We were pretty sure many quilters would love the idea of a traditional-Repro-primitive Block of the Week but WOW.  Color me utterly astounded.  (And yes, that’s the definition of “gobsmacked” according to Dictionary.com.  I checked.)

As busy as everybody is making blocks and getting started, several questions have come up here and in the Facebook Group.  Just in case you didn’t know, there is a Moda Blockheads Facebook Group.

Lynne, Betsy, Jan, Lisa, Jo and I will all be sharing more details in the coming weeks, starting next week.  But until then, here is what you need to know.

The answer to most of the questions – size, setting, fabric requirements – is the same.  We don’t know.

We have ideas of where we’re going – mostly – but we all agreed that the fun of this would be not having a set plan from the outset.  It’s about the journey, not the destination.

I can promise you that we’re not going to leave you with a stack of forty-eight 6″ blocks.  Before we get to the end, you’ll know where all six of us are headed with our settings and our “by the way, I added this…”

So for this weekend, as you start pulling fabrics and making blocks, this is what to keep in mind:

Fabric Requirements.  If you like somewhat controlled scrappiness and you know you’re going to want a “bigger” quilt, I would start with a stack of fat quarters.  A bundle from a collection or a stack you’ve picked yourself.

Scraps?  Perfect.  Smaller pre-cuts?  Also perfect.

Size.  While I haven’t confirmed this, I would bet the farm that all six of us will be making at least a lap-sized quilt.  Though maybe Jo and Lisa will make a series of minis… but I’m not betting on it.  (Gauntlet thrown!)

(And Betsy!  She saves all her little corner triangles and makes itty bitty blocks!)

Me? I’m planning on making my quilt so that it finishes 70″ square or 64″ x 72″.  Ish.  Sashings?  Probably.  Pieced.  A safe bet.

Setting.  Probably straight.  I think.  But don’t write that in stone just yet.

I promise we’ll be filling in some of the blanks as we go along.  For each of us, this really is about the simple pleasure of making something – and hanging out with others who love stitching as much as we do.

I’m sure this doesn’t help as much as some of you would like but not to worry, we’ll get there.  And whether it’s here or on the Facebook Group, please feel free to ask any questions.  There are plans for those too – Lynne’s busy getting that ready for next week.

So Happy Friday!

One last thing… for those of you that read yesterday’s blog post by Linzee McCray… fifteen percent?  As if?!?  Try one percent comfortable – and that was only because I was chatting with Linzee.  (She rocks and I love working with her.) (Her book on Feed Sacks is a treasure of inspiration and information.)

To everyone who left sweet comments… aw shucks.  Thank you.  (You made my day – and a bit teary.)

Now go make something.

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17 thoughts on “Gobsmacked…

  1. I have been absolutely blown away by the non-stop Blockheads action on Instagram. It has been great to see everyone’s blocks and to make a heap of new friends too. I almost wish I had a Facebook account so I could join in the fun there too. Almost. Keep up the amazing work, everyone!

    1. Facebook is overrated but I keep up with a few friends that way… So many blocks posting to it. Just one day and tons of blocks popping up. It is a beautiful thing!

  2. Love this pattern. Can’t figure out how to get a copy. I have navigated to both the pattern list and the blog site on FB. Please help.

    1. There will always be a link to the new pattern in each week’s blog post. The link will take you to a PDF on the Moda website that can be downloaded or printed directly.

      But because you’ve already gone above and beyond the call of duty to find the link, here it is –

      Take good care and have a terrific weekend!

  3. I enjoyed making block one. Fun and so easy. I decided to go to my stash and use a fabric collection I’ve had for 20 years. But I still love the fabric and thank you so much for a great way to use it. FUN!,

  4. My NY resolution is now broken! I wasn’t going to join anymore BOMs or QAL till I got caught up or finished with the projects I have on the go. But… this looks like it might be a bit more challenging, which I want/need to improve my skills. Besides I’ve got over a hundred FQs to use up too! They are what I buy to reward myself for losing weight, getting a yucky job done, to give myself that little pick me up. I think I’ll do this as a QAYG so when I’ve had enough I’ll be close to the finish line. Thanks for this, I’ll be looking forward to the blocks.

  5. I won’t be able to start my blocks until I get home at the end of March, but this looks like it will be fun. Since I’m not on Facebook, I hope the blog will also cover any updates, hints, etc. Thanks.

  6. All my favorite Moda designers in this block of the week is a dream come true! The fabrics are glorious. I have so many of Miss Rosie’s patterns and just bought the new book. Wednesday is my new favorite day of the week! Thanks tons❤❤❤

  7. I love seeing all of the color combination’s!! Yes! Everyone needs to relax and enjoy the journey and what we end up with in the end will be a pleasant surprise!

  8. I always have too many UFOs so I never considered joining a QAL before. But when I saw my favorite blogger, MIss Rosie, was participating just when I was trying to decide what to do with a pile of reproduction scraps, I knew it was meant to be. I love how my first block turned out and I already have some thoughts on setting ideas. I can’t wait to see what the Moda Blockheads come up with.

  9. I love this quilt-along the name alone is amazing:-) Thank you for including my block in your mosaic you making me happy with this.
    I have a F8 bundle of Olive’s Flower Market I’m using with white-on-white prints for the background. I hope it’s enough fabric if not I think I need to buy some more (it’s a good excuse;-) I plan a 6×8 setting with some cornerstones (perhaps pieced) and a probably a piece border (flying geese?). Don’t know about the finished size yet but not too big.

  10. Marvelous!! What a terrific group of talented designers to make blocks with and to meet new friends! Have fun, everyone! I just joined the Facebook group and look forward to seeing everyone’s unique interpretation of the blocks. It’s a great way to get ideas of how to combine fabrics you never thought about using together.

  11. This is has been great from the moment I signed on. Love that it will be a journey with some unknown thrown in — I like to roll that way too. Really impressed what everyone is doing with their cut offs to make itty bitty blocks too. I already have a border idea to work them in. Looking forward to next week. Thank you to the designers and Moda for making this possible. Allison C. Bayer in Plano, Texas

    1. Oh nan, that won’t be enough! You better hurry out and get some more fat quarters to go with them.

  12. Of course I am joining in… enjoyed the first one and have coerced some friends into starting too!
    Resistance is futile!

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