Old Nine – I Love Nine Patches

Good morning!  I’m so excited to be with you today to share my Old Nine quilt – it’s in the brand new “I Love Nine Patches” book from Martingale.


I was asked to tell you a little bit about myself so… I grew up in Indiana and owned a quilt shop named Needle in the Haystack before moving to Texas in 2012. I work in the Marketing Department at Moda with a group of super-talented, creative women – best. job. ever.   My primary responsibilities are overseeing our kit program and working on “special projects”.

When I was asked to be a part of the I Love Nine Patches book,  I knew right away that I wanted to recreate one of my antique quilts.  I’m not sure when or why I started collecting old quilts but I know I enjoy having them.  As you might know, they’re addicting and you can’t have just a few!   My all-time favorite color is blue, and I love anything and everything Americana.  So when I spied this old quilt with tiny piecing and lots of scraps while antique “junking”, I couldn’t pass it up.  I also love that it looks well-loved.

When I started working on my version of the quilt, I hung the antique in my sewing room and tried to be guided by the colors in each block.  There are probably a couple of places where I changed the color a bit but mostly, it’s pretty close.


I had a great time going through my scraps to pull out fabrics that I thought would get the look I wanted – blues, reds, browns, greens, tans, pinks, and even purples for my tiny nine-patches. When I finish a project, I usually down the leftover fabrics into 1 ½” 2 ½”, 3 ½” and 4 ½” strips or squares.  Then I store them in plastic bins for projects just like this one.

The 1 ½” strips are my favorite size by far.  I keep the strips in plastic shoe boxes sorted by color, and the 1 ½” squares look pretty stored in a Ball canning jars.

Are you a scrappy quilt-maker? If so, how do you store your scraps?

For my alternate squares and border, Moda’s Pure & Simple Wovens were great.  They were the right color, they’re very soft and they look like old-fashioned homepuns and tickings.


While sewing for myself and for Moda, I’ve learned that it pays to be organized when sewing a lot of small pieces.  So I line up what I need to sew and stack the pieces so I keep them in the right order.


The quilting on the antique quilt is a design called “Hanging Diamonds”.  There are straight lines going vertically – spaced a little more than 1” apart.  Then there are diagonal lines going just one way.  I loved the simplicity of it so I duplicated that quilting on my quilt.  Laid side-by-side, the two quilts look like twins.


In a few years, I know my new “Old Nine” will have the same well-loved look as the antique.

Since I know I’m not the only one who loves nine-patches and scrappy quilts, I’m going to share three copies of this great book.


Leave a comment by Midnight on Sunday, August 21, and you’re entered to win.  You can tell me how you sort and store your scraps!  (Winners will be notified via e-mail.)


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281 thoughts on “Old Nine – I Love Nine Patches

  1. LOVE the quilt you shared so much. I have not been quilting long enough to have many scraps but am looking forward to the day I have enough to make a giant scrappy quilt for my very own bed!

  2. I diligently cut scraps into strips and squares, box them neatly and never use them! Love your quilt-it truly looks like an antique!

  3. Those 2 quilts just make me want to wrap up and take a nap. Love that they look like something at me mamaw’s house that we would have used for pallets. Right now I don’t sort by color by do sort by theme, ie batiks, holiday, brights and all others.

  4. That is a gorgeous quilt. Looks like I’ll be looking in my stash again to start something new!

  5. Love the new “old” quilt. I made a new copy of a well-loved family antique quilt for my mother a few years ago. Hoping it looks well-loved in the future! Can’t beat a nine patch!

  6. Love your antique quilt and your nrw version. I also love 9 patches. I store my scraps by color in.plastic bins. i don’t cut the scraps down to size until I’m ready.to use them. I have been eyeing this biook and just paged through it at my local quilt shop.

  7. My scraps are sorted by lights and darks in small plastic totes. Scrappy quilts are my favorite to create and use up the material.

  8. Loved your story and sharing these two quilts! I too treasure the older quilts I’ve received as gifts – especially when I see the work involved from long ago without special tools – just the love of creating. You have done a beautiful job of recreating this older treasure quilt.

  9. That is so beautiful. I’d love to see that pattern in a bright palette.

    I generally store my scraps first by size, and then by color. And I typically have a pile of scraps waiting to become something after I’ve used them as leaders and Enders.

  10. I have always used small plastic bins to store scraps. I haven’t color sorted so much as categories like patriotic, repros, brights. I look forward to seeing how others store theirs. Your quilt is gorgeous!

  11. Love your quilt. I don’t cut and store my scraps but I should. Never seem to have the time. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I love the look and feel of the antique quilts and trying to make quilts that look they do is what got me started quilting. Your reproduction of the antique quilt is amazing!

  13. I, too, love 9 patches, particularly traditional ones, but it is fun to see the 9 patch done up in a more modern quilt.

  14. I have been collecting pictures of nine patch quilt for decades. I just love them! Your remake of the antique quilt is wonderful! My scraps – I just toss them in a large bin; no organization, no sorting, no nothing but collecting. I have 6 or 7 bins of scraps that could keep me busy for years! You have inspired me and now I will have to start making some nine patches!

  15. I also cut my scraps in small squares and strips. I like your Mason jar idea. I think I will try it. Your quilt is beautiful. I love scrappy quilts.

  16. Haven’t done a 9 patch quilt yet, but am looking forward to it! I store my scraps in an oversized clear plastic bin underneath my sewing and cutting tables.

  17. I love 9 patches and all the variations! I follow Bonnie Hunter’s scrap user system, it is sooo nice to have those scraps ready to go for the next project.

  18. CHAIN piecing a scrappy 9 patch is maybe my favourite bit of quilt construction. The book looks wonderful!

  19. You have inspired me to try to duplicate an old quilt! I love 9 patches, too. They instantly give quilts a country vibe. They are perfect for beginners as well as more experienced Quilter’s. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Wonderful quilt!! Looking forward to the book. I use Bonnie Hunter’s scrap user system. Currently keeping all the sizes sorted in large zip-lock bags in a drawer in my sewing room. I throw scraps in drawer as they develop and once they reach critical mass, I trim and store in appropriate bag. Looking forward to the day I have enough scraps to divide sizes by color 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity on the giveaway!

