Not the sewing kind, more the “it’s a synonym for potpourri” kind of patchwork.  As in, there are all sorts of little things to share today.

The Moda Bella Challenge.  Have you heard about it?

It debuted with shops on February 1st and will run until September 12th.  What is it?  Moda Fabrics is challenging all quilters who are inspired by a love of fabric and color to create a quilt using these 12 Bella Solids.

Here are the specifics:

  • The quilt must use all 12 of these Bella Solids – and only these Bella Solids.
  • The quilt should have a contemporary feel.  An art quilt?  That will work.  A modern pieced quilt?  That works too.
  • Any type of technique can be used – piecing, appliqué, quilting, embroidery, surface embellishment, etc.
  • Quilts must be an original design.
  • Quilts must measure 72″ wide x 90″ long finished size and they must be quilted.  (Quilt tops will not be judged.)
  • A label with the name, address and contact information of the Maker and the Quilter – if different – must be on the back of the quilt.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries – or to the number of entries from each quilter.
  • International entries will be accepted.

The deadline for entries is Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

The colors are:

  • White – 9900 98
  • Betty’s Red – 9900 123
  • Mango – 9900 222
  • Purple – 9900 21
  • Summer House Lime – 9900 173
  • Amelia Blue – 9900 167
  • Graphite – 9900 202
  • Smoke – 9900 316
  • Yellow – 9900 24
  • Silver – 9900 183
  • Lead – 9900 283
  • Black – 9900 99

Monopoly!  Did you hear that the Hasbro folks are doing away with the Thimble token?  We stitchy-types been dumped – possibly for a fuzzy slipper?!

These were the “old” tokens dating back to 1946.  A few years ago, a vote was held and the Iron was replaced with a Cat.

The cat-people surely demanded equal representation since there was that little Scottie.  Personally, I’d have voted for doing away with the cannon.  Who uses those anymore?

The Thimble will be replaced by one of these tokens – to be announced some time next month.

I know which one Debbie Duckworth – aka Ducky – voted for, and Mr. Dunn definitely voted for the Race Car.  That Television – how outdated is that?  And they dumped the Thimble for that Watch?  Don’t most of us wear a FitBit or Apple Watch these days?

It goes without saying that I am boycotting Monopoly!  (Not that I’ve played much lately anyway…)

On to my next piece of patchwork…

New books!  There are several that everyone in the office has been reading/bookmarking/poring over the past week – these are my favorites.

Charm School by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique.

This is First Crush – it was made with 3 Charm Packs of Vanessa’s Gooseberry collection.

Love Letter – isn’t that just the perfect name for this quilt?  It’s made with 3 Charm Packs of Miss Scarlet by Minick & Simpson.

Did you love Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg – aka Crazy Mom Quilts – and Cheryl Arkison?  I did.  It’s one of my favorite books – their approach to making scrap quilts is quite wonderful.

No Scrap Left Behind is Amanda’s book and I love every quilt in the book.  Whatever your preferred style of fabric and color palette, the thought-process, quilts and scrap-attitude of this book makes it quite wonderful.

Lucky Charm Quilts – Book 4 by the Moda All-Stars.  It will be available Wednesday – March 1st.  Every project is made with one, two or three charm packs – and some use a bit of extra yardage.  From table-runners to lap-sized quilts, the book also comes with tips and tricks to help you use up your huge stash of charm packs.  (Or maybe it’s just me who stashes those like a squirrel stores nuts…)

(I know you’ll ask so All In A RowScraps Made SimpleMini Marvels.)

And finally… Zen Chic Inspired.  I know I’ve mentioned this book before but with QuiltCon this weekend – it started yesterday, February 23rd – there’s an additional reason why I’m mentioning it again.

Brigitte Heitland – aka Zen Chic – will be in the Moda Bake Shop booth – Booth No. 523 – demonstrating how to create color palettes using photographs of your home (or someone else’s), decor items, landscapes, still images… basically, any picture where you love the color story.

Since not everybody is going to be there, we’re going to share two copies of Brigitte’s book.  Leave a comment by Midnight on Sunday – February 26th – telling us if you’ve ever been to QuiltCon or any other big quilt show.  Which ones have you been to – and why did you go?

You might also win one of these Zen Chic Bella Bundles

You could use it to make this – Sweden!

Brigitte really does have a gift for color, doesn’t she?

