Mini Marvelous!

You remember this book, right?


The Moda All-Stars Mini Marvels – 15 Little Quilts With Big Style!

There was a Schoolhouse at Quilt Market and today, the folks at Martingale are having a wonderful giveaway today – November 4th.  Check HERE for details.

The book is enough of a treat –


A Pink Christmas by Anne Sutton – Bee’s Knees by Sandy Gervais – Bright Sun by Sherri McConnell – Butterfly Kisses by Pat Sloan.

And there’s more…


Dashing by Lynne Hagmeier – Little Love by Edyta Sitar – Mini Medallion by Betsy Chutchian – Midnight Garden by Lisa Bongean.


June Bug by Camille Roskelley – Geese Crossing by Vanessa Christenson – Spinner by Me & My Sister ~ Barb & Mary – Zen Chic by Brigitte Heitland.

Wait!  That’s not all of them!


Stars & Stars by Laurie Simpson.  And finally…


Fly Away Home by Jen Kingwell.

As I wrote a week or so ago, the proceeds of Mini Marvels will go to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, a leader in the treatment of pediatric orthopedic conditions.  The work done by the doctors, nurses, volunteers and staff at TSRHC is extraordinary and their patients are the real mini marvels.  Everyone participating in this book is thrilled to be able to do something to help this amazing organization.

So don’t forget to see what the folks at Martingale have planned.  You could win a book and this…


To celebrate this marvelous book, we’re also giving away a couple of copies of Mini Marvels.  And there might be a Layer Cake in the package with it… enough to make a couple of the projects in the book.

Just leave a comment by Midnight on Sunday – November 13th – telling us if you’ve made a mini quilt before.  And if you have, how many have you made?

Go have a MARVELOUS Friday!






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620 thoughts on “Mini Marvelous!

  1. I have made mini quilts. Made them early in my quilting life. Something I really liked about making them was that I learned so much about quilting while I just made something small. I could make mistakes and they were “mini”! I think the best lesson for me was to learn about contrast of color and how important that was to be able to actually see the quilt design.

  2. I made a fish mini quilt for a friend’s birthday last year (a Moda Bakeshop pattern). I have yet to make one for myself, but I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! Thanks for a chance to win!

  3. I love, love, LOVE the patterns in Mini Marvels! Each pattern is a quick fix to an urge to sew something new. And with proceeds going to a good cause, it’s a win-win situation. Yes, I have made several minis, probably five in all. I see some new minis on my future! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this marvelous book.

  4. I have made 3 minis – love them – made me be more accurate – would love to make the quilts in this book – with different designers for each mini, the variety in styles is wonderful! Thanks for this opportunity.

  5. I’ve made a paper pieced miniquilt, years ago. I always meant to do another, maybe now would be a good time!

  6. I’ve only ever pieced together scraps as stash-busters to give as gifts. Would love this book to provide some method to my madness! All the minis on this post are amazing!! <3

  7. I have made a few mini quilts and love doing so. It is great to have a finished quilt so quickly and the joy of completing a “quilt” is great. Your book looks so interesting, there are quite a few I would love t make.

  8. I have and they are my current favorite quilts to make. Fast fun and fabulous! I would love to own this book. Thank you for the opportunity.

  9. This book is on my wishlist for Christmas! Yes, I’ve made several minis…..once you try them, you can’t stop! Kind of like potato chips, you know? You can’t eat just one!

  10. Yes I have made several minis. I love making them. I have made them for gifts, they can be the perfect little gift, they work well as wall hanging’s or table topper’s. This giveaway would be amazing to win.

  11. I’ve made mini quilts but no where near this intricate, just dolls quilts for my daughter in a few sizes and styles

  12. Minis were something I said I would never do! But I made one and then another–so fun and quick. You can make a beloved pattern in a short time without a big investment. I’ve also said I would never sky dive–will I stick with this never??

  13. These quilts are so pretty! I just completed my first two mini quilts and I am as proud as punch of them. Fun fun fun!

  14. I have never made a mini quilt unless you count my first quilt project which was a table runner. 😉 The book looks fabulous and I’d love to make an official mini quilt.

  15. I have purchased so many charms, cakes and those 2 1/2 inch squares with no project in mind…just loved so many fabric lines, and let’s face it, unlike Pokemon, you just can’t have ’em all! I’m thinking a collection of mini fabrics + a book on minis could = lots of fun!

  16. Yes, I have made several mini quilts. Love them. Their size makes them a great way to practice free motion quilting.

  17. I’ve made minis, and have eleven hanging in my home. I’d love to make a pattern from this book and make it an even dozen! I’ll frequently purchase a book if I really like one or two patterns in it, but I haven’t seen a pattern in this one yet that I don’t adore. Great book!

  18. Many years ago, mini quilts were an “in” thing. plus, with small children it was the only way that I could finish a quilt. So 20 or so is a good guesstimate. I only have a few as I sold or gave them as gifts.

  19. I have made one so far, the Mini Dwell Pattern by Camille Roskelly. I really enjoyed making it and would like to make more.

  20. I have probably made about 20 minis. I love the idea of charms and mini quilts … instant gratification. The best part is that I finish them and use them. We won’t talk about the pile of big quilts waiting to be quilted. LOL Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  21. The size of my projects has actually been shrinking lately, even though I haven’t made a mini yet. I found out how much fun it is to start and finish a project in a couple of days – mostly table runners. The mini quilts in the book look amazing, and I can’t wait to start one

  22. I just realized that I have made a mini! A bright pink and purple mini made with the mini twister ruler. I would live to make more. I’d also be thrilled to add the 3rd MODA All Stars book, to the previous 2. ;-> Toni Anne

  23. I do have a couple of minis. One I made, the other a gift, a signature quilt gave to me when we moved. Love the book and how wonderful that the profits will be donated!

  24. I have made mini quilts before, and I love them. They’re so cute to look at and so much fun to make because they are so quick. I really do enjoy them.

  25. I have made 2 mini’s. A flying geese quilt and a basket Quilt. Neither was as awesome as the ones you have pictured above from the book. Winning a copy of the book would force me to up my game (and skill level).

  26. I’ve made many mini’s yet, 20 or more I suppose, mostley as presents for other people. I made about 10 little quilts of love for parents with a stillborn baby (spread in hospitals) Might I win I’ll make more of those little quilts of love, maybe using those loveley patterns from the book. Thanks for the oppotunity to win, kind regards, Conny

  27. I’ve made a few minis. Very satisfying because you complete them so much faster than a lap size or larger quilt. These minis are beauties! Love the style variety.

