George is looking good…

If you were in Houston at Quilt Market or Quilt Festival last year, this is what you saw.


Construction.  Lots of it.

As part of the city’s preparations for Super Bowl 2017 in January, the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston has been getting some major renovations.  The changes coming are also part of a plan to reshape this part of downtown Houston as it is home to the Toyota Center, Minute Maid Ballpark and other cultural attractions and landmarks.

This was the view of the convention center on October 24, 2015.


It was a bit of a mess – the street in front of the Convention Center wasn’t exactly vehicle-friendly.

A lot has changed in twelve months and as we get ready for Fall International Quilt Market 2016, we asked our friends at Quilts, Inc., about the progress.  This is Ruth Polanco, the Show Director.


That’s a Texas-style hard hat.  Ruth recently visited George R. to check out the improvements and this is what she found:

  • There is a new Main Concourse connecting all of the building’s Halls along the front of the convention center.  This will benefit Quilt Market and Festival most as attendees will no longer have to line up outside to purchase tickets, stand outside during bad weather or use the 2nd floor to navigate between the many halls that make up the GRB.  Attendees will be able to access all entrances to the show floor using the concourse.
  • There is a new Grand Lobby in Hall C rising 10 stories and showcasing a sculpture titled “Soaring in the Clouds” by artist Ed Wilson.
  • New restrooms in the Concourse for Hall A and Hall E.  (This one speaks for itself, right?)
  • A new transit center along Rusk Avenue for shuttle buses and almost 1,000 new parking spaces – a very welcome addition near the convention center.


This is what the GRB looked like on Tuesday morning – this image is from a time-elapsed camera mounted outside the GRB, probably at the Hilton Americas next door.  If you’re at or near the Hilton – check out the big, beautiful Starbucks in the lobby near the exit to the GRB that opened the last day of Quilt Market last year.

Other improvements won’t be finished in time for Market or Festival but will be completed by next year’s shows – 2017.

  • New restaurants along the front of the convention center that will be open to the public.
  • Six lanes of roadway running the length of five city blocks are being converted into Avenida Plaza, a 99,000 square foot, pedestrian-friendly, outdoor space new pedestrian plaza with fountains along the front of the GRB.  The space will be available for parties and events, but mostly it will benefit attendees to the GRB’s conventions by providing an improved pedestrian space in front of the building, as well as better access to Discovery Green Park across the street.
  • A new hotel – the Marriott Marquis.  A fun fact – it will include a Texas-shaped lazy river and infinity pool.

This is what it is supposed to look like by Fall International Quilt Market 2017.


The Moda Party?  Maybe.  If the weather is nice.

Despite some of the challenges facing the industry, Quilt Market and Quilt Festival remain seriously cool, vibrant events.  While Quilt Market is a wholesale trade show, more companies exhibiting at Quilt Market are present at Festival.  (Moda will be there!)

Where else would you get to see over 1,600 quilts from around the world?  For those of us who make quilts, it is an amazing chance to see what’s possible – what can be made with fabric, thread and a little bit of batting.  For exhibitors and shop owners, it is inspirational and maybe even a reminder that all of this matters.  We might not all make quilts that will win a ribbon in Houston but we’re still part of it all – we’re still quilters.

Occasionally wet quilters.


This was the first day of Market last year – yes, I had fun playing with the dates on the time-elapsed camera.  (It’s October in Houston… it rains.  The first year I went to Quilt Market, there was 10″ of rain on Day 3.  Animals were traveling in pairs.)

So three weeks.  Yes, that’s right.  Fall International Quilt Market starts three weeks from tomorrow – Saturday, October 29.  (Deep breaths… deep breaths.)

What is it you’d like to see from Quilt Market?  What excites you most – new fabric?  New books and patterns?  New tools?

Yeah… I know.  Everything!

Because Market is coming and because that means new fabric, I have to clean off the shelves in my office a wee bit.  So we’re going to have a little “Mystery Giveaway”.

  • Deadline – Midnight, Sunday, October 9
  • Three winners.
  • Prize – each winner will receive two mini bundles – each bundle is a Layer Cake.

Leave a comment telling me your favorite Moda designer – and why they’re your favorite.

Happy Friday!



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241 thoughts on “George is looking good…

  1. Well, how can we have just one favorite designer???? I love Edyta Sitar, Joanna Figueroa, Bonnie and Camille, and Corey Yoder!!

  2. My favorite Moda designer is Three Sisters. Especially the courtyard collection. It added country charm to my last quilt. A disappearing nine patch.

  3. Oh it all looks so exciting! Wishing you all so much fun!
    Thanks for the giveaway. I am a big fan of Moda and love working with several designers’ fabric. Hard to choose who is my favorite! If I browse my little quilting cupboard it is probably French General though. I have fabrics of many of her lines and love how they work together.

  4. My favorite Moda designers are Bonnie and Camille, and Edyta Sitar. B &C fabrics are so happy and Edyta’s fabrics are so warm and cozy. They both make my heart sing.

