Meow or never…

I am and probably always be on Team Dog but I do like cats.  And there are lots of funny cat-centric things that catch my eye.

So how many cats does it take to be a “crazy cat lady”?  And how many yards of fabric does each cat represent?

Because I’ve been working on a few maybe-future-probably-next-month projects, I seem to be in a questioning mood.  I think it’s partly my nature… uh oh, aren’t cats supposed to be curious?  It’s also Friday and that’s supposed to be fun and perhaps a bit frivolous.  So we’re going to be a bit “fluffy” today – Fluffy… a popular cat name – without a destination or story.

I keep a folder on my Desktop titled Random Stuffus.  It’s right next to Ideas & Inspiration.  Both are filled with pictures of things that make me laugh, inspire me, give me ideas or just make me think.  While looking for something specific, I found a few things that I really wanted to share for no other reason than maybe it winds up in your Random Stuffus folder.

So here goes… you know I like my notions, tools and gadgets so to everyone who suggested favorite tools and notions – thank you.  I have now acquired a Clover Ball-Point Awl and I am looking forward to trying it out.  So the subject of tools and such…

Do you have a favorite ruler?  Your go-to, I really should have extras stashed all-time favorite ruler – what is it?  I have several and I’ll share those next week, along with the favorites and go-tos of the Moda Designers.

Do you have a “perfect sewing” room, studio or space?  Perfect being defined as a space you love – one that inspires you to create something magical.  And just sew.

I wouldn’t mind seeing this in my sewing room… but I think Betsy Chutchian would object if I just showed up on her doorstep and moved in.  (By the way, Betsy has cats.) (And yes, this is Betsy’s collection of quilts.)

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about inspiration – what it is, where it comes from, who or what inspires me and so on.  (That probably-future-etc. project.)  I recently saw a lovely drawing with these words – Inspire: to cause or create ideas; infuse; to influence; to breathe life into.

As I thought about some of the things I’ve saved pictures of – notebooks, computer, Pinterest, etc. – it was a pretty eclectic assortment.

Jen Kingwell’s Steam Punk.  I’ve had this quilt on my “to-do/wish” list forever.  Or since Jen published the pattern.

And this one – those lovely little blocks and getting to use so many different fabrics… I’m all in.

Takes the Cake by Camille Roskelley of Thimbleblossoms.

And Amy Ellis’ 100 Improv blocks in 100 days.  This isn’t all of them but I really love where this is going.

What – or who – inspires you?  Is there a quilter-place-artist-person who inspires you?  It doesn’t have to be for quilting.

Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings reminds me that I really need to pull out my threads and needles and start stitching again – I love embroidery, I just haven’t done it in ages.  But seeing beautiful work like this inspires me to turn off the sewing machine and get busy stitching.

Lisa… she could be Muriel.  Independent and doing the work she loves whether it fits a style or expectation.  Actually, I think I could say that about Jen, Camille, Betsy and Amy.

Self-expression and independence is probably a trait shared by many Moda Designers – and artists.

(Yes, I save cartoons, especially those that have something quilt-related.)


So what are you doing this weekend?  I’ll be sewing – Market is coming soon looming and I’m in the midst of that delusional mindset of “I can absolutely make 73 quilts in the next six weeks”.  It’ll pass.

Because you’ve gotten this far through the fluff and are possibly considering answering one or more of my questions, I’m going to share some of my “fluff”.  Leave a comment by Midnight on Sunday – Dallas time – and you’ll be entered to win a goodie-bag of I’m-not-sure-what.  Are you game?

Just answer any question or tell me what you’re working on and you’re in.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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302 thoughts on “Meow or never…

  1. Great post! Loved the fluff. If you’re moving in to Betsy’s cupboard, I’m coming too! I call dibs on the top shelf! My most-often used ruler next to my machine is a 5 1/2″ Creative Grids square combined with 6 1/2″ spinny mat. These seem to do most of the trimming and cutting work as I sew, as opposed to their bigger cousins who do the heavier lifting early on.

  2. I am inspired by people who take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Traditional quilt pattern and put that OMG spin on it and take it to the next level. I inspires me to look at ordinary things and try to come up with that little spin to make it MINE!

  3. I love all the cartoons you showed! My sewing space is not what I would like it to be, but it is mine alone and has my much loved stash so I am able to be creative and sew!

  4. What am I working on???? 2 baby quilts, 2 wedding quilts, the fat quarter shop patchwork qal, the moda blockheads qal, a quilt for my son’s new full-size bed (after having a twin for years), quilting a graduation quilt (due a year ago), quilting 2 throw quilts for our basement fun room. Mercy, can I get it all done?

  5. When I have a stress full day I just go to my sewing room I call my “Happy Place”. Just touching my little stash makes me happy.

  6. I am always in awe of all of you designers. Such inspiration for the rest of us. Last week I was lucky enough to spend stitching time at a retreat in the Outer Banks of NC with a great group of gals with Lisa Bongean as our instructor. She is amazing; talent galore.
    Sometimes, my Friday night could be my quilting with a cold brewski.

  7. Who inspires me to create? Any of the quilt designers. I see a work of theirs and fall in love with it and have a desire to produce one myself. Sometimes it is for myself, sometimes it is for family. I am easily lead astray.

  8. I love your Random Stuffus file idea. I need to start one of those today. I am currently working on quilts for several competitions including the Bella challenge.

  9. I am working on a baby quilt while working over time to cover the guy who is out on paternity leave and dealing with 32 muddy paws (rain rain go away) with 16 sad eyes hovering me while I work in my creative space (no it’s not a sewing room or my workshop, it’s MY creative space).

  10. Quilt show Saturday. Sewing on LongTimeGone, Lisa Bongeans 6 inch blocks, 2 color versions! And a rainbow quilt. Quilting is never boring with multiple projects on hand.

  11. I’m working on my Splendid Sampler. It’s really been one of the best projects ever. My daughter decided last night that it was going to be her’s and we decided how to put the blocks together. PS – thanks for writing such fun posts. Love the cartoons….I like to save them too!

  12. I always enjoy your posts and your sense of humor – you write so well! I love all the inspiration you share and would comment on you finding a few minutes to embroider since it’s something you’ve been wanting to do. I love to embroider as well as quilt (and some other needle arts), but I haven’t put them “together” as in a crazy quilt. I find handwork relaxing compared to the sewing machine. I, too, have a mile long list of all the things I want to make! I just need more time in the day! Happy Friday!

  13. Working on a cat quilt and the Blockheads and a Madame Rouge. I can’t seem to concentrate on only one! These cartoons are wonderful. Inspiration comes from nature, quilting blogs and quilt show and tells. My cats, Sugar and Spice, inspire me all the time.

  14. Your articles are always entertaining! I do have a sewing room I love (but it could be bigger). I just started on a Fig Tree mystery BOM but always have other projects going on in between. So many beautiful things to make … it’s hard to choose.

  15. I’m getting ready for a quilt retreat. Have everything cut for a queen size flannel quilt for hubby and putting together fabrics for a few wall hangings. Can’t wait – 5 more days than 4 fun filled days of sewing!

  16. I’m doing 2 sew-alongs – Pat Sloan’s 182 Day Solstice and Sew Fresh Quilts Have a Jolly Little Christmas. Of course, I’m not quite caught up in either one.

  17. Thank you, coffee and you first thing in morning, what a great laugh. Working on Blockhead 4 block. Bees anyone?

  18. Working on a UFO in reproduction fabrics from 2010, re-inspired so making it much larger and adding a pieced border.

  19. I’m working on the blockheads, a new bom starting tomorrow, a double churn dash to put together and I am quilting one given to me by a friend whose best friend died before finishing it. I hope to surprise her with it — one of these days. Did I tell you I love quilting? ( sigh). My favorite ruler is a little 2 1/2 inch wide from Missouri Star Quilt.

