Shows, bags and badges…

Moda is going to Indiana!

The Shipshewana Quilt Festival starts on Wednesday and runs through Saturday.  Are you going?

Sadly I won’t be there as not all of us are making the trip.  But a few folks from Moda will be there, including one very important Moda person.

Mr. Dunn.  (Actually, there will be two Mr. Dunn’s there but I can call the other one by name.)


On Wednesday, June 21, Mr. Dunn – the original Moda Mark – will be sharing the story of Moda Fabrics, including how fabric is printed.  There will be plenty more, including a Special Exhibit showing some of the quilts in Mr. Dunn’s personal collection of antique, art and fashion quilts at the Hostetler’s Hudson Auto Museum.

Quilts and cars.  The Messrs. Dunn will feel right at home.

In addition to the quilt show, there are vendors, quilt appraisals, There are classes, exhibits and lectures with Ricky Tims, Rob Appell – the host of Man Sewing, Jerry Granata and Doug Leko of Antler Quilt Designs.

As for Moda being at the show, the Moda Bake Shop will have a vendor-exhibitor booth with a few giveaways, Cake Mix Demos and all sorts of fun.  If you’re there, be sure to stop by to say Hi to Kathy and Amy.

And make sure you bring a really cool – and big! – bag to carry all the goodies you’re going to get at the show.

I think you know I like making bags… not the really involved kind with multiple zippers, fancy handles, lots of pockets, etc.  I like boxy zipper bags and drawstring bags that I can use to corral my random stuffus.  (That’s an official classification.)

I made these last year but I can’t quite bring myself to use them yet.  Fortunately, I’ve made plenty of others that I use all the time.

I have used a few different patterns over the years but really, the best “pattern” for the bag is one of the terrific tutorials someone has done showing every step.  I think two of the best are The Boxy Pouch by Svetlana of S.O,T,A.K. Handmade and the Boxy Bag Tutorial by KelbySews.

Once you know the basics, you’re all set to make a simple bag with one fabric or start using your scraps to make something a little different.  It’s easy to see that I like piecing the panels in whatever way strikes my fancy.  Embellishments?  Of course!  I think you already know I love these Moda Merit badges.

As in, I have made quite a few bags with them, including a few drawstring bags.

My favorite tutorials-instructions for this kind of bag also comes from Svetlana –

As with the boxy pouch – you just need to learn the basics.

I like quilting the bags – just use leftover pieces of cotton batting with a plain muslin or Bella solid backing.  I get to practice my machine quilting – and justify amassing a not-so-small collection of Aurifil threads.  The upside is that I can experiment with different weights of thread, play with bright colors and yes, try some of the different patterns in Jacquie Gering’s awesome machine-quilting book WALK.  (I’d show you some of that practicing but those bags are going to be gifts… shhhh.)

The big bag is filled with all of the parts and tools for a sewing project I’m working on – it’s perfect for toting “stitchy-stuff.”  I suppose you could use the bag to take a few necessities to the beach or lake but that would just mean it gets sand in it.  I’ve filled the small bag with my binding clips but it would also be a perfect gift for sewing friends in your guild, “secret sisters” or for sharing with your retreat buddies.  (I cut these rectangles at 7″ wide by 8.5″ tall.  The corners were boxed at 1.25″.)

Because I’ve been sharing bags that I’ve covered with badges, it’s probably only fair that I should share some.  So leave a comment by Midnight on Wednesday, June 21st and you’re entered to win a complete set of Moda Merit Badges.

If you’re not excited about making bags, you could use them to make a pillow…

I know.  I just can’t help myself.  (I think it’s a holdover from not earning many badges while in Girl Scouts.)

So what have you got planned for this summer?  Are you going to any quilt shows? A quilt retreat?  An exciting vacation that might involve sand?

Even if you’re staying home by yourself, I’m pretty sure you could use a few bags for something.

Happy Tuesday!

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134 thoughts on “Shows, bags and badges…

  1. Yes…I want to make a bag, in fact all the ones you mention would be great. Yes…I’m going on a quilt retreat this summer – my first ever! Looking forward to lots of sewing by the seaside in the English countryside and I would dearly love to have some Moda Merit Badges to show off!

  2. Thanks for the ideas for the merit badges. I have a few and admire them often, but I haven’t decided how I want to use them. I think I need to make some bags…

  3. Ooh, Shipshewana sounds awesome. Just think, my husband can visit cars while I visit the quilts. Then, I can visit the cars too! A long ride but maybe ……

  4. Oooooo, I love when you share! The boxyy bag is on my list to make and I would LO-ooove some badges to spice it up a bit. And pretend I was a good scout years ago…! LOL!

