Super Charlotte!

I don’t know who came up with the idea but it was a good one.


One of the featured items at Market – and after – will be two adorable tea towels that could be made into a Super Boy or Super Girl doll.  So what better for the cover of the catalog than an equally adorable real-life Super Girl.

Enter Miss Charlotte.


At five years old, she’s a natural.  And she has a bit of prior Moda-related modeling experience.

I missed out on seeing Charlotte when she was in the office for the official photo-shoot but since Charlotte is a regular visitor, of course it all went perfectly.  Charlotte’s grandma is also a regular in these parts, she’s Moda’s own Tammy V.


A few weeks after the photo-shoot, Charlotte’s T-ball team was having pictures taken – group and individual.  As I’m sure you can guess, a big group of 5- and 6-year-old girls can get a little rambunctious… a bit fidgety.

Not Charlotte.  When it was her turn to get her picture taken, she walked right up, hit her mark, struck a pose, smiled and stood still until the photographer was finished.  When he thanked her and told her how great she’d done, she replied that “she was a model, she’d done this before.”

It’s still too early to know if Charlotte will be a quilter but she does love quilts.  Grandma Tammy has made her several and rumor has it that Charlotte rather likes this one.


She’s holding the kit box for this quilt.


Tammy made the original quilt that hung at Market and I think it’s safe to say that when Moda is done with the quilt, Charlotte will give it a very good home.

The quilt is the Super Hero Quilt.  The background is pieced using Moda Dotties and the image is a digital panel that is cut out and fused to the background.  (Kind of like Wilbur – Purebred, Lumberjack – Alpine, and Meow or Never.)

As for the rest of our Super-Hero Market goodies… this is the Moda Lil’ Super Hero Tea Towel set.  They were designed by Stacy Iest Hsu.


The two tea towels come in a muslin bag – yes, these will be available to shops.

Each tea towel is 100% cotton and measures 20″ x 32″.  The towels can be used as towels – maybe in by youngsters washing hands – or made into dolls.


Yeah… you might need two sets.  One for towels and one for dolls.


Each package has one Super Girl and one Super Boy.

Have you met Moda Man?


This is the bag given to shop owners with appointments at Quilt Market but – this fabric will also be available as yardage!

Moda Man also makes an appearance on the Sample Spree Bag…

ct-sampler-spree-bagOne bag – two sides.  While these are only available at Sample Spree… I think you know that I may have stashed a bag or three away for a post-Market giveaway.

So thank you Liz and Tammy for letting us “borrow” your perfectly adorable Super Girl.

And thank you Charlotte!  You rock.





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28 thoughts on “Super Charlotte!

  1. So fun! Can’t wait for these new releases! Thanks for thinking of those of us who don’t get to go to market-we like super stuff, too!

  2. Very fun for Charlotte and everyone else too! She’s a little doll and how lucky to have a grandma that quilts! Yay – for super hero fabric!

  3. Charlotte is an adorable young model. She could probably have a serious career in the child model biz.
    The tea towel kit is great. I hope I can find it. (and of course I would LOVE to have one of the sample spree bags.)

  4. What an adorable Super Quilter of the future….Charlotte! Love that bag and I love comics. Great designs!

  5. Outside the box! Moda is constantly there, surprising us joyfully! Inspiring, dreaming, and achieving…Thanks, Moda-Folk!

  6. What a great blog (I love reading your Moda’s blog). I can’t wait to see Lil’ super Heroes fabrics in my local quilt shop. I have twin Granddaughter & Grandson, age 3 that will love my making them Super Hero quilts. I too would love one of the sample Super spree bags.

  7. Fabulous theme from start to finish. Thanking Moda for their part in another fabulous Market. So inspirational. Special thank you’s to Tammy and Charlotte and super heroes designer.

  8. How fun! I have made 4 Queen Coral sets…looks like I need to get my super power on! Thanks for the adorable post! Can’t wait for the tea towel panels to be available at my shop!!

  9. If Charlotte is this beautiful now, her parents are in big trouble when she is 16! There will be crowds at the front door. Love the new yardage, towels, and bag!

  10. She’s so cute! On another subject, could you explain the difference between Bella White Bleached and Bleached White fabrics. I think I have the names correct. Thanks.

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