  20. I just loved seeing Betsy’s quilt closet all stacked up with her gorgeous quilts. And those cartoons put a smile on my face this morning. I am finishing up four charity quilts for the children of local refugee family that our church has helped support.

  21. I love your “stuff” folder on the desktop – I’ve pulled mine from the files and added the cartoons from this post. And since someone else has claimed the bunk in Betsy’s cupboard, I call dibs on the bottom shelf! Love her work. Lisa’s embroidery is beautiful. I’m working on my Block Head bee skep this weekend. I have never done applique so this is my challenge for the week.

  22. I am working on a scrappy rail fence in reproduction fabrics and the latest Triangle Gatherings blocks this weekend. Looking forward to the favorite rulers post. I have many but I’m always on the lookout for more!

  23. These cartoons are so worth sharing. Right now I am completing a baby quilt with purple elephants, a gift to a former student who is now a classroom teacher. Passing on my love of books and quilts.

  24. I had a delusional moment this week thinking that I could finish my ‘beast’ of a hexi quilt in one week! I’m putting it aside for now and will be working on a tumbler baby quilt this weekend. Thanks for the early morning smiles!

  25. Yes, I am in! Thanks for the great blog post again. My go to ruler is a plain one: 6 x 12 inch. This is the one I use the most. I have others, and I use those too, but this 6×12 inch one is the most loved!

  26. I’m working on Sarah Fielke’s 2017 BOM in blue and white . . . with cats! How fluffy is that!?! 😉

  27. Love your “stuffus” folder! May have to start one of my own. This weekend I hope to get the center of a BOM from last year (or was it the year before?) together so I can start working on the borders. Then it is on to a baby quilt. Just found out hubby’s niece is expecting and due in October. Have some fabrics pulled, just can’t decide on a pattern….

  28. Love your cartoons! I am working on a quilt made up of churn dash blocks in three different sizes.

  29. Morning! Putting Splendid Sampler blocks together and was happily interrupted by grand daughter needing an apron, mob cap, and Colonial flag for a Betsy Ross costume. All done last night and back to the Splendid.

  30. I have a small piece of purple Nursery Versery mouse fabric and I plan on making a pincushion with it!

  31. Happy Friday! I just finished two pillowcases for a wonderful little boy (my grandson), and will be starting a baby quilt for my niece’s first!

  32. Hit the publish button too soon. My grandson just asked me to make him a patchwork quilt for his new bed, so that is my current priority.

  33. All in! I’m like you I’m really a dog person but I like cats too. I’m working on baby quilts for twins due to arrive next week. And I love the bright and cheeriness of Me and My Sister Design!

  34. Fun post. I have two quilts in progress at the moment, a graduation gift and a barn themed wall hanging.

  35. I’m working on binding two MSQC quilts for twin Granddaughters, rearranging my sewing space and I have UFO’s waiting . (I promised myself I would finish one and it is almost April already.)

  36. I am working on Day Hike by Amy Ellis this weekend and dreaming of baby quilts for my daughter.

  37. While I am steeped in “traditional” quilts, I am trying to step out of that box, although its been baby steps with fabric purchases. One day I will actually make something once I get my mojo back. Love reading your posts, seeing what you’re working on and all the lovely fabric lines of Moda designers.

  38. Just got back from the Lancaster AQS quilt show. YES, I’ll be sewing this weekend. I think that I would rather mark a quilt to be quilted than to make the Blockhead #4. Ugh, not a fan of appliqué but I love the tiny blocks!

  39. Great questions! My favorite ruler is a 6″ Omnigrid which has gotten a lot of use in the past year while I was making The Splendid Sampler. This weekend I’m finishing up my second Sampler which has a French theme. Fabrics in it include Moda’s Lorraine Collection. And, inspiration is everywhere but mostly in the fabrics themselves. I have my eye on Amy Ellis’ 100 Improv blocks after working on all that precise piecing for over a year.

  40. Right now I am working on cleaning up my sewing space. I just finished a list of 16 sewing/quilting projects, some big, some small, and my room is trashed. After I finish tidying and cutting up my scraps into manageable pieces, I am telling myself that I will pull out an unfinished project.

  41. I’m working on pillowcases for our Guild project, not quilting but still fabric and thread, and sorting all my sewing and quilting books to fit on new bookcases. If I’d stop reading them as I go, I’d have more time for pillowcases. So many ideas, so little time!

  42. I am working on four versions of Moda Blockheads sampler blocks, and three versions of Lisa’s Triangle Gatherings blocks. I love working with blocks 6″ or smaller, and since we’re really busy at work right now, these are just the right size for me to sit down and finish in the 20 or so minutes I can squeeze in at the machine. And if there’s no time for machine work, I can prep fabric or triangles to be ready for my next chance.

  43. I have several charity quilt uFOs that have been staring at me far too long, so that’s my project for the weekend. Thanks for fun & funny motivation to start!

  44. I just finished Carrie Nelson’s ‘Cracked Pots’! Whew! Not for the faint of heart – but totally satisfying once completed!!! Love your patterns Carrie!

  45. I love your Fluff! Wedding quilts with definite Muriel themes…one is blue/blackdue ? and the other is Halloween via Jack Skelliton due in July.

  46. I just finished a quilt like the one you posted from Jen Kingwell – the block that makes up this quilt was actually designed back in 1933 and was published in the Kansas City Star when they used to put a quilt block pattern in the newspaper every week – it was called the “Air Ship Propeller” that is the pattern that I used (free pattern!) I am also working on a hexagon quilt and hand quilting a postage stamp quilt.

  47. Well, I don’t know if there is an official number of cats that makes you a crazy cat lady, but I LOVE cats and cat fabric! My first cat (when I was 7) was named Fluffy. I currently have 4 cats, so I’m definitely on the brink! My kittens, Button and Bobbin, make it nearly impossible to do any handstitching. This weekend I am working on “Top Spin” by Melissa Corey, a very fun and easy FREE pattern from the Moda Bake Shop! If the kittens will let me…….

  48. I’m as usual working on several piles…Moda Block Heads, Lisa B. Triangle BOW, and old block of the month…another new project and the list goes on and on……

  49. I am participating in the Moda Blockheads BOW, those smaller blocks are sure giving Mr. Ripper some business. I am also participating in Pat Sloans Soltice BOW, I am going to use her suggestion of using 2″ blocks to sewing along with my other projects and use up some scraps. Will be excited to see what emerges from that process. I have two panels for the 2016 Row by Row Experience to finish then I can assemble that quilt. Good thing, its almost time for 2017 Experience to start.
    I am a member of Team Dog. Love your posts, keep them coming.

  50. Right now I making lots of whirlygig blocks. When I get enough of them made I’ll start putting them together to make a few baby quilts. I donate the baby quilts to a charity near me that supports women who leave abusive husbands–usually with children in tow. Sometimes I make a twin size quilt for bigger kids.

  51. Rulers!
    Olga makes the best rulers. Period.
    I don’t need that extra half inch on the one side. Don’t give me numbers upside down on the other side. I don’t need all those extra lines. I hate the lip. Just give me a few nice thin lines. I know how to read a ruler.
    Okay, I’m done ranting now.

  52. I’ve been trying! to finish some UFO’s this year. But right now between projects and working on the Moda Blockheads, enjoying that BOW. I also have been keeping my eye on the Steam Punk pattern. Might have to go on the to do list SOON!

  53. I am working on several projects that I go back and forth on, including a mystery quilt being led by my quilt guild, a modified Irish chain, the most recent Bonnie Hunter mystery, a scrappy nine-patch for charity, a bag and some embroidered blocks. I’m not getting bored!

  54. I needed a “palette cleanser” project–something simple, just for me, a break from all the deadline sewing, so I’m working on a simple quilt with a limited palette just because I love it.

