True Blue Quilts…

When a Diva asks you to check out her new, just-published quilt book, True Blue Quilts, most quilters would jump up and holler “yes!”  If you love Reproduction quilts – check – then you grab the book, hug the author and shout “woohoo!”

Annette Plog is a Patchwork Diva, but more importantly, she has just published her first book with C&T PublishingTrue Blue Quilts: Sew 15 Reproduction Quilts Honoring 19th-Century Designs.  (We hope it’s the first of many!)

The quilt above is Bows and Ties – it measures 62-1/2″ x 85″ and includes a mix of woven plaids, greens, cadet blues and indigos.

In addition to beautiful quilts, Annette shares some of the history of blue fabrics from Prussian Blues to indigo, and Lancaster blue to Lapis.  The quilts and fabrics are covered in three time periods – Early Century: 1840s and earlier, Mid Century: 1840 to 1870, and Late Century: 1870 to 1900.  A brief overview of the fabrics becoming available and the popular blocks from the era adds to the history and background of Annette’s quilts.

French Blue Flower Pots from the Mid-Century period – it measures 42″ x 52-1/2″.

Strippy Hourglass from the Early period – 66″ x 72″.  Perfect for large-scale prints, this simple strippy quilt uses two alternating blocks in the pieced rows.  Annette’s gorgeous primary print is a Pascal Indigo from Rue Indienne collection by French General.

What I love about the many quilts in Annette’s book – True Blue Quilts – is that some are clearly inspired by the fabric, e.g., Strippy Hourglass and French Blue Flowerpots.  While others are all about the mix of blue fabrics and the blocks, e.g., Bows and Ties and Westward Ships.

Westward Ships measures 60″ x 78″ and uses a big mix of indigo-and-white prints, with a few grays and mourning prints mixed in.  The product of a block exchange with friends, this gorgeous quilt includes white and cream shirtings to add to the vintage look.

Simply put, if you love Reproduction fabric, traditional quilts and a little bit of history, I think you’ll really enjoy Annette’s book.  It’s probably a must-have.  I’d show you more of the quilts to convince you but there are other blogs to visit this week and I want to save a few surprises for the book!

Because this is a Blog Hop, we’re going to share two copies of True Blue Quilts.  Just leave a comment by Midnight, Friday, April 20th telling us if you’ve ever made a blue Reproduction quilt.

Winners will be chosen at random and notified via e-mail.  (International winners will receive an Electronic copy of the book from C&T Publishing.)

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Happy Tuesday!

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240 thoughts on “True Blue Quilts…

  1. I have never made a blue reproduction quilt but it is on my bucket list! I love blue and cream quilts and red and cream quilts. I made a red and cream for my son when he married and I think it may be one of my all time favorites. Now I need to make a blue one!!!

  2. I love Blue reproduction fabrics! I have made a reproduction quilt and a blue quilt, but not a blue reproduction quilt. Would really enjoy this book and put it to good use. Thanks!

  3. I haven’t made a blue reproduction quilt. I definitely will be getting this book. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  4. Blue is my favorite color so I have made blue quilts but I haven’t made a blue reproduction quilt – yet! I’m building my stash so one is on my list of quilts to make soon. Choosing one of the patterns from this book would be hard – love every one shown above.

  5. I’ve never made a blue reproduction quilt, but I think that is going to change! Thanks for the preview Carrie. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. I’ve never made a blue reproduction quilt actually I’ve never made a just blue-and-white quilt. Something to add to my bucket list.

  7. I have not made a blue and white reproduction quilt, yet! This book looks like it will be my “what have you been waiting for?” encouragement. Rue Indienne is one of my favorite French General lines – and the Strippy Hourglass is beautiful. Thanks for the preview of Annette’s book.

  8. I’ve never made a blue reproduction quilt, but I love blue, my favorite color. I think this book would be great inspiration to try a blue reproduction quilt.

  9. I’ve made 30’s reproduction quilts but never, or at least not yet, this era repro quilt.

  10. I have never made a reproduction quilt with blue. I love the idea and hopefully, soon I will make one.

  11. I have never made a blue reproduction quilt in all the years I have been quilting and after seeing the quilt Westward Ships it made me realize that a blue reproduction quilt must be added to my quilt repertoire…can’t wait to see the book it looks just wonderful…maybe a cake mix recipe 2 could me used to make the blocks?