Happy Friday!

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107 thoughts on “Patchwork…

  1. I’ve never been to Quilt Con but would love to go! I even contemplated a spur of the moment trip this morning….it is 3 hrs away so that would mean 6 hrs of driving today We are headed in the opposite direction tomorrow for an extended family getaway so I would have to do it in one day. Unfortunately, packing, food prep, housecleaning (family coming home with us after the trip) won out Sadly, no Quilt Con for me this year…

  2. Have only been to local shows – Savannah was close but not close enough!
    Love the colors and the books

  3. I havent ever been to QuiltCon but love to go. I only have been to a local quilt show and loved that, so I am sure Id also love QuiltCon! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Those look like some great books! I haven’t been to Quiltcon, but have been to Festival in Houston, twice in Cincinnati, the former NQA show in Columbus a few times, and even a show in Hershey, PA when we happened to be there for vacation!

  5. I’ve never been to Quilt Con or any large quilt shows. I’ve gone to a smaller local one – especially to support one of my blogger friends. It was a Wow moment of all the lovely quilts on display and I was able to try out a long arm quilt machine for a short while – a highlight!! I love when you share pics of all the Quilting shows. Thank You, Carrie – and for the interesting Monopoly facts – we enjoy this game when the whole family is present – makes for a fun time. Really sad to see the thimble go though!!

    1. I have been to the AQSShow in Phoenix and the CQA(Canadian) in Kitchener, Ontario.
      I left with my head full of ideas and my arms full of fabric. Loved it!

  6. I haven’t been to QuiltCon yet! I have been to the AQS show in Des Moines several times and to our local quilt show every year for the past 10 years. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Never been to Quilt Con though it hasn’t been around for too long. I have been to Paducah many years ago. It’s probably for the best as I have a tendency to shop a bit too much!

  8. Wish I could get to a QuiltCon show! I’ve been to several AQS shows, Paducah, Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga. They have the most amazing quilts, vendors, special exhibits, and did I say vendors 😉

  9. I went to Quiltcon in Austin and loved it. I have also been to quilt shows in Houston an Paducah and loved those also. Quiltcon just has a different vibe and feel to it. I do wish they would bring it back to the middle of the country – maybe every third year?

  10. Haven’t been to Quilt Con. Maybe someday! A while back IQF was held in Cincinnati for a few years and I went to a couple of those. I love the big shows but they are often a long way away. Cincinnati was an easy drive so some friends and I made sure to go to that when we had the chance.

  11. I’ve never been to QuitCon but have been to International Quilt Fest in Houston,TX…so much fun and attended the Old Man River quilt fest in Vicksburg, MS. It was their first large quilt show and there were so many classes! They get a “WELL DONE” from me. I will be there this year in August.

  12. Never been to Quiltcon but have made it to AQS Paducah. What an amazing experience to see the gorgeous quilts up close!

  13. I’ve been to IQF in Cincinnati a couple times until it left. Also to NQS in Columbus, OH until it left also. So sad….Nothing close now in central Ohio. These books look wonderful to read and sew from!

  14. I’ve been to Houston International Quilt Festival every year since 2007. I’ve extended my visit from 1 day the first year to every day with a hotel room across the street instead of driving in every day. I love these books that you posted about today and the Bella Solids are my go-to solid fabric and have been for years. thanks for giving me the opportunity win this pack!

  15. I’ve never been to a Quiltcon, instead enjoy the amazing blog posts, and IG feeds that showcase the new fabrics, projects and designers! Someday, though…

  16. The largest show I’ve been to is the NJ Quilt Fest but my dream is to make the trip to the “Quilters Mecca” and attend the AQS Quilt Week in Paducah in the Spring! Won’t make it this year but maybe next year?

  17. I haven’t been to Quilt Con or any big quilt show. Our local has a quilt show every two years, it is lots of fun.

  18. I’ve never been to QuiltCon or any big quilt show but try to attend local shows as often as I can. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Quilt Festival in Houston every year! Bonding time with my big sis and my BFF. Love the vendors, the quilts, the classes. I want to go to Quiltcon, Paducah, Sisters, Tokyo…. I too wish they would schedule Quiltcon in the middle sometimes instead of on the edges. Share the fun!

  20. The big show in Paducah is on my bucket list. For now, I enjoy any show within a two hour drive. Any show is food for the eyes and soul.