  21. Nine patches remind me of my Grandmother, she always had one in the works. My scraps are in bins unorganized so when I need them I get to dig through them and enjoy them all over again.

  22. Nine patches are my go to quilt for gifts! I am working on cutting down my scraps into usable sizes in bins of squares, rectangles and ity bity pieces for crumb piecing.
    I never seem to be able to get to the bottom of the messy bin where I put them for years!

  23. I think your quilt is marvelous! I wish I had your discipline of cutting down leftovers. Mine go in plastic scrapbook boxes by color, but the sizes of the pieces are random. I save Kaffe an batiks separate from repro fabrics.

  24. I love 9 patches. For me, they are organized and easy to follow. My scraps are sorted by holiday/season/color and stored in clear plastic craft store scrap booking containers. Easy to see through and find what I need!

  25. The antique quilt and your recreation are stunning! Would love to have a copy of the book for inspiration. When I started quilting I kept scraps in shoe boxes by color; when those overflowed I went to big plastic bags. Bonnie Hunter spoke recently at our guild, and now I want to get everything organized by size and color. Just finished my first scrappy quilt, have another in the works, and want to do many more. Mine are sort of “controlled scrappys” — so far one in pinks and greens, and one in reds and greens.

  26. My scrap storage is “barely” organized. I have a big drawer of “chunks” and a drawer of “strips” and a third drawer holds “pieces” (sometimes I get chunks and pieces mixed up)

  27. Nine patches are wonderful. It is so fun to just sew strips and squares. Great design possibilities with easy sewing!

  28. Love the simplicity of the quilting which accents the nine patches! And, of course, the quilts (both antique and new) are stunning!

  29. I store my scraps in 2 carts w/drawers by color only. I keep even the smallest of scraps. Never know when you might only need a few 1″ squares!

  30. I’ve looked at this book a couple of times to purchase…. really nice quilts and ideas in there

  31. I have a collection of nine patch and four patch quilts because of Mary Ellen Hopkins Baker Dozen Doubled book!! I love making nine patches and I love you quilt!!

  32. Since I love working with Moda precuts, must admit my scraps are few. Still have to develop a system. Thanks for the chance!

  33. I love this quilt! it’s simple and yet it would go anywhere. Can’t wait to see the book.
    as for sorting and storing my scraps….well, I’ve got the storing part down (9 large bins!) but I still have to work on the sorting!

  34. I love nine patches, too! Your old and new nine patch quilts are beautiful! I sort my scraps by color, but I don’t cut them up until I use them. I would love to have that book!

  35. I’m pretty new to quilting. I have been following patterns that I like for a while, but I just put my scraps away in a big tub with no organization in mind. When I decided to try to make sense of it, I started using the clear plastic containers that fresh produce came in. One day walking through Menards my husband spied a dozen plastic shoe boxes for a good price. He gave them to me and said, PLEASE get rid of all that old plastic stuff. I started just by putting color groupings together, then I started boxes for leftover squares, triangles and strips. Just recently I’ve started intentionally cutting squares and strips from the leftovers. I haven’t really done “scrappy” yet, but as my assortment grows, I can see the future for a book like “I Love Nine Patches.” Old quilts do have a certain charm. I love your Old Nine, too.

  36. I love your version of this antique quilt and can’t say which of the two I love more.
    I try to be better at organizing my scraps … most of the time I just throw them on one pile and if the pile is too big I cut the scraps in smaller pieces.

  37. Nothing better than scraps and nine patches -,they go together like peanut butter and jelly 🙂
    I sort my scraps by “lights and darks” then by size…..1 1/2 to 4 1/2….your quilt is an inspiration!!!!!

  38. I love scrappy quilts and like you I have plastic shoe boxes for each size piece 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5. I keep squares and strips but also rectangles 1.5X2.5, 2.5X4.5 etc. I love pulling from this stash when making scrappy quilts.

  39. I cut scraps into strips and squares and store them by size. I still have lots of scraps to go through and get cut and organized, but at least I have a plan:)

  40. I am attempting to find a satisfactory system to store my scraps! At the present time there are some in a picnic basket, some in a gift bag, and, some in a 12″ plastic storage box!

  41. I love your quilt and your generosity in sharing your comments and how-to’s. I’m recently retired so am just getting back into quiting. I’m not stroing scraps methodicallly yet — so your ideas have got me thinking! Thank you!

  42. I love well loved quilts too…yours is awesome! I use the Bonnie Hunter method of organizing scraps….it works so well for me. I am soooo anxious to see this new book!

  43. I love scrap quilts and the nine patch block is my favorite! I cut my scraps into the same sizes you do and store them in plastic bins sorted by light and dark. The strips are so handy to have to work with.

  44. Love your nine patch quilt, they are my favorites too. I have some hatboxes that I store scraps in…one small one for binding, a larger one for small scraps and an even larger one for bigger scraps. They sit under my sewing table so I can dig through them when I need the perfect scrap!

  45. Love your quilt and it has inspired me to make one very similar with ginghams. I’m terrible about organization with my scraps but do have a lot of larger pieces in tubs by color that help for inspiration. Would love to win the book for more ideas.

  46. I love scrap quilts but I don’t utilize my scraps enough. I sort them by size but that has become too unwieldy. After reading your post and visiting Costco, I’m going to re-sort into clear plastic shoe boxes by color and size. Hopefully I’ll use them more often that way.

  47. I have all my colors together, but I don’t cut them down into specific sizes. I just take them out and cut off what I need when I need it!

  48. I made my first 9 patch at age 12 for my new baby brother. I’ve recently retired and am collecting ideas on organizing scraps…size, color, light medium dark, even fabric line??!

  49. I enjoyed your story and your quilt. Glad you included the quilting technique.
    There is a pile of favorite scraps on my cutting table that will go into a mini quilt, and a big shopping bag of scraps to be cut up into leaders and enders nine patches.

  50. Something soothing and meditative about sewing nine-patches! Also using up scraps is so very rewarding and satisfying. My strip scraps are in pet food case box bottoms with color coded cards on the end and stacked in an old metal hospital bedside cabinet on rollers. Very easy to access…which is a must. Various scrap cuts live in color coded plastic shoe boxes…again…easily accessible. Thank you for the opportunity to wind your book!

