10″ square is big enough that I usually have enough to make a single medium-sized block, or several small blocks.  That square is also small enough that I rarely have much left over, meaning that I can play with something totally outside my regular “box” or mix a couple of layer cakes for a really scrappy quilt.

They’re also perfect for making a single quilt – one layer cake, some background yardage and presto!  A quilt.  When it’s a “sweet and quilt”, that’s even better.

Modern Spools?

This quilt measures 38″ x 42″ but it’s easily made larger.  (This version only uses 23 layer cake squares so you’d already have the fabric for more spools.) The collection used here is Hey Dot by Brigitte Heitland for Zen Chic.

Gooseberry Origami Squares – polka dot origami?  Using one Gooseberry layer cake – by Vanessa Goertzen for Lella Boutique – and yardage, this quilt measures 60″ x 60″.

Surprise!  That’s the name of this adorable quilt Peta designed and pieced.  Picture this with holiday fabrics or a holiday color palette!  Surprise measures 56″ x 71″.

The Simplest Sampler.  Made with Bonnie & Camille’s Handmade collection, this quilt measures 59″ x 66″.  One Layer Cake and 3 yards of yardage for the blocks and sashing.

Square Peg in a Round Hole.  I admit it – I would have loved this quilt just because of the name.  But I also love the design – genius!  The fabrics are Flow by Zen Chic.

This block can also be made as a pillow… which is what I intended to do.  My block is pieced, I just need to finish it with the circle – that will be my favorite Royal Blue Chambray.

The blue prints are from Shibori II by Debbie Maddy, the gold prints are from Zen Chic’s Fragile collection and the background is from BasicGrey’s Compositions.  (I’ll share the finished pillow as soon as it is quilted and done.)


To see more of the book and projects made from it – finished projects! – here is the list of participants in the A Piece of Cake blog hop.  Be sure to see what they’ve made… I already know that Sedef, Jemima, Samantha, Andy, Kirsty, Lisa and Alison have all finished their projects.  (Square Peg In a Round Hole is a popular block and quilt.)

One last thing… because this is a very special Monday, we’re going to share A Piece of Cake and a Layer Cake.

Just leave a comment by Midnight on Wednesday, August 23, CST telling me if you use Layer Cakes, how many un-opened Layer Cakes you have in your stash, and the name of the last layer cake you bought.

(Winners will be notified via e-mail.)

Happy Monday!  Enjoy the eclipse!

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165 thoughts on “A Piece of Cake…

  1. I do use layer cakes, but I must admit that I know better to work with charm squares. This book would be brilliant to get my creativity flowing! The last layer cake I bought was one by French General, and I think I have two more un-opened cakes in my stash (all french general). I am ‘saving’ them for that one special project! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. The last layer cake I bought was Vintage Picnic. Sadly, it is still sitting in my stash with a couple older ones. The last layer cake I used was Mama Said Sew. I cut it into charms and made a large quilt. I could really use the book. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Yes I use layer cakes and have used them to make an entire quilt. It worked for a Let’s Twist quilt and a scrap quilt where every block was a different pattern. I have 3 unopened Layer Cakes in my stash. The last layer cake was Miniature Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings.

  4. Love layer cakes – even more than charm packs, which are also wonderful. Currently have four un-opened layer cakes in my stash. Last layer cake I bought and used was “Aubade.” The colors and fabric design are beautiful. I made a quilt for my great nephew to celebrate his high school graduation.

  5. My last layer cake was Kona Solids to use for a Missouri Star pattern. I also have a couple of other layer cakes lying around in my quilt room.

  6. I have used layer cakes but not in quite a while. The last one I bought was Richmond Reds. All the quilts you show are beautiful and inspiring me to do more with layer cakes.

  7. I love layer cakes because I get a bit of every fabric in the line and they all go together. But sometimes it makes the decision harder with so many choices. Right now I have 2 layer cakes of Rachel Remembered that I’m saving for a special project that I just need more time to accomplish it. So many fabrics and not enough time…right!!

