Quilts. Stories. New York City.

Make that – Manhattan.  As in… Quilters Take Manhattan.  Circa 2016.


Because it was such a huge success last time – and the five times before that – the folks at the Quilt Alliance are taking to Manhattan again for their annual event – September 23rd through 25th.

Just in case you don’t know, the Quilt Alliance is a non-profit organization whose mission it is to document, preserve and share the stories of quilts and quiltmakers.  Through their programs Quilters’ SOS – Save Our Stories, Go Tell It At The Quilt Show!, the Ardis James QSOS Scholar Program and National Quilting Day, the Quilt Alliance is recording our quilt-stories, celebrating the varied tradition of quilting and working to preserve our quilting history.

The Quilters Take Manhattan event is about getting together to share stories, be inspired, learn something new, raise funds for the Quilt Alliance and have a little bit of fun.  It’s New York City, how can “fun” not be part of it?

The speakers this year are:


Clockwise from upper-left:

  • Emcee – Mary Fons – Quilter. Blogger. Talk-show host.  Television star.  Sewlebrity.  Emcee Extraordinaire.
  • Featured Speaker – Kaffe Fassett – Color expert.  Knitter.  Needlepointer.  Quilter.  Artist.  (Kaffe will be signing copies of his new book, Bold Blooms after his lecture-presentation.)
  • Featured Speaker – Dr. Carolyn L. Mazloomi.  Historian. Curator. Author. Lecturer. Artist. Mentor. Founder. Facilitator.
  • S.O.S. – Save Our Stories – Mark Lipinski. Quilter. Blogger. Author. International Sewlebrity. Raconteur. Founder of the Slow-Stitch Movement.

Quilters Take Manhattan is a three-day event.  It all starts on Friday – Day 1 – with options such as a Workshop with Victoria Findlay Wolfe, guided tours of the NYC Garment District, and hosted tours of the Costume Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, the American Folk Art Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, or Behind the Scenes at the Metropolitan Museum’s Renowned Textile Center.

Day 2 – Saturday – is the big, full-day event at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  In addition to the talks by the featured speakers and the S.O.S. interview, there are goodie bags, vendors, a silent auction and raffle, a really good box-lunch and the Quilt Match Manhattan.  Watch Aleeda Crawley, Chris Dodsley and Mary Fons vie to win the Heavyweight Quilter of the World – weigh-ins are not required.

Day 3 – Sunday – concludes with presentations by the sponsors of Quilters Take Manhattan, including our own Mark Dunn, the President of Moda Fabrics.  You’ll also get to meet Karla Overland – Owner of Cherrywood Fabrics, Michael Newman – President of StoryPatches, Iris Karp – Owner of Mistyfuse and several others.


It sounds like fun, right?


This is the “swag bag” – goodie bag.  The quilt is by Margaret M. Cibulsky of the NYC Metro Modern Quilt Guild – it won the Handi-Quilter Grand Prize in the 2016 Quilt Alliance “Playing Favorites” contest.

Since Manhattan is a bit of a drive for most of us, we’ll have to enjoy it from home.  And we’re here to help – we’re having a giveaway of a “Moda Home” bag.  It’s the bag shown above and it’s packed with samples, information and treats from the QTM sponsors, chances to win select door prizes, and a QTM Home Ticket.  Home Ticket holders receive priority access to the online video of the “Sunday with Sponsors’ event.  Unfortunately, it does not include video of the featured speakers and interviews due to a prohibitive cost.

To enter the drawing to win the “Moda Home” bag, leave a comment by Midnight – Saturday night, September 10th – telling us if you label your quilts.  If so, what information do you include?

(The winner will be notified via e-mail.)

For additional chances to win a “Moda Home” bag, these lovely folks are participating in a Quilters Take Manhattan blog hop:

Day 1 – Monday – 9.5

Day 2 – Tuesday – 9.6

Day 3 – Wednesday – 9.7

Day 4 – Thursday – 9.9

Day 5 – Friday – 9.10

That’s eighteen – 18! – chances to win.

If you’re interested in the Quilt Alliance – this is what we wrote last year.  Gender NeutralTakeover Bid.  The Quilt Alliance will also be at Quilt Festival in Houston in November – they’re going On The Road.

Happy Wednesday!









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  1. I label every quilt with a little tag that says Handmade by and my name. I have thought about making more intricate labels, but I haven’t had the chance to!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I have labeled my quilts with just my initials and the year, and if it is made for someone I will include that information as well.