  28. Love the mini quilts and plan to make more of them in the future. Love the book, all of them are wonderful patterns.

  29. I ❤️ that feeling that I can complete a mini quilt more quickly than a KING size quilt! Thank you for a great new book!

  30. What an awesome book and charity for procedes. I have not made any mini quilts yet but would love to try.

  31. I would love to win this book! I have made quite a few mini quilts, and I really enjoyed making them. They are great to change out as decorations, perfect for gifts, and wonderful for grandchildren who like them as doll quilts.

  32. I love making mini quilts. You get almost instant gratification of a completed project. I have some hanging in my sewing room to give me inspiration.

  33. I’ve just begun making mini’s with only one to my credit. It was so much fun, I can’t wait to make more! There is a wonderful variety of patterns in this book, it would be difficult to decide which to make first. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  34. I have never made a mini quilt but they have been on my list to try. The quilts in this book look marvelous!

  35. As a relative new quilter, I struggle to do regular piecing, so my Mini piecing is usually small Christmas ornaments or wool appliqué. Would love to win the book and try out some of the projects.

  36. I have not made a mini yet. This winter, I would like to try to make one in memory of my Mom. Flowers, or hearts, both are in the book.

  37. I bought a mini by a fellow quilter because I love them so much but am afraid to try one. I look at them constantly as if I am making them vicariously… day…..

  38. I’ve never made a mini, but these pictures and projects make me wish I had! Another project (or two or three) to add to my list!

  39. I have made many mini quilts, possibly dozens. People have told me I started this quilting hobby backwards, as I started with mini quilts and progressed to larger-sized quilts. I came to the quilting world from cross stitching, so mini quilts didn’t seem all that small to me! I still make minis today, some 25 years later, and love them! Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

  40. The majority of the quilts I make are mini’s because I LOVE them! Made too many to count! Another great book of mini’s to add to my collection. Thanks!

  41. I have a hat trick. I have won first place for miniatures quilts in our Guild’s Quilt Show. I have next year’s entry in my mind’s eye. Looking forward to working on it.

  42. I’ve made a couple of minis for swaps as well as 5 or 6 that turned into potholders and seat belt covers. I’d love to try an applique mini, like Lisa Bongean’s!

  43. No minis for me yet, unless you count a few table runners. I have a few cute candy packs that I would love some ideas for though!

  44. I have never made a mini quilt but reading all the comments and seeing the patterns has inspired me to make a couple. I always love how sharing with other quilters is so motivational and educational.

  45. I love small quilts..trying different patterns and color combinations is very many to enjoy from creative designers.

  46. I enjoy making minis and make several a year. They are fun. I have learned that I have to be just as careful with fabric. contrast becomes very important.

  47. I’ve made about 4 mini quilts, but I confess that not all of them are quilted yet. Need to get that done!

  48. I have made a few minis, but would love to make more. Everything just seems so much cuter when it’s miniature.

  49. I have never made a mini before but there is a wall in my sewing room just begging to be lived by minis! 😉

  50. I have made a few, but most of my recent quilts have been for wrapping up on the couch! I would love to make some minis with all the great fabrics out right now!

  51. I have made a couple of mini quilts before but i see more in the future with all the patterns from this book. Very in.spirational

  52. I’ve made small projects, but not true “minis” in the sense of the blocks and all being scaled down to miniature size. This book/the projects in it look like they’d be achievable even for a mini-novice like myself, though!

  53. I have never made a mini, and I would love to try one of these inspiring designs! I think a mini-project would fit into my busy schedule right now. Thanks for the motivation!

  54. I love to make mini quilts. I have made more than fifty. I think I would make most of the quilts in the book!

  55. What a wonderful giveaway! I’ve made a couple of mini-quilts. It is so gratifying to make a quilt start to finish in a short time, in between the more time consuming queen size quilts! All the projects in the book are so appealing!

  56. I have pieced two micro mini quilts up to this point. Ready to try mini’s in the near future. Love the designs in the book.

  57. I have this book already…if I win I will pass it on…but I would selfishly keep the yummy fabric !!!

  58. I love making minis and have made several, probably at least 20 and have 3 more in various stages. I have 2 12″ stands and I love to change them out each month. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book, it looks wonderful!

  59. I have made Swoon by Camille Roskelley. It was fun but the pieces were so small. I had it in a recent quilt show and saw someone had made the full size version, and was thinking that would be a better size to tackle. Minis are much easier to try a technique or color scheme before tackling a large version. And as my husband would say “We don’t need another quilt!”

  60. I got into making mini’s about a year ago and am hooked. A 12″ block now “seams” huge to me. It is almost the size of a whole quilt, not just a block. LOL

    I have made about 10 mini’s and have no intention of stopping.

  61. I’ve made quite a few mini quilts and have to say that I love the patterns in this book. It would be fun to make some of them. Thanks for the giveaway and…….I hope I am one of the winners!

  62. I have made a few minis. So satisfying to play with color and design with a short term commitment. And they serve as a tune-up for sewing skills. You need to be exact in cutting sewing and pressing.

  63. Love your new book of mini quilts. Already planning which ones I want to make. Love that I can try new techniques and styles without having a huge new project to deal with.

  64. I have made at least 30 mini quilts! Our guild has a silent auction each year at our quilt show selling minis to earn money for a local charity. That is the reason I have made so many. Once you start making them, it is hard to stop! Especially for such a good cause!

  65. I have made a mini before. Maybe 6-8.. I’m not always sure what qualifies as one. Sometime the blocks are small, sometime the quilt is small, sometime it’s just one block. Mostly I love fabric and the things you can make and do with it. The Mini Marvels book looks like a wonderful opportunity to try out several designers’ styles, add to my mini collection and has a great bonus of helping others all at the same time. I guess that’s it’s superpower!

  66. I’ve made lots of mini quilts and I’m not sure exactly how many. I love to tuck them into little displays, roll up in baskets, give away as gifts, and use under my dish draining rack!

  67. The last mini I made was 20 years ago! But I love the medium and can’t wait to make the minis in this book. To me, minis are beautiful little pieces of art that can be displayed easily on my walls.

  68. I love minis – I love the talented designers. I want to make all of the quilts – I would love to win the book. Such a generous give away.

  69. I have made several and would love to try some from this wonderful book. Always fun to try something new on a smaller scale.

  70. I am not sure what constitutes a mini is. I am a beginner and my first two quilts were about 30″ square. I have made single blocks into finished pieces and have also made a doll quilt with small paper pieced blocks.

