Needle and thread…

It’s what makes a quilt a quilt – the stitching that joins the three layers of the top-batting-backing sandwich.


That’s Butterfly Kisses by Pat SloanMini Marvels.

You know Pat, right?  Uber-quilter, author, stitcher, teacher and all-around-super-cool-woman!  Pat has a new book – Teach Me to Machine Quilt – from Martingale-That Patchwork Place.  After much begging and pleading, I’m lucky enough to be part of her Mega Fun Book Tour to talk about the book.  (Just so you know, I was the one begging and pleading, I had already seen the book and knew it was pretty awesome.)


I hope you’ve been touring since yesterday – the first day of Pat’s Mega Fun Book Tour.  If you were, you already know that Pam Vieira-McGinnis – aka PamKittyMorning, Kimberly Einmo, Alyce Blythe and Bonnie Hunter think the book is terrific – a must-have.  They’re all very smart ladies – and I wish I had more to add than “what they said”!

Even though we all agree on the main points – that it’s a must-have book – I hope you’ll read what each of these lovely ladies wrote as they have different takes on what they liked best about the book.

I hope you’ll also visit Matthew Boudreaux – Mister Domestic – and the Editors of American Patchwork & Quilting today.  They’re Mega Fun!

As for me, what stands out about Teach Me to Machine Quilt is that it is a great resource for beginners, and for quilters like me – those of us who learned to machine-quilt many years ago but haven’t done it regularly enough over the years to be as practiced, skilled and knowledgeable as we’d like to be.

It’s full of good, solid information on getting started, the basics of every aspect of machine-quilting and problem solving.  In addition to the excellent presentation of the material in the book, there is additional support online in the form of “how to” videos.  It’s a really cool idea – some things just make more sense when you can actually see the process in action.  There are also useful tips and appealing projects on which to practice specific machine-quilting skills.

So if you’re a beginner and don’t know where to start, Pat will lead the way.  But if you’ve already got some skills and need a refresher, some new tips and lots of practice, Pat can help there too.


And she’ll do it all with a smile and a positive, upbeat spirit.  That’ll come in especially handy if-when you have tension problems – and no worries if you do, Pat is there to help.  I did say she covers every issue and possible problem that might crop up… if you’ve done any machine-quilting, you know that tension problems will come up.

Before you ask… why this book?  There are many really good books on machine-quilting available these days, why should you consider getting this one?

  • The presentation is straight-forward and step-by-step in a way that makes it easy to follow.  I read through the first half of the book where Pat discusses every aspect of getting ready to machine-quilt and the actual process of walking-foot quilting and free-motion quilting.  Pat lays it out – this is what you need to know and she anticipates the questions that will come up.  Reading the section, then working through each step like a workbook would be an awesome way for a beginner to get started, and a rusty-not-beginner to refresh their memory.
  • This isn’t everything you’ll ever need or want to know about batting, thread, quilting options and styles, etc., but it is everything you need to know to get started, get better and enjoy machine-quilting.
  • Pat is also honest – being a good machine-quilter takes time and practice.  It is an acquired skill, one that everyone can learn.  Samples.  Samples.  Samples.  I love that Pat advocates making “practice sandwiches” to check-try everything from battings to threads, new designs to just loosening up.  Muscle memory – it’s not just for professional athletes.

One last thing – I was so happy to see the book discuss thread weights, and to encourage trying different weights.  (Practice sandwich!)  I’ve written about how much I love playing with different weights of thread and mixing them is a very popular trend with modern quilters.


There are so many options now with thread weights and colors – and yes, Aurifil 50 wt. is a great place to start.

So armed with my “refresher course” from Pat, I’m going to do a little bit of machine-quilting this weekend using Aurifil’s new 80 wt. thread.  I’ve stitched just a bit with it and it’s quite wonderful, so I’m excited to use it for something else.  I have a couple of practice-sammies ready and when it all goes well – thanks to Pat, of course – I will have a new pillow by next week.  (I highly recommend pillows and bags as the sort of project for practicing your machine-quilting skills and experimenting.)

Now for the best part – Pat is giving away five copies of Teach Me To Machine Quilt.  You can enter to win at Pat’s Mega Fun Book Tour!

And because we love Pat – you can also leave a comment here to win a copy of the book, a Layer Cake of Pat’s upcoming Sunday Drive collection and a spool or two of Aurifil thread.  Just leave a comment by Midnight on Monday – November 21st – telling us why you need this book.

(Winner drawn randomly – if you really really n e e d this book… Pat’s giving away five copies.) (And thank you to the nice folks at Martingale for letting me borrow all the pictures.)

Now go see what Matthew and All The Quilting People are up to.

Happy Saturday!

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387 thoughts on “Needle and thread…

  1. I NEED this book because I have one dozen quilts waiting to be quilted, and I want to be a good enough quilter to quilt them myself, and feel good about the results. I’m not there yet, except when I’m quilting for our dogs, who love everything I do.

  2. I need this book. I have quilted by machine for years and always feel that I can learn something new from each new book. Thank you for the opportunity.

  3. I only took one class at machine quilting and I loved it but I am still a bit afraid to actually jump in with a newly made quilt. This book would probably help me pass that fear :). Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I need this book because, I want to learn how to machine quilt, I want the good feeling when I can said “I did it all with a little help from Pat Sloan”.

  5. One of my goals of retirement was to learn to do some machine quilting. I am retired and I am ready. This book would give me a jump start. I just checked my spreadsheet and I have 19 quilts (smaller projects) waiting on me. Thank you for offering a chance to win such a useful book!

  6. Omg I would love to win this book……… Trying to psych myself into machine quilting but I have so many questions and it sounds like this book will have all the answers…. It’s my next step in learning….

  7. I’ve been wanting to venture into the area of machine quilting but don’t know exactly where or how to begin. From Carrie’s description of this book, it sounds like exactly what I need to get started. I would love to have a chance to win this book so that I could go to the next level.

  8. I need this book because I feel so lost trying to quilt after spending so much time piecing. I don’t want to ruin what I have done!

  9. I need this book because I want to expand my horizons. So far I’ve been limited to straight line quilting. And I don’t like the idea of farming my quilts out to somebody else to finish for me. I want to have ownership of the entire process. Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. This looks like an awesome book and I need it because I have quilted cross hatch designs only and am afraid to step out of that comfort zone. Thanks!

