Blockheads ~ Block 12

It’s week 12 so we’ve completed two trips around the block with the Blockheads.

Puzzled – Moi.

Before you download the pattern – there is a tiny update-correction-clarification – Piece E should be labeled Dark #1.


I’ve made this block a few times over the years and every time I do, I think I need to make a whole quilt with just this block.  I love that changing the value and fabric placement can completely change the look of the block.

The blue Reproduction block is made with Rachel Remembered by Betsy Chutchian, Snowberry by 3 Sisters and Thistle Farms by Lynne Hagmeier.

The fabrics are Farmhouse and Chestnut Street by Fig Tree & Co., and the background is from Liberty Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings.

If you have missed any of the blocks, tips or interesting answers by the designers:

I also made an extra block this week – Duck Tracks.  I made a Figgy version but I haven’t made a blue Repro version… that Market thing.  (And yes, I’m a bit behind on the flying geese for my setting idea.)

I’m considering remaking this one again as I thought there would be a little more contrast with the two pumpkin fabrics.  The upside is that this block goes quickly so making another one – or two – won’t take long.


  • Background – Cut 8 squares 2″ x 2″.  Use 4 for the connector corners and 4 for the corner squares.
  • Background – Cut 2 squares – 2-3/8″ x 2-3/8″ – to make four HTSs that finish at 1-1/2″.
  • Print 1 – Pumpkin Check – Cut 2 rectangles – 2″ x 3-1/2″.
  • Print 2 – Pumpkin Floral – Cut 2 rectangles – 2″ x 3-1/2″.
  • Print 3 – Black Floral – Cut 2 squares – 2-3/8″ x 2-3/8″ – to make four HTSs that finish at 1-1/2″.

Question of the Week ~ What is your favorite quilt pattern that you didn’t design?  (As in, which one do you wish you’d designed?)

I wish I’d designed – Turning Twenty.  Yellow Brick Road.  Swoon!  Each of those has sold at least twenty bazillion copies.  Favorite pattern I didn’t design – Swoon.  It is a spectacular quilt that looks good scrappy or with 18 fabrics, big or small, in any and every style of fabric and color palette.  The design is simple, and it is both traditional and modern.  (It’s also spawned a thousand “variations”.)

This is Camille’s original Swoon quilt – circa 2011.  It was made with Ruby by Bonnie & Camille.

Also, anything by Jen Kingwell.  Jen’s quilts are also traditional and modern, eclectic and distinctive.

Broken Glass by Jen Kingwell.  (Have you seen Jen’s Sweet Lollies, Circulus and Behind the Scenes Wovens?)

If you missed it – CLICK HERE for PUZZLED.

That’s all she – me – wrote for today, May 24th.  Be sure to see what Lynne, Betsy, Jo, Jan and Lisa have done with their blocks, and to see what other good things they might have made this week:

And don’t forget – blocks are popping up in #modablockheads on Instagram and Facebook for more pictures.  The Moda Blockheads Facebook group is also busy with folks sharing tips, suggestions and support.

Happy Blockhead Wednesday!

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23 thoughts on “Blockheads ~ Block 12

  1. I love your blocks and the bonus block is really cute! Swoon is the best pattern ever it’s still on my to-do-list.

  2. Can you please tell me the unfinished size of the A/B half square triangles? This calculation has been omitted from the blocks each week and I need it to stay on track. Thank you.

  3. Have really been enjoying this Blockheads series! I would agree with all of your “wish I’d have designed it” designs — a T20 and Swoon are definitely on my “To Do” list. I’d have to add many of your “Schnibbles” designs to that list — “Elizabeth” (or the mini “Beth” version) comes to mind.

  4. I am very unhappy trying to find the Blockhead blocks and instructions in a concise form. I would have liked a place to click and get picture of blocks and instructions on one page. I waste time going to all the sites to just see that.

    1. You can do that by going to the Moda Blockheads FB page. Under Files are all of the files, plus a directory with links to the blogs as well as alternative blocks the designers have kindly created.

