It’s all about the amplitude…

It all starts this weekend.  Are you going to watch?


(The photo is from The Department for Culture, Media and Sport in the UK.)

Are you going to sew while you watch?

We’ve been chatting about it here – who is going to watch, what events are our favorites, and of course, what are we going to be stitching while we watch.  Several of us are currently in a “planning mode”.  Handwork is high on the list, followed by chain-piecing and strip-piecing – what a few of us like to call “mindless sewing” because the concentration level required is a little bit less than it would be for say… something like Dear Jane blocks.

What about you?  Do you have a television or “viewing device” available in your sewing room?

I don’t have a television or tablet-computer in my sewing room and I prefer it that way.  But every four summers… I feel the need to re-adjust.


It’s not just the idea of swimming pools when it’s 163 degrees outside.  In the shade.

Do you have a favorite event?  Do you ever imagine what the “Quilter Games” would look like?


Hunger Games with rotary cutters and seam rippers?  The winner is awarded a Fat Quarter bundle of Vintage Modern by Bonnie & Camille.  THE bundle.

Every four summers, that’s when I can get excited about Recurve Archery.  (A recurve bow is a bow with limbs that curve away from the archer when unstrung. A recurve bow stores more energy and delivers energy more efficiently than the equivalent straight-limbed bow, giving a greater amount of energy and speed to the arrow.) (Yes, I had to look that up.)

If you’re wondering if you should watch, this might help.

CT-2012-London-Brady-Ellison-Recurve-ArcheryThis is Brady Ellison and this will be his third time at the Games.  He is the first recurve archer to win three World Cup Final titles but he’s never won an individual medal at the big show.

The Equestrian events are the favored viewing of several ladies in the office.  This is Laura Graves of the United States.


That’s Verdades – nicknamed “Diddy”.

Not surprisingly, most of us plan on watching the gymnastics.  This is Simone Biles, she’s won 14 medals in world competitions, ten of them gold.  She one of the favorites to medal in Rio.


The girl has amplitude.

In gymnastics, that refers to the height, distance and full extension in the execution of a particular skill.  I had to look that up years ago because while most of the commentators would admiringly say “ooooh, look at that amplitude!”, not one ever explained what “amplitude” was in gymnastic terms.

While planning our stitching projects for the coming weeks, we started cutting this…


The five colors on the white background are symbolic – every one of the countries participating in Pierre de Coubertin’s sporting event has at least one of these colors in their national flag.

For us, the colors represent Desert Bloom by A Quilting Life – aka Sherri & Chelsi, Handmade by Bonnie & Camille, Freedom by Sweetwater, Acreage by Shannon Orr, Manderley by Franny & Jane and Modern Backgrounds Paper by Zen Chic.

What should we make with these fabrics?  Any ideas?

If you’re wondering why we haven’t called “the event” by it’s official name, it’s because the folks that run the show are rather protective of it’s use.

Have a very happy Tuesday – I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite pictures from that every-four-summers event.  This is from Barcelona, circa 1994.

Fu Mingxia.  10-Meter Platform Diving.  She won the Gold Medal.


I can do that.

On the floor.

With amplitude.




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28 thoughts on “It’s all about the amplitude…

  1. I’m normally very excited for the “every four year event”, but this year I’m really kind of apathetic because of all of the teams and individuals not attending and the problems that are being reported at the venues. It just puts a damper on it for me.

  2. Loved your post! You always make me smile Carrie! Loved the last comment – yes, I can do that too…..on the floor……with amplitude :)!

  3. I always choose to read your posts first in the list of emails. Today you have put an early smile on my face. I have also been reminded to be sure to have some miniature quilts ready to hand quilt. Maybe one should be quilted with circles to remember the event. I also have some redwork ready. And some fabric to cut into 2″ leader and enders,

  4. Nope, not going to watch. I think the Olympics are past their prime. It’s turned into political and economic chaos. I would like to see them permanently based in Greece where they originated. Makes more sense to me.

  5. I am not much for watching these events, but I think that you’re onto something with Quilter’s games! I’d be in!! Have a fabulous August.

  6. I used to love to watch but I’m very disappointed about all the doping many athletes have been taking. I’m sad that the Olympics committees expect the host countries to spend billions in erecting the facilities when these countries cannot yet provide even basic hygiene for their own people. Yet I love the ideals of the Olympics and the ideals of the individual athletes in achieving their very best. The Summer Games are the very best because these games do not require that the athlete come from an upper middle class background. Many Summer Games athletes are from working class backgrounds. That is what I especially love! These athletes are the ones I cheer the loudest for because they represent what we Americans have always loved–the underdog!

  7. I don’t watch the games because of all the doping that is happening there and let’s face it some competions are ridicilous. Now if there was a VM FQ bundle by two of my most favorite desingers involved and I woud win it then, yes then, I would watch the games;-) PS: I watched the European Soccer Championship so you can see I love sport … to watch not actually doing it (lol).