  71. I have made several minis. It seems if I make more minis, I would have more places in my home to display them as my love of quilts. I will begin by making at least 4 of the minis in this book. They are so exciting.

  72. I’ve made more than 30 minis. Mostly paper pieced log cabin and pineapple blocks. Been wanting to try some new ideas and I love the patterns in this book.

  73. I have made a number of mini quilts. At Christmas, I decorate a wall in the living room with a collage of them. It is so bright and festive, and I can expand it and change it each Christmas as I add on those I have made during the year.

  74. I have made minis. I like them because they make up fairly quickly and you have a completed project. They can be put almost any where for a pop of color and interest. I would say that I probably have at least 10 that I would call true minis. I like the paper pieced ones because there is a good chance for accuracy.

  75. I love making mini quilts. I use them to test quilting for larger quilts and just for a fun quick finish. I’ve totally lost track of how many I’ve made.

  76. I have made a couple of doll quilts and I am excited about making more of them as well as making mini quilt wall hanging.

  77. I made several minis years ago as seasonal decorations for my front door. Since then I’ve made tons of larger-than-minis as baby quilts. I love this book and the wealth of inspiration it is, so I’m sure I’m on to a new adventure!

  78. I Love Minis! I have made about 3 but I have quite a few books for minis. I have a large family and they all want a quilt, this is how I am giving them a quilt. With a Mini Quilt. I would love to add this to my quilt book collection. I am going to look into buying this book so I have more choices for the family. I have 7 sisters and 1 brother.(alot of quilts!)

  79. I have not made a mini yet but I have that on my list. You have so many great designers in this book and several patterns that will go wonderfully with my Civil War repro stash. Would love to have one.

  80. I have never made a mini quilt. Since starting to quilt one year ago I began with the bigger projects like Farmgirl Vintage! Yikes too much for a beginner but I did it. Now I want to try a small quilt so I can learn to hand quilt instead of machine quilt. Mini’s are the way to go I think to learn that skill. And no I didn’t finish Farmgirl Vintage. I did 20 squares and the intensity of all there is to learn about quilting set me on hold so I am moving on to simple for now!

  81. Love the mini quilts! I’ve made a few – some are hung in my kitchen protecting the walls from getting banged up from the cabinet handles. Mini Quilts have super powers!

  82. Yes, I’ve made several mini quilts…probably 7 of them. I entered a mini quilt swap once and gave away my first mini. I received a gorgeous one back that still hangs on my sewing room wall.

  83. I’ve made a few mini quilts which I called table toppers at the time. So far all of the Moda All-stars books have been winners! Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. this book looks so intersting , so many wonderful minis and great designers offered between the pages… this giveaway would certainly help pass away the long winter days that will be here before we know it

  85. I started out in quilting by making mini quilts. Then my husband commented that I could make a quilt for our bed in the time that it took to make a little one. Occasionally, I still make mini quilts. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve made as I gave some away for gifts.

  86. What a great giveaway. I’ve made a couple minis, mostly for swaps but also for myself. I love how the small format let’s me test new skills with less risk and time commitment.

  87. I love mini quilts and lost count how many I’ve made already because they are such a great gift for friends and I love to give them away:-)

  88. Love making mini quilts – love the feeling of actually accomplishing something!! I also love the challenge of precision, which is magnified with minis!

  89. I haven’t mad a mini for years, but this book would be just the inspiration that I need to make many, many minis!

  90. Sadly, I’ve never made a mini but I have promised myself (for over a year!) that I will make one or more to decorate my sewing area. You’ve re-inspired me! Thanks.

  91. I’ve made one mini quilt – Baltimore Album. It was fused and embroidered around fused pieces by hand. Thanks for the giveaway. martisovitsd (at) central (dot) edu

  92. Looks like a terrific book, and love that the proceeds support medical care for children. I made mini quilts long before they were trendy, and have a nice collection. It’s been great fun to see this size quilt come into its own. I’ll definitely be adding to my collection, including a few from this book!

  93. This book looks very cool, and the designers are all awesome. So it should be a winner. I would love to have it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  94. I have never made a mini quilt but, after making a couple king size quilts, I need something less massive and quicker. Your book has many lovely projects and supports a great cause.

  95. I just finished my first mini! A beautiful butterfly quilt in batiks. I would love to have this book for inspiration to make more. I am planning on making several for my sewing room.

  96. I have made a few minis for silent auctions. One of my goals for 2017 is to work on a wall of minis. I’ve been inspired by Edyta’s mini wall.

  97. I made a couple of seasonal minis as practice when I learned to quilt two years ago. I would love to win this book and make a few to display year round. Thanks so much for the chance!

  98. I’ve not made mini quilts but boy do I want to. There’s something very exciting about them when looking at the various designs. And small things are cute!

  99. I’ve made many mini quilts and sometimes will make one for a doll bed that matches a full size quilt. Many others are lined on the wall in my sewing room.

  100. Yes, I have made quite a few minis. Fun to do and a real,break,from larger,pieces, as I can happily quilt this size to my hearts content.

  101. I love little quilts. I am afraid to try one. Would love to win . My best assist is defending my latest purchase!

  102. I have never made a mini, those look so cool! An early Xmas gift to win all that! What great patterns!

  103. I have made a few minis…..and then sewed them together for a bed quilt!!!! Gave a few as gifts, too!!!

  104. I enjoy making mini quilts – some for dolls; others for candle mats or table toppers. I’d so love to win this book! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway

  105. No, I’ve never made a mini quilt before, but I have a friend who makes them and I have been lucky to be the recipient of a few!!I …think it’s about time I started doing my own. Thanks for the giveaway

  106. I have made one and loved the fact that something so beautiful was completed in a short amount of time. These samples are urging me to make more!

  107. I’ve made several mini quilts. I’ve got hooked on them. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book! I’m not sure how many I’ve made. I’ve never counted. Maybe 15-20. Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy of your book!

  108. I make lots of miniquilts. I have belonged to Jo morton’s Little Women’s Club for many years. Love them to change up my decorating around the house. Probably have close to 50 of them.

  109. I have only made one mini quilt and it was great fun. Would love to use this book to make more. Thank you!

  110. I’ve made several mini quilts but not sure how many, hmmm, i’m going to say more than 10 for sure.

  111. I have made many quilts but not mini’s, they would look so pretty hanging in my sewing room, would love to win this it would be a great start.

  112. I’m in the process of making my first one now! A little challenging as I’m trying not to follow a pattern but using templates and trying to make it my own, we’ll see how it turns out.

  113. I have made minis before. I love the ones in this book. Doing to more small quilts lately since the big ones are getting hard for me to handle and they take up more room.