  5. I always enjoy your blog writings and would love the opportunity to have some of these special badges.

  6. I have a kit for a bag, just not had the time or inclination to make it up, I think I will now. I had. It planned to attend a quilt show but have joined a Block of the month club at my local quilt shop. Should have done that ages ago as well!

  7. I think I will have to make some bags and pouches just to learn machine quilting. This is the perfect project to practice newly learned skills.

  8. I love making bags and the merit badges are such a cute way to dress them up! Thanks for sharing!

  9. YIKES! Love those merit badges although I confess, I was never a Girl Scout. I have been collecting books and Craftsy classes on learning to machine quilt but I confess, I don’t have the one you mentioned. Need to add it to my collection as I LOVE books. Working on Serendipity by V & Co. at the moment.

  10. I would love to win the badges and share them with my group ….we meet Tuesday evening and work and laugh together as we sew

  11. Merit badges! Who would have thought! Just perfect for my little Christmas gifts I am planning for my quilt group friends?

  12. Yes, I am planning on attending the Shipshe Quilt show. How fortunate to live only 30 minutes away! Sorry you can’t be there but I’ll look for the Moda booth amongst all the vendors!

  13. Love the boxy bags. What a great use for the moda badges! Really appreciate the information on where to get best instructions. Definitely going to make a bag. Thank you.

  14. I have only acquired a few of the badges. Would love the whole set! Thank you Carrie!

  15. I would love, love to win merit badges. I’ve made many boxy bags from Kelbysews pattern. They’re great gifts.

  16. I’m making a tote bag from a “special” recycled denim shirt. I loved the badges when they first came out but haven’t seen many in stores. Thanks for the chance to win.. I can think of a lot of places where I could use them! Wishing for a little sewing retreat.. might have to make that happen.

  17. I remember the GS motto: Be prepared! Never can have enough bags and these merit badges would bring back my sweet memories of scouting…..where I first learned to sew!

  18. Those badges are awesome! Both the Boxy Pouch and a drawstring bag or two are next on my to-do list, you’ve given some good inspiration there.

  19. Love the badges. And I LOVE that you used the Moda tape measure tape for draw strings. Imagine, me here with some of the tape just waiting to be used! Best wishes to Mr. Moda on his exciting trip to India!

  20. love the bags and the badges. WE are not going too far from home this summer but will enjoy the grandkids and do some short trips with hem.

  21. I loved earning my Girl Scout badges. For me it was the best part of girl scouting! These Moda badges are just as cool.

  22. I LOVE these badges!! I would be eternally grateful to win a set. I do own one set of three. The one that says “Runs with Scissors”. I want to had them to a vest I have that I wear to quilt shows. Speaking of shoes, Shipshewanna is a great town and their quilt show is a fun one to attend. I enjoy your blog very much and I’ve made several projects from the recipe pages. I love the bags you posted today. The 1st one would be great to hold binding clips. Gosh! I hope I win a set of badges!

    1. LOL No worries! Spell-check and auto-correct do that to me all the time! Though Siri is finally learning that I’m sewing and not seeing. Except now she sometimes she thinks I’m sewing when I’m seeing something. 🙂

    1. There are eight different sets – each set has different badges so there are a total of twenty-four different badges.

      I did a Google search for the badges and found several online shops that carry them – it goes without saying that prices vary. 🙂

      But cross your fingers… you might win a set. 🙂

  23. I would love the merit badges! I sew national park patches on my day hike backpack, and since I take a wee bit of quilt blocks along camping, these would be perfect! How perfect is that!

  24. I love making bags. These look so fun & bring back such good memories of earning badges in Girl Scouts.

  25. I jave made a few of the humbug bags but that’s it. Nothing like a purse or tote.
    We are going to the Sisters Oregon next month for the quilt show. woo hoo

  26. Oh my how I love to make bags! I make them every year for my sewing friends and they love those with a clear window so they can see all their stufas. Yes I would love to win some Moda badges as I have yet to see them in person, and won’t they look so cute on this years ruler bags planned for gifts. Please pick me!