  3. Most times, I include my full name and date of completion. I also include some tidbit in the news or a quote I like.

  4. I label my quilts with the date the quilt was finished and the city and state of where it was made at and who made it and who quilted it. If it is for a Birthday or special occasion I will also say “Happy Birthday” or “congratulations: and stuff like that.

  5. I label all my quilts with my name, date and the city I live in. If the quilt is a special gift I will include who it is to and what the occasion is. Would love to win!!!!

  6. I do not label most of my quilts. I make quilts to be used, & do not expect them to outlast the recipient. Thanks for the lovely giveaway

  7. I label my quilts when they are gifts. I put the recipient’s name, my name and the date. My other quilts I right down in a notebook when I finished them.

  8. I have started adding a machine embroidered “tag” that I sew in the binding. It simply has my name and the year. I embroider it on twill tape.

  9. I label some of my quilts, mostly those that are gifted. I include a date, my name and the occasion. I am trying to be more conscientious in labeling.

  10. I did not label quilts years ago, but I have been the past several years. I put a cute little note, date, city, and made by myself (I use one of the Fusion permanent pens and hope it’ll last). It’s important to have this information on all quilts. Thanks for the chance to win a lovely Manhattan bag!

  11. I label my quilts with the quilt pattern, My name, where I live, and the year completed. If machine quilted by someone else, I include their name and residence.

  12. I generally, but not always, label my quilts. I do not ever label ones made for donation. Since I’m so bad at any other record-keeping, I find the label does the job with the finish date, the name/origin of the pattern, my name, and any other fact I find relevant on the day I made the label.

  13. I definitely label my quilts and large projects that I give to my family members and friends. but I may have given some gifts away ‘naked’! Thanks for reminding me to label consistently! And thanks for the chance to win!

  14. I label all my quilts. I mostly use a preprinted label. The label includes my name and the from and to-date. I add the name of the quilt (if applicable — which is rarely the case) and if I gift the quilt I also include the recipients name. On the backside of the label some care instructions are included. Quite some information, isn’t it?!

    The conference seems so much fun; its a shame I live so far away, but the goodie bag looks wonderful! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  15. I always label my quilts. Normally with it’s name, my name, date finished and the place it was created. Rarely I might include the inspiration or my intention for the quilt too.

  16. I label some of my quilts. I try to remember to label the ones I give away, but that doesn’t always happen. 🙂

  17. The labels I place on my quilts include the name of the recipient, date, reason if any, and my name. This conference will be so inspiring for all those who can attend.

  18. I do label my quilts. If they are a personal gift, the recipients name, date finished, my name, and town. If they are a charity or donation quilt, Veteran’s quilts get “Home of the free because of the Brave. Thank you for your service.” and my Guild initials. Charity quilts get ” Made for you with love and prayers”.

  19. I have always put a label on any quilt I gave away but not always the ones that stay with me. Now I am sewing a label on each quilt as soon as I finish the binding and am attempting to go back and label the ones I missed. The information on the label always includes my name, town, the name and town of the quilter and the date the quilt was finished. I also include the name of the pattern and fabric used unless it is scrappy; sometimes the date started and any interesting information or story pertaining to the quilt. I hope people reading the labels in the future will enjoy the information.

  20. I label all my quilts and teach each new quilter how important this is. I include. Name of quilt, recipient if any, pieced by and quilted by names, sometimes name of pattern or pattern maker, Date finished, and if hand appliqued how long it took. ( I’m not really fast). If if is a donation quilt the name of our guild. instead of my name.

  21. Yes I try my best to label my quilts. I have my name, date, where I made it who it is for if that is the case and some sort of name or whose pattern it is too. That’s about it. Thank you for the chance to win. NYC Sounds like a fun time.


  22. I label my quilts with my name and date. If it’s a gift, I also include the recipients name. Sometimes a message, like “Happy Birthday”. Or “With Love”. Maybe a little flower doodle. The years go by fast and my memory doesn’t last☺️ So it’s nice to have the label as a record. Sure would love to see and hear Kaffe Fassett keynote address. Thanks for the chance to win the swag!

  23. I try to label every quilt but have gotten behind in labeling the latest ones. I usually put my name, city, state, year, and possibly the quilt’s name. If it’s for a certain person I’ll include that too.