  21. I’ve never been to QuiltCon but it’s on my bucket list. The only larger quilt show I’ve been to is in Fargo. The gals do a great job! Hope I win Brigittes new book. She’s my favorite!

  22. Never been to Quilt Con but it’s on my wish list. Have attended a local quilt show that started last year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I live in the Chicago area, so Quilt Festival at the Rosemont is an annual outing. I would love to get to Paducah someday. I have really enjoyed Quilt Expo in Madison also.

  24. I have never been to Quiltcon but would love to go one day. I have been 10 times to Houston Quilt Show and was always amazed. There is nothing like seeing a quilt up close. Even the best photography can not capture the texture and quality of stitching. I love going to local quilt shows as well. Going to quilt shows is a great motivator.

  25. I’ve never been to QuiltCon, but one year my husband & I made a road trip to visit our son & family stationed in Utah at the time, and stopped off to go to Sisters,OR Outdoor Quilt Show. That was pretty fun. Otherwise I’ve only been to local quilt shows, which are thrilling to me. Always walk away with fresh ideas and new techniques, of course fabrics unique to distant shops, and a friendship with strangers, if only for a day. I love the featured renowned guest corner, seeing and visiting with that person and her quilts. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to win!

  26. Ive never been to quilt con. I used to work at a quilt ahop and attended quilt market in Portland, OR. Was so fun!!

  27. I’ve been to some smaller local shows in PA and NJ, put on by Mancuso. They are good, always interesting to see what others are doing and, of course, the vendors…drool, drool!

  28. I go every year to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, Va. Love looking at the wonderful quilts and the vendor booths are amazing too!

  29. I’ve never been to QuiltCon. Ive only enjoyed pictures of it. Its definitely on my bucket list. I’ve been to Pacific International Quilt Show a few times, Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and local Quilt shows. There’s something magical in seeing quilts in person instead of in pictures.

  30. Alas, I have not been to one of the biggie quilt shows. Fortunately, that will be rectified by a trip to Paducah this April with my best quilty peeps. Yay!

  31. Never been to QuiltCon but go to the International Quilt Festival in Houston every year. Its 55 minutes from home.

  32. I have not been to QuitCon, but I have only been quilting for about a year (and thinking about it for a few before that). I have been to a local quilt show (QuiltX) twice and have gotten lots of inspiration from it. I have now joined my local MQG and am learning so much.

  33. I am a full time RVer and a quilter. My coveted little stash and 3 machines travel with us. I dragged my husband kicking and screaming to the Houston Intn’l Quilt Festival for the first time in 2011. He’s been a willing participant ever since and we make it a point to be back in Houston, TX every year for the show. In addition, we take in several smaller regional shows as we travel like the quilt show in Madison, WI last September, and quilt museums. We saw a wonderful Carol Bryer Fallert Gentry exhibit in La Conner, WA in 2015. It was intimate and spectacular! One of her quilts is now my screensaver. Quilt Con has been on my bucket list for quite some time but we will miss this years’ show as we are currently headed west. Brigitte’s book is on my list too, so I very much appreciate the chance to get my hands on it. Thank you!

  34. I’ve always wanted to attend Quilt Con or other big shows, but distance and cost are obstacles. I enjoy the local shows and support the LQS as much as possible!

  35. Last year I attended Quilt Con in Pasadena, I have also been lucky enough to attend Road to California, Chicago International Quilt Festival and Pacific International Quilt Festival. All are unique and have there own buzz.

  36. No, I have not had the opportunity to attend Quilt Con. It is great to see articles and pictures on the internet.

  37. work limits my ability to attend shows. I have been to many AQS shows but not QuiltCon or Houston.
    The inspiration one gets at a show is amazing- because you get a close up of the quilts you see in the magazines and can appreciate the quilting and the details. If QuiltCon came near Chicago- it would be packed!

  38. I haven’t been to QuiltCon or any other big show as I have medical issues. Wish I could attend one and that just might happen next year if all goes well. I know it would be amazing and a bucket list item for sure. Com to Kansas City and I’ll be there.

  39. I have never been to QuiltCon. The biggest quilt show that I have attended (twice) was in Grand Rapids, MI. Usually I go to local shows within driving distance.

