Mixing it up a bit…

I’ve yet to decide if it’s genetic or a learned behavior – I like going against the grain.  Or would it be crossing the weave?

CT Grand-Traverse-Crossweave

This is Grand Traverse Bay by Minick & Simpson.

Do you promise not to laugh?  As much as I love Polly and Laurie’s blue-and-cream and red-and-cream collections, I always want to mix them with a different fabric.  The red-and-cream with a blue Chambray and a blue-and-cream collection like Grand Traverse Bay can be put with Moda Cross Weave 12119 19 Red-White.

I think you already know I’m in love with the cross weaves – so wouldn’t it be gorgeous as the alternating squares for Martin Place?


Or as the the plain vertical strips in Daleview?


With Miller Ave., the cream and tan prints in the collection could be used for some of the triangles as they would still contrast with the red cross weave.


All three patterns shown are by Laurie Simpson for Minick & Simpson patterns.

Just so you know, we have experimented with this and loved the results… which we can’t show you until next year.  For now, let it suffice to say that Oda Mae made a quilt mixing charm packs of Grand Traverse Bay, Blue Barn by Laundry Basket Quilts and Flight by Janet Clare, with this Red-White cross-weave.  It’s wonderful.  While there hasn’t been any hair-pulling or kicking yet… there are a few folks who are jockeying for position to lay claim to the quilt.

I’m staying out of the fray… I’ve already stashed some of the cross weave.






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9 thoughts on “Mixing it up a bit…

  1. Not a laughing matter….lol….I LOVE to add texture and love the Cross Weaves. I think they would be fabulous. Of course I love the Bella’s luscious colors but I think you could put anything with GTB, its a beautiful line 🙂

  2. No laughing here I love to mix collections. While I do not have any cross weave yet I do plan on getting some and adore Grand Traverse bay . I am contemplating a blue “it takes two quilt” with a mix of the blues in my stash. Some Blueberry Crumcake and Blue Barn and Grand Traverse Bay to name a few. Have a great weekend, I hope to be sewing and planning the next adventure in sewing!

  3. I don’t laugh because it’s what I do too:-) As much as I love two color quilts but it’s somehow not me I need more colors:-)

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