  24. I label some of my quilts with the name of the pattern, designer, and also the person I’m giving it to. I sign my initials and the date.

  25. Yes I label most of my quilts especially the ones that go to others. I usually put the name of the recipient, the date, my name, washing instructions. I have a rubber stamp that I always use as part of the label that says “One who sleeps under a quilt is comforted with love.” I think that says it all.

  26. Most of the quilts for myself I at least will initial and date the back (right on the backing), sometimes I make a little tab with my name and date. If a gift I will do a label of some sort. Thanks Carrie and Moda for the blog and a chance to win!! Love coneflowers and scrappy!

  27. yes I label my quilts, – name of quilt, the year made, washing instructions, who made it, if it is for special person or occasion that is put on it also

  28. Yes, I label my quilts. I think it is very important. I have some from my heirs that do not have labels and I so wish they did because I would know more about them. I include a little message for the receiver, the name of the quilt and the date it was made and the occasion it was given for. It is a must!

  29. I write my name and the year I made the quilt with a Micron pen, until I decide who I am giving the quilt to. Then I put a label on top of that information, which includes who the quilt is for, the reason they are getting the quilt, the date, and in some cases a short message to the person.

  30. I label some of my quilts…mainly quilts that are a gift. On the label I include the date, who it was made for, the occasion, and my name.

  31. Yes, I label my quilts. My Sweet Man says I write epistles! LOL In my handwriting I use the Pentel fabric gel pen in black to write my full name, city, state and dated finished. Usually the designers name of the pieced pattern, what number quilt completed on my long arm, fabric, thread and batting used. I think I do all this documentation because out of all the antique quilts I’ve collected, only one has initials and a date October 1, 1895. I wish I knew more. So, to compensate I over label for future generations of quilt historians and collectors. Allison C Bayer, Plano, Texas USA

  32. I do! I have 2.5 inch wooden buttons embossed with my name. Sew cute. Then I sign and date the quilt by the button. Cute. Easy. Quick!

  33. I label some… esp the ones I give as gifts. They usually have my name, year, and why I gave it to them:)

  34. I do label my quilts and I like to have fun with them; for example, I made my nephew a quilt with dog blocks and then made a white dog block for my label. On my labels I include the name and usually my relationship with that person, date completed, and the pattern used. And sometimes a funny story about how long it took me to complete it.

  35. I’ve been trying to get better about labeling them. I’m hoping to figure out how to make quilt labels on my embroidery machine *fingers crossed*. I include my name, the date and any information I might want to remember – the swap name, the occasion (for my mom on her birthday), who the quilt was made for, etc. Thanks for a chance to win!

  36. I never label quilts made for myself. For quilts made for others, I prefer to send a card with the quilt explaining the when and why. I find labels obtrusive and prefer not to use them.

  37. Yes, I always label my quilts, including the name of the quilt, year made, my name, and my city/state. If it’s a gift, there will be some personalization for the recipient, too. I draft my labels in Word and print them on treated fabric sheets. On donation quilts, I write my initials, year, and city/state unobtrusively in Sharpie on a corner of the back.

  38. I used to embroider “made by ____ for___ ” and the year. That was when I made a quilt every couple if years. Now I just sew in a small woven label on my big quilts. With two new grand babies, I’ve been making a lot of small quilts, so I’ve been using the ” P.S. I love you ” tags ( available from Moda). I intend for my quilts to be used up, so I don’t fret too much about documenting.

  39. Yes, I do label my quilts. It includes, depending on the quilt and recipient, a variety of information. Basics are what I decide to “name” my quilt, my name, the date completed and to whom I am giving the quilt (if I am). I might also write a sentiment if it is for a wedding, birth or a memory quilt of someone who has passed. My labels can be small or large, depending on what I want to include in them. Thanks for a chance to win but even more so the opportunity to see what others put on their labels!

  40. I always label my quilts with my name and date. If it is for someone else and there is a special occasion involved, I include that information also. I feel it is important to document this information as I expect my work to be around long after I’m gone! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  41. I put my name name of pattern month and year and the name of person I am giving it to. And if there is a story about making it or the reason I am giving it for my grands I usually say something about it being a hug for them.

  42. I don’t label my quilts because I make small things like wallhangings, table squares, mug rugs, etc. If I ever make a full size quilt, I am sure that I will label it so my children and granddaughter will know that I made it.