  40. Love all our local quilts shows in the MetroPlex; we are very fortunate. Plans for Houston this year and making plans for Nashville-QuiltCon in 2018. Thank you for a great post. Allison C Bayer, Plano, Texas

  41. I’ve only been to Mountain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The thimble is SO much better than any of the proposed replacements. I’m boycotting Monopoly, too.

  42. I’ve been to the Houston International Quilt Festival several times and local shows (Dallas Quilt Show many, many times).

  43. I was lucky enough to go to the first two Quiltcons in Austin, Texas! I was able to work in the Moda Bake Shop booth with my best friend, Debbi (aka Ducki!) They were really wonderful! Would love to go again, maybe next year! Love the books and the blog!

  44. I must tell you that I was upset about the thimble – of course being 79 – from the dark ages – I still to this day use a thimble – Yes I have tried some of the new things – like the dots – but for me not the same….. and I remember the loooooong hours spent with my children and now their children playing monoply… I did write a letter of disappointment to them…..I understand that is the future and I do consider myself very progressive – so on with the “watch”????

  45. I have never been to Quilt Con, but I have been to the Paducah show, the Birmingham quilt show in England, the Sisters show in Oregon and several others.

  46. The only big quilt show I’ve gone to was Houston. Sorry to say, I won’t do it again. I will however continue to stop in at Paducah occasionally when we are traveling by.
    I’ve got a Monopoly set from the 60’s. Love the character and feeling of the board and pieces. They don’t make them like that any more. So sad.

  47. I’ve been to Houston and Paducah. I’d love to get to Quiltcon or the Sisters OR show sometime. Mostly i’ve gone because I’ve worked there. 😉 I love the books you featured. a bunch of those will go on my wishlist.

  48. I have been to AQS – Des Moines several years, still have projects from there that I have not finished. Am trying to get to Paducah or Houston in the next 5 years is my goal. My sister and I are attending the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival in June, We have heard great things about this relatively new show and am looking forward to attending. Shows are always so inspiring.

  49. I’ve never been to a large quilt show, or Quilt Con. I would love to go to Quilt Con, especially this year as I love the teachers and the quilts they’re doing. It’s on my bucket list though. Jadahlgr at Yahoo dot Com

  50. I’m lucky enough to have been able to attend a number of “big” shows. I live in Western PA and have been able to attend the AQS Lancaster show, a number of the Mancuso Shows, and a number of the NQAshows when they were in Columbus and still being held. Although I loved them all, I think my favorites were the NQA shows because quilters of all skill levels were encouraged and able to share their quilts. Hoping to go the the Lancaster show this spring. It will be my first big one in about 6 years.

  51. I have not been to Quilt Con, but have attended the International Quilt Show, the AQS show in Paducah, as well as local shows. I enjoy seeing the different styles and interpretations quilters have for the many available quilt blocks. The creativity is amazing. Thank you for a chance to win.

  52. I went to Quiltcon yesterday and it was terrific. However, I saw the big Moda sign and thought, “wow, I can buy”. Not. Nothing for sale there. Disappointment. But I did pick up quite a bit of great modern fabric. I’m a traditional quilter but slowly being pulled to the more modern things. I went because (1) I love quilt shows and (2) Savannah is just across the river from me.

  53. Have not been to Quilt Con, but I go to all the local quilt shows. It is amazing to see all the creativity in the the quilts, color and machine quilting. I sure enjoy your designs. Thanks for giveaway.

  54. I’ve never been to Quilt Con. Many years ago I did attend the Lancaster, PA quilt show and my daughter and I went to a smaller show at Hershey, PA.

  55. The only big quilt show I have been to is Pacific International Quilt Show in Santa Clara CA. I have been once, but I plan to go again. I would love to go Quiltcon and also the event put on by Quilt Alliance (in NYC).They are so inspiring.

  56. I was at QuiltCon last year and wish I was in Savannah right now for this year’s show. I have been to International Quilt Fest a few times and and Pacific International Quilt Show which is fun because it’s close to my home. I like to go to see my entered quilts but everyone should go for the experience of a BIG quilt show.

  57. Have NOT been to QuiltCon (yet) … my “annual” big quilt show is AQS in Grand Rapids, Michigan … would love to do some of the bigger shows if I can convince the hubby it’s worth driving to … still working on that 😉

  58. Have never been to a big quilt show because it is out of my budget usually. Retired and not much money don’t you know. But I absolutely would love to go to one and I just may make one yet. I have been to local or close ones and that’s been fun. Lots of lovely quilts to see. A bigger show would just mean a whole lot more quilts, among other things……….my idea of heaven.