  8. I have never purchased a layer cake. Maybe if I win this one, I’ll become a convert to them and will start buying more!

  9. I do love layer cakes. The latest one I had was Miniature Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings. I made a really cute wall an I got with it and a little extra fabric. For some reason buying them makes me feel like I get to enjoy the whole line of fabric without going overboard $ wise. More than once I have done this first and then went overboard I loved the line so much. Oh well, I tried! I have 0 in my stash right now BUT have 2 in preorder status just waiting !

  10. I never bought one because I didn’t know what to use for… Now I have a lot of options

  11. I have 5 or 6 layer cakes in my stash and one more on the way here. (I saw it and just had to order it!) 🙂 I need some ideas on how to use them, so this would be a great start!

  12. Layer cakes are my favorite precut, because it’s so versatile – strips, squares, applique. I have 12 layer cakes, and the most recent addition was Snowberry. Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Yes, I have used layer cakes and probably have half dozen unopened. My latest layer came purchase was Moda’s, “Roses and Chocolate II”.

  14. I have only used one layer cake before but when I did, I loved them. I don’t see too many layer cakes for sale in the fabric stores I frequent anymore.

  15. I have never bought a layer cake I have been looking at different ones. I was thinking about doing Moda Blockheads with a layer cake. Just finished Moda’s Be My Neighbor

  16. I do use layer cakes and don’t have any in my stash because I love using them as soon as I get them. The last layer cake I purchased and used was from the Minnesota shop hop fabric.

  17. I have used layer cakes, the last one I bought was a star wars to make my grandson a quilt. I need to confess to having a few layer cakes. Would love to have this book!

  18. I love layer cakes! I only have one unopened at the moment which also was the last I purchased… its been waiting patiently for the perfect pattern 🙂 Olive’s Flower Market 🙂

  19. I love Layer Cakes and have about a douzen in my stash. The last one I bought was a ‘Hello Darling’ Layer Cake because it was on sale and it’s B&C.

  20. I haven’t used my layer cakes. I love all of theses projects, so I may have to open them up! My last purchase was Hoffman Fabrics Batiks, it is lovely.

  21. I bought one layer cake a long time ago. I found it difficult to use. I much prefer fat quarters.

  22. Layer cakes have become one of my favorites. Right now I have maybe three. The last one I bought was Hello Pacific Warm

  23. I have at least ten layer cakes! Can’t remember the last one I bought, but the last one I used was Twirl by Moda.

  24. I love layer cakes! I have three unopened packages, but I have plans for each of them. My latest acquisition was Rachel Remembered and I’m loving the Tennessee Lady quilt…almost finished with the blocks.

  25. I have to confess…I have four later cakes in my stash but I have never used one, yet. I do love the idea of having a piece of every fabric in a collection. The last one I purchased was Potting Shed and I’m kicking myself for not buying two!

  26. I have 13 unused layer cakes and the last one I bought was Gooseberry Lane by Kansas Troubles. They are so handy to have to whip up a quick gift. The book looks enticing!

  27. I’ve never used a layer cake. I almost never use precuts, but I’ve been know to cut my yardage into precut sizes to make a project. If I win the layer cake, I could be won over to a new way of buying fabric..

  28. I have about 10 layer cakes, some intended for specific patterns. I think the las one I bought was Canyon by Kate Spain. I’d love to get ahold of that new book!

  29. I love layer cakes! I probably have a dozen or so. Last one I used was the dogwood one I got a couple years ago in Paducah at the quilt museum. I used Cake Mix #4 to make bunches or half square triangles. They’re still on my design wall. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  30. I love layer cakes, especially with the Cake Mix Recipes out now. Would you believe I must have 30 to 40 in my stash! The last one I purchased was Ann’s Arbor. This book looks great.

  31. I do love layer cakes and probably have a dozen in stash. Last one purchased was a Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie and Camille from a destash online and I am so looking forward to using it soon. I am super excited for this book as well

  32. Hmmm, the last Moda layer cake I used was Mama Said Sew. I made the quilt for my mom and it is still my favorite quilt ever. So much so that I have a Volume ll layer cake all ready to go! I will admit to using 10″ squares from other manufacturers because they are so versatile.