  51. I try and use up the fabric for the quilt on the back. But when there’s leftovers, they go into bins organized by color.

  52. Love both quilts old and new. I store my scraps in plastic bins by strip size. Would love to win this book. My Grandma made lots of nine patch quits. I still have a couple of her’s. When I would stay overnight with her we would walk to the Ben Franklin store to get fabric and she would come home and cut the squares out with a piece of cardboard. She would sew them together on the sewing machine. Would love to win this book. Nancy P.

  53. I have just recently started sorting through my scraps and cutting them into strips from 1-1/2 inches up to 3-1/2 inches and sorting them by size. Al of my past scraps are in boxes so I will be sorting for a while and hopefully making scrap quilts in the process, including 9-patch quilts..

  54. I love the simple pattern of a nine patch, but the variety in which it can go together. I can remember one summer when I was little, Mom and I started to go through all her fabric stash we sorted by color. When Mom passed away neither my sister or I were into to quilting yet, more involved with raising kids at the time, we ended up throwing away a lot of good scraps. I wish we had kept them now.
    My scrap collection is not very big or well organized yet. Maybe when I retire.

  55. Your reproduction of this beautiful antique is spot on! Nicely done! I cut my scraps in to strips and squares. Each size has a drawer in a plastic storage unit. When the drawer gets full, it’s time to play with scraps.

  56. Great 9-Patch book! I sort by color and some by types (novelty, batiks, 20-30’s). I have to admit some are stored in bags and others in plastic see through containers.

  57. I love the soft and warm lived feeling of the quilt! I have my scraps sorted into bins under an ironing table my hisband made.

  58. I love the book….. cause I love 9 patches as well….. and I am new to quilting so I am excited you asked the question on sorting and storing…. I loved reading all the advice from everyone else.

  59. Your blocks of nine
    Are so divine
    They make me feel all warm and fine!
    I really wish that it were mine!


    I hope you like my little rhyme!

  60. Your quilt is beautiful and definitely has an antique look all ready. I keep my scraps by size in clear plastic totes. The book would be a great addition to my library. Hope your day is awesome.

  61. I LOVE 9 patches and blue is my favorite color too. I have just started “taming” my scraps. I am storing them in plastic document boxes from The Container Store. Right now I am not sorting by colors but that may happen sooner rather than later!!

  62. I have 3 plastic totes now. One has bundles set aside for specific projects and the other 2 have larger cuts for as-yet-undecided projects. As I cut for each new top, I have 4 sizes that I save for my tiny bins of strips and squares. I do a lot of 4- and 9-patches =)

  63. Right now my scraps are in desperate need of organization! Always need more tips on how to best store them!

  64. I repurposed a large 4-drawer filing cabinet that my husband didn’t use anymore. I looked all over for something that would fit into those deep, long drawers that would hold my fabric scraps, but found nothing. So I made “bins” by whip stitching plastic canvas sheets cut to the exact size of the drawer. They fit two bins to each drawer and I can lift each one out separately when looking for a particular color. I have my scraps sorted by color, with one bin for multi-colored pieces. I love your nine patch!

  65. I am not as organized with my scraps as I want to be. Most of them are in plastic bins inside plastic storage tubs, mostly by color or theme. Then there are those that are just in plastic bags that need to be separated. I really like the idea of storing the small squares into canning jars as I have plenty. Love both the quilts. This is definitely a quilt to make in the near future. Thanks so much for sharing and the opportunity to win this book !!!

  66. A nine patch quilt just makes my heart sing!! I LOVE yours! I NEED to go through my scraps and store them better! Right now they are in a big Rubbermaid tub…waiting for me to do something spectacular with…I think cutting them into strips is genius! A job for fall….

  67. I have my scraps organized by color in a 6 bin drawer system. Just leftovers. No strips or squares cut and stored.

  68. I sort my scraps by color and also by type or designer; pastels, modern, reproduction, Christmas, novelty.

  69. tidying up scraps in my quilt room. 1.5″ colors in one box and neutrals in another. Had them in Costco grape containers, but they are outgrowing that space.
    I cut my strips into 1.5″, 2″, and 2.5″ I don’t use anything bigger than that.

    Well done on your reproduction quilt, lovely.

  70. Great question. I look forward to seeing other approaches. For me:

    For small scraps I store them in a plastic container of various scraps, until it gets full. I’ll pull out my die cutter and I cut them up for various scrap quilts. Larger scrap pieces get sorted by color an stored by color.


  71. Old quilt pieces from my Gram got me started in quilting. I use “drawer” plastic bins to store strips rolled in color groups and sort squares and bricks by sizes into drawer bins. I make a lot of scrappy quilts for family and charity and all of my quilts are well used and loved!! (That is how I can buy more beautiful fabric for more projects!)

  72. I am working through cutting and sorting my scraps with Joan Ford’s “Scraptherapy” method–need to discipline myself into setting aside a half hour per day for it! Love your quilt, will be looking for those Moda stripes.

  73. This book sounds amazing. I have no great system for storing some in a tote some in ziplock bags and some on the shelf. I need to have a better system that will come one day

  74. I love a nine-patch! Your new/old quilt looks wonderful. I sort different scraps in different ways. I keep my 1 1/2″ squares in ice cube trays, sorted by color and type of fabric (brights, pastels, batiks) and my strips I keep in plastic shoeboxes, selvedges that I’ve saved are in canning jars (and one ziploc bag) and my bigger scraps are sorted by type of fabric in big giant plastic bins. And I have moved two times in the last four years, so it’s all a hot mess.

  75. I need a better system for storing my scraps – currently they all reside in a 20 gallon tote. Impossible to do anything with them!

  76. I store my scraps by size in a rubber maid tote. Your quilt is awesome as is the other one too.

  77. I haven’t really sorted scraps but I do have a box of folded corner leftovers that I’m saving for some reason. Since they finish up at 1.5 to 2 inches, it will be quite a while before I have enough to do something with.

  78. I shove all my scraps in a plastic bag my bedspread came in. Not a hint or idea that is of use for anyone. Shame on me…not organized; however, I would love this book!