  5. My favorite designers (so far) are Kate Spain and Me & My Sister. I love the bright colors and patterns and designs. I am just getting re-started with making quilts and love all the new, modern fabrics!! I could use some stash!!

  6. Picking a favorite is very, very, very hard because there is so much amazing talent among the Moda designers. So taking a deep breath, I will say Edytha Sitar is my favorite. Her fabrics tend to call me. Her color selections are soothing and comforting and naturally compliment my home. And, I love her quilt patterns – challenging, intriguing, inspiring and “doable”.

  7. Corey Yoder, I have her book Playful Petals and follow her blog. Her instructions and very good.

  8. Minick & Simpson are my favorite designers. I love red white & blue and the vintage feel of their fabric.

  9. my favorite Moda designer is Lynne Hagmeier from Kansas Troubles Quilters- I love her country colors and the way her different collections can mix and match each other

  10. Malka Dubrawsky (spelling, oh my), who creates the most interesting prints and colorway! They are a personal challenge, and I’m always excited to use them.

  11. I love Moda and all of the designers, but Bonnie and Camille are my go to when fabric shopping. Love their color choices.

  12. Definitely Joanna Figueroa. I have never met a Fig Tree collection that I didn’t like. The colors, the patterns, the endless possibilities.

  13. Truly, there are several Moda designers I love. My very favorite would be Joanna with Fig Tree (and she has been for years). She always comes out with wonderful fabric lines and patterns and I love how her fabrics could be mixed with each other. Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful give away! I always enjoy your posts and how you write them – thank you!

  14. Kind of loving all things Janet Clare these days…all her peaceful blues, greys and tans…lovely!

  15. My favorite designer is Pam Bongean. I love her little prints – they seem to go with everything. Plus she designs projects with teeny tiny pieces – I love a quilt with a million teeny pieces!

  16. I can only pick one? That’s tough! I’d have to say Minick & Simpson because I’ve been buying their fabrics and patterns the longest, and I love mingling the various lines to make Laurie’s beautiful patriotic quilts. I never throw away M&S scraps for just that reason! A very close second is Brenda Riddle. The soft colors of her lines were my first love in quilting. I knew I couldn’t pick one!

  17. I’m loving Corey Yoder’s Fall and Basic Grey’s Christmas collections right now. It seems like every time a new fabric line hits the stores, I have a new favorite designer. I love citrusy colors with grays, browns, and blacks, which Corey uses a lot. I like the colors and graphics in Basic Grey’s Juniper Berries. I bought some in my local fabric shop recently and have big plans for it! Thank you for the giveaway!

  18. Moda designers are the best, I have several favorites but Joanna with Fig Tree is my favorites for the color palette. Her patterns just make you remember everything good.

  19. Just one?? That is hard to do!! I would have to pick Bonnie & Camille – their fabrics somehow fit best into the small quilts I like to make. Love the colorway of their fabric and design – and that I can mix and match all of their fabric lines that I have so far. That is a bonus!

  20. My favorite designer is Joanna Figueroa. Love mixing Farmhouse and Chestnut Street fabrics together!

  21. Kate Spain is my favorite. Vibrant colors and patterns truly speak to me. Thank you Moda.

  22. Kate Spain! Her colors are so fresh and beautifully coordinated. They are modern and exciting!

  23. My favorite Moda designer is Edyta Sitar. Her fabric liNed are always so pretty. The quality of the Moda fabric is also what draws me to them. I love the blues and pinks and the way everything goes together. I also love surprises and would love to win me some Moda.

  24. Boy, that’s a difficult one! I really enjoy Brigitte Heitland. Such interesting fabrics!!

  25. My favorite designer is Jen Kingwell. I love bright more is better approach. It is still done with tradion as its bacground and base. Also a bit of the unexpected.

  26. Kate Spain has been a favorite of mine for many years, but my friend Corey Yoder is really putting some gorgeous fabric out there too!

  27. If I’m drawn to a fabric (If?!?) it’s Moda! I love so many of the designers! Pat Sloan & Zen Chic come to mind off the top of my head. But, my “favorite at the moment” is Sweetwater! Love, Love, Love her Volume II Mama Said Sew!

  28. So hard to pick a favorite-there are so many I am drawn too. I choose what fabric to work with depending upon the recipient, so that gives me a chance to buy outside of what works in my home. I have sought out the Janet Clare fabrics-loved Nocturne-but have to say the fabrcis I collect and use the most are Edyta Sitar. I love the way she combines repro prints and batiks.

  29. Moda designers are my favorites. It’s hard to choose but if I had to pick one I would say Minnick and Simpson. Their designs and colors are so classic.

  30. I agree, its so hard to pick just one favorite! I definitely love Edyta, everything she does is gorgeous. Kate Spain’s collections are gorgeous too!

  31. Corey Yoder!!! She has great colors and lots of textures in her prints! Zen Chic runs a close 2nd. Great Giveaway and can’t wait for posts from Houston this year!

  32. I have been collecting Joanna’s Fig Tree fabrics because I love her warm and light colors. But, recently I’ve been eyeing Blackbird fabrics and wishing I could have noticed them sooner. Autumn Lily collection and their newer Wild Orchid are pretty. Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to have a quilt for every Moda designer?