  11. Doing my own quilting is something I’ve been avoiding. This book is just what I need to start doing my own quilting.

  12. I would love to have Pat’s book to learn how to machine quilt. I have lots of completed projects that need quilting – I don’t know how to start quilting and end up with an item that doesn’t end up in the bottom of a drawer. This book will help me learn how to finish projects that can be used. Thank you for a chance to will a copy of this book.

  13. I have many quilt tops just waiting to be quilted. I have a great long-armer but can’t afford to pay for them right now. I would love to learn to quilt them myself.

  14. I would love to win this book. I’ve never had the confidence to machine quilt so to have this book by my side as a quide every stitch of the way would be awsome.

  15. I would love to have this book because I really love Pat and achine quilting is not my strong side yet. I’m sure Pat could teach me one trick or two.

  16. After almost two years of being a self taught through youtube quilter there are a lot of things I still need to learn and to perfect what I do know and I know this book would be invaluable to me.

  17. I need this book! My UFO’s are piling up, and previous attempts at machine quilting have not been very successful – any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. And it would be so nice to actually finish some projects …

  18. Why do I need this book? Umm, because it’s a quilting book, of course! I machine-quilt almost all of my quilts, and always learn some great little tidbits of advice from every quilting book I read. “The more you I know,” and all that, right? 🙂

  19. I need to quilt eight tops, and have never machine quilted before…I definitely need this book!

  20. I want to learn how to machine quilt on a domestic machine so that I can get many of quilts quilted si I own a long arm but it is packed away in storage and right now sewing on my domestic is all I have and man I have many tops that need to be quilted. I need this help !!!

  21. Tension problems are the worst; I end up wasting time and thread trying to get it right. I would love some expert help!

  22. I have learned so quick for the last 2 years of piecing and quilting but I have still hesitations to do a bigger piece, I think this book will teach me more confidence to do better.

  23. I just ordered a walking foot and am ready to begin! This book would be perfect at this time for my new adventure. Thank you

  24. I always learn something more from a new book, this sounds like it has some great information to improve my machine quilting!

  25. I need this book because I have 27 quilt tops hanging in my closet waiting to be quilted and this book would sure help!

  26. I have been on a mini making roll of late–now I need to get in a quilting frenzy mode to get them completed. Pat’s book will be just the thing for this rusty quilter!

  27. I like so many of us, have tried it & like it BUT want to be better! I have 2 tops to quilt & one I need to have ready before Christmas or would like too…
    So I would really really like a copy of this book!

  28. I have never don my own quilting I always send it out to be done. This would be a wonderful way to start.

  29. I need this book, because I always challenge myself to learn something new. This is my next step. I would love to have this book by Pat, she is one of my favorite desigers.

  30. I’m too ashamed to admit how many tops are sitting on my shelf for completion due to my lack of confidence. Too many to send out and the it’s time they get done! Would love for the chance to brag “I did it myself.”

  31. Because my favorite long arm quilter has moved, I am left with many unfinished tops. My goal is to quilt them myself. The one problem I have is lack of experience. Pat’s books are always informative and helpful. I believe this book may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between me and my sewing machine and learning to quilt for myself.

  32. i would love this book beacuse I have only been quilting a few years and always stitch in the ditch. Im so afraid to stitich more and “ruin” my quilts! thank you

  33. I need this book to inspire me to pick up the needle and thread again! I have lots of unfinished projects and ideas for projects, but I just can’t find the motivation!!

  34. I need this book, because even though I’ve practiced, and practiced, I still feel I can’t do justice to the quilt top I just created. I need help :)!

  35. I’m convinced I need this book after reading Bonnie Hunters review. Keeping it simple is always good. Also I would love to see the thread comparisons. The book sounds like it is full of encouragement!

  36. I need this book because I am an on again, off again type of quilter. I just need the push to work more at the quilting end and slow down on the piecing. My UFO’s are taking over!

  37. I would love to win the book! I need all the help I can get for quilting on my domestic. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  38. I love your blog, Carrie. Thanks for sharing your review of Pat’s new book. I am sure I would enjoy it, and I am always ready to learn more about quilting my quilt tops.

  39. I have taken a 2 day class from Pat when her Teach me to Applique book came out. It is fantastic. I love the way she presents the material. So far what I have seen “blog hopping” the last two days has me convinced that Teach me to Machine Quilt might just get me “out of the ditch” at last! Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. This sounds like a book I really need! Pat does such a great job with explanations always. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  41. I would love to win this book. I want to do more than just meander quilting on the quilts waiting to be finished.

  42. I like the idea of online videos that compliment what is being taught in the book. Sometimes I need to “see it in action” to understand the concept. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  43. I need the book; it seems when a quilt top is finished, I’m out of practice machine quilting. And, I’d love to win beautiful Aurifil thread and a charm pack!

  44. Would love a copy of this book! I’ve machine quilted a few small projects, but would like to improve my skills to tackle something bigger.

  45. I need this book to help me learn how to quilt larger projects. All I’ve done so far are mini quilts, baby size and wall hangings.

  46. I need this book because I have numerous items that just need quilting. I cannot afford to send them out, but would like to use/gift them before they are antique!

  47. I need this book as a ‘Go To’ resource to refresh and improve my machine quilting skills. Many thanks for this chance to win a copy of Pat Sloan’s newest book…fingers crossed! Teresa

  48. I have “machinequiltingphobia”… enough said! Why am I afraid to start? Because I don’t know what I’m doing and don’t want to ruin all my piecing efforts! Need the book! Need the motivation! Need the
    guidance! The knowledge base!

  49. I need this book to learn how to finish all the table runners and toppers I have pieced, but are unfinished because I can’t figure out how to quilt them! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  50. I would love this book. I follow Pat and have her book on applique. And I have lots of quilts to machine quilt too—I usually go with straight line quilting and need to practice and learn more tips on free motion.

  51. I need this book because I am a beginner free motion quilter and have lots of quilts that need quilting.

  52. Like Anne, I am intimidated by the skills necessary to free-motion quilt my projects. I don’t have those skills yet, but I don’t want to have to pay someone to do the work for me. It’s not just work, I know–I want to be able to add that additional dimension of artfulness myself!