  79. I love other quilter’s use of tiny scraps, but I’m much too impatient to be able to be that organized and disciplined! I usually sort by color, not size, in various size plastic bins.
    I’ll definitely be looking for those Moda stripes, they’re gorgeous.

  80. I have my scraps sorted by color in small bins. I’m a new quilter so I don’t have a big collection yet, but I know what I have is just going to grow! Haha! Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. I’ve just started saving scraps and so far, they are organized by color in a drawer of a rolling cart. If I needed a particular color for a quilt, I’d need to cut the scrap to size required. My quilts have not been too scrappy yet. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway. I enjoyed reading your post.

  82. What a beautiful quilt, Tammy! I love all those little nine patches!! I am sure that is a book I am going to need!

  83. Love this quilt! I sort and store strips and squares by size in plastic storage boxes, shoe box size. I write on a recipe card and put it in the end of the box facing out so I can see at a glance what size is stored in the box. Whatever did we do without these storage containers?

  84. I have several methods. I have “good” fabric that is sorted by color. Since it is mostly from fat quarters or smaller, I don’t have a lot of big pieces. Then I have loads of “Joann type”. Since I have been sewing for hundreds of years, I have plenty of scraps that are cut in 5″,4″ 3″, and smaller strips. Each size had its own tote but my grand kids have been making sew as you go bags this summer and they pulled their color choices without regard to size of strip. I needed to resort anyway so that’s a project for a boring evening. Love your new “old” quilt. Thanks.

  85. I sort my scraps by color and any size goes!! But instead of bins , I use giant storage size zipploc bags, as I find they do not need as much room as bins. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  86. I’ve got a small collection of old quilts too! And also love 9-patches. I sort my scraps by color in gallon plastic bags. When things get too full, I make some Quilts for Kids to give away.

  87. I used to sort my scraps by color and throw them in plastic bags. That got out of hand fast so I started the strip system and found I used mostly 2 1/2″ and 1 1/2″ the most so now I stick to that and 5″ squares. I store them in Art Bins. I love scrappy quilts and your Old Nine quilt is something that would be quite fun to make!

  88. Both your nine patch quilts are wonderful. Nine patches never get old. I sort my scraps by color and have just started cutting into squares and I store those by size

  89. Love your quilt, I’m working on a 9-patch right now, As for as scraps I don’t sort they just go into a laundry basket when it’s full into a bigger tote, So I’m always working on a scrap quilt.

  90. What an inspiring article! I have storage boxes filled with squares and strips of Civil War fabric and yet I rarely get around to using it in a project. I share your love of antique quilts: this would be a wonderful use of my scraps. I really like your choice of Moda Wovens for the alternate blocks and borders. I’ll have to search my LQS for it.

  91. I love your nine patch quilt–it’s a classic! I have made one very similar–the alternate blocks are all scrappy. I think it’s my favorite of all the quilts I have made!

  92. I have never saved my scraps but I am going to start now! I love this nine-patch quilt!! I shall sort and save mine in plastic containers. Thanks for sharing your quilt!

  93. I too have a collection of old quilts! 4 were made by my grandmother (one is a friendship quilt with a date ~ 1920!!)… I also have a couple I’ve purchased. One is from the estate of a Holocost survivor. I treasure that one especially! Another was an old quilt my friend gave me… with one end badly torn. I trimmed off the torn part, gave it a new binding and it’s now a well loved quilt I use when watching TV. Another “rescue” is a gorgeous vintage triangle quilt… probably 40s and 50s fabrics. It was tied with yarn and backed with a floral sheet from the 70s, I’d guess. I’ve taken it apart, and will give it a new back and binding using reproduction fabrics. I plan to have my friend longarm quilt it for me – it will be one I use often!

    I loved seeing your old and new 9 patch quilts! It showed me what to do with the 120 hand pieced 3″ sized vintage 9 patch squares I purchased at the same flea market where I got my triangle quilt!! They’re sitting in a basket right now… I want to make a table runner from some of them. It never occurred to me to alternate them with a solid fabric… I’m thinking maybe a darker tea dyed muslin would work nicely! Thank you for sharing your ideas and book with us!

    Scraps?? I don’t have many – bigger pieces are squished into a plastic drawer in a rolling bin thingy… smaller pieces are thrown into a pillowcase lined waste basket. When the pillowcase is full, I sew up the ends and donate the pillow to Power of the Paw, pet rescue!!

  94. I have been quilting for only 4 years and don’t have much of a scrap collection although “scrappy” quilts are my favorite. Would love to have a copy of the book!!! Thanks for the opportunity:)

  95. i agree, you have to be organized with your scraps, but who wants to stop to take the time? Woe is me, I have a big job ahead. I would love the book to spur me on.

  96. Love the quilt and the book. I sort scraps by type – batik, print and solid – and then by color.

  97. I’ve been making little 3 inch nine patches with my scraps for years. I’ve just recently begun setting them with plain blocks, just like you. I have shoe boxes of scraps that I’ll never use up in my lifetime!

  98. I love nine patches…it surprising how many different looks a simple block like a nine patch can have. I fold my scraps back in with the fabric it was cut from.

  99. LOVE nine patches. Haven’t been quilting long so I haven’t developed a sorting system yet, but it’s just about time!

  100. I love 9-patch blocks and quilts. I would love to win a copy of this book. It looks like it has a lot of fun quilts in it. I sort my scraps by strip sizes in plastic shoe boxes.

  101. I have always loved the nine patch. I try to save scraps that are large and long enough to sew into strips. They are mostly stored in a basket.

  102. Your repro quilt is so lovely! I also try to cut down my scraps after I finish a quilt. I haven’t been as good lately but will be doing a room clean out and reorganization soon.

  103. Funny….I’ve rediscovered my love of nine patch quilts this year. I’m in the middle of a 9″ nine patch block quilt. It’s so calming to use those “big” 3 1/2″ squares! My scrap organization involves tossing all the scraps into a basket — no organization at all!