    1. I love that! a “palette cleanser”… now I have a name for the occasional breaks from quilting for others and making one just for the joy of making one for me.

  55. I am going on a quilty bus trip this weekend. I shouldn’t go because I have plenty of projects at home already, but oh, well!!

  56. Carrie! I have to tell you that I get a good chuckle almost every time I read your blog. Inspiration? you talk about others inspiring you….But you inspire us! I only read one blog, yours… And it inspires me each and every time. (Oh…And thanks for that. My pile of “things to do” has grown quite large because of you! :)) Best to you!

  57. Well, what am I NOT working on including a Baltimore album, baby Dear Jane, Farmer’s Wife Sampler . . . and unpacking my quilting supplies and fabric after a major move after hopping around New England for five years. Am setting up a nice sewing space that I love, with a supplies annex in a different room. Will have all necessities at hand including my enormous stash of rulers. Most used currently are my Creative Grids small sizes for current projects. Thanks for asking! Also thanks for the entertainment!!!

  58. “Nothing says I know how to party like a Friday night with your quilting and a glass of wine”?? Really?? Only Friday night? I quilt almost every night with a glass of wine!! And my main focus right now is Dear Jane because I want it to be Done Jane!

  59. I’m planning 5 different “I spy ” quilts so I can pull fabrics from my stash only once and and can cut for all 5 before cleaning up!

  60. Too many projects going on right now…five spring table runners/toppers, mini prayer quilts, and a couple of pillows and a throw from a shirt for my friend and her sister who lost their brother and are having a hard time of it. Then another throw for a friend who is retiring and moving to another state. Maybe this summer I can work on something for me with my Lulu Lane collection!

  61. Helping my 91 years young mom with Eye Spy quilts for the great grand children. I buy the fabric, cut it and she sews. Working on the tenth and eleventh (number 11 is still in the oven!)

  62. I am going to a lecture on quilt/textile preservation at a new quilt shop near me. Should be fun and informative.

  63. While moving my sewing studio to another room I have unearthed a stash of finished block of the month blocks. Blocks completed, need putting together. Finding beauty in the unfinished. Is what’s keeping me busy.

  64. Love the Triangle Square Up Ruler by Quilt in a Day. I’ve used it for years, tried other methods for making half-square triangles, but always come back to this ruler. Currently stitching the binding down on a table runner and a small quilt. Betsy’s quilt shelves are wonderful! Something to aspire to!
    Sandy E-H
    Northern MN where we are finally seeing signs of spring!

  65. I’ve avoided my sewing space for a week now….too much “stuff” and all of it is making my head spin. This weekend will be time to head up there and conquer – something – anything – to get back on track!

  66. My go to rulers are the omnigrid 6 x 24 and 6×6. I recently bought the Itty Bitty Eighths 3 x 6 and am anxious to try it. This weekend I am driving from my winter place in Phoenix to my summer place in South Dakota. Love your blog.

  67. I am going to be chopping up some more 2.5″ blocks to make a baby quilt. Would like to do “Takes the Cake”. I have been eyeing that one for awhile. I just love that quilt. Of course I will have to stop chopping and start sewing cause I just HAVE to.

  68. I am working on a Southwestern themed quilt for my new New Mexico home. It’s going to be gorgeous!

  69. I’m out fabric shopping this weekend …going to start the Rebel quilt. My favorite ruler is 3 x 9 in Quilt Sense that lives next to my Bernina

  70. Loved your post! I’m between projects right now, but I’m planning to start quilting my Snake River Log Cabin this Sunday and start cutting out a baby quilt for someone. 🙂

  71. Hoping to get a little Easter table runner done in time. And considering we’ll get back from holidays on the Thursday before, it will be tight! Love your little cartoons!

  72. I so identify with all of this today! Thanks for starting my morning with a bit of laughter. I am working on a couple of BOM’s, as well as my black of the week quilt from last summer. I’m also trying to get some UFOs completed.

  73. My favorite ruler is the Omnigrid 6×12. I have 2 of them always near by. It is the right size for most of the blocks I make.

  74. Because my stash seemed to feel suffocatingly plentiful I have been cutting 3″, 9″ and 27″ x WOF pieces to make pillowcases for those who have less than I.

  75. I’m working on multiple projects. Will eventually finish them. What has captured my imagination is doing another ‘One Block Wonder’ quilt. This time I am using a graphic design with chicks and hens so the blocks are hilarious with feet or heads forming the kaleidoscopes. It has me amused….

  76. I am working on an ancient UFO appliqué project. Just looking at the colors makes me smile. So why did I let it sit in a drawer for so long??

  77. I am going to try to catch up on the 2017 Triangle Gatherings Block of the Week. I have 5 blocks to do.

  78. Your collection of “fluff” is chuckle-worthy! I’m working on Jen Kingwell’s Long Time Gone QAL, So Scrappy’s RSC, Moda Blockheads, 3 leftover Christmas IOUs, a scrappy string project, a tote, 2 table runners, and toiletry travel bags for the grandkids. I need that wine! Thanks for another great breakfast read – now off to sew ;-).

  79. I’m always game with you so here a few answers.
    My favorite to-go-and-always-at-hand ruler is from Omnigrip there 8.5″x12″ ruler is the best. I use it for nearly everything because it has great markings (1/8″, 30°, 45° and 60° lines) and I don’t need a thousand rulers it’s all-in-one.
    I wish that someday I’ll have my own sewing room but so far sewing in my bedroom is where my quilts are made.
    I have a whole bucket-list and it keeps getting longer and longer but Camille’s quilts are always on it. Oh, and I wanna sew along with Thelma and ake a few of quilts from your book.
    Waht I’m doing this weekend? Finish my Mini Ferris Wheel for the minisandmoreparade and try to finish my Miss Kate quilt for a contest. And if there’s still time make at least one block for the Long Time Gone sampler.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend and I’m sure you can rock your friday night with a quilt and a glass of wine;-)

  80. Just finished a Gypsy Wife top….!! So, probably a quick/mindless baby quilt that will be donated through my local guild. I did start Steam Punk some time ago, but put it away. It’s pouring rain here today, so maybe I should work on that project.

  81. I’m “working on” (translation: I keep looking at the pattern and the pile of fabric) a baby quilt for a friend’s grandson. Said baby is already here. A few months ago. And deluding myself that this quilt and five others will magically sew themselves while I drive the kids to the places they need to go to do the things they need to do.

  82. I am sewing with my friends at a local quilt shop for three days. Sure to be lots of laughs, food, productivity, inspiration and some shopping. My husband: doing taxes! lol

  83. I am mainly working on a clamshell quilt and a crochet hexi-grannies blanket. Thanks for another amusing post, Carrie!

  84. I am working on turning Cracked Pots into Hertiage Square both by Carrie. Gave up looking for the pattern when the book Farmhouse came out. Love the book.

  85. Your blog posts are such fun! I am working on Sew Kind of Wonderful’s chic country and trying to decide which layer cake and cake mix to make first!

  86. I have a baby quilt for a one month old baby and a king sized quilt for a daughter that both need binding, BUT first I am working on finding my quilt room. We just downsized and moved. My quilt room is full of boxes. So many I can’t find my sewing machine much less those two quilts.

  87. I’m working on a UFO list with my quilting friends. We just drew a new number for April so I need to get busy.

  88. My sewing area became storage central over the holidays and I haven’t cleared it yet so I have been working on my embroidery projects. I have put together 6 fabric kits for my to do list after I finish a wedding quilt for my niece.

  89. I have way too many projects in the works. Need to finish Bonnie Hunter’s En Provence, working on Pat Sloan’s 182 Solstice Challenge, 3 quilts for Sarah Craig’s H2H projects, and many more. Also need to prep for quilt retreat in mid-April. Phew! Love the cartoons. Oh, and I’m saving the Blockheads blocks, but may need to skip the applique whicj gives me fits.

