Basics. Patchwork. QuiltAlong.

Bonnie & Camille Basics.  Wonderful little 5″ blocks.  QuiltAlong.  All done for the benefit of the Make A Wish Foundation.


As they’ve done for several years, the folks at the Fat Quarter Shop have designed a quilt for the sole purpose of benefitting a charity centered on children.  The quilt uses a Moda Designer collection and the blocks to the quilt are provided as free downloads with the request that you consider making a donation to the named charity.  This year, the charity is Make A Wish, an extraordinary foundation that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses.

It is an organization that has special significance to Bonnie Olaveson and Camille Roskelley because of Olivia, Bonnie’s granddaughter and Camille’s niece.  After a rough battle with brain cancer, Olivia is thriving.

It is fitting that the collection for this year’s Patchwork QuiltAlong is Bonnie & Camille’s Basics.  Both Bonnie and Camille will be sewing – quilting – along with this year’s quilt.

This year, the goal is $20,000 in donations – a sum that the Fat Quarter Shop and Moda Fabrics will match.

For more information on the QuiltAlong:


Block 1 – Souvenir of Friendship.


As you can see, several people have gotten their blocks done.  To see what others are making, you can follow #patchworkquiltalong on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Yes, you’re allowed to mix things up a little bit.

If you’d like to join the fun – start with the Introduction and then download the Souvenir of Friendship block.

To help us kick this off, we’re giving away a kit for the Bonnie & Camille Basics Patchwork Quilt.  Just leave a comment by Midnight on Wednesday – January 18th – telling us the name of your best quilting friend.

The block is “Souvenir of Friendship” so that seems like a good place to start.

Happy Monday!

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248 thoughts on “Basics. Patchwork. QuiltAlong.

  1. Becky and I love to quilt together and we try to have a sewing day at least once a month And I’m so excited my sister is moving close to me next week so we can sew together now too!

  2. My best quilting friend is Sharon. We have been shopping and sharing and in classes together for 20 years.

  3. My best quilting friend is Susan. She’s in my quilt group and is also my longarm qulter. If I need input on a project, I can text her a pic and get a reply back quickly. She is very dear to me, along with the other five gals in our little group.

  4. Lost my best quilting friend Donna of 20+ years on November 1, 2016 (heart attack). Looking for new one!

  5. My best quilting friend is my sister in law Shelly and my great friend and quilt teacher Mary Ellen.

  6. My best quilting friend is Krista. As I’m fairly new at quilting it’s great to have someone to bounce ideas off!

  7. I only met her a year ago, but knew instantly that we were sisters in quilting. Her name is Linda

  8. Best quilting friend is my husband! He doesn’t quilt but loves all of my quilts. My biggest fan and support!

  9. My best quilting friend is Penny..the woman who badgered me until I finally gave in and went to a charity quilt group with her. After that there was no looking back!

  10. My best quilting friend is Kelly. We introduced ourselves at guild as “Thelma and Louise” and that about sums it up! We have a friendship like no other.

  11. My best quilting friend is Karen. She is so talented and she loves to help and teach you quilting. At our weekly quilt group she is so busy helping others out that she hardly gets any quilting done!

  12. After an out of state move, leaving my guilds, my best quilty friend is my sister Diane, who lives very close now. She’s a beginner, but we’re having so much fun shopping and planning together, instead of long distance!

  13. I don’t have anybody nearby to sew with, but my dog is always by my side to keep me company.
    Thanks for the giveaway. I can’t wait to start making these cute blocks!

  14. Shirley is my best quilting friend. I taught her the basics of quilting and she’s taken it to a whole new level. Her work is beautiful. Now I learn from her.

  15. My mom is still my BQF. She is so confused now that she can only cut squares and hand sew them together. But we still talk quilting and share our stashes. We talk of the shows and classes that we have been to and make plans for our next projects.

  16. I have a long time friend who quilts with a long arm. I’ve never quilted with her, but she quilted my first quilt for me, so Brenda.

  17. I have two who I love to stitch with, and they are 500 miles away. Don’t get to sew often with them, but Kay and Dale, I will see you in 2 weeks!

  18. There is no way for me to name only one favorite quilting buddy. I am in several groups and have been blest with the friendship of the ladies in these groups. Over the passage of many years, we have shared joys and sorrows and cared for each other, while sharing creative time,

  19. Another great giveaway from Moda!! How generous!! My best quilting friend is my husband…..he drives all over the country to quilt shops!!

  20. My best quilting friend is my husband, he always asks “are you sure that’s enough, maybe you should get an extra yard”.

  21. My aunt is my best quilting friend. She taught me how to quilt, gave me my first machine and sewing table and I love her dearly. Learning to quilt has been one of the greatest gifts of my life!!