  104. I would so love this book! Nine Patch and Ohio Star are my favorite blocks!!! (I grew up in Ohio)

  105. I have just discovered the nine patch and have become obsessed with it pretty quickly! I love the versatility of it. Plus, I can use up some of my mountain of scraps! If I was a super organized person, I would have those scraps filed neatly somewhere in my work room. I don’t. When I am working on a quilt I like to have the fabrics out where I can see them. Then I put them away in tubs when I am done.

  106. For anything smaller than a quarter yard: strips go in one bag, anything vaguely squarish goes in another. Another box holds irregular pieces. I do a lot of pawing through fabric this way, but that’s okay, because I love pawing through fabric, remembering each piece.

  107. That side by side comparing your quilt to the antique is amazing! I love 9-patches, too!
    I just recently began trying to organize my scraps. I am cutting small squares from most pieces, but I am also leaving strips. I like Amanda Jean’s Scrap Vortex pattern for scraps and will try my hand at that one day.

  108. I sort my scraps by color and store them in clear plastic shoe boxes. The end of each box is labeled. They stack nicely in a large cabinet.

  109. I store my strips by size in baskets which are kept in an old shelf-style filing cabinet with a glass front. Scrap squares are also kept by size in baskets on a different shelf. Having the glass-front cabinets means I can easily see what I have available and all my scraps get used often as a result. I love scrap quilts.

  110. Hi Tammy! I love 9 patches as well. I love your version. I have not seen the Moda wovens, so I need to be on the lookout for them. I would love to win a copy of this great book! thanks for the chance

  111. Your quilt “twins” are lovely! I sort my scraps by color. I don’t cut them into squares or strips, because I do a lot of applique

  112. So happy to learn I’m not the only one who LOVES 9-patches! I hope I win the book, but if not, I’ll be looking for it.

  113. The 9 patch was my first quilt. It is still my most favorite. I sort my scraps and fabric pieces by color and tones.

  114. Love nine patches and your take on the antique quilt is gorgeous! I don’t do a great job sorting out scraps, usually end up giving them to a friend who recently started quilting. I love using precuts because I don’t end up with a lot of leftovers.

  115. I love all the old quilts, especially pieced ones. I just recently bought 27 vintage 9 patch quilt blocks. They just need a good pressing & then I can decide how I am going to put them all together. I can’t wait to get started.

  116. I like your quilt very much, and I too love nine patches. I store my scraps by saving them in a market bag for awhile and when the bag gets full I donate it to a quilter friend who makes many charity quilts. The scraps are well-received and I don’t feel guilty for giving them away!

  117. I have Elfa drawer systems to sort my fabric and scraps. I cut 2 1/2 inch squares with scraps from other projects for a future quilt. I have a 9 patch quilt that was the last quilt my grandmother made before she died. She died when my father was just 5 years old (youngest of 6 children in the depression). My much loved father just turned 90. It is a quilt I so dearly love and cherish.

  118. Thanks for this chance. I want to one day make a string quilt so I cut my scraps into various widths of strings and I’m sure that I now have enough to make 5 scrap string quilts!!

  119. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your quilt! My scraps are supposed to be sorted by colour & stored in see through boxes, but quite often they seem to migrate all on their own!

  120. I love your quilt and its story! I have some Pure and Simple wovens in my stash — couldn’t resist them. Now you’re making me want to pull them out NOW. 🙂

  121. I really really like your simple style quilt. It is a lovely design. I have some clear boxes from Target that I store by color but no other system yet. I would love to have a room like Lori Holts but with a bigger window in front of the sewing machine so I could look out on the lawn and trees and birds. Dreaming…sigh. Since I work full time it is all I can do to just get in some time to cut and sew something so organization takes a back seat right now! Retirement here I come!!!

  122. Love your quilt, also love all nine patch quilts, and appreciate your organizational strategies! Hope I’m one of the lucky winners!

  123. I store my fabric by colour and try to be organized with my left overs from completed projects by cutting strips and squares….not always very successfully I have to say. Great intentions, not so great follow through!
    Have to say I love the old fashioned 9-patch block. It is just so versatile.

  124. I have been excited about this book for a few weeks now when I first saw it on the interwebs! The simple nine patch is one of my favorite blocks and this books looks like it is filled with inspiration!

  125. Absolutely lovely, these quilts! I stick the scraps as they are into transparent boxes, as if I would use them for the same project over again…which will never happen. I should learn to sort according to colour and size, preparing the material to be at hand for scrappy quilts.

  126. I store my scraps by size in Ziploc bags. 9 patch is my favorite block to make…So much variety

  127. I sort my scraps by…ha ha. I should sort my scraps by size, but I kind or sort my scraps by putting the scraps large enough to be a fat quarter with the color family. Smaller than that it goes in the large print basket folded nicely or in the Moda solid bin, again folded. So that is a type of system. I don’t save anything smaller than 1 1/2 inch. That seems wasteful to some but I am being realistic considering my advanced age and my silly attention span. Congratulations to all of you who use teeny tiny scraps! I also have lots of selvages saved for when I make all those intended projects someday. Now I know a 9 patch is in my future soon because I started making quilts because I love the antique quilts my own great great grandmothers made.

  128. If you want a vintage-looking quilt then make a nine-patch, it’s so versatile, and your new nine-patch quilt looks fabulous. After cutting my scraps into 1 1/2-, 2-, 2 1/2- and 3-inch squares, I store them in old clear salad boxes (think Earthbound Farms organic). You can see at a glance what’s in them, and they stack nicely on my shelves. Plus, I’m recycling. Thanks for the chance to win this book, it looks wonderful.

  129. I love 9 patch blocks, so this book is now on my “must have” list! I store my scraps by size, like you do. I take the left-overs when I am done and trim them down to the nearest size. I don’t have them by color yer and they are in baggies instead of boxes, but someday that may change!

  130. Your quilts are beautiful! I love nine-patches, they are my favorite block. I don’t really have a good system for my scraps yet. I have my stash in bins sorted by colorway, and the scraps just go back in the bin. But I really like your idea of cutting them into strips and squares so they are all ready for a scrappy project.

  131. LOVE nine patches!!!!! I cut my scraps into strips and store in containers by size. These then can be cut into squares or rectangles as I need them.