  43. I am hit or miss on labeling quilts. If it’s a gift I get it done and include my name and year. If they are living with me, not so much! Thanks for the fun give away!

  44. I don’t usually label my quilts. I do label quilts for my grandchildren with their name, my name and the date. I like the idea of “hiding” your initials and date during the quilting process. Thank you for the chance to win.

  45. I’ve labeled a few of my quilts with my name and the date. I make a lot of table runners, toppers and mini quilts and have good intentions of labeling them, but I never seem to get it done. Thanks for the chance to win a Moda Home bag!

  46. Usually I do label my quilts, but some have escaped without a label. I include recipient’s name, my name, date, and city where made.

  47. Yes, I label my quilts. If it’s a gift I put that persons name, the date, and then my name. Otherwise, I just date it and put my name. Sometimes I might name my quilt.

  48. Relatively new to quilting, I have not labeled any of my quilts so far, but am carefully considering all the comments above!

  49. I label my quilts – often a couple of years after I have finished them..My name, date, batting used, city and sometimes who the quilt is intended to honor.

  50. Yes, I label my quilts. I usually print them and then trace onto the label fabric with a pigma pen. I include my name, the name of the quilt, the date, and the occasion (if any). I will be in Manhattan that weekend. Maybe I can sneak in!

  51. I label some quilts but mostly I don’t…sometimes I don’t think I want to look at it, sometimes I plan and then forget and sometimes I think I’m going to work on planning it better. What I don’t like specifically are those little premade labels that you would just sew one end of into the binding like you see on towels and washcloths….I cut those out of the towels as I don’t even like looking at them there! Crazy to think someone would add that to a quilt!

  52. Yes, I label all my quilts. I include the name of the quilt, who designed the pattern, the size, the content of the quilt fabric and batting, if hand or machine quilted, who quilted it, my name, the date and location. Whew – a lot!

  53. I HATE labeling my quilts!!!!!! That being said~~I do label them…now! I never used to but have begun in the last couple years. I’m not sure why I feel like it’s such a drudgery~~maybe because I’d rather move onto the next one than spend the time it takes to make/stitch one down! Sigh.
    So, yes, I do label my quilts! 🙂

  54. ALL of my quilts are labeled with the pattern name, author of pattern, my full name, city, state and date. I have also started adding what type of batting I use. Now my goal is to create a journal with all this information including pictures and history of the quilt (if it has won a ribbon or been appraised).

  55. I label all my quilts. Most of my quilts are gifts or charity donations. I use my embroidery machine which makes the label look so special. If it’s for a charity, I embroider their name, logo, and if it’s for a special event, the name of the event and the date. I do a small label for the other corner that shows the quilt was made by me. For gifts, I always look for something that fits the occasion for the gift. If it’s a Christmas gift, I’ll embroider a Christmas theme. It’s so much fun to design these labels and the recepients are starting to look for the label right when they first receive the quilt. It’s been kind of cool starting this tradition for all my quilts.

  56. Do I label my quilts, sometimes. If I am giving one as a gift or for a special purpose I will label with name and date, if it is just for utility purposes than no label.

  57. I do label my quilts. I put the name I’ve given my quilt and my name and date finished. If I did not design or quilt the quilt, I include those folk’s names, too.

  58. The label is the first thing my Grandkids look for when I make them a quilt. They look to see what I named the quilt. You are very generous with your giveaways. I appreciate that but most of all I Love! Moda! Fabrics!

  59. All my quilts have a handwritten label now. The label has the quilt name, who it was made for, the pattern name and author, when and where it was made, the LAQ name if I used one and my signature.

  60. I label my quilts with my name & date only unless it’s for a special recipient. Those are special labels which include a personal message.

  61. I started labeling quilts with labels run through my printer, I use machine embroidery so they are more permanent. Labels for family quilts include: name of quilt, their name, special date if appropriate, “pieced and quilted with love by”, my name, my location, date of quilt. I used to forget the projects I made for myself, but they now have labels with my name, location, and date.

  62. I label my quilts with the pattern name and designer, my name, city and state, the name of the long-arm quilter, if I did not quilt it, and the date it was finished. Oh, and if the quilt is for someone specific, I include his/her name too. If my quilts survive me, everyone will know who made them!

  63. I always label my quilts unless they are for charity. The label tells the story of the quilt, from idea to completion.

  64. I’ve never felt like the quilts I’ve made were “up to standards”, until recently. Now I would like to start labeling them with who it is for, when it was made, and where and probably my name.

