Blockheads ~ Block 17

No!  This is no time for tears!  We’ve made it through sixteen weeks and we’re more than a third of the way through.

It’s Lisa Bongean’s turn with the Blockheads and that means lots and lots of itty, bitty, teeny tiny pieces.  Next time.  This week’s block is all about half-triangle squares – in fact, it’s all half-triangle squares!  Scrappy or with a plan, I love this kind of block.

The name of the block is Trail of Tears so you’re only crying if you really love half-triangle squares that measure less than 1″ finished… if you’re not caught up with the blocks… you’re crying tears of joy!  Only sixteen HTSs!

The block show above includes fabrics from Snowberry by 3 Sisters, Rachel Remembered by Betsy Chutchian, Grand Traverse Bay by Minick & Simpson and Thistle Farms by Lynne Hagmeier.

CLICK HERE for the link to Lisa’s Block 17 – Trail of Tears.

This is Tammy’s Block 17.

The background is Volume II ~ Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater, the medium is from Sweetwater’s Boo Crew, and the dark is from Betsy Chutchian’s gorgeous Bramblewood collection of last year.

The prints here are from Chestnut Street by Fig Tree & Co. and the background is from the upcoming Ann’s Arbor by Minick & Simpson.

Question of the Week ~ Do you keep a written list of your “works in progress”, “quilts I’d like to make” and “projects that have all the parts and just need to be started… planned but not commenced”?  

Written?  Are you nuts?  That’s evidence of my insanity – Exhibit A at my “commitment hearing”!  Or “supporting documents” to convince the folks at Hoarders that I’m a prime candidate for an upcoming episode.

I keep the list in my head. And in a stack of books and patterns on-near-falling off my cutting table and sewing room bookcase.

The “works in progress” list is written down – I was forced compelled encouraged to write them down for last week’s Blockheads blog post.  As for any future, not yet commenced projects, I have an idea in my head of quilts I’d love to make “someday” but I don’t know that I ever write them down.  Not unless there is a deadline for some of them.

Just in case you missed it – CLICK HERE to get the link to Block 17 – Lisa’s Trail of Tears Block.

That’s it for today, June 28.  Be sure to visit Lynne, Betsy, J0 and Jan to see their blocks and what other good things they might have made:

Be sure to see the blocks being posted to #modablockheads on Instagram and Facebook. If you’re not already a member, you can also join the fun in the Moda Blockheads Facebook group.  It’s a busy group with folks sharing tips, suggestions and support.

Happy Blockhead Wednesday!

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8 thoughts on “Blockheads ~ Block 17

  1. Love the new block! Where can I get one of those rolls that Lisa used in her photo to press her seams open? Or did she make it herself? That would be a great aid in pressing quilt seams.

    1. Hi Betsy – They’re called “Strip Sticks” and they’re awesome! A lot of quilt shops carry them but not in every size. I agree with Lisa that the 18″ length is probably the best one to get as it can do most size blocks. It’s also long enough that it works for seams joining blocks, and seams joining rows. You have to move it along… but it’s still a bit easier to use than the really long lengths. 🙂

      (Sshhh… if you can’t find them at your local quilt shop, Lisa sells them in her shop –

  2. I started making a list of quilts that you, Miss Carrie, had already made, and got to well over 200. I think we could all take a page out of the highly organized Ms. Thelma’s, of Cupcakes n Daisies, as to at least keeping track of the projects we have completed. I sometimes make lists of quilts I want to make, but then another great new one comes along and “Squirrel” (I get easily side tracked like that all too often!)

  3. Also, OMG my OCD loves how well Tammy did on her keeping her words in her blocks all going the same direction. Perfection!!!

  4. I love the blocks this week and I’m so glad that Lisa picked an easy pattern this week just what I need.
    Do I make list with my WIPs? No because I’m quite sure there’s not enough paper in the world to cover all my WIPs;-) But whenever I plan to make a project I first put the design on graph paper. It just helps me to visualize the project and see if there’s an error if it’s a written pattern. Oh, and I can see if I don’t find a better way (read less seams or steps) to make it. Don’t laugh but I think it helps a lot.

  5. Oh gosh! What a question!! Nope! No list here either Carrie! I do keep photos of completed quilts on my phone as well as a “photo folder” on my phone of Quilt Ideas! I love starting new projects… but the word “Squirrel!” fits for me too! I know myself well enough to know I will eventually finish most of my bigger projects that I’ve started. It may take years… but I don’t care!! I do a lot of baby quilts for charity so those get finished quicker. Love your blog! Gotta go sew something now…

  6. Hi Carrie, love the Blues in your block. I wonder if Betsy Chutchian knows that there really is a Grand Traverse Bay? Yep, right here in my home state of Michigan. As far as tracking WIP, I haven’t and don’t but I am now motivated to at least make a list of projects ready to go.

  7. Yes I have kept a small notebook for many years. I use to list projects started and projects ready to start, but I stopped somewhere along the way. The most important part of my little notebook is that I list projects that I have completed in a year span. I started doing this because I would feel that I did not get anything done at the end of the year, but when I looked back on my list, I found out that I did finished quilting projects! Sadly I have noticed that as I get older the year end completed list is getting shorter.

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