  132. Ain’t it great there are so many folks loving on the old patterns….nine patches are the bomb! I really really really should organize my scraps — they are all in one bin!

  133. Nine patch quilts are SO classic! Your quilt just got put on my to do list. I haven’t had a system for storing scraps, but yours sounds like a very workable and practical solution. I’m going to give it a try. Thanks!

  134. I absolutely LOVE your old nine-patch quilt, and your own reproduction! And now, I have a new favorite fabric – those old-looking tickings!!!!!! Just awesome.
    I need more organization in my life, and in my scraps -lol- they are somewhat sorted by sizes, but I use the term somewhat very loosely. 😀
    Thanks for the chance at what looks like a great new book!! Happy Stitching!

  135. Wow, ehat a beautiful reproduction you made. I try to cut up my scraps in a similar eay to your method, but am often so excited to start a new project that I postpone the sctap sorting until there is a big pile. LOL

  136. I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of the nine-patch quilts in the book. I can’t wait to make some of them. As for storing scraps – system? Unfortunately not, but I’m thinking about it.

  137. I love your nine patch and have added this book to my want list! I have a basket on the floor beside my cutting table that I can just drop my scraps into.

  138. I store my scraps in plastic bins after I cut them down to certain sizes. I love your old and new/old quilts.

  139. I sort my scraps by size, solids and prints in clear plastic shoe boxes. I think the nine patch is the greatest block!

  140. I sort my scraps in bins, by size and shape. Easy to grab and sew! I make 4 and 9 patches as leaders when I’m stitching, so I don’t have to keep cutting threads.

  141. LOVE your quilt! Nine patches and scrap quilts are two of my weaknesses. I would like to say that I have an organization system but I don’t. Just lots of totes and laundry baskets filled with fabric!

  142. HI, I love nine patches too! Neat Quilt you are working on! I store my 2.5″ in one basket+3.5″ in another basket. Just plain wicker baskets I’ve lined with fabric. I like the way they look sitting about my work area. Thank You for a Great Book Giveaway!

  143. Wow, great job on the quilt!! I store my scraps in a plastic bin, sometimes it is organized, usually not.

  144. My scraps just get thrown into a scrap box…… Maybe I need to cut and sort much better…… Love your nine patch quilt…… Such a simple block and can look so wonderful in a quilt….. So many options…..

  145. I am in a group this year that is swapping 9 patch blocks every other month. Repro fabrics in colors of the second half of the 19 th century. Your new old 9 would be a great way to set the nines as we will soon be finished with the swap. I keep the really small repro scraps in a box… not really very organized.

  146. I don’t have a lot of scraps as I’ve only made one baby quilt and I’m working on a larger quilt right now. I keep my fabric collections together. I am buying fabrics and patterns for future projects. There is so much to love out there in Moda-land. And I do love me some Moda designers! Yes, I’m addicted!

  147. What timing! I’ve just spent the better portion of two weekends reorganizing my sewing room, and resorted my scraps into shapes followed by color. I had many more scraps than I had imagined when they weren’t organized! I try to do this quarterly so they don’t overwhelm me!
    This book looks like I could make great use of it!

  148. Your quilts are so beautiful. Makes me want to tidy up my sewing space and get busy!! I try and store by color. I like 1 1/2 inch for logs and patches. I store in plastic shoe boxes and I like the idea of the jars. Thanks for the chance to win the book. And you are so lucky to work in such a fun creative environment!

  149. I love your quilts. I tend to cut my scraps into strips of 1 1/2 or 2 1/2. Then I can always cut squares if needed. I am lucky to several quilts that my grandmothers made. I can’t match their tiny stitches though. I would love to have the book. Thanks for the inspiration.

  150. I sort by size: 5″, 3 & 1/2″, 2″ squares and 1 & 1/2″ strips into plastic shoe boxes.

  151. I love your quilt and your inspiration quilt. At the Maine Quilt show, this summer, there was an exhibit showing antique quilts and remakes like yours. I enjoy seeing the old made new again! I also love nine patch quilts and would be thrilled to win a book. Thanks for the chance!

  152. I do the same when finishing up a project. Strips and started saving strings now, they are just strips smaller than 1.5 inches. You have and continue to be inspiration to me! I would love to win this book!

  153. Old quilts that come with stories are true treasures. My scraps are store in Zipploc bags mostly by colors. Love your quilt.

  154. Right now my scraps are all thrown in together and so far it works for me. I enjoy reading about how everyone else tackles theirs. Thanks for the giveaway.

  155. Your work is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your talents. My small scraps are stored by color in a small clear tote with a lid and handles for easy access. I like to go ahead and sew scraps up into pinwheels or squares, when time allows, so Ill be ready to assemble when I can group colors for a project.

  156. Hello from Florida. Antique quilts are very inspirational. As for storing, scraps in bins and fat quarters in an curio cabinet with a glass front.

  157. Love the quilt and would love to have the book. I don’t have much, but what scraps I do have are stored by size in plastic see-through shoe boxes.

  158. Oh, my. I’m in love with everything about this quilt! I also cut down after a project into strips. My bins are overflowing so as soon as I finish my holiday sewing (don’t judge – I had a lot to do this year!) I’m going to have to tackle them. Anything too small or too short for strips goes into a bag and when it’s full I make another pet bed out of an old pillowcase and stuff it with the scraps! This nine patch book might just be the solution I need for those strip bins

  159. First quilt I made was a 9 patch! I store my scraps in clear plastic shoe boxes, sorted by size. Don’t have enough to sort by color yet. Though I do store my Bonnie and Camille scraps separately from the rest.

  160. Beautiful quilt! I love it. My scraps have been stored numerous different ways. I am so happy when I get them all tucked away. And, then i go digging for the perfect scrap …. and the nice, neat storage system I developed becomes history. lol

  161. Wonderful quilt. I just put the borders on my latest nine patch quilt. One patch of every unique fabric used in my quilts over the last two years. I call it Remember When as I remember when I used the different fabrics. I store strips by size and color in stackable drawers and squares in shoeboxes. Thanks for sharing and for the chance at your giveaway.

  162. Nine-patch quilts are so classic and timeless! Your re-creation of the antique quilt from your collection is remarkable. My scrap and stash fabric is organized by color in tubs, glass front cabinet and in a chest of drawers..