  33. My most recent purchase is the Snowberry Layer Cake!! What a beautiful collection!! Unfortunately I can’t tell you how many unopened layer cakes I have!! =:) I have too many to count!! Let’s just say I have enough to make many, many quilts!!

  34. Love layer cakes – you can get a decent size lap quilt using fabrics that suit your recipient, even if it’s something you would not normally buy. Last one sewn was Hyde Park of Blackbird Designs which fit in with an aunt & uncle’s décor perfectly!

  35. Layer Cakes are my absolute favorite pre-cut! i love all pre-cuts but those 10 X 10 squares do it for me every time! I agree with what you said if you have a layer cake you know you have a complete quilt top simply by adding a few yards of background fabric. I do have a small personal issue with pre-cuts though…I have the hardest time opening them up! It kills me! I probably have over 50 unopened layer cakes and matching numbers of jelly rolls too! Charm packs are definitely 75 plus unopened and waiting!

  36. I do use layer cakes & think they are so versatile. I think I have 4 that are unopened. The last one I purchased was Jeep that I made a baby quilt out of.

  37. Hi Carrie! Yes, I use layer cakes and I buy lots of them! Layer cakes are such an easy way to get a piece of each fabric in a collection. The last layer cake I purchased was Urban Artifacts…a little different than my usual choice of fabrics. My layer cake stash has at least 15 pieces. I’m excited for the new book!

  38. I have a few but my last layer cake purchase was Prairie. I love the new book A Piece of Cake. I would love to make the quilt on the cover. There is something so simple and sweet about this quilt.

  39. I’m on my third layer cake. I absolutely like using them. Very convenient. I mad a disappearing 9 Patch for my niece. I have a white one that was such a bargain I couldn’t resist and now my third one for the bake shop bom. I’m excite to do this quilt. I using a ruby red and light tan for this quilt. Finally a red and white quilt. This ones for me.

  40. I have not used a layer cake yet but have several of Judy Neimeyer’s, that I got for a special quilt. I think it is a great size and has many uses from whole to scraps. I’d especially like a piece of that delicious looking chocolate cake!

  41. Oh, Carrie!! I DO love layer cakes!
    Having the whole fabric line in a very versatile ready-to-go size is irresistible!!
    (My guilty quilty secret is that I often buy a layer cake of a line I love, and *also* buy extra yardage in some of the fabrics!… All with no plan in mind, but “just because’ it’s a collection I love!)
    I have perhaps 10 or so unopened layer cakes waiting for the right patterns! (Looks like this book might just be where I’ll find them!!)
    The last layer cakes I bought were…
    Modern Background (Zen Chic)
    Basic Mixologie
    Desert Bloom
    Juniper Berry
    Thank you!!
    Pat T.

  42. I do use layer cakes and the last one I purchased was Coral Bells to use in the Moda Blockheads blocks.

  43. Yes!!! Yes!!! I love Layer Cakes!! I have at least 6 or 7 as yet unopened, stashed away ready to use!! They are perfect for a quick gift or as you say… to play with fun fabrics I might not otherwise play with. I think the one I purchased most recently was a sale item called Peony Passion. Turns out the fabric line was designed by a longtime friend of mine, Lynnea Washburn! Our boys were good friends growing up. I knew she was a professional artist but didn’t know she designed fabric!! How fun!! I’m using this layer cake to make a sweet D9P lap quilt for another dear friend who also happens to be an artist! So it just sort of “feels” right!

  44. I love layer cakes and have 8 in my stash (I should be sewing but have been watching the eclipse here Oregon). The last one I purchased is Ann’s Arbor, the new collection by Minnick & Simpson plus a jelly roll too. I have their Prairie Paisley collection and wanted Ann’s Arbor to add to those prints.