  27. That would be like a golden ticket to have an opportunity to hear Mr. Dunn. He is such a wealth of knowledge in his industry. I would sell my winning set of badges to see this show!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. I’ve always enjoyed making bags of any kind (although I may not have made as many as you!). Thanks for the links to tutorials. The badges remind me of Girl Scouts. I’d love to win the set and would put them to good use!

  29. Great giveaway. I still have my Girl Scott badges. I need to do something with them. Before my kids throw them out. A small wall hanging would be good. Thanks for you blog. Nancy P.

  30. I am hoping to win – the badges would be perfect to put on bags that I make for Bee members – How wonderful would that be!

  31. I hadn’t seen these badges before, but I can think of so many ways to use them! I need to make a bag for my binding clips. Mine came in a crinkly, plastic bag, and every time I open them, my cats come running because it sounds like the package their treats come in!

  32. Sadly, I can’t make it to the show because I’m organizing a quilt show in our church for this weekend. Winning the badges would be a wonderful thank you piece for the generous people loaning me their quilts for the show!

  33. Great ideas for using those cuties! Really enjoy the creative push you give us! I’d love to win those badges!

  34. Can you ever have too many bags? My granddaughters seem to find the best uses for them. Yours make me want to make more!

  35. Fun giveaway. I like the Whatcha Got bag with the vinyl so I can see what is inside, but there always seems to be a need for a small zipper bag. I use one to carry my most essential sewing supplies – always! And another that carries my cord and presser foot for my small travel machine.

  36. I too love bags, especially the tote bag size. I can’t seem to resist adding to my collection. the badges make everything fun.

  37. Love the cushion! I have a blanket that has my daughters girl guide badges on. The bags are neat too.

  38. I’ve loved these badges ever since you first showed them to us. I think they would be great to randomly put on quilts (part of a quilt label??) or share with friends on their birthdays. Hoping to win!!

  39. I’ll be heading down in the morning. It is about an hour from me. I am looking forward to the backroads shop hop too.

  40. Now you’ve done it…I can get obsessed with making enough of these bags to organize my sewing room! And…I would love to hear Mark talking about how Moda was developed. Maybe a YouTube video would be appropriate for those of us who can’t see him in person.

  41. Oh, my two favorites: antique quilts and antique cars! Wish I could go to IN this year . . . Thanks for the very informative post today. Love the bags and appreciate the links to tutes. How I longed to be a Girl Scout like many of my friends, but due to family circumstances it wasn’t possible. It would be sweet to win a set of Moda badges.

  42. I love making little zippered bags. I will have to try the boxy ones next. I never was a GS either, so the badges will be a terrific win. Personally I love anything MODA!

  43. I’d love to have the opportunity to win your badges – making bags are fun and I love to decorate with the badges 🙂

  44. It’s the Sisters Quilt Show for me with some members of my quilt group., a summer tradition. These badges are so fun

  45. I’d love the opportunity to win the Moda badges! I have a retreat planned in August, and … drum roll, please … for the first time, I’m going to Houston in November! So excited.

  46. I was jealous of my daughters earning their badges and would love an opportunity to have adult badges.

  47. Love the merit badges. I have been collecting patterns for boxy bags and now I am in a zipper bag swap, sew——

  48. I will be going to a quilt show in August. It’s a small one put on by a quilt guild but lots of beautiful quilts and some great vendors. Love the merit badges! These were so fun to earn in Girl Scouts!!

  49. I still have my Girl Scout badges! What fun to have these Moda ones. Thanks so much. The bags make a perfect use for them.

  50. Oh! Goody, goody, girl guide cookies! I’ve always dreamed of being a girl scout and now, finally, I could ‘earn’ my own sewing merit badges. I think they’d look super cute sewn onto a mini backpack to wear while attending quilt shows. I might even make a sweet quilting apron (or better yet, a vest) to attach my badges to! Thanks for the chance to win :o)

  51. I love bags, all kinds of bags, one can never have enough. Thank you for some great bag ideas!!

  52. The badges are great. I still have my merit badges when I was a “long time ago” Girl Scout.
    Thanks for the great idea of putting them on pillows. I think it would be a great idea to put my
    Sash of badges on a pillow. I could use your merit badges around my pillow. Your bags are a great idea, and can make wonderful gift bags with them. A delicious idea!

  53. Thanks for the links to the tutorials. I love making bags and the badges are a perfect touch

  54. Cute badges! Thanks for a chance to win.

    I’m headed to a retreat in LaGrange TX in a couple of months. It’s a super fun one too!