  65. Hi, I label my quilts with my name and date. I stitch it on the binding. And of course I always add love to all my quilts.

  66. I label the quilt with a name, made by, and the date. If it is a special occasion I will add more, i.e. wedding, birth of a child.

  67. I label all my quilts. For small items like a tablerunner or wall hanging, it is just a tag sewn into the binding with my name and the date it was finished. In bed-sized quilts, I include the name of the quilt, my name, and the date or special occasion the quilt was made for. I also include laundry instructions, because people who don’t quilt don’t usually know how to care for them.

  68. I label my quilts, but am never satisfied with how they look. Have tried different methods, still searching for a good method.

  69. If I label them I put the date, who it is for and made by me. I really should label all my quilts but I haven’t found a way that I really like yet.

  70. Sounds like a fabulous experience. Worthy cause. Wishing all an extremely successful show.
    I need to do better at recording quilt information on my quilts. I also need to learn how to attach them. You know what I mean.

  71. I don’t label my quilts. I know I should, but have never come up with a way of doing it that I like.

  72. I DO label my quilts. Recently I’ve been trying to make them look a bit more creative, rather than just a standard rectangle label. I try to make them look more like they are part of the quilt, incorporating a design element from the quilt. Information I typically include is the month and year finished and my name. If it is a gift I include a personal message.

  73. I label all my quilts. I put the name of quilt, date, longarm quilter and my inspiration if there is one. Or else a poem.

  74. I label all of my quilts. On the label I include the following: the name I gave the quilt, who the gift is for and the occasion (if the quilt is a gift), the name of the pattern and pattern designer (if it is not my design), the quilter (if I did not quilt it myself), the date, and my name including city and state. Sometimes I will include inspiration for the quilt.

  75. Hellllo, I label everything, possibly because my Nan did and with all those reminders, it helped me to look up what was happening during those moments of stitching….I find I stitch more when I have something to work through…
    Miss your blog terribly…quick note, I had my dovo’s scissors in someones bag recently…and I am sure it was an error…lol. but I have them back and they will no longer be leaving my home…I always think of you with them never far from my side…the VERY BEST scissors I have ever owned..so thank you again.. I found a black pair so ordered them as dovo does not make the tear drop arms anymore…
    hope you are happy and moving into your new life with excitement..

  76. I usually label my quilts sometimes I had some labels made so it was easier to do. I have my quilter name and city and I put the date.

  77. oh, forgot to add, I place name of quilt, date, start and finish and a personal note to the recipient.
    I sign it simply, “you matter to me, mdm samm”

  78. I label my quilts with my name, town, and state – date it was finished and the date I started (If i can remember that far back LOL!!!) the Name of the quilt and who it is for….sometimes if I used a commercial pattern I put in the designer’s name and her name for the pattern. I try to email them for permission and include that on the label if it is appropriate.

  79. Labels usually include who it is made for by me, the date completed, and if it was for a special reason, what that may have been (birthday, Christmas, anniversary, graduation, etc.). Also the pattern name of type of blocks may be included.

  80. I generally label the quilts I’ve made for someone specific with names and dates. Other quilts are only sometimes labeled or signed. By the time I get to the finish of a quilt, it seems like I just want it done, without an extra step of making a label.

  81. Most of the time I label. My last one was for my adult stepson. I hand wrote and embroidered “Happy Birthday to my Sweet Son ❤️ I love you! 2016”

  82. I label my quilts. Depending on who the quilt is for, I add a personal note. Otherwise, I put my name and date and sometimes the name of the quilt with the designers name.

  83. I do not label my quilts but I need to start. I am just a beginner, making mostly baby quilts. But I sure do love love love fabric and quilts.

  84. I label. I put my name, town, the month and year I finished it, and the name of the quilt, but only one has ever gotten a name.

  85. I label my quilts, but the details vary depending on the reason I made it, and the purpose. I do sell quilts, so sometimes those only have my name label attached. Others have the name of the design, fabric group, year, and where I lived then. If it’s for a gift, it also has the name of the recipient and occasion. Table runners just get a name label and I may write the year and place on the backing. QTM is a blast! I’ve been a few times, and hope to go again. Thanks.

  86. I try to remember to label my quilts, but some get given away without a label (oops) I include the name of the recipient, what the occasion is for and my name, sometimes more depending on the person and the event.