  45. Layer cakes…from bakery or fabric shop….❤️ALL flavors! My cupboard holds two just in case I need to prepare a project and a solid KONA gray was my last purchase + “Neighborhood ” by Alyson Beaton. I need the book for the best pattern/recipe, don’t I?

  46. Yes, I do buy layer cakes. I have six unopened layer cakes. The last layer cake I bought was Red Dot…Green Dash— thank you for all your inspiration!

  47. I don’t buy a lot of layer cakes. I think I have one in my stash and I don’t remember the name of the line.

  48. I have 6 layer cakes right now and the last one I ordered was Roses and Chocolate II. Thanks for the chance to win!

  49. Used the Summer Breeze III layer cakes and made a fantastic disappearing hour glass quilt for my “ocean/summer room”. But I have to be honest – I was hoping for the chocolate cake recipe!!!

  50. I love layer cakes because i don’t deal well cutting large pieces. I have 2 unopened packs and my last purchase was Serenity by Amy Ellis.

  51. I love layer cakes, they come in handy for so. many projects. I have cut them for I spy quilts and shared the leftover. I cut the squares in half to make a quick quilt for a woman who was undergoing chemo If you love big block quilts they’re made for you.So easy to cut them in so many ways, I keep the cutting chart hanging up over my cutting table always ready. I have seven layer cakes in waiting right now, solids and prints. The last one I bought I was browsing a quilt shop I had never been in , I was overwhelmed by everything that they had so I went over to the layer cakes and brought French General by Moda not my usual color or style but I promised myself I would make a cozy throw for me.

  52. Layer cakes are fun, give you more size options than charm packs but still all the fun from the fabric line. I have about 5 layer cakes on hand, the last ones being from French General and Fig Tree. I also love your new ‘cake mixes’ to use with layer cakes, and I’ve bought a couple of those and can’t wait to try out soon (trying to finish some UFOs!). Your examples look like a lot of fun!

  53. I have none, they don’t often make it to NZ quilt shops, and tend to be very pricey when they do. As a result, they are just not something we are used to using down under. Enjoy the eclipse.

  54. Yes, I do use layer cakes! My most recent one is Mariposa Meadow and it’s still waiting to be made into a quilt. Book looks good- thanks for the chance to win!

  55. This looks like a great book. I have bought one layer cake in my life and I gave it away in our guild retreat Chinese auction. And I don’t have any in my stash either. My go to is a fat quarter bundle. Thanks for this.

  56. I generally buy layer cakes over other precuts, mostly for the reasons you stated. I probably have 35 to 40 layer cakes unopened and squares of at least a dozen that are leftovers. The last 2 layer cakes I bought were Kate Spain’s Grand Canal and Laundry Basket’s Southern Exposure. I had to take them out of the box because I hadn’t even unpacked them. (Don’t tell my husband, occasionally he gets a little concerned about my abundant stash.) Thanks.

  57. I don’t usually buy any pre-cuts but I did win one … A Morris Layer Cake by Barbara Brackman. I bet I could find something in this book to stimulate my creative juices & use it! I don’t believe I have any other layer cakes in my stash … maybe it’s time to clean my sewing room and see if that still holds true! Hahaha!

  58. I do use layer cakes. I have around 10 in my stash. The last one I bought was Edyta Sitar’s Blue Barn.

  59. Eeks! Don’t make me count!! I’m guessing I have at least 15 to 20 layer cakes with the last one coming in being Snowfall by Minnick and Simpson. I love them!

  60. I use layer cakes but I used to prefer jelly rolls. Now that there are so many patterns available for layer cakes (and cake mixes too) I’ve become addicted to layer cakes also. Just what I need! I do have some unopened layer cakes but I’m too lazy to go and count them. Yes I have several – maybe twenty. The last layer cake I purchased was The Good Life.I just finished making all the blocks for a cake mix #3 snowfall White Christmas and I’m here to say that the accuracy is amazingly good, of course, but making 738 HST’s using any method is very time consuming. I should have known that. 😉

  61. I have never purchased a layer cake – only the ones in the grocery store. I have started cutting up my leftover fabric from projects into usable squares – 2 1/2, 3 1/2, 5, 10 inch squares. Larger pieces go back on the shelf. So, I do use really scrappy layer cakes, but the fabric is from all over the place. I have noticed that about 80% of my fabric is Moda.