  114. I’ve made several mini quilts. They are very addictive. They are little bits of sunshine on your walls. Love the book!

  115. I have never made a mini quilt before. I always thought they would be to hard to piece with such tiny pieces of fabric. The quilts in this book look amazing. I would love to try to make a mini quilt or maybe even 15.

  116. I’ve made “small” quilts for club challenges but I’m not sure they would be considered minis.

  117. I have done many mini quilts. I love being able to tuck them here and there around my house. My favourite is an autumn rail fence made with 1″ strips.

  118. Love making mini quilts between the big projects. Working towards making a beautiful wall of minis!

  119. I’ve completed about 5 mini’s. Huge satisfaction in getting them done quickly.
    Thank you for the fun giveaway!

  120. I have never made a mini quilt but would love to give them a try. It would be nice to do a project that is fairly quick to finish – would be a great way to try different quilt patterns without having to commit to a full size quilt. The quilts pictured above are really sweet.

  121. Yes, have made mini quilts. The latest was a hand-pieced Stack’N’Whack hexagon quilt out of leftovers from a larger quilt – I just hate to throw away gorgeous scraps. Hand quilted, too!

  122. I have admired and adored mini quilts but never made one. I’ve always wanted to, though and maybe this is the way for me to start. Thinking of buying this precious book.

  123. I have never made a mini quilt before, however it’s on my to do list. I love so many of these patters and have the perfect blank wall for them!

  124. I have never made a mini-quilt. I am quite curious in the differences on making them smaller than a bed size.

    Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  125. I am just guessing but I must have made close to 100 minis. I have given some as gifts and many of the others are on display in my home. Some are seasonal so I don’t display them all at the same time. Minis are a favor tire of mine.

  126. I’ve made tiny quilts as Christmas ornaments and I’ve made placemats and table runners as well.

  127. Minis are almost all I make anymore. After convincing my Mom many years ago that quilts were for beds and she didn’t need to make minis, I have now made probably close to 100 of them! And my Mom has followed my misguided advice and never made a single one. : )

  128. I have made 4 mini-quilts in the past–a great way to try a new technique and play with fabric, without having to make 20+ blocks–and they are just so cute!

  129. I’m not sure how many mini quilts I’ve made–I’m not a great counter–but I can tell you that we have seven mini’s hanging in our home, right now, made by me.

  130. I love miniature quilts. I was making them with 1/8 inch seam allowances before people thought of using foundation piecing. I love a challenge. The quilts in this book are so quilt are talking to me, and inspiring me to make mini’s again.

  131. I love mini quilts for many reasons not least of all my short attention span! I have made four minis and plan to make more with the patterns from this book!

  132. I have made several mini quilts and I love the challenge. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book. The collection of quilts is a winner.

  133. I have made mini quilts before. They are so fun and relatively quick; a great way to work with “out of the box” colors and techniques. Plus I just like them, here, there, and everywhere!

  134. I did start a mini quilt but it grew and grew into a lap sized huggable!
    This book looks as if it might help tame my spontaneity in the most delightful way 🙂
    It looks like great fun to play with!

  135. I have made several mini’s and find them a joy to made. Just a little splash of color really brightens up an apartment. I usually find my patterns on the internet. Oh what fun it would be to have book of them to work up. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  136. Only one mini has been made here and I used a pattern by Me and My Sister during the Aurifil Designer mini of the month program last year. It was a good quick project. Thanks for the overview of the book. Several mini patterns caught my attention. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway.

  137. I have never made a mini quilt yet. I have made many potholders over the years. This party of quilters looks fun and you have inspired me to make these really neat mini’s. Thank you very much!

  138. I love making mini quilts!!!! I often add a zippered backing so they can be a mini quilt or a pillow! I’m not sure how many I’ve made…at least 10!

  139. No, I haven’t – but I’ve always wanted to! Maybe this would put me over the edge and actually make one! LOL!

  140. I have pieced only one mini quilt. It was a paper pieced design. It is ready to go under my sweet sixteen. So I guess officially, I have not finished my mini quilt.

  141. I’ve made five mini quilts so far and plan to make lots more. The mini quilts in the book are spectacular!

  142. I haven’t made a mini quilt yet, although I have several on my “to-do” list! There isn’t a single one pictured that I wouldn’t like to try – they are all so fun!

  143. I’ve made a few mini quilts, and quickly learned attention to detail, accuracy, and lots of spray starch are a quilter’s best friends! The quilts in this book are calling to me, and I can’t wait to get a copy. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  144. I’ve made many mini quilts over the years. Mini-quilts are great gifts for friends, especially for friends moving out of town.

  145. Yes I have made mini quilts…love them! I call mini quilts skill builders because you have to be very accurate when making them. I’ve made over twenty and have a couple in the works right now.

  146. Yes, I have made quite a few! Some for Wall Hangings in our home! Some for Friends Gifts! Some to just practice for a larger project! Thank You for a swell Giveaway!

  147. I have participated in a Jo Morton club at my local quilt store and have made about a dozen mini quilts. I love displaying them on my walls and tabletops and in baskets.

  148. I’ve made a dozen or more mini’s, love them. They are great hand projects to sit on the sofa and do. I use them at my desk at work, so cute.

  149. Love making mini’s as it is a great way to try a new technique. Have made around 8 or 9. The book has some really fun and beautiful mini quilts.

  150. I have made 6 mini quilts and hope to make many more. The quilts pictured from in your book look so exciting!

  151. I haven’t made as many minis as I would like but I can remember making a few. I haven’t made as many of anything as I would like but I hope to remedy at least part of that over the next 20 years or so. . .

  152. I always make mini quilts for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and for the Seasons. In fact, for everything! I just love it!

  153. I love to make mini’s. It improves my skill and the results are so rewarding. Then when I finish I can zip out a bigger quilt in no time!

  154. Well I have made some wall hangings, but probably not what I would refer to as true minis!!! Would love to use this giveaway to change that!!!

  155. I have made several mini’s – not sure how many since it was several years ago. The mini in the book that draws me in is the one you designed – my favorite!

  156. I have made a few minis and i love making them. Very Satisfying. I love
    The new book and the artists in it. There is at least five I want to make. I can’t wait to buy the book!

  157. What is considered a mini? I have made a couple that were approximately 30×30 inches. Does that count? Haven’t made any smaller than that.

  158. I have not made a mini quilt before. But Midnight Garden is going to be my first! And my first wool project! There are so many quilts I want to make from this book. Can’t wait :D.