  87. I label all my quilts with name of the quilt, my name, location, and year. I was instrumental in getting programs started in my two guilds to encourage labeling before they bring it to show and tell.

  88. I do label my quilts. I embroidered the name of the quilts, who it’s for, my name, and the year.
    My mom made many quilts..no labels. I wish they had information on them.
    Thank you for a chance to win!

  89. I forget to label (I’m a newbie) but I like labels, so I’ll try to add one to my current quilt in progress. I’d include my name and date, and recipient’s name.

  90. I label all of my quilts. If it’s for a family member I include the pertinent information. If it is a gift for someone, I include their name/occasion information, etc. I also include extra pieces of the fabrics used just in case something happens in the future – lol.

  91. I’m really bad at labeling my quilts but if I do I include my name, the name of the quilt, who designed the pattern and fabrics I used and when I made it.

  92. Yes, I label my quilts. Label says “P. Mookie” When he was young, my great nephew called my Aunt Patty Mooooookie and I liked it so much, that’s my quilting name.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. I always label my quilts with my name, city, state, date, and who it is for. I also include my signature butterfly.

  94. I do label my quilts (the important ones at least!) with name of person who is getting it, date, city/state, my name, and the occasion it was made for.

  95. I label all my quilts……now. My sister who has quilted for ages, nagged, er I mean, encouraged me to do it for a lot of reasons. I always include the reason I’ve made the quilt, my name, the design and the fabric collection. Funny, how Moda shows up along with the collection name most times!?!

  96. I do label my Quilts…. I do my name & date & who it is for if is a gift from me. (learning here…never thought to do name of quilt! :/ ….oops!

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 😀

  97. What a thrill to be in NYC for the quilt extravaganza! I was born there, but it’s been many years since I’ve been back. I’d love to visit and walk the streets and Central Park again. When I first started quilting, I never labeled my quilts. But in the last few years I label them with my name and date. Sometimes I personalize them if they are being a gift. Who knows, maybe some of them will be around 100 years from now 😉

  98. Since most of the quilts I get finished are gifts, I label them the name of the recipient and the occasion. I include my name, city, state and date.

  99. I am a beginner and have only made 1 quilt and am almost finished with a second one. I did not label the first one and I probably won’t label the current one. These were/are learning quilts and are more a wall hanging size.

  100. I label my quilts with the name of the pattern if known, the recipient if I am giving it to someone, my name, hometown, and date completed.

  101. I label the quilts that I gift, but so far not the ones I keep at home. I include my name, the date, occasion & recipients name.

  102. I’m fifty fifty, I try to label the quilts that I make for events i.e. charitable quilts that will be auctioned off. Also, quilts going to family and friends I try to label. I give the quilt a name, details on who pieced the quilt, who quilted it, where and the date. I use fabric sheets and type the info on the computer and then print them. I will use scraps from the quilt to frame the label and then hand sew the label to the back of the quilt.

  103. I usually label them. The label may have the quilt’s name, the recipient, and other relevant information. Also my name and the date it was made.

  104. I used to label my quilts, but I have been very lax in this area for the past few years. Time to get back to labeling them!!

  105. I do label my quilts!
    Sometimes it’s as simple as “Made especially for … by” to something more elaborate as the quilt name (West Coast Madness on my husband’s West Coast Choppers t-shirt quilt, “designed and created especially for …”, quilted by, date and pattern name. Sometimes the label has a special message (Happy Birthday Deb! Wishing you a great day and a most spectacular year!).
    If I don’t created a special label, I am sure to sign and date the quilt on the back in bottom right corner.

  106. I do label all the quilts I give away, but I don’t usually label the quilts I keep. On the label I put the occasions the quilt was made for, the name of the quilt, the date, who the quilt was made for and my name as the quilt maker.

  107. I attach a simple woven label (the ribbon kind) that bears my name, city, and state to quilts that I give as gifts. But I don’t generally label my quilts since it seems so pretentious.

  108. Mostly I have not labeled my quilts and just recently started adding them. I am relatively new to this but as I’ve read through history books I see the benefits of doing so! I love the stories they’ve created just by knowing who the person was that quilted it and the recipients of them. How Wonderful!