  62. I’ve only ever bought one layer cake, and I don’t remember the name of it–something about Williamsburg, I think. Well, if the 7-inch squares in a Frivol count as a layer cake, then I’ve bought two. So I have no unopened ones.

  63. I don’t normally buy layer cakes as I usually buy fat quarters. However I have purchased 1 – Suffolk. They are very useful.

  64. I have maybe 4 or 5 layer cakes in my stash. The last one I bought was Minick & Simpson’s Traverse Bay. I must admit however, that with the advent of Cake Mixes there are several more on my wish list.

  65. I loved layer cakes and just bought Shibori to quilt a burst block alongside while teaching my grandson to quilt his wonderland layer cakes.

  66. I have used layer cakes. I currently have 11 unopened layer cakes. The last one purchased was Blackbird Designs Country Orchard.

  67. I do use layer cakes, but not as often as I’d like. I know I have 3 unopened layer cakes in my drawer, but I can’t for the life of me tell you what they are, or what I purchased or used last. I’m 1000 miles away from home and can’t see my stuff.

  68. The last layer cake I bought was Latitude by Kate Spain and I have pieced all the blocks for a quilt with it. I do have a few unopened layer cakes in my stash! I love layer cakes because they are big enough to show off the design of the fabric.

  69. Poetry by 3 Sisters! And it’s one of 6 currently unopened layer cakes. I have a project for it, just haven’t started it yet. I seem to use the layer cakes faster than the jelly rolls, I have a few more of them on the shelf!

  70. Meow or Never is my one and only unopened, Luxe Strokes is on my wish list as is this new book by Peta.

  71. I haven’t had the opportunity to use any layer cakes yet but I’m looking forward to. I just started quilting and love it!

  72. Hi,Love Layer cakes! Last one I bought was “Baby Bump”! Probably have about a dozen in my stash! Do love using them in all my quilting! THANKS FOR SHARING!!!

  73. I love layer cakes!! I probably have 20 in my stash, maybe more, I have them all over so I don’t have an exact count. The last one I bought was Ann of Green Cable for a quilt for my granddaughter.

  74. I have 3 unopened layer cakes in my stash. One is batiks from Connecting Threads, another from Windham Fabrics and my third is Moda- So pretty and soft. One of my favorites ever was Black Tie by Basuc Grey….actually I have bought a lot of Basic Grey

  75. I don’t use layer cakes, however I do have one that was being sold online to raise money for somebody’s baby I think. Can’t remember the exact circumstance. It was a while ago. Haven’t used it yet. It is April Showers by Bonnie & Camille. Would love to win a book showing me different things I can do with it 🙂

  76. I love layer cakes because all the selecting and matching is done for you. The last layer cake I purchased was Bee Creative. I have no idea how many layer cakes I have because they are all stored with coordinating fabric. Sounds like I need that book telling me how to use them!

  77. I was in a swap for 10″ fabric of Bonnie and Camille but I never bought a later cake. That’s actually what I will get in the future. Especially since there are so many good patterns out for them now.

  78. Let’s just say that I buy them more often than I use them. Have: more than a dozen. Last one I bought: Hometown Christmas.

  79. Love layer cakes, have about a dozen in my stash, and am not sure which one was purchased most recently.

  80. Yes, I love layer cakes! I have at least 4 layer cakes in my stash. The last one I bought was Rachael Remembered that I bought to use to make the Moda Blockheads!

  81. I have 10 unopened layer cakes in my stash, all with intended quilt patterns attached to them so I don’t forget what I intended them for. I love using them!! The last one I purchased was Roses on the Vine by Marti Mitchell and also Layer Cake pad #5. Thanks for the giveaway, the book is on my wish list.

