1400 and counting…

If you think about it, the folks at Quiltmaker are just getting started.


For a girl who came-lately to the “I love sampler quilts” side of life, I have always liked a stack of “they’re all different” blocks.

When it comes to quilt blocks, there aren’t many I don’t like.  I collect block books and pictures of random blocks that catch my eye.  It is quite astonishing just how many different blocks there are.

Barbara Brackman’s epic, landmark Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns had over 4,000 blocks.  Maggie Malone came up with 5,500 for her Quilt Block Designs.  And there are dozens of other books filled with appliqué, paper-pieced and plain-old-pieced blocks.  There might be some overlap but one thing is still pretty clear – there are a whole lot of quilt blocks we could be making!

The nice folks at Quiltmaker magazine are helping – Volume 14 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks – the Winter 2016 issue – has been published.


Fourteen issues, each with one hundred blocks – and just look at some of the names on the cover – many wonderfully talented quilty-folks!

Of course I had to go through the issue and pick out a few of my favorites.


As you can see, there is a wonderful variety in the styles of fabric represented, the complexity of piecing-assembly, and the style of the block.  There is modern and traditional… and just plain fun.


After picking a dozen or so as “possible” blocks to make – that’s half the fun of these blog hops, getting to make something “just because”.

Blog hop?  Did I mention that?  The nice folks at Quiltmaker’s Quilty Pleasures Blog are celebrating the publication of this issue with blog posts, pretty pictures of blocks, links to blogs of people who made blocks for the issue and there might be a giveaway or two included.

Back to making a block – I finally settled on Ribbon Cross by Allison Jensen of Woodberry Way.


As much as I like Allison’s colors, Gingiber’s Merrily comes to mind when I look at this block. Of course, that has nothing to do with my really liking that collection, or the abundance of Christmas decorations popping up everywhere.


The block is easily pieced – well-done Allison!  Most of the triangles are connector corners, but Open Gate’s Fit to be Quarter or the Folded Corner Clipper will make quick work of those.  What I liked best about this block is that it will work with any style of fabric – any color palette.  Wouldn’t this make a great Halloween quilt?  (And once you’ve read the instructions and made a block or 30… figuring out how to re-size it is easily done.)

Because someone asked, no, I didn’t make a block for the issue.  But I begged and pleaded with the nice ladies at Quiltmaker to let me hop-along with them anyway.

As this is a blog hop and we’re nearing the holiday season… just leave a comment telling us what your favorite block is.  All-time, go-to, never saw a quilt with <<name that block>> in it that you didn’t love!  That block.

Just leave a comment by Midnight on Friday – November 18th – to be entered to win a Moda designer Layer Cake and a Market goodie or two.

And don’t forget to check out all the fun on the Quilty Pleasures blog – blocks, pictures, giveaways!

Happy Wednesday!





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194 thoughts on “1400 and counting…

  1. I’m looking forward to getting this issue. So far I haven’t met a block I didn’t like nor have I developed a taste for one in particular. I have tried a new technique or block in every quilt I make – so much fun!

  2. I love Flying geese. Never, never get tired of them! Thanks! Love that Gingerber fabric. I just finished a baby quilt with her first line.

  3. I am still learning quilting and don’t have a favorite. I just love making blocks, not so much the finishing.

  4. I love pinwheels, so any variation of a pinwheel catches my eye. My favorite tends to be one I haven’t made yet.

  5. Star blocks, basket blocks, log cabin blocks are all wonderful, but my all time favorite block is a mariner’s compass block.

  6. My favorite block is a star block – Lemoyne star type always catches my eye. Log cabins are a close second, especially since they can be so varied.

  7. I saw a really cute block with a pineapple on it on pinterest that I can’t wait to try! An actual pineapple, not the log cabins ish block, although I love that one too!

  8. I picked up my copy yesterday, but have not had time to look through it, but while reading your post the one block that caught my eye was #1342 Straits of Mackinac by Bonnie Hunter. Hers is always the first one I look for.