  33. It is difficult to pick one favourite but I do have a great many 3 Sisters fabrics and each new collection from them is a joy. I think there is a moda designer to suit every possible taste in fabric and that is wonderful!

  34. Laundry Basket Quilts! If I had to pick one. This will be my first trip to the festival, sew sew excited

  35. How can one possibly choose a favorite designer? Each has their own style and I love to take that style and make something my own or a gift. Bonnie and Camille comes to mind, but please, please don’t make me choose.

  36. I’ve just finished 5 baby quilts for grand babies arriving this year. 4 of the 5 had connections to Moda designers. Beginning with Regent Street lawns, two Thimbleblossom patterns, Lella Boutique for fabric and her Aviator pattern and Fig Tree for more fabric. Different quilts for different babies – all loved! My favorite? Whichever I’m seeing on or with right now!

  37. This is a really really hard choice … so many are my favorite … it depends on what I’m sewing. I love Momo and Urban Chiks and Sandy Gervais and Basic Grey and Zen Chic and Sandy Klop and well it goes on and on and on. Can’t wait to see all the new fabrics !!!!

  38. French General is in front and running a close second is Bonnie and Camille. Actually I just love Moda fabrics and ALL the designers, but do have my favorites.

  39. This is hard…I love them all and always try to look for MODA when I’m shopping because I know the quality will be there. It kind of depends on what mood I’m in and what I’m working on but…I do always love Fig Tree and American Jane. Thank you for the chance to win!

  40. that is a very hard question to answer as I love so many. I love Barbara Brackman’s fabric, Sandy Gervais, Laundry Basket Quilts – Edyta is great! but then on the other hand I love Fig Tree and Minick & Simpson — I really like a wide variety!!

  41. Really!?! Please, please, please don’t make me pick just one! I love ANYTHING Moda! Always have, always will. When talking to new quilter’s and they ask what’s the best fabric, I immediately say, “Moda!” Then they come back to me a year or two later and say it’s their favorite too!

  42. Picking a favorite Mods designer is like picking a favorite child! Bonnie and Camille top my list and Corey Yoder is up there too. Their colors are so fresh and fit my vintage modern style. Lately, I have also fallen in love with Fig Tree’s latest collections

  43. Bridgette Heitland for Zen Chic is my favorite. Her terrific sense of color and design allows me to make modern quilts for the 21st century.t

  44. thank for the giveaway, its always exciting for a chance. I think i will have to go with kate spain. such gorgeous fabrics. but I do know for sure that if it says moda, i’m going to love it! thanks for inspiring me to make better quilts. with gorgeous patterns and beautiful fabrics, its so easy to create beautiful, amazing quilts.


  45. That’s like asking me to name my favorite child. I really love them all, Mods does such á great job of bringing us things we’d love to work with. But, I love the clear hues of the new lie from Shannon Gillman Orr . They would look great in the modern quilt I am planning. Big hugs to Mods.

  46. Although their styles are very different, my favorite designers are Kaari Meng of French General, Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings and Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts. Why? Because they inspire me!

  47. This is like asking me to choose one chocolate from the chocolate box but I guess my all time favourite by a skinny quarter inch is Kaari Meng of French General, followed close by all the others you know Bonnie and Camille, Sweetwater, Janet Clare, Edyta Sitar, Basic Grey et al

  48. Right now I’m loving Corey Yoder. But I also love Kate Spain. Of course, Bonnie and Camille. And Fig Tree. Basic Grey always rocks Christmas. And Minick and Simpson for patriotic. I love anything and everything Moda! Not just sayin’ that!!!

  49. Well, I have to say, I personally love french General! I love the mix of colors, and I love the tints that are used.

  50. Me and My Sister – I love their bright colors and fun prints. I also am liking the new cotton wool plaids, I think some of the guys in my life would love them.

  51. Oh you just love to make it hard for us! Choosing just one designer is nigh impossible. Up against the wall I’d have to choose Zen Chic at one end of the spectrum and Barbara Brackman at the other end. Both have unique ideas and beautiful fabrics. I love the way they use their fabrics and present us with wonderful quilt patterns.

  52. One favorite?? That is so hard. But, based on what is on my shelves right now, I’d have to say Sweetwater. Picking a favorite makes me feel guilty, like having a favorite child…not possible! (I love Fig Tree, & Me and My Sister, & Lella Boutique, & …)

  53. That’s not a very fair question! How do you just choose one? Should I put all their names in a hat and draw one out as my favorite? Ta da! It’s Bonnie and Camille!

  54. Not a suprise here it’s Bonnie & Camille closely followed by Fig Tree and Sherri & Chelsi. Why? Because they are super nice and sweet and I just love their vintage yet modern fabrics. I know I will always love the quilts I’m making with their fabrics and even in 50 years these quilts will be great and beautiful no matter what the current style is then.

  55. MODA is all I have to see! I love all their designers and fabrics! MODA just keeps outdoing itself.
    If I had to pick one designer it would be Edyta Sitar!!!!!