  90. Inspiration comes to me from blogs, my garden & birds, and quilty friends. This weekend I’ll be trying to finish up my Dresden Stars by Edyta Sitar — this is my APQ 2017 UFO project for March. In my lap (besides my kitty) will also be appliquê in the form of units for the Mosaic quilt by Irene Blanck. Have a great weekend, Carrie!

  91. I was given a double knit polyester quilt top from a gentleman clearing out his house. Since it is in good shape, I added batting and a backing and am tying the quilt so it can be donated through Comforters, our charity Bee. Also working on a quilt for my sister and newborn baby quilts for the hospital.

  92. I’m working on Triangle Gatherings and Blockheads. I am also making some friendship quilts from the Lucky Charm quilt book. Loving working with the little itty bitty pieces, who knew!!!!

  93. I am a Jo Morton fanatic so I am busy getting everything finished for Jo Club next week. ALso working on my 2017 these quilts need to be finished list. 12 entries, 12 months. Sounds reasonable – right? Thanks for the chance to win.

  94. I’d say that many of us readers get a whole lot of inspiration from you, Carrie! In the past, I’ve looked to Edyta, Red Crinoline, Kim Diehl, Thelma, and other bloggers for inspiration. This weekend I’ll be working on my Grey Labyrinth quilt and hopefully I’ll finish piecing all of the blocks. Thanks for this chance and have a great weekend!

  95. working on round 3 of Aviatrix – luckily, with a friend who keeps me going. 5 other wipes to finish this year.

  96. I am working on the daisies from Lori Holt’s Sweetie Pie sew along. I am blanket stitching around each daisy. There are 20 total. I am down to 5! Yippee! Hopefully after this weekend of watching my daughter play in at least 4 softball games I will be finished with those and on to the middles of the last 6 dresdens. Then I can put the whole thing together. Thanks for your random stuff post. I love your collection of cartoons. K-

  97. I think it takes 5 or more cats to make a crazy cat lady 😉 Or more cats than rooms, which ever is smaller. I think I qualify in spades is one cat = 2yds of fabric, LOL!!

  98. I’m finishing a charity quilt and starting Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt from this year with a friend. By the way, The Quilt Show has a hilarious April Fool’s on their website involving lots of fluffies =^.^= Check it out, you’ll like it. 🙂

  99. I have a wonderful sewing space in the basement that is my escape. I can retreat to my corner downstairs and shut out the world . I am presently learning more about applique through work on a Blackbird Designs quilt patterns.

  100. Currently, I’m working on a BOM, string blocks for a QOV, paper pieced Pine Burr blocks, and zipper bags for a guild fundraiser. These will keep me going until a new tool, pattern, or technique comes along that I have to drop everything else to try!

  101. Love the cartoons! Currently trying to use up my African fabrics. Lots of little pinwheels and imagination.

  102. My mums pet name for dad was fluffa shed write notes asking him to bring in washing etc. She was ahead of her tine going back to work fulltime when we all started school so dad gelped out. Love your fluff blog. I a, working on way to many things but hope to finnish using your new cake mix layer cake papers no 1 this weeken.

  103. I look at all the beautiful quilts on Betty Chutchian’s shelves and feel so inspired. I need to get busy and sew!

  104. I love your fluff! And have a computer file full of inspiration too. I want to make it all, but if this year is any indication, it’s going to be a slow year. If I finish the baby quilt for the little December baby across the street this weekend, I get to start!

  105. I love reading your newsletters……….this one..I LOVE the cartoons! Right now Im working on a small project……owl potholders for my favorite aunt who loves owls. She will be 96 next month and doing well. Next big project will be a quilt of valor in memory of my brother and given to his son on his birthday.

  106. Your blog inspires me! Snippets in sketch books, yes. Collecting ideas for maybe-future-projects is the beginning of creativity. That’s what keeps “the little grey cells” healthy. Oh yes, and cats, Mocha and Hiway in my case. Happy sewing and stitching !

  107. Love your posts! I’m currently working on 5 quilts! The first two are Pam Buda BOMs (keeping up with this year’s, trying to finish the 2015 quilt), putting borders on another BOM using Kim Diehl Fabrics and the Cats Cradle ruler, working on dresdens for a Beachball quilt (using the doublewide dresden ruler and Rainy Day fabrics, all by Me and My Sister), and sandwiching a star quilt made of Kansas Troubles. Variety is the Spice of Life, right?

  108. I sell some of my quilts at a local Farmer’s Market, so I am busy with lots of baby quilts, Star Wars quilt, soccer quilt, Seahawks quilts and on and on. First market is Saturday (April Fools Day), so I will see if my mad crunch has paid off.

  109. I’m working on Mahalo from Sherri and Chelsi using Desert Bloom. I’m also using this for my Moda Blockheads. In my spare time, I’m thinking what quilt is next.

  110. My sewing space was shared with cats in the past, but I developed asthma and the the cats found new loving homes. The current sewing projects include a Fig Tree BOM, a Jinny Beyer BOM, a new tablerunner and a quilt top as my “leader ender”. Moda Blockhead patterns are becoming “fluff” for a future project. Thanks, Carrie, for all the inspiration and humor you create.

  111. I’ve been wanting to make Steam Punk for ages too. My other goal is to finish my Mrs. Billings quilt. There is so much fun stuff to be done and just not enough hours in the day to get to do it all!

  112. I’m working on several BOMs at the moment as well as getting ready to try out epp loving the handwork at the moment but honestly love it all.

  113. Like several others have said…My sewing space is not perfect but it is mine!!!

    I have several Pintrest folders that inspire me or make me smile… It can go either way. Including but not limited to Row Row Row your quilt, Tatting in-spite of myself and Wonder and Awe.

  114. Hoping to start on a quilt for my husband this weekend. Of course he says he doesn’t need it now since winter is over. But if I start now I might be done by next winter! I recently gave my little sewing room (3rd bedroom) a makeover, and I love it so much more. Can’t wait to get in there.

  115. In my case, it takes only TWO to make a “crazy cat lady.” Specifically, Joe and Poppy. They rule my life.

  116. Enjoyed your quilty cartoon jokes. I’m inspired by articles like yours, magazines, and of course show-n-tell every month at our quilt guild meetings! I just got back last night from my amazing quilter the largest quilt I’d made to date (and the second largest one she’d quilted!) ~ a 111″ square King from batiks for my son and daughter-in-law to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Sewing on the binding this weekend. Also binding 6 scrappy placemats I made for my youngest daughter’s birthday in April. And of course making my bee skep too. I have to choose my fabrics first and like you, that may take awhile!! My fave ‘workhorse’ rulers are Creative Grids 6.5 ” square and the 6.5 X 12.5″. Couldn’t do without those 2. Thanks!

  117. I’ve got a vintage quilt top (1930s-1940s) all pin basted and plan on quilting that this weekend. Thanks for the someecards. There were a few I hadn’t seen yet!

  118. Great cartoons, especially the last one about partying on Friday night! By the way, I have a kitchen only because it came free with the house.

  119. Thanks for the laughs. I’m working on a fussy paper-pieced “ugly sweater” block, a strippy tumbler lap quilt, dishtowels and a full sized quilt for transitional housing (local charity.)

  120. Like many others, you actually are inspiring to me. I have many of your books and not only the patterns get me going, but your words. You have such a way with them, to invoke humor and humanity – both of which seem to be in short supply at the moment! Love you!

  121. Quilt shows inspire me. When I spend time looking at the work of other quilters, I can hardly wait to get home and cut some fabric.