  82. I have at least a dozen layer cakes plus the matching yardage for some of them for backing as I already know the patterns I want to use. Just have to get to them…. I can always use more one more Pattern book, especially for my favorite precut, and another layer cake!!

  83. Yes!! I do use Layer Cakes! 🙂 Right now I have 5 Layer Cake packs…all are planned for projects…lol I haven’t started any tho..YET! giggle I would love to win your Give-a-way!! Thank you for the chance!! 😀 (Your book looks soooo AWESOME & so do the fabrics!)

  84. Hi Carrie! I love layer cakes and have made many quilts from them. The last layer cake I bought was Maven. I used it with a cake mix for a gorgeous gift quilt. Pick me, please!

  85. I do use layer cakes. Having trouble remembering which is my most recent purchase—probably Flow by Zen Chic. I also have a Fig Tree Coney Island layer cake just waiting on the right pattern. I guess that makes two unopened that I have in my stash.

  86. Just bought my first layer cakes for the moda blockheads project. Can’t wait to get started on the blocks, been procrastinating but psyched up to get started now that I have selected my fabrics.

  87. Love them! French General was the latest layer cake. Always looking for ideas on how to use them.

  88. Love layer cakes! Always looking for patterns to use them in. The last one I bought was Round Robin by Kathy Schmitz. Which I only just found on a sale site… Thank you.

  89. Love them. The last layer cake that I sewed was the ones that went into the Gravity quilt byJaybird designs. I really like being able to get the whole grouping of fabrics and a charm pack is just not enough sometimes. I am sure that there are several in my stash just waiting to be sewn into a project but not sure of the exact number.

  90. I do like layer cakes. The fabric size is very versatile. I don’t have any unopened ones though.

  91. I love using layer cakes! I have six or seven unopened ones in my stash and many more on my wish list. The last layer cake I purchased was Handmade by B&C.

  92. I love layer cakes ,but I have no unused ones. I need to purchase the new Shibori 11/ and purchase any layer cakes that Zen Chic produces.

  93. I have four unopened Gardenvale layer cakes which I will use to make a large quilt for my bed. My most recent layer cake is North Woods by Kate Spain. I will use it to make a quilt,for this coming Christmas. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  94. Im in the middle of moving my craft room and have no idea where my layer cakes are and which ones. I made one of amy smarts quilts out of a layer cake (little ruby) and really love using them. I know I have a few in my stash somewhere.

  95. I really like to use layer cakes because it gives a variety to my quilt. I have about 10 layer cakes in my sewing room and I can’t remember the last one I bought.

  96. I love layer cakes because they are so versatile. I have a few unopened Christmas ones and some low volume grays and words I plan to use for gifts. Thanks for the giveaway.

  97. Yes, I use layer cakes. I am going to guess there are about 8 layer cakes in my sewing room, but there are probably more. The last one bought was Kindred Spirits by Bunny Hill Designs.

  98. Yes, I buy and use layer cakes!!! I have made several quilts using them. I believe the last one I bought and added to my stash of around ten plus was Tula Pink’s cat fabric ( I cannot remember the fabric line’s name).

  99. I’m not sure how many layer cakes I have waiting for the absolutely right project to come along. The last one I bought was Sanibel, which I found while in Florida ( I’m from the UK) and I stroke it, and think of the great vacation we had

  100. I have about 7 or 8 unopened layer cakes by various designers. I don’t remember the last one I bought (I do really miss my memory, but I do remember I used to have one), I do know I am coveting Moda’s Barnyard Red from Minick and Simpson coming soon.

  101. I have two unopened layer cakes in my stash. I don’t remember the name of the last one I got but it was by Kate Spain.

  102. I have a few layer cakes but have yet to use them. I bought them because I loved the collection. I like the idea that the fabrics are preselected for me. Sure saves time! I need to find a good project for both of them.

  103. Layer cakes are my favorite for all the reasons you mentioned! I also use them for EPP as I can get a bunch of little pieces out of each piece of fabric! Thanks for the chance to win!