  12. Yes, I have made a blue reproduction quilt because it was what my BFF wanted, She still uses it.

  13. I haven’t sewed a blue reproduction quilt yet. They are so pretty! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  14. I have not made a blue reproduction quilt yet, but would love to. With this book I could.

  15. Working on small blue star quilt now! Love everything about the Flower Pot wallhanging.

  16. I have made a blue/cream quilt and I love it. However, did not use reproduction fabrics. I should thought as I live in a 150 year old house and reproduction fabrics just go with the house.

  17. Blue & cream – another favorite combo of mine. Just finished up the Farmer Wife and used alot of reproduction blues in that top. Would love to have this book to add to my library. Thank you

  18. I have a purple and cream bow tie block quilt started, but got side tracked by other projects.

  19. I have not made one, but do own an antique one in dark blues and cream. Thus looks like a beautiful book. The pictures on this post are just so luscious!

  20. I’ve not made a blue reproduction quilt but I have made a blue and white jelly roll race quilt. Loved how it turned out!

  21. I have not made a blue reproduction quilt. Blue is one of my favorite colors though so I must think about this.

  22. Yes, I have made a blue reproduction quilt. I used a repro line from Mary Koval in various blue indigo and various other repro blues with dark and light creams.. The pattern I used was Miss Rosie’s Circle of Friends. It is a beautiful quilt. All my quilts are reproduction fabrics and most made are reproduction patterns of antique quilts. My favorite part of quilting is feeling the kinship with sisters from the past.

  23. No, I don’t think mine is a reproduction quilt though I used repros fabrics. It’s gorgeous and someday that top will become a quilt! I have made many mini quilts- some repros and some very modern. So many quilts, so little time!

  24. I’ve made several reproduction quilts but have always gone scrappy as I just love playing with all the different fabrics I’ve collected. However after seeing this post, an all blue reproduction quilt is on my list. These quilts are gorgeous and the French Blue Flower Pots is a must make that one!

  25. I have not made a reproduction quilt nor a blue reproduction quilt. I now see from the sneak peek that they are beautiful. Thanks for a chance to win a copy of True Blue Quilts.

  26. I have never made a blue reproduction quilt. That looks like a great quilt book to start with. Great giveaway. Nancy P.

  27. I have not made a blue reproduction quilt. True Blue Quilts looks like a great reason to make one! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  28. I haven’t made a blue repo quilt yet. Its on my list and would love to have a copy of True Blue Quilts to help me plan my quilt.

  29. Several years ago I made an indigo and shirtings quilt using the Road to California block. I love it! But one can never have too many blue and white quilts!

  30. I have a mostly reproduction quilt in process. It is scrapy with a wide range of colors… blue,brown, green, red, plum, and tan. I own an antique quilt with indigo and shirting prints. Someday I want to make an all blue quilt.

  31. I haven’t made a blue reproduction quilt….yet! Am collecting fabrics for one (or two) though… this looks like a lovely book, thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  32. I’m doing my Moda Blockheads in blue/cream/tan (Minnick & Simpson) – not sure that counts? I’m usually into scrappy reproduction quilts in all colors but I have stacks of blues and 2-color quilts are on my list this year.

  33. I’ve never made a blue reproduction quilt but would love to. Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful book full of inspiration!

  34. Well, I’ve made a blue quilt in which I used some reproduction fabrics, but the pattern was not a reproduction pattern, so…the short answer would be “no”. I love blue, so such a quilt is definitely on my bucket list. The book looks wonderful!

  35. I love blue quilts but never seem to make them. The book would be and inspiration.

  36. I have not made a blue reproduction quilt – but I should since blue is my favorite color. These pictures are inspiring!

  37. I’m gathering fabrics now to start a blue repro quilt as this has made me think I need one!!

  38. I’ve made two – or am making two. One just needs the blocks assembled and I used blue and cream shirtings as the background. The other is reverse applique and is still a work in progress. Blue is my favorite color! Will definitely be getting this book!

  39. I have not yet made a blue reproduction quilt, but winning this book would give me a great reason to cut into all of the 1800’s reproduction fabrics I’ve had taunting me in my stash! Cutting into fabrics I love is SO HARD!

  40. I have made a blue reproduction quilt — not a large one — but it does make me want to do a few more! It’s something about that soothing blue color!