  8. I will probably watch a few events, more to keep my husband company than anything. In my sewing room I watch/listen to BBC mystery series. After the first go around I don’t need to pay to much attention and can just have the background noise keeping me company. Whay a fun bundle here!

  9. I usually love the Olympics but I think this one will be a really bad showing. Hope no one gets sick from swimming in sewage water.

  10. We will watch a few but, without sewing. There is no tv in my sewing room. My quilting skills require attention to ripping seams, but I try. I wish I was a better quilter.

  11. Well yes…I’ll watch! I will be cheering for the Oregonians! Win a drawing of FQ’s would be great! It would help sooth some of the politics that are sure to continue.

  12. I can’t wait to watch the Olympics. Yes there is a lot of controversy about the doping but that is not going to stop me from watching the competition. It is so thrilling to see these young athletes compete against some of the finest in the world! I will watch and cheer on the US Athletes and the Oregonians!!!

  13. I plan to watch but am so disappointed with the conditions that the athletes are facing in Brazil. It is even more unfortunate that the Brazilians live in these conditions all the time. The billions of dollars spent on the Olympic venues would have gone a long way toward improving things there but maybe the influx of money from tourism will help. Lots of people staying away.

  14. We watch every year. As a 53 yr old with a 12 year old son, I think it is inspirational and very patriotic to support our athletes. My husband and I, he a retired Navy man and myself a veteran, both agree; there is nothing like the feeling of hearing your national anthem played while the gold medalist smiles and tears up at their accomplishments. Makes me tear up with pride every time! Go USA! 🙂 (And yes, I have my little hexie project to work on while watching!)
    Great article by the way…. Great photo choices…. Incredible humor, etc….

  15. We love to watch and have our own traditions surrounding different aspects of the games. I haven’t thought to do a little sewing whilst watching though. Maybe next time around I’ll prepare better. Like Christy said, there is something about hearing your national anthem played. I also love the background stories of what people do and overcome just to be there.

  16. No, we will not be watching because of the mishandled money’s for venues that were Never constructed & the horrid conditions. To know that the drinking water is not safe & The USA had to transport bottled water for drinking—-a disgrace.
    In my opinion, with the 0poor of Brazil already suffering from lack of food, sanitation, medical care, while being shunted behind camera view, we should stop pandering & use common sense on these productions. I know that there are individuals who need this stimulation in order to feel valued but what I don’ understand is all the hype—-&’the politics.

  17. We were on a Cruise to the Amazon not quite two years ago. We had to buy visas for $400! a person fot the 7 days we were in Brazilian waters. Then an additional 25% tax in Brazilian waters for anything we purchased on the ship…all to pay for their Olympics. Then add to that the corruption of their government, Zika virus, collapsing specially built for the Olympics bridges that killed people, toxic water, inadequate housing and infrastructure…no, not a fan of Brazilian Olympic ventures. I’ll stay home and quilt!

  18. Agree that they are past their prime. Should build 3 or 4 permanent venues (on different continents/ hemispheres?) to host games on a revolving basis. Way too expensive to build new for every game. Also look up on You Tube past Olympic sites–abandoned and scary. But let’s quilt and sew and enjoy the rest of summer. Fall is fast approaching.

  19. You are so funny . . . you last line killed me. I’ll be hand stitching on an old, old appliqué project I want to finish.

  20. Hi Carrie,
    I love the picture of the diver with the City of ‘Barthaloma’. I remember liking those views of the city in the background. I actually LOL about your skills. Well said!.

  21. I too always enjoy your posts! We are preparing for our eldest daughter’s wedding – 22 days from now, to be held in Whistler BC. The reception will be held at the Ski Jump venue from “the event” a few years ago. (The “event” that involves white cold stuff.) She plans to find a way to get a pic of her in her wedding dress seated up in the rings!! Might need a ladder! I’ll be working on The Wedding Quilt this weekend. Might have the TV on for noise accompaniment! Happy Amplituding, Ms Carrie!!

  22. I’ve never been a Summer Olympics fan so I might watch a bit of the gymnastics, but that will be about it. You should look up Steven Colbert’s “Werd” from Monday or Tuesday night and his way to get around using the “O” word and his support of “Tea MUSA” (’cause we can’t use the phrase to support our own country!) – a little insane if you ask me!

  23. I will be watching! My son-in-law is there trying for his third gold medal! It may be political, but I know how hard he has worked for this event. I will be cheering on all of the participants, especially our Team USA!

  24. Hi Carrie – Love the picture from Barcelona – I think I would freak being up so high seeing that view around me (the only height I can do is in a plane). I love the diving events so I will be putting binding on several quilts with the TV on in the background.

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