  104. Layer cakes are great! They’re so versatile in the way they can be cut, and since I love HST, they are perfect for me. Even more so after watching the method Jenny at Missouri Quilt Co uses to sew all the way around the 10″ squares to get 4 easy HST! I have five or six unopened layer cakes at the moment, with two more headed my way in the mail: Snowfall Prints and a preorder of Bonnie and Camille’s The Good Life. I’m in an OTM club, so my stash is growing faster than I can work on quilts, but they’re so pretty I just can’t bring myself to drop out!

  105. I have about 10 unopened layer cakes and the last one I bought is Hop, Skip and a Jump by American Jane.

  106. The last cake I bought that is unopened (not for long!) is Gooseberry Lane to use in the Moda Block Heads sampler quilt. I’ve been working from my KT stash and it will be used in a lot of the upcoming blocks.

  107. I have about a dozen unopened layer cakes. I buy them because I like having one of each of the prints in a fabric line. I think the last one I got was by Kate Spain. I think I need to get a copy of Peta’s book and start using up some of them!

  108. I have 4-5 unopened layer cakes in my stash. The last one I bought was by Bonnie & Camille. I would love Peta’s book for inspiration.

  109. Absolutely LOVE Layer Cakes (as well as the ones you eat, too!). Last one purchased was Berry Merry by BasicGrey. Never purchase charm packs anymore; you can get FOUR charm packs from one Layer Cake!! Would guesstimate that I have a MINIMUM of 15-20 Layer Cakes (unopened and uncut) in my stash … really need to check these pattern packs out and get cutting!! LOL

  110. I have about 20 layer cakes waiting for me :0 The last ones I bought were Literary by Heather Givans for Windham Fabrics. I really do use my layer cakes, but have been working on my fat quarter stash most recently 🙂

  111. I do use layer cakes. Right now there are 7 in my sewing room. The last one I purchased was Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt from a clearance table.

  112. I don’t think I have ever purchased a layer cake. I tend to buy fat quarter and fat eighth bundles. Maybe I’ll win this, use it, and be inspired to buy them in the future.

  113. I love layer cakes…I have about a dozen or more. I just have a hard time finding the perfect pattern to use them!

  114. I do use layer cakes. I just opened my last layer cake for a project. I have a few pieces left over, so now to figure out what to make next with them.

  115. I love layer cakes! The last one I bought was Hey Dot by zen chic . I love her fabric lines, but really I love all fabric… lol thanks for the chance to win this looks like it is right up my alley, fabric and quilting alley that is!

  116. Last year I bought at least half a dozen layer cakes in bright, modern colors and prints, which I immediately opened and cut into the sizes of units I use most often in scrap quilts. It really gave my older traditional stash fabrics a boost. Then in March I was introduced to a Creative Grids ruler set called Scrap Crazy for 8″ blocks. Stitchin’ Heaven was promoting it as a perfect way to use layer cakes. I have since bought three layers cakes and matching yardage, but haven’t made one yet.

    I think the last layer cake I bought was Tabby Road by Tula Pink (hey, sorry it’s not Moda). I plan to make that one at a retreat next week.

  117. I like fresh lemon layer cake from scratch.
    Seriously, though, I haven’t yet utilized the layer cakes that I’ve purchased—like Momma always said, my eyes are bigger than my stomach when it comes to these things! I have several for which I would LOVE to find a special project! Maybe all of the above??! I haven’t yet made a Christmas quilt, and I also STILL need to make a lap/snuggle quilt for my 90 y/o Momma—SOON!!!
    THX for these great opportunities to win awesome quilt stuff!!

  118. I love layer cakes! I use them frequently as one package makes a good sized child quilt. The last layer cake I bought was NOEL by Cotton & Steel. I am using it currently in a Christmas quilt for my little nieces.