  9. I love anything on the diagonal such as Irish chain and then star blocks, so the combination is very appealing; also the pineapple block is great stash buster

  10. I think I need to push myself beyond my comfort zone and just try some blocks without a planned project, just to experiment with color and practice piecing. There are so many pretty blocks out there.

  11. Star blocks are my favorites, but I don’t think I can pick one particular star pattern. Too many to choose from!

  12. I have never purchased one of the books before but just seeing some of the blocks inside makes me want to run out and buy it!

  13. My favorite seems to be the one I happen to be making at any given time! But if a narrowed it down, I always go back to the sawtooth star.

  14. It has to be flying geese for me. I TRULY have never seen a flying geese block I didn’t love.

  15. My all time favorite block has always been the log cabin. There are so many variations and they just speak to me.

  16. You can’t go wrong with a log cabin block! For a newer block, I have never seen a swoon block and quilt I didn’t like!

  17. Triangle blocks! I love how just changing colors or directions can change the total look of a block. Pinwheels are my absolute favorite! Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Without a doubt my favorite block would have to be the appliqué Trucking. My 5 year old grandson would love a quilt full of trucks!

  19. How fun that you joined in on the Quiltmaker tour! I love when these editions come out. A whole treasure of designers offering up new blocks. It amazes me! My favorite block seems to still be the Buckeye Beauty. Simple and so beautiful in different colorways. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! And I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving…which I can hardly believe is already at our doorstep!

  20. I am drawn to applique but I love pieced blocks, too. The more pieces, the merrier. Bring on the feathered stars. Thanks for the draw opportunity.

  21. I like Mariners compass, Stars and pinwheels. The ‘Straits of Mackinac’ caught my eye from what you shown.

  22. LOVE that magazine. My favorite is just about any variation of a star followed by log cabins and then there are so many, so so many. Love your variation of that block. Thanks so much for the chance !!

  23. Quiltmaker 100 blocks is so full of inspiration from so many talented people. Blocks that create a secondary design are fun and I always like the winding way block.
    Thanks for giveaway.

  24. I like basket blocks. There are many variations to make, but have the basket In common to keep it interesting.

  25. me, I love star blocks. It started w/ Ohio Star, and has now morphed into the Martha Washington Star, but I’m loving the Straits of Mackinack and the Ribbon Candy star that you showed us: guess I’m going to have to get that magazine!! 🙂

  26. I love star blocks, especially ones that incorporate HST’s. I make a lot of patriotic quilts, and most of them feature star blocks in red, white and blue.

  27. I just visited Michigan and it was too cold to go to Mackinaw island so I want to make that block and the ribbon cross block. Saw it in Melissa Cory’s newsletter. Gotta have the magazine though❣️❣️

  28. Love those blocks – Bettie’s Bikini though had me just rolling on the floor – will have to make one for my Betty!!! Thanks for the grins!

  29. I love this issue, they just seem to get better each time. My favorite block is one that I named Melvin’s Mystery as it was in a friends antique quilt and I’ve never been able to find the name for it. It makes a beautiful two color quilt.

  30. My all time favorite block is a feathered star. The blocks in your post have interesting names- Betty’s Bikini? I certainly don’t want a whole quilt of those!

  31. My favourite block is the new york beauty but I have so many other almost favourite blocks. Log cabins are right near the top and so are nine patches. And I could go on and on – and frequently do.

  32. LOVE the Ribbon Cross block and the colors used. My favorite block is the Double Wedding Ring. ndfromsd at gmail. com

  33. My favorite block is the Dresden. Best in 30’s granny colors. Reminds me of my Grandmom who taught me to sew!

  34. Love the Log Cabin Block – Courthouse – or whichever you want to change and design it – Log Cabin is definitely my favorite.

  35. A pinwheel is my go to block. Fast to make in several different techniques and can look different depending on fabric placement. That Ribbon Cross is a neat block!