  122. There are many things that inspire me. Designers patterns that inspire me are, Carrie Nelson, Brenda Riddle, Susan Ache, Laurie Simpson, Lisa Bongean, Joanna Fig Tree, I could go on and on. Fabrics that really hit me as have to have are, 3 Sisters, Minickandsimpson and Simpson, Brenda Riddle, on and on. Favorite rulers are Blo Loc and Lisa Bongean’s. Admitting..,,, if it’s a quilter tool I’ll have to have it.

  123. Many grrrreat Blogs inspire me! But my daughter is my biggest inspiration!! We quilt together often.. ..tho is Long Distance mostly..we live 8 hours apart…but we sew in person every time we can. She keeps me creating with her!! We are currently working on quilts..the same pattern, different fabrics…& are up to they are basted & ready to quilt..then bind. 😀

  124. I love the first cartoon and it totally describes me, although I do have three cats too even if that is a few cats shy of crazy cat lady.

    So, who inspires me? Every blogger who writes about quilting (or knitting) and amazes me with their creative approach to quilting that I wouldn’t have thought about or just shares their amazing quilts.

    Do I have a sewing studio? A friend and I share a small rental studio that we use for sewing. We rented the space to have a place where we could escape to sew without family interruptions. It’s small and nothing fancy, but we each have enough space for our sewing tables and a design wall.

    What will I be working on this weekend? I will be finally finishing the back for a quilt top I finished ages ago. The quilt pattern is Bunny Trail by Buggy Barn and I wanted a pieced back with a few bunnies but got distracted by several shiny objects. I recently came across it and have some time, so…

  125. Loved all the inspiration! I too have a random shuffle except mine is a plastic square box that I toss the projects I most want to do. Right now I’m working on a Christmas quilt made with cookie exchange fabric and a whirley fan quilt. Keep the fun coming!

  126. Y’alls blog is what inspires me…and I was planning to sneak in some sewing time this weekend, but I should really clean and tidy my sewing room first….

  127. The realtor cartoon resonated with me–my sewing room is the master bedroom. It makes me so happy.

  128. My favorite ruler is the 8×14 Fons and Porter. Working on quilts for twin nephews born 10 months ago, and hoping to finish them before they leave for college. So many things interfere with sewing!

  129. I’ve got one sew-along block to catch-up on, and I’ve also got my next one ready to quilt. Nice to see that pile diminish even a little.

  130. Thanks for the fluff & all of your great inspiring idea’s!!! I will be working on sewing a binding & hanging sleeve on a quilt for my Mom. Also some blocks I have all cut & ready to sew for a quilt my Mom & friends & I are all making. Happy Friday to you and all and enjoy your weekend.

  131. YOU inspire me! I’ve been a fan for a long time and my 2 favorite quilts are your patterns. Pick and Choose is on the back of our couch and our daughter wanted to take it to college, but my husband said that was his quilt so I made another. LOL And Ginger Belle is on our king sized bed. Jellystone is up next with Going Buggy to follow. Thanks for inspiring the quilting world!

  132. So, if I have six cats and a stash am I doomed? I don’t have many favorite tools, except for my Roxanne’s silver thimble which I can’t sew or quilt without! (Without which I can’t quilt? Hate to end a sentence with a preposition!) I’ll be making a baby quilt this weekend…

  133. It’s a rainy dreary day and as soon as I finish my bookwork I am heading to my cozy sewing room, maybe with a cup of coffee and a handful of m & m’s !! I am behind on my blockhead blocks, have a baby quilt to make, an ABC quilt to work on, a spring throw to finish plus many many more WIP.

  134. My favorite ruler is a Creative Grids 2-1/2 x 12″. Can’t live without it! I’m currently working on the Moda Blockheads and the Primitive Gatherings Triangle Gatherings challenges … I call them challenges because I normally don’t make 6″ blocks. Loving the results!

  135. According to Google, a yard of fabric weighs about 4oz and an average domestic cat weighs about ten pounds, so I’d say forty yards per cat. And I suspect the crazy cat lady may start to kick in at seven cats (like the person going to St Ives), so around 280 yards?

  136. my favourite ruler is a 4.5″ square one from creative grids. I use it to trim blocks, cut small pieces, scrape the bits of thread and little dogears off my cutting board, and a million other things I can’t think of right now. I need to get a new one as I have worn off some of the numbers. but not the ones I use a lot — the ones where my fingers rest while cutting. so who needs them?

  137. I am working on that perfect sewing space. Have a large room with great light and views, just need to finish painting and I can move in. Happy, Happy Day!!!

  138. I’m working on blocks for a charity quilt this weekend and also plan to do a bit more handwork on a bunch of yoyo’s for a special project. Happy Spring, Carrie!

  139. I’m packing for a get-away late in the week to take some quilting classes. Hopefully will continue with sashing my Splendid Sampler Quilt.

  140. What am I working on? I have about 5 projects going and many more in my head. I need to send off some quilts to the longarmer and starch some fabric, clean my sewing room, buy more fabric…

  141. Loved the fluff! so entertaining….I’m working on a couple baby quilts ….toppers done and ready to begin sandwiching and the fun part! but first…. We just moved 2 weeks ago and still opening boxes trying to put my quilting space back together…

  142. I have so many projects going! setting 2 different BOM from LQS Prairie Point, working on a log cabin variation using Primitive Gatherings Lakeside jelly rolls, the village houses blocks made with a variety of charm packs – just to name a few, but still started the Moda Blockheads blocks.

  143. I have a favorite ruler but I’m not sure the size. It’s an Olfa and is probably about 3.5″ x 12″ or maybe 15″ — I use it with a smaller mat on the table beside my machine. This weekend I plan to finish Moda Blockheads 3 & 4 and a baby quilt I started awhile back. That’s probably all I willl have time for — but I also have several NICU quilts needing bindings… we’ll see how much I can accomplish while hubby’s over at our Seattle area shop! Woo hoo! As far as inspiration… anything Jen Kingwell inspires me! I also love Bonnie & Camille’s lucious fabrics… and like the others have expressed… I love your blog Carrie! Thank you so much!! I also am challenged by the modern quilting community… especially my friend Evette who produces the most lovely creations! I’m inspired to stretch and grow and think outside the box! Have a productive weekend everyone!!

  144. I’m sewing furiously trying to get samples finished for upcoming quilt shows for a LQS. Nothing like a deadline to really put one into high gear.

  145. I am trying to get to the end of some of my UFO’s, and then of course I have a couple of quilts here that I have to get quilted for customers. There is never a dull moment around this house and I am suppose to be retired.

  146. Enjoying uour posts!! I have my daughter’s bedroom–(she has her own home and family) upstairs convetted into my very own sewing room. I won the fabulous Juki machine from Lisa Bonjean’s great 12days if Christmas!! Love it. I use it now for piecing everything! I use my Bernina when i take up pant seams or sleeves. Room for both. Just like rulers– one works best depending on what you are doing. I recently pulled out a Tucker Trimmer to square up my pieces in the 3rd week blockheads–it had the 21/2 measurement plus the 45 degree angle to make it perfect. Trimming each section is what makes the blockhead blocks a prrfect 61/2″. Also love all my omnigrid rulers- i guess i use the 6×12 as my go to ruler.

  147. Well, I am working on the last of 4 sets of baby quilts for twins for our local military Baby shower in a few weeks!

  148. I love your sense of humor and enjoy reading your posts. Today I played catch up…… I have completed my first Moda Blockhead ( on to number two next) and I have completed my first week of Temecula Quilts First Friday pattern. I am now looking to work on Jen Kingwells’s Long Time Gone sew along….. Wow,,,, I know I am retired, but maybe I am expecting a bit much of myself….. NAH, we got this…. Wish I just had a puppy to keep me company.

  149. Love the quilt cartoons. I only have one ruler and it’s not a favorite. Have to get another. I’m working on moda blog blocks and Lisa’s triangle blocks. Sue Spargo has inspired me to start embroidery and Lisa Bongean and Edyta quilts always make me want to make one just like it.