  53. Ha ha perfect timing. I NEED this book because the baby turned a year old in September. I’ve the quilt pieced, layered pinned & ready to quilt for 6 months. It’s been hanging in the closet with 4 others that need quilting. One of which was supposed to go to my MOM 3 years ago. I’ve lots of books they ALL say “quilt as desired” OK but how? I’ve tried. unsuccessfully …. Help me please I’d really like to give this baby her quilt before she goes to
    College & my mom hers before, well soon.

  54. I’ve machine-quilted for quite some time and feel pretty good about it, However, there is ALWAYS something new to learn. I would especially like to read the parts about battings and threads by Pat — she’s so knowledgeable!

  55. I definitely need this book. I just finished quilting a small wall quilt and was frustrated by my lack of smooth motion. I can use all the help I can get. Thanks for your fun post.

  56. I would love to win the book and fabric. Could always use more Aurifil Thread and would like to try the different weights.

  57. I NEED this book because while I’m proud to say so far I’ve quilted all the quilts, it’s just been grids or stitched in the ditch. Have been a little fearful to try free motion quilting on my vintage domestic machine.

  58. I need the book to learn how to free motion quilt with my sewing machine. I can only do straight lines with my walking foot now. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  59. I need this book because I am a complete newbie to quilting, and would love to start off on the right foot!

  60. I am a beginner quilter and am trying to learn and absorb as much information as possible. I am amassing quilt tops much faster than I am quilting them for fear of ruining them with poor technique. After buying a sewing machine and a few fabrics to start a small stash, this opportunity to get my hands on such a fabulous resource for free is much appreciated. Thank you!

  61. I need the Book to learn how to free motion quilt. I’ve not yet dropped my feed dogs yet and her book would be a great tutorial to help me overcome my situation. Looking forward to you picking my name.

  62. I have been piecing quilts for about 20 years and like anything the more you practice the better you are. I have always wished i had also quilted what i made but i didn’t. Now i want to learn how to do some nice quilting on my projects. I should have started quilting my tops 20 years ago too. Would love to wink. Please enter me in your drawing

  63. I would love to win this book because I want to learn how to machine quilt and do it well. Thank you for the giveaway.

  64. Gosh, I can’t wait to check out this book! I’ve been focusing on SLQ because its easy and efficient but you can’t beat the beauty of FMQ. I’m hoping that since Pat has the same Baby Lock machine as me that will help things a little 🙂 Thanks!

  65. I need this book like the cowardly lion,on The Wizard of Oz needed courage!!!!! I want to make the tops I’ve pieced for my first grandchild really special, but lack the confidence to quilt them! Help!!

  66. Lots of tops sitting around that I could do with instructions if I had this book. SAve me Pat! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  67. My BFF is learning to machine quilt and I would give this book to her . Anything Pat Sloan puts out there is going to be a great learning tool. Thanks for the chance!

  68. I would love to win this book. I have machine quilted in the past, but like you mentioned have not done it enough. I can always use reminders and new tips on how to improve. Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. I need this book so I can really do some machine quilting. I am always afraid so I just do it in the ditch or by hand.

  70. I would love to have this book. I have several tops that need quilting and I’m afraid to start. Thanks for the chance.

  71. I’ve tried machine quilting a few times but it always goes wrong – puckers on the back. Don’t know how long my fingers will hold out for hand quilting.

  72. This book would be the boost I need to try machine quilting. I follow Pat’s blog and I love her smiling encouragement for quilters of every skill range.

  73. I need this book because all I can do right now is straight line quilting with a walking foot, And I’m only OK at that. I didn’t even know threads came in different weights!

  74. I need this book. I have lots of finished “flimsies” (pieced tops) hanging in my closet and have come to the conclusion that I have not made anything until I get these “sandwiched” to a backing, quilted and bound. That is my “OMG” (one monthly goal) starting in January. So yes, I really need this book!

  75. I would love this book because I teach FMQ basics at my local quilt shop. I love researching different approaches and then recommending good books to my students.

  76. I have loads of quilt tops waiting for me to take the plunge. I don’t know why I feel paralyzed at the thought of taking the first step. Sounds like Pat’s book is what I need!

  77. I have been in the practice mode for a few years, but don’t do it as often as I should. When it doesn’t look perfect I tend to stop and do more piecing therefore my pile of quilts needing quilting just grows and grows. I love the way Pat approaches teaching and I’m pretty sure I will love this book!

  78. Every quilt I quilt, I always think “this is a practice quilt”. But I am getting better and I love the tips and technique ah ha’s from others. Plus I love Pat Sloan’s books. They are great. Thanks.

  79. I need this book because I’m so intimidated by machine quilting! And, I know Pat is just the one to teach it!

  80. I need this book because I’m a fairly new machine quilter (a little over a year now). It would be great to have tips and explanations for why I should do things. Roght now it’s 100% cotton thread and a sandwich!

  81. I need this book because I am coming back to quitting after teaching high school math for the last seven years. I’m sure there are new materials and strategies out there that I would like to learn.

  82. I need this book because for years I’ve wanted to learn to free-motion quilt on my Pfaff, but I’ve never been comfortable putting the feed dogs down and actually doing free-motion quilting. I just need some help with this and I don’t know who to turn to. I’m hoping Pat Sloan’s book has the answer.

  83. I’m retired now, and can’t afford to quilt by check anymore. Sniff. So machine quilting on my Bernina is my new reality. Pat’s book can help with this process.

  84. I know I need to practice fmq more and I hope Pat’s book will give me the guidance and confidence to keep trying. I envy people who are good at fmq.

  85. I need all the help I can get to machine quilt in a half decent way. I’m getting better with practice, but any tips would be helpful!

  86. I’ve quilted some but I have a long way to go and there is always so much to learn! I would love this book to learn from such a wonderful lady such as Pat!

  87. I want this book because my hubby bought me a Tiara 2 quilting machine and I’m as lost as can be❣️❣️

  88. The book sounds like something I need to improve my quilting skills. And just maybe
    I could impress some of the ladies in my sewing circle.

  89. I’ve been “quilting” for years, but have yet to actually quilt what I made. I tried hand quilting a small wall-hanging and it is still sitting in a box unfinished. This sounds like the perfect book to start quilting some small items (pillows would be the perfect place to start) and move up from there. Thank you for the review and the chance to win. Happy Thanksgiving!