  119. My favorite way to use a layer cake is making a “Hunters Star” quilt. Currently I have ONE layer cake in my stash which is being designated for making little zippered bags as gifts and it is the last layer cake I purchased which was Sweet Prairie. I love that fabric so much, I purchased a fat quarter bundle and made fabric berry baskets.

  120. I prefer to admire layer cakes, but do use them as well. The last I bought was that canal series by Kate Spain. Made a bed runner with that using the Row by row book. I still have some of that left, but then I’m out of cake completely! I want to try a Christmas cake next.

  121. I have about a dozen layer cakes – I love using them. I’m a fairly new quilter so I did some binge buying. Like having supplies so I have choices when I’m sewing! It makes me feel safe!

  122. What a cool book! I love layer cakes! I have 3, so far. I last purchased Figurines by Moda. Awesome giveaway. Have a wonderful day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  123. I have six unopened layer cakes but one is my next project. I “may” have ordered a Berry Merry layer cake just yesterday though! I love layer cakes for their versatility and I am always on the look out for patterns.

  124. I enjoy layer cakes and have 4 waiting to be used, maybe in one of these beautiful quilts. Wonderful giveaway – thank you.

  125. Yes! I use layer cakes, and I currently have 3 unopened in my stash. The last one I purchased was Kaffe Fassett’s Spring 2017 layer cake called Sunshine.

  126. Yes, I do use layer cakes and no, I am not admitting to how many I have in my stash. Garnet by Nancy Zimmerman is the last layer cake I purchased and I am working with Meadowbloom by April Rosenthal in a quilt for my niece and her husband. Love Note Star by MSQC was appropriate for a wedding.

  127. I enjoy using layer cakes! Right now I have 6 with plans for half of them and ideas simmering for the other half. My latest unopened purchase is called “Vintage Daydreams” and I do know how I am going to use that one.

  128. I have one layer cake; I don’t know if it had a name or not.. I have not used it as I was afraid I would mess up the fabric selecting the wrong pattern. These quilts are so pretty. I need to use the layer cake.

  129. I have at least 50 unopened still tied with Moda ribbon or the new packaging LCs, including B&C first collection Cotton blossoms, Momo Wonderland and Just wing it (my absolute love from Momo). The latest I purchased were all by Kate Spain– Latitude batik and Grand Canal, but these ones I already have patterns for. Love these 10″ square packs. The size is so versatile and currently I am using 2 of Larkspur by 3 sisters and Cake mix 2 to make a quilt for my best friend Diane. This is a lovely book and thank you for the giveaway.

  130. Layer cakes are my favorite size of precuts. I used one layer cake of batiks for a signature quilt as a retirement gift. I don’t know how many more are stashed on my shelves.

  131. I use layer cakes occasionally…aside from FQs, they are the most convenient precut IMO. Hmmm…I probably only have 5 or 6 layer cakes in my stash, and the last one I purchased was awhile ago, but designed by Kansas Troubles.

  132. I use layer cakes to add to my scrappy quilts. The last layer cake I bought was Grunge and it is unopened, but not for long. I made Lori Holt’s “Farm Girl Vintage” with 4 layer cakes and additional background.

  133. I’ve started purchasing layer cakes to make quick charity quilts. With some extra yardage, you have a quilt top. Love the variety, too. There are three layer cakes in my stash.

  134. I do use layer cakes, I have two and they are the last ones I bought, they are Valley and a white bella solid.

  135. Wow! I LOVED that cake picture. It almost made me want to run to the kitchen and make one-but I refrained. I have several layer cakes and most are from Betsy Chutc………. I think the last was Rachel Remembered because my favorite cousin & friend is named Raechel (yes, that sp. is correct for her) and when I see the fabric I always think of her AND I prefer making small or mini quilts and the layer cakes are perfect those.

  136. Love layer cakes too, also chocolate cake but way less calories in the layer cake. Have a few stacked up waiting for me to start new projects.

  137. I haven’t used very many layer cakes, but would like to. This book would be a good place to start. The last one I bought was from Jen Kingwell and was bought specifically for a pattern. I think I have three currently. Thanks for the chance to win!

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