Spring Quilt Market ~ Part 1

It’s Saturday morning and Spring International Quilt Market 2017 is happening…

Friday morning at Spring Market is hectic, crazy and busy.  The wonderful Moda Sales Reps tour the designer booths to see the designers, quilts and booths.  Then there is a group picture… and ready, set, go… Market is open!

Before I show you designers, quilts and booths, I hope you’ll bear with me as the lighting in the St. Louis Convention Center is a bit odd.  Actually, I think I’d go with “off”.  Most pictures have a yellow-cast to them that photo-editing doesn’t seem to be helping.  (At least not on an iPad using apps and my iffy app-editing skills.)

The perfect place to start is with one of my favorite people – one of everybody’s favorite people – Jan Patek.

Jan is in front of Coxcombs and Pomegranates, the gorgeous applique quilt she designed for her beautiful Sycamore collection.  (That sweet face in the upper-left corner is Betsy Chutchian – more about her tomorrow.)

Jan’s neighbor is Kathy Schmitz – her new collection is Oak Grove Lane.

I have to share a funny story about Kathy… we met years ago when I was across the aisle from her sister, Bonnie Sullivan of All Through the Night.  Bonnie had an appointment so I said I would watch her booth while she was gone.  A few minutes after she left, I look over to see this crazy person woman rummaging under the table looking for who knows what.  Can I help you?  No, I’m fine.  Bonnie will be right back… can I help you find something?  No, really, I’m fine.  Firmer voice – No, really, can I help you find something?  No, I found it!  (Annoyance evident.)

Bonnie returned a little later and I tell her about this rude woman who was ransacking her booth!  Blonde?  About my height?  Uh… yes.  That’s my sister, Kathy.  

Kathy came by a little later after we’d shared how completely annoying we’d found the other, we started laughing.  Bonnie found it hilarious from the outset.  We’ve been friends ever since – though I’d like Kathy just for her beautiful, intricate artwork.

While I kept missing a very busy Annie Brady, I didn’t want to miss all this wonderfulness made with Annie’s debut collection, Big Sky.

While the focus of the projects is geared to kids, the prints and color palette make this collection perfect for everyone.  (I know I want some!)

Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life and the mom-daughter design-team, Sherri & Chelsi.  Chelsi hadn’t arrived yet – I promise we’ll get a picture of both of them.  Sherri & Chelsi are showing their wonderful Creekside collection.

You know Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts, right?

Love. This. Lady.  Her quilts are beautiful, her Flower Mill collection is gorgeous and she’s as lovely as that smile.

This Line Dried quilt by Corey is on my “need to make this as soon as possible” list.

Brenda Riddle and Caroline.  Soft, romantic and lovely… rather like Brenda.  More about Caroline and a picture of Brenda soon.

I happened to walk by Brigitte’s booth while she had a visitor and I interrupted them for a photo.  I probably should have put this picture at the top… Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic and Mr. Dunn of Moda Fabrics.

The stunning quilts are Contrasting, White and Light and Plus It’s Simple.  The fabric is Fragile.

Franny & Jane.  Bloomsbury.  A variety of floral prints are accented by checks, stripes and little prints in a contemporary color palette.  We’re missing Franny – Frances Newcombe – here in St. Louis, and Jane was busy signing Splendid Sampler books.

We’re also missing Sandy Gervais but she sent her gorgeous Fancy That quilt made with her new Hello My Friend collection.

One of the cool new products from Moda are the Matchbox Quilt boxes – designed by Holly Hickman.  Booth builder.  Urban Chik.  Rock star quilter.

For beginners and experienced quilters, just for fun or to build skills, each of the nine Matchboxes comes with everything you need to make the 6″ mini quilt.  A printed panel includes all the necessary pieces to make the block, including the binding and backing.  Batting?  It’s included.  So is  a skein of Cosmo floss to quilt the mini-quilt with big-stitch quilting.

Yes, a Joanna-less picture of the Fig Tree & Co. booth.  (I’m starting to think everybody went running when they saw-heard me coming…)

Hazel and Plum.  The quilt on the wall is Nutmeg Stars, and the two quilts hanging on either side are versions of Bottlecaps.

A picture of Joanna is coming just as soon as she returns my lanyard.

From French General – Kaari Meng – the Celebration Sampler.

In her 12 Contests contest earlier this year celebrating French General’s 20th Anniversary, Kaari asked for submissions of blocks she would use in a quilt made with her new Atelier de France collection.  This traditional strip-set Sampler quilt is the result.

Bonnie & Camille?  They’re here with The Good Life.

This is Bonnie’s booth – Cotton Way.  The quilts on the left – Summer Nights.  The bow tie – Scrappy Bow Tie.  Below the bow ties – Wild Flowers.  On the right – Beach Day.  They’re all quite wonderful, aren’t they?

From Camille of ThimbleblossomsMini Vintage and Mini Spools.  The big quilt is Takes the Cake.  There’s more… but it will wait until next time.

Finally, one last picture of something new.

The fabric is First Romance by Kristyne Czepuryk of Pretty By Hand.  The pattern is Cake Mix Recipe 6 for Moda.  The quiltmaker and quilter is Darlene Johannis.

So that’s it for this time.  There are things I have forgotten to include, either because the link wasn’t available yet or I was missing a few quilt details.  So expect updates soon.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. What a fun and fabulous way to start my Saturday morning! French press coffee and all this beautiful eye candy. Thank you for the tour.

  2. Wow! So many gorgeous quilts. Love Coxcombs and Pomegranates, Contrasting, Fancy That, Line Dried … better start saving my pennies!

  3. Truly, .Thank you so much for sharing what is new at market and your enthusiasm through your experience and eyes. You are a blessing in our quilting world.❤️

  4. These are the pics I was waiting for. I tried to pick one favorite but just couldn’t do it, but made a list of six quilts that I want to make! Thanks for the excellent booth reports. Anxious to see the rest of them!

  5. Thanks for sharing so many details of the things we can’t touch, Love these booth reports!

  6. You do a GREAT job!! And how great is it that you get to experience all of this in person??!! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

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  8. I love all the pictures and fabrics! Thank you for showing them to us and have a wonderful time:-)

  9. I need that gorgeous “Takes the Cake” quilt by Thimbleblossoms made into a kit with the also gorgeous fabric made into a kit so I can purchase it, please and thank you!!! 🙂

  10. It’s as if we are there without leaving our craft (or living) rooms, they are the same for me! Thank you

  11. I agree with Barbara who said… “coffee and eye candy” ~ on a rainy Saturday morning!! Thank you so much Carrie!! I loved the tulip quilt in Corey Yoder’s booth! Always a Bonnie & Camille fan… and a new Jan Patik fan, thanks to the Blockheads! Loved this! Thank you!!

  12. It’s official! I want to be a MODA designer! 😉 Thank you, Carrie, for sharing! I look forward to more updates.

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