Divine Divas…

I want to be a Diva!


Sunflowers and Flying Geese by Arlene Heintz – Machine pieced and quilted.

Being a diva used to mean that you were a distinguished female singer – usually operatic.  Then somewhere along the line, it came to mean a “prima donna”… high maintenance.

Betsy Chutchian, Carol Staehle and a few of their friends have made being a “Diva” something special – it now means you are a distinguished quilter – one who loves quilts with many, many pieces.


Cabin Trees by Ramona Williams.  Machine pieced and quilted.

I’ve written about the new book 19th Century Patchwork Divas’ Treasury of Quilts by Betsy Chutchian and Carol Staehle before but after seeing many of the quilts in Houston during Quilt Market and Quilt Festival, I really want to share more about it.  While the book showcases the spectacular quilts included here, my favorite thing about it is that it is also a testament to the extraordinary friendships among a group of women who share a love of making quilts and Reproduction fabrics.

Carol and Betsy – at a book-signing at Quilt Market.


Almost 20 years ago – 1997 – Carol and Betsy talked about getting a few of their quilting friends together to exchange blocks based on their common interests in 19th-century quilts, blocks and fabrics.  They began with a small group of twelve members and one rule – the blocks could only be made using 1800s Reproduction fabrics, which were just beginning to appear in the marketplace.  They drew inspiration from member-owned antique quilts and tops, from single antique blocks and from information and photos of 19th-century quilts found in published books.

In the early years, they managed as many as four block exchanges a year even though the purpose of the group wasn’t just to exchange blocks, members actually wanted to use their blocks to design and make quilts.  The group grew to include twenty-four members and while they don’t do as many exchanges as they used to, they don’t mind as the blocks they exchange now are more complex.

Over the years, the Divas were fortunate to see a dramatic increase in the number of Reproduction fabrics available, and in the amount of information about 19th-century quilts, including many from state quilt-documentation books.  They are not lacking for inspiration!


Stacked Baskets by Betsy Chutchian.  Machine pieced and quilted.

The quilts shown here were all part of a Special Exhibit at Quilt Market and Quilt Festival sponsored by Martingale/That Patchwork Place and Moda Fabrics – and they are included in the Treasury of Quilts.  What makes the book so special is that there are ten different block patterns and thirty different setting options – examples of what the Divas did with their blocks.  There is also advice and suggestions for establishing your own block exchange group.


Delectable Feathered Star by Sue Troyan.  Quilted by Sylvia Thompson.  Machine pieced and quilted.

The extraordinary quilters and friends who comprise the 19th Century Patchwork Divas are:

  • Betsy Chutchian
  • Carol Staehle
  • Stacey Barrington
  • Julia Berggren
  • Betty Edgell
  • Mary Freeman
  • Alice Harvey
  • Arlene Heintz
  • Janet Henderson
  • Wanda Hetrick
  • Karen Hodges
  • Ann Jernigan
  • Jean Johnson
  • Sonja Kraus
  • Peggy Morton
  • Marilyn Mowry
  • Deb Otto
  • Diana Petterson
  • Annette Plog
  • Karen Roxburgh
  • Charlene Seifert
  • Sue Troyan
  • Ramona Williams

Many were in Houston for Quilt Market and/or Quilt Festival, and a few managed to get a little stitching-time together on the day after Quilt Market.


Annette Plog – Betsy – Julia Berggren.

As much as I like this picture… this one is my favorite.  Is it just me or do these sweet ladies look like they’re trying not to laugh?


This is one of Annette’s quilts – Arlington Albums.  Machine pieced and quilted.


Those album blocks measure 5″ across.  The design inspiration was an antique quilt owned by another Patchwork Diva.


Album Baskets by Mary Freeman.  Machine pieced, appliquéd and quilted.

The border of this stunning quilt is appliquéd baskets – and for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the photographer, this is a better picture of the quilt.  To see a gorgeous picture of this spectacular quilt… you’ll need the book.


Somerset Baskets by Marilyn Mowry.  Machine pieced and quilted.

The 19th-Century Patchwork Divas’ Treasury of Quilts book is available now – it was officially published November 1st.