  109. I label each quilt with a name for the quilt, my name, the recipient’s name, the ending date, and sometimes the starting date of the quilt. It is part of the history of the quilt. I don’t know how long that quilt will be around. Some of my quilts go to friends in China so the date is especially important there where their history is so very long. It isn’t that I think my quilting is fabulous, but I have invested a large sum of money, a huge sum of time, and even sometimes a few drops of precious blood. And always, a bit of frustration which also means I have learned from making the quilt.

  110. I label all my quilts. My basic label has quilt made by my name, city and state where I live and the year it was made. if the quilt is for someone special or a special occasion, then that information is added also.

  111. i pretty much label all my quilty projects; labeling info varies depending if if they are being donated, gifted or just added to my stack….quilts gifted to family usually have a meaningful photo printed on the label….

  112. I haven’t labeled my quilts but I want to start. What an excellent idea. I have quilts that my ancestors made and would love to know who exactly it was that made them.

  113. I always label my quilts. The label includes the name of the recepient of the quilt, the reason the quilt was made, my name, the city and state I live in and the date the quilt was finished. I will often include a Bible verse or my hope for the person receiving the quilt. If the quilt is for a newborn, I often include the meaning of the baby’s name.

  114. Didn’t used to labe, but I am starting to label quilts with who recipient name, occasion, my name and the date.

  115. I think labeling quilts is a must. I usually put my name, and date and where it was quilted. I usually write a personal note with it. Special name of the quilt is a must as well

  116. I label my quilts. The least that goes on them is my name. If it is for a special reason, the reason and date are added.

  117. I always label my quilts! After all they will live on after I am gone. I include the name of the quilt, the pattern designer, whom it was made for if made especially for someone. Makers name, quilters name and if I
    The quilt has a story like it took me two years to make and x number of years to quilt. And if sent out to a long arm quilter I also include their name. The labels tell the story of the quilt and usually I sign it and always date it when it was completed.

  118. I only just started quilting, so I’ll have to come up with a label. My husband is very good at naming quilts, so I’ll probably include his titles. : )

  119. I always add a label that I had made with my name on it. For larger projects, I add a bigger label with the date and to/from on it. I figure if it was worth the time to make it, it’s worth the time to give credit to the maker!

  120. I do label many of my quilts with a simple label and for really special quilt gifts, I create hand made labels with a dedication to whom the gift is for to include made date.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  121. I label my quilts and the label includes:
    name of the quilt (I try to be creative)
    my name
    name of the quilter if I had the quilt long arm quilted
    the year

  122. In the past I haven’t labeled my quilts but then I can’t remember when I made them, so I have now started to label them with name, date, pattern, sometimes what the inspiration was.

  123. I rarely label my quilts. These days, most of them go to a “comfort quilt” charity so get a label identifying the “group” they are from

  124. I am a new quilter, and only finished a couple of baby quilts, but I should probably label them with at least my name and date.

  125. Yes, I label my quilts with my name, city and state as well as the date and the name of the person for whom it was made.

  126. If it’s a gift I label with quilt title, recipient, my name, our city [ies], date gifted or completed, washing instructions, relationship between me and the recipient. If it’s for a show I do title, my name and address, email/phone if required.

  127. Yes , I label my quilts with my name , city , year. If it’s a bequeathed item, I state the person who is to receive it .
    Thank you .

  128. Every quilt gets a label. Name, date, place but then each quilt gets a special name. Since I make a lot of charity quilts that go to abuse shelters I have to leave my name off but I sign them you are special and you are loved.

  129. I haven’t labeled my quilts in a permanent way. If they go to a quilt show, I sew on a label giving name, address, & tel. I do think labeling is important and plan to do so with the quilt I’m working on now. I love NY and NYC!

  130. I label my quilts at gunpoint, only for a show. Usually it’s using a micropoint sharpie writing on the back of the quilt: name, date, and Portland, OR! I think the name and location and year are important, but I hate the sewing part. I bought a quilt on ebay which has the maker’s name and year (1934) embroidered on it and I treasure it.

  131. I label quilts with my name and the year if I’m giving it as a gift. Not sure why I don’t do this for all the quilts I keep.

  132. I label quilts made to special occasions with date, occasion, recipient’s name and my name. Sometimes I name the quilt.

