Happy Splendid Anniversary…

Can you believe it’s been a whole year?  February 14, 2016, Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson launched their Splendid Sampler with this heart block.

CT SS Featured Image

In the year since then, there have been 100 blocks from 100 designers.  The Splendid Sampler Facebook group has over 25,000 members and 500 posts.  There are 8,757 posts on #splendidsampler on Instagram, and tens of thousands of blocks have been posted on The Splendid Sampler website.

All things considered, Pat & Jane’s Most Excellently Splendid Adventure has been a rousing success!  Well done, Pat and Jane.

But it gets even better… on April 4th of this year, The Splendid Sampler will be back as a new book from Martingale.


All these blocks in one place…


That’s thirty-six.  (Fourth row, last one on the right… that’s mine.)


That’s seventy-two.


That’s ninety-nine.  The missing block will just have to be a surprise.

There are also quilts – how best to show a variety of different setting ideas?


Do you have a favorite?

Moda’s own Tammy Vonderschmitt made the gorgeous Red & White Splendid Sampler quilt in the lower left corner.

(Top row, quilt on the left – third row, first block on the left, bottom right corner… I made that block.)


I have seven blocks made.  Looking at these quilts, I need to get busy!  (And, yes, seventh row down, third from the right, I made that block too.)

If you’re curious, several of these quilts were made with the designers’ blocks.  ModaLissa Alexander put together bundles of fabric mixing collections – one traditional and one a bit more modern.  Each bundle consisted of a dozen or so fat-eighths, and while a few of the block-designers were sent one of the bundles, a few of us got both so there would be extra blocks to play with when making quilts.  Given my proximity to Lissa… I was sent home with fortunate enough to receive both assortments.  So I made two versions of my block.

As for the block patterns, they will continue to be available as free downloads on The Splendid Sampler website for a few more days – until February 19th.  After that, the blocks will only be available in The Splendid Sampler book.

UPDATE: As of today, February 20th, the free downloads for the Splendid Sampler are no longer available.  They will be published in the book on April 4th.

Pat and Jane are celebrating their anniversary today with blog posts and a giveaway.

(P.S. All the images except the first one are from the Martingale website.  Thank you!)

The other big event to tell you about today is the start of the Zen Chic Inspired Blog Hop.CT-Zen-Chic-Blog-Hop

Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic’s new book Zen Chic Inspired is a hot, hip, best-seller and six terrific quilters will be blogging about the book.  A heads-up – a couple of the blogs are in German but Google Translate does a terrific job.

If all the pretty pictures of Brigitte’s book whet your appetite… rumor has it that there might be a giveaway next Friday to celebrate Zen Chic‘s appearance at QuiltCon and the Moda Bake Shop booth.

Happy Tuesday – here’s hoping you have a splendid day!

And Happy Valentine’s Day!




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3 thoughts on “Happy Splendid Anniversary…

  1. It is a very special day indeed! Following along with the Splendid Sampler has been a real joy & wonderful experience. But on this day, February 14, 2017 makes it even more special, because it marks for me & my husband 36 years together in our marriage. Yes we were married on Valentine’s Day!! ❤, thank you Carrie Nelson for this great article! Congratulations once again to Jane Davidson & Pat Sloan on a super job, well done! I am prou d and excited to have been a part of it as a Splenderette! Moda, love your fabrics…another buggy for me, cause I’ve added more to my stash this last year, probably than ever before!! Haaa haaa thanks Moda for wonderful fabric!

  2. I have lots of the blocks printed out…but Carrie has more sewn than I do. At the pace I am going, almost anyone sews more than I do. After sewing 5 wedding quilts last year and having a houseful of wedding guests over Christmas, I am moving barely faster than a snail. The house looks good, however.

    I did track down two different Scnibbles books, though. I love them!! You are such a good writer, Carrie! You write very articulately and then you are also very funny at times. The quilts are so bright that I want to make them all! So, I had better get busy right now!

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