So if you love Reproduction quilts and fabrics, you need this book.  But even if you don’t, this is still a terrific book that every “quilt library” should have.  There are great blocks, innovative and unique settings and best of all, it celebrates the friendships and connections that bind quilters together.

To that end, I have two copies of the book to share.  And there might be a little bit of Betsy’s Lizzie’s Legacy collection included.  After all, Betsy’s fabric is designed to reproduce the fabric she loves so much.

Just leave a comment by Midnight on Thursday, November 10th to be entered to win.

Be sure to tell me if you’ve ever participated in a block exchange – and if you’ve ever thought of establishing a group like the Divas.

Happy Tuesday!

(And if you live in the US… don’t forget to vote!)

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158 thoughts on “Divine Divas…

  1. I have participated in block exchanges, and would again, with a select group of people. The Divas sound like a delightful group, and their quilts are gorgeous!

  2. Oh this is so lovely! Thanks for the share and the chance to win! I never exchanged blocks but I would love to!

  3. Up early and heading to vote! I have a friend on my Christmas list who would love this book (as would I). Many years ago I participated in block exchanges but none as lovely as these blocks. Might be time to get involved again!

  4. I have always loved Betsy’s work & have all her books. It would be so awesome to win! Reproductions are my absolute favorite but unfortunately in my area so very hard to find. I participated in a basket block exchange on Facebook with the Kathleen Tracy Small Quilts group & also with my local Scrap Group. On my way to vote before work!

  5. I love their other book, and I made a quilt from it! I’ve belonged to a group we didn’t exchange blocks we each chose our own pattern to do out of Betsy’s book history repeated. My favorite quilts are those made with friends!!!

  6. Love the book! I’ve not participated in a block exchange before but I did participate in a triangle exchange inspired by Edyta Sitar. Thanks for a chance to win.

  7. My first introduction to quilting back in the 1970’s was a block exchange. Each gal picked out her quilt, fabrics, etc. and passed out the components to the group. I chose an applique quilt. When I think about it now, it was a risky move as we did not really know each other’s talents. The quilts were amazing. I would do it again with a small group of quilters and only using reproduction fabrics. Thank you for the chance to win.

  8. What a treasure! Maybe it will launch many more groups who will make beautiful reproduction quilts and block exchanges. what fun!

  9. We all would love to be Divas but most of us just rub shoulders with Divas. I am fortunate in that Carol and Betsy each have a group that meets monthly where we learn about fabric, blocks and friends. I have exchanged blocks with several groups and it is great fun and makes me try to up the quality of my sewing. I have a Lizzie and she has a legacy named Eliza. Yes they have a quilt I made from Betsy fabric. Now to hunt down or up my copy of the new book….. not sure I can wait until Thursday to see if I “win”!

  10. These quilts take my breath away. I have participated in a row exchange , but not a block exchange. Would love to pour over this book with a good cup of coffee.

  11. Good morning ladies. Love this book! It has already inspired me to make a scrappy 16 patch quilt.
    Three years ago I reconnected with three high school friends, one is my ex sister in law. They are all quilters now and love the reproduction fabrics. We decided to exchange blocks and have been doing it for three years. One year we did a round robin.
    It has been a barrel of monkeys fun. Now we all meet in Louisville and drive to Paducah for the big show. I feel really blessed.

  12. Ooooh, 1997 was a grand year!! I became interested in the reproductions too. Signed up for a swap and NO ONE would swap with me as my “fabrics looked dirty”. While heart broken, I forged ahead and made my own Friendship Star block from the strips I’d cut. I’m still in love with them, just finished another quilt with all reproductions and looking forward to making the double pink quilt on the cover of the book. I’ve admired the Divas for awhile now. *Sigh* Thank you for the chance to win a copy. Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas USA

  13. Sunflowers & flying geese is just spectacular! I can’t wait to see a copy of this book. Haven’t been part of a block exchange for a years but have 2 nice quilts from exchanges.

  14. Reproduction fabrics and quilts have always been my favourites. I would love a new book. Thanks for the offer.

  15. The first “bee” I ever belonged to also had the first block exchange I ever participated in. Not everyone in the group shared my passion for reproduction fabrics; the finished blocks were a gorgeous medley of genres. Now I belong to several themed sew groups and among the members are several like minded reproduction fans. Maybe it’s time for another type of block exchange!