  90. I definitely need this book! I am struggling with learning to machine quilt and have never quite learned enough about thread weights to straighten it all out. I adore Pat’s teaching style, so I know this book would help me immensely! She is just a bucket of enthusiasm and inspiration!!

  91. I need all the help I can get! I’m still learning to free-motion machine quilt and I know Pat’s a great teacher. Thanks for the giveaway!

  92. Thanks for the review. I want to learn machine quilting and Pat’s book would help me get started. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  93. I need this book to help get me back in the saddle! I’ve done some fmq in the past but have let it languish and would really like to get back at it. Though I could struggle through I never was great, no doubt why the languishing happened, and would love to learn and grow my skills.

  94. I have quilted a few quilts by machine and each one gets a little easier. I did it on my own, but would love to have a this book to help me improve my skills. Thank you for your generosity.

  95. When I machine quilt I have tension and needle problems that make it so frustrating. I could use Pat’s help. Would also like to try the aurifil thread. Thanks.

  96. I need this book because I want to do more of my own machine quilting using proper techniques and not just winging it

  97. I need this book because I miss giving life to my quilts by hand quilting what they ask me to do, and I hope I can regain that feeling with machine quilting. Arthritis stopped my hand quilting.

  98. Who can’t use a great, encouraging resource! Tension always messes me up (HA! Machine and self-imposed!) – and they both happen when I machine quilt.

  99. I started machine quilting abut 2 years ago and feel like I am just scratching the surface . This book can help me grow in my knowledge. Thanks for telling me about it! It will definitely go on my wish list!

  100. I love to Machine Quilt but I am a hand quilter at heart. I just love to machine quilts those smaller ones so they can be gifted and loved.practice makes perfect so I think I am getting better with each try. I would love to win the book…thanks you for the opportunity.

  101. I have several books written by Pat from the Teach Me series and this book will be a good addition. Currently, the machine quilting pattern I use is straight-line. It might be good to know other options. Thank you for the chance in the giveaway, Carrie.

  102. Sounds like this book could be a huge boon and the spark needed to get 3 quilts quilted.
    I love Aurifil and Pat Sloan breaks everything down into manageable tasks.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  103. I have quilted a few projects and quilts but feel I still need help in some areas. I need this book to help me get more quilt tops finished.

  104. I usually rent time on the longarm at my lqs but, it has been out of service for months. I have six or seven or eight quilt tops to do and am intimidated by quilting anything larger then 12 inches on my machine

  105. I love the butterfly quilt, so cute! I have a few waiting for me to quilt, but I need some practice first.

  106. Would love to have this book! I keep promising myself a new machine if I start to finally learn to machine quilt more often. I always send to my friend with a long arm machine and she does a wonderful job, but now that I am retired I have plenty of time to quilt my quilts myself!

  107. I need this book to help me not feel scared to try quilting my own quilts. I feel like such a klutz when it comes to FMQ, so hopefully this will help me practice and someday improve. I love the sample pictures you posted.

  108. I definitely Need this book to improve my quilting. IT is very difficult to find teachers and courses in Germany!

  109. I need this book to help push me out of doing just straight line quilting. I have tried free motion quilting, but can not seem to get the tension correct. It would help to have pictures and hints on what to do to get it right!

  110. I need this book because even though I’m a long-armer, I like to quilt minis on my domestic sometimes. I can always use new tips, and this book looks like it full of them.

  111. WOW!! Pat’s new book sounds fantastic!! Like you, Carrie, I learned to machine quilt ages ago and haven’t done much in recent years!! I would love to quilt more in the future!! Thanks for the great tip about pilows!! Love Pat’s new Sunday Drive too!! Thanks for a great review and giveaway!!

  112. I really want to do some quilts on my machine. I have several unfinished tops that need some love! Pat’s book would be SO amazing to get me started. I also want to see what you do on this blog with your 80 wt Aurifil. Thanks for your post.

  113. This book sounds wonderful, I just finished quilting 5 Christmas pillow tops for gifts and they just don’t look right. I NEED this book to know what I can do to improve my quilting.

  114. Because I need all the help I can get with my machine quilting. It’s the toughest part of making the quilt for me.

  115. It looks as though this book will give me the guidance and tips needed to improve my weak skills at FMQ. I sure would love to have it! If I am not the lucky one to win, guess what is going on my Christmas wish list.

  116. I need this book because like a ton of quilters I have more tops waiting to be quilted than anyone person should have in their total life.

  117. Quite simply, I NEED Pat’s new “Teach Me to Machine Quilt,” or I may never get my Christmas gift project finished by next Christmas.

  118. I need this book because I have a backlog of tops and just can’t bear the thought of them being completed by someone other than myself!!

  119. I needed this wonderful book by Pat Sloan because I am a huge fan of her teaching techniques. They are so beginner friendly which is just fantastic! And of course I enjoy using her fabrics any time!

  120. I need this book for a few reasons: first to help keep my collection of Pat’s books as complete as I can. Second because I really need to get some tops quilted and this might help. and third, just because it sounds like such an awesome book.

  121. I would love this book! I have always wanted to try machine quilting but just cannot get over the fear of messing up something that took hours to make.

  122. I want to learn how to machine quilt so I can quit taking them to someone else to get quilted! Looks like a lot of fun!

  123. I need this book because I have way too many quilt tops that I am afraid to quilt. Pat’s books are clear and very helpful and boy, do I need help!

  124. I really need this book so I can learn how to machine quilt with confidence. All I’ve done is stitch in the ditch. I don’t want to mess up a top that I love.

  125. I have been tracking the good work of Pat for a while. What a blessing to step a little closer to her by having a copy of this book and to learn so much more!

  126. I just got a new “used” sewing machine that will allow me to change the speed of my sewing. I am excited to try out some new skill building by practicing some free-motion quilting. Thanks for the offer to win the book. I think it would be a great tool to get me started.

  127. I need this book because I currently pay longarm quilters to quilt my projects, very expensive. I need this book because I have Pat’s Applique book and I know she is a good teacher. Pat Sloan gives very clear examples and instructions and has lots of pictures to help, we know as older learners, we need all the help we can get,lol. Thanks Pat and Moda!

