But wait… there’s more!

I might be missing one but this stack of Jelly Rolls should include all of the Market collections.

Of course, what am noticing in the picture?  I got three of the jelly rolls with the twill tape upside down.  I’ll have a whole lot more to tell you about Jelly Rolls soon but for now… Project Jelly Roll?

Happy Friday!

With so much going on at Quilt Market, there are always a few things that get missed.  Sometimes it’s because a designer isn’t attending that Market so I don’t have a booth to take a picture of, and sometimes I just miss it.

Let’s start with this one – the debut collection from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the V&A.  William Morris.

We’re very excited about this collaboration, the V&A is renowned world-wide for their extensive collection of textiles – as in, there are all kinds of wonderful things to work with and re-create.  This forty-piece collection is based on original fabrics and examples from the V&A’s archives of William Morris, Britain’s greatest textile artist, and a leader in the Arts & Crafts style of design.

This is the William Morris Medallion Quilt designed for the collection.

I hope you’ll forgive me for sharing the digital image, the completed quilt is doing a little bit of traveling right now but as soon as it comes back and I can get some good pictures of it, I’ll share those.  The quilt measures 75″ x 75″ and will be available as a kit.  It will also be available through shops as a Block of the Month.  Look for William Morris to arrive in shops in October.

We missed Sandy Gervais at Market… we didn’t get to say Hello My Friend in person!

Can you believe it?  This is all folks have left me with – a few scraps from the collection!  Hello My Friend – minus a couple of the really cute text prints on Ivory.  Say Hello to Hello My Friend in October.

We also missed Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting.  Daughter Natalia had a prior commitment so even though she sent quilt, we didn’t get to see two lovely smiling faces Thriving in St. Louis with their debut collection… Thrive.

There they are!  That will have to do until Houston and Fall Market.

Natalia & Kathleen’s collection includes panels – one in each of the four colors – that can be used as alternate blocks, pillows, framed art or as part of a project.  The panels include six 10″ x 10″ quotations and four 5″ x 5″ quilt labels.

Please forgive the weird color in the upper right, I’m not sure what happened there.  Let it suffice to say that all four panels are in a shade that is almost white.  Thrive will be in shops in November.

If Robin Pickens had been in St. Louis, we’d never have seen her.  She and her gorgeous Blushing Peonies collection would have been surrounded!

Blushing Peonies – it’s absolutely gorgeous.  The large Peony print is spectacular – I’m not sure how anybody will be able to bear cutting it up.  But we’ll do our best, right?  I think I’ll need to buy some to use and some to just admire.  Pillows?

If you have any Poppy Mae scraps left… save them.  The colors and prints mix beautifully with these Peonies when it arrives in shops in November.

I did get pictures of Joanna – Fig Tree & Co. – and her Hazel & Plum collection at Market but I did I mention that she has a beautiful new Hazel & Plum thread assortment coming from Aurifil?

Probably not.  Folks know I love these assortments of 50 wt. thread so they tend to hide them when I’m around.

Joanna also has a new wool collection with Weeks Dye Works – Farmhouse 2 Wools.

There is also a Farmhouse Wools Aurifil assortment of 12 wt. wool thread that coordinates with the wool bundle.  (The spools are still wrapped in their plastic – the ladies at United Notions guard these kinds of things too.)

Another one of my favorite new things at Market is these Designer Quilt Labels.

It’s a 30″ x 60″ cotton panel that includes 51 one-of-a-kind quilt labels designed by your favorite Moda designers.  The designer labels measure approx. 3″ x 6″ and there are four “Moda Certified” labels that measure 6″ x 7″.  This brilliant idea came from Jamie, one of Moda’s in-house designer-artist-creative types.

The Designer Quilt Labels will be in shops in July – that’s like, next month!

Finally, I hope I didn’t forget to show you the Matchbox Quilts!

There are nine of them and yes… a few of us covet every. single. one.

This is Holly’s work – another one of Moda’s in-house genius/artist/designer/creative types.  Individually or as a set, the Matchbox quilts are a digitally printed panel that includes all the pieces you need to make the 6″ finished block, and the backing and binding to finish the quilt.  The floss used for the big-stitch quilting?  That’s included.  So is the batting.  Just for fun or as a skill-builder, these blocks are just too cute to pass up.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

I think these will look really nice stacked in my office.  And my sewing room.  The Matchbox Quilt Kits will be will be available in September.

That’s it for today.  You’re worn out, aren’t you?  I keep telling you that Quilt Market is exhausting!

Have a Happy Friday!

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20 thoughts on “But wait… there’s more!

  1. I know I’ll need the lable panel. And perhaps a few matchboxes.
    Happy Friday and a wonderful sewing weekend!

  2. I wish I could slip a few of the jelly rolls off the screen!! And I want the labels too.

  3. This is all too much! Everything you featured has me shaking my head…fabulous. Hope they come to a quilt shop near me!! Thanks, Jan

  4. Did you show the Quill Fabric Collection by Three Sisters?
    Haven’t been able to find any pictures of actual fabric on social media and would love to see what it looks like.

      1. Many thanks. Just spotted it on Instagram. Looks beautiful and definitely on my buy list.

  5. How did I forget to read your blog yesterday? Actually reading today is a great start to the week end! Now I can hardly wait for all those jelly rolls & quilt label panel to become available!

  6. I am desperate I have run out of an older Moda fabric and cannot finish my king size quilt. if there is anyone that would have or know where I can get it I would really appreciate it.
    Martinque by 3 sisters by moda it is the taupe color and it is small flowers and vines. I need at least 1/2 yard. I have done everything but it seems no one has it.

    1. Hi Debbie – I wish I had good news for you we don’t have information on which shops might still have that collection. And since Martinique came out in Spring 2010, we no longer have a listing of which shops had purchased it.

      The only thing we can suggest is doing a search with the stock number for the specific fabric. This listing of the collection will help you find that information –

      We also recommend – http://www.missingfabrics.com/ and http://www.fabshophop.com/fabsearch.asp.

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