  16. I have never participated on a block exchange. I believe my skills aren’t good enough yet. I haven’t thought about putting together a group for the same reason. But there are a couple groups at the LQS. Maybe I can join one of them.

  17. The book is on my “must have” list. I LOVE the Sunflowers and Flying Geese quilt. I did a block exchange years ago. Unfortunately, it was a disaster. But I would love to try one again. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  18. Wow, beautiful quilts. I have been collecting reproduction and antique fabrics for a long time and have made a few quilts with them too. Time to piece and quilt some more reproduction quilts. I have taken part in a few exchange blocks groups in the past also. I will look for Arlene Heintz’s book Sunflowers and Flying Geese. Thanks for the chance for someone to win this beautiful quilt book.

  19. The book looks lovely! Yes I am usually always in a block exchange group because I love seeing everyone’s different fabrics.

  20. I have never participated in a block exchange because where I live it is hard to get reproduction fabrics and find enough people who love this style of quilts. But a girl can dream that someday it might happen!

  21. Using more of the fabrics I’ve collected in a little here….a little there…so I always still have a little. The book would be great for that.

  22. I have never been part of a block exchange but the idea intrigues me. I’ll have to try it sometime!

  23. I have only done one block exchange. It was through The Quilt Show in conjunction with Edyta Sitar. We exchanged half square triangles, and the quilt I made from them is one of my favorites.this new diva book looks great!

  24. Have participated in a block exchange but nothing this focused or complicated. Would love to find a similar group. Certainly need to step up my reproduction fabric stash! Thank you for spreading the word. Love your blog!

  25. Oh My….these quilts are spectacular! I have never participated in a block exchange and I’m not a member of a Diva group. I’m a wanta be Diva if i could make a quilt that looks like one of these!

  26. I love reproduction fabrics and have made many quilts from them. I also have participated in numerous block exchanges. One of my favorite quilts is made from Ohio star swap blocks in peppermint and sassafras repro fabrics. I would love to have this book!

  27. Beautiful work in these quilts, I bet the book is fabulous. Traditional blocks are my favorites. Love how these ladies have kept their group going. I am going to ask my guild members if they would like to participate in a block exchange, as I always have wanted to do so.

  28. I’ll volunteer to be an assistant to the divas. I’m really good at pressing, trimming, winding bobbins, fetching, etc. I just want to spend a little time with these fabulous Divas!

  29. Not a block exchange, but I did a round robin with my best quilting friends a few years ago, and it was so much fun. The Divas have a great thing going. Happy for them!

  30. I have done a couple of block exchanges with folks in a Yahoo group and also in a group taught by Carol Staehle at Cabbage Rose.

  31. I love quilts with lots of pieces. This book is a must have.
    Years ago I participated in two block exchanges. Now that I am retired, it’s time to find another one or two.

  32. I do participate in my guild’s monthly block lotto. We make 2 blocks from the same pattern, different color theme each month. Everyone who makes blocks is entered. Half the blocks go into charity quilt and the other half goes to one member.

  33. Never involved in a block exchange, but love the book and traditional quilts. A Diva group sounds like a great idea but I would need to assist.

  34. Love, love, love this book and all these wonderful creations by the Divas. So full of inspiration! Thank you for the opportunity to win the book and some of Betsy’s wonderful fabrics.

  35. MY minigeoup did some block exchanges once upon a time. They are quilts I love to look at now and think about our good times. Love the idea of this book. Can’t wait to see it. Thank you the the chance to win.


  36. Since I’m just a beginner, I’ve never been in an exchange. I love that the Divas have been together so long. I hope I can be part of a group like that one day!

  37. After 2 years of quilting, I’ve just now joined a small local guild. We each make a block on that year’s technique / theme, and a winner is drawn to receive all the blocks. The book looks very inspiring!

  38. My first love are the reproduction fabrics. I’ve not participated in a block swap but have thought of doing one with the few quilters I know that love these fabrics as well. Book looks like a beautiful read.