  163. I love the Old Nine quilt and the new book looks great! I don’t cut up my scraps untill I use them and store them in small bins by color.

  164. What wonderful quilts–both the old and the new! Lovely background fabric choice. I store my scraps in plastic boxes of various sizes, sorted mostly by “style” rather than color. Thanks for sharing your quilts!

  165. I have some of my scraps sorted by color, but many of them are just jumbled in boxes and bins. I do use them. Sorting seems like it would take a lot of time away from sewing, so I keep putting it off.

  166. I love scrappy quilts….and nine patch blocks are one of my favorite patterns!
    I keep my scraps in clear plastic bins, by color….
    I would love to win a copy of this book….thanks for the giveaway!!

  167. I am a nine-patch lover! I wish I could tell you I sort my scraps, but the best I can say is they all go into a wire crate. I dig and pull from the crate when I need scraps. Once in a while, I’ll dump it out and look for coordinating colors to make a patchwork bib. Mostly, they just mingle together in there happily.

  168. I have my scraps in bags according to colour. I have used up quite a few, but still a lot to go!

  169. Thanks for sharing your quilts. I have a goal to get my smaller pieces of fabric organized as you have suggested but so far I ‘m not there yet.

  170. Love the quilts! I store my scraps in a couple of small boxes, not organized in any special way yet, and I hope to use them for scrap quilts in the future.

  171. I love 9-patches. Maybe 2 years or so ago I started cutting smaller scraps into 2 1/2″ squares – right as the scraps “happen” during a quilt project. They get collected in a storage bin, and I will eventually sew them together into 9-patches!

  172. My scraps are sorted by square sizes and stripes. I keep a couple of collections separate in their own storage drawers.

  173. Love that you remade such a cute vintage quilt. I’m working on a system to store my scraps better. Right now, they’re just in bins, but I need to sort them better. I’m trying to use them more.

  174. What a neat quilt! I just started making scrap quilts. My mom and I try to make it our goal to use every piece of fabric we buy, but sometimes we have a few scraps here and there from our previous quilts. I think I might give this one a try!

  175. I love scrap quilts. I put my scraps in a box in the closet. I need to find a better (visual) way to store them!

  176. Both quilts are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your process and tips. Unfortunately my scrap system is fill a paper bag until it is full then get another paper bag…sad.

  177. Used to be by size and color but we had a scrap party and now they are a mess. I need help or a sort my scrap party.

  178. I sort my strips in plastic drawers according to width (1 1/2″, 2″, and 2 1/2″]. My squares are stored in plastic shoe containers. And I save all of my 3/4″ to 1 1/4″ strings in one plastic container which I use for string quilts and mini’s.

  179. Your quilts are just lovely, I am inspired by the “neutral” patterned fabrics and reading about the great organization ideas. These are both things I need to try!

  180. what a wonderful combination of old and new! i’m relativly new to quilting and my scraps are threateneing to take over not just the closet, but the whole house!!! i have to come up with a good system for what to do with them FAST.

  181. Love your quilt! I am inspired to make one too! Glad to see ticking fabric again. I sort my scraps by theme then color.

  182. I throw my scraps into a small basket, then make string blocks, and wonky log cabins…..in reality, they breed like rabbits, and are falling all over the floor. The book looks great. Tarnia.hodges at gmail.com

  183. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your twin quilts! You definitely inspire me with your 9 patches! I too want to see inside your wonderful book. I like color so would to see those quilts in colors too!

  184. Wow, such a simple quilt with so much impact! I love the simple old-fashioned designs, they never go out of style in my mind. I store my scraps by type first – juvenile and adult – then mostly by color, though recently I donated most of my scrappy pieces to our new quilt ministry group to augment their initial stash. I store my fabrics in varying sizes of plastic boxes, as we do at the church.

  185. Your quilt is definitely a twin of the old one. Nicely done. I store all my scraps by color in plastic bins. I don’t cut them down because I use them for paper piecing and for appliqué work.

  186. Love your nine patch quilts! You just can’t go wrong with nine patches. It depends on the size of the scraps – I have a big bag of 2″ strips and another of 1 1/2″ for a yet-to-be-determined project. Whatever is left, I cut into 1″ strips and use them when I make jewelry. Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  187. I so love nine patches and have been wanting to make one for awhile now. I have been using the Bonnie Hunter method of storing scraps in boxes by size, I couldn’t stand getting rid of my 1 ” pieces though so added a 1″ box and now want to make a quilt with those. I love small pieced. Thanks for a chance to win the nine patch book to inspire me.

  188. Very Nice.. Love the old quilts and how they inspire us to remake them..My grandmothers quilt has been an inspiration to me and would like to remake it someday. Would love to own your book as I love nine patches..

  189. This is beautiful! Just returned from a girl’s trip to Grand Rapids quilt show and saving scraps was discussed! I intend to do just as you do– cut them all into the most used sizes so I am ready to go with the next 9-patch quilt! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great book!

  190. Thanks for sharing and your giveaway .. I have way too many scraps to cut, somI have sort of sorting by colors..

  191. A beautiful way to use every inch of fabric. I’ve only made one quilt so far and that was 20 yrs. ago. So I’m obsessed about fabrics right now and learning all I can about making quilts. This book would certainly help! Thanks for all the ideas, ladies. One day, I’ll have a stash to organize.

  192. I love your quilt & the colors – I store my scraps in open plastic containers! No organization it’s a mess!!

  193. Love the quilts! Sorting scraps – nope – they are in a big (huge) LLBean tote in the corner…after a while (when they threatened to takeover) I make them into scrappy quilts! churcae(at)auburn(dot)edu

  194. Wow! The Pure & Simple Wovens make are lovely in this quilt. All your scraps put together are very striking. I love it!

  195. Thanks for the chance to win..I love 9-patches..I store my fabrics by color..in stacks for yardage and in bins for smaller pieces..I need to live 2 lifetimes hahaha..