  41. I think I have made a blue and white repro quilt. I have made so many quilts it is hard to remember!

  42. Not made a BLUE reproduction quilt (yet) but after seeing the patterns and examples in this book it will definitely be on the top of my list. I usually do scrappy but of late I’ve been intrigued and seem called to make a “two color” quilt … perhaps blue/white could be my first of many!

  43. I usually go for quilts with lots of different colors. But the beauty of a calmer color palate feels rather nice. I would LOVE to make a blue and white quilt, Beautiful and peaceful.

  44. Not yet, but have been collecting fabric….LOTS….in preparation. Would love a copy of this book!

  45. I have been collecting fat quarters of blues so that I can make a blue and cream quilt for the past six months! I would love to have a copy of her book!

  46. Just getting back into my favorite pastime, quilting! Am still sewing quilts with triangles And squares. Would love to challenge myself with these beautiful historical quilts!

  47. I’ve never made one…..YET…..but I have a lovely stash of indigo reproductions that are screaming for this book!

  48. These are beautiful fabrics and quilts! I have made blue and white quilts but with a mix of scraps. It still has a reproduction look to it but not quite as beautiful as these. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of this book. It looks wonderful!

  49. I’ve never made a blue reproduction quilt, but one is on my list to do. I have a huge repro stash, and enjoy using this type of fabric.

  50. I’ve never made a repro quilt in just blues, but these sure are lovely. I especially love the graphic look of Westward Ships.

  51. I have not made a blue repro quilt but I am currently doing the blockheads quilt in reproduction fabrics. I hope this is the first of many in the style.

  52. I have never made a blue reproduction quilt even though blue is my favorite color! Another addition to my bucket list!

  53. I have made a blue and white “controlled” scrap quilt but never a blue “reproduction” quilt. They are gorgeous! I will have to make at least one!

  54. I love blue and reproduction fabrics but I’ve never made a blue reproduction fabrics quilt. After seeing these beauties it’s definately added to the list.

  55. I have made a blue storm at sea quilt. I would love to make more blue quilts, it is my go to colorway on choosing fabrics for quilts.

  56. I have never made a blue reproduction quilt. The closest I’ve come is making a scrappy quilt with a mix of civil war and reproduction fabrics.

  57. I just bought a kit for James River Crossing, which is blues and browns, from Jo Morton and Kim Diehl’s book Simple Friendships. It is all old Italian Blocks. This looks like a great book for more reproduction inspiration.

  58. I have not tried this pattern, but would definitely try the one that looks like a basket. Cute.

  59. I love reproduction fabrics and recently started to hoard them, but I have never made a blue reproduction quilt, but I see one in my future.

  60. I haven’t made a reproduction blue but my online quilt buddies and I did an all blue swap so I have made a blue quilt, but my new love of repro fabrics will be including more blues to make one. LOVE the looks.

  61. I have just completed a teacup quilt – not reproduction but all in fabulous blues! My first blue quilt.

  62. I haven’t made a blue reproduction quilt. But have made a blue & white quilt, and a basket quilt using mostly reproduction greens & blues (mostly civil war reproduction fabrics). Other than that I have used Civil war reproduction fabrics as backings and pieces here and there in toos. Sometimes they are the perfect shade or print for what I’m making. I am looking forward to seeing this book! I really like the quilts you’ve shared here!

  63. a few years ago I started two different blue and white quilts…this is inspiring me to get those out and finish t hem!!! LOVE the book so far..definitely on the short list to purchase (if I don’t win –wink)!

  64. Yes, I have made a blue reproduction quilt, with just a little of beige thrown in. It appears to be a wonderful book. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  65. Oh I love blue and its almost always in my quilts. I’d love to win this book the sneak peek of the quilts in it are gorgeous.

  66. I have never made a blue reproduction quilt; I look at blue and mentally change the color to reds. Westward Ships is a favorite pattern and Hubby is retired Navy so why not give it a try?

  67. I have made many Reproductuon quilts but surprisingly none in just blue? I dam n’t know why especially since Blue is my favorite color. I would love to win Annette’s book for inspiration for my Blue quilt! Thanks for the opportunity..

  68. My very first quilt was a sampler using blue and white reproduction fabrics. Learned a lot making it.

  69. I’ve made a scrappy blue quilt with some reproduction fabrics — it was made with whatever blues I had on hand. Thanks for the great giveaway and the opportunity to win!

  70. I made a blue reproduction quilt for our preschool director. I wrote the names of all the kids she had in her program on the back.