  39. What a wonderful book! I’ve never participated in a block exchange, but would like to get something going like that in my guild. So far we’ve exchanged nine patches, but I think more complicated blocks would be fun

  40. Would love the book…… the group reminds me of a group of women from VA at Millstone Quilt Shop in Mechanicsville…. check them out…..

  41. These quilts are so beautiful! I really love the first one you showed with sunflowers and flying geese. I would love to make that quilt. I have been in a few block exchanges. It adds so much interest in a quilt to have so many different fabrics. Thank you for the sweet giveaway. I love Lizzie Legacies and this books both 🙂

  42. Love, love, love the look of old civil war looking quilts. Yes i have participated in block exchanges, through my quilt guild and also a local quilt shop. I currently have a handwork group that i put together. It isn’t large but a lot of fun. We meet last night and there were 7 of us. Would love to own the new book. Please enter me in your drawing.

  43. Wow — this book is now on my wishlist! I have participated in a block exchange, but it was simply a square with an appliqued flower in the center. In spite of the instructions, many people used very poor quality fabric for their blocks. The blocks are sitting forlorn in my orphan blocks drawer waiting for me to figure out what to do with them. (This exchange was not among people who know each other…) Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  44. What beautiful quilts! I love Sunflowers and Flying Geese! I have never participated in a block exchange. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book!

  45. Five of us in my small quilt group exchanged blocks every month for nearly a year. We all made the same quilt, but they all turned out a little different, because we each put our own spin on the pattern, adding applique, changing up the borders, etc. They were all hung together at our local quilt show.

  46. I’m thinking I want to exchange blocks once I retire which will be soon. These quilts are beautiful and I am inspired!

  47. Looks like a great book. There are 4 of us in an exchange group. It’s takes us all year to work on our exchange but we exchange the blocks in March at our Retreat. One lives in Calif. , 2 live in Cleveland and I live in Missouri. We have been friends for years. Put me down for the drawing for the book. Thanks, Nancy Pleimann

  48. My mind is reeling with all the beauty of these quilts. What an extraordinary array of ideas. I have never participated in a block exchange, but this encourages me to try one.

  49. I saw the exhibit in Houston, and was in love with the quilts. I recently exchanged 16-patch blocks with members of my quilt book club. Such fun.

  50. YES I VOTED!! 🙂 I’m a huge Betsy Chutchian fan, and I can’t wait to get my copy of this newest book! I participate in swaps regularly. Thank you!

  51. Yes I have participated in a block exchange before. I am currently collecting house blocks from YOUR pattern from all of Cindy Needham’s stalkers to complete a surprise quilt for her in honor of her new house. I love this book and think it would be a wonderful addition to our quilt guild library. I hope I win so I am faced with the decision whether I can part with it.

  52. Only once, and it was over ten years ago! I still have the quilt I made from the block exchange, and I treasure it. Wow, that Sunflower and Flying Geese quilt is magnificent; the fabrics are gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway.

  53. I have not done a block exchange but have done fabric exchanges with others to create a group quilt. This new book looks wonderful. Love Reproduction fabrics and use them liberally.

  54. Oh my, oh my, oh my, how I would love to win this book! It is on my list of “must haves”. I have taken part in block exchanges, but only local ones. And yes, I would love to be part of such a group!

  55. I have participated in about half a dozen quilt block exchanges, several with friends from the American Quilt Study Group. I can hardly wait to sit down with this book and tomorrow is my birthday – wouldn’t winning it be auspicious for a great year!

  56. What lovely quilts and right up my alley. I love them. I’ve participated in a few block exchanges and found them to be fun. Would love to win this new book by the patchwork divas and fabric. I have one of their prior books and love it. Please enter me in the drawing. Kay H.

  57. This book looks wonderful! I have not done a block exchange, but it sounds like it would be great way to add diversity to a quilt and still have a controlled look. I would love to have this book. Must finish my Christmas projects!

  58. These quilts are fantastic. I have never done a block exchange, but think I might like to try one. Thanks for sharing this book with us.

  59. Thank you for sharing photos of these ladies and their gorgeous quilts! I am incentivized to break into my prescious collection of reproduction fabrics!