  36. Stars, and pinwheels, and 9 patches, Oh My . . . Took me awhile to warm up to stars, but I like them now . . a lot. I also like the block you chose to make in Christmas colors. So much to choose from!

  37. I love a challenge so New York Beauty is my favorite. But it is really hard to pick. I try not to do the same one often in my quilts. I also love baskets. oh heck, I just love them all.

  38. That block, the one that calls to me in my sleep, is churndash. I might need to make another one next year…

  39. My favorite is the log cabin. I’ve said for years I could make log cabin quilts forever and never make the same one twice.

  40. I love the classic fan block. Have only made one in my life so far, but whenever I see quilts made with them they make me happy.

  41. Love Love Looooove the Churn Dash!! Swoon every time I see them! 🙂 Thank you for chance to win your give-a-way too! 😀

  42. Hmm…. I love HST blocks. I just love them. I do. Big ones, small ones and the in between sized ones too. They can change directions; they can change values; they can create a maze; they can be a star or they can even be a fish if you wish. I love this quite versatile block and the many beautiful quilts it creates.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  43. I love the simplicity of a nine patch, the finished blocks can be pieced so many ways, hmm..I love bears paw, oh and…

  44. I’m currently looking for a good star block and found one today so I’m going to say it’s my fave since now I can move forward and make an American flag quilt I have envisioned for the wall in my husbands office.

    I really need to get more books and use real block patterns, I have been making quilts without patterns for awhile now.

  45. Log cabin – so many different variations and layouts . Loving the Christimas Log Cabin pineapple blocks that are popping up on Pinterest right now.

  46. I just love these magazines! I especially love aything with HSTs…so anything “flying” like geese, or flocks of birds, etc always catch my attention, and sewing time 🙂

  47. I like both sewing and seeing churn dash and Ohio star blocks. They are both so efficient and versatile, pair up with so many other blocks for a showstopper quilt. Plus they are both great stash busters!

  48. Would love to make the Ribbon Cross block in the Christmas Fabrics also…love, love, love.
    And I also love Star blocks, see some of those. Must purchase this issue.

  49. I agree with Tawna….I love all the ones you mention, especially the churn dash. What is it about that block which makes it so appealing! thanks…

  50. I never get tired of seeing 100 Block Magazines!! SO much inspiration! I love a pinwheel block. They are just so fun to me. Reminds me of a summer day as a child!

  51. Thank you!… This is fun!
    There are several blocks I especially like… log cabins, stars (Lemoyne Stars, yes!!), flying geese, orange peel… All my favorites!
    Pat T.

  52. I like your Ribbon Star. I’ve always admired stars and crosses mixed together I really like the “Mexican Star” block design.

  53. I like the ribbon star. It looks festive. Star blocks are some of my favorites. I especially like ones with lots of pieces.

  54. Ohio Star and I am not from Ohio! LOL I have never seen an Ohio Star quilt I didn’t love! Love lots of other blocks and make other quilts but still…hahaha have never MADE an Ohio Star quilt. Cabin Master is catching my eye too. How did you know?

  55. I’ve got a fabric collection in mind for Melissa’s (Happy Quilting) block. She just has to enlarge the pattern for me! Which she is always willing to do, cause she loves me and I let her use the longarm whenever she wants it. Thanks.

  56. I love any quilt block that makes a secondary design. Bonnie Hunter’s Strait of Mackinac is a great example. Jetgirl’s block is also winning my heart.

  57. My favorites are any type of log cabin or its variations. I first learned how to piece it by hand in the ozark mountains of Arkansas.

  58. **Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!**
    Oh, Carrie!!… Thank you for the box full of Moda *Delights!!*
    The *Wonderful* Moda fabrics, and the *Awesome* book, Moda All-Stars Mini Marvels!!!!…
    Wow!!… Christmas really came early!!!
    (I can’t wait to create with these… And Yes!, show you what I do!!)
    **Thank you!!!**
    Pat T.

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