Cardigan not required…

We’d still like you to be our neighbor.


Welcome to the Moda’hood!

This wonderful Grunge-hood was made by Alison Dale using an assortment of Basic Grey’s Grunge fabrics.  (The list of colors used is included below.)

We’re doing a quilt-along for Be My Neighbor now through the end of this year and you’re invited to sew along with us.  The blueprints – patterns – for the sixteen blocks will be released every Monday through December 19th.  One per week.  And they’re free.

That’s right.  Free.  But… the blueprints are only available through your local quilt shop or your favorite quilt shop.  (It goes without saying that we hope they’re the same thing.)

Note: The patterns are free downloads – a PDF. or JPEG. – so check the website and social media of your favorite quilt shop first.  Some shops might have paper copies available but check with them first before heading over… unless you have shopping to do anyway.


This Moda’Hood is very scrappy – prints and backgrounds.  It was pieced and quilted by Tammy Vonderschmitt in less than a week!  The girl does love a deadline.  And a challenge – she used fabrics from more than a dozen collections from Spring Market.

While we won’t be publishing the blueprints ourselves, we will be posting our completed blocks to Facebook, Instagram and our blog using the hashtag – #ModaBeMyNeighbor.

If you can’t find a shop in your area that offers the blueprints, be sure to check the hashtag to find shops who have it.  They’ll be posting it to their websites, blogs, wherever they share cool stuff.


If you think you want to build a neighborhood with us, here’s what you need to know:

General Information:

  • The finished quilt will measure 68″ x 84 1/2″.
  • There are 16 blocks in the quilt top.  The rows are separated by horizontal sashing strips.
  • These are very scrappy blocks so exact yardage for a set number of fabrics has not been calculated. Just mix your favorite Modalicious fabrics to create your very own quilt-hood!

Fabric Requirements:
16 House Blocks: Assorted Prints & Solids
Background and Sashing: 4 -1/2 yards
Borders: 1 – 1/4 yards
Binding: 2/3 yard
Backing: 4 – 3/4 yards

For a quilt using the same background for blocks, sashing and borders, you will need 5 – 3/4 yards total.  For scrappy backgrounds, sashing and borders, allow for just a little bit more fabric.

So come on, won’t you be our neighbor?


P.S. Our neighborhood is “hopping” around the country this week with the folks at the Quilt Alliance.  We hope you’ll pop over to see what they’re sharing about Quilters Take Manhattan 2016.

Yesterday – Monday, September 5
Chris Dodsley – made by ChrissieD
Pat Sloan

Today – Tuesday, September 6
Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Erin Sampson of Aurifil – Auribuzz


The BasicGrey Grunge colors used to make the Be My Neighbor quilt are:

  • 22 Lustra
  • 64 Duchess
  • 66 Decadent
  • 97 Kelp
  • 101 White Paper – Background
  • 103 Kraft
  • 116 Fur
  • 154 Aqua
  • 218 Sky
  • 223 Cobalt
  • 245 Eggplant
  • 249 Rose
  • 253 Raspberry
  • 261 Papaya
  • 270 Creme
  • 274 Vert
  • 278 Gris
  • 281 Sunflower
  • 290 Geranium
  • 305 Jade
  • 307 Prussian Blue






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33 thoughts on “Cardigan not required…

      1. Sorry, we cross-posted. I see there is an on-line fabric shop (a good one that I have bought things from in the past) posting the patterns.

    1. Like Sue, I wonder if it will be avaiable in the UK. Though, to be honest, it is an hour to the nearest quilt shop and I can’t see myself driving for 2 hours in total every week to pick up a free pattern. Not now that petrol has gone up to £1.12 a litre.

      So basically, I have just talked myself out of it!

      Sorry – it is a lovely idea and quilt, though one needs a local quilt shop.

      1. GB – I have it on my site if you want to join in – go to, then FREE Mfg. Quilt Patterns, then Moda and you will see a section for Be My Neighbor Blueprint Quilt Pattern. Blueprint #1 will be posted until next Monday when we will put up #2. Hope this helps. If you have any trouble, drop me a note.Sue

  1. Hi Carrie – I put it up on my site yesterday and people are loving it! It was good chatting with you last week! Sue

  2. hi, a little more help for those of us unfamiliar with all the new things technology has available. I have no idea how to follow a hashtag. can I get a little help please? I am doubtful the quilt shops in my town will be doing this so I will really need t follow along somewhere online
    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Sue – All of the patterns will be free and they’ll be posted one per week.

      The Sew-along started yesterday, Monday, September 5th and will run through December 19th. 🙂

  3. I always love the Moda Sew-alongs they are great! A short question: I know these are the blocks the Moda designers made for Market in spring and a few designers put their own twist to the pattern. Do you know if these pattern will be available too?

    1. Just spotted an error in the first ‘Be my neighbor’ pattern. In the chimney section it reads ‘finished 18.5″ x 3.75″‘ but actually it’s 12.5″ x 3.75″.

      1. Hi Hildy – We know. We caught the error a few weeks ago but it appears the PDF posted is the “old” version and not the updated one. I’ve let the webmaster know so the correct PDF can be uploaded. 🙂

  4. I enjoyed posting the patterns week by week for the thirty block Sampler Shuffle quilt, and look forward to sharing these blocks the same way at my blog for our local quilters. But I don’t know how to copy and past a PDF .. last winter you posted each week’s patterns as both Pdfs and JPGs … are you going to do that for this set as well? Please? and Thank you!

  5. Hi, I’m just wondering how we as shops participate? Can you please email me at charity dot manwaring at gmail dot com for more information? Thanks -Charity

  6. Hi, Thanks for posting block 1 and 2 of the Moda Neighborhood quilt in jpeg. I’m not able to upload a PDF to my blog for my customers to download … The directions for each blog are still just in PDF, though, and that is what I need in jpeg format. Can this be done? Please and Thank you?

    1. Hi Terry –

      I’m not sure I’m following your question – the JPEGs for each block will be posted each Monday at the same time as the PDF. So the JPEGs for Blocks 3 through 16 are coming. 🙂

  7. Gosh 4 1/2 yards for background and sashing seems like an awful lot… is there a lot of left over fabric upon completion of all 16 blocks?

    1. I’m finding quite a bit of ‘wasted’ fabric when cutting blocks 1 through 5, and am making only a few kits per block for my shop customers … The moda sampler shuffle quilt of 2015 was of 6.5″ blocks, and much less waste resulted.

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