  56. If I have to pick one it is Bonnie and Camille because their fabrics are just happy and put a smile on my face! I made FOUR twin bunk bed quilts, a crib quilt and baby doll bed quilt from Daysail! I also love Basic Grey and Sweetwater and have since they started with scrapbook paper designs!

  57. I love Kansas Troubles… even the simplest quilt looks so amazing with the deep, vibrant colors. The best part is that all their lines coordinate, so the oldest scraps will work with the newest lines.

  58. I think every Moda designer has created lines that I have really liked. I find myself drawn to lines rather than to designer. I’m partial to Kate Spain – style and colors. Another designer that only occasionally produces a line is Jenn Ski – I appreciate so much her originality, and I like that her lines stand alone.

  59. Like everyone else, I love almost all Moda designers. Well, I do love them all, but some are not my “style”. I have gobs of Fig Tree and am buying more and more of Corey Yoder. For red, white and blue, can’t go wrong with Minnick & Simpson. Working right now on Candy Ribbons with Basic Grey’s Juniper Berries – So I don’t play favorites!

  60. Me and my Sister, Kate Spain, Edyta Sitar, Kansas Troubles, etc, etc, etc! Totally depends on my mood and what I am making.

  61. This is really tough–Moda has the BEST designers, but Barbara Brackman has been a favorite of mine for years!

  62. Oh man – so hard to pick just one. I love Edyta Sitar, and Lynne Hagmeier at Kansas Troubles, and Brenda Riddle’s oh-so-soft and beautiful fabrics.

  63. I have to say that Pat Sloan is my FAVE desighner!! Love her colors. Also that I had the pleasure of meeting her and tki g a workshop with her was a joy!

  64. Picking a favorite Moda designer is like picking a favorite child. My current favorites are Bonnie and Camille because I have been enjoying making quilts using their lines, both past and present. But I don’t think there is a line fabric 3 Sisters has designed that I haven’t loved. And I have just finished some Fig Tree projects and have more in my queue.

  65. All my favorite designers are Moda designers, but my favorite is Corey Yoder because she is a fellow Ohian who I consider a friend. 🙂

  66. I love Bonnie & Camille. The detail they put in their fabrics and designs. They just always seem to fall into my lap when I’m hunting for another quilt to make.

  67. I have to pick ONE favorite. That is so not fair. Okay maybe I can count it down to two! Three Sisters and French General would be an even tie. I love Moda fabrics. Even across the lines, they tend to blend beautifully.

  68. Laundry basket Love all the colors go together so nicely but also love French General line….thanks for the great blog you always have something great to read…

  69. This year I have been obsessed with Fig Tree fabrics by Joanna Figueroa but lately I have been collecting Corey Yoder and Basic Grey fabrics.
    Thank you for the give-away opportunity and you insights into the wonderful world of quilting.

  70. So many great designers from which to choose! If I have to choose one, it would be Kate Spain — I love her prints and she uses purple, my favorite color!

  71. Just one? That’s like asking me to pick my favourite biscuit…

    Go on, then…since you asked so nicely! My favourite designers are Bonnie and Camille – I love the colours they use and the variety of scale they include in each collection.

    Good luck with the rest of the M prep!

  72. Lately I have been on a wool applique obsession, so I would say Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings. I also like Minick and Simpson, plus Fig Tree, and on and on. It is just that I really love Moda fabrics.

  73. How can anyone pick one favorite Moda designer? Joanna Figueroa is high on my list. I love her patterns and the flare of her fabrics. They are always so fresh looking. But, wait…I also like Minick and Simpson for their blues. Oh the blues…I love how they design fabrics with that reproduction look but can still be used in modern quilts. And then there’s Kate Spain with her bright and fun designs. I like how she plays off the theme of her fabric and creates beautiful fabrics. I could go on and on because there are too many to choose just one.

  74. My favorites are Blackbird Designs, Jo Morton, and Edyta Sitar…. They all use colors and fabric designs that I gravitate to….Their fabrics just speak to me!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  75. My favorite Moda designer is Me and my Sister. Their fabric is light and colorful. Different lines blend well

  76. What a difficult choice! I need to create a variety of quilts. So, Joanna Figueroa for romantic, Lisa Bonegan for folk art and Bonnie and Camille for contemporary.

  77. Favorite?!! Sweetwater, Bonnie & Camille, v & Co., Fig Tree, Kate Spain… Love their colors & designs. Edyta Sitar & Minick and Simpson always have inspiring quilts that I just can’t comprehend how they have time for such intricacies & quantities!

  78. If I had to pick just one, it would be Jan Patek. Her fabric colors are so warm and cozy, and the prints just scream to me to buy them. She always has a fabulous large print and numerous smaller ones to complement the larger one, so easy to work with!! Hands down my favourite designer

  79. SO excited that its that time again, love, love, love, to see all the new collections !!! Fig Tree is my very favorite but am also big fans of Laundry basket, primitive gatherings bonnie & Camille sweetwater brenda riddle and 3 sisters and many more !! I LOVE moda designers !!!