  150. Of course I am working on Blockheads and loving them, but also Jen Kingwell’s Long Time Gone Quilt, Favorite ruler is probably the Optima 6×24″ ruler. I have two to cut strips from yardage. I also have a 12″ one that is just easier to handle. Another fav. is Lazy Girl Designs, LLC Flying Geese x 4 – the “no math” ruler for making flying geese. Love some of the newer ones like Bloc Loc and the Quick Curve rulers.

  151. I’m trying to get creative with a quilt back for a Farmhouse Favorite. No new projects until this is done.

  152. I just finished a graduation, t-shirt, quilt for my nephew that took far longer than I thought it would so I’m ready for a small project to clear the “big-project” out of my head. I’m a pretty much a one-project-at-a-time person so I’m thinking that a couple of small zipper pouches are in my plans for the weekend.

  153. I’m working on my sewing room….all of my “stash”, meaning every piece of fabric, ruler, and assorted ephemera are in my husband’s man cave. He’s such a patient man! AND I’ve taken over the kitchen table as my “temporary” sewing space complete with my Featherweight and Lisa Bongean’s Magic of Christmas qal, as well as the Moda Blockheads. Heaven help my husband…..I’m WAAAAAY past crazy cat lady!!!

  154. Every one of those cartoons reminds me of myself! If I ever get my fabrics left over from quilt, cut into usable squares I will probably have enough for another 15 or so quilts. Life gets in the way of so many quilts!

  155. So, the number of cats needed to be a “crazy” cat lady is at least one cat more than your municipal code allows. For example, if your code allows 5 cats then you need at least 6 cats to be a “crazy” cat lady. And, each cat represents 10 yds. of fabric. So…you would need 60 yds, of fabric (for this municipality) to be a “crazy” fabric lady. Simple! Love the blockheads! Have a great day!

  156. I am doing the Blockheads and loving it. I have a list a mile long that i want to do and will be retiring in 2 months, sew excited!!

  157. Ha, what I am working on. I am doing the Be My Neighbor quilt with a local quilt shop. I am ripping so rows I sewed together incorrectly, it happens. I am behind on the Fat Quarter Shop block of the month. I am also making two baby quilts for a combined babyshower – Wait what is today’s date? I only have a week. Gotta Go!

  158. I should be printing off boarding passes and packing for a long trip tomorrow. But, no, I am reading your blog and I am still convinced I have time to sew. How can I leave my sewing machine and my quilting? I am crazy, but safe.

  159. My sewing stuff has been packed up for the last two months with about another month to go. We have been redoing the first floor of our home, hardwood through out, and new kitchen appliances, cabinets, paint and fixtures. I keep telling the designer/contractor that my sewing stuff needs space too, she keeps wanting me upstairs out of site in one of the bedrooms. I have told her no, I want to be part of the action, not hiding upstairs. I have started to think about it now, maybe a room to myself would be better, less distractions and no one complaining about all my sewing clutter/projects. We are cat people, two wonderful, playful cats that love to mess up any layout I have on the floor. They just want to help.

  160. I’m working on a couple of Jen Kingwell ‘s quilts, but not Steampunk. It’s on the list though. I need her to stop designing, so I can catch!

  161. My new favorite ruler is by The Cutting Edge. I got it as a gift. As for what I’m currently working on? I’m almost done with a Mondo bag, I’ve started a Christmas tree skirt, a guild challenge, and a Comfort Quilt for charity…and I’m knitting a scarf. I’m sure there are other things, but those are the things I touch most often.

  162. Great post…into everyone’s life a little fluff must fall. Right now I am binding a quilt you may have heard of; “Hubble”. I loved it so much this is my second one, but with a twist. I used the squares instead of HST’s and then I appliquéd an anchor on it. (inspired by Lisa Bongean)
    What inspires me? Other quilters, quilt shows, blogs, Pinterest and delicious fabric…to name a few.

  163. What a fun post today, Carrie!
    My favorite ruler(s) would be Omnigrid 6″ square, 4″ x 8″, and 6″ x 12″….I have other sizes, and some specialty ones, but these are the ones that are used regularly….
    I have a sewing space in one half of the laundry room….it isn’t large, but I love it…. I am predominately a hand piecer and hand quilter, so I can sew anywhere in the house (or outside when weather is warm), so having a small space dedicated to quilting is really no problem at all…
    Where do I get my inspiration? Everywhere!! I am always looking at floors wherever I go because there are some awesome ones…also, I am inspired by a number of quilting blogs that I follow..and sometimes, I get my inspiration from a particular fabric…so, like I said…everywhere!!
    What am I working on now? Trying to finish up a long term project (red work Christmas quilt), trying to keep up with Blockhead weekly blocks, and working on some hand appliqué….

  164. I am busy cutting out several projects in preparation for a retreat next week. But I’m most excited about working on Metro Medallion by the Sew Kind of Wonderful gals. If you are talking favorite rulers, I have tried them all over the years, but my NEW FAVORITE are Alex Anderson’s new rulers (and the hefty rotary cutter) by Quilter’s Select. If you try them, you will want every single one. They are the easiest to read of any on the market and actually stick to the fabric so it can’t wiggle around. Pure genius!

  165. I am working on a wedding quilt for my fourth son. I have given myself a 6 week deadline and have 290 fabrics ironed and cut. The sewing can begin. I can only hope they like it. If not, I’ll happily keep it. Then I can return to my vast list of quilting projects. I am consumed!
    Such a great post. My current sewing room is my to-be-wedded-son’s former bedroom. It’s not huge but it is comfy and cozy and I am very happy to have it. But it does need to be tidied. As does the rest of the house. Maybe someday!

  166. I’m working on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt 2016. And a split 9 patch quilt for Leaders/Enders. So fun!

  167. Antique feedsack quilts inspire me as well as life on the farm and the changing seasons. Also love to see other quilters creativity come out in their own interpretations of quilt patterns. I am working on a graduation quilt and preparing for a quilting workshop next weekend. Thanks for the fun posts!

  168. I am working on a whirling pinwheel quilt with Doctor Who fabric. Lots of curved pieces. Finally have the blocks together, need to add the centre circle to each. I am thinking I will add a 3 piece mitred border. Never done one yet. How hard can it be, she asks innocently.

  169. I have two BOMs going on; one from 2016 and the one 2017. I hope to sew on at least one of those and try to get caught up on the Moda Blockheads BOW. I am pretty sure I have reached the “Crazy Cat Lady” title with the many, many cats that live with us. The fabric stash is sizable but not totally out of control. Can you ever have too many cats, fabric, or books; especially quilt books? I really enjoy reading your blog.

  170. Working for the moment on some redwork for a quilt center,a Giggleswick Mill quilt, and of course, my Blockhead blocks… Love your blog, pictures, and tips. Have many favorite rulers.. Most used at maybe.. The 5 1/2 ” sq… And a 2×6 for accurate 1/4 and 3/16″ seams

  171. I’m working on a red and whitish(vanilla grunge) quilt. And I have few others in various stages of construction
    I, myself, am a dyed in the wool, crazy dog lady!

  172. Lovely cartoons! I’m rather new to quiltmaking, so I’m working on the Mayberry quilt by Hello Melly Designs.

  173. I just bought a bunch of storage bins for all of my quilt projects & now I want to work on all of them, all the time! I love seeing them so clearly & being able to work on a portion of one & put it away to work on another. I’m not sure it was supposed to work out that way-at least not to my husband 😉

  174. Lisa Bonjean inspires me as well. She has a great mind for creativity and there are very few things she does that I don’t like! I love her energy!

  175. Great article. I’ve recently moved my sewing room into a new room and enjoying the new space – it’s all organized – at least for now. Currently working on a few baby quilts and a scrappy 9 patch.