  133. Yes yes and yes I always label my quilts… Even if it’s a commissioned piece I ask the commissioner to give me some info to add to the label always date sign and location (my home town)

  134. I didn’t used to label my quilts but I do now! The reason is because I have a sweet baby quilt from when Amy was a baby (Amy’s now 31)… I have NO idea who made it!! Now that I’m a quilter, I really wish I knew who gave it to me! On my Wee Ones NICU quilts I include first name, date, and our email address in case the momma wishes to let us know how her “wee one” is doing! On my quilts, my full name, quilted design by (my longarmer’s name), usually city & state, and year the quilt was finished. I also plan to do labels for my vintage quilts with as much info as I have for them. I may also include which of my kids gets the quilt someday — so there won’t be AMES’s (After Momma Expires Squabbles)! Haha! Wish I could attend this event… Love love love New York!!! Maybe someday!! ❤️

  135. I like to label my quilts with an embroidered name or the quilt, name of the person receiving the quilt, when I finished, where I made it and my name. The event looks like it would be so interesting!

  136. I label my quilts with the name of the pattern, my name, who it’s for and why it was made (if it’s for a special occasion), the date finished and the pattern designer.

  137. I always label my quilts with my name, date, recipient, occasion and an appropriate quote. My quilts are generally gifts or created for fundraising.

  138. I label most quilts with my name and date completed. I add extra things to special quilts given to people (including what has been celebrated etc).

  139. I add a label to all my quilts. I print my name, the machine quilter’s name, and the date the quilt was finished. If the quilt is a gift to someone I add their name and a message to them. If I use someones pattern I add that information too.

  140. I label my quilts with the name of the quilt, quilt pattern, my name and city and state I made it, date finished, who quilted it, quilt design, and city they are located, who it is for and the reason it was gifted.

  141. I label most of my quilts. My name, name of the quilt, size of the quilt and if it’s been published- what book or magazine it is in

  142. I label my quilts with the name of the quilt, date started, date completed, my name, my long-arm quilter’s name, my town. If it’s a baby quilt I put all of the baby’s information on it as well.

  143. I don’t end up labeling all my quilts but I like to put: name of quilt, name, address, phone number and date.

  144. I label some of the quilts I’ve made. I wish I would have kept a better record of all the quilts and quilty projects I’ve made and given away. So now I take a picture of the quilt and write the size, fabric line and who the quilt was for.

  145. I label my quilts with the name or title, my initials and year. If it’s a gift, the recipients name. I also love a surprise shape for a lable I applique on. Extra work but so worth the wow factor! Thanks! Susan Dammeyer

  146. I label some of my quilts…for the quilts we keep at home, I label them with the name of the quilt and the inspiration, my name, the date, and our town. For gift quilts, we keep it simple: to, from, and the year.

  147. I rarely label my quilts. Sometimes for a special quilt gift I will machine embroider on the binding who it was made for and the date and from “me”. I do sign my quilts, on the front. If painters can do it then I can too 🙂

    Oh, and in my world there’s a September 8th – making Thursday not the 9th but Friday the 9th. Must have been a slip of the busy fingers.

  148. I embroider my name (first two initials and surname) and the year of completion on the binding of all my quilts. If it’s a baby quilt then I add a label with their name, date of birth, birth weight and ‘made with love by (Aunty) Helen’, but most of the time it’s just the bare minimum!

  149. I mean to label my quilts with date, fabric line, why made or why this pattern etc., but I never seem to get that information onto the quilt. Becky

  150. I have been putting my name, town and date underneath part of the binding—hidden. I have also made labels for quilts given to others….not so good about labeling quilts stacked up in my home. Maybe soon I’ll label them with my name and dates!

  151. I’m a pretty dang lazy labeler. I usually only label quilts that are gifts, and that is only about a third of the time. I’ll include who its for, who made it and the date. Sometimes on small wallhangings I write my initials and the year on the back. I need to get with the program!

  152. I started labeling all my quilts about a year ago. Generally who it’s to, date, my name and if there’s a tidbit as to why I try to put that on. Thanks.

  153. I label all my quilts, with my name, date and who I made it for. On baby quilts I write Happy Birthday, the birthdate, my name and the baby’s name. On small things I use a pigma pen to write my name and date close to the binding on the back. I wish I lived in the city I’d love to go, although I’m close I live on Long Island. 3 days back and forth on the train might send me over the edge. I hope everyone has a great time!

  154. I do label…with name of quilt, my name, who it is to,date, and if someone else did the long arm quilting. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

  155. I label my quilts though sometimes forget. I like to make custom labels for special quilts through Spoonflower often using QR codes to link to blogs that tell the quilt story.

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