  80. Well, as to what I would like to see at Quilt Market….that would be me 🙂 Only in my dreams so far though. As to favorite designers…narrowing to one is difficult but maybe Fig Tree is at the top. There are so many wonderful Moda designers. I really enjoy Janet Clare too!

  81. I love Edyta Sitar and Lisa Bongeon. Both are so incredibly talented but even more, they are generous and kind people. Plus, Minnick and Simpson make my heart sing!

  82. Naming my favorite Moda designer is like naming my favorite child! But I love Kansas Troubles especially at this time of year. Betsy Chuchian has quickly become an obsession and now that you’ve added Jo Morton to the fold? Oh my!

  83. I can’t pick just one, but I can pick just two: Sweetwater and Zen Chic. I love everything that comes from both and I look forward to seeing their new collections.

  84. Primitive Gatherings! She speaks to my soul– the colors and designs! Her designs are like comfort food!

  85. I want to see pictures of all the lovely quilts from all the lovely designers! There can never be too many pictures of the quilts that the designers display. I’d say that I am tied in my favourite Moda designer…Edyta Sitar and Lynn Hagmeier, even thought they are so different in their styles. Thanks for this chance.

  86. Wow, hard to pick just a couple of designers I love. But if I have to I’d say Sandy Gevais, American Jane, Fig Tree, April Rosenthal, and Bonnie and Camille.

  87. No favorite fabric designer. I will very often buy one piece from several collections, because that;s how my brain designs quilts. Lets say the best of each. Patterns- Fig Tree hands down.

  88. It’s hard to choose off the top of my head. So I went down to the sewing hole and looked to see which designer captured the majority of my stash. Hands down, Minnick and Simpson. Who knew? I’ve got many others represented, but Laurie and Polly rule my roost!

  89. I am fond of Zen Chic! Great colors and prints! Mods fabric always feels so good. Thanks for having a giveaway!

  90. I love Minnick & Simpson. Their red, white and blue fabrics are so gorgeous and cheerful too. I’m particularly crazy about the Prairie Paisley collections — I may need an intervention soon!

  91. I’m a newer quilter – less than a year – and I am still discovering all of the wonderful designers out there, but so far, I really love Zen Chic and Kate Spain and Bonnie and Camille, and Pat Sloan was the first designer whose posts I followed, so I really love her work. Wow! So many great designers!

  92. I probably love Edyta Sitar and Joanna Figueroa the most but I’ve purchased fabrics from almost all the Moda designers. Moda’s fabrics are the best. I am especially fond of reproduction fabrics because they feel so warm and vintage.

  93. I am a Moda Mama – very little in my stash doesn’t have the name Moda on it. Thus, it is extremely difficult to just choose one favorite designer. How about 4?! Brenda Riddle, Minnick & Simpson (that counts as one!), Bonnie & Camille, and of course Joanna Figueroa.

  94. I love many many of the designers and I change my mind monthly. I love all the choices and everyone’s own style….but Kate Spain, Edyta Sitar, Joanna Figueroa, Bonnie and Camille and lately Zen Chic….oh my! It’s so much fun!!

  95. I love all of the designers. Some of them take me out of my comfort zone. (That is a good thing.) I picked up some fabric from Edyta Sitar and right now I’m working with Grunge charm packs from Basic Grey.

  96. Well today Friday the 7th my fav is Kansas City trouble … I just love the classic vintage old school civil war fabrics … If you ask me tomorrow I might say American Jane same reason as KCT but brighter !!!!

  97. Hmmm…. I love Bunny Hill. Their fabrics make sophisticated, but yet still sweet quilts for babies! I love their pinks, blues, greys and off whites!

    A close runner up is Kansaas Troubles!

  98. I haven’t seen fabric from any Moda designer I didn’t like. Oh to pick just one…April Rosenthal. I also like Bonnie and Camille, Minnick and Simpson and… I love all the designers!

  99. Jen Kingwell, since Aussie designers seem to follow a different path, and well, we Anzacs have to stick together. Maybe one day there will be a kiwi Moda designer?

  100. Do I have to pick only one? Sheesh….this is hard! But eyeballing my stash of yardage, pre cuts and quilts in progress, I would have to say Lynne with Kansas Troubles! Her taste almost exactly mirrors mine….or should I say, my taste mirrors her talent!

  101. Joanna Figueroa at Fig Tree. I am a total fan girl. I love the aesthetic. Muted colours and the new range of blacks. FAHN-tastic.

    I also love V & Co. I have a charm pack of every line Vanessa has put out.

  102. At this moment in time it is Zen Chic, Primitive Gatherings, and Pat Sloan. Truthfully, I love it all!

  103. Lisa Bongean – Primitive Gatherings. I love the small prints (always have but it was sometimes hard to find them) and the colors remind me of what was frequently used in antique quilts.

  104. Bonnie and Camille are my favorite. Their fabric just makes me happy. I love the colors and the patterns. Love them❤️

  105. My favourite is 3 Sisters. Yeah I know there aren’t really 3 sisters but I do like their fabric and I’ve got most of their lines. The collections are different enough to be interesting and make beautiful quilts. What more could we quilters ask for? I have a bunch of fat quarters from Vienna Nights that I’ve been saving (hoarding) for a special project – to be determined. I think they have probably aged long enough to be ready. Soon. Maybe.