  55. Summer plans include heading to the beach with 2 grandchildren – their first time at the ocean, and as much sewing as I can accomplish.

  56. I love merit badges! Having been a Girl Scout assistant leader and a Boy Scout mom, I’ve sewed quite a few badges on uniform sashes and vests in my day. Now my husband and I have started collecting patches from the national parks that we visit. I think it’s “sew” fun that quilters now have our own badges to sew on to things. Thanks for all of your good ideas and the chance to win.

  57. Cute badges! There’ll be a small quilt exhibition at the end of July and I plan to see it. And I plan to make a cat quilt for my dad’s birthday.

  58. I will be at Shipshewana! I’ll be sure and look for the Moda booth. It’s always fun to see what new things you’re creating. The merit badges look wonderful on your bags. I never would have thought of that! Thanks for the wonderful ideas and come and join us next year in Shipshe – Amish pies, homemade pretzels and lots of fabric – what more incentive do you need!

  59. I will be spending 2 weeks in Alaska this summer and then this fall I fly from Chicago to LA and board a bus with a group of gals and travel back to Wisconsin on an Historic Route 66 Quilt tour, site-seeing and stopping at quilt shops along the way!!!! I’ve never made a bag, but I’m very good at making pillows.

  60. I love the merti badges! Wish I were going to the quilt festival! I am working on a Dr Seuss quilt for the grands.

  61. I love the badges especially on the pillow. Any chance you can share the pattern for the pillow. No big vacation plans this summer, just lots of sewing and quilting. Thanks

  62. Who doesn’t love bags and they really aren’t hard to make. Adding badges is a great idea.

  63. These badges are so fun on bags and so many cute badges to pick from. My goal is to survive the Phoenix heat this summer quilting under a fan with the AC going!!

  64. Love the merit badge pillow!!! Since I’m teaching my two girls to see the merit badges would be great rewards for them. I’m thinking on making a banner and having them see them on every time they complete a project. Super cute and I know my girls love badges since they are already collectors but with their American Heritage Girs troop.

  65. Love the badges and promise to put them on bags should I win……or maybe a sash to wear across one shoulder? They look like great fun to use.

  66. Thanks for the inspiration for what to do with the merit badges. I have seen them a few times in shops but didn’t buy them because I wasn’t sure what I would do with them. I think they are so cute on the bags. If I won them (please!) I would begin by making a bag for my eldest granddaughter with the “Runs with Scissors” badge on it as that is her email address, LOL.

  67. Wonderful post! Especially the last part about loving the badges because you didn’t get to earn that many in Girl Scouts. I can relate, same thing happened here!! Would love to win the badges. Thanks for the opportunity. Allison in Plano, Texas

  68. Cool bags – I think I need some! I’m staying home but I’m sewing a lot and that makes me happy. I’m just back to quilting after taking a two year enforced break and it feels so good to be back.

  69. Can’t live without a cross-body bag for hands-free fabric shopping! Those badges would be the perfect touch!

  70. I like making bags and giving them as gifts. The badges would add that extra touch to make them special. I’m heading on retreat next month with lots of projects in my head.

  71. I wear polo shirts almost everyday and these badges would be a perfect logo for my shirts. They would also be great for the front or back or a ball cap.

  72. I love the small boxy bags – I never thought of using them in a larger bag to separate my “stuff”. I have a quick and easy zipper pouch pattern that I use all the time. Those patches are sew cute too.

  73. The badges would definitely be fun on a bag. I am heading to Reno Quilt to learn EQ. Then I hope to spend the summer designing some unique quilts for my family.

  74. The badges and bags are absolutely too cute! No plans for vacation yet but Shipshewana looks promising……..

  75. I’m the bag lady! I’ve been making purses, bags since the 60s. Love to make them for gifts, which I did this last Christmas, every female over the age of 16 got a bag from me, I love picking out the fabric for each one that matches their personality.

  76. Thanks for all the lovely boxy bags. We are heading to Colorado to celebrate a uncle’s 90th birthday.

  77. Love the badges. What a great idea to carry a project bag to class with all these fun items on it!
    And of course they are all well earned!

  78. I am addicted to bags, love making them and then sharing with friends. I have my Girl Scout badges and would love to add moda badges to them. They would make very fun bags. Thanks

  79. No quilt retreats for me this summer. But I do have a couple of projects bags on my list of must makes. Love the badges

  80. How fun!! I hadn’t seen the merit badges before. Our town’s local guild holds a quilt show and it’s a big deal for a population of 8000. However, our guild is 200 + strong. I’ll be a greeter this year and it’s fun to show off the talent we have. Thanks for a chance in your giveaway.