  159. I started with mini quilts early in my sewing hobby. I didn’t know how to sew and this was something I could see progress faster than a large project and also learn by my mistakes, small scale. I am working on several row by row’s to hang as mini’s on my sewing room wall…and would love to add some of these from this book!

  160. I’d have to estimate that the number would be around a hundred if you add them all up since 1987! I love to make minis between projects, usually in colors opposite the big quilt I had finished. It’s refreshing!

  161. I made a mini quilt to give to my Granddaughter for a doll quilt. I made it by reducing a full size wall hanging. It was great fun.

  162. I have not made a mini quilt yet. Made a large quilt 20 some years ago for my parents. After buying a new sewing machine in August, I’m back!

  163. I have not yet made a mini quilt, even though I have a couple of places to hang one, lol. One has to have something to look forward to…

  164. I’ve made a couple of dozen “minis”…many before the mini craze hit! Being a full time wife and mother with a career outside the home doesn’t leave a lot of time for making a lot of large quilts…making small quilts has enabled me to fill a creative need. Since the role of grandmother is now in the mix too, minis are still my favorites!

  165. I have not yet made a mini quilt, but it’s on my bucket list. I’ll need my extra strong magnifiers on for sure.

  166. I need this! I have so many places in my house that are just begging for a Mini Marvel! Pick me, pick me!

  167. I have only made a mini whole cloth,but a mini continues to be on my agenda. Maybe if I had the super power of finishing my quilts with the blink of an eye I will succeed!!

  168. I have made one. I will be making more as soon as the two large quilts that I have are finished and my sewing room is set up.

  169. I have not made a mini quilt. Most of my quilts have been BAQs, but I am anxious to try a mini quilt. I have lots of blank space on the walls of my quilt studio that are just begging for minis.

  170. Gosh how many minis I have I made. I really have never counted them as I made them for swaps and a couple for me. I will take a guess and say about 20. I do love making mini quilts because it gives me a chance to practice my FMQ.

    The projects in the book look like a fun time to be had making them.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  171. I have made minis before and love doing them. My granddaughter thinks that when I make a mini it is automatically hers and has several on her bedroom wall. She reminded me just the other day that I had not made her a new on recently.

  172. I have some quilts decorating the hall outside my office. I really need to make some new ones, and these mini quilts would be perfect!

  173. I have not made a mini quilt yet. Winning a book like this would certainly give me the incentive! I like the idea of arranging some minis as decoration on a wall.

  174. Have not made a mini quilt, but have made a small sized block I’d like to make into a mini quilt! I like these ones much better than mine though.

  175. I have made many many minis…..never counted them but easy to say more than 50. Most have been given away for charity events, quilt show auctions, and gifts. A great way to use up scraps.

  176. I love the book and mini quilts.These are so great to make when not feeling your best.These help keep me going without having to spend weeks on a project. I would love to have this.

  177. I’ve made many mini quilts as I can finish them and move on to the next idea I have. Would love to have this book.

  178. If I recall I have probably made about 8 mini quilts in the last 2 years. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win a book! 🙂

  179. I have convinced my Guild to have a modern mini section in our next show, so we might buy this book for the library. I have just made my first mini, but aim to make a whole lot more to decorate my studio. Thanks for the giveaway.

  180. I have only made a dresden mini quilt but I would love to have a go at more. How fabulous to finish a whole quilt in such a short time and to get satisfaction from actually finishing something. x

  181. I have about 5 that I have made hanging in my home and I’ve made 4 as gifts. I do love how quickly they go together from start to finish.

  182. I have made only 1 or 2 but would love to make more. I love the mini quilts shown here. Can’t wait to try them out.

  183. I have made two mini’s – both are Scandinavian inspired – now I want to take some of those mini patterns and make up some row by row quilts – just an idea floating around in my head.

  184. I have made a mini quilt. Primitive Gatherings Little Twister. It was so much fun! Thank you for the giveaway!

  185. I have made a few minis, love the instant gratification and love to include some of my favorite fabrics to remind me of the entire line of them. Thanks and I sure would love to win this book, I’d wrap it and put it right under the tree for ME from Santa

  186. Wonderful giveaway!! No, I have never made a mini, but I love them and I do have some patterns and the fabric to go with one. Ugh!! Thanks for this chance!!

  187. I have only made a few mini quilts, a couple for my Halloween and Christmas decor, and several for gifts. I love mini quilts because I can FINISH them! Thanks for the chance to win!

  188. I’ve made too many mini’s to count, I love them. They’re fast and fun quilt gratification, but they can add a challenge if one’s in the mood for it too.

  189. I have made minis before….usually paper pieced. Liked them when I first started to quilt because they were quick projects.

  190. I would love to make minis. I have lots of small scraps in my stash that need to be in one! This lbook is so filled with cute Ideas that my creative juices are spinning.

  191. I’ve never made one beforw, and I’m just getting into quilting so I feel like a mini would be a fun way to start!!

  192. I have made several mini quilts. It is a great way to try out a new technique or a different color scheme. Very rewarding, too, as they make up quickly.

  193. I’ve made a little tiny pineapple with HSTs about 7 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, and I’m making my first “big” mini for my guild’s miniquilt swap!

  194. I’ve never made a mini quilt before!!! And as I signed up in the modern quilt guide’s minifallswap, I have to make one for my swap partner. I’m browsing the internet to find inspiration and tutorials…. so winning this book would really be a great chance for me

  195. I’ve made six mini quilts. Some are placemats and others are for my spoiled cats! Mnis are great to do between queen sized quilts.

  196. I’ve made a lot of minis over the years. It gives me the possibility I might actually get to make all the quilts I want to.

  197. I’ve never made a mini because I don’t have the precision skill that they require. Your new book is inspirational, though, and I may give it a try after the holidays.

  198. I have made several minis and I’m looking forward to making more. They’re certainly quicker to make than bed-size quilts and easier to machine quilt. Even if the design is a complex one, it’s still a relatively quick project.

  199. I’ve made between half a dozen and a dozen mini quilts. I love how fast they are done! Very encouraging!

  200. I made a few minis when I thought the only way to get all the quilts I wanted to make in this lifetime was to do them in mini – lol! Quickly realized tiny piecing actually takes longer! Thanks for the giveaway chance! LaunderedCotton at gmail dot com

  201. I have never made a mini, but these patterns are enough to inspire me to make some. Would be a great way to practice and learn new patterns as well as experiment with colors.

  202. I have never sewn any mini quilts, table runners, etc. but after seeing all the beautiful designs in this book, I’d love to win it and begin making some of these. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  203. Yes I have made lots of mini quilts. Everything is cuter when it’s small, right? Small projects are a great way to use up little scraps of beautiful fabrics. And it’s fun to make something that brings joy and takes only a short time to finish.