  196. We could be sisters, or maybe “quilting sisters”! 9 patch, antique quilts, ticking, plaids, lots of blues, I love them all so much. Katie

  197. I love nine patches too! I made my daughter a queen size with 30’s repro fabrics for her wedding, then used the scraps for her first baby and our first granddaughter’s quilt. I store my scraps in plastic bins by color. I would appreciate a copy of your new book.

  198. My scraps tend to end up “sorted” by project — the project which they resulted from. I am not more organized than that at this point, except . . . having recently come back to quilting from a hiatus of some years, I do have baskets and boxes of “new” vs. “old” scraps.

  199. Your quilt looks warm and inviting for snuggling. When I finish a project, I cut the scraps into 3, 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 blocks and sort by size only. Currently I’m working on a split 9 patch, totally random light and dark. Very therapeutic.

  200. Oh my! I love nine patches, too! I know I have plenty of scraps for the patches….I just need the alternate fabric. Heading to my LQS now.. Hope they have it! I’ll see if they have the book, too!

  201. Be still my heart. I just love 9 patch blocks in any kind of quilt. I keep myself organized by stripping any leftover fabric from a finished project. Small scraps get cut into 1 1/2″ squares. I store them by my sewing machine and make 4 patch or 9 patch in between my chain sewing.

  202. Blue is my favorite too! I love your antique quilt and your reproduction is fabulous. I have been working on a stash of 2 1/2 inch blocks! I love nine patch, four patch and even just all squares! Thanks for the offer. Can’t wait to see this book.

  203. When I finish a quilt I put all the scraps in a see thru container. Then when I want to make a scrap quilt
    I can see what color I need. Thanks!

  204. Right now, my scraps are in vary and sundry bags throughout my room. I do need to get more organized and then it will be scrappy time.

  205. My scraps are completely unorganized at this point. I am starting on a system of organizing by size and color!!

  206. I cut to useable squares and strips and store them in clear small storage tubs. I also have a basket with my thimbles in and am using them for my leader ender project and am using my small 1 1/2 ” civil war postage stamps for my 10,000 square scrappy quilt!!!

  207. Tammy – fantastic quilt!! I store my scraps everywhere – in shoe boxes, in Moda boxes, in baskets, in plastic totes, in drawers, under the bed, in every closet, and in every room of the house! Eeekkkk!

  208. I stuff the scraps into clear plastic storage containers and every once in a while I’ll cut them into various size squares (anywhere between 2″x2 and 5″x5″) and strips.
    And, I actually use those pieces!

  209. Both of your quilts are gorgeous. I always underestimate the visual effect of a hundred 9-patch blocks all set with alternating plain blocks. Gorgeous!

    Scrap storage: unless I have only one small piece of fabric left the “scraps” go back with the larger piece, folded neatly on a shelf. I began putting scraps in a box but I rarely look through it for small scraps when looking for a color. It wasn’t effective for me. However, I do have a basket of strings.

    Thanks for offering the books as a giveaway.

  210. I have spent approx. 4hrs per day for the past 2 weeks ironing and cutting scraps into sqs. and strips.
    I have been quilting for over 25 yrs and now know to cut up scraps sooner than later. Thx for chance towing a book which could come in handy now that my scraps are being organized!

  211. Love the quilts and designers in this book. My scraps are in a large hamper and in bags. I aspire to be organized and cut and sort my scraps into manageable sizes, ready to make scrappy quilts. I need to have a cut and sort party!

  212. I am loving all of the promos for this 9-patch book!!! I sort all of my scraps by color and/or major theme (CW, 30s, Batik, Christmas, etc are separated out). Then they are organized into a cube storage shelving unit system that makes the base of my ironing station. Super handy!!!!

  213. what a fun book! I sort in red bins and have these bins (or at least I DID have) these cardboard dividers so each bin had 4 compartments (6 bins total) but now they are sort of a mess

  214. I have no system for storing my scraps, I am still trying to figure it out. I love your nine patch quilt

  215. I have a clear bin for scraps. I bundle mine by project leftovers, then later trim them to sizes. I absolutely love your quilt, but especially your background and surrounding material – to me that really made it!

  216. I sort my scraps by color, unless they are cut into specific sizes (5″, 2.5″ strips, 2.5″ squares). I keep them in plastic bins…except for the huge wicker basket that hasn’t been sorted yet…and the little baskets by my sewing machine that keep gathering tiny scraps.

  217. Just love older quilts. About 30 years ago, my great aunt passed away. I lived 12 aways by car, and some of the household items to be given to family members had been gone through. There was one box that looked like it had old mattress pads in it that no one wanted. When I lifted them out and unfolded them, we were all surprised to see several lovely family quilts about 50-60 years old at that time. The backs of them were of plain fabric, making them look like old mattress pads. What joy that brought! About the scraps…I have a little glass jar that I shove fabric scraps in that are “too small to throw away”, and then the rest that might be usable go in little bins by color/style or event/holiday. When I look at the jar, I see little memories of some of my past quilt or other sewing projects.

  218. What a beautiful quilt – also love the nine patch!! Sorting and storing scraps? Haven’t figured that out yet, but I do have scraps to be used someday…..

  219. oooh lovely antique 9-patch…and i am overrun with scraps…i NEED this book…LOL! i keep most of them in clear shoeboxes so they can motivate me to use them…2 are now chock full and itching for some inspiration….

  220. I store my scraps in the same sizes you mentioned. I can’t seem to part with some fabric even when it’s smaller than 1 1/2 so I keep a bag of the small scraps and I use them when paper piecing. I love nine patches since they are so versatile. I can’t wait to drool over your patterns!

  221. I store my scraps in various ways…for larger pieces I fold and label, others if already cut are placed in clear bags. I try to sort by colors. If they are strips…I re-roll into jelly rolls or mini jelly rolls. I have bookshelves that I use for overall storage…looks a little bit of a fabric store …or so at least my husband teases!! 🙂

  222. Not much can beat a nine-patch for its simple elegance. Your ‘Old Nine’ quilt is a beauty, Tammy!
    I am working on organizing my scraps, cutting them into strips or squares and storing by size. Love to hear what others are doing and what does/doesn’t work for them.
    Hope to be hearing from you soon…my fingers are crossed.

  223. Scraps are stored by color after cutting into strips, squares, and HST units. Of course this is my dream not my reality at present!

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