  106. Pick just one – how do I do that. The best I can do is pick my best one TODAY – can’t wait for Olive’s Flower Market by Lella Boutique to hit the shelves in my favorite quilt shop. But next week I may have another favorite.

  107. I love Kate Spain for her colors. I love the way Edyta Sitar uses both prints and batiks (and now Kate has too!). And I love Zen Chic for her prints and neutrals.

  108. I guess I’d have to say Sandy Klop because I love the tulip pattern in Bread n Butter. But I almost said Basic Gray for Grunge.

  109. Barbara Brackman – she’s a calm constant in the ever-changing trends, yet always something new. I feel like I’ve grown up with her, and Moda. Then all the rest, especially Edyta Sitar.

  110. So many amazing designers….. French general, laundry basket quilts, blackbird designs, 3 sisters but my absolute favourite would be jo Morton……she designs great fabrics…..
    One day I hope to get to the shows…. Would be amazing…..

  111. Lynne Of Kansas Troubles! While I love all things Moda,and don’t have a fabric niche to pigeonhole my taste, her fabrics always speak to me!

  112. Barbara Brackman is my fav. She has such a vast knowledge in history of our craft and she freely shares with us on her blog and pintrest. It is the history as well as her fabric.

  113. Wow, which one? Edyta Sitar for sure, but I love Kansas Troubles and your new batiks are to die for? Nope can’t pick just one.

  114. Whoever thought of and designed Grunge! It is the most versatile fabric in the most scrumptious colors. It is my go-to for a solid accent. I’ve even used it in garments I’ve made for myself. Long live Grunge!

  115. My favorite fabric designer is Kate Spain: each of her fabric lines is unique and beautiful. Her Honey, Honey line was the first I enjoyed after being away from quilting for several years: it helped me reconnect with the joys of fabric and quilting.

  116. i love so many; Fig Tree, Sandy Gervais, Minick and Simpson, Jo Morton, and the list goes on….

  117. I am a Jo addict. Ms. Morton ‘s fabrics are the bomb IMHO. Thx for the chance to win.

  118. Love Figtree…classic and timeless. I also love that you can build from one collection to another. Have SEW much fun in Houston.

  119. I love Laundry Basket Quilts! Edyta Sitar has the most exquisite patterns and her color palette can’t be beat! Love the romance and the detail in her fabrics. Just beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win.

  120. I really like 3 Sisters designs. It is nostalgic,but with a fresh color palette. There are many other designers, but 3 Sisters really pleases me.

  121. So hard to pick a favorites, they are all fabulous, but I tend to be attracted to the lines by Kate Spain and Sandy Koop.

  122. Like everyone else I find it difficult to pick a favorite. I own fabric from almost all of them. But to follow the rules, today I’ll pick Sweetwater since the last project I finished was with their fabric. I love their colors and the fun style of prints. Tomorrow I would probably pick Bonnie and Camille as I have a quilt ready to quilt from their fabric or Me and My Sister since my granddaughter and I are making a project together with their fabric. And I could go on and on.

  123. Oh my. How to pick just one . . . my current favorite is Lisa Bongean. Her pattern designs are challenging, interesting, and a fun mix of old and new. And all those little pieces . . . yikes. But they make such gorgeous quilts that look like quilts. I’ve had so many different favorites over time, but Lisa’s are calling me now.

  124. I guess I would have to say Laundry basket quilts, I love the combination of her colors but also
    her use of batiks and her and prints are so beautiful together they just blend so well but don’t
    look like they belong.

  125. So hard to pick just one but I’ll have to say it’s Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs. I love her designs and color usage. They make me smile.

  126. That is so easy – I love Kansas Troubles Quilters. Love the fabrics, the colors, the prints – everything.

  127. I think my favourite Moda designer is Joanna of Fig Tree Quilts. I am pulled in by her colour palette and intricate patterns on fabric. I have many other close favourites, but her’s top the list. Thanks for sharing about the market.

  128. My favorit designer is Sandy Gervais.I love the frech colours , the romantic details and ist perfect to
    makeoverodern quilts

  129. Barb And Alma from Blackbird Designs because their sampler themed patterns and lovely color combinations just soothe my soul.

  130. Sweetwater. I’m not a “flower” kinda girl (especially if they have points). My girls aren’t either, or the boys (hehe). So I have to get creative with my fabric pics and the options are few. Sweetwater helps there. I’d give my eye teeth to be able to go to spree. But winning this giveaway would be better . . Not really ready to be a toothless nana

  131. Just one? Really?!! How about Joanna Figeroa, or Sandy Klop, or Sherri McConnell? Hmm….I love them all for the different lines they design!! Hoping I might win a layer cake! 🙂 Hugs, H

  132. Laundry basket quilts, based on the fact that it’s her fabric in my stash. Gave away a quilt made of one of her lines only because I’m hoarding more of it!

