Blockheads ~ Block 3

Hello Aunt Dinah! You brought friends.

These are just a few of the blocks being made by quilters sewing-along with the Blockheads.  Who knew there were so many happy-to-be-called-a-blockhead folks?

Week 3 is upon us and today’s block is Four X from Jo Morton.  The instructions for Four X can be found on Jo’s Journal.

First up, Tammy’s Fall Palette block.  It includes Rachel Remembered and a couple of Primitive Gatherings fabrics.  Blocks – how adorable is that tiny block?  It will finish at 3″.  (Yes, Tammy loves teeny tiny itty bitty piecing.)

Tammy also loves French General fabrics so she’s making two sets of blocks.  (Four sets of blocks?)

The fussy-cut centers are a perfect touch.

This is my scrappy blue traditional-Reproduction block.

The fabrics are a mix of Snowberry, Grand Traverse Bay and Lizzie’s Legacy.

One of the questions that has come up on the Facebook Group is about pressing – to one side, open, any-which-way-you-can.  I press in the direction that lays best so sometimes that’s to one side and sometimes that is open.

I do like “popping” the seam on the quarter-triangle squares to get it to lay really flat.  If you’ll notice on the two half-triangle squares on the left side, the seam is also clipped to let me flip part of the seam for stitching.  In ten years of using this trick, I’ve never had a seam come apart or fray.  It’s done all the time in garment sewing – sleeves and collars – but for some reason, quilters seem reluctant to do the same thing.

Except Jo.  She clips seams all the time.  She calls it her “clipping trick”.  It’s a good thing.

I also made a Figgy version of Four X – fabrics by Fig Tree & Co. with a Minick & Simpson Lexington background.

Can I tell you a secret?  It’s taking me longer to pick the fabrics for each part than to make the blocks.  (At least so far… wait until Week 5.  Lisa Bongean.  ‘Nuff said.)

Yardage. It’s still one of the most frequently-asked questions – how much do I need?

I wish I could tell you that there was an exact amount but the best I can do is share what I’ve calculated for my own quilt.

Background.  So far, each block has used less than a “Sweet Sixteen” of background fabric – a 9″ x 10″ piece.  Sixteen pieces in a yard, forty-eight blocks… forty-eight divided by sixteen is three… so three yards of background for the blocks.  And that will be generous, especially if it’s a single piece.  If you’re using scrappy backgrounds, add a little bit more because the cutting is usually not as efficient… though it is easier to add more later.

Prints.  As with the background, each block has used a Sweet Sixteen or less.  That is roughly the size of a Layer Cake square so I’m allowing for one Layer Cake square per block.  If I were using fat quarters – 12 should suffice for just the blocks.  For fat eighths – count two F8 for each fat quarter.

But what about extra pieces or yardage for setting squares, sashings, alternate blocks, etc.?  I’m not sure if the other Blockheads have figured out their settings but I think I finally have – or at least I have a direction.

I’ve decided to go with a “lighter” feel for my quilt – quilts… ack?!? – so I’m going to use additional background for sashings and then some flying geese.  Some? I’ve calculated that I’ll need 1 3/8 yards for the sashing and another 1 3/4 yards of background for the background – for a grand total of about 6 1/8 yards.  I’ll make sure I have 6 1/4 yards just to be on the safe side.  I’ll also need to add 25 Layer Cakes for the geese.  I did say there were a lot, right?  I’ve started cutting those pieces and I’ll make a few of them each week with my blocks.

Without an additional outside border, my quilt will finish at 75″ x 75″.

I’ll also need a few extra blocks – sixteen for each quilt, a total of 64 – 6″ finished blocks.  I could just borrow some of these…

As always, be sure to go visit the others to see what they made this week:

And if you’re not already a member, there is a Moda Blockheads Facebook Group.

If you post to Facebook or Instagram, remember to use the hashtag – #modablockheads so we can see your blocks.

See you next week!

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25 thoughts on “Blockheads ~ Block 3

  1. This is for Block 2. Cannot find Block 3. The instructions for Four X can be found on Jo’s Journal.

  2. For some reason, I cannot find Block 3 in either location. Am I missing something? On another note, these are such cute blocks and it’s fun to see all the websites!

  3. Thank you so much for the additional fabric info you’ve provided this week. What are thecutting measurements for the extra flying geese that you will be using later?

  4. You said you’re doing a few extra flying geese per week to place around your Quilt, is this just something you’re doing or is this part of the finished pattern? I think I would like that option too, I just would need to know how many and what size to cut them. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for showing my blocks the last two weeks. I love this SAL. You are really helping me use up fabric I’ve had for years. No more need to hoard it this is the perfect quilt. Love Moda!!

  6. I think Wednesday is now the favorite day of my week. Thank you for sharing the info about the fabric I’m using a LC right now that I also use for an other sew-along and then have a F( bundle of Olive’s Flower Market. I hope it’s enough if not I also bought some larger pieces.

  7. i’m finding it confusing where to find the blocks to download. Can someone give me some direction as to easiest way to find and print the blocks? Thanks

    1. Hi Bernadette – If you’re looking for the easiest, fastest way to find the block patterns, someone usually posts them to the Facebook Group by mid-morning. Top of the page under FILES.

      One of the original goals of this was to introduce you to each of the Blockhead designers, primarily by having you visit their blogs for their block patterns. So every week, I am posting the link to that week’s designer’s blog as where to find the pattern. Every sixth week, I’ll be posting the direct link to the pattern.

      I know that’s not the easiest way to get it but each week, the designers are sharing tips, suggestions and other interesting tidbits. Lynne is even having a weekly contest. 🙂

  8. Can someone tell me where the pattern is for the baskets that are pictured in the collage? I remember seeing it recently but can’t find it now!

  9. Thanks for the answers on this Carrie. even though I am not playing this time I enjoy going to the blogs and collecting tips! I learned that clip trick from you a few years ago. iI just makes so much sense because sometimes these seams have a mind of their own!

  10. Is anyone else having trouble printing out the fractions? Mine come out as unreadable boxes and I have to go back and write them in by hand. Also, I’ve pieced one block by machine and one by hand and they come out perfectly square — but at 6″, not 6 1/2″. I’ve measured twice, been super careful with seam allowances, pressed carefully, etc. Is anyone else finding this to be true? Finally, was there ever an overview of the entire project, i.e., sashing, borders, total yardage, whatever? Thanks for doing this fun project, and thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Elvia – Unfortunately there aren’t any written instructions but Tammy’s block finishes at 3″ so the pieces all measure 1-1/2″ pieced, 1″ finished. The half-triangle-squares would be cut at 1-7/8″ square and the quarter-triangle squares are cut at 2-1/4″ square. If you prefer to trim-down, add 1/4″ to those measurements. Plain squares – 1-1/2″ square. I hope that helps. 🙂

  11. Just discovered the Block Heads, Block of the week and I’m head over heels with it. Love comments as everyone has so much to offer! Is there a starters page for how much fabric I will need? I want to try and catch up as soon as possible. thanks!

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