  128. Hi. I’ve done a little quilting but I need this book to get me on the right track. I have so many questions but no local quilt shop nearby. I’d love to start off in a clear, organized way to ensure that I can have the same level of enjoyment from quilting that Pat talks about.

  129. I need this book for exactly the reason you gave me for wanting it. I have done a fair bit of machine quilting in the past – learning as i went along, but I haven’t done any machine quilting for three years. Life has a way of interrupting all our plans. Anyway I have quite a few tops ready to be quilted (I don’t want to count them because then I would be overwhelmed) and I do want to get at them, but I need to refresh my memory with a book like this one.

  130. I need this book so I can learn step by step how to do things correctly from one place of information instead of retrieving information from multiple sources. I would also love some fabric or thread too!!

  131. I am a fairly new quilter and this is just what I need to gain some knowledge and confidence. I think a “quilter’s bible” sitting beside me would be invaluable and the reviews I’ve read make me believe this is the tool to accomplish what I’m after.

  132. I need this book to supply extra tips and add to things that I already know. There are always things to learn.

  133. I have a girl crush on Pat Sloan! I listen to her pod cast during to and from work every day. She is so genuine! I love her stuff!

  134. I would love to learn more about machine quilting! I believe in doing my whole quilt myself. Then it is really made by me.

  135. I have a bunch of quilt tops that need quilting, but I keep putting it off because I’m not very good at machine quilting and I need to learn! Yikes!!

  136. One of my goals is to learn to machine quilt. The book sounds like a good way to learn more about machine quilting.

  137. I have so many tops needing to be made into the quilts they were meant to be. I would love to be able to say I completed a quilt from start to finish. I need help!

  138. I love to do free motion, but still struggle sometimes to figure out what to do, and how to maximize the impact of my quilts. This would be a great resource for that!

  139. I’ve been really wanting to learn how to machine quilt. I’d like to get out of my ‘stitch in the ditch’ rut, and actually try something else, but I’m terrified to try something. Pat has a way of making things seem easy and her instructions are always great. I’m sure the book would be the same!

    It will be all dog-eared and coffee stained if I win, because I’d use it so much!

  140. I would love to learn machine quilting. I am new to quilting but not new to sewing. She is super awesome at teaching.

  141. I’ve taken two machine quilting classes, but when I get home, I stiffen up and forget everything I learned. This book sounds like a great resource for those of us who need a little extra help to get ourselves machine quilting more than stitch in the ditch.

  142. No matter how excited I am to try machine quilting my tops after taking a machine quilting class, I come home and freeze up. I never remember what I learned and am afraid of ruining my quilt tops. This sounds like a great book for those of us who need a little bit of an extra push to do our own machine quilting.

  143. I need this book because you can never have too many books on machine quilting and Pat is such a good teacher.

  144. I need this book because it has many fantastic projects and I’m going to be a first time grandmother in May 2017 and I could really use it to get ready for our new “edition.” Also I’m just starting to machine quilt my own quilts and I can use all the help I can get!

  145. I need this book to help me calm fears, give me a reference for techniques, motivate me to start and give me more confidence as I progress. I have machine quilting and find my results to be OK, However, I have a devil of a time summoning the courage to start, worry about mistakes messing up my project, and find my technique is not as good a I would like it to be.

  146. I would love to have the book because I am tired of straight line quilting and need encouragement to try some new things. I also really like Pat’s style. She is very real and encouraging. So glad you were able to convince her to let you be on the tour! 🙂 Thanks- K-

  147. This book would help with my quilting. I do straight stitching only and need to get outside of this box! Please show me the way!

  148. I want this book because I have just moved to a new place (4 days!), don’t know anyone, have only seen the LQS by driving by it the night we drove the moving can in, and I want to be able to quilt some table runners for our new house and quilt something for the landing on the stairs since there is already a quilt hanger there. It looks very forlorn without a quilt.

  149. I only began quilting last year when I heard about the Row by Row hop and mentioned it to my grown daughter. She doesn’t sew, but thought it sounded fun, so she started me with my first shop stop when we were on a trip. Quilts are very different than clothes and I’ve had tons to learn. I’ve just begun free motion, so this book would be helpful. I’d love to win one. I’m obviously addicted to quilting now and this year’s Row by Row was MUCH better than last year’s!

  150. Gosh, I’m always looking to improve my machine quilting. I would love this book as much as I need it

  151. All of Pat’s books are great. This is a must have to add to the collection. I need the inspiration, and I would love to win it! And that Sunday Drive collection is so darn cute! Thanks for the chance to win that too. PS…those butterflies are super cute.

  152. I need this book. I have 3 quilts waiting for quilting and I just don’t know how to start. It’s overwhelming. Thanks for the chance.

  153. I need this book because I have every other one of Pat’s and I need to figure out how to finish my quilts.

  154. I really N E E D this book! I’m fairly new and the quilting part always FRUSTRATES me because I do have tension/thread issues! You would think nothing could after being in the medical field, but alas…THIS is intimidating! This would help me become more confident and tackle it without fear! It would be like having Pat Sloan sitting next to me, right?!? This is the ‘One-More-Quilt-Book’ that is definitely needed and financially unable to do so right now!

  155. I need to expand beyond meandering…. I do some “c” work and spirals but I would never classify it as ‘non-family” deserving… I struggle with having a specific plan. I do all my qulting on a domestic machine and need additional tips and tricks.

  156. I have way too many quilt tops to send off to be longarmed. I want to learn….my pocket book says I have to learn…

  157. I need this book because I have retired, bought a new sewing machine and have a HUGE stash of fabric that I want to turn into quilts and machine quilt on my new machine. I need help with learning to machine quilt. Thanks for giveaway.

  158. I need this book to get me over the hump and get serious about machine quilting. I have done “some” free motion and walking foot work but am still pretty much a chicken when it comes to sitting down at my midweek quilter. Help!

  159. I N-E-E-E-E-E-D this book because I have pieced tops that need to be quilted and I don’t know how to do it! I N-E-E-E-E-D this book because Pat is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest instructor ever and I know there are tons of things I n-e-e-e-e-d to learn from her! P-L-E-A-S-E…. I really, Really, REALLY, R-E-A-L-L-Y N-E-E-E-E-E-D this book!