  71. Yes I have made a blue reproduction quilt. I gave it as a birthday gift to my daughter in law. I sue do like that blue bow tie quilt! Thanks for the chance to win.

  72. I’ve used blue Reproduction fabrics in quilts; however, I’ve never sewn an all blue quilt. The pictures you’ve shared of the book and the historical connections make the book interesting to me. Thank you for the chance in the giveaway.

  73. Made a scrappy quilt once out of blues I had laying around. The quilter I used made it look fabulous!

  74. I have sewn 1 all blue quilt from but not reproduction fabrics. It was every blue I could get my hands on and I named it Bonnie Blue for the lady I made it for special

  75. I had to think about it, but I have made a blue repro quilt….thinking I need to make more because I just love blue quilts ;o)
    I almost always include blue in my repro scrappy quilts. The book looks great! Congrats on your first book.

  76. I used a lot of blue reproduction fabrics in a Jacobs Ladder quilt but also included some reds and greens so that doesn’t count. It did cause me to do some research into the early fabric Mills and the mill girls that worked there. Would love to win a copy of this book. I love pattern books that also give us some of the history of the times, fabrics, patterns, etc.

  77. I have never made one but I have the fabric in my stash. It’s on my quilting “bucket list” to do.

  78. I’ve made a red and quilt and an 1840’s repro quilt but not a blue and white repro quilt – yet. Would love to win.

  79. I’ve made a twin size reproduction quilt with blue fabrics, white and cream shirtings and a little red thrown in for good measure. I have an impressive stash of blue repros waiting for a quilt – this book looks like a must have!

  80. I’ve never made a BLUE repro quilt, but have made a few repro quilts with blue in them 🙂

  81. I have cherished a Texas Star quilt done in blue reproduction fabrics made by my husband’s grandmother. But, I have never made a blue-themed reproduction quilt myself.

  82. I have made a blue reproduction quilt, for my father, about 10 years ago. It was lap size, and one of my first quilts. He says he naps with it. He wanted blue, and preferred traditional patterns. He and my stepmother collect antique and vintage Amish and other quilts they find in antique shops and auctions in Pennsylvania and Maryland. I would love to have the new book!

  83. No, I have never made a reproduction quilt. But I am lovin’ the blues in the bow and tie quilt. I am putting that on my to do list.

  84. Does blue and brown count?? Love the blue/brown combination with reproduction fabrics!! This book is definitely on my wishlist!!

  85. Traditional and Reproduction quilts are my favorites…I saw a collection of traditional blue fabrics and just fell in love with them so….and while I didn’t have a pattern in mind…I just couldn’t pass up and so they remain in my stash as I search for just the right pattern…they are both a mix of larger and smaller prints and so I will need to find just the right pattern to showcase each fabric’s beauty…I will definitely need to watch for this book!!

  86. Blue is my lifetime favorite color. I make many quilts with blue in it ,, but never a reproduction blue quilt (although I did soms other reproduction quilts), must be great to do with this loveley book at hand, Thank you for this oppurtunity to win, kind regards Conny

  87. I have not yet made a blue and white quilt, but it is on my list! I have been collecting blue and indigo fabrics and that bow tie quilt is really speaking to me!!

  88. I have made a few blue and white quilts but not in true reproduction style. Definitely on my list now. Thanks for the chance.

  89. I have not made a blue reproduction quilt, but would like to. I especially would like to make the basket quilt.

  90. I made a shirting and indigo quilt that is among my favorites! I have a whole drawer of civil war blues calling to me, so this book is right up my alley.

  91. I made a quilt using reproduction blue and black with a cream shirting using a traditional block pattern from the book Lavender Hill Quilts.. It is one of my favorite quilts.

  92. No I haven’t. Made lots of reproduction inspired quilts, but never a true blue one. I would love to!

  93. My last 2 quilts were blue! One is Minich and Simpson’s Lexington collection ! But the pattern is more modern!! Thank you!

  94. I collect blue/ white antique quilts.
    I also buy blues and shirting whenever I see them.
    My stash is growing again!

  95. Yes, I have made a blue reproduction quilt. It all started with blue penny patches that were stitched by my husbands great grandmother (don’t let him know that I put this in, but he is 60, so that helps figure out how old the patches are). His grandmother gave them to me – she knew I would be the only one to preserve or do something with them. They also have signatures written and then stitched over. Needless to say, we cherish the quilt and it will be passed on to our son with a family name from that side of the family. This book would definitely be a treasured addition!

