It is the season for candy…

In this case… eye-candy.


The September – Pre-Market – catalog is here so there are lots of new collections in the sample room – Bonnie & Camille, Lisa Bongean, Corey Yoder, Jan Patek, 3 Sisters, French General, Janet Clare, Jo Morton, an U  and a few others.  More on the collections in a moment.

The deadline for the Fall Market catalog is Friday with it scheduled to go to print the following week.  Because… Market is less than six weeks away.  (I avoided thinking about it as long as possible but the “head in the sand” approach only works for so long.)

Yes, that also means that fabric for the Fall Market collections is arriving.  While a few collections have been here for a couple of weeks, many are still arriving.  That’s exciting to think about so long as you’re not the designer trying to make eighty-seven samples in the next “less than six weeks”.

The catalog – Moda Piece Issue No. 22.  It is available online if you’d like to peruse at your leisure.

Or you can whet your appetite here, with images from the designers’ Instagram accounts.  The links to their Instagram have been included.


This is Garden Notes by Kathy Schmitz – available January 2017.  The artwork for the prints are all Kathy’s drawings and paintings – drawn in the style of a garden journal.


I’ve always loved Kathy’s artwork – much of what you can see at kathyschmitzstitches.  (Ignore the picture of Kathy wearing her slippers to the grocery store.)


Vanessa Christenson – V & Co. – Spectrum – available January 2017.  The color palette is Vanessa – this collection coordinates beautifully with her Modern Ombres and Bella Solid Designer Select bundle.  For a rainbow of inspiration and color – vchristenson.

Across the pond, Janet Clare has created another elegant collection of blue, cream, gray and a lovely neutral tan.  Aubade – available January 2017.



Must. Sew. Faster.  This is Sunrise Sunset – one of Janet’s new quilts, it measures 63″ x 63″.  See Janet’s progress on this quilt at janeteclare.

Corey Yoder has Lulu Lane – named after her Grandma Lulu – – available February 2017..


Quilts first.  These are Backroads, Wheelhouse Solids, Apple Creek, Wheelhouse, Fairweather and Sunny.  (But not in that order.)


Corey posted this picture at corianderquilts.

One of the challenges for many of the designers is that they have one collection shipping to quilt shops at the same time a new one is debuting and being shown to shop owners.  And they’re probably late for the deadline on their next collection – the one coming next year.  But not Corey – she’s always on time.  (Especially with ice cream deliveries.)

Just so you know, Sundrops mixes beautifully with Lulu Lane.  Just saying.

One of our favorite collections in the office is Hello World!  By Abi Hall – available January 2017.We all want bolts and bolts of the big map print.


Not for the kids.  For us.


And maybe this one too.


Abi – she’s always creating, she’s abihallcreate.

Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings has been very busy with Liberty Gatherings – available February 2017.


This patriotic collection has prints and plaids – wovens.  While Lisa hasn’t used them for either one of these quilts, Patriot and Little Patriot, and Land of the Free use both.


The plaids and stripes in the wovens also make for the softest, yummiest backings.  Just as lisabongean of primitive_gatherings_quiltshop and primitive_gatherings_ca.

Spellbound!  By the UrbanChiks – Chik – – available February 2017.


A cool, eclectic mix of color and pattern, I see this in quilts, pillows, bags and everything in between.

This is the quilt the Chik – Holly – designed for Spellbound.



One more picture because (1) Holly takes great pictures, and (2) I really love this collection.  urbanchiks and thisiswhatido.

And Sweet Marion.  By April Rosenthal. – available ‘February 2017.


Named for April’s Grandma Marion, this collection is retro-inspired with florals and blenders in a wonderfully modern-vintage color palette.


April’s quilts are Criss Cross, Serpentine, Tinker Toy and Starburst.

Sweet Marion… meet Sweet Hazel.


In addition to many beautiful pictures of her collection, amrosenthal has been sharing beautiful stories of her Sweet Grandma Marion.

That’s it for today, there are more collections coming Friday.

I’m off to do a little bit of coloring. And some math.  Guess which one I’ll enjoy more.

Happy Tuesday!




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20 thoughts on “It is the season for candy…

  1. As always – Love Moda and your posts. It’s great to see what fabric etc will be coming out and I enjoy seeing your “corner of the world.” I’m so glad you share!

    1. Hi Ashley –

      I wish it were otherwise but printed copies of the catalog are only sent to people with accounts with Moda Fabrics-United Notions, e.g., like quilt shop owners.

  2. Always love to see what the designers are working on. Thank you Carrie for synching it all together for a lovely post. Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas

  3. Thank you for the sneak peek, Ms Carrie!! What a yummy treat!! When do these delicious fabrics become available for purchase by fabric collectors who can’t wait to get their hands on some?? (us!!!)??

    1. Hi Pris – January and February of 2017. Thank you for the reminder – I have updated the post to include the months the collections will be in stores. 🙂

  4. Quit it, Carrie! I’m trying to use up some of my stash and you are tempting me with more beautiful fabric. Does Moda sponsor a Quilters’ Anonymous group for the fabric-obsessed?

  5. Thanks for sharing all the new collections with us! And now have fun with your math (just kidding although I think I do more math for my quilts then in the rest of my life combined).

  6. Thanks so much for the fabric preview! Cannot wait for all these to be available….I see several that will be “must haves”!!! I will need to make room now, so I will be ready!!
    Thanks again for sharing!

  7. As always love the previews of all the new fabric collections. Especially enjoy your updates but wish I could get hard copy of the magazine but it is what it is. Thanks always

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