  204. I’ve made a few mini quilts. One was a disappearing hourglass that I got the corner triangles down to 1/4″ finished. My points weren’t perfect, but I still love it!

  205. I have made minis, and now challenge myself to use the corners that I cut off in another project and while I’m cutting fabric to use mini templates to make new mini quilts. Thanks for the giveaway. Love Moda fabrics.

  206. I’ve made several minis. They are great for actually finishing something instead of having to look at a bin of UFOs. And for someone as slow as I am, the minis are very satisfying. I especially like art minis but have done some with patterns – great for learning new techniques.

  207. I have made at least 8 and probably a few others I have made could be considered minis. I have many more on my bucket list to look forward to. It would be MARVELous to make some from your new book MINI-MARVELS!!!

  208. I love minis and the many creative patterns available and uses — such as the basket liner shown in this book. I make 5-6 per year. They are also helpful to try out a technique.

  209. Mini quilts are my favorite quilt to make. Over the past 10 years I have made SO many, there is no way I could even guess how many it’s been. Let’s just say it’s in the dozens. I learned how to do binding by making minis. I collect 2.5″ charms, so I would really cherish the Mini Charm packs if I won them. TY for the opportunity. I LOVE Moda fabrics.

  210. I’ve never made a mini before but this book makes me want to jump right in :)..thank you for the giveaway!!!

  211. I haven’t made any minis, but have several kits. Think I would like to hand piece and hand quilt BUT there are so many minis and quilts I want to do, I probably won’t have the patience. LOL

  212. I have made a few minis. Got this book last week. I want to make Pink Christmas first………….

  213. I have made only about 6 minis…. Mostly for the guild’s quilt show… but i am hoping to make myself some to fill my own walls … Thanks for the chance to win…

  214. I’ve never made a mini quilt, the smallest quilting I’ve done is a table runner. I’d love to try mini quilts!

  215. The first quilt I finished was a mini quilt! It was only a couple weeks ago! LOL I just taught myself to use a sewing machine just over a month ago, and started quilting- made 2 mini quilts as my first attempts, and my 4 year old twins are using them as blankets for their stuffed animals now. Thanks for the giveaway.

  216. I have been making mini quilts for about 30 plus years. First they were Dollie quilts, quilts for 1/12 doll houses and in the last seven years they have been small quilts, often from blog quiltalongs , freebe mini quilt patterns as well as my self designed minis that I could hand piece, hand quilt and feel like I had some control over a life that was filled with responsibility for an ailing husband. I love making minis. It opens up experience, choices and creativity. Long live the little gems. D.S.

  217. No, I’ve never made a mini, but I’d like to. It would be a shorter project than the big quilts I’ve always made. And, I have the perfect wall to showcase minis. I’d love to win, thanks for the opportunity.

  218. I started out making the minis many years ago – it was great at the time – when working full time and having a family and all the activities ……it was a great learning experience… the world of quilting…which is such a joy in my life….I am almost 79 and I am at my machine everyday…..there is something about these patterns – all so different that I really need to do this and can you imagine all 15 mini quilts on a wall….my own art projects…. love it…

  219. I’ve made a few but nearly as many as I’d like. I think I’d probably make every mini in this book!

  220. I have my first one partly made and have a couple more in the plans. I think I would love to cover the walls in my sewing room with some. It will be nice to have some small projects to work on between the bigger projects. I also want to use small quilts to cover the window in the door leading to the garage. Having seasonal quilts for that window would be fun. The door is very near our bedroom door.

  221. I haven’t made a mini quilt yet and I ask myself why. I could be done so quickly! Would love to win this package and actually MAKE my first mini.

  222. I’ve made a few minis. Some to cover dolls and a couple to decorate with. This looks like a fabulous book to use to make some more

  223. I’ve made one mini top but as yet have not backed or quilted it. Would love to win a copy of the book to inspire more mini making!

  224. I have made several minis and I love them. Some of them have been your patterns Carrie. I would love to have this book. I am on Christmas panic mode at the moment! Some of these would be a great way to welcome in the new year.

  225. I haven’t made a mini but I’d love to particularly seeing all these treasures – love Jen Kingwell’s mini – it’s adorable!

  226. I must say, I have made a lot of bed sized quilts, but I have never made a mini. Winning this would be so wonderful! Then I could make a lot of minis! 🙂

  227. I made a log cabin mini quilt and a couple of appliqué mini quilts many years ago. I’m intrigued by the recent re-interest in mini quilts and have bought several patterns from Camille Roskelly and have plans to make a few!

  228. I’ve made only 2 minis thus far and I learned that you had to have great contrast and accuracy when piecing them. I’d love to make a couple of the mini quilts in this book. Thanks for the chance to win!

  229. 6 mini quilts thus far. It’s how I’m teaching myself to quilt free motion:)
    Love this post , especially the wall of mini’s. I’m redecorating my stitching area now…thankyou so much. Kudo’s to the fundraiser(s) too, what an amazing organization it will benefit.

  230. I made 2 Mini Quilts for the Venice, FL, quilt guild 2016 Show piecing 9 houses of Charm Squares for each.

  231. Mini Quilts used to be my “thing”. I couldn’t even count how many I’ve made over the years! They’re a lot of cute in a little package!!

  232. I’ve never made a mini-quilt before … and am new enough to this adventure to be unsure about what they really are!

  233. This book looks quite inspiring. I have often considered making a mini quilt for a gift or to disiplay, it seems you can express feelings and thoughts easily using colors, shapes and textures. I would love to have the opportunity to own this book and to make some of these beautiful mini quilts!

  234. I’m in the process of making one of Bestsy Chutchian’s minis and I have previously made two minis. I love them. I love how you can get so precise on them if you so desire. All of the fun of sewing and no need to worry about where to store a big quilt. Not that that makes me sew large quilts. But it sounded good. Hahahhah. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Moda is THE BEST. ❤️

  235. I am awe struck as usual!! I have made more than 75 minis and all of these are so new, refreshing and I can’t wait to get started!! I think I may start with Carrie Nelsons!! Thanks Ladies for the hard work and great ideas as usual

  236. I am early in to the mini quilts. But I love them! I have probably only made 20 so far, many of them for swaps. In this book, I will start with the pink Christmas. Two of my favs.

  237. I’ve never made a mini quilt! I’ve loved seeing the samples fro
    The new books and think it must be time for me to get making a mini!