  96. I’ve not made a big quilt but have several mini’s in blue reproduction fabric hanging on my wall of quilts. love them all.

  97. I’ve made a reproduction quilt, but never a blue one. I LOVE blue and history. I think this book is calling my name! 🙂

  98. I’ve made hundreds of quilts but somehow have not manag e d to make my favorite which is nloe and cream/white. Love the preview of the book. Thanks for the opportunities and inspiration.

  99. I work only in reproduction fabrics but have never made a blue one quilt. Time to pull all my blue fabric and make a blue one. Thanks for the inspiration.

  100. I am a big fan of blue quilts, reproduction quilts and a combo of them, but javen’t made one, wonder why? Would love to do one from this book!

  101. I love blue fabrics and I love the bowtie quilt. I’ve never made a repro quilt but I have a ufo as one.

  102. Hi there!
    I haven’t made a blue repro quilt but I have been slowly buying(curating) a blue stash in the hopes of making one!
    Thanks & Quilty Huggs!

  103. I have not yet made a blue quilt, but love reproduction fabrics and quilts. Would be encouraged by a book like this.

  104. Never made a blue reproduction before. There is no color better than BLUE. Calming-quiet-lovely.
    Goes with cream or white and delicious anyway!!! Would love the book. Thanks

  105. I have made quite a few blue (and white) quilts but never a Reproduction quilt. Though I do have a lovely blue quilt on our bed just now that uses blue fabrics from so many different collections that some probably are reproduction fabrics.

  106. I’ve collected reproduction blues for years – this book could be the inspiration I need to actually cut into the fabric!

  107. I have not made a blue reproduction quilt; however, I love the 19th century quilts and reproduction fabrics that are available. I did make a Civil War era quilt which is a favorite. I am looking forward to the True Blue Quilts book.

  108. Yes, I’ve made two blue reproduction doll quilts. They are mostly blue, and include other colors typical of reproduction fabrics.

  109. I made a blue /cream quilt for my daughter’s marriage in 2016. She picked out the fabrics and it turned out well. I like the traditional look myself and was happy with it. Of course, it had to go live with her. Time to make one for me, perhaps!

  110. I made a blue quilt – it was not all reproduction fabrics, but I did use part of a vintage tea towel that had a blue tea cup embroidered on it. I am currently making a doll quilt and used authentic vintage blue indigo fabrics plus other vintage fabrics I collected over the years. I love blue quilts!

  111. I have not made one yet, but I have been collecting the fabrics to make one for ages. So I was super excited to see this book so I can put the fabric to work!

  112. Love the blues. Matter of fact I love any blue. Yes I have made lots of blue reproduction quilts and some newer quilts using teals. This book looks fantastic.

  113. I have not made an all blue repro quilt, but partial blue. I love reproduction fabric and designs and this book looks really fun. Thanks for the chance to inspire me to make an all blue repro quilt!

  114. A few years ago I collected fabrics for a blue quilt, but other things came up and it got pushed down on the list, and almost forgotten. Guess I better put it back towards the top!

  115. Oh Yes!!! 90% of my quilts have been reproduction quilts. One is even a pattern that Annette did for a shop…… Can’t wait to see the whole book…

  116. I haven’t made a blue reproduction quilt yet, but I have been collecting blue fabrics. Someday soon!

  117. I have not yet made a reproduction all blue quilt. This would be a wonderful place to start.

  118. I have never made a blue reproduction quilt but I do have a delicious quilt kit using Jo Morton’s blue fabrics that I will make soon. Love all Jo Morton fabrics!

  119. I have not made an all blue quilt. My husband’s favorite color is blue so maybe I should consider one for him. Books looks so interesting.

  120. Yes! Blue reproduction is one of my favorites! I particularly liked using the 1800’s Reproduction pattern from Moda Bake Shop!

  121. I put together a Sunbonnet Sue quilt from some blocks that a relative made in the 50’s. I guess that might be a reproduction quilt. Along with a lot of other comments, Blue is my favorite color.

  122. LOVE ALL BLUE QUILTS! No, I have not made a Reproduction Quilt, but these are certainly inspiring!
    Thank You so much for a sweet giveaway!

  123. I’ve made quilts with repros, and I’ve made blue quilts, but have not made a quilt with blue repros! All the quilts in the book are beauties, especially the Flower Pots.