  176. I’m working on several BOM’s. I have the meow or never quilt kit and would like to get started on that!!!!

  177. Working on an overdue Christmas present quilt, hoping to be binding during the final 4 games. Inspiration comes from books and blogs and quilt shows. Seeing actual finished quilts is always starts the creative ideas flowing!

  178. Not sure what I wil be playing with, but love your blog! Thank you for sharing so many great ideas.

  179. My new favorite ruler is the Bloc Loc ruler, I spent a whole weekend squaring up blocks and this worked great!

  180. I just got a quilt back from my quilter so I’ll be binding it by hand. One of my favorite parts.

  181. I am working on a mini swap quilt, a baby quilt and trying to finish free motion quilting on a Christmas quilt. LOL! I may have more inspiration than time.

  182. I am the proud property of three lovely cats. I don’t think that makes me a crazy cat lady yet??????????????

  183. People like you inspire me, you have lots of irons in the fire but still get so much accomplished. You must never sleep! I think Betsy better guard her cabinet and its contents, seems there are many of us who want it. Busy working on a Bonnie Hunter quilt–Blue Ridge Beauty.

  184. It only takes one cat to turn one into a crazy cat lady. Especially, when the lady allows the cat to be in charge of everything – like my fur baby is. I loved your fluffy post!

  185. I must be a crazy cat lady as the last 3 cats that have come to live with me I inherited when their owners could no longer care for them or had died and requested they come to me.

  186. Love your post!! I’m working on a quilt with Coral Queen of the Sea for my granddaughter…….she’s six and staying with us over Easter break…..she and I will be making the mermaid doll to go with her quilt…..she’s excited and so am I!!

  187. Enjoying a glass of wine on Friday night and hand quilting a big big quilt. Also have a FMQ quilt in progress on the machine, and will be going to a mystery quilt sew-in tomorrow. In my happy place!

  188. More than 3 cats per per person in the household makes a crazy cat person. Although I think my friends and neighbors think I’m a crazy cat person. (mine is 18 years old and definitely rules the house). I’m hoping to finish up a string quilt this weekend.

  189. Working on a t-shirt quilt for a granddaughter’s high school graduation – last year. Only a bit behind.

  190. I am a dog person. Ty lays on my lap when I hand sew and lays in the chair beside me when I am at the machine. We are working on the Pine Ridge quilt and ready to finish from this winters sewing.

  191. I am working on a B+C Room & Board quilt.
    I always enjoy reading your posts! Have a great weekend!

  192. I have several favorite quilty cartoons saved. I wish I could figure out how to share one here!

  193. Unfortunately, I am not sewing at the moment. My husband and I just moved and my quilting “stuffus” is still packed into boxes and tubs — lots of boxes and tubs. (It was actually embarrassing that I had so much stuff.) I think I need an intervention……

  194. Oh Carrie, I enjoyed reading this post so much. Loved the cartoons and what they say for us. Lately I’ve been thinking about my old age lots. I have been recently diagnosed with dementia. I am thinking of all the quilts I still want to make; what wisdom and ideas I still want to impart to my grandchildren and how much I love life as it is. Still God is Good. I am so blessed with wonderful family and friends!!!!!!!

  195. I’m working through a pile of orphan blocks and scraps. I kind of want then gone so I can work on a big project. I’m pregnant and struggling with morning sickness so I haven’t been sewing much. I did make some burb cloths yesterday. But hoping the nausea wears off soon and I can get back to creating.

  196. I’m working on a graduation gift for my neighbor who is leaving home to play volleyball at Rockhurst college. We have enjoyed watching her play while in high school and we are proud to see her advance. I hope that I have chosen a modern funky palette of colors that she will like, turquoise, lime green and black and white. Have a great weekend everyone!

  197. I’m working on a “Carrie” quilt. Well, I’m cutting … and cutting and cutting. And miscutting. And trying to “make-do.” I’ll be doing this the entire weekend, and I’m loving every second of it. Sheesh, I just figured out my problem here. I forgot the wine! Happy weekend!

  198. Loved it!! Working on a quilt for my grandson, and 2 other projects, Just started on the coming a home with the little stars in your farmhouse book.

  199. I’m working on the Long Time Gone quilt along with all the others that are part of the QAL.

  200. Today I’m going to quilt guild! A great source of happy talk, creative people, and inspiration!

  201. I’m working on 2 hand applique quilts and trying to finish up several UFO’s laying around my sewing room. I’m making a little headway, but it’s slow going, when I want to start something new!

  202. I’m working on the FOREVER project of organizing my quilt room … spend time in there and find something that is unfinished and ……..”SQUIRREL”…….. I’m again distracted and off onto something else. Focus was supposed to have been my New Year’s resolution and I was doing well but …… “SQUIRREL”……..{{{sigh}}}

  203. Love the humor, love the inspiration, and LOVE the Steam Punk quilt!!! It’s not like I need another item to my want to make that list, but . . . Just finished piecing a blue and white sashiko dye quilt. Love the blue and white theme.
    I won’t be sewing this weekend. April Fool!!! You’ve inspired me to start getting my sewing space under control. May take until this time next year!

  204. I have a cross stitch project with a deadline that is keeping me busy on a gloomy weekend here. I also enjoy embroidery but have to be in the mood for tiny slow stitching. Deadlines help foster that mood. 🙂

  205. I am in awe of the beautiful, organized sewing rooms that I see posted on the various blogs, and while I do not have a perfect sewing space, I have it planned in my mind. The wall color, the gorgeous antique wardrobe that my father bought for me so many years ago waiting for me to move it to my house from his firehouse (which is the sewing studio that I REALLY want) and fill it was fabrics. My sewing table in front of the window so I can enjoy the trees and sunshine. It isn’t a large space, but it will be all mine. I just need to make it happen.

  206. I am a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady as I have four cats. I just finished up a quilt so now I am pondering whether to start something new or pull out one of my zillion UFOs.

  207. I am hitting a quilting milestone this weekend! I’m quilting the last of a 4 year backlog of UFOs! My cutting table is also completely cleared, probably also for the first time in those same 4 years. My hobby/therapy has, once again, become a blessing instead of a burden. I can start new projects again, but with the added wisdom of not letting too much time pass between completing a top and quilting it. What joy!

  208. Plan for today is to continue the clean-up of my sewing room and finish a binding on a Quilt of Valor, then some hand stitching on a Primitive Gatherings ‘Welcome’ wallhanging. Hubby is golfing, so a good day for both of us!! Love the Crazy Cat cartoon!

  209. Fluff is fun! I love the quilting jokes. I’m currently collecting the Moda Blockheads patterns (really need to get started) and I’m collecting the Briarside Lane patterns from the Raspberry Rabbit and apparently I’m also collecting Chocolatier blocks because I’ve made exactly one block from this BOM! Really though, I need to make the back for my youngest son’s Camp Peanuts quilt and then I can do whatever I want!

  210. I like the fluff! My go to ruler is the first one I bought when I switched from the cardboard templates, pencil lines and regular scissors, to a rotary cutter, it is a six inch by twelve inch Olfa frosted advantage. I have tried several other brand/sizes, but I always go back to that one. This weekend I am working on my Grandmother’s Choice sampler quilt from Barbara Brackman, and doing a little more embroidery on my Crabapple Hill Winter Wonderland quilt. So many things to sew, we are all so lucky!

  211. Am working on piecing a backing and prep’ing the binding for a charity quilt. Each month my local guild makes a quilt that goes to the chemo department at our local hospital. Cozy quilt comfort for cancer patients.

  212. I LOVE the ” I know how to party cartoon”!!! I’m working on a wedding quilt for my nephew and a graduation quilt for grandson. Plus various blcks for see along.