  60. I have three quilts that have blocks made by the members of a class that was offered at a quilt shop and taught by Pam Buda. We were to make our block within an assigned color group . I treasure these as they contain blocks made by a dear friend. The memories that go with the quilt make it extra special.

  61. The quilt blocks (particularly the Sunflower and Geese one) are so intricate. I’ve never done a block exchange but if quilts like these result from a block exchange, sign me up. Lovely quilts that are so scrappy and diverse – really beautiful.

  62. I adore Betsy’s books! I have re-read Gone to Texas for the second time. I wish I knew other quilters who like the reproduction fabrics. They are my favorite and I would love to meet with a group. Thankfully we have online groups on facebook and yahoo to feed our imaginations! Wonderful reading this post and I will visit it again to visit my favorite designer, Miss Betsy!

  63. Love the Sunflowers and Flying Geese quilt! I’ve made blocks for various causes, but never participated in an exchange.

  64. Never done a block exchange, but detail in these quilts makes me think you need friends to inspire you along the way.

  65. I’ve been in several block exchanges, most good, but some not so good. It’s a shame when you use your quilt shop quality fabrics for your exchange blocks and take care to use the proper measurements, only to find that you receive blocks made with inferior fabrics and the blocks aren’t to the specified measurements and cannot be adjusted to get to the correct measurements. As a result, it has been a few years since I participated in a block exchange, but maybe I am ready to try again!

  66. I’ve never participated in a block exchange, but I love the idea. What a great way to make and grow lasting friendships! The quilts you’ve shown us today are really inspiring.

  67. What gorgeous quilts you displayed here. The books look great and I appreciate the chance to win. Thanks so much!

  68. This book looks WONDERFUL! I have organized a few exchanges. Some with success and others, well, not so much. I mailed my ballot last week.

  69. I’ve participated in some block exchanges here in Texas with some ladies but would love to gather a few friends back in Indiana (where I’m from) to start a group. This way we can keep in touch through fabric and quilting.

  70. Reproduction fabrics have been a draw for me for several years and I use them in little quilts. I’ve belonged to several guilds and a block exchange occurred in one using Christmas fabrics. Thanks for a chance to win a copy of this book. It would be delightful “eye candy”. clara-chandler@att.net

  71. Love it! As a quilt shop owner I want to be a Diva but there’s just not enough sewing time. I’ve done a few block exchanges and was sooo much fun. I think it’s time to start a Diva Day at my shop. Thanks for all you do to make us smile. ps– Voted early this a.m.

  72. I personally don’t use reproduction fabrics but those quilts are stunning!! I have done block exchanges, one years ago was with that same album block except our blocks finished at 12″ not at Annette’s amazing 5″! Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  73. Reproduction fabrics are my favorites! Love these quilts you have shared…. Thanks for a chance at a great giveaway…. Would love to win this…just in time for my birthday, on the 11th!! I have never participated in a block exchange, but it sounds like it would be a lot of fun!

  74. Wow—–what a great book you all have. We have done block exchanges in classes that go for a year. I love the fabrics you use—-my favorite of all times. My mini group starts one of the exchanges once in a while. It seems that time flies faster –we all want to just sit and sew. People that don’t sew and BUY fabric, are missing a big part of life!! Delicious fabrics.

  75. I have participated in many block exchanges but none of reproduction fabrics. Just love the colors and quilt patterns from the mid 1800s.

  76. I have never done a block exchange, though our local guild is trying one again. Apparently they stopped many years ago, as too many of the blocks were oddly shaped. Hopefully our quilting skills have improved since then! Thanks for the giveaway.

  77. I never participated in a blocks exchange but my mom did once and let’s just say some people really used their ugliest scraps to made blocks for others:-( I would love to win this book and give it to my mom for xmas perhaps with a few blocks already made (and of course I’ll use my best fabrics for her).

  78. I have participated in two groups that have exchanged blocks. Our Civil War Group requires that you use Civil War Repros to complete one yearly project that we vote on to select the group project. We also exchange Birthday Blocks that must be made of reproductions and the birthday person selects color choice and maker selects the block pattern. Another bee I have been member of have exchanged blocks monthly.

    I have the first book done by the Diva’s and would love to win the second book.

