Project Jelly Roll…

Project Jelly Roll?

There is a whole lot more to tell you about this in the coming weeks and months but for now… mark your calendars for September 16!

Here’s the what you need to know right now…

Moda Fabrics Announces National Sew-Along for Quilters and Crafters

Project: Jelly Roll and National Sew A Jelly Roll Day celebrates quilters of every generation and skill level with event.

Dallas, Texas ~ May 22, 2017 — For immediate release!

If you’re a quilter, you collect fabric.  You may also collect “pre-cuts”, those tempting packages of many pieces of fabric already cut for you into charming sizes.  They’re so popular, there is even a special lingo associated with them – layer cakes and dessert rolls, honey buns and jelly rolls.

Recent studies have shown that many quilters collect these pre-cuts without knowing what to do with them, without having a purpose.  The Jelly Roll in particular is left in it’s original packaging and stacked on the shelf to gather dust.  Despite a huge resource of inspiration, many quilters report that they’re waiting for a special reason to break out the Jelly Roll and use it for a project.

That’s where Project Jelly Roll and the National Sew A Jelly Roll Day come in.  We’re designating the 3rd Saturday in September – September 16, 2017 – as National Sew A Jelly Roll Day to encourage collectors to tear open a Moda Jelly Roll and make something for themselves, as a gift or for charity!  It can be a quilt or a tote bag, a pillowcase or something to wear, it doesn’t matter so long as we seize the day and celebrate the joy of being a maker.

For more information, please contact:

There are going to be all kinds of projects to share from fast, easy and fun to “a little bit more going on”.  And of course, I expect there will be a race or two, a few giveaways and plenty of silliness.

So start dusting off your Jelly Rolls and let’s get rolling!

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32 thoughts on “Project Jelly Roll…

  1. Sounds like a fun project I’m in and I have a few Jelly Rolls rolling around;-) But wait I think I need to buy at least one more for this project, don’t I?

    1. Good question Lynne. Does that mean those of us who are not resident in the USA can hang on to our unopened Jelly Rolls and stroke them a bit longer. Good for me, bad for charities.

    2. I also vote for International Sew a Jelly Roll Day! I don’t know what percentage of Moda sales are outside the US but I’m sure we’re a significant part of your business.

    3. It didn’t say which Nation it was for so I’d take it to be for all Nations. Sew nationally, all Nationals are included. You are right, change the name in International.

  2. I vote for International Jelly Roll Day. I’ve actually never bought a Jelly Roll but an International Jelly Roll Day would be a good excuse.

  3. Two of my favorite quilt tops use jelly rolls – and every last bit of each jelly roll plus a bit of background fabric – so that is always a nice thing. One is the granny square blocks. So many things you can do with 2.5 inch squares!

  4. I do hoard precut but not Jelly Rolls. Guess I will have to pick up a few fo this.. OY!

  5. I have a few jelly rolls – but I am not into something like the quilt made that was called a “jelly roll race” – I am too traditional. So yes, I am holding on to these beauties for the right work of art.

  6. I’m like Marti… the Jelly Roll Race quilt doesn’t appeal to me either. And regardless how hard I try (even sewing starting at alternate ends) my long strips go wonky on me! So I need to cut them into smaller lengths to keep them straight! I did have some success with a Rail Fence baby quilt made with a yummy Bonnie & Camille Jelly Roll. I still had to square up my squares, but once it was quilted, washed & dried, and all soft n crinkly… it was lovely! So I too will be interested in seeing patterns that use a jelly roll! Fun idea! I’m in!

  7. What I really want to know, is how you are doing? I am assuming you are really, really tired from all the hours of setting up for Quilt Market. I hope you get a week of low key hours this week for needed R & R. Our bodies just can’t go on long weeks and then keep on going. So, tell Marc you and all your hard working friends need to rest and play! Otherwise, you will wither and then we can’t buy all those new fab new lines coming out…

  8. Mods fabrics are sold internationally so I vote this should be an international event! After all the whole quilting community around the world love Moda fabrics”

  9. TEASE!!!! Well obviously it will be fun and I guess your peeked at my pre-cut shelves and containers. But Whyyyyyyyyyyy???? I wanna start NOW!

  10. I made a jelly roll once so much fun would like to try again need to buy some rolls to get started

  11. I have a question regarding two colors that are included in your jelly roll called “Warm”. They are in the tan color family and I believe that one of them is called “Paper Bag” but the lighter one I cannot decide on which it is. If anyone can help me I would so very much appreciate it. I need to order some yardage of both colors to complete a quilt that I am making and would like to use those colors in my borders.

      1. Carrie,

        Thank you for the suggestion. And thank you for such a quick response. I have sent an e-mail as you recommended and am waiting for a response.

        Thank you again,

  12. I think we need to do a “preview or practice day” soon ~ much sooner than September!

    1. Hi JoAnna – Do you mean the Blockheads? Block 13 is next Wednesday – yesterday’s block was No. 12 ~ Puzzled. The links to the blocks are also only available on the blog ~ or in the blog post. 🙂

  13. There was a “free” pattern quilt block on the International Jelly Roll site. I believe it was IKAT. Where can I find this pattern? I love it and it would be perfect for my stored jelly. Thanks.

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