  59. I’ve never been to Quiltcon but would love to go. I’ve been to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt show for the past 8 years. We have a home in Bend and my quilt group uses that weekend as an excuse for some R and R ( and giggling)

  60. I have not been to quilt con. The biggest quilt show I have been to is NW Quilting Expo and it is always fun to go.

  61. I have never been to QuiltCon. The biggest show I have attended is the Dallas Show, which I have attended the past several years.

  62. Never been to any quilt convention. Would love to have gone, as just am starting to quilt in the last year and liking it!

  63. I’ve never been to any Quilt Con or large shows – but I just love the local ones near my home.

  64. I’ve been to PIQF more times than I can count: luckily I live just 2 hours away! And I’ve been to Road to California once: it was fantastic!! Why do I go? Because it’s like eating dessert all day long and never getting sick! LOL

  65. I have been to local shows and always leave inspired by the creativity and beauty of the quilts. Time to look for the local schedules!

  66. I went to the quilt con show, it was amazing. Inspiration surrounded you in every aspect. Loved it!

  67. I went to Houston in 2005, but am unlikely to do a large US show again at the moment. Every year I attend the Festival of Quilts in the UK – Europe’s largest quilt show. In 2017 I am thinking about attending Open European Quilt Championships in Maastricht in October.

    A Good show is a Good show wherever it is!

  68. Great post! I love love love charm packs, and subconciously design my quilts with them in mind! Toying with the Bella Challenge! I would love to win a copy of Ms Brigitte’s new book, she is a gem! The only large quilt event I have attended was the AQS show in Paducah, KY….in 1989!!!!!! I was a new member, and had just recently fallen head over heels for quilts and quilting! And it was only 6 hrs away! It was a great experience for both me and the hubs!

  69. I haven’t been to QuiltCon but I’m sure it would be amazing. I’m a beginner quilter and am thinking about joining my local quilt guild and possibly entering a quilt at the fair. Thanks!

  70. I’ve never been to a large show, but will be attending the AQS show in Lancaster this March. Can’t wait to go!

  71. Been following Quilt Con on Instagram. That’s fun. Attended a local quilt show last year that was excellent (Rebecca’s Reel in Middletown NJ). Somehow seeing the quilts up close made you more aware of the quilters, and the choices they made.

  72. Would love to go to Quiltcon, but have managed to get to Houston…..once…….with my husband, for our 30th wedding anniversary, all the way from the UK! So, maybe Quiltcon for our 40th!

  73. I have never been to QuiltCon but the biggest quilt that I did attend was the one in Paducah. Oh boy, what an amazing show that was. I really like anything by Zen Chic and have some of her different lines of fabric.

  74. I’ve been to quilt shows in Chicago and Grand Rapids. They were both excellent! All of the beautiful quilts to drool over and vendors selling all kinds of goodies. I was in heaven! Thanks for a chance to win!

  75. I have not been to any of the big quilt shows. I absolutely love everything Zen Chic and would be over the moon to win her book!

  76. I’ve never been to QuiltCon but definitely would attend if it were held closer to home or my financial situation changes significantly — lol. I attended the International Quilt Festival each time it was held in Cincinnati, and I have attended smaller quilting events like Winterquiltfest and Small Town Quilt Show. I loved them all!

  77. I’ve been to AQS-Paducah and Grand Rapids, and the IQF show in Cincinnati. And way back in the day I went to the NQA show in Columbus, OH. IQF Houston is a far distant impossible dream.

    I love quilt shows! They energize me, inspire me, and sometimes impoverish me, but I love them.

  78. I’ve never been to one of these shows, would love to go to one if it was closer. Just been to local shows mostly n would love to win this book, just love quilting and all the new adventures it has!

  79. I have only been in quilt show in Spokane WA which an hour from me. I am so thankful for IG which lets us see all the beauty of quilt on!

  80. I have never been to QuiltCon but have enjoyed seeing pictures of quilts displayed there, as well as those that appear in various magazines. I have attended AQS shows in Paducah and Grand Rapids and also attend smaller guild shows and display my quilts in our local shows.

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