  213. Any of Kate Spain’s fabrics get me inspired to make another quilt. Oh yeah…and Zen Chic, Edyta Sitar, McKenna Ryan…oh the list goes on….I better stop….I sound like I have a problem.Ok…maybe I do. Hello…my name is Christa….

  214. I’m working on my epp block of the month, ice cream soda. I’m also attempting to spring clean the dining/ sewing room.

  215. I’m just finishing up a granny square quilt similar to your picture but wall hanging size. Love reading your blog and thanks for the giveaway!

  216. Moda designers inspire me. I know this sounds kinda like sucking up, but it is honestly true. Even from the beginning, when I first started quilting and didn’t know one brand from another, or even what a designer did, my friend Julie would laugh at me when every single time I picked out fabric I loved, it was Moda. When I began to learn (and collect :D!) patterns and books, they were from people who were, or became, Moda designers – You!, Brenda Riddle, Bonnie & Camille, Joanna Figueroa….. When I have a quiet afternoon, like today, I will more often than not, curl up with one of your books and have many daydreams of scrappiness. (BTW, am loving Farmhouse Favorites.)

  217. I’m in the process of finishing an Heirloom Quilt (been working on it on and off for two years). This weekend working on some lace embellishments (made on my fabulous Janome 12000) to finish it off. I have two handy rulers, 5 1/2in x 12 in and a 2 1/2in x 24 in. The first is great for little trim-ups, whilst the second I use in tandem with a rotary cutter and large cutting board on the slide out table under my desk – great for quickie strip cuts and excellent for slicing strips of batting (particularly wash-a-way necessary for lace making). Loved your fluffy blog, I like cats but not near me as I’m allergic, however prefer my little buddy Oliver(Ollie) an 11 y.o. fox terrier/blue heeler cross.

  218. I am trying to decide which patterns to use to make small quilts for my two granddaughters – I know I will be using 30s reproduction fabric

  219. I just finished the last X stitch on a cardinal folk art green and beige tea towel pillow. DONE. FNISHED. Ready to give to my sister.

  220. I’m working on Lucy Carson Kingwell’s “Smitten” using many Christmas fabrics in red, green, gold and blue. Having a great time and can’t wait to see the final result!

  221. This weekend I am rearranging my quilting room. My fabric stash needs a permanent home.

  222. I’m making kennel quilts, which is turning out to be a fun way to be brave with my free-motion quilting practice and is also warming my heart at every point of the process. At the same time, I’m finishing up on a big quilt for our dog Nick, who is nearing 14 years old and appreciates anything made with love.

  223. Love my Creative Grids Itty-Bitty Eights Square Ruler — makes precision cutting on those small blocks a treat!!

  224. I love my square rulers…all of them. In fact, I want a few more in other sizes. I am not sewing right now 🙁 We are moving across the country at the end of this week and all of my sewing room is packed up now. I am still reading blogs and collecting inspiration, though. I am going to sew like crazy when I get set up on the west coast. I cannot wait!!

  225. Back from Lancaster, PA quilt show and a new ruler was in my “stuff” so sewing coming up. I am with you and love those gadgets!!!!

  226. My sewing room is a room next to he laundry room in our basement. There are no windows (ugh) but it is all mine. I can go in there and inspiration hits. Turn on the music and sew. Even do a load of laundry…. I am working on a second quilt made with Hawaiian fabrics. Very bright and fun.

  227. the fluff was nothing compared to getting to the bottom of the “comments”. I don’t do cats…. they give me headaches. I am working on Mary Ann’s baskets, a broken dish, and the garden!

  228. I don’t think I can pick a favorite ruler although I love Creative Grids the best. I probably grab the 6 1/2″ square the most. And I have two of them, so I guess that says something. My projects right now – I just finished a lap quilt for a wedding gift so now I have to quilt it. Ugh. And a queen size for my mom. She isn’t getting any younger, so I’d best be getting off the computer and back to it!
    Thanks, Carrie, for how you inspire me!

  229. I am working on a 1000 pyramid quilt ala Jen Kingwell! I undid the FQ Tower, pulled about half and then filled in with lots of saturated FQ from my stash. A lovely mid range grey linen will alternate with pieced triangles. As for my favorite ruler? I have fallen under the spell of of the 4×14 omnigrid after watching Elizabeth Hartman on Craftsy!

  230. I am working on about 25 projects right now. But the one I am sewing on is Lisa Bongeon’s Triangle Gatherings. I love picking out the charm squares and sewing the different blocks!! I am way behind but I will finish this project!!

  231. I’m working on a brand new quilt room in a new house I bought in DFW, after living elsewhere in TX for 32 years. I’m in the process of handling my stash of about 50 finished quilts and another 60 to be quilted. In other words I’m busy loving on all I have done already, and trying to find a place for it all. The machine is up and ready but fabric and projects are still in moving boxes. Does that count?

  232. Just flew back from a lovely trip to Seattle where I was working on my travel project, a wool applique BOM. Now that I’m home, I need to write up the guild newsletter and begin working on a new row by row quilt!

  233. We just returned from a lovely trip to Seattle where I was working on my travel project, a wool applique BOM. Now home, I need to write up the guild newsletter and begin work on a new row by row!

  234. This weekend I’ve finished the stars for Due South, sewed a quilt for charity, and now I’m cutting fabrics for the Monkeyshine class on Friday.

  235. How about if I answer a couple of questions? I LOVE your fluff! I totally relate. I LOVE the Moda Blockheads blocks, but am having trouble putting fabrics together. My sew-along with be later, I hope. I am an animal person, but right now in crazy cat lady territory. Six indoor-ish cats and at least 5 outdoor kitties with two new litters!! My current project is actually a mystery needlepoint piece. And finally, you inspire me! 🙂

  236. I do have a dedicated sewing room! You can’t have too many rulers – in fact I just ordered another one this week! My current work-in-progress is a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. I enjoyed reading your “fluff”!

  237. I’m working on a quilt to pattern test for Colorgirl Quilts. It’s keeping me busy!! 🙂

  238. I laughed over the “planned design element” . I was a calligrapher for 25 years and that was my motto. If I made a mistake (which happened of course) I never did the piece over; somehow I made it part of a design element to cover my error. Much of what I did were freebies for church. One year I did a scripture a month that was hung up. One month I made a spelling mistake and covered it up with gold. I wasn’t thrilled with how it came out, but at the end of the year that “gold mistake” was the most popular of all! That’s why you need a lots of stuff, which I am still accumulating as I’ve only been quilting for4 years.

  239. Nature inspires me. Also, small children inspire me. Their art work is so vibrant and carefree!

  240. I’m working on 6″ red/cream scrappy log cabins for a king size quilt. I’m crazy but it will be beautiful!!

  241. I am working on a Grandmothers flower garden quilt with hexies and just finished a table toppers with Sweetwaters newest charm pack

  242. Hi Carrie, I am a new quilter and I love making bed quilts. I finished one queen size signature quilt for my daughters wedding gift. I have pieced and sandwiched my sister’s nautical theme full size quilt and currently started my sister’s who participates in reenactments queen size quilt. I love the scrappy look that you do and when I start my baby sister’s cat quilt king size I will be using your, “Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse quilts” book. I loved your comment about just mix the colors together. I can not tell you how much I agonize over what to put together when piecing 3 colors in a square together. Duh me they will all end up in the quilt anyway. I will have to start enjoying and having fun more. Thanks for your tips.

  243. I’m working on a wedding quilt and am so proud that it’s getting close to being done and the wedding is in October!

  244. I have not yet tried to make a sampler quilt! I would love the opportunity to start one! This would be a great opportunity for whomever wins! Good luck!

  245. My very first “quilt” was a wall hanging made of four different blocks, all hand cut hand pieced and handquilted in the last century! Then
    Life happened and I got very busy with a new job and grands. Found your group Lon
    December and am motivated to get back to it since I have retired! Thank you!!!

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