  79. Yes, I have enjoyed participating in block exchanges in quilt guild, friendship group & even one online exchange.I have received such lovely blocks through- out the yrs that I hope the many that received my blocks have enjoyed them as much as the blocks I have received! Would love to win this book! Thank you for the opportunity!

  80. I have thought of joining in a block exchange but so far have only joined in 9 patch swaps………how do you manage the slight size variations when you get to piecing more detailed blocks as this starts to add to more variation by the time the blocks are finished when there is more seams…………

    The book looks wonderful and would love to get my hands on a copy……………

  81. I want to be a Diva too–wow! I have participated in block swaps and it’s always amazing to see how different every quilt is from each other.

  82. I have participated in a couple of block exchanges at one of our local quilt shops. I would love a copy of the book, it looks like it has a lot of eye candy!

  83. I’ve not participated in a block exchange….yet! I’d love to do one with selected friends. Love the quilts pictured in the book. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  84. Yes, I need this book. I love quilts made with lots and lots of piecing involved although I haven’t made as many lately as I have in the past. I must get moving and I will. I only took part in a block exchange once and we all made the same quilt. I used different backgrounds in mine (dark instead of light) and omitted the applique border and didn’t use the blocks I had made for the exchange. All in all, I sort of missed the point, I guess but I love the quilt I did make and It was part of the display at a local quilt show. My quilt added an interesting interpretation to the display because it looked so different but was the same pattern.

  85. When I lived in Oklahoma I was part of group that either did a block exchange or a round robin every year. I so miss that group! A few friends now will exchange blocks, but it is always sporadic. Wish I had more time for quilting gatherings… Love Betsy’s quilts!

  86. This book is right up my alley. I am very active in my local historical society. Every 10 years they display their quilt collection. A few years ago I was lucky enough to curate the show. I have recreated a couple of the quilts from their collection and have several more on the drawing board.

  87. I love reproduction fabrics, and I would love to own this book. I saw your quilts in Houston. They are wonderful.

  88. I’ve participated in block exchanges with guilds I’ve belonged to and feel it’s been a great experience to work on my craftsmanship and create a special block for someone. I’d love to exchange blocks with a fun group of like-minded quilting friends! Thanks!

  89. Block exchanges are fun. There’s always an amazing surprise when the project is completed. The one that sticks out is when the owner put her color way in a grocery bag….the next person could use what is in the bag or add to the assortment. When the Bags were returned to the owner, she had one month to complete the top!

  90. I have never participated in a block exchange but I am now inspired! Reproduction fabrics are my favorite.

  91. I do love modern quilts, but these reproduction quilts really win my heart. The Sunflowers and Flying Geese is definitely a work of art. I love all the colors used in Cabin Trees to give all the trees so much life. The Arlington Album looks like it would be so much fun to make. Then you posted the blocks were 5 inches. I almost drooled! This book is a must. I will give myself an early Christmas or a Thanksgiving present. Or just a Good Woman present. Why do I need an excuse?

  92. Would love the book! We did five different exchanges from lizzies legacy. Thank you for the preview of the new book. Cheryl

  93. While I have never traded blocks with anyone, I think the idea of a block exchange is pretty cool. Every quilt would have sweet thoughts and memories of friends sewn right into it. What a beautiful thing to have.

  94. I have not been in a block exchange but think it would be great fun. I love love love reproduction fabrics and quilts. The basket quilts are my absolute favorite. The book looks amazing. Thanks for the blog and keeping us updated on all that is new!

  95. I have participated in block exchanges and row exchanges with my small quilt group and enjoy the process. Thanks for the giveaway, This is a book I would love to own.

  96. I’ve participated in block exchanges and they are a great way to learn new designs and techniques. I’m in love with 1800s repros and enjoyed your post and seeing the beautiful quilts.

  97. I’m swapping blocks right now with a small group of ladies- the main criteria is to use stash. We’ll each have a quilt that reminds us of one another. This book looks like a great combination, blocks and setting suggestions.

  98. Love Bertsy Fabric collections and the book looks wonderful. Never exchanged blocks (OMG – I’m already inundated with my own WIPs!!). Have never formed a group but do have a few friends with whom I get together for tea and quilting – always in pairs.