  160. I really need this book because I am a self taught quilter and need all the tips and tricks to feel confident enough to finish quilts!

  161. I need this book to share with my niece. She is enamored with quilting and phones often with questions. Having a book to refer to would boost her confidence and reduce frustration when she can’t reach me.

  162. I would really love to have this book to learn more about machine quilting. I have only done straight lines so far and need to venture farther. I will never do any hand quilting, so I must really learn some machine skills. Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway.

  163. I NEED Pat’s new book for lots of reasons — I love Pat Sloan!, I’ve quilted for many, many years but I’m mainly a “topper”. I do quilt small projects with my quilting foot but NEVER free motion — too scary! I look forward to hearing more about her techniques & winning a copy of her book along with Moda’s giveaway. Oh yea, I LOVE Moda, too!! 😉

  164. I haven’t attempted machine quilting yet and am anxious to try. I know Pat’s new book will be perfect. I have all her books and Moda fabrics. Hometown Girl batiks are my fave!!

  165. I need to get out of my straight line and stitch in the ditch quilting habits, and learn some new tricks, and I’ll bet Pat Sloan is just the lady to teach me! thanks for the chance to win!

  166. I am a novice quilter and making quilts for my infant granddaughters, 9 and 10 months. I need this book to finish the quilts!

  167. Incredible! Book perfectly described my place machine quilting land. Does it address, taken classes and embarrassed to go back because I don’t want to ruin all of my own quilt tops that are begging to be finished?? 🙂 Haha would love some help and a jump start, plus it doesn’t hurt to make friends in the business!!! Pat my friend!!

  168. I love to quilt but have so much to learn. I think the book would be a tremendous help. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!!

  169. I need this book because I need to redeem the investment of $1800 for the Pfaff Quilt Expressions 4.2 that I purchased.

  170. I need this book so I can get the many tops I have made quilted!
    Have taken Pat’s classes. She is a great teacher so I’m sure the book will be also.

  171. I NEED this book, to help me remember all those little bits of info, like thread selection, these little things I forget easily.

  172. Pat Sloan makes quilting so much fun. She has great patterns and wonderful ideas for making quilts. Her directions are easy and her patterns are interesting. I have been quilting for 35 years (yes I am an older woman!) and I have to say that I am learning to love quilting even more! Thank you, Pat!

  173. Although I quilt all my own quilts on my domestic machine, I’m always looking for ‘that little tip’ that will make a big difference in my quilting. Thanks for the opportunity to have Pat Sloan’s help! Candy

  174. I need this book because I need ideas to help broaden my machine quilting skills. I use a frame but haven’t got past the meandering stage.

  175. I really reallllly NEEEEED this book!! 😀 I am still in practice mode on FMQ…I have several sandwiched quilt that need to be finished.. This book will help me for sure!! 🙂 Thank you for chance to winyour Give-a-way!! 😀

  176. 20 quilt tops to quilt and counting. I seem to be prolific at creating tops but need help with my machine quilting. HELP!

  177. I need this book, I am self taught quilter and I know there are easier ways to do things. When I first started quilting I went to hand quilting,m found a great book to assist me. Now that I am more prolific in making quilts I need to know how to machine quilt!

  178. OH I really N E E D someone to teach me to quilt and who better to do it than Pat Sloan! I am new to quilting and have no idea where to begin. Also, I’d love to really have the different weights of thread explained to me too. I’m the kind of person who likes to research first so my chance to fail might have lesser odds. When I grow up I want to quilt like Pat! Well, it’s a little late on the growing up part but I do want to quilt like Pat….

  179. I need this book to help me with my machine quilting. I know that Pat will have some good tips on how to quilt with my sewing machine.

  180. I need this book because I’m ready to move beyond straight line quilting and can use all the guidance and encouragement to practice that I can get. Pat’s book sounds fantastic.

  181. I have done some machine quilting, but I need this book to help me move forward and improve. I am always looking for new ideas and techniques.

  182. I need this book because all I know about machine quilting I learned in books and constantly need tips to improve.

  183. I need this book to get back into quilting. I’ve really only done small tops and mostly just the same squiggle pattern. I’m really not very sure about threads and would love to learn more.

  184. I have been quilting for a few years but really have cold feet when it comes to quilting my finished projects. I think your book is just what the doctor ordered, it looks like it would encourage me to get over my fear!!!

  185. I already have a copy of the book, but I need a copy for my daughter who is a new quilter because I don’t want to share mine!

  186. I could use this book because I’m experimenting on my quilts by quilting them myself. I belong to a group called the Linus Connection and we are encouraged to quilt our quilt tops.

  187. I ‘ve been a bit intimidated at the idea of machine quilting – Pat’s book sounds like just what I need to get over my fears nd give it a try

  188. I’d love to win this book so I could practice some machine quilting for all the new projects I have at my own leisurely pace. I really love the piecing part of quilting the best, but as I’m retired and thus low on funds, I hate to have to pay someone else to quilt my small and charity projects.

  189. I really do NEED this book because I still haven’t learned how to machine quilt. I have quilt tops waiting to be quilted that are collecting dust because I am afraid of ruining them and I can’t afford to pay someone to quilt them for me.

  190. I need this book because I need to learn how to machine quilt. I do have some finished tops, and plenty of block collections – well, you get the idea . . . Thanks for the opportunity to win some great prizes!

  191. I need this book because I have a lot of tops that need to be finished. My free motion skills are almost non existent!

  192. I’m re-entering the quilting world after being away due to family illness. Everyone is doing well and it’s my turn to pick up my hobby and things have changed!!!!

  193. I really need this book because I just can’t get the hang of it. I really need someone to lay it out step by step and have pictures to guide me. Thanks for the chance to win.

  194. I need this book so I can finish up several wall-hanging size quilts that are currently stacked up and waiting. And some Pat Sloan fabric . . . what could be better! Thanks for the chance!!

  195. After trying many classes on machine quilting I realize that I just need a step by step guide right beside me and lots of practice!

  196. I would just love to learn at her feet. Pat spoke at my quilt guild–Calico Cutters–recently. She is such a dynamic speaker. I learned much from her then and could learn more.

  197. I have never done sucessful free motion quitting. I have limited funds (who doesn’t?! Lol), but I would like to save money by quilting my own. I’d like to learn so I can teach other people. Thanks for the consideration!