  238. I love mini charm packs and mini quilts! My smallest quilt to date is 2″x2″ and I love it so much!

  239. I have made several mini quilts and I think they are fun, I made a mini bug jar quilt for my husband and also a cabin in the woods for my daughter, I have also made several doll quilts and mug rugs, they are small and quicker to complete them bed size quilts.

  240. No, I have never made a mini quilt. But seeing this book with all the quilt super heroes, I surely will! Love the designs! Thank for the chance to win!

  241. I’ve made many miniature quilts. They are my favorite size to make. Thanks so much for the chance to win your awesome giveaway!

  242. These minis are marvelous! I can’t wait to make them. I have made four small wall hangings. I’d really
    like to make a true small mini.

    Awesome giveaway! Moda Rocks! Fingers crossed!


  243. I have several minis. Chevron log cabin blocks measuring approx. 2 3/4″. Sharon Craig designed a rubber stamp to stamp the log cabins on muslin. I sewed them by hand. They are very charming and they are hanging in my office at work.

  244. I have only made a feel minis and have only kept one. I have been lucky to have received two in swaps though. Needless to say my mini wall looks a little bare!

  245. I’ve made several mini quilts and have them hanging around the house. It’s a great way to change out seasonal decor. Thanks for the chance at the great giveaway.

  246. I love to make mini quilts and give as gifts. I have made sew many that I can’t count them. I love this book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  247. I have made quite a few mini quilts. I love them and they add so much warmth to the house. I just finished piecing a king size so definitely need to make a couple small ones. Love your new book!!

  248. I’ve only ever made one-just to see how difficult it would be. Those are very pretty. I love how some look so different from others!

  249. I’ve never made a mini quilt before, but these are so adorable. I’ve love to make the butterfly one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  250. I absolutely love to make minis!! You can make so many more, so much faster. Great for the ADHD Quilter!!!

  251. I haven’t made a mini quilt yet, but I love the designs in this wonderful book. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  252. Mini quilts are the perfect way to use your fabric and snipers of your favorites! They are my favorite quilt to make.

  253. I love to make minis. They are quick and perfect for decorating. I don’t have room for lots of bed quilts and minis make great gifts.

  254. I love mini quilts!! I’ve made about 10 and they’re usually such a fun and quick project. This looks like a really great book of minis!

  255. I find mini quilts to be challenging. They really test your piecing accuracy. The more I make, the better I get.

  256. I have only made one mini quilt which was a challenge of our quild to make a whimisical quilt of a certain size, Small. Guess what? 1st entry, 1st mini, 1st challenge and I WON 1st Place.

  257. Working with small pieces is very challenging and fun! Yes, I’ve made about five mini quilts now and have a few in process now. I love using up scraps to make the minis!

  258. I love mini quilts and have just started making them.. Finished just one but havve several in mind.

  259. I always loved when quilters showed a “wall ‘o minis” displayed in their homes. I was glad when I finally had a space to do the same and have made eight with more planned. Usually they’re done as scrap busters so you get two benefits in one project!

  260. I have made 3 mini quilts, all I machine pieced and hand quilted. They were fun to make and I enjoyed the hand quilting while I watched TV or enjoyed nature from my deck. Thanks for the chance to win your newest fun quilt book from the ‘All Stars’!

  261. I’ve never made a mini-quilt before but there are several quilts in your photos that I’d love to try making. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  262. I haven’t completed a mini-quilt, yet, but have one in the works. I do love them, though! They are so sweet and versatile.

  263. I have made dozens of mini quilts, I started off sewing them in the 80’s then go into making bedsized quilts. I love sewing any kind of quilts. Thanks for the chance to win! Happy Sewing!

  264. I have not made a mini quilt before, but all the cuties I have seen from this book really make me want to! Thanks for the inspiration!

  265. I made 2 mini quilts a few years ago and just started up again with 4 more works in progress. Forgot how much I love the instant gratification!
    allisonpogany at

  266. My very first quilt was a mini quilt. I was just a young girl and knew nothing of proper quilting, but knew that I loved quilts and wanted one for my very own. I made that on almost 40 years ago and still have it!

  267. I love mini-quilt. The first one I did my Mother was sure it was a piece of cheater cloth until I let her handle the seams. Silly Mom!

  268. I’ve never made a mini before but would ABSOLUTELY love to make all of these. I think I would hang them all in a cluster on one wall!

  269. I have 1 hanging in my cubicle at work and have a couple more as wip but there is a couple more in the book that I would like to make. So thanks in advance
    (mdjssi at gmail dot com)

  270. Never made a mini quilt, have been a little resistant to it. As they increase in popularity though I really am feeling the need to try it out.

  271. Got my book and making progress on my mini marvels! I already finished Cabin Skein with American Jane fabrics ca Bread n Butter now I am making Midnight Garden. Really could use more fabric since I want to make them all!

  272. I have not made a mini quilt…but have admired many! My fingers do not seem to work that well with the small pieces 🙁

  273. I have not made any mini quilts yet, but I have some patterns for them and this book was on my wishlist to get next. It would be wonderful to win this great prize!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  274. I have not made any mini quilts yet but plan to for my granddaughters’ dolls. I am new to quilting and am making my first quilt now. I have made some pot holders and placemats as practice pieces but besides my quilted sewing machine cover that is it for now. I’m enrolled in a quilt class now so increasing my skills each week. I love fabric and yours is WOW.

  275. I have not made a mini before. I always want to but never seem to actually make any. This book looks like it could actually get me to do it! Lovely quilts. Thanks- K-

  276. I made mini quilts in the early days of my quilting journey….loved making them and enjoy hanging them around my home. Am about to revisit mini’s as a way of making some the lovely designs I know I don’t have time to make in full size quilts. That way I can have my cake and eat it too!!!!

  277. I have not made any minis. However I have a basket full of those little tiny charm packs. Maybe I have been waiting for this book! I am inspired now to actually use those cute little packs and even my layer cakes . I would feel like I won the lotto for sure.

  278. I’ve made several mini quilts. I love that they’re so quick to make, but mostly that they’re so easy to quilt! I can see a lot more minis in my future if I win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  279. I haven’t made a mini quilt yet but I sure do love them. I’ve been working on a few EPP projects.

  280. I make a lot of scrapbook covers, so in reality mini quilts, but each one is a “design as I go” depending on whether it is for a new bride or new baby, It would be a lot easier if I had a book of Mini’s

  281. I have made many many mini quilts, I love to hang them through out the house. I would love to win this book. Thanks for the chance.