  124. I’ve had plans to make a blue and white quilt for a long time-my favorite color combo. I grew up in a home that was mostly blue and white. My home where i raised my own family used to be mostly blue and white (forcing myself to branch out a bit!! Lol). Also, when I met my husband, my clothes closet consisted of nearly all blues and whites!! This is DEFINITELY the book for me!! I have made one quilt that was almost entirely shades of blue: my granddaughter’s crib quilt. It was an ocean themed quilt that I designed myself-primarily appliqué. Batiks, yes. Reproductions, no. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  125. I haven’t made a blue reproduction quilt yet but I have the fabric for at least two that I’ve set aside and I could probably find more if I started looking seriously.

  126. I’ve used blue reproduction prints in several quilts, but never exclusively to other colors. After seeing these quilts, I’m definitely inspired to do so!

  127. I have not made a blue reproduction quilt….yet….I actually do have a collection of blue Civil War Repro fabrics that were purchased specifically to make a quilt, but at this point it is still on the “to make” list…. This book sounds awesome!!

  128. I’ve set aside two bankers boxes of creams and blue scraps from my early sewing days. I need to pull them out and get busy!

  129. I have not made a blue and white reproduction quilt but this makes me want to go start pulling my fabrics and start thinking. Thanks for sharing!

  130. I haven’t yet made a blue reproduction quilt but have been working hard at fortifying my stash with the necessary fabrics ;-} Thank you for the chance to win a book of patterns to put to good use. Teresa mk

  131. I haven’t made a blue reproduction quilts, but I have been saving fabrics for one. This book would be great and I would then make a start and stop thinking about doing it. Love reproductions

  132. I have made one Queen size blue reproduction quilt and several minis. Blue is my favorite color, and it’s not hard to love this book!

  133. I love reproduction quilts and love making this 2 color quilts. It has been awhile since I made a blue and white quilt. This book makes me want to make another.

  134. I have not made a blue quilt. But those pictures are beautiful and I may have reconsider and put it on my list to make. Each picture was so lovely.

  135. I have never made an all blue reproduction quilt but love blue and would like to do one in the future

  136. I haven’t finished one yet, I am working on a blue and cream farmer’s wife quilt and a Bonnie Hunter scrappy blue and cream quilt.

  137. I have used many repro blue fabrics in quilts, but always combined with other colors. I love the quilts pictured in this blog post.

  138. Several years ago I made a blue and white reproduction quilt… Used the bearpaw pattern and about a 10″ block…. Used only one reproduction blue and a fairly white white… put together in a straight setting… It is one of my very favorite quilts… I would love to have a book on blue and white quilts… Thank you for showing the above photos, they are great!

  139. Made one from Chinese indigo fabric that I bought when visiting my son who was teaching over there…not quite American reproduction fabric, but sort of the equivalent from China. I love the look of blue and white quilts….they look so crisp!

  140. YOWZA! What beautiful quilts and such gorgeous fabrics! I have not made a completely blue reproduction quilt but I do love civil war reproduction fabrics and have a project using blue fabrics as well as browns. Can’t wait to see more and putting this book on my birthday wish list ;-D

    Thanks for a chance to win! Awesome giveaway!

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  141. I have never made a blue reproduction quilt, although I’ve been dying to make a blue quilt in general for some time now (for my mom). I would love the opportunity to see this fabulous book!

  142. I have never made a blue Reproduction quilt. The quilts are beautiful and I have been inspired to make a True Blue Quilt!

  143. I have never made a blue and white quilt, but blue is my favorite color and it’s definitely on my list. Can’t wait to see this book!

  144. I have never made a blue reproduction quilt but would love to. Please let me win the book! Then I’ll give it a try.

  145. I’ve made a repro quilt, and a blue-and-white quilt, but the twains did not meet in a blue-and-white repro quilt. But now it’s on my list. 🙂

  146. I have made 30’s reproduction and civil war reproduction quilts but never a blue and white reproduction one . Blue is my favorite color, so would love to make one.

  147. Oh, this looks like fun! And if you miss the beauty of having having at least one of these blue reproduction quilts to grace your home or to gift one to a bestie, you might as well never have tasted fresh-squeezed lemonade in the hottest part of summer in Texas, or never been to a church social and quite possibly got your first kiss. These quilts speak of a time gone past, but a simpler time we all want to cling to, when you could trust your neighbor and all the kids had a big old oak tree they could climb and be out in the front yard playing until 10:00 o’clock at night then go to bed and dream of doing it all again tomorrow!! Ahhhhh…..