  81. Carrie, Thanks so much for sharing. You always share the bestest stuffus! I had seen the badges but didn’t realize exactly what they were. so thanks for information and the samples. I’m always on the lookout for a good pouch (boxy bag, tote, zipper bag, pillow) pattern to use up the stash and make bonus stuffus. Hope you have an awesome day!

  82. How awesome are those? I can think of a gazillion ways I could use them…
    I can’t wait to spend some summer vacay time visiting quilt shops between my walks on the Florida beaches!

  83. Hello…I’d love to use the badges on a cute zipper bag. Thanks for sharing these treats!

  84. Badges are super cute and really like how they look on the solid zipper bags. Thanks for sharing!

  85. I am headed to Shipshewana to the Quilt Festival and looking forward to seeing Mr. Dunn’s quilts and his lecture. These badges are so much fun! They would be so cool to incorporate in some fun bags or even a purse! Thanks for the fun post and giveaway!

  86. Shipshewana? Isn’t that were Yoder’s is located? I hear its a place not to be missed, so its on my bucket list! And timing my visit with the quilt show will be even better! I love your bags and the badges. Yet another thing I need to collect without a purpose!

  87. This is a perfect project for my granddaughter (7) who I am teaching to sew! We can work on bags for our other 9 grandchildren! A great gift for boys and girls! The badges are a real bonus embellishment. Thanks for the idea!

  88. I’ll have to make a bag or two for prizes for next year’s quilt camp! The badges would be fun giveaways too.

  89. Love your bags! The badges are really cute. I would definitely make a boxy bag and put the badges on it!

  90. I love to make bags,to embellish them,to make pillows, embellish those, I think I see a pattern here.I am going to buy some poetry fabric after seeing your pillow-I was on the fence as I hadn’t seen it in person.I have no badges-sad but true, so am hoping the computer,or however the drawing is done,will choose me but the fun is the give away-Thanks so much for that!

  91. What a great give away. I too, had a badge thing as a girl scout. In fact, became a brownie leader thinking I could acquire more badges. Sadly that was not the case….

  92. I love this giveaway! I never got to be a girl scout As a kid, but now I am a troop leader, and I’m kinda jealous of all the badges she gets. What a neat idea. thank you!

  93. I have been obsessed with the Moda merit badges ever since you first blogged about them. I would LOVE to win a complete set!

  94. My Sewing Sisters for Comfort Quilts for Kids would proudly share the Moda Merit Badges as Badges of Honor!

  95. Always a fun treat to see your work and receive tips on projects and patterns.

  96. Carrie, thank you for bringing us so much terrific information (& websites) about making bags, Mr. Mark Dunn, the wonderful Sewing Merit Badges and Paducah. I love those Merit Badges and really want them so I guess I’m off to find them. Many years ago, when my dear Mother-in-law was living, she needed a bag for her walker, so I designed and sewed a bag with many pockets. Today that bag, has been passed down to many others at the Nursing Home. I think Sewing Badges would be ideal for these bags, as these folks often have little to retain their identity and reflect what they love and who they are. So thank you for enlightening me to these great Merit Badges.

  97. Went to Shipshewana and loved the new cupcakes 🙂 By the way Kathy says you are very fun to work with! The show is always fantastic and Mr. Dunn’s collection of quilts is a delight. Please enter me in the drawing as I did NOT by the badges when I was at the show and have kicked myself ever since!!!(don’t ask WHY I didn’t but the badges)

  98. Well, thought I had made enough Totes of various shapes and sizes to last a lifetime but it turns out I need AT LEAST one more — with badges!

  99. Love all of Svetlana’s bag patterns, and you’ve done up some very cute ones! I think I need to make some drawstring bags – soon . Thanks for mentioning where we can find the badges. I see so many cute United Notions notions in your blogs, but I can’t always find them in stores. We live on a beautiful lake just outside Yellowstone National Park, so summers ARE a vacation. The grandkids are coming!

  100. The badges would be fun to play with. Must be my girl scout days calling to me! Love the bags too, great idea to use the badges. Thanks for the giveaway.

  101. Squeals of delight!!! I WON!!!! Received an email from Carrie on Monday they were on their way to me! I’m so making cute stuff with them!! Thank you bunches!!!
    Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas

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