  282. I have never made a mini quilt before, but that’s about to change. I just recently joined a facebook group dedicated to making mini quilts, and I’m looking forward to starting my first one 🙂 I would love to win this book and the mini charms/layer cake to go with it. Thank you for putting up this competition with such an awesome prize!!

  283. i’ve made more mini’s in my head than with real fabric and thread, but i love the quilts in this book and would like a chance to win it.

  284. I haven’t made a mini quilt as I am still struggling to make larger pieces fit together and have my star points almost perfect. This book is charming and I am ready to move on to a challenging project like a mini quilt.

  285. I have made many mini’s, love making them. This book looks wonderful and what fun. I even have them hanging on my credenza at work.

  286. I have made a few Mini’s, however when I see anything from MODA I smile, so in love with Moda.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win, you would make my day.

  287. I’ve never made minis before, but today is a good day to begin! I don’t agree with the old adage, “You can’t teach and old dog new tricks.” I want to learn!

  288. I have 3 mini quilts. My first and favorite is a triple Irish chain in fall colors. I love the ones in this book.

  289. I have not made any mini quilts yet but once I pick up this book….there are several that I want to make.

  290. I have made numerous mini’s. The latest was for the daughter of a friends bridal shower. She loved it.

  291. I have made lots of minis. Minis with repros, minis like Jaybirds modern ones and Temeculas minis too. I just love them. I actually have a wall of minis that I rotate seasonally!

  292. I have two minis I am just finishing and have made many minis before! I save all my scraps:)… it’s a great way to make a cute WOW! These patterns look great!

  293. I have Never made a mini before but would love to try it. I see there are several wonderful patterns in the book and would really like to try a couple of them

  294. I recently made a sewing machine mini quilt to hang in my sewing room! It makes the perfect little decor and makes me smile 🙂

  295. I have made one mini quilt..but would LOVE making these. I woold enjoy hanging them in my house and love giving them to other to enjoy too. 🙂

  296. As a 62 year old new quilter, I’ve not made a mini-quilt yet but your projects in Mini MARVELS have inspired me to consider it as my next project. Beautiful book! Thank you for sharing your projects with me.

  297. I made baby quilts for my kid 25-34 years ago, but just recently got back into sewing for fun for me. I have made 2 mini quilts in autumn colors just this fall, & am already planning the next one. I see other quilter’s work, & grab my pad of grid paper to work it out for a future project. Then I start drooling over fabrics for that next project. The pre-cut packs & rolls are so convenient & save so much time for me

  298. Ohhh my these are perfect! I have an ongoing serious love affair with minis!!! I’m a self employed wheat farmer and even though commodity prices are historically low right now I will be purchasing this book!! Love it!!! Thank you Moda for another awesome product, Mini MARVELS!!

  299. I have only made one mini quilt and i didn’t really know how to finish, so the results were less than fabulous. I would love to make more but find them intimidating. Thank you for offering the generous prize

  300. Wow, I’ve made minis galore, and can’t pull the number from my head. There’s something about having a mini around to hand quilt – ahhhh. Love the ones in this book!

  301. I haven’t made any mini quilts yet. I have a few patterns and lots of mini charm packs waiting for me. Looking forward to trying some as soon as I finish up a few Christmas gift quilts.

  302. Over the years i have made a few. I use them to decorate the house. I just finished a 1″ x 2″ flying geese miniature using Kansas Troubles. It is so cute! Would love to win.

  303. I’ve made only one, but that was when I started quilting and thought it was too difficult because of small pieces. My sewing skills have improved dramatically and one can only use so many large quilts, right? Now’s the time to use up some of that stash and create some amazing minis!

  304. I have never made a mini quilt before, but I have been itching to try it! I have been saving scraps just for this purpose.

  305. My miniest quilt was 3″ x 3″. It was for a challenge with my guild! I put binding on it & everything!!

  306. I have not made mini quilts, but sure would love to try them! I am a beginner quilter and learning a lot from purchasing Pat Sloan’s books. Also being part of the American Quilters Society has helped me too! So much to learn and all the eye candy is AMAZING!

  307. I have made several minis & love them. Ir.s such a great way to be able to use all of the new lines of fabric without having a lot of money tied up in it.

  308. Yes. I’ve made several mini quilts because they are so much fun and I love the feeling of accomplishment. Thank you for the chance to win.

  309. I’ve made one so far for my guild’s challenge and loved it! I’d like to make each one of the patterns from this book!

  310. Yes, I’ve made a few. It’s been awhile since i’ve made one up so I hope I win so I can get started on one of these beauties ASAP 🙂

  311. Mini quilts are my favorite. Such a feeling of accomplishment, a way to learn new techniques on a smaller scale. Plus there is always a spot to display a mini quilt in your home.

  312. I have made a lot of mini’s – I’m sure at least 30! I love the challenge of tiny piecing and the fact that you can use little bits of fabric.

  313. I have collected over 50 of these packs of mini’s over the last two years. I didn’t know there was a book on what to do with them!!! I am excited!!

  314. Have never done a mini, but have admired the detail that is achieved. Love these minis, & have been saving my scraps. What a great book!

  315. I’ve made hundreds of mini quilts – even had a few published in an old magazine called Miniature Quilts!

  316. Oh this is so exciting! Love to browse this book and looks like I then need to get making a lot of mini quilts! I only made one mini before, but Id love to make more!

  317. Yes, it was basically a way to use up some precious Bonnie and Camille fabric scraps I had from another project. A good way to try a new technique too.

  318. I have made 4 mini quilts! I love the chance to make small quilts and enjoy getting them finished quicker!!

  319. I have made a couple of mini quilts for my daughters’ dolls when they were little. They were great for using up leftover fabric and for trying out new designs or combinations.

  320. I have made mini quilts before but am not sure how many…… I include those which have not been quilted yet? I would say at least 20 that I can think of.

  321. Have I made a mini quilt? Yes, I have. How many? Oh my, that is the fun of making these little babies, is that I don’t include them in any count. There are five hanging on my wall, and I rotate them around – I probably have another 20 or so waiting their turn.

  322. Yes I have made 5 mini quilts. They are so much fun and my bucket list keeps getting longer and longer on the ways I want to do when I retire next year.

  323. I don’t make mini quilts. But I do love to use mini cakes to make baby quilts. I love the variety of colors you get in one latticed patchwork quilt with mini cakes. They make such sweet quilts. So, I’d love to win. Thanks.

  324. I seem to have lost count of how many mini quilts I’ve made – I always make a test block for any of my block designs and usually turn them into mini quilts. I love being able to try something different on a small scale without wasting too much time or fabric if it all goes horribly wrong!