Blockheads ~ Block 20

It’s past the mid-point in July and we’re getting close to the mid-point for the Blockheads.  Still, where has this year gone?  Is it flying by for you too?

It’s Betsy’s turn with the Blockheads …

This is Devil’s Claw made with Farmhouse by Fig Tree & Co. ~ Joanna Figueroa.  (Okay, so I had an issue or two with the triangles on one side… I’m not sure what happened but it’s “close enough” that it’ll work.)

CLICK HERE for the link to Betsy’s Block 20 – Devil’s Claw.

Tammy’s Claw – stripes up-and-down?

Or sideways?

I like both – and I look forward to seeing which direction Tammy chooses in her setting.

The fabric is Bramblewood by Betsy Chutchian – a wonderful Reproduction Halloween-Fall collection from a year or so ago.  It will fit in perfectly with Tammy’s “fall theme” blocks.  She posted this picture a week or so ago and I have shamelessly swiped it to share.

Because she loves scrap quilts – the scrappier the better! – Tammy has made a point of using a different background for each block.  (The blocks that look almost white background are the result of quirky lighting, they’re definitely creamier in tone.)

So Week 24 – we’ll get pictures of our first 24 Blockheads blocks together!

Question of the Week ~ Do you wash or clean your quilts?  If so, do you have any special tips to share?

Yes, I wash my quilts.  I love the way they feel and look after they’ve been washed, all soft, squishy and quilty. 

There have been some discussions lately about colors running and excess dye, and despite all the vibrant, saturated colors I like and use, I’ve had very few problems over the years, and none in the last ten or so.

This is what I do:

  • Only one quilt in the washer at a time.  (Unless they’re really small.)
  • Use a large-capacity washer, or one that easily fits your quilt with room to spare.
  • Wash in cold water.
  • Use the setting that fills the washtub with water – water-flow is important.
    • Note: High-efficiency washers can be part of the problem with colors running-bleeding as there isn’t much water in the washtub to disperse-dilute any excess dye.
  • Use a soap or detergent that does not contain any fragrance, brighteners, whiteners or fabric softeners.  Orvus is what I’ve used for years.  It is often sold in shops as “quilt soap” but I get large containers at the feed store.  (It’s used to bathe-shampoo livestock.)
  • Remove the quilt from the washer as soon as the cycle ends.
  • Dry with heat – some heat.  If you have a clothesline, dry the quilt until “almost dry” in the dryer, then line dry.  The weight of a wet quilt is hard on the fibers.

Just in case you missed it – CLICK HERE for the link to Betsy’s Block 20 – Devil’s Claw.

That’s it for today, July 19.  Be sure to visit Lisa, Lynne, J0 and Jan to see their blocks and what other good things they might have made:

Be sure to see the blocks being posted to #modablockheads on Instagram and Facebook. If you’re not already a member, you can also join the fun in the Moda Blockheads Facebook group.  It’s a busy group with folks sharing tips, suggestions and support.

Happy Blockhead Wednesday!

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9 thoughts on “Blockheads ~ Block 20

  1. I love jewel tones and very saturated colors . I prewash all of them. I am shocked at the amount of bleed in even quilt shop quality. I prewash, presoak, really, to control shrinkage as well. Every so often I will ‘rethink’ using a particular fabric as it may not pass muster after washing the sizing out. It doesn’t happen often but why chance one fabric ruining my work of art?

  2. Love your block and I vote for strips up-and-down because the blocks looks thinner then (lol;-)
    I do wash my quilts with the wool programm because it’s gentler then the normal programm and throw a color catcher in but only the first two times. So far I didn’t have any problems with bleeding.

  3. I love you block. I was trying to look for the single page Blockhead printout and was unable to locate it.
    I vote for stripes up and down as it is easier on ones eyes. I generally do not wash my quilts. I prewash my fabric only if I am making a quilt for use and not a wallhanging.

  4. The quilts I have are aged – approx. 15 years to 112 years (The old ones are from my Great Grandmother.) Most of my quilts go “out the door” almost before they are finished. We have animals. So if the recipient has animals I will take tape and go over the front and back of a quilt to pick up lint, dust and/or animal bits of floating fairy light. If the recipient does not have fur babies the quilt gets washed in a front loading washer and dryer. Never use a washer with an agitator. My current ones get washed every three or four years as needed. I generally dry on the line out back.

  5. Just want you to know, every time I try to use your link in the pattern to go to Jan Patek’s site – it’s a broken link. Like it’s hijacked.

    1. Hi Ashley – I’m not sure which link isn’t working. I checked all the links in the blog post and they’re going to where they’re supposed to – for this post, the pattern-instruction link goes to Betsy Chutchian’s blog, the link to the pattern-instructions on her blog this week.

      1. It’s above where you have Jan’s Blog/ Website. The blog link works but the website link doesn’t. 🙂

        1. I just checked the links on the Blockheads page and the blog post. The link is correct – it is the same link we’ve been using for months. The problem is with Jan’s host or server – not with our link. 🙂

          But we will let her know.

  6. I love your blog, Carrie! It’s always informative and I enjoy your sense of humor. FYI…I can’t get into the MODA Bakeshop. I’ve tried a couple of ways and get a window that says the site is temporarily down. Thought you would like to know.

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