  198. I need this book because I would like to learn how to machine quilt so that I can give some away as gifts to my family!

  199. I NEED this book because I do not know how to machine quilt! I have done a little straight line quilting, but no free motion. It sounds like this book would be a one on one with Pat.

  200. I need this book. I learned to quilt this past April. I have 3 tops done, but need to learn to machine quilt.

  201. I need this book because I am new to quilting. I learned to sew as a kid, well over thirty years ago, but until recently this was garments and occasionally on paper. Now that I am really excited about quilting, I want to be able to finish my own quilts.

  202. I don’t need Pats new book – I already bought it! But I would love some thread and a layer cake! Thanks

  203. When it comes to quilting, I’m a “newbee” – just learning. I signed up for quilting classes at one of our local sewing machine stores and have learned how to piece quilts. However, I’m a BIG chicken when it comes to machine quilting. I’ve been shown how to do it but haven’t had the guts to try it yet. Hopefully winning and devouring your book will give me the boost/incentive I need to try it. Wish me luck!!!

  204. I NEED Pat’s book because I’m ready to take my quilting up a notch! My husband is quite ill therefore we are virtual shut-ins and I have had the time to perfect piecing. Now for the next challenge…free motion quilting.

  205. I would love to read the book and apply some of Pat’s great teaching to become better! Thanks for the chance to win!

  206. I need this book because i AM one of those that are really a beginner I have made 3 quilts , 2 picture quilts and one T-shirt quilt, I need to learn all I can. I also would love to own Pats Sunday Drive and collection and some Aurifil Threads!! Thank you for the chance to win these wonderful gifts.

  207. I really need this book because I started free motion quilting about 2 months ago and I love it and feel that Pat’s book would be a great resource to help me better my skill level.

  208. I just received my copy of Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Machine And hilt. It half read already. Now all I need is her other book Teach Me to Appliqué and more Aurafil thread and I’m ready to rock!!!

  209. I absolutely need this book! I’ve just been quilting two years and have played around with FMQ. I need lots more practice and really want to win this!

  210. I started quilting in earnest just over 3 years ago. My “special” quilts have all gone to a long-arm quilter. I’ve finally started doing some FMQ, but I’m still so hesitant that the quality leaves a lot of room for improvement. I really want to get much better and know that Pat’s book will help in ways I can’t imagine! Thanks for providing this opportunity to learn more about the book and the chance to win it.

  211. I would so love to win this beautiful book. I need all the help I can get to quilt my entry for our local quilt show. Thanks for the opportunity.

  212. I would love to learn how to free motion quilt. I’ve been thinking of giving it a go for a while but have been hesitant. This book sounds like it would be a great help to get me started!

  213. I need this book because I am a slow quilter (lack of time) so everytime I quilt a quilt it’sfairly new to me and I have forgotten the tips and tricks. This book would be a beautiful reference.

  214. I need this book because I have a significant number of quilt tops awaiting my attention, and I could do with some inspiration!

  215. Since I can not hand quilt every quilt I make and can not aford to send a quilt to a proffesional I need to learn how to machine quilt. This book will be a great start to learn this. Greetings
    aubphg (at) hotmail (dot) com

  216. I am self taught and still making many mistakes. The book would be a great help. I broke two needles yesterday trying to machine quilt a strip quilt. Help!

  217. I need confidence to machine quilt. This book would really help me to overcome my nervousness at starting to have ago. All the hints & tips to get started.

  218. There are always new things to learn in the world of quilting. Tips from experts help us who are less experienced to gain confidence as we tackle the aspects of machine quilting. I look forward to seeing this new book.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  219. I have many quilt tops waiting to be quilted. If I finished them myself they would truly be my quilt!

  220. I really need this book! I have done some machine quilting, but it never ends up looking as well as I would like. I need Pat’s advice! Thanks for the opportunity.

  221. I have quilt tops waiting to be quilted and need someone to hold my hand through free motion quilting! I think Pat will be that person!!

  222. Machine quilting makes me sweat and all but break out in hives. Any help from Pat’s book would be appreciated.

  223. I tried free motion years ago & it was not successful! Since then I have improved and enlarged my piecing skills & have quite a few smaller projects I would like to try quilting myself. Sounds like this book would be what I need!

  224. I NEED the book because Pat Sloan is an awesome teacher and machine quilting becomes addictive once you get the hang of it.

  225. i need this book because i really want to learn fmq, right now i only do straight line walking foot designs.

  226. I can piece, applique, and make just about anything. I am trying to machine quilt and I am a preschooler! I need all the help I can find. :^)

  227. I need this book because I’m just starting out with free motion quilting, and i LOVE IT, and want to learn as much as I can!

  228. I need this book because I am always hoping that if I see or hear just one ‘thing’ that will help me not feel so frozen with FMQ then I will be able to move on.

  229. I really really want to become better at machine quilting and Pat’s book would give me the nudge to do the and use her beautiful thread and fabrics.

  230. Ei have so many tops waiting to be quilted that my husband says I am not a quilter just a piecer! Help me redeem myself – I really could use a copy of this book! churcae(at)auburn(dot)edu

  231. It’s certainly a skill I need to learn! (It’s also been one of the popular at classes at quilting events I’ve attended.)

  232. I would like to read this book to get pointers to improve my machine quilting. Then I would like to give it to my sister who wants to learn to quilt. I know we could both benefit!

  233. I need this book to improve my skills. The books looks like it has a lot of information that would help me pull together all the pieces, threads, techniques and perhaps I would be inspired to try again and finish my UFO piles of sad starts.

  234. I need this book because somehow, it doesn’t feel quite right to claim I made the quilt if I don’t quilt it myself!! I have my eye on a new Juki quilting machine so free motion stitching will become a must! And let’s face it, we all need more quilty loveliness in our lives!! Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  235. I need this book so I can be more proficient at quilting my own quilts, and to say “I made it myself.” If it is like her other books, I Know it will be a treasure and I will learn much. Thank you for a chance to win one.

  236. I absolutely need this book because sending quilts out to be quilted by a professional isn’t something common in Germany and therefore I quilt everything on my sewing machine and could always use new tips and tricks to improve the results.