  99. Have not done a block exchange, although I have completed lone-blocks for different purposes, i.e, guild quilt raffle, guild president’s quilt. However, I have assisted our little quilting group to continue meeting following closure of the quilt shop where we formerly met. Still going….

  100. I’ve never been in a block exchange – it sounds fun! Love Betsy’s fabric designs, the colours and tones of the reproduction fabrics are wonderful. Would love a copy of the book.

  101. Have never been involved in a block exchange and would love to be in a group like the Divas- they seem to have such a friendship and love for what they are doing and knowing that everyonr contributed to a quilt makes it that much more special

  102. I haven’t participated in a block exchange, but it would be wonderful. I live in a remote area, so any group would have to be a long-distance one. It would be wonderful to have a group of like-minded quilters to share ideas with.

  103. I have participated in a block exchange but have never thought about putting together a group. I love quilts from the 1800s, so I am very interested in the book.

  104. I have participated in several block exchanges and have made several quilts from them. I also have 3 or 4 sets of blocks that are waiting to get made in to flimsies, but I am one or two blocks short of the number I need, so they are still waiting.

  105. I’ve never participated in a block exchange. I do belong to a small quilt group and this year some are doing a block exchange. Due to time constraints and medical issues I’ve been unable to participate. If I can catch up (4 blocks) I can join in.

  106. I would love to win this book! I’ve got 4 huge tubs of scraps that are just begging to be used, and the quilts in this book would fill that need wonderfully. And yes, i have been involved in two block exchanges which each resulted in marvelous quilts that i still love so many years later.

  107. I have participated in block exchanges, but it has been awhile. I love lots of pieces, and lots of fabrics in quilts. The pictures from this book have inspired me.

  108. I’d buy the book for the sunflowers and Arlington album patterns. I’ve never participated in any exchanges-too much pressure!

  109. I’ve never participated in a block exchange; just followed along as some in blog land shared their process. This book would be a wonderful addition to my small library. Thanks for sharing, I had not heard of it before now.

  110. I’ve done similar block exchanges with my small group. We’ve called them “shoebox projects” as they must be small enough to put in a shoebox, which gets exchanged each month. We’ve gotten to know each other better this way because we learn about our quilting preferences! This book looks like it will be so inspirational. I’ll need a copy for my quilt library!

  111. I’ve never been in a block exchange. I love reproduction fabrics and quilts. I am definitely putting this book on my wish list.

  112. A block exchange sounds like so much fun! I have never participated in an exchange, but I am now considering it. I have the first book put together by Betsy and Carole and will have to get this one.

  113. Yes, I have participated in several block exchanges. They are great fun, and a lot of work depending how many are in the exchange. I love reproduction fabric and quilts. This book looks like a keeper.

  114. This looks like a beautiful book to own. I love all sorts of scrap quilts. They are such a joy to look
    at all the variety of colors and prints.

  115. I exchanged blocks with a stitching group back in the late 1980s. I wish I had a group to exchange with now but reproduction fabrics aren’t popular in this area.

  116. My group is The WV girls, even though our group lives in northern Virginia. It’s a long story… and we exchange blocks all the time.

  117. I absolutely love the quilts you have shown us. What a wonderful opportunity to see them in person. I am jealous! I have exchanged blocks twice. My favorite was when the LQS had a friendship block exchange for Edyta Sitar’s Friendship Stars book. I made the Tree of Life quilt with my blocks. You made sets of blocks and got back as many as you turned in. It was a ton of work for the shop. I love my quilt and that I didn’t get back ones I made. I would love to be in a group but not sure how to go about it. Thanks so much! K-

  118. Love, love, love it! The shapes, the colors, the mood. History, interpreted by the Divas, never fails to impress.

  119. Love the book!!! I am pleased with the resurgence in traditional quilts. I have participated in many exchanges with varied results.

  120. Love the quilts. Can’t wait to see the book! Have shelves full of repro fabric. I have participated in block exchanges but mostly have been disappointed in the inconsistency of the resulting blocks exchanged

  121. I absolutely love the book. I get together twice a year with three other quilters. Beachquilters. We all love reproduction fabric and have exchanged blocks. And I love Betsy fabric. Just starched some today!

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