  148. Haven’t made a blue quilt yet, but the new book looks great and would love to do one.

  149. I have made a blue reproduction wall hanging, and several other blue quilts. I even have another blue quilt waiting to be made. There is only one colour and that is blue!

  150. I have not made a blue reproduction quilt but this book would be the inspiration needed to start one!

  151. I haven’t made a blue reproduction quilt – but would love to and this book would be just perfect for that. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  152. I have not made a blue reproduction quilt. I guess it will be added to my quilting bucket list. This book would help make that possible.

  153. I haven’t made a blue reproduction quilt; it is on my extensive bucket list. Love the Westward Ships quilt.

  154. Such great quilts! I have only made a mini true blue quilt with a Jo Morton pattern. I would love to make a big one. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  155. Two of my favorite things, reproduction fabrics and the color blue. I just finishe a blue and brown reproduction quilt in a queen size for my brother, I really want to keep it but know it is going to a good home. Thanks for the give away. Book looks beautiful.

  156. I have not made an all blue, but used blue in a scrappy basket doll quilt. Love the basket quilt! I think this is a must have book!

  157. as a matter of fact I have made a blue quilt. For my husband as a wedding gift 🙂 Do you know how hard it is to find fabric (even blue!) that isn’t too girlie? LOL Have plans to use the left over HSTs in another quilt…

  158. I also have not made a retro quilt in blues. I did make a quilt using the porcelain blue line and added yellow, very traditional but not retro. 🙂

  159. No I have never made a blue reproduction quilt, which is rather surprising to me, since blue is my favourite colour and I love traditional quilts, and seeing these makes me think why have I not done this yet??!

  160. In fact I just finished a strippy pinwheel quilt made with a layer cake of Indigo Crossing by Minick & Simpson and yardage of the very large direction print from the line. I love blue & white quilts of any fabric genre, doesn’t have to be reproduction.

  161. I have never made a blue reproduction quilt but would love to have the opportunity to do so.

  162. Nope. Never made a blue reproduction quilt. Heck, I’ve never made a 2 color quilt, period. Keep putting it on my virtual bucket to-do list, but it keeps getting over ruled. Loved seeing pictures of the red & white quilt show in NYC years ago. Would LOVE a copy of True Blue Quilts to inspire me! Thanks for the chance!!

  163. I have admired reproduction quilts…have several patterns…and participated in the Jo Morton club years ago. I really love 2-color quilts. Have made a red/white quilt with embroidery as well as a blue and white quilt. Have a pink and white one in the process.

  164. I have not made a blue &a white quilt yet. I love reproduction quilts……this book would be an inspiration!

  165. So much inspiration in Annette’s book.
    I would love to make a reproduction quilt featuring Prussian Blues.

  166. I took a class with Marsha Heberlein at The Quilted Apple on 2/19/05 called “Blue & White Reproduction”. We never saw the original quilt??? My notes say “finished piecing quilt top 09/12/14”. Then we got a king size bed. Quilt top is still waiting for me to make it bigger!

  167. I have made several mini quilts using blue reproduction fabrics. One was a small basket quilt and the other was an Ohio star. Blue is my favorite color. Thanks for the chance to win.


  168. I have always been a “blue” girl–my bedroom is blue, and I would love to make a reproduction quilt from this book for my bed. Pick me! Pick me!

  169. I reallly love blue quilts, especially those using indigo blues. There is just something rich and organic about those blues. Would love to win the book (and nice if you threw in enough fabrics to make one of her quilts — lol).

  170. I have a quilt kit from Bonnie Blue Quilts (now known as Red Crinoline Quilts) which is a blue and white quilt. I have yet to put it together though. I love this book and appreciate the opportunity to own one. Thank you!

  171. I already have the blue/white fabric. Just waiting for the right pattern to come along. And here is just the book I need!

  172. I haven’t but I definitely need to! What a great book concept. I love learning quilt history.

  173. Never made a blue reproduction quilt but I am currently making the Chapman coverlet pattern.

  174. Never a reproduction but my favorite quilt color is blue and I have lots of blue quilts. Those are very enticing. Thanks.

  175. no, I never have, since I tend to go scrappy, but with Edita Sytar’s new line coming out that is mainly blue, I’m hoping to do a blue reproduction quilt soon. 🙂

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