  22. My best quilting inspiration is my hubby who bought me a Babylock Tiara2 immediately when I got back to quilting and constantly helps me decide on best layout❣❣❣❣

  23. My best quilting and all round wonderful friend that I share all things quilting, embroidery and just life in general is Lesley Duff

  24. Don’t laugh….my BQF is my doggie,Thatcher. He often sits on my toes whilst I sew. And sometimes the foot pedal too. Oops.

  25. My best Quilty friend is Robin. We are new friends that share the love of quilting. Our friendship has brought a greater joy to the craft and I am excited to share new pic, patterns and makes with her.

  26. I’d say my best quilting friend is Lori – I strive to be like her. Great friend and great quilter. 🙂

  27. My best quilting friend is Millie. She has graciously extended her quilting groups to include me. As a matter of fact, I just came home from retreat with Millie, one that I was part of and have gotten HER included. BQFF!

  28. My best quilting friend is my husband Dan! He’s just learning, but has supported my quilting habit for the 23 years we’ve been together. Even moved his bed and furniture out of his bedroom and into his walkin closet when we were dating so I could have a light filled sewing space while I was at the apartment!

  29. My bestest quilting friends are my Momma, Carol and my Best friend, Bailey. They have such different styles but I love them both, so dearly!!

  30. My best quilting friend is my cousin, Judy. We are a few states apart, but have quilted together and taught one another more than a few times. She is my inspiration.

  31. Wow! Lots of entries. My best quilting bud is Pat P. Sadly, she is slowly losing her sharp vision due to Macular Degeneration, although receiving treatment has slowed the process even more.

  32. My best friend is Laurie!! She is such an inspiration and has helped me grow as a quilter in too many ways to mention!!

  33. My best quilting friend is my mom. She came to visit me a couple weeks ago and pinned and pressed for me while I sewed. She’s my hero!

  34. I have three friends on Instagram (Dianne, Karen and Lisa) and we have dubbed ourselves the ‘Fabric Enablers’ ! If there is a fabric sale or good deal going on in the world… one of us four will have found it (and probably bought from it!) 🙂 🙂

  35. My best quilting friend(s) are the ladies who participate in the Facebook quilting groups that I am a happy member of. These ladies are quick to help with inspiration, guidnce, encouragement, and they are always more than willing to help with tips and tricks !!!!!!!!

  36. My best friend since 6th grade! Sharon taught me all the basics back in 2003 and we have been happily quilting since then.

  37. My best quilting friend is Mary Jo, she is also my roomie at quilt retreats, the best part..she goes out and brings back coffee to the room in the morning! Love her

  38. Joanna is my best quilting friend and she just had her first baby on January 14th. Would love to win.

  39. My best quilting buddy is Nancy – she’s a wonderful and talented sewer/quilter! Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. Can’t single just one – my Stitchers group are all my quilting besties. Can’t wait to go on retreat with them next month.

  41. I love this concept and participated last year and have already made my blocks for this one! Thank you for providing such a wonderful quilt along! My best quilt friend is Terri.

  42. My best quilting friend was Darlene. Now that she has pasted it is just me and quilting friends, just not a best quilting friend.

  43. I have two best quilting friends! Elizabeth Ann and Ann Michelle! When we meet up a couple times a year our machines humm and the conversations never end.

  44. My best quilting friend is Jenny. I would also like to mention the bloggers that take the time to post inspiring ideas and host giveaways and write tutorials that help me learn new techniques.

  45. My best friend Melissa is my quilting buddy. We sew most Sundays together. Can’t wait to start this new quilt over the weekend.

  46. My best quilting friend is my husband. He doesn’t actually sew but he assembles and moves furniture, scouts for more efficient ways to use my sewing work space, and encourages me to buy what I need. He is also listens patiently to my frequent chatter and rants about my quilting projects.

  47. My BQF is Idona. She helps me with fabric choices and great tips…Of course she also owns our local quilting store which makes shopping much more fun! Lol

  48. Joanne is my very best friend and quilting buddy. We have similar tastes in patterns but very different tastes in fabrics. Visiting quilt shows and stitching together at retreats are great times. Thanks for the chance in the giveaway.

  49. My best quilting friend is a group called Silver Thimbles ;o) Such a fun and talented group

  50. My best quilt friend our my children who love and snuggle my quilts. It makes my heart so big. Thanks for the giveaway and crossing my fingers that I win so I can make the same beautiful kit

  51. Have five friends that I quilt with, but I have known and quilted with Bonnie P the longest. Great encouragement.

  52. My best quilting friend is my husband. He is always willing to stop at any quilt shops we happen upon when we travel.

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