Go Tell It…

Are you going to be in Houston for Quilt Festival 2016?


Go Tell It At the Quilt Show!

Our friends at the Quilt Alliance will be recording your quilt stories at the Fall International Quilt Festival in Houston next week – November 3 through 6.  They will be in a recording booth at the back of Hall D in the Main Exhibition Hall.

You can talk about a quilt you have on the show floor – congratulations! – or you can bring one with you.  They’ll just need fifteen minutes of your time to record your story for a short Go Tell It interview.

Anyone can sign up – including exhibitors!  You just need to be in Houston with a quilt.  They’re hoping to register as many people as possible in advance for the 8:00 am to 10:00 am time slots.  If you’re going to be there – IQF 2016 Interview Sign Up Form.

If you think you’re interested but aren’t sure you can do this… the link to the form has a link to a couple of Go Tell It videos.  I know you’ll be great!

Do it!

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