    2. Hi Pat – We’re sorry that you’re unhappy and feel that this Free Block project is a waste of your time.

      Would you feel differently if you knew that the primary purpose of the Blockheads was to introduce you to the designers and promote their blogs? That by creating a one-stop, drive-thru lane site where everything was quickly and easily available, the hours spent each week by the designers to make the block, photograph the process and finished block and then write about it in a blog post would be wasted? Several are taking additional time to create and share bonus blocks – something that is missed by those not visiting their blogs. They are doing this without compensation, with their only expectation being that maybe perhaps someone will spend a few minutes getting to know them, thereby helping promote their respective businesses.

    3. You are missing the whole point of getting to know the designers. I’m glad you enjoy making them but note Carries comment below. I for one enjoy going to each link to look around!

  5. Another great block. Thanks! I’m a big appliquer and I do mostly traditional work so I would have to say I wish I designed the Whig Rose. Of course we’ll never know who made the first one, but I’m doing my part to keep it alive. Thanks for another great block. I am doing mine in the “potholder” method whereby each block is individually quilted and bound before I whip stitch them together in rows.

  6. I have made all three of your “wish I would have designed” patterns. I also love that Broken Glass one of Jen’s. Thanks for another great block, er, I mean blocks!

  7. I’ve made all three of your ‘wish I would have designed’ patterns, as well. I’m going to share a funny story about Yellow Brick Road. It was incredibly popular; everyone was making a Yellow Brick Road quilt or two except me. Why? Oh heck I don’t recall. LOL One day I was out shopping with a quilting buddy and she suggested we make a Yellow Brick Road quilt with Folk Art Christmas by Moda. I still said NO! LOL Then she said the magic words – “do it with me and I’ll buy you lunch”. She mentioned food and I was in. LOL Needless to say it’s one of my favorite quilts and memories.

  8. I am loving all of the blocks and my collection is coming together very nicely even though I am a brand new quilter. I can definitely tell the difference from my first block through to the later blocks. Using the tips and tools of the designers plus the help of the community in our FB group page has been what has helped. I’ve been collecting the designers’ fabrics and some of the tools and I appreciate having the opportunity to learn. For the question of the week: I love the Double Wedding Ring quilt. I have one that was pieced by my Great Grandmother and Grandmother. Then left in a brown paper bag for well over 40 years. It was amazingly in pristine condition. I hired someone to hand quilt it for me as that is what my Grandmother would have done. It turned out wonderful and is an amazingly beautiful quilt with all of the quirks and imperfections of older quilts. The textile specialist dated the fabrics in the quilt from the early 1930’s through late 1960’s. It is a treasure and so beautiful. Thank you so much!

  9. Why do you skip Betsy?? same thing last week…….

    Be sure to see what Lynne, Jo, Jan and Lisa have done with their blocks, and to see what other good things they might have made this week:

    1. It’s all part of a secret plot to exclude her!

      Seriously, it is the result of copy-pasting text from a post about Betsy to the next couple of posts in the hope of trying to speed up the process of getting a dozen blog posts written in the weeks before Quilt Market. Despite the proofreading, this is the sort of thing that gets missed. It wasn’t intentional – Betsy is my favorite! – so I appreciate the catch.

  10. I need to know what the correction is to block twelve. Its printed under an ad and I can’t make it out….please!

  11. Thank you for such beautiful blocks and introductions to more amazing designers! I find myself catching up with each designer at their blogs a fun journey and feel bad for the folks that are cranky about it! I appreciate all you do as this is your livelihood and thank you for sharing your talent for free! This quilt is going to be amazing! So many beautiful stunning patterns I could never pick just one I adore❤️

  12. I am at work and should be “working” !!!! I found this page by accident (looking for a job with Moda – my dream job). What a wonderful way to keep the art of quilting alive. Thank you for sharing the patterns, photos and blogs. I will definitely be adding Moda Blockheads to my Facebook followings. Happy quilting and Happy Memorial Day !

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