  133. Moda is the best, but one of my favorites is Joanna of Fig Tree, Her color palettes are so classic and fresh like the strawberry fields revisited and the new chestnut street. They make beautiful quilts…..

  134. There are so many – Minick and Simpson, Lisa Bongean, Jo Morton now, Betsy Chuctian (sp?), Kansas Troubles. Can you tell I’m a repro girl?

  135. Toss up between 2 or 3 but my vote goes to … Bonnie & Camille! Love their website(s), colors and designs. Thanks Carrie and Moda!

  136. Really Carrie? Pick one favorite? I had to think long and hard about this, because truly, there are so many designers whose fabric I love. And covet. My decision is that my favorite is Three Sisters. I used their fabric in my very first quilt and I still love their soft floral prints.

  137. Moda is tops, but, my favorite designer would have to be Me and My Sister because I have FIVE granddaughters under the age of seven and am at the moment making them all quilts so I am loving the bright colors and girlie prints MaMS produces. But there are lots of Moda fabrics that I love and lots of designers I could choose!!!

  138. I love a lot of the Moda designers, but Lisa Bongean is my fav. Why do I love Lisa? Let me count the ways…she is so creative and has the best eye for colors. I love all of her fabric lines – my favorite is the miniatures – they all work just perfect for my jewelry designs. She is very generous with her knowledge and truly wants to see others succeed. She was one of my first wholesale customers when I started my business, and she has been very generous and helpful throughout the years since then. I feel lucky to have her as a friend.

  139. That’s a very tough question – I counted fabrics from at least 15 Moda designers in my stash. By quantity, I have the most from Fig Tree, Bonnie and Camille, and Kansas Troubles, then probably another 5 designers tie for 2nd and the rest follow after that! I love sewing with them all!

  140. Zen Chic and Jenn Kingwell – both with signatures styles! I’ve been sewing “modern” a lot lately.

  141. I love Moda because of the quality. I also love that there is a designer for your every mood. Sometimes I want Rich colors and traditional designs, sometimes I want happy, modern themes and sometimes the quirky. Kate Spain, Bonnie and Camille and French general are my favorites.

  142. I don’t know that I have a favorite, I love all the Moda fabric lines. I like several designers, but I probably have more of Kate Spain, Me & My Sister, Edyta Sitar fabrics. Their fabrics are so colorful. Thanks for the chance to win some Moda fabric!

  143. So many talented designers…..but my favorite is Kate Spain. I love the colors she uses in her fabric lines and the beautiful detailed designs she draws on her focus fabrics. I love that her Christmas fabric lines are so interchangeable. And now that she’s brought out a batik line….well, I’m thrilled!

  144. Just one designer…not enough! I love Kate Spain because of her mix of rich with lighter colors. She makes happy fabrics. And I was a Bonnie and camille virgin until recently and now I’m in love again! Zen chic…..there’s SO many. Thanks for the chance to win a giveaway!

  145. My favorite is Sweetwater. From their first collection Authentic and along until their current one, I have some of everyone of their collections. I just love their colors and the way they use words on their fabrics.

  146. Pick just one favorite? That’s funny and impossible! I guess my favorite right now is Bonnie & Camille.
    I love their vintage-y prints and the colors make me happy when I’m sewing. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  147. Lisa Bongean because she is the only one I’ve met! And took a class to her at her store. Love her designs.

  148. Minick & Simpson is at the top of my list of favorites, lol. Moda almost always is on the end of the bolt I pick up at the local quilt shop!

  149. Sweet water has been my favorite lately but I started my Moda addiction with Sandy Gervais and Kate Spain. It is really hard to say favorite with Moda!

  150. Oh, it’s a toss up! You can’t possibly make me choose? Okay, today I pick Kathy Schmitz and FigTree. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

  151. I’ve always been attracted to the reproduction fabrics but am really liking Kate Spain’s fabrics. The bright colors and designs for great for the more modern quilt patterns.

  152. Houston is on my bucket list and this is the year I’m coming! Sew Wonderful Quilts and all the vendors…here I come!

  153. Kate Spain is one of my favorites for her bright cheery colors and inspiring designs. I also love the pretty designs by Sentimental Studios (especially Regent Street Lawns), Barbara Brackman (especially the Morris fabrics- those are rich, lush and beautiful), and Malka Dubrawski has fun unusual designs. So many great designers for Moda.

  154. Fav designer is Betsy Chutchian. She has been my group leader forever…. love the quilts… and now the FABRIC… I love butterscotch.

  155. My favorite Moda designer is Bren Riddle. I love florals and her soft color palette just does it for me! I am participating in her Quilted Comfort project to provide quilts for seniors in assisted living, retirement centers and memory care/Alzheimer’s units, especially those who come to live in these homes with little or no personal possessions. They receive a quilted hug from Bren and her helpers. There are other designers I love for their florals as well…Joanna, Laurie and Polly, and 3 Sisters.

  156. There are so many I love but 3 Sisters never disappoint me. Never! I have a 3 Sisters quilt on my bed right now,(Chocolat) I love the colour combos of all the collections, even the seasonal ones but I have to say Paris Flea Market is still a fave.