  237. I need this book! I’ve taken lessons, practiced, and am still absolutely hopeless! I’m sure Pat will say things that finally “click”. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  238. I just got into quilting and have not.gotten to the quilting part of the blanket yet, I am very very very excited and eager to learn and I know this book would be an essential tool in my quilting “toolbox”. Happy Thanksgiving to yku.

  239. I need this book with the hope that Pat will kick-start my quilting of the six tops I’ve completed along with the binding. I have dabbled with machine quilting but I have no confidence to start on these quilt tops! I really want to get one of them basted & under the harp of my machine before I start on another top.

  240. I so need this book by Pat Sloan! I think it may help me to learn to trust myself enough to actually quilt a top without worrying about messing it up. It’s a scary thing to do…..

  241. Because I have a new sewing machine and don’t know much at all when it comes to finishing my quilts. I need help.

  242. I’m a beginner quilter, and I really need Pat to teach me to quilt. The quality of my projects is just not good enough to justify sending my work out, and I don’t know enough to do the quilting myself (new to sewing also). I need Pat’s help, now!

  243. I have attempted to machine quilt about 3 small quilts, and really need this book to help me learn how.

  244. Who doesn’t need this book? =) every time I try FMQ I encounter a new frustration–tension issues, uneven stitches, improper scale … I know I need practice, but I also need inspiration and *motivation*!

  245. I can’t wait to get my hands on Pat’s new book…she is such a great instructor and I am confident her book will be my go to guide in helping me improve my FMQ skills.

  246. I need this book because my machine quilting is horrific … so much so that I don’t even try anymore it has diminished my self-confident that much!! Love Pat Sloan and perhaps she can re-instill my desire to give machine quilting another try. Heaven knows I have enough finished projects that need quilting!! Thanks for the chance to win 😉

  247. I have several quilts that are ready to be quilted. I want to quilt them myself confidently on my home sewing machine.

  248. The long arm quilter that I have used for years has just retired. While I am looking for a new quilter, I would love to see if this is a skill I want to take the time to learn and starting with the basics and a “no fear” approach sounds great!

  249. I have been teaching myself how to machine quilt for a couple of years…. Seems there has to be an easier way and I would love to learn that “easier” way! Thanks!

  250. Yep, I need this book. I have been teaching myself to free motion quilt using youtube, and trial and error. I think my biggest problem is I am making a mistake somewhere in my basting. I ALWAYS end up with puckers on the back of my quilt. I just saw Amy Smart’s review at Diary of a quilter and her glowing praise for the basting section of this book makes me believe this book may just be able to help me fix my problems. Thanks for the chance!

  251. Yes I really really really need this book. Just learning to machine quilt and have had trials and errors along the way. Not enough to make me want to quit but enough to make me want to try harder!

  252. I took a machine quilting course about 6 years ago, but I really haven’t done enough practicing to get it right. I’ve tried stippling mostly, but have a hard time getting the stitches even. I need this book to help me put what I learned into practice. I especially need to see the videos, since I tend to be a visual learner!

  253. I need this book to help me expand my machine quilting skills from stippling and loops to flowers and other designs. I am stuck in a rut and really want to try new patterns, Pat is such a great teacher that I am sure her book would be super helpful.

  254. I would really love to have Pat’s new book. I have been away from quilting for a time now and I am getting back into Quilting. Any help is always appreciated when it comes to guiltily a Quilt or a wall hanging. I am reading what a super teacher Pat is and would really enjoy a copy of her book.

  255. I would love a copy of your book. I have quilted a few little wall hangings but feel I’m ready to learn more.

  256. I know from Amy Smart’s review of this book that I need to buy table clamps for easier quilt basting. I am 69 so it’s time to let these old knees take a break from the floor. I need this book. I will need to make a sign for my Mr. Santa to know. Of course, winning the book and the fabric would be even better! That is what all 300 of us are saying. Happy winning to the lucky person! Thank you again for all your wonderful posts! I love them all.

  257. I would love to have this book to add to my collection of Pat’s books. I have her first machine quilting book, which is also very good, plus quite a few others. Pat is a great teacher!

  258. I would love this book to learn to be better at machine quilting. I just can’t afford it at this time.
    Maybe later next year.

  259. I love how Pat explains things…she answers a question right when I’m thinking of it! LOL And she’s relaxed and funny — great approach to our craft!

  260. I need this book! I piece and piece and piece, and then they lay folded up somewhere. I’ve done a few lap quilts with hand tying. I’ve done one with just straight stitch in the ditch. I’d love this book or even the fabric and thread, anything is wonderful Thank you so much!

  261. One of my goals in the coming year is to work on machine quilting. I have several small projects lined up to “practice” my quilting on, I just need to be brave and start, I believe this book would help me do this. Something in my hand to read and look at to help encourage me. Pat always has good tips and explains thing very well. Thank you for the opportunity to learn.

  262. I have done machine quilting, but I need to learn to be more efficient. I want to read Pat’s book to improve my skills.

  263. I need to win this book because my husband is complaining about all my quilting expenses. We’re retired and I figure if I learn how to machine quilt, that will appease him and make us both happy. I dearly love to sew and do all kinds of needllework especially since I’m on oxygen and mostly home bound. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Just filling out this form makes me a happy camper. Good luck to everyone.

  264. This sounds like a wonderful book for the experienced as well as the beginning quilter. I would love to have it

  265. I would love to win this book. I machine quilt but lack the confidence to really say it is good. This would be a great start.

  266. I would love to have this book since I am a beginning quilter and needs pointers and hints. I think it would help me a great deal. I have enjoyed all the other things I have followed or made with Pat so I am sure this would be great too.

  267. I’ve heard so much about this book and would love a copy for myself. I always need inspiration when it comes to quilting my quilts and this sounds like just the book to get me started.

  268. I would love to have this book to help me learn how to do machine quilting because there is no way I could ever pay to have one done professionally on teacher’s retirement. If I don’t win, I will search the Internet and find articles that teach you. It would just be nice to have the book.

  269. I have looked into classes to teach me this and even attended one, but, it was so difficult. I think I could learn better by using a detailed book like this.

  270. I would love the book. I am just st learning how to use a long arm (yard sale find) but I have attempted using my regular machine. I need more information than random post and videos. I have never tried This thread. No love cal quilt shops near me.

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