  157. It’s like picking a favourite quilt pattern, I love them all. But really really like Fig Tree, Me and My
    Sister, American Jane, Kansas Troubles….

  158. This is tough, but I love Sweetwater. My very first big bundle purchase was Sunkissed, and I used it in so many things, including a Moda Bake Shop pattern that is on my bed right now. I wish Moda would re-release that line. I keep checking to see if they will. Think there’s any chance of that?

  159. Bonnie and Camille are my favorite designers. However, i would not turn down any Moda fabric “bundle”. Thanks for all you do, love your website!

  160. really a difficult question. I love different designers best depending on what I am working on. my current favourite is bunny hill.

  161. Tough question becauseI love them all! I am hooked on Corey Yoder lately although Bonnie and Camille are always in my collection. Love Moda❤️❤️

  162. Me and My Sister, because their colors are so bright and fun. Jen Kingwell, because her stuff is soo yummy. Love all the designers and fabrics that are moving us closer to the “Modern” quilt movement –‘cuz, you know, I don’t have a massive collection of that kind of thing–yet :).

  163. I am a fan of the Basic Gray collections, and my second favorite is Zen Chic. Thanks for the variety of collections and designers!

  164. My first favorite is Carrie Nelson ( just sayin…) but if you mean fabric designer, Edyta. Lovely fabric, incredible patterns. Yummy.

  165. Well, it’s hard to pick just one favorite, because Moda is just the BEST! If I could only pick one, it would have to be Edyta Sitar. I LOVE the way she combines batiks with prints. They’re just lovely together! And her colors just sparkle! ❤️

  166. My favourite fabric line is Valley, so I’ll go with Sherri and Chelsi, who designed it. I really like that their fabrics still look the same,even when cut into small pieces.

  167. It’s nearly impossible to pick just one, but if I had to, it would be Kate Spain. I just adore the colors and designs of her fabric lines.

  168. Lynne Hagmeier from Kansas Troubles is my absolute favorite. I love her color palette with the blues, rusts, and golds.

  169. Ooooh – so many choices, it’s difficult to pick just one. Currently, it would have to be Joanna Figueroa. Every one of her fabrics just makes me happy – the colors, the patterns. They’re just joyful!

  170. I love all the bright vibrant colors being used today. However, time after time I am drawn to Lisa Bongean. Her colors are warm and comforting, traditional with a hint of wimsey. I remember looking down at my piecing last year using her Snowman Gatherings and thinking it felt like my favorite pair of blue jeans. Relaxed and comfortable, glad to be home.

  171. French General is my favorite! Kaari’s are the only lines where I buy the whole fat quarter bundle! Thanks for the chance to win!

  172. Lynn Hagmeier, Lisa Bongean, and Minick & Simpson are my favorites. I love the colors and prints ub their fabrics and the quilts created with them.

  173. Oh…’s so difficult to pick a fav from so many creative Moda designers. Zen Chic. Love the contemporary design. Love the colors. Love the quilt patterns.

    Looking forward to your quilt market stories and photos. Thank you, Carrie.

  174. I have two favorites!!! Mimick and Simpson and Me and My Sister. I love Patriotic fabrics and collections and bright and happy collections and fabrics!!!

  175. One needs more wisdom than Solomon to choose just one Moda designer – there are so many whose fabrics I have in my stash. But today my favourite is Janet Clare and the Nocturne fabric line. I am looking forward to seeing Aubade next year.

  176. Bonnie and Camille! Love their color palette. Runner up would be Sweetwater. They always seem to have a text print that I can’t live without.

  177. Favourite designer? Well…….I have to choose Howard Marcus for each of his Collection for a Cause ranges. I love, love, love each & every one. The highlight of my visit to Houston last year was the exhibition of his antique quilts & the new made quilts alongside them. Breathtaking!

  178. It’s really hard to narrow it down to only ONE fav designer but, since I have to choose only one, I’d have to go with Bonnie & Camille. There fabric colors are so cheerful and their patterns fun, easy, and wonderful. Thank you, Moda, for bringing so many terrific designers to all of us that quilt!!!

  179. My favorite are Bonnie & Camille because I like their bright, happy colors and fresh designs. I check their hashtags all the time!

  180. I don’t think I can pick one favorite but I sure Love Minnick and Simpson, Corey Yoder and Bonnie and Camile . I also love American Jane . All the new ones are favorites as well!

  181. And I forgot to mention Zen Chic and Sweetwaterand Kate Spain! Oh dear I told you I could not pick just one favorite

  182. Like so many others, I just CAN”T pick one — it changes by mood and what’s going on. But among the designers I always look for: Blackbird Designs- Barb and Alma’s fabrics and patterns just speak to me; Lisa Bongean – those “Gatherings” are just SO versatile; Minick and Simpson – their fabrics always look so fresh; French General – time for a bit of sophistication; Bunny Hill – is there anything sweeter than Anne’s bunnies; Jo Morton — the Civil War repro queen; and finally – Howard Marcus – great fabrics and great charity work

  183. I love Minick and Simpson because of their red, white and blue themes. I have also known Polly for years because of rug hooking.

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